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JUly 2012 Volume 8, Number 7
< Who needs fireworks?
eter hail rock; additional proof that we live in one of
the most meteorologically active locations on the
planet. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)
Your Community-Supported News Source Covering the Uptown AreA and the Neighborhoods of CARAG and ECCO
A Cow-culated
Hey Kids, spot
the cow and
win a prize!
(see details on page 12)
A Watershed Moment
Bella, (5 years old), Kaitryne Durham, Nils (8 years old with spray can), and Brad
Durham coordinate a drain stencil at 31st St. and Hennepin Ave. Glen Christianson,
(not pictured), ECCO Board Treasurer and Green Team member made all the arrange-
ments for the stenciling project. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)
Restaurant Proposed For lake And Bryant
Ackerberg Group would purchase and renovate Sunrise Cyclery location
Why ?
Vandalism at 36th and Bryant impacts community
By Phyllis Stenerson
Why would anyone repeatedly
smash windows of two local
stores? Thats the question on
the minds of people in the 36th
and Bryant neighborhood.
For the fourth time this year,
windows were smashed numer-
ous times at Kyles Market, 826
West 36th Street, and Calhoun
Pet Supply, 901 West 36th Street.
The vandal most recently struck
about 4:00 am on June 11, said
Inspector. Matt Clark, 5th Pre-
cinct Commander
The corner of Bryant Avenue
and 36th Street is one of those
neighborhood places that every-
By Phyllis Stenerson
Steve DeLapps retirement as
Principal at Barton Open School
did not go unnoticed. Over a
hundred people not only noticed
the exit of Minneapolis longest
tenured principal they sang and
Barton Schools annual Lake Day
on June 1 at Lake Harriet Band-
shell was going along as planned
by Steve until music erupted
from the sound system and some
students who had run onto the
stage started dancing and sing-
ing. The singing and movement
rippled through the crowd as
everyone got onto their feet and
joined in. Some in the audience
had been trained in advance to
lead surprised participants.
The seemingly spontaneous
production was skillfully and
lovingly choreographed by Alli-
son Rubin Forester, the first
teacher hired by Steve when he
was named Principal 20 years
ago. They have been building
community, educating young
people and making beautiful
Flash! Mob Shows love For Principal
Event created by Allison Rubin Forester
No Upzoning
For Trader Joes
Full council makes final decision June 29
By Bruce Cochran
After the Trader Joes proposal for 27th and Lyndale won approval
by the Minneapolis City Planning Commission on May 21, it received
no support from the Minneapolis City Zoning and Planing Commit-
tee on June 21 for its upzoning request.
By Bruce Cochran and Melissa Slachetka
Residents attending a CARAG neighborhood meeting on June 19
were presented with a proposal by the Ackerberg Group for devel-
opment of the property on the southwest corner of Lake Street and
Bryant Avenue. The 901 Lake Street address is currently occupied
by Sunrise Cyclery and the next building over to the west is vacant at
ECCOs Green Team paints storm drains
Most people would never dream of polluting a local body of water on
purpose. Unfortunately, people inadvertently do this every day. Many
people believe that everything that goes down a catch basin is treated,
like sewage in our sanitary sewage system. Storm water is captured by
City catch basins and flows directly into our rivers, lakes, and streams
Rubin Forester shakin what her mama gave her. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)
A digital illustration of the corner of Lake St. and Bryant Ave. showing renovated spaces currently occupied by Sunrise Cyclery on the left and a vacant building on the right. (Photo courtesy of the Ackerberg Group)
Larry Weaver calls attention to the plexiglass windows that just spidered when they were hit but didnt fall apart in Kyles
Market across the intersection from the store he manages, Calhoun Pet Supply. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)
The Minneapolis City Zoning and Planing Committee listens to the staff report by
Senior City Planner Becca Farrar. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)
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Uptown neighborhood news JuLY 2012

Uptown Neighborhood News wants to hear from the community
News tips, story ideas, articles, photos with captions, letters to the editor and commentary are welcomed and encouraged. Send by the 15th of the
month to or UNN, 3612 Bryant Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55409.
All submissions must be relevant to Uptown. Letters to the Editor are limited to 250 words. High resolution photos are required. We reserve the right
to decide whether or not a piece will be published and to edit for space, clarity, appropriateness or legal concerns. We need to know your name, address,
phone number, e-mail and neighborhood.
UNN is a monthly publication of Calhoun Area Residents Action Group (CARAG) in cooperation with the East Calhoun Community Organization
(ECCO). UNN covers the news of Uptown and is delivered free to households within the area bounded by Lyndale Avenue and Lake Calhoun, between
Lake Street and 36th Street. Copies are distributed to businesses in the Uptown area. Circulation is 5,200 with a pass-along readership of 10,000. Publica-
tion and distribution is before the first of every month. Contributors are area residents who volunteer their time to bring the news of the area to residents.
UNN is managed by a board of local citizens with the ECCO and CARAG Boards each appointing three representatives. Monthly meetings are held
at St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church, 3450 Irving Avenue from 7 pm to 9 pm the first Monday of the month, unless otherwise scheduled. Meetings are
open to the public. Contact to confirm and/or request time on the agenda.
Copyright 2012 Uptown Neighborhood News
Phyllis Stenerson (CARAG) 612.331.1929
Assistant Editor
Melissa Slachetka (ECCO)
Art Direction and Production
Bruce Cochran (CARAG)
Susan Hagler (CARAG) 612.825.7780
Managing Board
Ralph Knox, President (ECCO)
Elizabeth Walke, Treasurer (CARAG)
Linda Todd, Secretary (ECCO)
Samantha Strong (CARAG)
Nancy Riestenberg (CARAG)
Contributing Photographers
Bruce Cochran, Bethany Heemeyer,
William Kahn, Melissa Slachetka
Contributing Writers
Carol Bouska, Bruce Cochran,
Wendy Schadewald, Mary Ann
Schoenberger, Melissa Slachetka,
Monica Smith, Sarah Sponheim,
Phyllis Stenerson, Meg Tuthill
Newspaper Circulation
CARAG/ECCO/Uptown Circulation:
Bill Boudreau, Justin Jagoe
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Divine Liturgy
Sunday 9:30 am
Fr. Paul Paris
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July 11, 5:30pm
Wednesdays: 6:30pm Prayer Service
Sundays: 8:30amTraditional Service
10:30amJazz Worship
610 W. 28th St.
Minneapolis MN 55408
Lyndale United Church of Christ
in the new
SpringHouse Ministry Center
(3 churches, 1 building)
9:15 a.m. Christian education for all ages
10:30 a.m. Worship (in the Garden Level Sanctuary)
no matter who you are or where you are on your journey, youre welcome here.
CARAG Neighborhood
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Minneapolis Information
Mpls. Park & Rec. Board
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Mpls. Public Schools
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Keith Ellison
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Amy Klobuchar
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New Assistant
editor hired To UNN
Slachetka brings vibrancy and media skills
Melissa Slachetka is excited to
be transitioning into the role of
Editor at the Uptown Neighbor-
hood News! Melissa moved to
the Twin Cities to start a writ-
ing career after graduating with
a degree in English Literature.
Her work has been featured in
local publications including The
Downtown Journal, The North-
easter, Minnesota Womens Press,
Rain Taxi, Minnesota Reads, and
Twin Cities Daily Planet. She
wrote a monthly column in Twin
Cities Statement Magazine and
talked about books on a Minne-
sota Public Radios Art Hounds
segment. Melissa enjoys living
so close to the shores of Lake
Calhoun and the many facets of
Uptown entertainment. She loves community-focused journalism,
exploring social media, dabbling in photography and is looking for-
ward to being the new editor of such a great neighborhood paper.
Editorial by Phyllis Stenerson
Our dignity and honor as a
nation never came from our
perfection as a society or as a
people: it came from the belief
that in the end, this was a coun-
try which would pursue justice
as the compass pursues the pole:
that although we might deviate,
we would return and find our
path. This is what we must
now do.
John Adams a signer of the
Declaration of Independence
and second President of the
United States

