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TempleUVUP Vampyrian basics By Vampyrian Father J P Vanir

Vampyrian TempleUVUP Founding Father

HISTORY OF TEMPLEUVUP We are a United Temple in Ohio Since Dec 18, 2003 with members everywhere for freedom of beliefs and spirituality. Our main belief is that all religions have their basis in truth, and by trying to understand each other we may come closer to the real truth. Our name Temple United Vampyre Unitarian Pagan is the basis for what we believe as our spirituality. We want the community to be united in its knowledge of what Vampyrism is and what we are capable of as Vampyre and Human. We also believe Vampyres are spiritual beings and are very Eclectic (or Unitarian) in our belief. We believe in many deities as well as Satanism, and Spiritual Humanism. We believe in Vampyrism as a part of both our lives and our spirituality. I believe Lilith is our dark mother. My personal belief is that Vampyrism is a product of her; well as the Fallen Angels, Demons, or Gods who decided to come to this realm and mate with human females who bore Vampyre children.) Born, not turned, and we possess a Vampyre soul.

I know a lot of Vampyres like vampire church, and they get a lot of respect. They have been around for a long while, and I like what I have heard ( ). The only thing I do not get about them is why do they call themselves vampire church, if they are not even a church? They are partially why I started Temple United Vampyre Unitarian Pagan. At first it was just a group to talk about Vampyrism, Spirituality, and how they can be connected. Some months later, I was focused on becoming a House, seeing as the Temple was growing pretty well at the time. A year and a day passed: we had several of the same members we had from the beginning, and according to Michelle Belanger and the Sanguinarium at the time, we were a House. The Temple or Coven really did not come too much into play until a year or so later. Back then I agreed with the Sanguinarium, as it helped me find the internet Vampyre community. However now they act like feeding off blood is a crime. And Father Todd is not even a Vampyre, (he admitted it). It is all too similar to Vampire the Masquerade to me. The Strigoi Vii claims they have no energy deficiency, but that is what makes us Vampyres! Its all lies to me. I never really thought much about writing this out, but I guess I figured I might as well, and I may add more lately as time goes on...

Our Creed: (You do not have to believe everything, but this is what we believe): 1. As Vampyres we should know the difference between our Donors, other human friends, and Vampyre companions. Being as we are *half human, half demigod* (We are above them on the food chain, but we also must respect them, for they give us what we need. Senseless murder is not our way, and most certainly not condoned) 2. We should never be ashamed of what we are, but embrace our Darkness... 3. As Vampyres we should know that we each have the same: abilities, needs, and hunger. Though some are stronger than others 4. As Vampyres we all have a Vampyre soul, live each life as a Vampyre, and our soul will never eternally rest...

5. As Vampyres we all should not try to make ourselves sick by starving ourselves because we think it is bad to borrow energy (or life force) as they all will get it back, and will not suffer as much as we do for the lack of it... 6. As Vampyres we must not deny what we are

Dark Paganism Vampyrism

So often, Darkness is associated with Evil. Since the term Evil has no place in a Nature-based religion, we are forced to look beyond such stereotypes. Evil is a human term, it begins and ends with that. Fire can be used to benefit life or destroy it. Nature is neither good nor evil, it simply is. It follows no moral code. Only humans, with our complicated set of emotions and intellect, can justify such categorizations. Death, Destruction, and Chaos; are essential driving forces within Nature. Life feeds on life. Destruction precedes Creation. These are the only true laws, and they are not open to interpretation. When you associate Nature into something good and loving, you deny its very nature. When the Dark Deities are shunned in fear of the Unknown, we deny ourselves full understanding of all deities, and what they have to offer. It is human nature to fear the Unknown. We cling to forms, representing the aspects of some great unknowable, encompassing force, which we can not comprehend. We call them our deities. This is not wrong; it is in fact, necessary since humans cannot grasp the divine or cosmic source otherwise. But we Vampyres are demigods, as well as human. Some religions choose to see this source as one perfect being. However, accepting the existence of an all-good and just being dictates that there must then also be a counterpart or evil. Since nature based religions view the concept of Deity (God or Goddess) in a more polytheistic way, the separations of Creative and Destructive forces are not as well defined. The Deities take on aspects of Nature, or Human ideals. Instead of one omnipotent being, we have deities of: love, war, beauty, the sun, the moon, and the sea.

