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Melanie, Ken & Keller Williams Real Estate have sold over 800+ homes last year, yours could be next!

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Thanks for agreeing to hear our innovative approach to getting homes sold. We’re truly honored and can’t wait to meet you! Ken & Melanie
Prior to us getting together, please fill out this questionnaire so that our time is spent wisely. 1. What items will stay with the house? i.e. appliances, draperies, etc. _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 2. Is there anything that will not remain after the sale that you want buyers to be aware of? i.e. chandeliers, wall fixtures, etc. ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 3. Mortgage Information to obtain pay-off: Name of company(s): __________________________________________ Account Number(s): ___________________________________________ 4. Any additional liens? ___________________________________________ 5. How did you hear about MB Home Sales? Please choose: I’m a past client. I was referred by a past client: _________________ I’ve heard of your abilities to get homes sold. ______________told me to call you. I was contacted by Ken, Melanie or one of their team members. Advertisement: ____________________ publication. I found MB Home Sales via the Internet. I met the team at an event: __________________________. I was listed before and my “old” agent referred me to them this time. I was referred by an agent out of the area. I attended an MB Home Sales Home Selling &/or Home Buying seminar. I called the 866# Voice Response System. Direct Mail marketing piece. i.e. Just Listed, Just Sold. Open House at ____________________________________. I personally know Ken, Melanie or one of their team members. 6. The most important qualities I am looking for in my listing agent are: _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 7. Is there any reason that you cannot list your home with Ken and Melanie at the appointment? YES NO If yes, please explain: _______________________
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How to Interview Real Estate Agents 20 specific questions you should ask

Sales Home

5 Factors That Cause Properties NOT to Sell What is it in this market that could hurt your sale? Functionary versus Fiduciary Agent What type of Agent are you looking for? Discover The Benefits of a Team Why you should use a team versus a single real estate agent Our Performance Campaign What we do to sell your home quickly and for top dollar Testimonials from Clients The words of our buyers and sellers NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers How buyers find their home How Timing Affects Your Sale The importance of selling price versus timing MB Home Sales Love Us or Leave Us Guarantees Not happy? You can fire us at any time Common Concerns from Sellers How Melanie and Ken handle them Internet Exposure and Your Home View the MANY ways we expose your home on the Web Questions to be reviewed at our meeting Making our appointment more productive Staging Tips to Sell Your Home FAST From curb appeal to an actual showing
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A Seller’s Guide to interviewing a real estate agent to sell your property
There are thousands of real estate licensees in our area. Choosing the right agent for your home can be confusing. It is especially difficult when you speak with several different agents, and they all seem so convincing. There is a way… to determine who is the most likely to succeed in getting your price and terms. The key is knowing the right questions to ask. This is particularly important now, as homes are selling more slowly. The following list provides you with the questions to ask your prospective real estate agent. The list will not only help you select the right Realtor®, but also get you the very best from the one you choose…

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1. How long have you been selling real estate? 2. How much are you willing to spend on marketing my home and your business monthly? 3. Are you going to advertise my home in various publications for maximum exposure to the market? If so, how many? 4. Are you on the Internet exposing my property to millions of buyers instantly with virtual tours? 5. Does each listing of yours have its own web address for maximum exposure? 6. Do you provide a written report to your sellers detailing your weekly activities? 7. Do you have a personal staff/team to help with details and to get my home marketed and sold? 8. How many hours per day do you prospect to find a buyer for my home? 9.Do you use any “easy exit” listing agreement? 10.Do you have a “Love it or Leave it” guarantee to attract potential buyers to my home? 11.Do you use an Interactive Voice Response system so that my home is marketed 24 hours a day, with a telemarketing team to follow up? 12.Do you have references that I may call? 13.What new strategies have you been using to get homes sold fast in today’s market? 14.Does your office participate in a Buyer/Seller match to get in-house listings sold faster? 15.What was the last training event that you attended? 16.Are you familiar with the Short Sale process? How many have you personally negotiated? 17.How many websites are you (and my home) affiliated with? What type of web presence do you personally have? 18.Do you have a flexible commission plan? Please explain it. 19. Do you have a network of agents that you can refer clients too?