From the Preamble

We hold these truths to be self-
evident, that all men are created
equal, that they are endowed by their
Creator with certain unalienable
Rights, that among these are Life,
Liberty and the pursuit of Happi-
ness. That to secure these rights,
Governments are instituted among
Men, deriving their just powers
from the consent of the governed
Its been 236 years since the sign-
ing of the Declaration of Indepen-
dence and we Americans are still
fighting over some of the same
issues that divided the founders.
The actual words in the docu-
ment are few but we know from
the founders writings that most
envisioned a country with certain
inalienable rights for all.
much for compassionate con-
The radical assault by conservative
extremists on the founding prem-
ise of America that all men are
equal and have certain unalienable
Rights generates cognitive disso-
nance on a massive scale. Many of
us cant comprehend that an alter-
native interpretation of American
democracy has been concocted
and marketed to the citizenry and
is being sold as reality by a lead-
ing candidate for the Presidency.
And that few in the mainstream
media are challenging this twisted
thinking. But its true and we need
to use every opportunity includ-
ing Independence Day, the Fourth
of July to remind ourselves and
A Status Report on The declaration of independence
The signers of the Declaration
were all white male property own-
ers but over the years the govern-
ment has rightfully acted, however
gradually and always through a
struggle, to extend certain unalien-
able rights to other genders, races
and classes.
These rights include liberty and
the pursuit of happiness with the
latter meaning well being, not
perpetual fun. Since mere sur-
vival needs money, we can say this
includes economic justice.
As frequently happens, when Im
trying to put my thoughts into
words, I find that someone else has
already said what Im trying to say.
In this case, journalist Bill Moyers,
one of the most respected com-
mentators on democracy:
...this is the oldest story in
America: the struggle to deter-
mine whether we, the people
is a spiritual idea embedded in
a political reality one nation,
indivisible or merely a cha-
rade masquerading as piety
and manipulated by the pow-
erful and privileged to sustain
their own way of life at the
expense of others you have
to respect the conservatives
for their successful strategy in
gaining control of the national
agenda. Their stated and open
aim is to change how America
is governed - to strip from gov-
ernment all its functions except
those that reward their rich
and privileged benefactors...So
others of Americas real story, that
of pursuing equal rights for all.

Democracy does not require

perfect equality, but it does
require that citizens share in a
common life...For this is how we
learn to negotiate and abide our
differences, and how we come to
care for the common good.
Michael Sandel, Harvard
professor, in What Money
Cant Buy: The Moral
Limits of Markets

