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Text copyright 2012 by Gina Rosati

Published by Roaring Brook Press

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Rosati, Gina.
Auracle / Gina Rosati.1st ed.
p. cm.
Summary: A teenaged girl who has the power to astrally project finds her body taken
over by a dead classmate, and must find a way to reclaim it if she wants to save herself and
her friend who is accused of murder.
ISBN 978-1-59643-710-4
[1. Astral projectionFiction. 2. SupernaturalFiction. 3. Best friendsFiction.
4. FriendshipFiction. 5. LoveFiction.] I. Title.
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First edition 2012
Book design by Roberta Pressel
Printed in the United States of America

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ei Ellis whispers to me as the light goes dark.

Anna, dont go.
I turn to find him staring at me instead of the television screen
at the front of the classroom where the film credits are beginning
to roll.
Why? I whisper back.
Because, he points his pencil toward our English teacher, Mr.
Perrin, who is busy fiddling with the volume knob, youll get yourself in trouble.
On the way to the bus stop this morning, Rei told me hed
heard a volcano was erupting in full force on a small, uninhabited
island not too far from Hawaii. He seemed to think this was a
pretty cool occurrence until I got all excited about it, too.
Im sorry, I whisper. I cant help myself, though. This is
something Ive been waiting for for a long time and its not like a
major eruption happens every day here on Earth.
Three other kids are already napping on their desks, faces
down on their pillow arms, so I do the same. I close my eyes and

take a deep breath, brush the weight of Reis glare off my shoulders,
and exhale slowly. Inhale. Exhale. The country fiddle music from
the movie soundtrack fades gradually, replaced by the thrum of my
heartbeat, the rush of blood pulsing past my eardrums.
Slow, deep breaths.
This is not quite as simple as popping an ice cube out of a tray. I
relax my mind, let it slip into that space between sleep and awake,
and my body grows heavy and heavier still. The tingle starts in my
toes, creeps up through my legs and past my knees. Once its climbed
the length of my spine and into my neck, my body feels so heavy it
seems it will sink right through the desk chair. Now I let go, let the
part of me that is matter sink while the part of me that is pure energy
rises to the surface like a bubble, up and out of my body . . . free!
I do a little invisible midair spiral of happiness.
Rei has never been out of his body, at least not that he can remember, so he doesnt know just how phenomenal it feels to have
this kind of freedom. Ive told him its like when you take off your
ski boots after a full day on the mountain and you feel like your
feet will float right up into the air, but imagine everything floats,
lighter than air, faster than light. Bodies are incredibly useful for
things like eating cheesecake and lifting heavy objects, but theyre
very slow and require lots of maintenance.
Of course, nothing is for nothing. Everything is so much more
intense when Im out of my bodythe movie soundtrack is louder,
the television screen is brighter, Courtney Merrills perfume could
gag a pig. And everyone is surrounded by their own true colors.

My physical eyes are like sunglasses filtering out the colors, but
when Im out here, the aura that emanates from every living thing
is clearly visible to me. People, animals, even plants are each surrounded by this transparent bubble of color. Over the years, Ive
learned that the colors can tell me quite a bit about a person. Like
right now, Rei is surrounded by this lemonade yellow, which looks
nice, but its the same shade of yellow my mom has when shes sold
a house to someone and the loan falls through.
For a few seconds I float here, reconsidering . . . stay (and make
my best friend happy) or go (and see awesome volcano eruption!).
By factoring in the odds of forgiveness, I reach a decision. I absorb
a bit of the excess energy floating around me and flick the pencil
on Reis desk, setting it in motion. He grabs it before it moves an
inch and writes something in his notebook. Dont be late!!!
Like therell be a clock where Im going.
It takes me all of a fraction of a second to arrive in the general vicinity of Hawaii, and from here its impossible to miss the enormous plume of smoke on the distant horizon. Aloha, volcano! I
move in slowly and let my overactive senses adjust one at a time.
The air smells like thousands of rotten eggs are baking in the
summer sun. I get used to it fast, though, because there is too much
to see . . . orange hot lava oozes down over the rocks while clouds
of black smoke billow up from the mouth of the crater and red
lightning jets randomly from the smoke. The heat is intense, a blistering wind scattering ash over the surrounding ocean, and the
constant sound of thunder swallows me.
How cool is this?
I am surrounded by a force thats been silently trapped for