Each Deity inherently contains both the creative and destructive forces. It is through the many aspects of the Goddess and God that we come to learn more about the Universe and ourselves. To shun those aspects we fear challenges our growth. It is the goal of Dark Pagans to encourage

those who hide behind the positive aspects of our deities to embrace their fears and explore the Darkness, as a life-affirming step within their Spirituality. Paganism often focuses on the positive, creative and nurturing forces in Nature. It is easy to loose touch with the darker aspects. Life begets Death, Death begets Life, as Death creates New Life, and Chaos is the fuel of creation. (Something must always be destroyed for something to be created.) Those who shun the darker aspects of Nature, thinking life is all happiness, joy, and that once attuned to the rhythms of nature, life becomes such wonderful dreams. Too many people think nature is good, just, and ordered; this simply is not the case. Take these humans and place them in the wilderness with nothing but their crystals and they will be some animals or other Predators dinner before the end of the week so they are not at the top of the food chain as they would like to think. Nature is harsh. It is unforgiving so why must humans not be prey to Vampyres? The weak die or are killed by the strong which is us the evolved Vampyre or Human and demigod. Life feeds on life; even the strictest vegan is a plant killer. A human, with their technological and medical break throughs having improved the quality life by distancing themselves from the harshness of nature and reality. However, despite this harsh side of nature, it is not evil. It also has its share of beauty and can provide much more to discover than most or used to.

Vampyres are Predators of humans. Vampyres are more than human and once we realize this you should deny your human restraints to become more Vampyre and more DIVINE. Humanity is a leash that may hold you to the fate of humanity and its destruction of nature and the world. Unfortunately many do not even know they are Vampyres and just go around believing they are average. If you look through the history the beginning of Vampyrism has been recorded through different beliefs and they all have different ways of explaining it. I have spent too much of my life rose in the Christian mythology. After opening my eyes I have since study various other religions finding that they all have their truths as well as untruths; finding my place in various beliefs such as Dark Paganism, Gnosticism, Satanism, Luciferism, Lilithism, Egyptianism, Vampyrism and I am still evolving every day in my beliefs. The stories in the book of Enoch the Fallen Angels and The Nephilim are the oldest, then after those came Lilith of which I believe as our beginnings. Therefore Vampyres unlike what many want to believe is a human condition or virus. Vampyre Magick? I have never dabbled in magick or my own rituals. Yet, but being that it is energy manipulation, and I have made this happen before, knowing what was going to happen, perhaps I have then? I have heard much about it.

Most seem to make it out to be this huge ordeal, and not so easy to accomplish, so I wonder how realistic those ideals are? Its not that hard to make energy work for you if you are a real Vampyre, but some are evolved more than others. It is an evolved ability, as you evolve into your Vampyrism after your Awakening, some have more Vampyrism than others, while some are more human than others, but this too can be evolved as well. I have meet too many people (or Covens) who want to say, if you do not follow their beliefs, then you either are not a Vampyre (T.O.V.), or you are. But I am far from being that stuck up. As I am a Unitarian Vampyre Pagan, I believe that most religions have truth to them as well, as misunderstandings. I keep my mind open, as I am continually finding new things to be true. If I was like those Covens, I might as well still be Christian. Which is what too many religions seem to be anymore, except for most Pagan and Universal Unitarianism, which is why I cling to them in TempleUVUP? With us Vampyres being half human, as well as Vampyre or (Demon/Fallen Angel) it reminds me of the Dhampir or the Nephilim. Born human and Vampyre as we are. However the Dhampir had the reputation of killing their own kind, with the stories of Blade and Vampire Hunter D, but I want to stay away from fiction, which condemns us to bad stereotypes. Not that Demons dont have stereotypes as well, being that Christians seem to think they are evil because they choose to not worship the sadist god. Who kills and condemns those who choose to think for themselves, opening their minds to the hypocrisy of it all. There is NO absolute evil and NO absolute good. NOTHING is perfect, and NO male Deity can create everything, or be perfect. No one is without fault. Creation is a Female attribute, NOT Male. It is sad to see even the Egyptians and Romans thought that to be true. I therefore cannot believe such faiths or keep 100% to one religion alone. We all must find our own faith and beliefs. I found it very disappointing that too many Vampyres do not want to believe that Vampyrism is Spiritual and religious. So why must we deny that what we are is Spiritual and religious? Are we not divine? That we are Demons, as well as Gods/Goddesses, is not a spiritual or religious ideal?