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5 factors that cause properties not to sell
1. Location. Over history, it's been said the three things to look for in buying a property are (1) Location,
(2) Location, and (3) Location. There are positive and negative factors to almost every location. Let's pretend your property is right next door to a fire station. You need the kind of marketing professional who can sell the benefits of not having to worry about your new home burning down, or perhaps the savings on fire insurance. Seriously, no matter where your property may be located, there is a ready, willing, and able buyer in the marketplace. You just have to be creative and sell the benefits.

2. Condition. Making a good first impression is important in getting a property sold. Painting the front
door and trim, making sure the doorbell works, putting furniture and clothing in storage, and cleaning off counter tops are just a few of the little things we suggest to our customers and clients to make properties more marketable. We would be more than happy to provide you with a Merchandising Review, free of charge. A Merchandising Review is a list of 18 Factors that cause properties to sell. We spend the extra time necessary with every client to ensure that all the little details are taken care of. It's that attention to detail that sets us apart and enables us to get properties sold.

3. Price. How quickly you want to sell has a direct relationship with the price. A very important statistic to
consider in order to properly price your property, is the percentage of selling price compared to the listing price. This gives you a realistic guideline as to what's really happening in the marketplace. It may not be what you want to hear. However, for an honest price analysis of your property, call us and we will share with you the price we honestly expect you to receive in today's real estate market.

4. Terms. Are you flexible as to possession dates? Many times serious buyers who are relocating to an
area only look at those properties which are available for immediate possession. Being willing to assist the buyer with financing? Sometimes a seller who is willing to assist with financing will help a property to sell. Are you buying another property? If you are willing to consider trading part or all of your equity for another property, makes your property more attractive in the marketplace. Call us directly for a complete analysis of all the terms you could offer to make your property more marketable.

5. The Agent and Company You Select. We pride ourselves on selling properties which other
agents couldn't sell. We understand the frustrations involved when sellers are not able to accomplish their real estate objectives. If you're serious about selling and not just listing your property, call us today. We will give you an honest evaluation of what it is going to take to get your property sold. We will share with you our proven marketing systems which have enabled us to help so many sellers accomplish their real estate objectives!

About Keller Williams Realty Inc. - Founded in 1983, Keller Williams Realty Inc. is the second-largest real estate franchise operation in North America, with more than 700+ offices and more than 77,000 associates in the United States and Canada. The company's agent-centric culture emphasizes access to leading-edge education and promotes an economic model that rewards associates as stakeholders and partners. Keller Williams Realty, which began franchising in 1990, is growing by more than a thousand agents a month. Keller Williams Realty associates place high value on professional education and a full-time commitment to real estate sales. MB Home Sales 215-961-3630

The Difference Between Functionary and Fiduciary
Typical Real Estate Agent MB Home Sales Full Service Consultants

1. Low Relationship 2. Assumes Little Responsibility 3. Uses Low Skill 4. Records Information 5. Responds to Needs 6. Processes Data 7. Narrow Picture Viewpoint 8. Delivers Information 9. Other-Directed 10. Minimum Legal Responsibility 11. Employee 12. Does the Task 13. Tells and Sells 14. Stays Out of Decision Making 15. Follows Rules and Procedures 16. Replaceable

1. High Relationship 2. Accepts High Responsibility 3. Masters High Skill 4. Perceives Information 5. Anticipates Needs 6. Interprets Data 7. Big Picture Viewpoint 8. Advises and Consults 9. Self-Directed 10. Maximum Legal Responsibility 11. Partner 12. Owns the Results 13. Educates and Guides 14. Involved in Decision-Making 15. Uses Judgement and Intuition 16. Irreplaceable

