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Weight Bearing CT
Imaging for Foot & Ankle pedCAT™ is the in-office solution for advanced diagnostic imaging requirements of foot and ankle surgeons.
Greater Information – Optimized Treatment
Capture 3D Volume to add a new dimension to diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment planning.
Reveal indications under true physiologic weight bearing loads without bony superimpositions and plan with greater accuracy.

 Preoperative Planning  Diagnose, Confirm or Rule Out Fractures  Evaluate Subluxations & Dislocations  Evaluate Arthritic Joints  Early Detection of Osteomyelitis


your patient in 68 seconds or less
TREATMENT PLAN with intuitive yet powerful visualization software. Review data in multiple slice planes: axial, coronal, sagittal; and 3D renderings. Make distance and angle measurements. COMMUNICATE via 3D visualization with the patient for greater plan acceptance. Put advanced imaging technology to work for you.

CAPTURE RELEVANT DIAGNOSTIC INFORMATION NOT SEEN IN PLAIN FILM X-RAYS: Cone Beam CT provides 3D volumetric data with undistorted and unobstructed anatomical details. POINT-OF-CARE: Compact design facilitating in-office accessibility. PROVEN TECHNOLOGY: Cone Beam CT Imaging has revolutionized treatment paths in Dental and ENT practices in the past 10 years, and is now being adapted by the foot and ankle community.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 3D Imaging Volume Resolution Procedure time Max exposure time Tube voltage Tube current Image detector Gray scale Dimensions Weight Power Requirements 20cm (h) x 35cm (diameter) and smaller 0.3 mm, 0.35 mm voxel sizes 19-68 seconds 9 seconds 100 -120 kVp 3-5 mA Amorphous silicon flat panel 14 bit 4ft (h) x 4ft (w) x 5ft (depth) 400 lbs 1500VA

Clinical Cases
Assess bone quality as indicated by the presence or absence of bone cysts. Scroll through image slices to thoroughly evaluate the size and location of pathology. Diagnose, confirm or rule out fractures with greater precision. Clearly identify the relationship between the fracture and adjacent joints.

Fractured Navicular, axial slice Bone cyst, sagittal slice Bone cysts, axial slice

Bone cyst, sagittal slice

Bone cysts, coronal slice

Fractured Navicular, sagittal slice

Fractured Navicular, 3D rendering

Confirm the suspicion of early bone erosion or lysis consistent with the diagnosis of osteomyelitis.

Preoperatively plan calcaneal medial displacement osteotomy utilizing true weight bearing CT data.

Evaluate subluxations and dislocations.

Midfoot fracture-dislocation, axial slice

Early detection osteomyelitis, axial slice

Planning calcaneal medial displacement osteotomy, 3D rendering, axial, sagittal and coronal slices

Midfoot fracture-dislocation, sagittal slice

Midfoot dislocation, 3D rendering

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