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How could I explain what I have been learning with the Light after so many years of contact? I believe that it would be a mistake now to go on writing a simple chapter. I must give you here a first file, even if it’s not really a file as I received in the past, but at least it will give you a test before receiving a real one. Here you’ll receive enough information to be able to check and analyze. I think that the first thing is to get rid of legends and lies about the Light. When you learn with this manifestation you don’t dream at all. You apply things which are working more and more, changing completely your abilities. You open your mind, you assimilate new ideas and new abilities. You change radically. What is important is to get rid of the legends coming from new age, because they are completely stupid and, indeed, far away from the truth. The Light is not at all being weak and changing everything with your love, your prayer or your meditations. Light is understanding your life, your psychology, and by doing so you break the resistance of your fear which until now forbade you to access this ability or this knowledge. If I imagine that being in direct contact with the Light could be an experience like being friend with Einstein, I wouldn’t be known as intelligent just because I could be writing the name of Einstein as being my friend or my angel, but because of what I have been learning with him, i.e. I’m talking about my own intelligence. If the archangel Michael was appearing in the middle of my living room to talk to me about the last football match, I wouldn’t give a toss, and I would ask him to leave my place at once. I don’t care about what they are and how they appear but about what they have to say. Previously, when I told you how I came to be in contact with them, it was mainly to help you to understand how it happened, but at the same time you cannot check what I’m saying because you weren’t there. So, how could you check? I just told you this to give you a coherent introduction. Now I’ll give you some ideas of what they taught me so that you can start to check and even evolve. With a little bit of what I’ve been learning you’ll understand better how I was then in possession of files that normally, without these special things I have been learning, I wasn’t supposed to have. You’ll be able today to analyze a little bit their teaching through this file, and later on you’ll be able to analyze other “teachings” I received through those very special files. The direct contact with the Light is coming from very high schools from Tibet, China and other places like this. It’s always the result of a lot of work and even afterwards, when you are in contact with the Light, it’s even more work and even more transformations. To be in direct contact with the Light, means decades of years of practice of Yoga, Taï Chi, Budo, meditation, psychology, travelling all over the world, and then a personal training of eighteen months with a dead master talking through someone else. Every time that my master was coming it was to give me a lot of intellectual, physical and emotional work. It has been a period of intense happiness but also intensity. That’s the least I can say. Then, when I started to be in contact with the Light it was even more intense because it was so direct.

Just imagine that you are friend with Einstein but instead of talking he has the power to touch your forehead and for some seconds you can directly experiment his brain and his knowledge, then you go and work to make this knowledge completely yours. Just imagine the rhythm of your evolution. I met in my life many “psychic” or so called but they were so stupid, so limited, so into a fanatic protocol. How could it be possible to be friend with Einstein, to experiment from time to time his genius and to be so limited? I always say that I have a magical guide and it is the detective Colombo. I use my intelligence to analyze and understand. I have been learning how the energy is working, what is happening in a body when you hate or when you love. I have so many things to present to you, so that you can really penetrate the brain of Einstein, or of an angel, that this file is going to be very big. The topic of the Light is certainly the one that is the most covered by stupidities and lies from the new age, so it is most probably the most complicated one. The other files you will be reading afterwards will be more difficult to accept as a point of view of psychology but at least your minds aren’t full of stupidities; only full of ignorance. In this file about the Light it is much more difficult, because your minds are full of legends and stupidities about this topic. So this file is going to be very big. Therefore I have decided to send it to you twenty pages by twenty pages. Of course I invite you to answer and send me your feedbacks, but I will be answering them in the next file only. Of course, as soon as you will hear about the Light you will try, as I said above, to compare it to what you know. Understanding what you know now is also a very good way to be able to understand what Light really is. Is your background about this topic clear? Are you able to refer to a correct information when you want to understand what Light is? Are you able to visualize an idea, a power, an energy that is close to what it really is? For this we have to be able to visualize the origin of your knowledge. This knowledge is coming from a woman that was called Blavatsky (12.08.1831- 08.05.1891). This woman was very special and she wanted to know a lot about the spirituality, the energy and everything. She started to travel in the world and to learn from everywhere. She was afraid of nothing. She had every courage and she has been to every place where she could get more knowledge. After maybe thirty years of research, she had been gathering a lot of knowledge and she started to create a school that was called theosophy. This school in England was very powerful and very well-known. Very important people started to learn with Blavatsky and started to be under the influence of this woman. You have the example of Conon Doyle, who is the writer of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and who was applying in his books the complete teaching of Blavatsky; that is to say the concentration, the perfection, the analyze, the courage, refusing the money, protecting the weak people and fighting the devil. In fact, I was saying before that the detective Colombo is my guide but I could also say that Sherlock Holmes is my guide as well and I am trying to be a Sherlock Holmes or a Colombo through everything I have been learning before meeting the Light and even more afterwards. Then theosophy became extremely powerful in the positive way, influencing also the life of politics in England and this started to be very annoying. Blavatsky has been investing a lot of energy in everything she was doing and she was the first one to help on a very special project were the theosophy spent a fortune. It was in the education of Krishnamurti. Blavatsky and some friends of her met at random Krishnamurti in India and decided to help this exceptional soul to grow up. The theosophy proposed to the family to pay everything for his studies, but the family of Krishnamurti