What type of real estate agent are you looking for to represent you in the sale of your home?
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The real estate industry is undergoing a dramatic shift in the way it operates in order to serve its clients better. You see, most real estate agents work all by themselves, trying to chase every detail, and field every request, of what is actually quite a complex and involved process. As a result, most agents complete less than 3 home sales a year Your Needs Must Come First While this is inefficient for the agent, it’s also not beneficial for you, the home seller. You see, selling so few homes a year, makes it difficult for most agents to afford the level and quality of marketing required to properly present your home to prospective buyers. You Inspired Us to Create an Entirely Different System When we started our partnership, MB Home Sales, in 2006, We studied the market to find out what customers really wanted (most want the same thing: they want to sell their home for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time). Looking at the way most real estate agents operated, we realized that this would be very difficult to achieve every time for every customer and that if we were going to provide our clients with consistently superior and predictable service, we would have to operate in a completely different way from the average agent. People Become Experts When They Specialize You don’t have to look very far to find a model for our real estate system, and yet most real estate agents have overlooked the obvious. Think about some of the other service industries that take care of important needs in your life. A hospital, for example, is made up of a whole team of professionals who work together to solve your health care needs. While the doctor provides the expert diagnosis and care, she or he doesn’t prep the patients, to answer the phones or take the x-rays. There are nurses and receptionists and technicians to take care of these other important details, freeing your doctor to focus on getting you as healthy as you can be in the shortest amount of time. In fact, most other businesses have operated this way for years. And when people are allowed to specialize in this manner, they tend to become experts at what they do. Clearly this kind of specialization leads to better service, but how many of you can truly say your last real estate agent handled your home sale with this kind of professional support and expertise?

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Our Team Could Put More Money in Your Pocket Let’s take a look at precisely how our Team operates. For example: -Our Client Care Manager ensures your home receives consistent and breakthrough exposure to prospective buyers, gathers feedback from buyers who have been shown your home, and communicates this information to you on a regular basis, as well as monitors your home’s Activity -Our Director of First Impressions handles the Phones, and greeting of our clients. -Our Buyer Specialists handle all the details of the buying process…from mortgage prequalification to finding the right home to negotiate the sale -Our MCA handles all deposits ensuring proper regulations and safety of all money -Our Transaction Manager ensures that all the sales contract details are taken care of so that you have a hassle-free, smooth settlement We know this system works because of the superior service we’ve been able to provide customers just like you. Not All Teams Are Created Equal Many real estate brokers call themselves a team because they have an assistant working for them, but as you can see, unless they’re operating in exactly the way I’ve described, they’re not really operating as a true team at all. The fact of the matter is that agents with an assistant are still doing most parts of the job all by themselves. It’s easy to see why my team system provides you much better results. Ken, Melanie and MB Home Sales Because our various departments take care of all the necessary, time-consuming details, we’re free to create even better systems and programs to help you sell your home fast and for the most amount of money. Innovative programs such an inside tour of your home on the Internet, and Direct Response Marketing. It also allows us to contact 200 new prospects every week – to find buyers for your listing! In fact our web presences allows your home to be seen by thousands of buyers each week.

MB Home Sales 215-961-3630

Knowledge, experience, & flexibility makes the difference! Choose the team that’s right for you.

The MB Home Sales advantage:
1. A combined 17 years in the real estate business – We didn’t just start yesterday! 2. A minimum of four educational events per year – We’re serious about the business and the ongoing changes that must be made in order to stay on top on our game! 3. We network with the TOP real estate professionals in North America – Masterminds and coaching with the industry’s top salespeople on a weekly basis! 4. Our central location – We sell homes all over the Philadelphia area…meaning more exposure for your home, more relocation buyers, more KW referral clients. 5. A flexible commission plan – we sell it, another agent sells it, or you sell it…we have “menu” pricing! 6. Regional Instructor, by teaching other agents we are always on top of the industry and networking with more agents for possible buyers for your home. Let our advantage work for you! Our team approach works better. We’ll prove it.

MB Home Sales 215-961-3630

Melanie, Ken and MB Home Sales
“Individually we’re good…together we’re awesome!”
Who does what at MB Home Sales office?

Ken Murawski…Listing Specialist/Lead Generator, Pricing
& Negotiation Expert
Ken creates business for the team, seeking buyers and sellers daily. He makes on average 100 new phone contacts per week to match buyers and sellers. He is primarily a seller’s agent, looking out for the interests of the sellers. He is also responsible for leading the team and assisting clients in their home buying and selling experiences and ensuring proper negotiation of all contracts from beginning to end.

