CMR 79 was an evolution of CMR 37 seeking to improve upon the success of 37 and making improvements in transient handling and engine drivability. These goals were accomplished through experimentation with the wheelbase and ackerman and longer primary exhaust runners. Additionally, 8 pounds were shaved from the previous years design further helping performance. This was almost for nought as a problem with the TPS prevented the car from running in either acceleration or skidpad and only a poor showing in autocross. However, 79 refused to die quietly and became only the second car in CMR history to finish endurance, passing many other teams on the way to a 26th place finish.


4 piece carbon fiber body from female molds, male plug machined by Honda Professional PPG paint job – Carnegie Mellon Red

    

Tubular steel space frame Strength optimized using Ansys FEA Very-low center of gravity Jig mounted during construction for build accuracy Painted for corrosion resistance

   

4 wheel independent suspension Unequal non-parallel suspension links Adjustable ride height Adjustable shocks

 

CNC machined uprights Push rods on all 4 corners

       

2004 Honda F4i Performance Electronics ECU Custom barrel throttle Custom CFD optimized carbon intake, conical air filter Equal primary length Tri-Y exhaust header Custom muffler Engine Redline: 13500 rpm Max Power: 80hp

  

Custom designed floating rotors Single rotor rear braking Custom CNC machined adjustable pedal assembly

Competition Results
Overall: 53rd of 110

Acceleration: DNA

     

Skidpad:DNA Autocross: 75th Endurance: 26th Design: 61st Cost: 50th Presentation: 100th


2010 Car

The 2010 FSAE car, nicknamed Talullah, brought CSU its best finish ever.

Car: 64″ Wheelbase 50″/46″ Track F/R 474 lbs at competition Longitudinally mounted engine (unique)

   

 

4130 Steel TIG Welded

  

ER70S2 rod 1400 ft-lb/deg torsional stiffness 70 lbs


     

Pushrod front and rear Unequal length, non parallel carbon A-arms with aluminum ends Kinematics designed in OptimumK Cane Creek Dampers with Ohlins internals CNC machined 6061 bellcranks CNC machined 6061 uprights


       

2008 Yamaha YZF-R6 76 hp, 55 ft-lbs torque @ 5500 ft. altitude Custom 20 mm restrictor and barrel throttle body Side entry 1.7L plenum Harmonically tuned intake runners Megasquirt ECU, coil on plug, sequential injection Harmonically tuned exhaust runners, 4-1 Yamaha race muffler with custom baffles


          

Stock slipper clutch, lever activated Launch control Mechanical paddle shifters Custom 4130 driveshaft with 5 degrees of misalignment and shock damping AP Suretrac cam & pawl differential 300M halfshafts 4130 CV carriers 17-4 PH spindles with center lock 2 gal aluminum fuel tank with baffling and foam Walbro 160 L/hr fuel pump Shortened oil pank with custom pickup, baffles and windage tray


  

Custom aluminum brake pedal 6:1 ratio with bias adjust AP Racing master cylinders Braided SS lines with AN fittings

 

Brembo 1″ dual piston calipers Titanium rotors floating on aluminum hats

 

BBS magnesium center lock Goodyear 20″ x 7″ D2696

The Car We are building upon our past designs with the 2011 racecar, which will incorporate many advances in the design and manufacturing of our parts. These include 3-piece carbon fiber wheels, launch control, carbon fiber under tray, and a complete redesign of the rear sub-frame and suspension. An emphasis on weight reduction through the optimization of structural components such as the expanded use of carbon fiber parts and new alloys will help propel this year's car into the winners circle.



Year: 2011 Weight: 232 kg Acceleration: 0-100 km / h in 4.3 s Top speed: 125 km / h (sealed) Frame and bodywork steel tube frame (optimized by computer) Weight:. tba six-piece body made of fiberglass Suspension Double wishbone suspension Bilstein shocks with H & R hinged coil springs over pushrods ABM brake outer lying 4-piston calipers front and outer lying 2-piston calipers Rear proprietary brake Tyre (front / rear): Hoosier racing slicks 20.5 x 6.0 - 13 "/ 20.0 x 7.5 to 13 " Wheelbase: 1600mm Track (front / rear): 1208mm/1170mm Engine four-cylinder inline engine Yamaha YZF-R6 (year 2003) even developed sintering airbox, fuel injection self-developed 4-in-2-into-1 exhaust system with tuned pipe lengths, Akrapovic muffler Programmable DME engine management system with ignition cut for clutchless upshifts self-developed dry sump oil pump oil and aluminum fuel tank capacity: 600 cc Power: 85 hp Powertrain

sequential 4-speed transmission, pneumatically operated, with self-developed controller drum Suter slipper clutch to clutch downshifting lot Drexler limited slip differential chain drive Electronic CAN-bus LED tachometer and LCD in cockpit Self-developed transmission control device telemetry data logging to Flash Media

Florida Institute of Technology
Specifications (in progress):
Weight: Dimensions (L x w x h): Power: Engine: Carburetor: Fuel: Compression Ratio: Chain Drive: Drivetrain: Chassis: Suspension: Electronics: Brakes: Wheels: Tyres: Performances: Max Speed : 80 mph ~ 200 kg 100 x 50 x 50 in. Wheel Base : 66 inch Front Vehicle Track : 49 inch Rear Vehicle Track : 47 inch 53 hp, Max engine rpm 9850 2007 Honda TRX 450, four-stroke 450cc liquid-cooled four-valve Unicam engine based on the award -winning Honda CRF 450 40mm Keihin FCR-type carburetor for improved engine response Gasoline 12.0:1 Quaife Honda Civic Chain Drive Differential Durable five-speed transmission with low ratios Tubular 4130 chromoly steel 60 lbs Max Stress 21,033 psi Custom Custom Wilwood Custom Goodyear Racing (Dry & Wet intermediate) 0-100 km/h : ~ 4s

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