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Irelands Four Fields Pub Quiz

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1 Which song a No 1 hit for Julie Covington was sung by Madonna in Evita? _______________ 2 Rome's Flavian Amphitheatre is better known by what name __________________ 3 Which Moscow building has a name which translates as Citadel ____________________ 4 In which city might you cross the Charles Bridge into Wenceslas Square _______________ 5 Which three states of the USA have just five letters in their name? ____________________ 6 What would your job be if you used a queen excluder? ___________________ 7 What is the English translation of Moulin Rouge? ____________________ 8 If canine equals dog, what does cervine equal? ____________________ 9 Which song opens with the line, Picture yourself in a boat on a river? ____________________ 10 If an object is described as cordate what part of the body is it shaped like? __________________ 11 In which country is the most westerly point of South America? ________________ 12 What color is the maple leaf on the flag of Canada? ____________ 13 What was the first movie sequel to wIn Best Film Oscar? ____________________ 14 Which sugar occurs naturally in milk? _________________ 15 Alphabetically what is the last chemical element? _________________ 16 The Pink Floyd album The Piper at the Gates of Dawn was named after a chapter from which classic novel? _______________________ 17 Who was the first black man to host a TV show in the USA? ___________________ 18 In which language does God morgon mean Good morning? __________________ 19 Which TV program provided the worlds best selling calendar in 1999? __________________ 20 What is the religious language of all Muslims? _________________ Answers to following 10 questions all begin with the letters Can 21 Which TV program created by Jonathan Routh played practical jokes on members of the general public and then asked them to smile? __________________ 22 What was the name of the train driven by Casey Jones? _________________________ 23 What is the capital of Australia? _________________ 24 What word means to declare a person to be a Saint? _______________ 25 Which rock group had hits with Lets Work Together and On The Road Again? ____________ 26 Which twelve-letter word means bad-tempered? _______________ 27 Which series of stories was written by Geoffrey Chaucer? ______________ 28 What name is given to tubes of pasta stuffed with meat? _________________ 29 Which female singer hit the charts with the song Young Hearts Run Free? _____________ 30 What name is given to the unit of measurement of luminous intensity? _______________ Answers to following 6 questions all contain the name of an American state. 31 Which song opens with the line All the leaves are brown? ____________________ 32 Sharleen Spiteri is the lead singer of which pop group? ______________ 33 What was the theme song for the Harlem Globetrotters? ___________________ 34 Who won the Womens Singles title at Wimbledon in 1977? ________________ 35 According to the Bee Gees, where did The lights all go down? _________________ 36 Which breed of chicken was named after the smallest state in the USA? _________________ Answers to following 5 questions all begin with the letter S 37 What name is given to the longest day of the year? ________________ 38 In which 1999 movie does Haley Joel Osment say I see dead people? ______________ 39 In North America, what is the alternative name for Yeti or a Bigfoot? ________________ 40 William Styron wrote the novel and Meryl Streep starred in the movie. _________________ 41 Who was President Nixons first Vice President? ________________ Answers to following 4 questions all contain the name of a musical instrument. 42 How is the Tympanic membrane better known? __________________ 43 Which famous scientist founded the National Geographic magazine? _______________________ 44 No Matter What, a No. 1 for Boyzone, featured in which stage musical? _________________ 45 Pamina and Papageno are both characters in which opera? _______________ Answers to next 4 all contain the name of a tree. 46 Rat, Toad, Mole and Badger are the central characters in which novel? _________________ 47 Which six-letter word is defined as neat and tidy? __________________ 48 What is the national symbol of Canada? _____________ 49 Which song was a No. 1 hit for David Bowie in 1980? ________________ Answers to following 3 all contain a Mac or Mc. 50 Who killed Macbeth? ________________ 51 Ray Kroc established which fast food chain? __________________ 52 Which group recorded the multi platinum album Rumours? _________________ Answers to following 6 all contain the name of an item found around the house. 53 Which song provided Buggles with a chart-topping single? ___________________ 54 Which mountain overlooks the city of Cape Town? ________________ 55 Which Led Zeppelin song was covered by the Far Corporation? __________________ 56 Which musical was based on the book The Milkman And Other Stories? _________________

57 Which animated childrens TV series featured the characters Tommy, Chucky, Angelica, Phil and Lil? __________ 58 What is a male ferret called? ______________ World movies. 59 What was the title of the second James Bond film? _______________ 60 In which film did Jenny Agutter play a nurse who was treating a lycanthrope? ________________ Terrible 10 Wipeout Next 10 questions you can answer as many as 9 without penalty youll receive 1 point for each correct answer , but remember if you answer all 10 and get any 1 wrong in this round, youre wiped out and get 0 points for the whole quiz. Teams who get full marks on this round receive 10 extra bonus points. 61. If every month was the length of February, how many days would be leftover in a year? ______ 62. What do you get if you boil sugar above 115% Centigrade? _____________ 63. What is the name of the liqueur made from whisky and heather honey? _____________ 64. Who wrote the books The Stud and The Bitch which were later made into movies __________ 65. Who wrote the poem To A Skylark, which begins 'Hail to thee, blithe spirit'?_______________ 66. Which vehicle took its name from the fact that it was made to be used for general purposes? ___ 67. What are the four smallest landlocked countries in the world?___________________________ 68. According to the ad At Benneton the smallest garment is a what?__________________ 69. Which chemical elements name is derived from the Greek for green and is at number 17 on the Periodic Table?____________________ 70. Which word of Russian origin is a shortened version of Glavnoe Uperavlenie Lagerei? ________ 71. Write what you see. Get them all right for 5 extra bonus points

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72. Tie Breakers. Write what you see.

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