Deepak Narang

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ChiefEneineers Oral Exam MCA Office:Aberdeen November 2005 Examiner: Habibullah Chowdhury Time:55 minutes

Result: Pass

_1. Whattlpe of vessels? Worl<ecl medir"mr on speeds the last6 yearsin the offshore tbr industry. He saidw,eq'ouldtalk aboutslolv speeds it wasan un-restricted as certificate. .2. Theturbocharger a largeslow speed inoperable. on is Whatdo you do? Iie wanted hearthatI wouldlock the rotor,remove nozzlering, open to the the flapslbr the auxiliaryblowers thenslow steam. and jack up ..3. A cylinderheadstudwhichis torqued to 700N/m2 with a hydraulic will not slacken therequired at pressure. Whatdo you do? Checkthe gearfor defects calibrate gauge. and the Takethepressure a to maximumof 10o% above this did not work thenconsider the If usingheator cuttingthe stud. has ,,.4: The chaindrive for the camshaft brokenat one link. What actionsdo you take?Whatwill you look for? How do you remedy it? Stopthe engine immediately. PTW andtoolboxtalk. Checkthe timing. spra.vers. gears Determine cause. etc. the Follow manut'acturers' instructions on fitting a new chain.Wantedto hear.thatI would contactcompany.classand themanufacrurer's assistance. tbr -5. The OMD is inoperableand you haveno bearingtemperature detectors. What areyour instructionsto the E/R staff?How do you monitor conditionsinside the crankcase? i saidthatI wouldtell the engineerc avoidbeingnearthe lowerplares to or. turbocharger ifpossible.I a.lso nrentioned we rvouldgo on watchif we that were UMS. I told hinr tllar the only way to checkthe condition vrasto feel the crankcase doorsrvith thebackofyour hand.He rvasvery happywith this. 6., You havereceived analysis LO results with anomalies. What couldcause . these? Mentioned aboutthevalioust)?es of metalson differentcomponents the in engineandq'hat would cause theseto wear. (Main bearings, endsetc)Mentioned big aboutfuel dilution,waterdilution, sulphur, carbon etc. 7. How would you know if you had bacterialcontamination LO without of How would you treat it? How would you preventit? Who would you ,. analysis? inform? Theoil r.vould smellof rotteneggs. Change oil asmuchasyou ca.n get the to you into poft. Increase purifiertemperature. the Whenin port geta specialist company to oil andcleanout the in the crankcase. Class would be informedandwouldbe present duringthe treatment. ' 8. Whatwouldyou asChief look for on a hull inspection duringdry dock? Started the fore endandmentioned anchors, at paintcondition, the hull condition, bilgekeels, indeirts, boxes, sea propellers, rudders, anodes etc. 9.. Whatitemswouldyou asChiefwantto witness? v I saidthe shipssidevalvesandpropeller.

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