Melanie Banks…Listing Specialist/Lead Generator, Pricing and
Marketing Expert
Melanie creates business for the team, seeking buyers and sellers daily. She makes on average 100 new phone contacts per week to match buyers and sellers. She is primarily a seller’s agent, looking out for the interests of the sellers. She is also responsible for leading the team in pricing homes correctly and ensuring all listings receive maximum internet exposure and creative marketing

Dee Oaks & Gerri Sugan…Director of First Impressions and
Call Coordinator
Dee and Gerri track the property’s activity. They greet all of our clients and help in the execution of our contracts. They assist the team in maintaining a service oriented relationship during the listing and pending period and after the sale.

Joyce Walz…Transaction Manager
Joyce handles the “behind the scenes” details from the time a property is listed with the team thru to settlement. She coordinates all tasks needed after a contract has been received and ensures a smooth closing. Joyce assists the team in maintaining a service oriented relationship during the listing and pending period and after the sale.

Becca Reppert…MCA Adminstrator
Becca handles the money and escrow of all properties and ensures compliance with RESPA, and RELRA laws. Becca keeps the office running smoothly.

Deanne Katsaros…Lender Extraordinaire – Greentree Mortgage
Deanne is an experienced loan officer and originator that assists MB Home Sales buyers and sellers with exceptional and unique loan programs specifically designed for MB Home Sales clients.

MB Home Sales 215-961-3630

MB Home Sales ADVANTAGE...
OTHER REALTORS You get one person who tries to do everything. MB Home Sales You get a team who does everything well.

MB Home Sales Other Agents

Experienced– Over 17 years experience closing homes More Cash in Your Pocket– Skilled Negotiators Fast Results– Unique marketing methods to attract more buyers Quick Response– Full time & available for immediate answers Listing Specialist– Focuses on getting the team’s listings sold Call Coordinator– Live person booking your showings not a call center– One of the best sites in Philadelphia to find real estate for sale, tips on buying and selling, and current market stats Transaction Manager– Ensures a hassle free smooth transaction Extensive Internet Presence– Over 40 domains that your listing is connected to, including which features your UPGRADED listing Fully Automated– Computerized updates, feedback & reports on your transaction sent to you via email every two weeks Easy Exit listing contract– You can fire us at any time with NO fee Love it or Leave it Guarantee– To attract potential buyers Top Notch Affiliates– Reputable lenders, title companies, home inspectors and contractors References– Names & Numbers of current and past clients Back Stage Pass– Personal tour of office & systems used Market Interpreter– we study the market daily to keep you informed Longevity– Licensed and selling real estate full time since 1995 Move-Up Program– Designed to help you NET MORE National Referral Network - over 78,000 agents available

√ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √

If you really want results...hire the team that will do the RIGHT JOB for you. Ken Murawski and Melanie Banks…Keller Williams Realty 215-961-3630 Direct Line to Results
MB Home Sales 215-961-3630

Melanie and Ken IN THE NEWS & ON THE AIR
Realtors launch "Hop Off the Fence"
Potential home buyers – it’s time to “Hop Off the Fence in Bucks.” That’s the theme for the Bucks County Association of Realtors’ new campaign to let homeowners and first-time buyers know that the local market situation now presents a great time to buy your first home or make a move up. The BCAR launched its program at a media event today at the Northampton County Club, attended by approximately 75 brokers and members of the media. Melanie Banks, Realtors with Keller Willams’ office in Newtown and chairperson of the BCAR public relations committee, came up with the idea for the campaign. She felt that the gloom and doom national housing statistics didn’t reflect the situation here in Bucks County and were adversely affecting her career. She decided to “step it up,” she said. Jane Forth, at the BCAR office and other Realtors formed a Positive Information Task Force to research ways to develop the initiative. They found that Realtors in Memphis, Tenn., had developed the “Hop off the Fence” program. The Memphis group invited the BCAR to use their initiative.

Why use any other Realtor? When you can use the Realtors directly responsible for the Bucks County Association Of Realtors “Hop Off The Fence In Bucks” public awareness campaign.

Melanie was a featured Realtor on HGTV’s My First Place

Multiple appearances on air discussing real estate and local topics.

