Dolores Lebron

(The True story of Lolita)
Based on True Events By Edwin Lugo
For Love Kiss Films © 2008-2015

Edwin Lugo
340 West 19th St. #18
New York, NY 10011

INT. -Night
A crowded and active School Auditorium in Lares,
Puerto Rico, (Borinquen), in late 1930’s -Early
A beauty contest is in full swing. Five young
contestants stand on stage. Two are asked to step
forward. The crowd is local and noisy. The
announcer finally calls…


Your new winner and Queen of the Flowers
of May beauty pageant… Dolores Lebron!
The audience reacts in her favor. Effortlessly she
has won first place. Her father Gonzalo, a coffee
plantation foreman and proud father of five, is
especially proud of Lolita on this night. As he
applauds we pan into the all smiling, all waving
Sixteen year old Lolita.
Ext. Mountainside home –Day (A flash back.)
Lightning, thunder and wind but no rain. As a
hurricane descends on the island, Young Lolita is
playing outside. She is interrupted by a dark
ominous sky and violent winds. A crack of
thunderous lightning sends her running home. She
runs into the house.
Int. Mountainside home –Day


From the kitchen out back Lolita’s mother cries out
to her.
Young Lolita appears in the front doorway instantly
startling her mother. Fear and panic abound.

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