MICHEL LEME & THE FIRM "The group" Michel Leme & the company "was formed in October 26, 2006.

We did a rehearsal with the Alex Duarte (who kindly replaced the Serginho Machado on drums, at first), plus Cassius Ferreira (sax) and Thiago Alves (bass). I have tabled eight compositions, rehearsed and played pros guys on the same day at the bookstore around the corner here in Sao Paulo. Then, for the next show, did a test in duo in the apartment of Serginho Machado – with the right to complaint from neighbors and all ... Hence forward, played in the Corner Bookstore, Museu da Imagem e do Som, at & T and other places, to the recording. For the repertoire, I gathered nine unpublished and other compositions, some who had played with other formations since 2003. I chose songs whose melodies are in mind (at least on mine) and that happen on intuitive structures, i.e. they are made to play; They enable the creation and are far from the format "long and complex themes versus a small space for improvisation". What a waste it would be to call musicians as talented as these to simply run a lot of obligations ... Called them for the freedom of musical expression and franco were the major reasons dialog of our meetings-and the CD is a picture of it. Were twenty hours of recording on two consecutive days (June 01 and 02), with a few hours to sleep between the two days ...Everything was recorded live at Nimbus Studio (with all of the group in the same room, and no headphones!) and mixed with the San Issobe-who also mastered. We recorded four songs on first take, four in the second and "Light" was in the third. It was a great learning experience for sure! And all in a great mood and calm, which is ideal for making music. About the compositions: -"Cha-Cha Malice"-is a Cha-Cha that made up minutes before play on Monday on the extinct BlenBlen, in March 2006. The atrocious name is a pun on a song that I played in the time of dance: "Cha-Cha Patricia"; -"Evoultion-Samba"-a samba in tribute to friend and musician spectacular Arismar do Espírito Santo; -"Relax in Apucarana"-in 2005, spent holidays in a hostel in Apucarana (Paraná) and composed this song as soon as I got in my guitar. The part in 3/4 is a reference to the times when my daughter Mila (then with 04 years) readied some punkíce; the afoxé is the ' relax ' ...; -"Essence"-a kind of slow bossa, I wrote about five years and just went like now; -"Four by Three"-is a theme in 3/4 that made up to play with the trio that has Alexandre Mihanovich on bass and Alex Buck on drums, and they dedicate to the composition. Played it several times with this trio-which becomes a Quartet with Mohammed on guitar or piano-and the firm was quite different and good well. The title is simply the time signature (3/4) reversed (4/3), making an allusion to an unexpected pace with four beats in introduction; -"Light" is a jazz in 4/4, the first to record a CD of mine. Recorded with the training: guitar, soprano sax and box with paintbrushes (without low), and was in the mood that I wanted. I dedicate this song very dear Pete bass, who started in 2006 Wooley. The "Light" of the title is the same light; -"Meringue Cool"-another theme I made at the time of BlenBlen. Gave this name because it is funny (and almost ridiculous), it has to do with the unpretentious atmosphere (but very good playing) of the sound; -"Petrucciani"-composed this theme in a classroom, to show pro student who cannot make a legal music with only one chord type-in this case, the largest with major seventh. At the time it came out, I ordered a while to write, because I drew it could take advantage of it in the future ... Is dedicated to the wonderful French pianist Michel Petrucciani, who was in 2002. The CD version was very beautiful and expressive; -"Then ..."-is a fast samba composed some four years. Called the Raphael Ferreira to join playing tenor sax. I had thought him and Cassius soloing together and found that the three voices (the two saxes plus guitar) in a few moments the topic sounded very well. Rolled a very good energy, to close the CD.

I was very happy to meet with real professionals who have affinity to accomplish this work: the friend Roberto Fachini had the idea of me taking pictures and making a woodcut for the cover that first time I saw left me ' stoned '. I was several minutes looking at the impression that he put on a table in his house, and other friends had the same reaction-has not been an outbreak of my narcissism, the piece raises this same ... Aline de Moraes-who had done the art of my CD Quartet, in 2004-broke everything in art, with very good taste. And the Thirth (who photographed the cover of my CD also Quartet) recorded good times people in the Studio. About the musicians: Cassius, Thiago and Serginho had an attitude-proven by repeated times-very "tight" (which has the ve

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