blackmailed the theosophy and said: “You have to pay for the two children”, because Krishnamurti had a brother and the theosophy had no choice; they had to pay for the two of them while in fact only Krishnamurti was interesting. He went to university in England. He received the best teaching on the intellectual plan as well as on the spiritual plan, but when Blavatsky was very old and was hoping for Krishnamurti to take the control of the theosophy so that this school could grow up and invade the world for a positive teaching, Krishnamurti said “I don’t give a toss about you. I have been using you. You paid everything for me and now that you want my help, I don’t give a toss” and he left. Krishnamurti used everything that he received from theosophy: the teaching, the knowledge, and he started to teach on his side. He remained somebody quite well-known about philosophy and spirituality. Today a lot of people in spirituality are inspired by Krishnamurti, but I must say that Krishnamurti was a parasite of the theosophy; stealing the money, the teaching, the protection; running away without giving a toss, and then teaching to everybody the philosophy and the dignity of life. That was one aspect of the beginning of the new age: know, be lazy, don’t take position, get the best of what you can take and don’t give a toss about the others. The teaching of Krishnamurti grew up a lot. Krishnamurti by definition practiced black magic. Instead of being part of a big association that helped him and that he could help to develop the white teaching of theosophy, he used the knowledge to justify his position that was a horrible selfish position. For this he had to lie, to manipulate, and he created a spirituality that looks like a spirituality but is not at all a path to the Light. At the same time Blavatsky was alone on her side. She was completely lost, destroyed by the betrayal of Krishnamurti. She didn’t know what to do. Then, arrived at random a woman named Alice A. Bailey. Alice A. Bailey was in fact a psychic person sent by the government to destroy the theosophy from the inside by the politics of the Trojan horse. She was somebody extremely ill. She spent her youth trying to commit suicide mainly by putting her head into the sand. She tried many times to die like this and strangely enough she survived. So she was at the same time psychic, but completely unbalanced. She received a teaching of any kind from the government to become completely unbalanced and unstable, which was very easy to do, and then she was sent to Blavatsky, who didn’t see the trap. As she was lost and alone, dying, Blavatsky gave the power to Alice Bailey. Thus Alice Bailey started to take the teaching of theosophy and to change it into a diabolic, black teaching were every real teaching of spirituality was changed into a dark manipulation. Thanks to the work of Alice Bailey the theosophy died because the ideas that were taught for years were inefficient, stupid, hysterical, pushing everybody to destroy everybody and it was an absolute massacre. During that time of, if we can say so, teaching, Alice Bailey met Shirley MacLaine. Who is Shirley MacLaine? Shirley MacLaine is the incredible little girl who was practicing step-dancing with Fred Astaire. When Fred Astaire died Shirley MacLaine was forgotten. When Shirley MacLaine, adult at that time, met Alice Bailey she found a new inspiration and a new job. She started to learn from Alice Bailey the diabolic, wrong teaching, where every single teaching of Light was manipulated into darkness and she simplified the teaching to make it easier and more attractive. Making a teaching easier and more attractive is changing it into something even darker and this was what was done in the process. Shirley MacLaine went back to America and started to teach this teaching which was the teaching of new age. It started to grow over America, then all over the world. It grew up very quickly because


everything that was presented was selfish, easy, lazy. You could pay your karma by doing something stupid. You just had to meditate somewhere to change everything and if everybody was dying in your country you just had to sit down and to meditate to send positive energy to everyone and you were hyperactive to save the country. So, it was a teaching that was of course extremely attractive, feeding enormously the ego and everybody loved it. Shirley MacLaine has been travelling all over the world and each time that something started (a teaching, an association that was developing into spirituality), Shirley MacLaine was there and was imposing the teaching of new age everywhere; teaching which is, I repeat, the result of the lie of Alice Bailey, the betrayal of Krishnamurti and the business-marketing of Shirley MacLaine. Because everything was allowed to make money and to make people happy and proud, through the different generations the new age teaching got worse and worse, darker and darker. Once you have understood the political story of the new age, you have to know that everything you read today, I mean absolutely everything, is new age, that is to say a dark teaching. If you go to a Yoga session, for 90% or 95% of the Yoga it will be a new age Yoga session. If you go to Taï Chi it will be a new age Taï Chi session. If you go to a meeting about diet, psychology, most of the time it will be new age. This new age, which is a teaching of darkness, is absolutely everywhere. What is terrible in this teaching is that people who are going to the new age are good people. They are unable to communicate correctly with their wife or with their children, or they don’t eat correctly. They don’t sleep correctly. They don’t speak correctly or whatever. Therefore they go to a workshop or another because they want to evolve, to understand, to be a better person. They don’t know that when they start they learn only black stuff, diabolic stuff, which seems to be positive stuff. I will give you a technical example to help you. A karma is a law saying that if I have been acting negatively in my past life about violence, I will meet somebody who is living something very difficult because of violence, and that I will have the possibility to pay back my karma by helping the one who has difficulties with violence. So, this teaching is a teaching of generosity and commitment. Each time I meet somebody who is suffering, who has problems, I should help him because it could be possible that this meeting is part of my karma that I have to pay by helping and protecting people around me. Alice Bailey took that teaching and changed it just a little bit, saying that when somebody is suffering he is living his karma because in the past life he was violent. So you must let him live this experience of violence that he is living today because he has to learn to clean his karma. Therefore, don’t help anybody because by helping somebody you could interfere into the lesson of evolution that somebody is suffering even if he is half-dead. Alice Bailey, taking nearly the same law of reincarnation, changed a teaching of Light and commitment of courage and action into a law of selfishness, of laziness, and of absolute chaos and hate. She did it for absolutely every single teaching. Therefore when you read a book like my book or this file and that you hear of somebody being in contact with the Light you visualize everything that you have been reading about channels, about people being in contact with an angel and a guide and for 99% of what you have been reading it is completely wrong. Worse, it is completely diabolic. So please, please try to experiment the possibility to listen to what I am trying to explain in a very simple way without projecting the image of the angel that you have been reading a little bit every were. I met some psychic people and some of them were interesting but most of them were absolutely diabolic, because not at all psychic, but just a prototype of the new age, believing that they were in contact with an angel that they have been inventing through a very deep and bad schizophrenia.


So please, please don’t project the diabolic image of the new age. I am not at all talking about the image you could project through the dirty and disgusting teaching of the new age. A contact with the Light is to be in a surrounding of energy that you can read and understand. There are many things at the beginning that you cannot read, because you cannot accept. You have to evolve. You have to become more intelligent, to be tolerant and to be humble, to discover how you can influence people. You reach a level where you influence people nearly like a Jedi in the film Star Wars. You can find the presence of somebody who is lost. You can feel his presence. You can feel what you have to say to somebody. You put your hand on the telephone before it is ringing because you know that somebody is calling and you already know who it is. You know what to say to somebody because you feel exactly what he feels. You change your way of sleeping and you learn to sleep less and less, because you have an intense concentration in your way of sleeping, of eating. Your physical abilities are increasing, because you have an intense concentration, a perfect control on your muscles, on your feelings. You learn to hold your breathing for a very long time. You can run better. Because of the terrible illness I had when I was learning with the Light, I was losing my eyesight that was getting worse and worse. I finished through this education not completely blind but very, very limited. In spite of that I was able to give lessons. I was able to run in the forest, to travel and to do expeditions in the rain forest without any problem, because the more I was learning, the more I was able to do stuff that people cannot understand. Some years ago I wrote a book about a teaching with a master and a disciple. In fact a lot of things I have been writing in this book didn’t come from a physical master, but from the Light. But because it didn’t matter who was teaching but what was taught, I wrote a book about the teaching, in order to offer the teaching without saying where it came from. I will not give you here the complete book of course, but to be able to assimilate what the real teaching of the Light is, I will give you some chapters so that you can learn very seriously the real teaching of Light. In that book Michael is learning and Minh is the master. In fact Minh is just a nickname I have been using to represent the Light and I wrote the teaching through a very simple way with a teacher who is teaching to a disciple. We could say that what you going to read here is the beginning of the teaching of the Light and this teaching is very simple but you will understand that you really learn how to run, how to move, how to breathe. All my friends, all my colleges in martial arts from that time, from Tai Chi and everything were asking me “What are you doing? Where do you learn? How do you improve like that?”, and I started to be very well known in everything I was doing because I was classified as a real genius. That is an aspect of the practice. It is not a ghost talking to you about positive ideas, but the Light developing real abilities. Nothing to do with the channel of the new age, but a real Jedi of the present time. If you take somebody who is a channel and that you take off from his live the possibility to be a channel, you say “I don’t believe in your story. I don’t believe that you are in contact with an angel. What have you got special?”. And if you take off the story of the angel, those people have nothing. They are fat, they are tired, they don’t have any concentration, they are sheepish, they are lost, they are stupid. Oh my god, they are so limited. They are exceptional only because they are in contact with an angel. Take off the story of the angel and they have nothing left. So, they use the image of the angel to become special because in fact they are no one.


