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12-06-27 Update - Redford Court Watcher Jailed for Alleged Contempt of Court
Imprisoned for 30 days with no due process for silently observing the court...

Anonymous recommends flying the flag upside down, a traditional signal of distress...

How many cases like the one below, of obvious ridicule of the rule of law by judges, do we need to realize that the system is irreparably broken? Cases like this do NOT happen in "civil" nations. Surely they do not pass unchallenged and patronized by the higher courts, as is the standard in the United States today.
LINKS: [1] 11-04-23 Habeas Corpus in the United States - the case of Richard Isaac Fine http://www.scribd.com/doc/24729084/ [2] 12-03-11 PRESS RELEASE: Ex Parte Receivership over the Person and Property of Defendant Jeffrey Baron racketeering in the US District Court in Texas is patronized by the US Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit http://www.scribd.com/doc/84950169/ _____________
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tel: 248-373-9111 Email:davidlonier@gmail.com Court Observer Jailed
30 days for alleged contempt of court

Wayne and Midland Counties Michigan – June 27, 2012 - After four petitions (Writs of Habeas Corpus) to gain his release, David Schied remains locked up in the Midland County jail. On June 8th the Novi Michigan man was committed by Judge Karen Khalil of the Redford Township 17th District Court to spend up to 30 days in jail on a charge of “contempt of court” for sitting quietly observing a court proceeding of which he was not a party. There have been 4 separate requests for the “Record of Action”, a transcript and an audio/video record of the hearing at which David was abducted. All requests have been denied.

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June 27, 2012

Question: Can someone be legally convicted of “contempt of court” and sentenced to 30 days in jail without a hearing or case number, without a transcript, without due process, without an audio/video, or any proof whatsoever of having committed “any act which is calculated to embarrass, hinder or obstruct court in administration of justice or is calculated to lessen its authority or its dignity”? Is an observer of a proceeding, a party to the proceeding and would such an observer be considered as “under the court’s authority”? On June 16, David handed a guard (sheriff deputy) an “Inmate Request Form” in which he crossed out “Inmate” and wrote “Captive” and asked 5 questions to which the answers were totally inane: Why am I being held in jail? Ans: You are sentenced to 30 days No Bond What is the criminal charge? Ans: Contempt of Court What act did I allegedly commit? Ans: Contempt – Write the prosecutor for report & details Who is the harmed party? Ans: Clinton County court Who is my accuser? Ans: Clinton County court What makes these answers so despicable is that besides there being no evidence of “Contempt” as defined by the law dictionaries or otherwise, David has never set foot in Clinton County court. With access to only paper and pencil, David was able to draft his own Writ of Habeas Corpus and submit it to a guard, who is supposed to see that it gets to the proper authorities. The guard later returned it to David and told him that it was refused with no explanation, whereupon David filed a formal complaint against the prison administration, which was answered with more time in isolation (the hole) and a threat of extended jail time. David has several law suits filed against various administrative and judicial actors who have committed various crimes against litigants and the courts, several of which name the judge who ordered his apparent kidnapping. He had two deadlines to file court papers and an appearance hearing scheduled for the time period of his incarceration. An attorney who has been helping David with his legal endeavors filed a request for an extension of the deadline for his appearance hearing and it was denied. A fifth petition for a Writ was filed yesterday with the Federal District Court, Eastern Division of Michigan and a hearing is scheduled for tomorrow, June 28th. In none of the previous hearings was David brought to the court to make his case of unlawful detention as is required by law. Will tomorrow’s court hearing obey the law? Those working to free David believe that due to David’s history as a crime victims’

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June 27, 2012

rights advocate, exposing judicial corruption and naming Judge Khalil and Redford Township officials as defendants in several law suits, as well filing with the Judicial Tenure Commission, that the evidence is overwhelming that this judge is using her judicial powers to retaliate against him. Mr. Schied has earned a high degree of respect and achieved many praiseworthy accomplishments to which his bio. will attest. http://davidschiedsaga.blogspot.com/

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