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will receive their wrapped are volunteering their time will allow the community previously computers ready to place to prepare these computers to 'see the work they are
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the computers. In addition some of the first recipients

Northwest Ohio


Southern Michigan who in time for Christmas for child in nded."

St., Bowling Green. Kill said Sunday's event

announced, Turning Point United Methodist Church is cooperating with the Computers for Charity program in providing "Computers for Christmas"

to children in




will be provided to chil-

computer this year. Nearly 100 computers

While many of the com" refurbished some older computers as well as puters have already been revised some of the soft- adopted, the charitable orgaware on roughly 70 new nization is still looking for eMacs. The computers individuals from churches, have been fitted with new businesses and civic d,rganioperating systems, including all kinds of educational
zations, as well as individu-

The volunteers



doing to help brighten not only a child's holiday, but also to provide an educa-

tional tool for the home which will serve them well
for years to come.

"'We're taking old computers that would end up in the landfill and giving them life," Kill stated. "Children

als in the community willdren courtesy of generous games for the kids. ing to adopt a computer and with a home computer are donations and hard-work"This program is a recipient for a small dona- shown to have higher test ing volunteers. scores in school." already receiving a tre- tion of $10. The program coordina- mendous response," said Anyone may nominate To nominate a child or tor, Jeff Kill, and his legion Turning Point's pastor a child of their choosing to family to receive a computof volunteers will be host- Larry Whatley. "Jeff has receive a computer. er for Christmas contact ing an open house on recruited computer techs The open house will be Whatley at (419) 450-0525 Sunday at Turning Point to who are coming to the held at noon on.Sunday at or visit http://computersshowcase their work on church from around the church, 252 S. Main

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to spotlight computer



Point Church,252 South Main 5t., will hold an open house at noon tom_orrow to spotlight Computers for Chariry a minisiry that deeks to prowide refurbisheh computers to children. and refurbished almost i00 computers so far. Ieff Kill, the program's founder, said he and an army of volunteers are taking computers that woujd end up_in a landfill, fixing them up, and equipping them with educational games. More information is available by calling the church, 4lg-3ZJ0144.
T.hg Rev. tarryWhatley, pastor, said the ministryhas ac{uired

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