When you have the possibility to meet somebody who is in contact with the Light, what makes him exceptional is not the fact that he is in contact with the Light, but what he has been learning from the Light. This is why I focus so much on this. Because with the time you will understand through this file everything that I have been learning with the Light, or at least some aspects, you will understand better how one day some very high, important people thought that I could help them because obviously I was presenting abilities, powers and knowledge that they could obviously use to improve their own work; not because I was a crazy psychic with a pendulum, but because of my knowledge, my ability to concentrate, my ability to fight , to control, to feel, to be efficient. Again, in a simple file I cannot give you the complete teaching of the Light, but through some different topics you will have the possibility to meet the Light. Before letting you discover some of those chapters I insist on the fact that the story doesn’t matter. What is important is the teaching of Minh itself that is revealed inside, because it is the teaching of the Light presented in a very, very simple way. It is accessible to everyone, because it was really about the beginning of the teaching. But anyway, what is extremely important is to understand that the main teaching of the Light is to fight the darkness while the main teaching of the new age is to accept the darkness. The teaching of the new age is saying “Don’t link yourself to negative energies. Don’t commit yourself into a difficult situation. If you are positive yourself you will attract to you only positive situations and if you meet a negative one, refuse it. Reject it because it is not your karma”. So the teaching of new age is saying “offer the world to the darkness, to the violence and while the planet is dying of every monstrosity of the world, meditate and express your love and your positive state of mind. As long as your little ass is fine the world will obviously evolve positively, thanks to your angelic help”. No, the teaching of Light is a martial teaching, even if the fight is different, even if the tools are much more subtle, the result is to push away the darkness, to destroy any action of the darkness, to help anybody who is suffering, to understand, to commit yourself, to go and visit, to measure, to calculate, to ask questions, to invoke your guides Colombo and Sherlock Holmes, to be clever. And when your intellectual abilities aren’t enough, you put your hands somewhere and you read, you smell something, you understand, you read the memory of the place and you also make speak people by influencing them by a sort of telepathy. You are different and through a different evolution, everyday you discover more and more the world that is around you. By doing so you are opening your eyes and your ears, and you will discover the darkness that is everywhere. I will give you some examples to help you to understand that the Light is not at all weak, stupid and new age; certainly not. I will show you also some magical films which are, according to me, summing up so well some parts of the teaching of Light. Now we go back into the story of the workshop.

When I saved the life of the daughter of my friend (the colonel in the army), and when he saw how I behaved with the people who saw me being the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, he invited me in an association that was for me at the beginning so weird. I meet colonels and generals from many different countries. The atmosphere was really strange because everything seemed to be mysterious. People were doing their best to hide and most of the time were just using names never any surname and no one was wearing a name somewhere. In a way it was very friendly, but very discrete as well. When I started to meet some people there I discovered that one of my students who was on the same


workshop, where I saved the life of the daughter, was also part of this association. He was a mechanist, a genius. He could repair anything. He was absolutely incredible. With him especially I became very friend because we had the same temper and we were a little bit outsiders there. I was received there because of my genius in Light and psychic abilities and he was there working before me because he was a genius in mechanic and he was used very often to repair, to analyze, to understand how some stuff could be working. They started with me very soft, asking me to find some people who had disappeared and to help some others. It was very positive, very magical. I had the power to help and the ability to do what some other couldn’t do. Instead of being alone like in the past I had an army behind me and we could use a lot of electronic stuff to find as well some information. Therefore I was opening a door because of what I could discover with my abilities, and as soon as we started we could use the electronic to be able to discover much more. It was so pleasant to be so powerful and to be working with people extremely intelligent and efficient. The more I was working, the more I discovered that we had access to everything everywhere. I never really found a name. It was like an informal extremely powerful association of people who were obviously trying to fight not to be under the power of America. Even if they were working with them, but it was obvious that in this team they were trying to get information that they weren’t supposed to get, so that they were getting free from the influence and the power of America. Then I started to receive incredible files and incredible demands about some very strange manifestations like flying saucers, moving and flying so quickly that they were breaking the laws of the science. I received reports about the past, asking me my opinion about autopsies of aliens, about contacts. The more I was going, the more I discovered. I have been facing files that you will have a lot of difficulties to accept and to understand. There is a war happening just in front of your nose that no one can see because they control you completely and absolutely. I knew so much about the light, about the abilities that we can develop, and about a life that can be different, but I had no clue at all that the people leading the society, denying everything, were ready to pay me a fortune to work for them, to use the abilities that at the same time they were denying on tv and newspapers, as well as everything they knew and all the money they were investing to get more information and controlling the world in a better way. When I was so much into such incredible files, being invited to fly here or there, to visit this country or that one, getting helicopters, airplanes to visit this or that place, with a financial power that seemed to be unlimited, at the same time I started to be extremely excited because I was where the adventures were happening but at the same time extremely troubled because I was always wondering where does it go? What is the end of this story? What do they know? My friend the mechanist who was very close to me saw how I was involving. One day he told me “Its time for you to know”, and he did something that was preparing the future that you will discover in some files, because one file is opening a new file that is even more incredible. Anyway my friend invited me in a base in a military base in Belgium. There we went to a changing room and we borrowed two suits of colonels. Of cause it was absolutely strictly forbidden, but we did. Dressed like that, because we knew the protocol of hiding names and everything else, we could enter a room which was as big as a gymnasium. It was full of boards everywhere, creating like a maze in the complete room. Every single board and wall was full of pictures of aliens. Not vague pictures as you can see in the newspapers from time to time but very clear pictures of the inside of a ufo taken from an airplane where you could see very clearly the face of aliens and the beginning of the inside of a flying saucer.