Call us at 215-961-3630 if you are serious about getting your home sold...not just listed.
MB Home Sales 215-961-3630

Our objectives are the following:
1) To get as many agents and qualified buyers as possible into your home until it is SOLD! 2) To communicate the results of our activities, in writing, to you. 3) To assist you in getting the highest possible dollar value for your property in the shortest period of time with the least amount of inconvenience to you. 4) To constantly look for the best possible method of exposing your property to potential qualified buyers in the market. 5) To earn your repeat and referral business forever. The following is our “Performance Campaign” for the marketing of your property: 6) Submit your home to the Multiple Listing Service providing the maximum amount of photos and using creative remarks to draw attention to your home versus the competition. 7) Have e-flyers sent alerting the Realtors® that your home is newly available. 8) Preview of your property by our team to take detailed notes, brainstorm and target the potential buyers. 9) Promote your home by networking with other top agents in the area for maximum exposure. 10) Develop a list of features and benefits of your home to distribute to interested buyers. 11) Suggest and advise you as to any initial changes that you might want to make in your property to make it even more marketable to the buyers. 12) Continually update you as to any recent sales and active competition so that you always know the position your property is in, along with a review of the MLS statistics for our area.

MB Home Sales 215-961-3630

13) Door knock a minimum of 200 homes in the surrounding area for maximum exposure to potential buyers, along with emails to everyone in our database 14) Provide additional exposure by installing a professional sign, lock box and brochure magnet. 15) Hold a Broker’s Open for maximum first-time exposure as a NEW LISTING, if necessary. 16) Advertise when necessary using state-of-the-art marketing strategies that targets the right buyers. 17) Pre-qualify all prospective buyers, only allowing reputable lenders. 18) Make you completely aware of all the various methods of financing that your buyer may want to use. 19) Use our innovative Feedback System to follow-up on all showings of your home by other agents. 20) Provide, on an on-going basis, to the cooperating Brokers, a current brochure with features and benefits of your property, and inform them any time a price adjustment or buyer incentive is made. 21) Follow-through with all showings by other Realtors to advise, suggest and assist in producing a written offer as quickly as possible after every showing— including suggesting seller make offers to buyers. 22) Assist you in arranging interim financing, if necessary. 23) Make available our entire staff to you so that any questions or concerns are handled immediately, night or day. 24) Represent you upon the presentation of all contracts by the cooperating Brokers, and help you negotiate the best price and terms for you. 25) Handle details, follow-up, and keep you informed, after the contract has been accepted, and oversee all mortgage, title, and other closing Procedures 26) Prepare Deed pack and handle your closing paperwork 1 week prior to Settlement. You don’t attend settlement! 27)

Wire Transfer of Proceeds into your account At The Closing!

MB Home Sales 215-961-3630

Looking For Results?

1104 Pratt Dr, 1209 Bensalem Blvd 2 Sawtooth Lane 233 Forsythia Dr 2839 Normandy Dr 1492 Revere Rd, 1025 Edgehill Rd, 3133 Brighton Rd, 15 Tall Oaks Lane, 82 Willow Ct, 900 Valley Rd, 2603 Sterling St, 2813 Narcissus 250 S. Hawthorne, 673 Jackson Rd, 6119 Glenloch St, 505 Diamond Drive, 18 Sawmill Lane, 3263 Morrell Ave, 212 Mulberry Dr, 2031 Country Club Drive, Stoudts Ferry Bridge Rd

13030 Richwood Rd, 177 Levering St 3126 Friendship Lane 8408 Large St 3133 Byberry Rd, 31023 Bennett Place, 819 Strahle St 20018 Beacon Hill, 424 Brandywine Dr, 227 Parkview Dr 24 Heather Court 238 W Virginia Ave 15 Alberts Court 12520 Chilton Rd 4417 Sunflower Ct 37 Sherwood Ct, NJ 5903 Spruce Mill, 8608 Spruce Mill, 6806 Spruce Mill Drive, 11 Windsor Dr, 3019 Knorr St

And many more happy sellers and buyers…….

MB Home Sales 215-961-3630

The Customer Is Always Right!

What other agents think….