Goddesses and Gods Are We Layla is our most well known Dark Mother. I have been linked to her as a direct descendant and have felt her protection my whole life. In fact I have been in some pretty bad places, and still came out in every situation quite well. The Goddess Sekhmet is the Egyptian Goddess of War, who punished the enemies of Re, and drank their blood when they conspired

against him. (For this she is also viewed as a Vampyre Goddess.) Set was a bit of a chaotic God, which the Christians link to their Satan, and him with Vampyrism as well. However, I link Vampyrism mostly to: the Fallen Angels, Demons, Nephilim, Lilith, Sekhmet, and Kali. Vampyrism is a condition of the soul. In each of your reincarnated lives, you always remain a Vampyre. I have had a couple past life regressions, with the help of Michelle Belanger. My earliest was ancient Egypt as a priest under the gods of the underworld, so I know I am a very old soul, as well as a direct descendant of Layla. The age of a persons soul is unsure. In fact, perhaps all souls have been around since the beginning, and perhaps we all continually go on since energy does not die but continues. If this is not so, then it really does not matter. Vampyre souls do not ever die, being that we are from an old family indeed. Immortality is a word too many people use. It is taken in the wrong context. No human, animal, or plant body, could ever last over 150 years at the most. A body cannot be immortal. It is impossible. But the human, animal, or plant spirit, (soul) is a form of energy that goes on and on until it is time for the Underworld to take the soul to the Other Realm. However, Vampyres are not of this world. Since we are Demons/Goddesses/Gods, as well as part human, our soul can never die. We can visit the other realms through astral projection however. Goddesses and Gods do not die, most true gods were never human, and humans eventually end up in the underworld, so how can our soul end up there?

Im not trying to be arrogant, or better than anyone. There are many Goddesses among us that are not Vampyres, but are not completely human either.(Not to mention Otherkin, Changelings, and Therians.) That would be saying that all Goddesses and Gods are Vampyres, but that is not true in the least. There are many different Deities, with different abilities. Perhaps they are the Fae, Were-creatures and Changelings? We were born from the genes of the Fallen Ones, Demons who were Vampyres. Not all humans are just human. Those with Psychic abilities are likely more than human as well. They are probably: Vampyre, Were (Therian), Changeling, Fae or Other kin.

The Myth of a Satan and Absolute Evil It has often been said (and shown) that Good cannot exist without Evil, there is no Evil without Good. Both are also misunderstood and seen differently in every: culture, belief, and faith. Who is to say what Evil and Good really are? What is seen as Evil to some may be a really good thing to

another. Christian Ideal seems to run this world and a large sum of people believe in the Christian Satan. The scapegoat for what they consider Evildoings. But how great is a God who kills everyone who does not agree completely with him? Who gives them an eternity of suffering, when most of them never hurt a soul or ever would? Do not forget their God is a jealous God yet, if you are a jealous person that is coveting and a sin. Its funny that murder is not a deadly sin but being proud of what you are or what you do is? Satan and the Fallen Angels are not as Evil as they are made out to be. In fact, Lucifer, (Satan as Christians have deemed him) was the Most Beautiful Angel, as well as the Angel of Music, and Light bearer. The Demons came to be because they disagreed with their God, and wanted NOT to be beneath the humans, who disagree with God most often. But since they disagreed with him (But I thought God gave us choice? I guess he IS a fascist dictator?) So they had a war over it. The wrong-doers or free angels, who opened their eyes to the hypocrisy, lost their rights to Heaven. They were cast down to the human realm. They then joined the humans and mated with the human females. They bore the Nephilim (the sons and daughters of the fallen angels and the human females), who were reported to have drunk human blood. That is one of the earliest written history of Vampyrism, and there was Lilith (who is recorded in cultures/beliefs) as well as Judas, who did Gods will for the salvation of man, yet was cursed for that which he wanted done? I do not agree with a God killing his only son, who is said to have done nothing wrong. It was Gods will to forsake him to suffer on the cross My God, why have though forsaken me? Yet Judas gets the blame?