I saw pictures of incredible entities; physical entities. The place was highly secured. In fact it was easy for us because we knew the system to enter and to look like colonels, but it was impossible to take one picture. We were put on scales, precise to the last gram and we had to leave with exactly the same gram to make sure that we didn’t take even one picture because the system was subtle enough to measure the weight of one picture. It was strictly forbidden to pie, to drink, or anything that could change for one gram our weight. My friend wanted me to know. He said “in our association you are discovering files and you have do know more. You have to be aware of what is happening because one day you have to be ready to take a decision. I didn’t know what he was talking about. What I knew at least was that I was facing an absolute science fiction story. When I was outside there was no way to talk to people. How could they know about the light? How could they know about what I can do? How could they know about what I was discovering? It was so incredible. The population of the world is so far away to be able to have the slightest idea of what is happening in their world, in front of their nose. Those events are changing their life, the destiny of their planet, the the political decisions. Then my friend was showing me another room with a lot of inventions and he started to tell me that some inventions weren’t coming from our civilization, but from the help of other entities. And when I wanted to know more he started to be a little bit vague and I said “Are you telling me that are some people in contact with aliens and that these aliens are helping our civilization?”. And he told me that he didn’t want to go any further into this conversation for the present time, that I just had to know, to accept, to assimilate, to digest. Years later, I could discover that some machines I saw there were on the market as new stuff. When you are in this situation you start to unmask completely the system. You start to discover that things are happening around you which are so incredible that the classical life looks like a joke. You feel like going to people, climbing the highest mountain and shouting to the world “They are lying to you. You have no idea what’s happening”. But if I were doing that I would be loosing everything and no one wanted to listen. I tried very discreetly with some people to give a beginning of explanation and the answer was always the same “I don’t believe you, I don’t want to know. I am happy like this”. So I had to accept that no one wanted to know. I had to accept that I was part of a strange civilization where we knew and where no one wanted to know. Years later I saw the film Men in Black. Of cause my life wasn’t to this level, but was quiet linked to that kind of stuff. I never saw personally an alien. I saw pictures and incredible files, but I never saw directly an alien. But still I could relate a lot to the story of the men in black. And what was sure is that people didn’t want to know. In the film Men in Black they have the magical red pen where “You are going to watch a red light and you are going to forget everything”. But it is even useless, because people have the red pen inside themselves, inside the national programming. They are programmed so that they cannot accept, listen or remember something incredible that happen. I saw files where people were facing an incredible event. They saw the corps of aliens because of an accident. The witnesses were sent to hospital and after two or three months of treatments they had forgotten absolutely everything. Most of the people don’t want to know. They don’t want to wonder. They don’t want to remember. It would put their life into danger. But what they can not understand is that their life is a complete illusion because the real life, the real adventure is happening somewhere else. And everything that you do in


your social life is a joke and an illusion. No one can know what you can do, your abilities, what is happening around you, in the planet and even out of the planet. Every day I was discovering new files of incredible stuff; visiting some caves, you have no idea; visiting some places where you had a visit for the tourists and a visit for the experts where they were asking you “What is that? How could it be working?”. And there I was completely in the film Men in Black. It is very hard to discover that there is a system where no one has the right to wonder. No one has the strength and the free will to wonder. I discovered a file with more than 10.000 crop circles all over the world. And in spite of this huge quantity, existing since 400 years all over the planet, no one is wondering and has the smallest question. And it is even worse, nearly no one knows the quantity of crop circles all over the world. The control on humanity is absolute. The power to prevent somebody asking the smallest question and saying I want to understand, is absolute. People have been losing their ability to live their life and to enjoy. How is it possible? How is it possible that we face people who are always arguing about their free will, their power to control their life, while everything they do, the national programming and the earth programming that is preventing from asking the smallest question about the reality of the life is so powerful while people are pretending and shouting to be free and to have the free will and an absolute control of there life. They have an absolute control of their life inside the matrix. They look at what they are told to look at. They enjoy dreaming their life inside the matrix. And if you try to unplug them just a little bit they hate you and they are ready to kill you to protect the matrix. That was for me even more science fiction than anything else. I have been visiting some crop circles which were so astonishing. But for me, what was even more astonishing is that some crop circles were by the side of a big road with a lot of cars, thousand each hour, and no one was stopping or wondering what it could be. It was even more science fiction to see that no one was stopping than to see the crop circle itself. I try to talk to you and to give you information very slowly so that you get back the power of wondering and of stopping hanging onto the condition of your country and of your planet, so that you get back the free will to exist and to wonder about stuff which are controlling everything about politics, pollution and decisions of your planet. They stole your life. They stole your planet. They stole the control of your brain. You have been dreaming your life Neo. It’s time for you to wake up. One day you will have to understand that there is a big difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

To be one with the Light is to be a Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones or even Zorro, but certainly not a fat, selfish, weak channel. I can only invite you to forget the lies of the new age and to accept that the real Light has the power to change you into someone completely different with a new destiny. You are going to discover here our conversation with many of you, were you will understand better, how a knight of Light is answering to people. You will be discovering some films, some letters, written by one or two students, some chapters of the book with Minh and so many other things, so that at the end of this file you can understand and define clearly what is a knight of Light, and how he was given the other files, that you will start to discover a little bit in this first one and more precisely in the next ones.


Now that we are advanced enough in the book you are not going to receive chapters anymore but files as myself I was receiving in my work that you will discover very soon in another file. How could I tell you in one chapter what I have been learning from the Light? I think that the best way is to present you your first file. You will be able to read, to check, and if you enjoy, to do some serious research. At the present time they should be very easy. It is just some stuff to listen on the internet, films to watch and so on. Stuff that maybe you have already done, or maybe not. I don’t know your life. What did I learn from the Light? I have been learning its existence and its power. I have been learning the existence of the darkness and its power. I have been learning one of the biggest lie of the society that is to say to be gray. “Don’t take position, because if you take position you link yourself to bad energies”. Of course it’s a complete lie. You must take position. You must be with the Light, or you chose to be with the darkness, but there is no half position. I know that everywhere you can read this paradoxical sentence “If you want to be a clear person, be gray”. Through the image of the catholic system, the Light taught me the following thing: there is the tree of the badness and goodness and it is a teaching. Why is it the same tree? Because the darkness is made of badness and goodness. The goodness we are talking about is the gray position of the socalled teachings that you can read everywhere. The other three is the tree of the eternal life. With that tree there is only Light and no negotiation of any kind with the darkness or grayness. So now my work in this file is to try to show you through films and explanations what the Light taught me for years. I will present as well the darkness of this world. I will also, of course, answer the mails I received regarding the other chapters. Thank you. Enjoy this file and please let me know if you agree, disagree, if you understood or not, and how your life is related in a way or another to what I’m presenting here. Thank you for sharing and reacting.