Information to provide context for

this editorial can be found at www.
JuLY 2012 Uptown neighborhood news

3 .
Winner of NARIs 2011 Coty Awards:
Residential Bath $30,000 and Under & Best Newcomer
NARs sustainable property designation BC. 20628624
real estate | design-build
Your resource for greener, urban living.
Mon - Fri 6:30am-3pm
sat. & sun. 7am-2pm
36th St & Bryant ave S 612-825-3718
Djg @^iX]Zc
Djg @^iX]Zc
Hours: Tues - Fri. 11am-7pm | Sat. 9am-4:30pm | (Afterhours by Appointment)
22 years in the art of hair...
Lyn-Lake Barbershop
Jayson Dallmann - Propietor
3019 Lyndale Avenue South
...Now at
Crowd Control
This past spring, Amore Victoria, 1601 Lake St., requested extending their deck hours
one hour to match the first floor interior hours of the restaurant. The ECCO neigh-
borhood board, where the business is located has requested nearby residents to
comment prior to making its official position. They will use June as a test month in
order to gage nearby resident experiences.
In the meantime, the ECCO board has voiced its approval of the restaurants
request to build a waiting area in the deck area. Jenna Victoria, co-owner, clari-
fied that the waiting area allows the restaurant to control more of the patron flow by
keeping people on the deck while they wait instead of milling around the restaurant
or sidewalk below and potentially causing more disruption. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)
Plans Move Forward
For New dog Park
By Melissa Slachetka
The Chain of Lakes and walking paths already make Uptown a great
area to have a dog and with progress being made in the development
of the Sixth Park District Dog park, owners and pups alike have a
reason to get excited. According to a recent announcement from The
Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, the first round of construc-
tion documents has been completed and is being reviewed by the City
of Minneapolis. While initial reviews indicate a few modifications to
the construction documents will be needed (to better manage storm
water at the future dog park), park staff are hoping to make adjust-
ments in the next few weeks and continue with city processes.
In July 2011, the Sixth Park District Dog Park Citizen Advisory
Committee (CAC) identified a short list of possible sites, sought
neighborhood comments on these sites and held a public comment
meeting. That information was used by the CAC to determine a
preferred dog park location and design. The CAC completed its
recommendations in September 2011 and on December 7, 2011 the
Park Board approved Site 32 (Lyndale Farmstead Park Southside
Operations Center Parking Lot). The dog park project still has a few
more reviews, before committing to a specific date, but construction
is anticipated for this summer or fall.
For more information go to
Common lAW
Common LAW is a regular column on local environmental issues con-
cerning our common land, air, water and waste.
Be sure to water your young trees
(trunks less than 5 in diameter)
all summer to keep them healthy
and growing strong root sys-
tems. Young trees need 1 to 1
inches of water per week. Two
inexpensive purchases can help
you keep track of when and how
much to water. Inexpensive rain
gauges provide accurate mea-
surement of rainfall and can be
found at most hardware stores
or online. Tree watering bags
cost less than $20 and are sold at
garden centers, hardware stores
and online. Each bag typically
holds 20 gallons of water fill it
with a hose once a week if there
is little rain and your young tree
should thrive. Each spring the
Minneapolis Park & Recreation
Board provides these bags free
of charge for young boulevard
trees; call 612.313.7710 for more
information on this program.
Backyard (Recreational)
While recreational fires are per-
mitted in Minneapolis, they are
regulated by City Ordinance (see
Title 9, Chapter 178 on the Citys
website). For example, fires must
be at least 25 feet away from any
structure or combustible mate-
rial (this includes trees), tended
by at least one person who is 18
years old or older, extinguished
no later than 10pm and are not
allowed when wind conditions
exceed 10mph. Unpainted,
untreated wood is the only mate-
rial that may be burned.
Wood-smoke contains particu-
late matter, also known as soot,
which is a known carcinogen.
While breathing wood-smoke
is hazardous to everybodys
health, it is particularly problem-
atic for individuals with asthma
and other respiratory problems.
Please respect your neighbors
and obtain their permission prior
to making a fire outdoors.
The U.S. Environmental Pro-
tection Agency (EPA) has just
proposed tougher regulations on
air-borne soot, which in addition
to posing a public health hazard,
also contributes to atmospheric
Keep zebra Mussels out of
lake Calhoun!
The Minneapolis Park and Rec-
reation Board voted on June 21
to take decisive action to prevent
the introduction of zebra mus-
sels into Lake Calhoun and other
Minneapolis lakes with public
boat launches. Inspectors will be
present for longer hours to check
boats before they put in and the
launches will be chained off
when inspectors are not present.
While this measure may seem
Draconian, it is the most reli-
able way to keep zebra mussels
from spreading into new lakes.
According to an article in the
Star Tribune, Lake Minnetonka,
Lake Hiawatha and Minnehaha
Creek are among the more than
40 lakes, streams and rivers in
Minnesota that already harbor
this invasive species. In addi-
tion to upsetting natural aquatic
ecosystems, the sharp shells of
zebra mussels make swimming
Pollution in our Waterways
Do you have a driveway? Some
driveway sealants contain coal
tar, a by-product of the coal-
refinement process. (Other
sealants, commonly sold at local
stores, are asphalt-based.) When
water washes across driveways
treated with coal tar-based seal-
ants, chemicals called Polycyclic
Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)
flow into local streams, lakes and
rivers where they poison aquatic
Minneapolis City Council Mem-
ber Sandra Colvin Roy has pro-
posed an ordinance that would
ban the use of these sealants in
the city. Other cities have already
banned their use.
Tin Fish Composts
The Tin Fish restaurant at the
Lake Calhoun Pavilion is now
offering composting in addition
to recycling. Owners Sheff and
Athena Priest have set up three
well-marked sorting stations
for their customers. At each
station, there are bins for trash,
recycling (plastic and glass bot-
tles, cans and plastic cups) and
compostable items (food waste
and paper products such as nap-
kins). Each bin is clearly marked
with a sign that has pictures of
the items that belong in it. Com-
postable items are collected by
Randys Sanitation and taken to
a commercial facility where they
are turned into garden-ready
Sheff Priest says hes received
positive feedback from people
who are glad to have the oppor-
tunity to reduce the amount of
waste going to landfills. How-
ever, it seems that the majority
of the people who eat at the Tin
Fish are confused by sorting and
perhaps unaware of the associ-
ated environmental benefits.
Decay of organic matter (food
and paper) in landfills creates
methane, a greenhouse gas that is
exponentially more damaging to
the climate than carbon dioxide.
Recycling organic material by
turning it into compost reduces
methane emissions and provides
enrichment for the soil.
eCCo Super Sale
About 60 households participated
in the June 2 ECCO Super Sale,
our annual neighborhood-wide
garage sale. This year 30 par-
ticipants also signed up to have
their unsold goods picked up the
following Monday by Disabled
American Veterans (DAV), a
non-profit group that raises
money by collecting donations
of used clothing and household
items. This arrangement pre-
vented quantities of items from
being thrown into the trash.
Nature Valley grand Prix:
Uptown Criterium
Thanks to ECCO board mem-
ber Anja Curiskis, numerous
dedicated volunteers and the
organizers of the Nature Valley
bike race event, recycling and
compost was collected this year
at five stations along 31st Street
and the race course. In addition,
granola bar wrappers and chip
bags were collected. These will
be mailed to Terracycle, a com-
pany that up-cycles these and
other items into new products
and pays a small reimbursement
to the organization (in this case,
the East Calhoun neighborhood
association) that sends them in.
Sarah Sponheim serves as President
of ECCO and Chair of the East
Calhoun Green Team.
iS NoW AVAilABle AT TheSe
SeleCT loCATioNS
Bremer Bank
Brueggers Bagels
Bryant Square Park
Cheapo Records
Chiang Mai Thai
Common Roots Cafe
dunn Bros
(hennepin & 34th)
dunn Bros
(lake & Bryant)
Falafel King
Famous daves BBQ
gigis Caf
health Resource Center
isles Bun & Coffee
its greek to Me
Joyce Food Shelf
Joyce United
Methodist Church
Kowalskis Market
Magers & Quinn
lagoon Theatre
Parents Automotive
Pizza luce
Rainbow Foods
Sebastian Joes
ice Cream Cafe
Southwest Senior Center
Spyhouse Coffee Shop
Uptown diner
Uptown Theatre
Tea garden
Treetops At Calhoun
Vail Place
Walker library
Walker Place
The Wedge
yWCA (Uptown)

Uptown neighborhood news JuLY 2012

crime & safety
Burglary of Dwelling includes
garages, attached or unattached.
Chelsea Adams, Crime prevention specialist
612.673.2819 or
5th precinct: sectors 1&2: (Uptown)
Crimes By location May 19 - June 20
body knows. Whether heading to 35W, stopping for coffee at Gigis
or breakfast at Our Kitchen or buying flowers at Amelias, just about
everybody in Uptown passes by. And since people and pets get hun-
gry regularly, Kyles Market and Calhoun Pet Supply are frequent
stops for many.
Thats why many people feel personally impacted when they see
shattered windows. They know how hurtful this is for small busi-
ness owners, Qing Liu and her husband, Fuliang Joe Zhou, who
have owned and managed the businesses since 1995 and are part of
the community. Although insurance has covered some costs, they will
have to sell lots of puppy chow and many loaves of bread to make up
for this huge loss.
Inspector Clark presented information at a meeting called by 10th
Ward Council Member Meg Tuthill that was held at the Senior Cen-
ter, 3612 Bryant Avenue, on Wednesday, June 20. About 25 neighbors
and community leaders turned out to show support in getting the
suspect apprehended and brought to justice. Tuthill, a former small
business owner herself, urged everyone to shop at the stores as much
as possible.
Why? from 1
Left to right: Joe Zhou, Roger Worm, East Harriet Farmstead Neighborhood Asso-
ciation and Inspector Matt Clark, commander of the 5th Precinct. (Photo by Melissa Sla-
Calhoun Pet Supply sustained severe window damage the morning of June 11.
(Photo by Bruce Cochran)
A surveillance camera photo indicates the vandal is a white male about 6 feet tall,
weighing up to 300 pounds.
Community leaders attending the meeting included Matt Perry,
President of the Nicollet-East Harriet Business Association, Roger
Worm, East Harriet Farmstead Neighborhood Association, and
Carol Bouska, CARAG board member.
Inspector Clark emphasized that all resources of the department will
be activated. At press time a suspect had not yet been apprehended. A
surveillance camera photo indicates the vandal is a white male about
6 feet tall, weighing up to 300 pounds. The community is asked to
be aware and call police with any tips, and not confront the suspect
directly. The city is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for identifica-
tion that leads to a conviction. Tips can be called in to 1.800.222.8477
or Sgt. Spencer at 612.673.5715.
Due to the financial amount of the loss, this crime is classified as a
felony. There is speculation this may become designated as a Hate
Crime because of the ethnicity of the owners who emigrated from
China. Inspector Clark said they do not yet have evidence required
by law to prove this theory. Should that happen, the crime level
would be elevated with subsequent potential penalties. The case will
be prosecuted by the Hennepin County Attorneys office.
5th Precinct contact information
Inspector Matt Clark, 5th Precinct Commander, matthew.clark@, 612.673.3679 or Chelsea Adams, Crime Preven-
tion Specialist,, 612.673.2819.
JuLY 2012 Uptown neighborhood news