There are those who believe that Mary, who was not a prostitute at all, married Jesus, carried on his bloodline and was his disciple, as well as a leader of his church. Yet she was a woman and that was not acceptable; so she was condemned as a prostitute. They could not have that revealed, or it would make things different. John, the Disciple, looks pretty female (if the last supper was in a marriage stance), and Mary was often shown like a wife to Jesus as he kisses her. All religions seem to have bits of truth in them. We all just have to filter the belief system. They have all been torn to pieces over time. Christianity alone has around 200 denominations, even they cannot agree. Lilith was condemned as Evil for wanting to be equal to Adam. But then Eve gave Adam the forbidden fruit (of course the Woman) because Knowledge is Evil? Satan is very similar to the Egyptian Set; most of the Christian mythology in fact has been taken from the Egyptian mythology which is pretty convenient since the Jews used to be their slaves. All throughout time Christians have taken other Deities (or anything else that they did not agree with) called them Satan, or claimed them Evil. Not to mention threatening the heretics to burn in hell as eternal punishment for sins

whether or not it is truly harmful or wrong. Many of his given names are stolen from other religions and faiths, most of which are not even Christian at all. Catholicism is the worst, taking from the Pagan (as well as) Wiccan paths, stealing their Goddesses and observances to make their own. In fact, Christ was born during summer, and many of their holidays were switched around to convert the heretics over to their God, and in line to fill their coffers.

The Church Of Satan is a more self-portrayed religion, supports the Temple of the Vampire; both are very self-selling as well. They are different in so many ways, I wonder at how they can be linked together. The Church Of Satan actually does not believe in Satan. They just consider themselves to be the only God. In fact, they believe Vampyres to be very negative parasites that steal emotions from everyone. Most Vampyres are not that way at all, and do not try to hurt ANYONE. The Emotional Vampyres do that, but not all of us are Emotional, and that kind of energy is very harmful. They use the entity of Satan as a mockery of the Christian church and Satan in fact is God of Selfishness or Egotism to the Christians.

Our Mother Layla

Lilith - one of the first... Lilith was ONE of the first Vampyres, as I see... The Christian God a long time ago had created Adam, and at the same time he created Adams first wife, Lilith, out of dust as he did with Adam. They were of the same material; God and Adam wanted Lilith to be under them, to crawl, as typical men think, but she wanted to stand beside them and be equal. She denied lying under Adam when mating and when they would not accept this, she went away from them, to the Earth. God sent 3 angels out to bring her back. They found her at the Red Sea, where she kept a lot of demons as her lovers, and she gave birth to over 100 demons each day. These demons were Vampyres, creatures, and other demons like them. So the angels told her, that she should come back to Eden and if she did not, they would kill her demons. She told them, that even that was better than

returning to the Garden. She stayed at the Earth, and God created Eve to Adam. Eve gave birth to Gods children, the common people in the world. Lilith gave birth to the Vampyres and Demons. She promised at that moment to kill Gods human children because the Angels killed her babies. Only children with an amulet with the names of the three angels were not killed. Lilith then stole and killed the children and drank their blood, and it is by this act, she became recognized as one of the first Vampyres in the world. She is mentioned in the Bible, the books that were not taken out (Esaja 34:14). Her family grew quick and began spreading throughout the world. In Ancient Rome, they feared Lamia, Liliths little sister, a femme fatale who got young men to fall in love with her. Then she would kill them and drink their blood. ( )

