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Online Activism Is Not Enough

Posted on June 29, 2012 by Tony Dean

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Rant On UK!

Protest- Mask Online Activism Is Not Enough; you need to get people out onto the streets in order to have real-world political influence. This gem was just uttered by Rick Falkvinge, founder of the Swedish Pirate Party, managed to get more than 225,000 votes in the European Election and secure two seats in the European Parliament, all this was achieved with a very small budget compared with other political parties who are in command of millions of pounds. Many established parties have influence with the media which means they dont need too much money to be spent on the resultant publicity. Falkvinge went on to criticise politicians in democratic societies who see higher engagement as a threat rather than an opportunity. He said that there is a complete clash in the European parliament between those who are comfortable with the net and emails flooding in on different issues and the connected lifestyle and those born into a hierarchical world, who are surprised when citizens start contacting them en masse over email. Some of these politicians see this contact as cyber attacks or a soft-form of terrorism. What are these people thinking? The disconnect is total, he said. The key to starting to solve this is to make sure that the connected lifestyle has more representation in the political nobility, i.e. those old school politicians born to an unconnected world.That means high visibility on the streets and news media for your campaigns like UK Uncut and Occupy contrive. Birgitta Jnsdttir, a member of the Icelandic Parliament for The Movement, explained how the Icelandic financial crisis in 2008 shook up politics in the country and has led to the rise of a new political party focusing on transparency and accountability. She set up The Movement in order to aggregate various grassroots groups with a clear hitand-run objective, where the aim was to go into the political system and make the necessary changes before getting corrupted. We want to make a bridge between the public and the republic, she said. I cant help thinking that certain smaller parties in the UK are missing the opportunities to advance their agenda by not taking to the streets when libraries are closing for instance and making a splash about it in the media that gets noticed by ordinary people of the community at least they think SOMEONE is on their side! Likewise if a certain filling station has just raised its prices, have a flash mob with placards outside getting noticed by the overburdened motorists who will be sympathetic to the party because they care about their situation. Barclays Bank are in trouble because of setting interest rates too high when their was no need rip-off banks should be picketed by a flash mob.

Special Forces from Britain are said to be on the ground in Syria as well as MI6 secret agents why are they there? Are we starting yet another war in the middleeast? If so, why? The people of this country dont want any more foreign wars and invasions of sovereign countries and we demand that the government withdraw these troops and agents from Syria immediately. Flash mob demo again outside the Cabinet Office or Parliament Square. There are many reasons for flash mobs to be putting the party name forward to the people, not just a one track agenda, but concerned all-round about everything going on in Britain today. Smaller parties need a flash mob co-ordinator full time to organise these demonstrations all over the country to get awareness going, it will not be long before a general election in Britain is upon us, and then they will have run out of time.