Since our last chapter the situation has been evolving positively. We aren’t crowded enough on our “Project Morpheus”, but it’s much better. We are now around 500 people being active on this list. Therefore, you will see as well that we have much more mails from all over the world. Still I would say that to be able to do something positive with enough people being aware we need more people. I can only encourage you to invite your friends who would potentially be able to receive a bit this knowledge. The more we are, the best it is.

We are trying to spread a knowledge that could be very powerful to change so many things in your private life and maybe in the world. I can only invite you to remember always that what I’m writing here doesn’t belong to me or to you but to the complete world. Now, I will go to the mails, knowing that we have different chapters to which you answer, so it’s not always absolutely clear on this aspect. The more we will go forwards, the more it will get clearer on our dialogue, as for me it’s very important that everyone is part of this story.


Let’s start.

From J. from … (?) (next time please let me know about your country, thanks) Dear Morpheus, Thanks for the first chapter. I say yes to the project Morpheus. You write very interestingly and wisely, but do not know how many people are able to understand - the people life they live general in consumer. I cross my fingers and I look forward to continuing. J.: -) My answer Thank you for this positive letter. I hope that enough people will be able to understand. It’s time, it’s now or never. We have seen that even the programs of computers and of humans are in place to refuse any real communication, but you see, some of you are there and we will make it!! Some of you are honest enough to be open in spite of the orders of the world to be afraid and closed. With the knowledge you’ll get through this story that we are all going to live together I really believe that things will change. I’m afraid I won’t be there to see it, but if before dying I know that I did it before going somewhere else, it’s not so bad, indeed. Then, it will be your responsibility to know what you can do with this. I’ll do my best to give you some clues, and then before I die everything will change.

From Lina from Lithuania Perfect! I see you have achieved what I'm trying to achieve now. I thought a person needs a lot of years of practice to experience the truth as it is. It is amazing you are writing about it just right at the moment when I am searching for the truth! I am still struggling though, I mean, with the knowing that is supposed to be inside me. Do you have, by any chance, any more suggestions how to access that more quickly? My thirst is strong for it as I cannot stand lies anymore. I like to read things about all these matters but it seems that everyone says different things about the same questions! I don't know what to believe anymore and I hope your book will reveal the truth as it really is. My answer Well my friend, truth is the key, but you have always to bear in mind that money is there as well. This little thing is changing everything. The people who tell you that they can teach you something want most of the time money. Eliminate anyone who is asking for money, and you’ll see that they aren’t much left, are they? The truth is not only in you. It goes much further because a lot of people didn’t want you or any other one to discover the truth. It’s an aspect that you cannot take under consideration because you are honest and you cannot believe that since the beginning you have been living in a matrix of manipulation that is so dark and wrong that you would have to be a genius to find the truth by yourself. Today some people extremely able have been looking after everything to make sure that no one finds the truth. It’s time to know and to be able to do something. If what I’m going to give you here is not working, reject it! The real knowledge can; all the rest is wind.


In the meantime, sweat a lot and develop your fitness, your will and your courage. I can assure you that you won’t be losing your time

Maria Laura from Argentina Hello Morpheus : I have just finished the reading of the file you sent to me , there are some things on which I can say I coincide with you , I have always seek for true , real love in my relationships with my friends , sadly I can tell you I'm still looking for that true , unconditional friendship , of course , I know that we are living in what we call "the rat race " , in my country Argentina , everybody seems to live in his own world of rushing from one place to another , in search of money , social position . power , with the result that life goes by, day after day without even noticing it . I have been searching the truth, I think, all my life, I'm a catholic, religion for me it's a means of acquiring spiritual growth, although I know none of the present religions have All the Truth , only part of it , it's what my heart tells me , but I'm a seeker , I've read books about different sort of authors , all about spirituality , some of them are very interesting like Paulo Coehlo, Deepak Chopra, even Brian Weiss, as you see , they are not necessarily Catholics , but I go to mass , because I feel the need to dedicate a time to honour God , the God of my heart . I also engaged into Yoga, and a little of Tai Chi Chuan some years ago, of course you surely know, without any doubt, a lot more about these disciplines than me. But I reached a point in my life where I have the urgent need to live a meaningful life , to follow the guide of my soul and to engage in real friendship relationships , I always try to give the best of me and understand others people's need , sometimes it's hard to realize that on the level of consciousness , ego rules relationships , society imposes its rules and you end singing that song by Marilyn Manson SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF THIS WHO AM I TO DISAGREE I TRAVEL THE WORLD AND THE SEVEN SEAS EVERYBODY IT´S LOOKING FOR SOMETHING SOME OF THEM WANT TO ABUSE YOU SOME OF THEM WANT TO BE ABUSE SOME OF THEM WANT TO USE YOU SOME OF THEM WANT TO USE BY YOU » letras traducidas al español SWEET DREAMS... SOME OF THEM WANT TO HURT YOU SOME OF THEM WANT TO HURT BY YOU SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF THIS WHO AM I TO DISAGREE I TRAVEL THE WORLD AND THE SEVEN SEAS EVERYBODY IT´S LOOKING FOR SOMETHING.


Well Morpheus, this is what I wanted to write after I read your file, maybe you won't get many mails from me if I don't have something important to comment about the book . I like it and I'm curious about how the story goes on. Sorry for my mistakes, I'm not an English native , my language is Spanish but I find it challenging to express myself in English rather than in my mother tongue . Take care Morpheus ! Best regards. Maria Laura

My answer You managed pretty well in English, you don’t have to worry. Yes, love is a big problem but then, how could it be the solution? It is! But then, how is it possible? Love is the strongest power of the world and some people know this law perfectly well and take this with the greatest attention. That’s why they have been creating laws of love which makes this strength absolutely powerless. The comprehension of love in our world cannot make this strength being used and it’s logical because every rule existing on this planet was done to make this miraculous power powerless. If you follow the rules of this world to love, it won’t be working because they were done to neutralize this fantastic power. Some masters of the world are afraid of this force, that’s why they do everything to ill this power and this is why I will do my best to reveal to everyone the elements of the real love. I would like by the way to inform anyone who would like to kill me that if I die, everything is already organized so that my death will not stop that book. I’m not afraid because I knew the darkest place of the world and I survived, because I LOVE. I’m happy Maria Laura to have you with us.