In Ancient Greek she was also called Lamia or Strega, who was a black bird which flies at night, and seeks children whose blood it can drink. She is often pictured with wings on her back, as a bird, and with her feet as eagle or owl feet. Most of Liliths ceremonies are performed at Dark Moon, as she is the darkness and chaos of the world. She is at the very core of our dark side. Rites to her can be done in solitary as well, but only at Dark Moon. The difference between it being done solitary and in the House Meroc is that the House acknowledges her power in all three of the moon cycles, while in solitary work she shall only be acknowledged during the duration of the Dark Moon. She lies in nothing but is everything She is the Dark Vampyress queen of the night It is through her that we awaken ourselves to the world that which is and that which is without She reminds us that we can not allow ourselves to be limited to one way of thinking

She allows us to see that all her children are equal She is the sexual life force of the urban jungle that is of this world She is the inner rebel and changer of events Our queen is the expression and acceptance of that which the world tries to deny Layla is a releaser from the normal mundane perception of what we call this reality

She is the transformer, the immortal dead and the bringer of chaos Her reverence is not necessary for redemption or salvation, but for the soul to grow and expand from our feeding of her essence. She lies in everyone and is awaken through ritual or self realization of ones inner most darkness. The union and acceptance with this darkness makes us powerful. Acceptance is the very foundation which makes us whole, and it is Layla that teaches us that becoming whole comes from this acceptance, and indulgence of the mind and soul. We must through her become the very essence of what she represents Revere and honor our queen but not worship her; as we should worship nothing above us as if we are less than them. She is ruthless, destructive, and merciless. Our actions bear results from her. The Darkness is the pure expression and embrace of our darker half; Useless aggression and violence disgraces Layla as we need our kind and the humans for their life-force Remember her children are sacred. So it with this that you may not in anyway disgrace her by needless violence Her wraith is as vile as our worst nightmares. With that wraith lies in the events of your life; for Betraying her, you betray all her children and yourself!

She is our queen, and mistress

Our Beginning With every beginning there is great force (or forces) as it takes more than one to create everything. And with this great force, arose two beings: Adam and Lilith. Adam represents the lighter aspect as Layla represents the darker elements. It is through them that we acknowledge Day versus the Night. Layla is the night side, and humanity is the dayside. Layla, our queen, was one day awakened. It was through sexual union that she found that she could drain Adam of his sexual energy, and thus she found out her true nature. When she left Adam, she did so that she could harness this darkness that was a part of her all along. The Dark Vampyre Gods and Goddess left their Realm to visit the Humans, and found the female humans quite lovely beings, cast down and mated with the humans, and joined with Layla. Mating with her as well, bringing forth our kind. Teaching them how to feed and how to manipulate human kind was her way, she taught them many things in the liking of her image. Then Eve was born of this great force. She was human as was Adam, and they populated the Earth bringing forth the Human Era. This process did not take lightly, as Layla and her breed needed to feed to be satisfied. Adam and his consort Eve represented the dayside. As Layla was already the patron of the nightside, she too would only come out at night. The sun being a great energy depleter of the Dark Ones, too strong for us, we avoided its power by staying out of the sun. In not avoiding the sun, we became: dizzy, lightheaded, and extremely tired (As well as the lack of feeding). So it was a time that no feeding took place, until one day during a solar eclipse (when day became night quite rapidly.) So let it now be said that Adam and Eve populated the world. These are dark ages before us now and all our kind.

We do not place any objections upon Society, but feel strongly about our Community. We must place ourselves in our Community to affect it and many of us do so, hidden from the world. People are our strengthening tools as well as destructive ones. They are usually the root to our progression and oblivion. As long as there have been those who have shed light into this world of darkness, there are those of us who wish to keep the

darkness. We are the hidden ones. Being born with the essence to feed, we are born again and again so that we may. Eternal, we wander moving to the rhythm of our own inner tides. Our heightened awareness of ourselves and the world around us forces us to acknowledge natural rhythms that others simply ignore. As the day comes to night, we can feel it, and we know that the true realm of magick is the night for us, for that is when we have the advantage in power. As the moon grows in waxing and waning, we feel it, and we know, too, that there are more complex rhythms of power tied to her phases. As the wheel of the year turns round, we feel the wild times, the apogees and nadirs of power. We were born from our Lady of the night's essence as she dwells in the Dark Realm, and it is here that we are given our abilities that empower us. Through a ritual reincarnation, we severed our living ties and gained immortality.