hundreds, maybe even thousands of years. Its like a living thing,

this energy, and now that its broken free, I can feel its fury and
frenzy, its exhilaration and ecstasy, random chaos unleashed. I
hover high above the mouth of the crater and soak it all up.
I could use a little volcano power right now.
All too soon, I feel that tug, a force that beckons me back from
any distance no matter how farthe invisible cord that connects
what is ethereal to living flesh. The movie must be over and Rei is
probably prodding my sneaker with his, trying to bring me back
before the lights come up.
I coast back into the dark classroom so stoked with energy I
feel I could light up the room like a thousand-watt bulb. As I pass
Mr. Perrins desk, the stale smell of smoke hits me so hard, I wonder if somehow I brought it back with me from the volcano. I drift
back a few feet until I realize its only Mr. Perrins beat-up corduroy
jacket, which is slung over his desk chair. Silly Mr. Perrin. Teachers
shouldnt smoke. Nobody should smoke. I decide to relieve him of
this burden.
Inside the brown suede side pocket, I find a crumpled pack of
generic cigarettes and matches. Nobody seems to notice as one by
one, the cigarettes slip out of his pocket and land quietly in the
wastebasket. I move a few crumpled wads of paper around to hide
them. There. Someday, he will thank me.
Over by my unconscious body, Rei is anxiously jostling my
foot with his. The yellow aura surrounding him has gone neon
bright. Keep your shirt on, I want to tell him, but he cant hear me.
Nobody can hear me when Im out here, and nobody can see me,
either, unless I want them to. I flick his pencil once again before I
slide back into my body.
Immediately, I start to stretch, not my physical body, but whats

now back inside it. Religion teaches us that each person has a soul,
a spirit, a chi. Science teaches us that everything in this universe is
either matter or energy. Somewhere in the middle of all that, Im
hurrying to fuse it back together.
Reis sigh of relief flows over me, tickling my cheek. Have a
nice trip? he whispers. It will take me a minute to realign this
energy with my body well enough to answer him, but he knows this.
Hes known this about me since we were four years old and my body
spat me out during an anaphylactic reaction to a PB&J sandwich.
Hes the only one who knows.
At one point, Rei thought my ability to astral project was the
coolest thing ever. He used to love to hear about all the places I had
been; he used to wish out loud he could come with me. And then
one day when we were about fourteen, I told him about this unexplainably spectacular . . . thing I had found out in deep space. Im
pretty sure it was a supernova. It was this mega-explosion of dust
and every imaginable color of light, but the energy that radiated
from it was about a million times stronger than the sun. I came back
hypercharged, like a poster child for caffeine.
Rei was not impressed.
He had been studying one form of martial arts or another since
he was five, so I was not surprised when he developed an interest
in the eastern philosophies. Buddha, he told me, did not approve of
recreational astral projection. Buddha, I told him, was no fun. Besides, that totally contradicted what he had told me a few weeks
earlier. He had said Buddha encouraged his monks to practice
astral projection so when they died, they wouldnt become disoriented and automatically reincarnate instead of seeking enlightenment. When I reminded him of this, Rei added that Buddha didnt
like his monks to show off.

It goes without saying that Rei thinks I astrally project to show

off. So I no longer tell him about most of my trips. And that makes
me infinitely sad, but I dont tell him that, either.
I hear backpacks zipping. Mr. Perrin rattles off the key points
from the film and a homework assignment. Bits and pieces of disjointed conversations circle around me. When the noise finally dies
down, I open one eye and peek over my arm. Rei sits on his desk
with his backpack shouldered, watching me patiently.
He greets me with the tiniest of smiles.
Late night last night, Miss Rogan? Mr. Perrins raspy voice
comes from somewhere within the room. I consider looking around
to see where he is, but my head is not quite working in tandem
with my body just yet. Youd better hurry. Next class starts in two
minutes, his voice fades as he leaves the room.
Except for the ticking of the clock, there is absolute silence. I
dont move, not because I cant, but because I cant do so with any
measure of grace yet. The irony is that I feel like a can of warm
soda thats been vigorously shaken. I want to bounce around like
popcorn but all I can manage is to count silently to one hundred
before I lift my head slowly so I wont see stars.
Rei offers me his hand. Want some help?
No, thanks, Im good. I push against my desk and stretch,
arch my neck and my back until Im staring at the stained, pockmarked ceiling tiles. Thanks for waiting for me.
Sure. Rei glances at the clock. Take your time. Weve got
lunch next anyway.
Okay. Both my feet have fallen asleep while I was gone, and
I have to stomp the remaining pins and needles out of them before
I dare try standing. Rei is so used to all my little quirks and quagmires that he doesnt even bother to ask.

One, two, three . . . okay, Im up. I let go of the desk tentatively, one hand at a time.
So, magical, mystical Auracle girl, he picks up my backpack
off the floor and slings it over his own shoulder. What color am I
Rei bestowed this dorky nickname on me a few years ago when
I told him that not only could I see the colors of his aura when I was
out of my body, but they also changed according to his mood.
You are . . . powdered lemonade yellow.
And is that good?
Not really.
Ha! I didnt think so. And how was your volcano?
I cant hide my foolish grin. It was amazing! It was . . . whats
better than amazing? It was incredible! It was . . .
As I struggle for just the right adjective, I see that slow, wide
smile appear on Reis face, the one Ive known for nearly seventeen
years. He reaches over and lightly squeezes the back of my neck,
his signature sign of affection for me. Tell me on the way to lunch.
I am forgiven.


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