Collected Trivia About the Philippines
1. Doctrina Christiana is the first book published in the Philippines, was published in 1593, by the Dominican press. Because of the monopoly of printing presses by religious orders prior to the 19th century, early written literature was predominantly religious in content and in purpose. 2. The first women’s magazine in the Philippines was El Hogar (The Home), which first came out in 1893. 3. The first Filipino immigrants to the United States (1850) settled in Louisiana. 4. Emilio Aguinaldo lost to Manuel L. Quezon in the country’s first presidential elections in 1935. 5. The largest crocodile ever captured in the Philippines (1823) was found in Laguna de Bay. 6. Fort San Pedro was the nucleus of the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines. 7. Farmers’ Market Foodome is the largest restaurant in the Philippines (in Quezon City). 8. Cesar Virata is the first and last Prime Minister of the Philippines after WW II. 9. The Cagayan River, the Philippines longest river, originates in Nueva Vizcaya. 10. Aimee Carandang is the first Filipina to become a commercial plane pilot. 11. The oldest Philippine university for women is Centro Escolar University. 12. Jose P. Laurel has the most children (7) among the Philippine presidents. 13. Eva Estrada Kalaw is the first Filipina to be elected senator twice, in 1965 and in 1971. 14. The first modern building in the Philippines is considered to be the Crystal Arcade in Escolta, completed in 1932. 15. Aurora is the only Philippine province named after a first lady. 16. The biggest game preserve and wildlife sanctuary in the Philippines is located on Calauit Island in Palawan. 17. The most translated Philippine poem is Mi Ultimo Adios. 18. The Philippine mammal with the biggest eyes in relation to its body is the tarsier. 19. Bagumbayan was the original name of Luneta Park. 20. Iniibig and gawa are the first and last words of Panatang Makabayan. 21. The Presidential Saber is awarded to the top graduate of the Philippine Military Academy. 22. The original Philippine flag, sewn in Hong Kong in 1898, was made of silk. 23. Gen. Tomas Karingal was the first assassinated victim of the NPA’s Alex Boncayao Brigade. 24. Frank Murphy was the last American governor-general of the Philippines. 25. After the United States, the Philippines have the most Boys Scouts. 26. After Happy Birthday, the song most sung in the Philippines is Lupang Hinirang, the national anthem. 27. Hajji Butu was the first Muslim Filipino to become a senator. 28. The most popular and durable of all Philippine almanacs is called Kalendariong Tagalog ni Honorio Lopez. 29. Rainier Lagman was the first Filipino to have a heart transplant. 30. Gemma Cruz was the first Filipina to win an international beauty title – Miss International 1964.

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