The World We Are Stuck In Our culture teaches us that we cannot stand on our own. We cannot know something just because we know it. We need authentic degrees and certificates in order to prove our knowledge and understanding to others, if we are to amount to anything. We need approval. And from youth upwards, it is ingrained in us to seek this approval from parents, from teachers, from friends, from our bosses at work, from everywhere. Regardless of our own self-worth, regardless of how satisfied we are with our own lives, unless these other people approve of us, we are taught to feel worthless. Even the most independent and rebellious among us feels a little twinge at being called "crazy" or "freak" or told that were deluded or sick or hopelessly lost in a fantasy world. Its very hard not to let this universal disapproval of our ideals and our ways make us doubt ourselves from time to time. But it is the doubt and the fear of disapproval that keeps so many of us from discovering ourselves and opening ourselves up to the vast lifetimes of knowledge we already carry within. Before you doubt yourself any further, ask yourself who is the real authority on your life? Is it someone outside of you, who has never experienced the things youve experienced, or felt the things that youve felt? The only authority on your life is you; so seek approval there first. Trust those little whispers of guidance offered by your Inner Self. If you

are satisfied with what it tells you, what does it matter what anyone else has to say? Hell no, you are your own God and they are nothing to us!

Vampyres Seem to Deny Their Predatory Nature. Vampyres are not of this world. We are only in these human shells, therefore stuck in it. We should not limit ourselves in what we are and how to survive. Too many of our kind only chose to feed certain ways which limits them and we should never limit ourselves. Modern Vampyres seem to deny there original primal nature of Bloodlust and stick to Psychic Life Force for their only source mislabeling blood-drinking as Cannibalism. We are fully human, but something else as well. We do not eat flesh, nor kill anyone. Vampyre donors want to give us their blood, there is choice. We are not monsters. And no one else needs to bother with what they know nothing about. Mankind is run by Christian nature with its fear of embracing its needs and covering the truth with lies of a fascist male god who could not possibly create everything when a woman is needed for that. Blood is life, for it contains the essence, a part of the person you get it from and fills you with life force. We never want to forget what we are and what we need although Psi energy can feel you up but the original life force is contained in the blood for direct and tasty results. I suppose most of them are trying to keep us all safe from Blood born illnesses but there are many ways to avoid such things and most keep long term close Donors to do this. Besides being what we are these are not things we should worry about and we have the ability to know the food that would harm us being that it is our nature.

Our Spiritual Souls are Our Strength

Stress and worry seem to rob us of our energy, we are all Spiritual creatures: Human, Vampyre, and Other kin alike. We all have the ability to be Gods or Goddesses, the more we use what we have in our spiritual souls

our energy centers. As Vampyres and Other kin we are more in tune with our spiritual selves than normal humans, and the more work on our psychic abilities the more Divine or Godly we become. The eastern religions such as Taoism believe that all people are able to become Gods if we work hard enough on ourselves, and I agree with that philosophy. Human bodies are easily weakened by sickness, disease and labor, but our souls or psyche becomes stronger the more we use it and learn how to use it more efficiently. Many people believe that only some people are able to be psychic or do miraculous things with there minds but I believe ALL people can achieve this IF they practice enough and learn to use what they have; It is their ability to be like/as Gods or Goddesses. Vampyres and Other kin are already at that level, although some have less knowledge of how to use it than others.