5 .
Red Cross is producing the Run for Blood, Quarter Marathon & 5K on Saturday,
July 28, 8 am on Lake Calhoun. All net proceeds benefit the American Red Cross.
More info at (Photo by WilliamKahn/American Red Cross)
10th Ward News
From Council Member Meg Tuthill
Contact Meg at 612.673.2210,,
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9 am to 5 pm. Visit us at www.
City Council Unanimously
Supports Move to Amends
I am pleased to stand with my
colleagues in support of a con-
stitutional amendment declaring
corporations are not people. On
Friday, June 15 we unanimous-
ly supported a constitutional
amendment to regulate corporate
political spending and campaign
financing. Move to Amend is a
national organization promoting
this constitutional amendment.
Congressman Keith Ellison
spoke at a news conference after
the council meeting about his
efforts to bring this amendment
forward on the national level.
For more information, visit You
can read the resolution at www.
mi nneapol i s mn. gov/ www/
094064.pdf (scroll to the second
intermedia Arts Awarded
National grant
Intermedia Arts was awarded a
$325,000 grant from ArtPlace to
fund four artists to work with
the City Planning staff for one
year. ArtPlace is a national orga-
nization which supports creative
place-making. Working with
and engaging underrepresented
communities, the artists will
work on identifying the commu-
nitys place-making vision and
assist planners in incorporating
the communitys vision into final
planning documents.
For more info, visit http://
Call for National Night
out Photos
Help document this years
National Night Out with your
block partys photos! Photos
must be digital as traditional
photos cannot be processed. You
can either email the photos or
put them on a CD and mail them
CPS Don Greenley
3rd Precinct, Minneapolis
Police Department
3000 Minnehaha Avenue,
Mpls, MN 55406
Please include the location of
your block party and contact
information. Keep copies of your
Blaisdell (southbound) and 1st
Avenue (northbound). More info
on bus detours can be found at
Public Works staff will hold
stakeholder construction update
meetings on every Tuesday at
11am at the field office located
at the southeast corner of 36th
Street and Nicollet.
Immediate project issues Call
On-site Project Inspector Bob
Schmidt, 651.308.3805.
General project questions Call
Project Engineer Beverly Warm-
ka, 612.673.3762.
For questions relating to your
business and the project call
Project Business Liaison Erik
Hansen, 612.673.5022.
license your Pet with the
City of Minneapolis
Licensing your pet with the City
of Minneapolis is important for a
variety of reasons. Among those
1. Its a free ride home for your
pet. If your licensed pet is found
in Minneapolis, it will get a ride
home instead of to the animal
2. Your licensed pet is three times
more likely to get back home than
an unlicensed pet.
3. If your pet is found injured, it will
get medical care right away!
Licensing your pet is easy. You
can license your pet:
1. Online: www.minneapolismn.
2. Phone: Call 311
3. In person: Minneapolis Animal
Care and Control
212 17th Avenue North, Minne-
apolis, MN 55411
Hours: Tues-Fri 3:00-7:00pm; Sat.
4. Mail: Download an application
mals/licenses/index.htm and send
to the address above.
Keep your pet safe and make
sure that if they ever get lost,
they have the odds on their side
to make it back home to you.
License your pet today.
Minneapolis to Switch
to Single-Sort Recycling
in 2013
Next year, recycling in Minneap-
olis will get easier, helping both
residents and the environment.
The City Council approved
moving forward to implement
a single-sort recycling collection
program for City of Minneapo-
lis residential recycling custom-
ers. Single-sort recycling is a
system in which customers put
all of their recyclables into one
container for collection instead
of separating out glass, plastic,
paper, etc. A study conducted
for the City of Minneapolis
compared single-sort, dual-sort
(separating paper products from
everything else) and our current
multi-sort system, and found
that single-sort recycling is the
most cost-effective of the three
systems studied and the most
convenient for customers.
Getting a new system in place
will take time, and customers
will see a change over sometime
in 2013. Until the new system is
in place, Minneapolis recycling
customers should continue sepa-
rating their recycling.
Based on case studies, a sin-
gle-sort system is projected to
increase materials recovered
by 60 percent and increase the
Minneapolis recycling rate from
18.1 percent to 32 percent. It is
also compatible with plans to
add opt-in City recycling for
multi-unit housing, which is not
currently under the City of Min-
neapolis recycling program, and
the option to add organics recy-
cling in the future.
Congrats to lyndale
Neighborhood News for
Winning gold
At this years annual Neighbor-
hoods USA (NUSA) Conference
in Indianapolis, Indiana, the
Lyndale neighborhood was one
of two Minneapolis neighbor-
hoods to receive NUSAs Gold
award for their printed newslet-
ters (Standish Ericsson was the
other). Entries were evaluated
individually and awarded points
based on criteria that included
layout, consistency, content, rel-
evance and overall appearance.
Nationally, seven neighborhood
newspapers received the Gold
Award and five received the Sil-
ver Award.
photos and videos as they can-
not be returned. Please note that
sometimes emailing photos can
affect the quality of the photo
which may impact the chance of
the pictures being used.
Community energy Services
now has an online option
Have you wanted to participate
in Community Energy Services
(CES) but your busy life has got-
ten in the way? CES has created
an online presentation especially
for homeowners who would
like to participate but need the
convenience of an online option.
Participating online is easy and
can be completed in 15 minutes!

