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Date : 30th December 2011 Time : 8.55 a.m. Venue : Self-Access Learning (SAL) Room Attendance: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Tn. Hj. Zainal bin Yusof (Headmaster) En. Saravanan a/l Machap (English Panel Head) Pn. Norakmal binti Othman Pn. Norlaila binti Karim Pn. Zuraidah binti Abdul Wahab Pn. Norzehan binti Mohd. Nordin Pn. Khaznita binti Abd. Khalib Pn. Fatimah binti Asmuni Cik Myzatul Sarah binti Yusof (English Panel Secretary)

Minute: 1. Welcoming Address by Headmaster 1.1. Headmaster congratulates teachers on the previous UPSR achievement (subject GPS of 2.42; pass percentage of 83.5%). 1.2. Headmaster asserts teachers to provide special attention to classes with weak performance (with 50% pass or below), namely classes 2 Cemerlang and 3 Bestari. 1.3. Headmaster encourages teachers to have more discussion on pedagogy to help improve English language teaching in classrooms. 2. Welcoming Address by Chairman (English Panel Head) 2.1. Head panel thanks all panel members for their presence. 2.2. Head panel highlights matters to be discussed in meeting, which are: 2.2.1. Analysis of the Final Examination (2011) 2.2.2. MBMMBI Programme (including KSSR) 2.2.3. Teaching and Learning (Daily and Yearly Plans) 2.2.4. English Language Programmes for 2012 2.2.5. School Based Oral Assessment (SBOA) 2.2.6. Devisers of the Examination Papers for 2012 3. Confirmation of Preceding Minute 3.1. Points brought forward from the minute: 3.1.1. Pertaining to sub-matter 5.2, En. Saravanan clarified that the reports for the past-year English language competitions were written and submitted to the hosting school. 3.1.2. Pertaining to sub-matter 4.6.1, En. Saravanan claims that there was not enough time allocated for the Mentor Programme. Pn. Norlaila and Cik Myzatul Sarah propose that the programme be held during the scheduled extra classes. En. Saravanan also proposes that there

be an observation period of at least two months to monitor pupils abilities. 3.2. The minute is confirmed, as proposed by Pn. Norlaila and seconded by Pn. Norakmal. 4. Analysis of Final Examination (2011) 4.1. Overall Performance (see Appendix A) 4.2. Difficulties and Possible Solutions 4.2.1. Year 1 Most pupils have difficulty blending phonemes into words, thus resulting in poor reading. Teachers propose to introduce more activities for blending as well as creating more materials for this purpose. Materials may also be bought (items/materials are to be listed out for purchase). 4.2.2. Year 2 Pupils faced difficulty in examinations (particularly comprehension questions and sentence construction). Pn. Norzehan reveals Year 2 Bestari pupils struggle to construct sentences, whereas Pn. Norakmal believes Year 2 Cemerlang is able to read but is unable to comprehend what is read. 4.2.3. Year 3 Pn. Norlaila has difficulties conducting activities due to limited space in the classroom. Activities may be conducted outdoors or the teacher may carry out activities that require less movement. Teachers teaching Year 3 also add that pupils are not able to gain marks in the examination, as the questions set did not apply to the Year 3 KBSR syllabus. Teachers will propose to set own questions instead of purchasing from BUKTI. 4.2.4. Year 4 Year 4 Arif had difficulty with the objective questions (which include grammar, comprehension, etc.). Cik Myzatul Sarah explains that it is due to a number of possible answers. The teacher must expose pupils to more exercises with similar questions to teach pupils how to determine the BEST answer. En. Saravanan states that Year 4 Bestari has limited vocabulary. Teachers propose more fun activities such as watching CDs and exploring English learning websites, which will expose pupils to more vocabulary. 4.2.5. Year 5 The seven pupils that have failed (39% and below) will be given special attention in extra classes via the Mentor Programme. All pupils will be given more exercises with the UPSR format. Teachers will also do more drilling on vocabulary and sentence structures to those necessary. 4.3. Overall, Level 2 pupils performance is better than that of Level 1. The headmaster stresses that teachers monitor pupils who are remedial and may need intervention. He adds that teachers must be ready to

