DIRECT RESPONSE BRANDING; structurally better marketing & sales

Most of the middle-sized business owners I know find marketing money thrown into a bottomless pit and they are mostly right. However, it is also possible to arrange marketing and sales in such a way that it will generate a structural stream of turnover. With structural I mean that it is not dependent on casual meetings or orders granted by an acquaintance but that you can tell in advance with certainty how much turnover will be minimumally generated .

This certainty is not to be obtained at day one, for you will have to test first what works well in your case, but after a few months a mathematical relation will develop between the amount of money you spend on marketing and the turnover quantity brought in. As rule of thumb I assume that you should gather at least 10 euro turnover for every euro you spend on marketing. For my own enterprise this is 1 to 17.5 for the whole of 2006, though. (Thanks to Ben Mack, however, I have improved a lot in the course of 2006. Example: in the month of December 2006, this relation was 1 to 29.5. Thanks Ben! ).

It is a delight to undertake things with this certainty. For instance, I am thus absolutely sure of having more than enough work for the coming years. But also determining the marketing budget for next year is relatively simple. I merely start from the assumption of a modest 50% growth in turnover (the 2006 turnover increased with 421 %) and divide the planned turnover by a conservative conversion ratio of 1 to 10 and see, I know how big my marketing budget should be in order to realize this turnover.

Of course it is exciting to raise the marketing budget for the first time just like that for who knows: perhaps you will sell the bear’s skin even before you have shot it. Therefore I have been experimenting the last couple of months to see what happens when you suddenly spend more on marketing or less on the other hand. Of course there is some fluctuation as to when you change the amounts of money but on the average the ratio remains the same. This makes investment in marketing very simple indeed.

Mind you: the above would not have succeeded with the normal type of marketing you meet everywhere. This has only been successful for me by using the secret of Direct Response Branding. Direct Response Branding is the combination of Direct Response Marketing and Branding. I wrote a complete report on this that is available free so I won’t go into this too much but what it boils down to is using the best of Branding to establish a good and authentic relationship with your clients and potential clients and using the best of N LP to influence your clients as positively as possible within this relationship.

Since I am deeply convinced of the fact that this is the way to do marketing and sales in an open and honest way in the 21st century, I am organizing the Direct Response Branding seminor in Amsterdam on the 13th, 14th and 15th April 2007. During this seminar I will teach you how to use Direct Response Branding for your personal business in order to structurally convert marketing euros into turnover. But I won’t do this by myself for I succeeded in making Ben Mack come to Holland in order to share his wisdom with us.

Ben Mack is a guru in the field of Branding. He worked as Vice-President for the most important Bureau of Branding in the United States. He started the jojo rage and has been responsible for the Cingular (the American Vodaphone) and Mitshubishi campaigns in the United States. His book “Think Two Products Ahead” will be published by Wiley at the end of January 2007. I saw Ben at work determining the Brand Essence of companies and he does have a sixth sense for what works and what doesn’t.

It is therefore not surprising that Ben asks $ 5000.- for half a day’s consultancy work. That’s why I am glad that he promised to put work in this three day seminar. His expertise in the field of Branding and my expertise in the field of NLP and influencing will see to it that you learn the following points during this seminar:

How does the marketingfunnel (?) for your organization work from target audience to lead to prospect to closed deal How do you make use of information products to build an open, honest and authentic relationship with your clients and potential clients What is the Brand Essence of your organization and how do you use this to strengthen the tie with your clients How do you achieve optimum use of the principle of Think Two Products Ahead for your enterprise How will you make more people buy with you, buy more and buy more often

The fee for this seminar is 1295.- euro VAT excl. The days are from 10.00 till 17.00 hours with a lunchbreak of an hour, not included. For quick deciders there will be a 10% early-bird-discount until February 15, 2007. Then the fee will thus be 1165.- euro VAT excl. All participants will get Ben’s book “Think Two Products Ahead” and my NLP and NHR Practice CD. In case you want to make use of this offer, enter your name on the following entrance form.