Check out
Minneapolis/Presentations to
view the presentation or to see
when a presentation will be in
a neighborhood near you. After
you view the presentation, you are
qualified to schedule your home
energy visit for only $40 and
receive up to $400 in energy-
saving services and materials.
Questions? Contact Ashley Rob-
ertson at 612-335-5869 or arob-
Nicollet Avenue
Construction Update
Access to local businesses will be
maintained. Please support our
local businesses during construc-
tion. Local access to Office Max
and Shops and Wells Fargo will
continue to be on Nicollet from
Lake Street.
31st Street at Nicollet Avenue
should be open with one lane
each direction by the afternoon
of June 15.
From Lake Street to 32nd Street,
the first three layers of asphalt
have been placed along with
curb, gutter and driveways. The
final layer will be placed after
the sidewalk has been installed.
Thomas and Sons is now work-
ing on raising the manholes.
Sidewalk work should begin
next week. The locations for the
future street lights and the bou-
levard trees have been marked
on the curb or sidewalk.
Phase 2 (32nd Street to 35th
Street) is anticipated to start in
early July, beginning with the
intersection of 35th Street and
Metro Transit buses are detoured
from Nicollet between Lake
Street and 36th Street onto
NUSA annually recognizes
Neighborhood of the Year, Best
Neighborhood Program, and
Best Neighborhood Newsletter.
This is a national competition.
Watch for more information
on Next years
NUSA Conference will be held
May 2013 in Minneapolis.
Meet with Meg
Please join me on Tuesday, July
10, 2012 from 12 to 1pm at the
5th Precincts Community Room
(3101 Nicollet Ave S). Meet with
Meg is a chance to ask me ques-
tions, and voice any concerns you
may have. Bring your sack lunch.
Cookies and lemonade are pro-
vided! Meet with Meg is held the
second Tuesday of every month.
Attention: If you want help
translating this information into
a language other than Hmong,
Spanish or Somali, please call
Hmong - Ceeb toom. Yog koj
xav tau kev pab txhais cov xov no
rau koj dawb, hu 612.673.2800;
Spanish - Atencin. Si desea
recibir asistencia gratuita para
traducir esta informacin, llama
Somali - Ogow. Haddii aad
dooneyso in lagaa kaalmeeyo
tarjamadda macluumaadkani oo
lacag la aan wac 612.673.3500.
So put your Auto and Renters
together with State Farm

let the saving begin.

And those savings could
add up to
State Farm, Bloomington, IL
Mary M Trondson Ins Agcy Inc
Mary Trondson, Agent
1422 W. Lake Street #202
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Bus: 612-823-4111
*Average annual per household savings based on a national 2010 survey of new policyholders who
reported savings by switching to State Farm.
Popping Corks
JJs Coffee and Wine Bistro, Lake St. and Knox Ave., received approval of its
request for a Class E License request for Wine and Strong Beer at the Minne-
apolis City Council Meeting on May 25. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

Uptown neighborhood news JuLY 2012

2105 Lyndolo Avo S | M-F -10 S & S - | www.wodqo.coo
Dotolls ot
Form Tour quldo boollots ovolloblo
ln-storo ot Customor Sorvlco.
Join tbe 2012
Eot Loco| Form Tour
Soturdoy, Ju|y 21
Join tbe 2012
Eot Loco| Form Tour
Soturdoy, Ju|y 21
music together for these past two
Lyrics were written by Allison
using words provided by stu-
dents. A Barton parent donated
three hours of studio time to mix
the voice-over during the dance
so audience could hear the lyrics
clearly that were set to the tune of
Party Rock by LMFAO. Lyr-
ics including the chorus: Steve
DeLapp is in the SCHOOL
alright. Everybody just have a
good time. And hes gonna make
you USE your MIND
Steve has been a huge advocate
of the arts and particularly dance
over the past two decades, said
Allison. We have renamed the
commons (our performance/
dance space/auditorium) after
him - the DeLapp Commons.
He left a fund to help continue
his legacy of dance and educa-
tion through the arts next year
and in future years. People can
make a donation to the Barton
Foundation and designate the
Steve DeLapp Fund for some-
thing hes always wanted at Bar-
ton: a fund that could be used
solely for dance performances in
the Commons.
(Editors note everyone at Bar-
ton Open is called by their first
name so that tradition will be
honored in this tribute).
Go to http://barton.mpls.k12. to see
the Flash Mob and http://barton.
delap_mono.mp3 for Barton stu-
dents singing Steve DeLapp is
in the school
Allison Rubin Forrester
Allison and her husband Jeff For-
ester have lived in the CARAG
Neighborhood for 19 years. The
household now includes daugh-
ters Daisy, age ll, and Billie, age
9, and son Victor, age 30, plus
chocolate lab pound-hound
Charlie (from the Humane Soci-
The family activities include
camping, backpacking, down-
hill and cross-country skiing and
bicycling plus membership at
the Uptown YWCA. The girls
attend Barton School and this
year Daisy will have her mom as
her algebra teacher. Allison has
been block captain and organizer
of the National Night Out block
party for the past five years.
Allison has been teaching math
and dance at Barton Open since
1993 and is now also Uppers
Coordinator (grades 7 and 8). She
studied dance and mathemat-
ics at the University of Illinois,
Champaign-Urbana earning a
BS degree in 1987. This was fol-
lowed by an interdisciplinary
MA in dance in 1989 and teach-
ing credentials in 1990 from the
University of Oregon, Eugene.
Dance has been my coolest,
community-building effort for
our school, said Allison. We
have two student-choreographed
concerts each year, social dance
classes and all-school dancing
and at all-school morning meet-
ings every month plus guest art-
ists and more. Im delighted that
boys are as enthusiastic about
choosing the classes as girls.
I bike commute to Barton every
day no matter the weather, usual-
ly with my daughters who either
ride their own bikes or occasion-
ally still ride on my XtraCycle
(see photo on my website). I
also bike commute downtown
to Zenon Dance where I have
taught different levels of modern
and jazz classes over the past 20
years (currently just intermedi-
ate jazz on Tuesday nights).
Allison is from Chicago and
lived in Eugene, OR and Ely,
MN before settling in Minne-
apolis. She and Jeff moved to
Oregon after a bicycle trip down
the West Coast from Canada to
Los Angeles. She went to grad
school in dance and secondary
education in Eugene. Her teach-
ing fellowship included choreo-
graphing half-time shows for
the University of Oregon Ducks
football team and teaching dance
In Ely, we researched the log-
ging industry for my husband
Jeffs latest book, Forest for the
Trees, about the history of the
Boundary Waters Canoe Area
Wilderness. We interviewed
100 year old loggers, collected
their photos, read 100 year old
articles and created a database,
said Allison. In Minneapolis I
was a substitute teacher in lots of
schools before teaching at Barton.
I performed professionally with
several local dance companies
(Umoja Ensemble - a West Afri-
can group headed up by Baba
Chuck Davis - and 10,000 Danc-
es, a modern company) while
starting my career in progressive
education. I wrote the manu-
script for a book about teaching
mathematics through movement
and dance. It was never pub-
lished but I use the ideas in my
math classes at Barton.
Reflections on dance and
learning by Steve delapp,
retiring Principal at Barton
open School
I invite all of you to think
of dance, the dance you just
watched, as a very powerful
metaphor for learning in gen-
eral, and specifically, learning
within a school community like
Barton Open School. A dance
is undertaken within clear broad
structures that guide the overall
piece. Within those broad struc-
tures theres room for individ-
ual expression and uniqueness.
Although there are wonder-
ful opportunities for individual
expression, the dance is always
dependent upon individuals
working together as a team,
sometimes in partners, sometimes
in small circles growing to larger
circles. Individual competence
is not enoughthe dance works
as an artistic expression because
its social, because its a commu-
nity undertaking, it needs indi-
viduals working together. Its
also dependent upon the spirit
in which it happens. The dance
(think learning) works when
theres an energy, playfulness, joy
behind it
I suggest if we ever need
reminding about whats impor-
tant in learning, and in todays
educational climate we could use
multiple reminders, I encour-
age adults and our 8th graders
to think of their dancing expe-
riences at Barton and what it is
telling them about learning in
generalstaying individually
invested while connecting one-
self to a larger circle of learners,
and doing the work with energy
and joy.
I want to give a special thank
you to Allison for the passion she
brings to dance education and
for creating at Barton, a school
wide culture that has engaged all
ages in dance and celebrates the
genuine learner (think dancer)
in all of us. Barton Open School
would not be the place it is today
without Allison Rubin Forester.
The Steve DeLapp Fund has been
established with all contributions
designated to continue the tradi-
tion of dance at Barton. To make a
donations go to http://www.barto-
Clara Barton Open School, 4237
Colfax Avenue South Minneapolis,
MN 55409, 612.668.3580, barton@, http://barton.mpls.
Allison Rubin Forester, Uppers
Coordinator (grades 7 and 8)
and teacher of math and dance,, http://
. . . and a mob of understudies. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)
A surprised DeLapp. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)
FlASh from 1
I want to give a special thank you to
Allison for the passion she brings to dance
education and for creating at Barton a
school wide culture that has engaged all
ages in dance and celebrates the genuine
learner (think dancer) in all of us.
Jeremy Sherman and Kyle Greenwood of the CARAG neighborhood warm-up
for their own impromptu Dancing for America on Nicollet Ave. in downtown
Minneapolis on June 5. But why? you ask. Because the two responded. (Photo by
Bruce Cochran)
Young Americans
JuLY 2012 Uptown neighborhood news