The scene and the communities

I have noticed, although many Vampyres dont want to admit it, there are many similarities with those in the Goth scene and even Satanists to what we are as Vampyres. Although most Vampyres want disassociate with those scenes and even Anton Lavey wanted to claim he and his Satanists are not Vampyres, it is obvious to me he may have been a Vampyre indeed. I have read his Satanic Bible and a lot of what is in there is Vampyric, in my opinion. The Church of Satan is now supporting the Temple of the Vampire. I consider them Cults, as they need a lot of money from you before you can get anywhere with them. I am apart of the: Gothic, Pagan (not Wiccan though), Vampyre scene, but run into problems (since Goths tend to be stereotyped as blood drinkers.) Many pagans believe Psychic Vampyres take energy from the Earth, but the Deities and Earth naturally replenish themselves, and we suffer for our need, not having enough. Most do not to hurt their Donors, and they give willingly because they understand our need, especially Hecate. And the moon supplies us with the best non-human source as the night is the best time for us to


What is the difference between Vampyrism, Emotional Vampirism, and Turning?

Turning is brought up in groups often as well as people asking if Vampyrism can be learned and taught. So that got me thinking. I think some people could learn to act as a Vampyre as Wytches often manipulate energy all the time and normal humans could learn to take energy from people (as I dont believe most proclaimed emotional vampires are true vampires, but emotional people who drain people either by accident or on purpose. Of course this doesnt make them real vampyres.) Donors or those who have had too much energy taken from them could THINK that they could have been turned into a Vampyre. They may even have symptoms of Vampyrism; but this is only temporary. Once they get the energy back; they will be fine. None of this makes anyone a Vampyre, of course. Vampyres, as most in the Community should know, are born and not created. Of course, some people may awaken late, and the taking of their energy or blood may hasten their Awakening. This fictional myth is getting tiresome, so I decided to write about it.


1. Temple Spiritual Leaders, Priests, Teachers, Reverends, and Theologians: Those individuals are very spiritual, good at teaching, or leading. They often are very hard workers and need to feed a lot and are good at it but are also very strong Vampyres. They love to learn as well as teach and lead

2. Temple Clerk or Keeper of Scrolls: Those are generally very organized individuals and good at keeping records, typing, writing (notes), and html. They are also very good at helping people with there various problems; often including manipulating energy. 3. Temple Ambassadors: Ambassadors are good at promoting and dealing with the public and generally have a lot of energy are very good at getting and taking it... 4. Temple Donors: This is our Donors and life givers in the Temple (not Vampyres) 5. Temple Musicians (artists): Those are our music makers, singers (lyricists), poets, writers, and artistic individuals. Music is a very important part of spirituality and rituals

Vampyre Wedding: By Rev Samilyn And Father JP Vanir

This night, we stand between ------ and ------- We do this to represent the unity of both to commit the ultimate act of Unity. This is the moment between ------- and ------. (Recommend that this ceremony be performed at either sunset). If within this moment you should find doubt in your heart, or

if any present should know of any reason these two should not wed, I beg of you to say so now (pause). As they take of one another, ponder now the unity of there love and devotion. There cannot be one without the other. There is no beauty within the world without them both. For this is blessed union. (During this part, preparations should be being made by Husband and Wife to be for the "drawing" however that should occur or pouring the wine, etc. due to preference of the couple). WIFE (to husband): Before you enter into this bond of blood, this marriage; to ------- be wise that you do not enter lightly. That which is bound by blood is not easily broken. Husband offers to future wife his blood (in chosen manner) and recites: Take of me and be mine.. As I so long to be yours.. Stay with me through this journey Be the Beauty that never leaves me For I do so love you.. When offering is accepted Husband lights one black candle before him

Husband (Speaking to Wife): Before you enter into this bond of blood, of this marriage to husband, be wise that you do not enter lightly for that which is bound by blood is not easily broken. Wife offers to future husband her blood (in chosen manner) and recites the following:

Take of me and be mine.. As I so long to be yours.. Stay with me through this journey Be the Beauty that never leaves me For I do so love you.. (*Of course these can be altered if the couple has anything to add of their own or replaced although the candle bit is nice for symbolism) When offering is accepted wife lights the black candle before there is nothing more sacred than these vows. You have spoken them now before: (_________fill in as applies to deity, family, friends all present)