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Ken and Melanie Deliver Satisfaction Guaranteed
100% Satisfaction or Your Listing Back!
That's right. When you employ Ken, Melanie and their Team to sell your home, if at any time during the listing period you become dissatisfied with the way they are marketing your property, pick up the phone, call us and we will cancel the listing. Why do Ken and Melanie make such an offer? Ken and Melanie know that once you have hired them and their team, you will notice an immediate difference. MB Home Sales gets results. What have you got to lose? IT'S GUARANTEED!

How does MB Home Sales attract MORE buyers for your home?!? With our LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT Guarantee! Our Buyers know that when they buy a home through MB Home Sales, if they are not FULLY satisfied with their home purchase, we’ll sell it for FREE! Can you see how that would attract more

MB Home Sales 215-961-3630

Announcing Realtor® Melanie Banks & Ken Murawski’s

You can cancel your listing anytime You can relax knowing you won’t be locked into a lengthy or binding contract Enjoy the caliber of service confident enough to make this offer

What’s your biggest fear when you list your home with a real estate agent? It’s simple. You worry about being locked into a lengthy listing agreement with a less than competent real estate agent, costing your home valuable time and exposure on the market. Well, worry no more. Melanie Banks & Ken Murawski takes the risk and the fear out of listing your home with a real estate agent. How? Through their EASY EXIT Listing Agreement. When you list your home through Melanie Banks & Ken Murawski’s EASY EXIT Listing Agreement, you can cancel your listing with them at any time. No hassles. It’s easy. Melanie Banks & Ken Murawski have strong opinions about real estate service. They believe that if you are unhappy with the service you receive, you should have the power to fire your agent. It takes a strong belief in the quality of one’s service to make this kind of stand, but Melanie Banks & Ken Murawski never settle for less than the highest professional standards from themselves and their staff. They are confident you will be happy with their service and results. That’s the simple truth. Melanie Banks & Ken Murawski alway stand behind their service. Call them today to find out more about how their unique service can make all the difference in your home sale.

Melanie Banks & Ken Murawski Keller Williams Real Estate 215-961-3630 direct or 215-464-8800 main Melanie Banks & Ken Murawski Take The Risk Out Of Listing Your Home With An Agent!

Common objections from sellers and how Ken and Melanie handle them:
1. I only want to give you a 90 day listing. I can appreciate that, especially if you have been listed before with a sub-par real estate agent. It generally takes 3-4 months on average in this market to get a home sold. Do you want to list your home for sale at 10-20% below fair market value – to guarantee an immediate sale within 30days? And…we do have an EASY EXIT listing agreement. All you have to do is tell us you are not happy with what we are doing and you can fire us at no cost to you. 2. We were thinking about another company. We think you realize a company doesn’t sell a house…it’s the individual agent’s activities. Plus we will advertise your home for sale on every major Real estate Companies website. 3. We’ll save the commission by selling it ourselves. We agree, you can save the commission by selling it yourself. Are you aware that today over 37,142 homes are for sale…and that monthly only 10% actually sold? And what’s worse is the fact that only 2% of all For Sale By Owners sell themselves – especially in this market. Can you afford to have only a 2% chance of selling your home? 4. Let’s list high, we can always come down later. Are you aware that less than 3% of today’s buyers will even look at a property that is overpriced? 17% of today’s buyers will look at properties that are priced fairly, and 80% of the buyers are looking for properties that are priced 5-10% below fair market value. We can’t afford to lose 80% of today’s potential buyers! 5. Another agent said they could get me more money. That agent will list your property – at the high price – and assume they can take the listing now, and then start beating you up on the price week after week! They’re afraid to tell you the truth upfront. We’re not afraid to tell you the truth. 6. You haven’t sold many homes in my area. The obvious reason you’ll chose us now to sell your home is because we can expose your property to potential buyers from all over the area! Do you realize how important that kind of exposure is? 7. The other agent said they would cut their commission. That makes me nervous! If other agents don’t have the courage to stand up to you regarding their own worth, how strong could they possibly be defending you and the price set on your home? If they give in now, they’ll give in later when the negotiations begin. You can’t afford to leave any money on the table with a mediocre agent handling the sale. Any other questions, please feel free to ask when we meet!