From Tormod from … (?) (next time please let me know about your country, thanks) Here is a little dialogue I had. I am a part of Morpheus! I can’t wait to hear what you have to say! Brother, Tormod Quote: -Hello, Thank you for your interest in Project Morpheus. You are now part of the mailing list and you will receive very soon the introduction and the first chapters that are now ready for issuance. I’m looking forward our collaboration in the achievement of our project. Morpheus -I work at a printing press. so If you would like any of your writing in paperform, just mail it to me and i'll see what i can do with it! I make phamplets, brochures, posters, spiral- books and softcover books. -Very kind of you Tormod, thank you for your offer. At the present time my work in mainly on the internet but in the future... Let's see, Thank you. Morpheus My answer It’s so good to see people of good will intending to offer whatever they can for the truth. Thank you, but I want all of you to know that what you are going to read is going to be terrible for you even if


afterwards it will lead to the Light. Please remember Neo in Matrix, he refused the truth before being free and I can assure you that the secret of Matrix is a walk in the park compared to what you are going to discover here in a little while. So please my friends, develop your strength, you will need it but you’ll see, it’s worth it, indeed. They wanted you to be ignorant and I’ll give you the power to wake up and face the terrible truth so you can choose at last your destiny to Light or darkness. I can only open the door. You are the one who must walk. Like me, you’ll discover one day that there is a huge difference between knowing the path and walking the path. As you write and exist, you are active, you exist and you are walking the path.

From Jess from Germany. Morpheus, this already is absolutely incredible. I am so proud to learn from you. Jess My answer Jess is a member of “Project Morpheus” and I’m very proud of my friends who are acting in this project. Jess is so pure and so honest. He loves to laugh and I would like here to give you just a little joke I received from him and I found so cool. I can’t resist sharing with you his story. 5 Catholics Four Catholic men and a Catholic woman were having coffee in St. Peter’s Square, Rome. The first Catholic man tells his friends, "My son is a priest, when he walks into a room, everyone calls him 'Father'." The second Catholic man chirps, "My son is a Bishop. When he walks into a room people call him 'Your Grace'." The third Catholic gent says, "My son is a Cardinal. When he enters a room everyone bows their head and says 'Your Eminence'." The fourth Catholic man says very proudly, "My son is the Pope. When he walks into a room people call him 'Your Holiness'." Since the lone Catholic woman was sipping her coffee in silence, the four men give her a subtle, "Well....?" She proudly replies, "I have a daughter, slim, tall, 38D breast, 24" waist and 34" hips. When she walks into a room, people say, "My God!" We all work hard but we love each other and we love to laugh as well. I hope you have a good sense of humor, because you might need it in a little while, you know. I am aware that Jess’ story has nothing to do with what we are going to present, but still you can discover a little bit the atmosphere in which we work.

From Edson from Bresil Morpheus entende que os sistemas originários da criação humana leva-nos a


compreender o caos, ele mais do que isso sabe que ao encontrar-mos o vazio dos mares e a cor cinza da poluição em São paulo, logo aqui na America do Sul onde tudo gira em torno do lugar donde veio o proprio morpheus o primeiro mundo, que se ele pudesse entender o interior egoista das cortes o seu segredo já estaria a muito tempo desvendado. Contudo ele certo de que há uma saída, prefere explicar a nós estranhos e delicados nobres de orientação secular que na verdade sendo ele proprio precursor daquela orientação primeira, a terra pode se tornar o paraiso dos menos ricos, e o que é mais intrigante em todo o segredo é que sem ironia morpheus declina para a embriaguez das palavras sem sucesso que fora da midia não valem dinheiro. Ele discorre com clareza de proposito sobre uma problematica situação de miseria que alcança setores diversos de nossa sociedade de tal maneira que os atrativos de nosso ambiente permanecem os mesmos...Lucros, Fortuna, Poder. Nosso morpheus é dinamico e percorre os quatro cantos do planeta, ele enriquece sua viagem por um sonho de conquista em um ambiente adverso a solidariedade. Ontem ele esteve em um campo de refugiados na tailandia ou na fronteira do antigo camboja, notou ele que sua guerra por uma visão mais consumista que alcançasse a todos pode prescrever e assim orientar com sabedoria morbida o interesse da maioria absoluta dos viventes ricos ou não que insistem que o poder sobre os demais é o caminho mais sábio para a gloria da minoria que confortavelmente controla as riquesas e ou recursos do planeta. This is an idea about dreams, survey or models that provide earth population and your doctors. My answer Hello Edson, I am not very good in Portuguese, but usually I can translate without any problem. In your case I couldn’t. You have no punctuations and your mind seems hyperactive and a little bit chaotic, so if you are good enough to write something clear it will be my pleasure to answer to your letter. Morpheus

From Peter from … (?) (please let me know your country next time. Thanks.) Thanks//. read it/ we are of ilk and friends thank you My answer Then you are e knight for humanity. Thank you to be there because the world needs help. Peace knight for humanity.

From Belleza from Germany Hello Morpheus, I am looking forward to the next chapter of your project. So far, I agree with your criticism of our current state in the world and I am interested in getting to know more about your life and your experiences. However, I find it difficult to understand what you actually want to tell us and therefore I would appreciate another


chapter of your work. A friend of mine just let me know that he received the second chapter as well, so I hope I don't have to wait very long until I can read it myself. All the best My answer I know that you received the chapter in the meantime, and with a little bit more of information you’ll understand everything. You know, it’s always a bit difficult when we work with a lot of people because for some we go too quickly or too slowly. I will do my best to keep a good intense rhythm knowing that what you are going to discover here will be so hard for you to digest. Wait a bit, and later on, you’ll tell me that it was finally too quick.