Some last thoughts I wanted to finish with some things that have been on my mind lately, so here goes. I try to be a good son, so I tend to go to my Mothers church so she doesn't know how UN-Christian I really am. I learned something very interesting in church today according to Hebrew. Her preacher said, HOLY means to be set apart or to be different from the rest of the world. I never knew before today that I am a really holy person. I actually learned something in church today which was a good thing. Of course all churches are different, considering there are over 200 denominations of Christianity, since they all can't seem to get along well enough not to splinter. Religion, in most of the real Vampyre groups, has been a really touchy subject for some reason? I do a lot of studying of Theology, and have come to understand religion is a set of beliefs and practices generally held by a Community, involving adherence to beliefs. So yes, anything could be considered a religion, as long as you strongly believe in it, and live your life according to your beliefs or faith (spiritual or not). So I am sure there are lots of Vampyre type religions, and ever the Satanic bible, (which I have) is very Vampyre like beliefs. Lavey, I am sure was a Psi Vampyre, though he thinks we are all emotional parasites. There are around a million different beliefs out there. I just don't understand why it has to be so touchy, as long as you don't condemn or slander anyone.

I am now even after my seven years in the Community, still awaking to my nature and abilities as a Vampyre. Last night I had the most amazing experience I have had in a long while. I became more aware of my abilities as a Tantric (sexual) Vampyre. While I was out, I was taking in way more energy (mostly Tantric) than I am used to. I haven't feed very well in many months, and I could barely focus or think straight. I still need to work on grounding, though it is had to do since I need so much. As a priest, I tend to take too much and need to work grounding and shielding. When I got home I tried to relieve the tension, but it only made things worse as I took an overload of Tantric energy. Being the incubus, if you will, that I am, and not having a partner at the moment relieving any tension and stress is difficult. Because of all I received, I had an amazing night. It was very interesting and an Awakening in itself. I also believe that people suffering from mental disorders as doctors claim may very likely be Vampyre or other kin. For example Bi-polar, having mood swings, or ADHD has a lot to do with energy intake and it can change your moods quite easily. Depression and fatigue would have a lot to do with not having the proper energy and not feeling well. Social anxiety or agoraphobia could have a lot to do with not being able to shield and taking in way too much energy. I am always thinking constantly and rarely able to shut my mind off to rest which may have a lot to do with my lack of control and shielding of my energy intake. Every time we take energy we probably store some up for when we have to go with out and we get extra boosts when we need more than usual. Not to mention I am sure most Vampyres and other kin have psychic conditional struggles since we are more than human and human bodies don't have the energy we need to support what we are; which is why we need to take from other sources. I believe real (natural) witches being that are advanced in sorcery and magick may be other kin or Vampyres as well.

I am sick of the plague of the Christian church! People taking all the best and brightest artists and brainwashing them into thinking their beautiful art is evil! Lou Reed of the Velvet Underground had a song featured on the passion? The passion was one of the most fearful, antiSemitic, movies out there and I cannot believe he was drawn into that? Anne Rice was a brilliant author who has become Catholic; she was one of the few who knew vampires were pre Christian and were not evil. In Memnoch the Devil she has LESTAT bow down before Jesus and beg for forgiveness??? Vampyres need to feed and humans are their prey! That is not evil. Should humans beg for forgiveness because they kill animals to survive? Humans can be far worse; they kill for pretty fur, to test products, and for trophies. They are overpopulating the world, destroying, and taking

over the land that other animals need for survival. They are not top of the food chain and they are food too; just like any other animal or plant. No matter what all creatures kill something to survive as I said before. However, we don't need to kill our prey; that way there life-force, blood, and energy won't run out.

THANKS: I would like to thank Rev Samilyn, Donna Johnson (MizVamp), Rev. R. Jean Regenczuk (PhD, ND), Sarah Farthing, Mary Addams (Dr. Rev. Vampy), Helene Broc, Nastassia, Melissa Brown, and Sanguinarius.

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