The kids love the pool,
track and Fit Kids Gym.
And we like the diverse
and welcoming
Graham, Benji, Bridget, and Henry.
Members since 2004.
Join in July and get
Offer is good on new Adult, Family, Student and
Young Professional memberships.
Some exceptions apply.
the Joiners Fee

Participants prepare their nighttime zebra costumes for the the Greenway
Glow on June 9. The event was an illuminated night-time bike ride fundraiser pro-
duced by the Midtown Greenway Coalition. For more info visit www.midtowngreen- (Photo by Bethany Heemeyer)
Greenway Glow
Skateboarders celebrated extra elbow room at the June 10 second annual
Open Streets event on Lyndale Ave. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)
After several minutes of remarks
by Senior City Planner Becca
Farrar, she concluded that We
believe it (upzoning) is congru-
ent with adopted policies by
commercial corridors.
Upzoning the property from C1
to C2 would allow Trader Joes
to build a liquor store compo-
nent as part of the project, the
only way the grocer will agree to
the location.
After a question and answer
period, Council Member Tuthill
spoke for Ward 10 where the
project is located. She cited spot
upzoning as bad policy and pro-
907 Lake Street.
The proposed sale of the prop-
erty between the current owner,
Paul Newman, and Ackerberg
is still in the works and not final
at this time. So, in an unusually
early presentation, the developer
was hoping to engage the neigh-
borhood sooner rather than later
in its proposal to buy, renovate
and lease the two adjacent build-
ings on the property.
Owners of Sunrise Cyclery were
also present and explained that
Ackerberg has been helpful and
that they would like to relocate
very close to the current location.
UPzoNiNg from 1 posed a motion to deny upzoning
the proposed property from C1
to C2. Council Member Schiff
seconded the motion. Commit-
tee members Goodman, Gordon,
Johnson, Reich, Schiff and Tuth-
hill voted unanimously to deny
upzoning for the grocery/liquor
combination project at 2700 Lyn-
The proposal was scheduled to
come before the full Minneapo-
lis City Council for a final vote
on June 29 as the UNN went to
Bruce Cochran is Art Director and
in charge of Production for the
Uptown Neighborhood News and
lives in CARAG.
UNN is seeking an additional
ad sales representative for our
monthly publication. Part time,
commission based opportunity.
Made up of Southwest High graduates, the band A Bit Unorthodox, show their support for CARAG business Twin Six. Locat-
ed at 716 34th St., the alternative cycling apparel company, Twin Six sponsored their own team at the Nature Valley Grand Prix
Uptown Criterium this year on June 15. On violin is Alicia, son of Matt Anderson, an off-duty USA Cycling Official, (behind her in
sunglasses,) and Mark Fischer, of Twin Six, (far left in cap). (Photo by Bruce Cochran)
Tight Turns and Tunes for Twin Six
The target use for the redevel-
oped properties is a restaurant on
the corner with retail next door.
Ackerberg was adamant that
they would not be soliciting ten-
ants with a rooftop patio compo-
nent but that the food-focused
tenant could have sidewalk tables
and possibly a screened back
porch. In response to concerns
from the neighborhood about
noise, Ackerberg said their vision
for the restaurant was Barbette-
level, not Cafeteria-level.
The question and answer ses-
sion was mostly about parking,
traffic and noise concerns from
the neighborhood. When asked
about the outcome of the meet-
ing, Thatcher Imboden of Ack-
erberg later said We wanted to
come to the neighborhood early
so residents comments could
be incorporated early in the
planning stages. We got some
useful feedback from the neigh-
Timeline for the proposed proj-
ect is this fall with spaces open
about one month later.
The UNN will continue to follow
the details of this developing story
in the coming months. To read
more detail please see the CARAG
Meeting minutes on page 8.

Uptown neighborhood news JuLY 2012

Calhoun Area Residents Action Group CARAG report

Lake St.
36th St.