From Valeska from Brazil. Hello Morpheus ... and your journey Do you know it will be easy to call you as soon as u give us more information about your life. Don’t you ´{ Do you want to receive a call { Youngest master shaolin from our country ( Germany) wrote a book with your phone number in 1990 . You are giving nice clues . Well, about the project it is very interesting indeed. I read the Introduction and Chapter 1 . Some1 is opening the story of your life fearless . Confessing secrets of your soul ......really great But I didn’t understand what I am supposed to do in this Project . I’m ready to write anything and also I don’t like limits. Am I Some1 of your 108 Shaolin warriors around the world? And why ...anyway .... I don’t know much about Shaolin , I’ve practiced Kick Boxing and I Love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. But it’s all I know about Martial Arts. I read a lot about many different subjects in my life More than that I have seen , as doctor in a poor country , so many true stories ..... I prefer to talk about the people who (not just survived) but who are truly winners , who put themselves up level against all odds. Anything is possible, everything is possible and it’s the greatest miracle in life Im gonna keep on reading your book . Chapter 2 tonight! But I Still don’t know what do you want for me . Anyway ...I’m here for the JOURNEY ABRACO ( HUG) do BRASIL Valeska Berardo ( IARA ) My answer What I would like from you is that you exist and that you react when you’ll start to understand where I’m going. I’m sure that you’ll be able to follow when I go in a dangerous land, we’ll see… I have also a


2nd dan in Brazilian Judo or the correspondence but I have also a 3rd dan in Nin-jutsu. So you see I give you even more information but I’m invisible. No one will find me until I want to be found. If I’m still alife, one day, maybe we’ll meet. I have also a quite high level in Capouera. I know for some of you, it’s too much, but I’m a talented and a very active guy. I never sleep.

From Tim from Germany I'm a 22 year old guy who grew up in eastern Germany, you can call me Tim. I can relate to your experiences, especially to the reaction of people on death and on the behaviour of the people that seems so often so completely contradictionary. My grandmother for instance, she is still living in the same village where my mother grew up. When my grandfather died, my grandmother was very sad, of course, but her sorrow didn't prevent her from going out to buy her food, meet friends and so on. What one should expect from neighbors and friends should be a help, a try to fill the life of my grandmother with joy again and to take care of her so that she is prevented from falling into a depression or so but the opposite did happen. Only a tiny number of people was behaving in the expected way, everybody else was just trying to avoid conversations, fleeing on the streets, hiding behind racks in the supermarkets or talking with a deeply sad and weepy face as if it was their husband who passed away. It was my grandmother who lost the person she was spending more than 40 years of intimacy with who was teaching strength and happiness and the appreciation of life to the people around her. When my dad and me are talking about my way of life and about my future, something that is happening every second time me meet, I can observe a very sad fact each time. Even though he grew up in the GDR and through that experience, is able to see all the major defaults of our modern society of capitalism and therefore is able to tell me what kind of actions of the people would be needed to change our society radically in the positive way, even though he says that he wants to life differently and change something radically in his life so that he is able to really life before being to old for that, finally he isn't able to change anything. When I ask him about that, he always argues with his fear and negative experiences. He doesn't believe in himself anymore. Why? Because he was following the typical way of life, hoping that with an own house, his own family living there and a good salary he would be happy for the rest of his life. He has never been part of the political resistance because his parents always had money problems and so he was pushed to reach a higher level in a social system, where work and obedience were the holy duties. And everybody who didn't agree with them was punished, sent to jail or pushed to leave the country. As he wanted to stay with his family and his friends, of course he stayed quiet. And like that he agreed with the GDR-system and stayed a sheep that follows the butcher. Because he never really stood up against the system in spite of his heart that was shouting to him to do so, he became completely used to obedience and lost the capacity to change something. And all his knowledge, his cleverness, his good will, his excellent observation of what


is going wrong on this planet lead him nowhere. But they are a perfect support at his work for an administration office, which belongs to the capitalistic state about which he says that he doesn't agree with at all. But finally he does. And I do not want to end up like him, I want to apply what I know because I learned from my family that non-reaction on a system that is violating love and freedom every day of my life will only lead me to frustration, pessimism, obedience, the negation of what my heart is telling me. But I know, that I am not alone with this kind of experience because it is not only among my parents, my family, my friends and in myself but everywhere around me that I have to notice that most of the time we all follow the system. After demonstrating on the streets we go back to a work of 20 to 40hours a week for money that we think we need in order to survive and to life. Money we finally use to consume, to buy computers, cars, mobile phones, dvds, musical instruments, books etc. Until we wake up again for some hours or days when we speak and act against the system we dislike. There is nobody in my surrounding who would agree in a discussion with this system but with their actions, everybody is showing the opposite, me included. And I do not understand that. I'm wondering why it is like that. Why aren't we able to follow the voice of our heart? Why is it that we all get fucked by a system that we all disagree with? How can we forget about the disastrous situation of our planet? I couldn't find an answer on that. Until now, everybody who was telling me how to create a better world finally was more following than resisting so that I deeply doubt their words when they do not lead them to a freedom of actions. You know, in my childhood and youth and even now I'm quite lazy and I had and have always a lot of problems to reach even the small goals of my everyday life like repairing my bicycle, going to the dentist and so on. So Morpheus, you seem to have acted in a very different way than I do, even when you were younger than I am now. You seem to have committed yourself in what you were doing, something I still need to learn and that is also a behavior I find rarely in my surrounding. That's why I'm interested in how your story goes on, maybe you can answer why we aren't able to listen or to follow the voice of our hearts? My answer Well everything is controlled because some people as I said above need you to be only slaves dreaming their lives. In this dreams can be also the dream of freedom. As long as you dream, you disturb no one. This is why you cannot organize yourself clearly. It is part of the program. Now, you should ask to yourself the other questions, i.e. “Why are dark people able to achieve what they want?” because it’s part of the program. You’ve been taught that Jesus Christ, Buddha or Lao Tseu were weak people always sitting somewhere to meditate. Wrong!! They were very active people full of courage. Every time that Jesus was talking some people were looking for him because they wanted to kill him but they couldn’t and in spite of this he went on talking to people. Is it the behavior of someone weak? No, certainly not! Then have you been learning that to be a good Christian you must be afraid of the inquisition? Don’t ever accept the tortures; don’t ever accept the fear in your life. Be always


proud of your deeds and be always ready to meet the death and the Light because you are in peace with your life!!!

