Johnson Creek

Watershed Council

Johnson Creek Watershed Council Art Show AGREEMENT
this Agreement is made on _______________________________ (insert date) 2012 between: A. ___________________________________________________ (“Artist”-Clearly print name); and B. Johnson Creek Watershed Council.

1. The Johnson Creek Watershed Council’s Art Show provides participating artists the opportunity to display and share their Johnson Creek inspired artwork with the community at Reed College Vollum Lounge. 2. The Art Show will be held from Friday, September 7 through Friday, October 12 at Reed College Vollum Lounge, 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, OR 97202. Work to be included in the show must be delivered to Reed College Vollum Lounge on Thursday, September 6 from 12-3pm. 4. An Opening Reception will be held Friday, September 7 from 6-8pm. Artists are encouraged to attend.

1. Agreement: The Johnson Creek Watershed Council and Artist agree that the following terms will govern the Artist’s showing of work at the Johnson Creek Art Show: 2. No Art Consignment: The Johnson Creek Watershed Council, by hosting the Johnson Creek Art Show and entering into this Agreement, in not acting as an “Art Dealer” within the meaning of ORS §359.200. Artist, by showing work at the Art Show and entering into this Agreement, is not acting as a “Consignor” within the meaning of ORS §359.200. 3. Loss or Damage to Artwork: The Johnson Creek Watershed Council will make reasonable efforts to keep an Artist’s work safe and free from damage or theft. Work will be shown in a public place. 4. Art sales will be handled by the artists. Johnson Creek Watershed Council will not handle or be in any way involved in any sales of artwork. Johnson Creek Watershed Council will direct all sales inquiries directly to the artist. 5. Contribution: Though not required, Artist is requested to make a contribution equalling 10% of all sales dollars to the Johnson Creek Watershed Council. 6. Artwork after the show: Artist is responsible for picking up Artist’s work after the close of the show on Friday, October 12 from 4-6pm. If another person picks up work for Artist, Artist must provide the Council written notice. Johnson Creek Watershed Council will be responsible for any artwork not picked up by 6pm on October 12, 2012. 7. Show space is limited: The Council may be required to limit the number of art works in the show, which will be determined by order of receipt of signed Agreements. Supply your own pedestals to display sculpture. The Council reserves the right to deny participation of inappropriate or otherwise ill-suited art works as determined by the Johnson Creek Watershed Council at its exclusive discretion. 8. Additional Rights Granted: By signing, Artist grants permission for images of the Artist’s artwork to be used, and credited to Artists, if reasonably possible, by Johnson Creek Watershed Council, Reed College and other publications, displays, newspapers, website, videos and TV programs for promotion and documentation of this event.

Johnson Creek Watershed Council Art Show ARTIST INFORMATION and AGREEMENT
Questions? Contact Marty Urman: or 503-652-7477. Submit this signed and completed AGREEMENT along with digital images of up to 3 pieces of artwork with $10 per piece entry fee by August 31, 2012 to: or fax 503-652-7188 or send by mail to JCWC, Attention Marty Urman, 1900 SE Milport Road, Suite B, Milwaukie, OR 97222. All artwork should be labeled with name, address and price on the back and ready to hang. _________________________________________________________________________________ Artist Signature Date _________________________________________________________________________________ Artist’s Printed Full Name _________________________________________________________________________________ Street Address City State Zip _________________________________________________________________________________ Email Phone o I have read and understand the Agreement. Title Work 1 _____________________________________________ Sale Price __________________ Medium ________________________________________ Framed dimension __________________ Title Work 2 _____________________________________________Sale Price __________________ Medium ________________________________________ Framed dimension __________________ Title Work 3_____________________________________________ Sale Price _________________ Medium ________________________________________ Framed dimension __________________
To be completed when dropping off and picking up artwork:

_________________________________________________________________________________ Artwork received (JCWC signature) Date
To be completed after the close of the show:

_________________________________________________________________________________ Received by (Artist) Date __________________________________________________________________________________ Art Released (JCWC signature) Date

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