The CArAG Board
meets the third
Tuesday of each
month, 7 p.m.
at Bryant park
Community Center,
31st and Bryant.
All CArAG residents
are welcome and
urged to attend.
Artist in residence at Intermedia Arts, Robert Karimi, (at left) shares his home-
made scones with an Uptown Market patron on June 17. Open every Sunday
through September 10, 10am-3pm, the Market features: fine art, crafts, jewelry, pro-
duce and prepared foods. The Market is located at 2822 Lyndale Ave. For more infor-
mation see (Photo by Bruce Cochran)
Open Kitchen
Calhoun Area Residents Action
Group (CARAG), Monthly Neigh-
borhood Meeting Minutes, June 19,
2012. DRAFT: Subject to approval at
the July 2012 CARAG Meeting. Min-
utes recorded and submitted by Carol
Board Members Attending: Diana
Boegemann, Carol Bouska, Dan
Jenney, Jay Lindgren, Jason Lord,
Nancy Rustenburg, Erick Peterson,
and Samantha Strong
Excused Absences: Jean Jonas
introductions: diana
The meeting was called to order
at 7:10pm and Board Members
were introduced.
Agenda & Minutes:
diana Boegemann
Motion, Seconded to approve the
meeting agenda as presented with
the addition of a Table:31 update.
Motion, Seconded to approve the
May 15 CARAG Neighborhood
Meeting minutes. Approved.
Bryant Square Park Update:
Julie Sandin
BSP summer hours are Mon-
Thurs 12-8 pm, Fri. 12-6 pm,
closed weekends.
BSP will host free snacks and din-
ners for anyone 18 and under this
summer from June 11 through
Aug 17. For snack and dinner
hours, contact BSP at (612) 370-
4907. Last year the park served
about 30 kids a day through the
Concerts are held Tuesdays and
Thursday at 6:30, and they have
been averaging 100 attendees.
Volunteers are needed to sell tick-
ets, scoop ice cream, etc., during
the Ice Cream Social on July 11,
6-8pm. Contact the park at 370-
Council Member Meg
Toothily, Meg Tuthill
The City Council extended the
comment period for the out-
door on-site premises ordinance
revision that would allow busi-
nesses to have events that serve
alcohol 12 days per year or six 2-
day events. Tuthill requested the
delay in order to allow more time
for public comment.
The 5th Precinct MRP is sponsor-
ing a Community Meeting about
vandalism at 36th & Bryant on
June 20.
Councilmembers Tuthill and
Glidden are introducing an ordi-
nance to reduce restrictions for
opening second hand stores,
which currently require the same
restrictions as pawn shops.
Table:31: John darlington
Joyce Methodist Church recently
was renamed Table:31. The name
refers to Proverbs 31:31 and the
fact the church is located on 31st
Table:31 will refocus its mission
towards faith and food. This will
include community gardening
efforts, education on nutrition
and preparation of healthy meals,
and potlucks.
Everyone is welcome to partici-
pate. To find out more, visit joy-
Minneapolis energy options
Coalition, Ken Bradley
Bradley is a CARAG resident
who is the director of Environ-
ment Minnesota. He spoke on
behalf of the Minneapolis Energy
Options Coalition- a coalition of
environmental non-profits.
The franchise agreements with
Xcel Energy and Center Point
Energy come up in the next few
years. The Coalition would like
the City to investigate ways to
ensure these utilities encourage
energy conservation and cleaner
sources as part of the new fran-
chise agreements. MEC also wants
the City to look into municipal
utilities that may reduce costs for
For more information, visit min-
Uptown Market:
Brendan Jordan
The market began its fourth sea-
son on June 10 at the new Inter-
media Arts parking lot location.
The mix of artisans, produce, and
prepared food vendors varies each
Volunteers are needed for shifts
on Sundays to set up and staff the
market each week. Go to uptown- or Uptown Market on
Facebook for more info.
lake & Bryant
Kevin Kuppe, Joanna
hicks, Thatcher imboden
(Ackerberg group) Jeff
herman (Urban Anthology)
Local developers Ackerberg
Group and Urban Anthology are
partnering on the purchase and
redevelopment of two buildings
at Lake Street & Bryant Avenue S.
in CARAG. The plan to renovate
901 W. Lake St. as a 3,050 square
foot restaurant and 907 W. Lake
St as a 2,500 square foot retail
space. Each building will be com-
pletely renovated with new doors,
windows, electrical, etc.
Twelve parking stalls will be
accessed from a one-way entrance
from Bryant. Motorists will exit
the lot using the alleyway to Lake
The owners of Sunrise Cyclery,
currently located at 901 W.Lake
St., were in attendance. Although
not intending to move, they were
excited about the building update
and stated the desire to move into
the renovated retail space at 907
W. Lake St.
No restaurant tenant has been
identified and that tenant would
have to go through the Citys
licensing process to serve alcohol
and/or outdoor seating. Outdoor
seating is likely along Bryant
Avenue and behind the building.
There are no plans in the design
for a rooftop deck.
Several CARAG business owners
and residents were in attendance
to learn about the project and pro-
vide feedback. Several neighbors
expressed concerns about late-
night noise related to a potential
restaurant and outdoor seating.
Additional concerns: motorists
WATeRShed from 1
(Photo by Bruce Cochran)
CARAg page 9
its not treated and doesnt go to a treatment facility.
Recently, ECCO Green Team member, Glen Christianson organized
his neighborhood to stencil storm drains in East Calhoun. Christian-
sons volunteer team fanned out on June 17 to distribute educational
door hangers and paint all of the storm drains, (also known as catch
basins) in the neighborhood. The kits were supplied by the City at no
Storm water is rain that is not absorbed into the soil. When storm
water falls on hard surfaces like rooftops, driveways, parking lots,
streets or sidewalks, and other developed surfaces (including lawns),
pollutants are picked up as the storm water runs across those sur-
faces and carries these pollutants in the storm water and then into
the storm drains. These pollutants include grass clippings, leaves,
cigarette butts, pesticides from our yard, antifreeze, fertilizers, paint,
gasoline, motor, animal waste and traces of metal that fall from our
cars and flow untreated into our rivers, lakes and streams.
Storm drain stenciling projects offer an opportunity to educate the
public about the link between the storm drain system and drinking
water quality. Stenciling catch basins is a great way to increase com-
munity participation, providing a lead-in to encourage volunteer par-
ticipation in a variety of other storm water-related activities.
What can i do?
If you or your organization would like to the assist the Minneapolis
Public Works in its efforts, contact Lane Christianson at lane.chris- or 612.673.2522.
The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District is also hosting a cleanup
event July 8 at many locations including North Beach and Thom-
as Beach on Lake Calhoun. For more details visit www.minneha-
The City of Minneapolis Public Works contributed to this report.
CARAG | 3612 Bryant Avenue S | Minneapolis, MN 55409 | | 612.823.2520
Join the CARAG E-update at to receive emails about CARAG activities and events.
No meeting in July. Have a great summer!
Next Meeting
Tuesday, August 17, at 7pm
Bryant Square Park (3101 Bryant Ave S)
Bryant Square Park Ice Cream Social
Games &
& Ice
July 11
3101 Bryant
Ave S
JuLY 2012 Uptown neighborhood news