contribute both energy and time to achieve better performance for all pupils. 5. MBMMBI Programme 5.1. En. Saravanan explains that there must be a file for this programme. The file must include the following: 5.1.1. MBMMBI Organisation Chart 5.1.2. All English Panel information 5.1.3. Notification letters of the MBMMBI Programme (Surat Pekeliling) 5.1.4. Other related letters 5.1.5. Minutes for MBMMBI Programme meetings held 5.1.6. Timetables of teachers involved 5.2. Net Support 5.2.1. En. Saravanan reveals that once the Net Support is set up in the computer lab, En. Saiful Bahida will do inhouse training for all teachers on how to operate it. Pn. Norzehan encourages all teachers to bring their pupils to the lab once the Net Support is set up. 5.3. Native Speakers Programme 5.3.1. Tn. Hj. Zainal (Headmaster) asserts that teachers under the Native Speakers Programme take full advantage of it. He hopes that teachers apply what is learned. He also proposes that teacher communicate more in English, amongst themselves and with pupils outside the classroom. 6. Teaching and Learning 6.1. Daily Plan 6.1.1. Pn. Zuraidah reminds teachers that moral values must be included in every lesson plan. 6.1.2. All teachers have decided to write the curriculum specifications in full to ease reference. 6.1.3. En. Saravanan reminds teachers to write the learning impact. Teachers must also continue a lesson if objective is not achieved. Cik Myzatul Sarah explains that the date of the continued lesson plan should be noted to ensure development. Pn. Norlaila adds that teachers must be specific (number of pupils is written, not percentage). 6.2. Yearly Plan 6.2.1. All Yearly Plans are ready. 7. English Language Panel Programmes for 2012 7.1. Programmes for Year 6 pupils 7.1.1. Extra classes and Morning Prep 7.1.2. Mentor Programme Dividing of Year 6 Cemerlang pupils into two groups for differentiated learning. 7.2. Other Programmes 7.2.1. English Month 7.2.2. Notice Board Display and Quiz 7.2.3. English Around the School Social expressions and/or daily conversations are posted throughout the school to encourage pupils to speak in English. 7.2.4. (Drop Everything and Read) D.E.A.R. Programme As the name suggests, pupils are to stop all other activities and just read (English texts). 7.2.5. Chit-Chatters Club The headmaster proposes that teachers start a group where teachers and pupils converse in English. 8. School Based Oral Assessment (SBOA) 8.1. Pn. Norlaila assures that the SBOA file is completed. 8.2. Pn. Norlaila reminds teachers that assessment should be carried out at least three times a year. 8.3. Only Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 are involved. 9. Devisers of the Examination Papers for 2012 9.1. The panel has decided on the following test devisers for each year: 9.1.1. Year 1 Cik Myzatul Sarah binti Yusof 9.1.2. Year 2 Pn. Norakmal binti Othman 9.1.3. Year 3 Pn. Norzehan binti Mohd. Nordin 9.1.4. Year 4 En. Saravanan a/l Machap 9.1.5. Year 5 Pn. Zuraidah binti Abdul Wahab 9.1.6. Year 6 Pn. Norlaila. binti Karim 10. Other Matters 10.1. Pn. Norlaila proposes that teachers involved with the Native Speakers Programme be exempted from teaching at 1.00 p.m. 1.30 p.m. every Tuesday to prepare for TPD classes. 10.2. Teachers propose setting own examinations instead of buying from BUKTI. 11. Adjournment 11.1. Meeting is adjourned at 12.00 p.m.

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En. Saravanan a/l Machap English Panel Head SK Datuk Abdullah