MB Home Sales 215-961-3630

What are buyers using in today’s market to find their new home??

2010 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers MB Home Sales 215-961-3630

Buyers do take action after searching online for homes. How is your home going to stand out from the others that are also on the market?

2010 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers MB Home Sales 215-961-3630

Let’s talk tech!
The key to survival in the current market is nothing short of a steady stream of leads. And the only way to do that is to drive as much traffic as possible to our Website(s). 1. We’re registered with online directories such as and 2. We work with local marketing or news groups and local radio stations. Getting mentioned in the text of an online news story or press release gets additional exposure. 3. Working with our vendors. Making sure all vendors and core service have text links to our site. 4. Adding videos to the major video hosting sites like Google and YouTube®. Including a link to our site. 5. Blogs! Adding a blog to our Website and positioning ourselves on the Web as the number one resource for neighborhood information in our area. In fact we drive over 300,000 hits a year to our our websites and listings. 6. The Let’s Talk Now! feature on our main site allows buyers to call us and our team directly – that’s instant access to your home’s information!

Buyers are searching online themselves before contacting an agent so it is important to have a strong web presence

MB Home Sales 215-961-3630

This designation means that Ken and Melanie have gone thru hours and hours of training to market homes online and to attract buyers thru a multitude of online marketing. Ask any other Realtor if they have an IMSD Designation

MB Home Sales 215-961-3630

Brokerage Websites

National Portals

Social Media

Classified Services

Search Engines

When listing with MB Home Sales, please know that we understand the importance of millions of web visitors! We know that out of town buyers are going to the Internet first. We won’t let your property miss this valuable exposure!

MB Home Sales 215-961-3630

We put your home on ALL Brokerage websites so you won’t miss one buyer

MB Home Sales 215-961-3630

More and more people are turning to classified sites to search for various items for sale including homes. We feature your home non stop on various classified sites.

We use advanced keywords that will help get your ads in to the national search engines so even if a potential buyer is not on the classified site they still have a good opportunity to see your home.

MB Home Sales 215-961-3630

Your home can be found thru various search engines.

MB Home Sales 215-961-3630

There are over 100,000,000 users on Twitter and 500,000,000 active Facebook users. It is of the utmost importance to be actively engaged in social media today. We have new friends and followers each day to our various social media sites. To learn more connect with us on our about me at

MB Home Sales 215-961-3630

There’s No Place Like Home. Tell Us Why Your Home Is Special.
We’re sure you have enjoyed living in your home and have been placed with its many features. We can make sure we tell prospective buyers about all the special features of your home. Please fill in the items so we can target our marketing efforts to those prospects most likely to buy your home. Typically buyers will buy your home for the same reason(s) you did. Home features that we have really enjoyed: _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ I think my home is well suited to a: ___________________________________________
(Family, couple, seniors, single person, etc.)

because it has these features: ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Is there anything else I should know about your home, your neighborhood or your selling situation? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ TEAM BYERLY ● 813.426.5981 Thank you for your cooperation.

Ken Murawski Melanie Banks

MB Home Sales 215-961-3630

We want to act in your best interest. We are eager to have you share your concerns and expectations about the marketing of your property. Please take a moment to complete the survey below.


Not Concerned 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3

4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

Very Concerned 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

ANY OTHER CONCERNS NOT MENTIONED ABOVE? ______________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________

