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LITERATURE -any printed matter written in book, magazine or a pamphlet -said to be the story of a man because literature deals

with ideas, thoughts and emotions of man. -can trace nations spirit. -literature is part of history Literary Standards 1. Artistry-quality which appeals to our sense of beauty. 2. Intellectual value-literary work stimulates thought. It enriches mental life by making us realize fundamental truths about life and human nature. 3. Suggestiveness-quality associated with emotional power of literature. 4. Spiritual value-elevates the spirit by bringing out the moral values which makes us better person. 5. Permanence-a great work of literature that endures. 6. Universality-great literature is timeless and timely. 7. Style- peculiar way, in which a writer sees life, forms his ideas and expressed them. Kinds of Literature Prose -derived from Latin word prosa that means straightforward. Prose generally defined as direct, common language presented in a straightforward manner. Novel- long narrative divided into chapter. Short story-narrative involving one or more characters, one plot and a single impression. Plays-presented on a stage, is divided into acts and each has many scenes. Legends fictitious narrative usually about origins. Fables fictitious and deal with animal and inanimate things who speaks and act like people. Anecdotes-merely product of writers imagination and main aim is to bring out lessons to the leader. Essay-expresses the viewpoint or opinion of the writer about a particular event. Biography-deals with life of a person which maybe about himself, his autobiography or that of others. News- report everyday events in the society, government, science happening national or not. Oration- formal treatment of a subject and is intended to be spoken in public. Parables-illustrates one or more instructive principles and lessons. Poetry -derived from Greek word poetes which means doer or creator.It is applied to any form of rhythmicalor metrical composition.It expresses strong emotions. NarrativePoetry-describes important events in life. Epic-about heroic exploits often under supernatural control. Ex. Biag ni lam-ang Metrical Tale-written in verse and can be classified as a ballad or metrical romance, Ballad- shortest and simplest narrative. Lyric Poetry- kind of poetry meant to be sung to the accompaniment of lyre. Folksongs-short poems intended to be sung. Sonnets-lyric poem of 14 lines dealing with an emotion,feeling or an idea. Elegy-expresses feelings of grief and melancholy and whose theme is death. Ode-poem of noble feeling expressed with dignity. Psalms- song praising God or Virgin Mary containing philosophy of life. Awit-measures 12 syllables (dodecasyllabic) Ex. Florante at Laura Corridos measures 8 syllables (octosyllabic) and recited in martial beat. Ex. Ibong Adarna. Dramatic Comedy-comes from Greek word Komos meaning festivity. Melodrama-used in musical plays with opera. Tragedy-involves hero struggling against dynamic force. Farce-an exaggerated comedy Social Poems-pictures the life in the society and aim to bring changes in social conditions.