From Grey from England. Hello. I am Grey, from England. First of all I would like to say thank you for sharing with us so far, I have found the current three chapters very interesting to read. I would like to refer my friend Jack to you, he has similar perspectives to me and I think he would enjoy to read what you have to say. I have a little feedback or comments or whatever you would call them so far, not a great deal yet as I am getting into the 'flow' of the project. First of all I do agree with your idea of National Programming, additionally to a more overarching theme of global programming, where it seems that the general populace are being encouraged or even manipulated to think in predictable and controllable patterns, to achieve predictable outcomes to various situations and even to spend money or react in a controllable manner. In fact, my friend Jack is in a musical band with me, and this is one of the central themes of our lyrics and song concepts. As for your idea of the current life being like a dream, I often feel this way. I hold a regular job, working predictable hours for a set wage (I work in healthcare)and I feel every day that I am stumbling through my life because I am trapped by the national social and economic programming which makes it difficult to survive without buying into the system (e.g. trying to live in a tent or a small hut in a field and be self-sufficient would bring fees of taxes, land ownership disputes and potentially legal action resulting in custody). I enjoy to study the martial arts, but even more than this I enjoy music, and would dedicate my life to it if I felt it in any way achievable. In fact my waking hours outside of work are almost all spent on music, aside from my martial arts practice, communication with friends and other minor pursuits. Strangely though, I often find that when I have time to write music, I lack inspiration or focus, as if when I get home from work I am in the cloudy mental state which comes about when one tries to wake up in the wrong stage of the sleep cycle. Finally (for now) similar to your experience with the wind, I felt an interesting and illuminating experience early last year. I was visiting my girlfriend in Mexico, she lives in the city which is very hectic. However we went on a short trip to a tropical region of the country, and deliberately chose an area with minimal tourist interest. There were few shops, little alcohol consumption and rowdiness, and the beaches were simply populated by local people quietly enjoying the beauty of the ocean. We were both lying there relaxing, enjoying the sunshine and the sounds of the ocean and of people enjoying themselves, and I decided to turn onto my front to face the sand. In that moment, I acutely felt the force of gravity acting on me, but in a way which suggested the Earth was reaching out and embracing me, holding me close to itself in a nurturing fashion. I suddenly


felt as part of the entire planet, I felt connected, and protected. In that moment, my soul felt at peace, and I felt happy. I did not care that I did not have a lot of money, that our apartment was fairly small with minimal conveniences, or even about the battered, uneven and primitive town surroundings. I simply felt peaceful, contented, happy and part of a much bigger entity than myself. When I stood to move on, I felt a strange sensation of weight in myself, not heavy in any way, nor difficult to move, but I felt grounded. Much like drawing energy from the earth in a breath of Chi Kong, but more like a permanent and constant connection. It is also worth noting that I was suffering from traveller's diarrhoea for the journey, but after this experience I was afforded a couple of days' respite and was much healthier for a time. Well, that is all I have to contribute at the moment, save to say that you mentioned your name in the final paragraph of Page 14. You may have chosen to do this, but I recall you explaining that you wished to remain as simply 'Morpheus' so I thought I would point it out just in case. Thank you again for your gift of this project. Grey My answer Hello my friend, We are very rich inside and everything is done to prevent to teach this treasure. Sometimes it happens that with accumulation of events the door is opening for a short while. It shouldn’t be like this and if all this securities weren’t there we could have access to what we really are very easily but if it was like this, we wouldn’t be any more under control. The power is applied on us with an incredible knowledge, done with such knowledge that everyone is the highly motivated guardian of our own jail. In the film Matrix, what Morpheus is teaching to Neo is true, i.e. everyone loves the system and is so dependant of the system that they are ready to fight very hard to protect their personality which is in fact only a tool to protect the system that is controlling us. It’s where I’m waiting for the war even on the project Morpheus because most of the people there will fight very hard to say “I’m not programmed, I’m a free being and I have decided to choose what I have in my life”. Oh yes, then how is it that you are you all so sad and frustrated and so controlled. I remember when I was working for some very important countries; they were obliged to give some money to a certain category of people in a certain country. They were just joking saying “It doesn’t matter, we have been already calculating, the money will be back in three days on 95% through electronics because we know that as soon as they have money this population will need to invest in electronics”. As they knew that a big wave was coming, some of them were using this money given to a certain level of people to invest in advance in electronics. But you know what, everyone of those poor victims was sure to have decided to buy something electronic with their free will. Three days later was back exactly 95% of this money!!! Cool about music, I’m also a musician I play flute and tin whistle and very soon you’ll discover a lot about music in my story. About my other name, don’t worry, yes it was a mistake from those who are writing the book with me, but it doesn’t matter. Some of them started to panic and send back a chapter with the name Idji hidden, which is a complete mistake as Idji is just a nickname from the past. It doesn’t change


anything at all. Infect in my life I give a lot the habit of a new nickname for each new country, like this when somebody was contacting me with the name he was using to call me I knew already were he was coming from. Idji was my first nickname, but I have had so many. You have to know that I’m Italian and I grew up in Milano, then I moved to England where I did my high studies and where now I have a house in Kettering. In fact I left now Switzerland and I’m back in my house, but I’m traveling so much that no one can know where I am. You mustn’t forget that when you receive my work it’s a long time after I did it which means that when you read where I am, I’m already somewhere else. When I was young I used to love the films with Louis de Funes from France and because of this as I was joking with my friends with his style, everybody in Milano was calling me Luidgi, then Dji-Dji, then Idji. So it doesn’t matter, it’s the nick name of a nick name of a nickname. Therefore I should be able to survive, but it’s very kind of you to let me know. I wasn’t very happy with my team to say the least, but this mistake is without any consequences. It has nothing to do with my real name. Don’t worry; I know how to create a fog of mystery around me so that I can survive. That’s why I can give you some very clear information and on the other hand I’ll stay sometimes very discret on some other things as for instance I will never tell you for whom I worked because it would be a signature and my immediate death at the present time. It is possible that when enough people know, I will maybe even give my real name so that the Project Morpheus can protect my life or at least the work I’m trying to organize for the freedom of this planet. Anyway this will be for later on. Thank you for your care and your gentleness. Before leaving, Grey I’d like to say also something about health. Let’s imagine that I’m a genius in chemistry and that I can invent a tablet of the value of one euro to stop with just one tablet any cancer or aids. What would happen in the world? It would be a world trade market crash. Three days later, or maximum one week later, we won’t have any more electricity or tap water. The cancer is not good for you. The aids is not good for you, but it’s good for the world and the trade market. Our society needs illnesses to be healthy. How is it possible that our society was evolving in such a way? It will be part as well of what I’ll be giving later on. When I say that it would be a world trade market crash it’s because we need the money of these illnesses. Let’s take the diabetes. We have over 200 million of diabetics in the world and each of them is spending an average of 300 € a month. That makes € a month for their health. Do you really think that the world can make do without this huge quantity of money? OK, that’s all for Grey, of course your friend is welcome in our Project Morpheus.


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