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Getting Your Home in Top Selling Condition…Staging It!
Curb Appeal Drive up to your home and look at it from afar. Look at it through the eyes of buyers. Check the shingles – repair or replace damaged shingles. Clean and repair the gutters. Clean and repair the HVAC units. Repair broken windows and shutters. Replace torn screens. Make sure frames and seams have solid caulking. Repair or replace door knobs, doorbell and light fixtures if necessary. Remove all toys, equipment and litter. Remove cobwebs and nests. Remove mildew, moss and stains from the side of your home – use bleach. Remove stains from the walkways and driveway – use concrete cleanser and/or kitty litter. Repair and clean patio furniture and deck area. Remove anything that can’t be repaired. Make sure the spa and pool sparkle. Go around and touch up the exterior of your home with putty and paint. Clean or paint the front door and mailbox. Hose off the exterior of your home, especially around entrances. Use siding cleanser. Wash the windows. Wash your garbage can and put it in a place where it’s not the first thing potential buyers see when they drive up. Stack the woodpile neatly. Mow the lawn. Trim the trees and shrubs. Weed the gardens. Add colorful plants or foliage to fill in bare spots. Edge the gardens and walkways. Sweep the walkways and driveway. Replace doormats that are worn and torn. Shine brass hardware on the doors and light fixtures. Polish stained wood doors and trim. Drive up to your home again and look at it from the eyes of a potential buyer. Walk into your home as a potential buyer. Determine what kind of impression the walkways and entrances now make. Overall Interior Walk through your home. Store, give away, throw, or donate anything that you won’t need until after the move; e.g. furniture, knick-knacks, clothing, toys, equipment, appliances, worn rugs, papers, books, cosmetics, jewelry, games, CDs, etc. Walk through your home again, this time with some tools. Fix loose door knobs, cracked molding, leaky faucets. Remove cob webs. Replace worn or broken door knobs, cabinet fixtures, light fixtures, light switches, outlet plates, faucets and vent covers. Clean the fireplace. Clean the vents. Clean and organize your closets. Add extra space by storing or giving away items.

Shampoo the carpet. Replace if necessary. Clean and wax the floors. Vacuum the window blinds, shades and drapes. Wash or dry clean curtains. Wash all the windows, frames and sills.
MB Home Sales 215-961-3630

Remove all valuables, such as jewelry, artwork, knick-knacks, medications, cash, coin collections and so on. Open all the window shades to create a spacious and bright look. Put pet supplies and dishes in a place where they are not the first thing potential buyers see or smell when they walk into a room. Living Room and Family Room Make these rooms spacious and inviting. Discard or repair chipped furniture. Replace worn rugs and pillows. Remove magazines, games, toys and so on. Make sure the entertainment center sparkles. Vacuum upholstery, drapes, pillows, etc. Dining Room Clean out your china cabinet. Polish any visible silver. Put a lovely centerpiece on the table – treat yourself to fresh flowers. Set the table for a formal dinner to help potential buyers imagine entertaining there. Bedrooms Arrange furniture to create a spacious look. Remove games, toys, magazines, cosmetics, jewelry – especially on the nightstands. Replace bedspreads, quilts and pillow shams if they are worn or faded. Bathrooms Remove rust and mildew stains. Wash or replace shower curtains. Make sure everything sparkles – including grout. Replace worn rugs and towels. Kitchen Make sure all appliances work. Throw or eat the foods that you’ve been storing for so long. Clean the inside of the refrigerator, stove and cabinets. Make sure everything is organized to create a spacious look. If your stove has electric burners, purchase new drip pans for each burner. Wash removable knobs in your dishwasher. Polish the cabinets with furniture oil. Make sure appliances, countertops and the sink sparkle. Install new faucets if necessary. Attic, Basement and Garage Get rid of unnecessary items. Store or pack items you won’t need until after the move. Organize everything to create more floor space and make inspections easy. Put things on shelves or in matching boxes. Provide bright lighting. Clean all equipment and vents. Replace filters. Fix any insulation that might be showing. Take care of stale or musty odors. Open the windows, dust and wash the walls and floors, purchase room deodorizers. When It’s Time to Show Make sure your property folder is out in the open. It should contain utility bills, an MLS profile, your Seller’s Disclosure, extra property flyers and extra business cards. Do a quick clean and vacuum. Air out your house. Dispose all trash. Put pets outside if it’s safe to do so. Turn on a radio with peaceful music

Ken and Melanie will walk through your property and discuss these staging tips and

MB Home Sales 215-961-3630

Two Ways to Sell Your Home

Put up a sign. Wait for an offer. Wait for an offer. Wait for an offer. Get a real estate agent. Wait for an offer. Wait for an offer. Wait for a serious offer. Get a new real estate agent. Wait for an offer. Wait for an offer. Wait for an offer. Reduce the price. Wait for an offer. Wait for an offer. Wait for an offer.

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