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Science-Key words-key publications (selected) Key words in English Nature conservation, biodiversity protection Environmental protection, environmental safety, biosphere protection Chemical pollution; environmental toxicology and chemistry; environmental safety; Aquatic ecology; Surface active agents -Physiological effects; Key words in Russian Охрана природы; сохранение биоразнообразия Key publications in English
Book: Conservation of living nature and Resources; [reference, abstracts, examples of citation] [absract] Same as above

Охрана окружающей среды; экологическая безопасность; сохранение биосферы Химическое загрязнение; Токсикология и химия окружающей среды; Экологическая безопасность; Водная экология; ПАВ – физиологические эффекты;

New methods of bioassay of chemicals New methods of assessment of environmental hazards of chemicals Chemical pollution; water quality;

Новые методы; биотестирование химических веществ; Новые методы; оценка экологической опасности химических веществ Химическое загрязнение;

Book: Biological Effects of Surfactants; Abstract:; Citation:;; [Book cover, abstract, contents, list of reviews].; Book Biological effects of surfactants, by Dr. S.A.Ostroumov, ...; Citation of the book 'Biological Effects of Surfactants' Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, ...;; Australia. Book 'Biological Effects of Surfactants' was bought by 7 Australian libraries; ** Abstract, detailed table of contents, Foreword:; ** Questions that were answered in the book: ** Belgium. Citation of Russian ecologists, environmental scientists: e.g., citation of the book written by a scientist at Moscow University:; ** This book in National Library of Australia: Same as above

Same as above

Paper: Polyfunctional Role of Biodiversity in Processes Leading to Water Purification.

water pollution

Качество воды; загрязнение воды;

pollution control Aquatic ecosystem functioning; ecosystem services

Контроль загрязнения среды Функционирование водных экосистем; Экосистемные услуги; Полезные функции экосистем

ostroumov-polyfunctional-Role-of-Biodiversity-inProcesses-Leading-to-Water-Purification; ** Biocontrol of Water Quality: Multifunctional Role of Biota in Water Self-Purification. – Russian Journal of General Chemistry, 2010, Vol. 80, No. 13, pp. 2754– 2761. ---; ** On some issues of maintaining water quality and selfpurification.- Water Resources, 2005. Volume 32, Number 3, p. 305-313.; ** On the Multifunctional Role of the Biota in the SelfPurification of Aquatic Ecosystems . - Russian Journal of Ecology, 2005. Vol. 36, No. 6, P. 414-420.;; Same as above Same as above

About the author of these publications: Champions in Internet. Top-ranking attractiveness. The Most Often Viewed Sites-among the materials on ecology, environment, ecotoxicology, water quality; 1. AWARDS, HONORS: Awards, Certification of quality of scientific results of Dr. S.A. Ostroumov: d iplomas, certificates, medals:; 2. DISCOVERIES: **EXAMPLES OF The key discoveries and innovations that were made by Dr. Sergei A . Ostroumov, and the scientific questions that were answered in his publications :; **Discoveries: 3. PUBLICATIONS: **Annotated English bibliography: In the form of a list; Environmental Science, Ecology. Dr. S.Ostroumov. with comments:; ** Key annotated bibliography on the most important issues of ecology, environm ent (the innovations authored by Dr. S. Ostroumov) with short comments on what i s new, in the form of a simple table, which is easy to read and understand and u se:; **Annotated bibliography in several languages, including: Arabic, Armenian, Chin ese, Danish, Dutch, Nederlandse, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Georgian, G erman, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Persian, Polish, Portugue se, Romanian, Moldovan, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian: http://ww; **Most cited publications: **Most viewed materials: **Key papers: **This book was acquired by the key world libraries cover picture, abstract, lis t of the reviews of the books (favorable): **More bibliography:; Bibliography of Dr. S.A.Ostroumov. At the s ervice: 136 results; Bibliography of Dr. S.A.Ostroumov According to Internet service; Bibliography. Publications of Dr. S.A. Ostr oumov. Preview of first 2 pages. The list of publications according to the Inter net service; Preview of the first pages (page 1 and page 2) of e ach publication is available free at:; Dr.S.A.Ostroumov This is a list of some of the publications authored, co-authored by Dr. S.A. Ostroumov according to the i nternet service AuthorMapper, tants-Detergents-With-the; Papers of Russian scientists (Moscow State University ) cited in Australia (examples).; Gabriel, Gateway to Europe's National Libra ries. Books and some other publications by Dr. S. Ostroumov. Belgium, Czech Repu blic, Germany, France, Iceland, Italy, Serbia, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, UK Pictures of the covers of the Books authored and co-authored by Dr. S. Ostroumov :; Publications indexed: Web of Science:; 4. CITATION: ** Scholars of these over 280 institutions (worldwide) have cited the publicatio ns (biology, ecology, environment) authored by Dr. Sergei A. Ostroumov: http://w; **Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Biology, updated; Citation of Dr. S.A. Ostrou movs works in the U.S.A. **World-wide citing Dr. S.O.:; **In Russian:;Öèòèðîâàíèå êíèã ä.á.í. Ñ.À.Îñòðîóìîâà (Ââ ** Citation. The book 'Biological Effects of Surfactants' was cited by scientist s of Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Slovakia, Germany, Argentina, Saudi A rabia, Denmark, United Kingdom, Poland and other countries: 82403759/ 5. COMMENTS, EVALUATIONS, REVIEWS: **Evidence of merit:; **Reviews, evaluations of the publications of Dr. S.A. Ostroumov. Diplomas, cert ificates. Language: English:; **Reviews, evaluations; language: mainly Russian: 8746/; 6. AVAILABILITY IN LIBRARIES WORLDWIDE: **Books, other works in University of California, other U.S. and key world schoo ls:; **The U.S.A., Harvard University, and some other institutions: http://www.scrib; **The U.S.A., Library of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): http://w; **COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE: Availability of the books authored by Dr. S.A.O.: The lib raries of a number of countries worldwide acquired the books, have the publicati ons (ecology, environment, biology) by Dr. S. Ostroumov: Ecology, Biology, Envir onmental Sciences in the libraries of Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, Af rica: Denmark, USA, Canada, France, Switzerland, Japan, China, Korea, Belgium, C zech Republic, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Finland, Polan d, Serbia, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and others:; **Papers available in U.S. libraries. Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Aquatic S ciences, Biology. Authored, co-authored by Dr. S.A.Ostroumov:http://www.scribd.c om/doc/80220904/; ** Publications (books, papers) available in U.S. Library: National Agricultural Library (NAL) of USDA. In Catalog: Agricola;
7. CONTRIBUTION TO EDUCATION: **Some of Dr. S. Ostroumov’s scientific results were used in lectures delivered to university students in the U.S.A., Germany, Netherlands, and other countries. More detail on how Dr. S. Ostroumov’s publications are being used to modernize education: **;

** MORE: Switzerland. In Swiss Libraries. Publications by Dr. S.A. Ostroumov Russian Ecologist.; ** Dr.S.A.Ostroumov. Preview online is possible.Publications authored, co-authored by Dr. S.A. Ostroumov according to the internet service RD.Springer.; ** U.S.A.,other countries: citing: (ecology, environment, water, sustainability, biology) authored: Dr. S.A. Ostroumov;; **;

** citing: publications: S.A. Ostroumov: USA, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Japan, China, India.; ** Bibliography with sites:;

Key words: Nature conservation, biodiversity, pollution, water quality, hazard assessment, bioassay, surfactants, detergents, key publications, environmental, sciences;