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Biography Leslie Moonves Occupation: broadcast executive Born: New York City, October 6, 1949

Education BA, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, 1971 Career Devel. executive Catalina Productions, Burbank, California, 1980—1981; vice president devel. Saul Ilson Productions Columbia Pictures TV, 1981—1982; vice president movies and mini-series 20th Century Fox, LA, 1982—1985, Lorimar, Inc., Culver City, 1985—1988; executive vice president creative affairs LorimarTelepictures, 1988—1990; president Lorimar TV, Burbank, 1989—1993, Warner Brothers TV, Burbank, 1993— 1995, CBS Entertainment, LA, 1995—1997; executive vice president CBS/Broadcast Group, 1995—1997; president, CEO CBS TV, 1998—2003, chairman, CEO, 2003—2004; co-pres., co-COO Viacom Inc., New York City, 2004—2006; president, CEO CBS Corp., 2006— Career Related Board directors KB Home, 2004—, Westwood One, 2004—2006 Creative Works Developer, producer (TV series) Dallas, Dark Justice, Guns of Paradise, Knots Landing, Midnight Caller, Sisters, Family Matters, Full House, Perfect Strangers, Family Man, I'll Fly Away, Reasonable Doubts, Step by Step, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, The Jackie Thomas Show, Crossroads, Homefront, Going to Extremes, Shaky Ground, It Had To Be You, Time Trax, Against the Grain, Lois & Clark: The Adventures of Superman, Cafe Americain, How'd They Do That, Living Single, Family Album, Getting By Awards Named Showman of Year, Variety, Most Powerful Man in Hollywood, Entertainment Weekly; recipient Gold Medal award, International Radio and TV Society, 2003, Career Achievement award, Casting Society Am., Sherrill Corwin award, Am. Jewish Committee Civic Board directors LA Free Clinic; co-chair LA board governors Paley Center for Media (formerly Museum of TV and Radio); board trustees Entertainment Industries Council; trustee National Council for Families and TV, Am. Film Institute; member leadership adv. board NCAA Memberships Mem.: National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (executive committee), Hollywood Radio & TV Society (board directors 1988—91, president 1991) Political Affiliation Democrat Religion Jewish

Family Son of Herman and Josephine (Schleifer) Moonves; Married Nancy Wiesenfeld, December 17, 1978 (div.); children: Adam, Sara, Michael; Married Julie Chen, December 23, 2004; 1 child Charlie. Address Office: CBS Corp 1133 9th St Unit 207 Santa Monica CA 90403-5254

Mustafa Çağatay TUFAN, Ph.D Education PhD in Nuclear Physics Ondokuz Mayis University, Samsun, TÜRKİYE, 2007 Summay of Experience Dr. Tufan started his master course in 1998 and has occupied a Research Assistant position at the department of Physics in the university of Ondokuz Mayis up to 2009. After his Ph.D. he became an Assistant Professor at the same university. He worked at the Institute of Transuranium Elements between 2006 and 2007 as a Seconded National Expert. His research interest is interaction of charged particles, especially the theoretical calculations of Stopping Power and Range. He has several papers on this subject, and coded a computer program which calculates Range and Stopping Power in Nucleonica. He lectures Nuclear and Particle Physics, General Physics, Modern Physics and Computer Programming at the university. He currently has several master students and is one of the responsible persons for constructing the Environmental Radioactivity Laboratory in Ondokuz Mayis University.

American Association for Health Education (AAHE) Health Education Professional of the Year Awards

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Sponsored by Tampax Health Education Division, Procter and Gamble

Joseph Brown received his B. A. and M. A. degrees from Smith University. For the past eight years, Mr. Brown has held the position of Health Promotion Specialist at Healthy People, Jones Hospital Systems in Randolph, Missouri; in addition, he serves as an adjunct instructor at Plymouth College and as a Health Education Consultant for the Missouri Health/Fitness Foundation. Mr. Brown is responsible for corporate and community health promotion programs conducted by a four-site hospital system that services twenty-two corporate clients. Under his leadership, an innovative program for a blue-collar worksite was developed that utilizes college student interns, nurse volunteers and physicians interested in community service. The program has seen a 47% increase in employee participation in its second year and has uncovered preventable cardiovascular disease risk factors in over 35% of the employee population. Joseph is an active volunteer with the American Cancer Society, the Missouri Senior Games and the Missouri Special Olympics, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Make-AWish Foundation of Eastern Missouri. Joseph Brown has been involved in the work of AAHPERD at the state, district, and national levels, serving as an officer, committee member, delegate, and, most recently, as president of Missouri AAHE, leading a project to write the state level teaching curriculum supplement, “Successfully Teaching Middle School Health.” Joseph has been actively involved in special projects including “Operation Health 65703,” a program to improve the cardiovascular health of residents living in the zip code in which the hospital resides and “Be Active Kids,” a collaborative project to provide educational resource kits and a pilot program for preschool nutrition and physical activity curriculum training for day-care providers. As one of his professional colleagues writes, “Through innovation and hard work, he motivates himself and those around him to do their best. He is a creative teacher and excellent role model who is dedicated to his work. Joseph maintains high standards for himself as well as those he works with, always quietly providing the necessary support to help his peers and students succeed.”

My Autobiography My name is Dianne Ramos. I'm 17 years old. I was born on a warm, sunny dayin February. I live at De Castro Subd., Pasig City, Metro Manila. I go to schoolat STI College. I live with my mom, Divina; and my dad, Diego. I have twobrothers, namely, Gerry & Robert. My brothers have their own family now that's whyI'm the only one left to live with my parents.I started school when I was five-years-old. I went to kindergarten throughsixth grade at De Castro Elementary School. Then I attended Cainta CatholicCollege after I graduated in elementary. I am now a 2nd year college student atSTI College & currently aiming to graduate my bachelors degree in IT in the nearfuture.My favorite sports are badminton, volleyball, basketball & tennis. When Idon't have anything to do, I love to surf the net, open my mail, friendster thenwatch anime series in I play a lot of computer games with myfriends & cousins. I can play some musical instruments like guitar, piano, flute,& lyre. When it comes to anime, I'm so into it. I love watching anime series likeKyou Kara Maou, Ouran Academy, Prince of Tennis, Tsubasa, Basilisk, SaiunkokuMonogatari, Melancholy of Haruhi Surumiya, Fate Stay Night, Mushishi, MutekiKanban, Code Geass, Naruto, Bleach, 12 kingdoms, etc.. My favorite colors are red,blue & black. My friends sees me as a kind sweet childish friendly person.Life to me means friends and family who you can trust and who trusts you. Iam pretty much on the happy side of life, but like all teens I do I have my "daysof." That means I do have some sad days or depressed days. I have a few friendshere that sort of look out for me and when I am having a bad day, I have someonehere at school to talk to. I make my school days go by thinking of either the nexthour or what I will do when I get home or on the weekend. I'm not seeing anyonenow, really! heheThe year 2010 will be the time I will graduate from College. I think I willprobably be still living here at Pasig City with my parents.As I said in the beginning, I was born here in Pasig City and I've livedhere my whole life. I would like to see more of the Philippines but unfortunately,I don't have any money to leave Pasig City to go anywhere right now. I hope youhave enjoyed watching my life story as much as I have enjoyed making it for you.Here's a tip for you to live or try to live by: Hardwork will give you power;being lazy will make you a slave.