9 .
Community garden
Provides Fresh Vegetables
To Area Seniors
By Mary Ann Schoenberger
While many people at Southwest Senior Center grew up on farms or
having a home garden, most give up gardening as they grow older,
either because they no longer have a yard or a family to feed. But that
doesnt mean that they dont love a fresh tomato or cucumber.
Southwest Senior Center and Watercourse Counseling have been
teaming up for the past five years to provide gardening opportuni-
ties and fresh produce to local seniors. Since the two non-profits are
just half a block from each other, it seemed like a natural fit to work
together on the garden project. Watercourse has green space in the
front and back yards, while the Center has none. Previous attempts
to garden at the Center meant moving pots in and out each day, and
having little to show for a lot of effort. Martha Olsen, Director of
Watercourse, came to the rescue when she offered up space at the
Watercourse. And, not only did Martha provide the space, she and
her family have provided much of the prep work over the years, with
her children Lars, Kjell and Maia helping to chop down limbs and
turn over soil and her husband, Glen, building a patio in the back-
Senior and neighborhood volunteers do the watering, weeding and
harvesting. Sarah Tarleton, a neighborhood volunteer, is dedicated
to helping seniors get access to fresh vegetables. Its so gratifying
when we distribute the food and people are really excited about get-
ting something straight from the garden. Judy Ann Leavitt , 69,
stops by every Sunday to water the plants. I like helping out with
the garden, and I want to make sure that the plants dont dry out over
the weekend. Based on feedback from the seniors, this years crop
will focus on tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, zucchini and raspberries.
A group will be going over every Wednesday morning at 10:30 am to
weed and water. If youd like to help with the community garden,
contact me at 612.822.3194 or
Southwest Senior Center, part of Volunteers of America Minnesota,
is a friendly, helpful place where seniors feel comfortable socializ-
ing and engaging in activities that enhance their physical, mental and
spiritual health and wellness.
Each year the Center provides
services and programs for over
700 seniors through its adult day,
social work, health and nutrition
programs, educational and cul-
tural events, caregiver support
services and volunteer oppor-
tunities. The Center is located
at 3612 Bryant Avenue, phone
number 822-3194.
Watercourse Counseling Center,
founded in 1999 as the Mental
Health Collective, is a nonprofit
agency established to improve
the emotional health of a diverse
community. Watercourses mis-
sion is to solve problems through
community partnership; locate
services in community locations
and mentor mental health pro-
fessionals and others in commu-
nity outreach and collaboration.
Watercourse is located at 3548
Bryant Avenue, phone number
Mary Ann Schoenberger is the
Southwest Senior Center Director
CARAg from 8
exiting the parking lot into the
alley, how this would affect neigh-
borhood on street parking and the
bike boulevard. Some neighbors
suggested strategies to encourage
cars to exit the alley toward Lake
NRP Report: Carol Bouska/
Scott engel
The Livability & Engagement
Committee is recommending
approval of a Scope of Services
document allocating $15,000
in NRP Phase 2 funds for Liv-
ability & Engagement Com-
mittee events, activities, and
gardening programs. Motion,
seconded to approve $10,000 for
Livability Committee events and
activities and $5,000 for com-
munity gardening programs.
The CARAG NRP Housing task
force met with representatives
from CEE and GMHC in April to
discuss CARAGs draft home loan
guidelines. In May, the group sent
out Request for Qualifications to
each organization seeking propos-
als for administering the CARAG
loan programs. After reviewing
both proposals the Housing task
force recommends choosing CEE.
Motion, seconded to select CEE as
program administrator and begin
contract negotiations with final
program details to be approved by
the CARAG Board. Approved.
The NCEC elections are sched-
uled for June 28 and CARAG
needs to select an elector to
listen to candidates and vote.
Motion, seconded to select Kay
Graham as CARAG elector at the
NCEC election. Approved.
Jason Lord presented a resolution
from the CARAG NRP Trans-
portation task force supporting
the concept of a cycle track along
W. 36th Street from Lake Calhoun
to Chicago Avenue. The concep-
tual design is very preliminary,
but meets the goals of CARAG
NRP project to install bike lanes
between Bryant Avenue and Lake
Calhoun. Motion, seconded to
approve the resolution
The CARAG neighborhood whole-
heartedly supports the proposed re-
design of 36th Street developed by
the Bicycle and Pedestrian Section
of the Minneapolis Public Works
Department which would result in
additional pedestrian crosswalks,
extended sidewalks on the south
side of 36th Street, a protected two-
way cycle track for bicyclists and
other non-motorized uses, on-street
parking spaces and a reduction in
the number of vehicle lanes.
The CARAG neighborhood is
extremely grateful for the expertise
and creativity demonstrated by the
staff in the Bicycle and Pedestrian
Section of the Minneapolis Public
Works Department in developing
such a progressive design to re-make
36th Street into a safe, efficient
multi-use travel corridor which we
believe will increase bicycling and
transit rider ship into the future.
We feel that the proposed re-design
of 36th Street will meet the current
and future needs of all residents
along 36th street and in CARAG.
A protected two-way cycle track,
while new to Minneapolis, is criti-
cal to providing a safe route for bik-
ers of all ages and experience levels.
Studies have shown that protected
bike paths have the largest impact
in promoting bike travel across ages
and genders whereas an unprotected
path, as currently exists, is less safe
and uninviting to novice bikers.
The two-way cycle track is the most
appropriate type of bike path for
36th street and is the safest option
for 36th Street, a heavily used trans-
portation route connecting Lake
Calhoun to communities along 36th
Street, multiple retail nodes, schools
and parks.
We believe a protected two-way
cycle path will provide:
Increased use and travel of streets
by bicyclists and pedestrians
Increased customers for local busi-
Increased safe access to schools
and parks for all ages
Treasurers Report:
Samantha Strong/
Scott engel
The Community Participation
Program (CPP) begins another
round of funding for the July 1,
2012- December 31, 2013 time
period. CARAG will receive
$67,500 for this period for admin-
istration and community engage-
ment activities. Engel drafted the
CPP application and the 2011
Annual Report. Motion, second-
ed to approve submission of the
2012-2013 CPP application and
2011 Annual Report. Approved.
The City now requires each
neighborhood to maintain an
Americans with Disabilities Act
(ADA) policy in order to receive
CPP funds. Engel drafted a pro-
posed ADA for CARAG using
the template provided by the
City. The ADA policy states that
CARAG will meet in locations
that are accessible and provide
reasonable accommodations for
participants in the organization.
Motion, seconded to approve the
CARAG ADA Policy as pro-
There will be no July CARAG
Neighborhood Meeting. The
CARAG Board will hold their
Board retreat that day. Next
CARAG Neighborhood meeting is
Tuesday, August 17th, 2012.
Meeting Adjourned: 8:45pm.
Theresa Cliff Ryan, (at right) finishing first and winning her second stage at the Nature Valley Grand Prix Womens Race,
Uptown Criterium on June 15. (Photo by Bethany Heemeyer)
First and Foremost
Nicollet Avenue At lake Street
Then And Now
ment process starting this sum-
mer, which would broaden as the
project becomes more defined.
Reopening Nicollet Avenue
would not only restore the street
grid, but it would help revitalize
nearby businesses along the cor-
ridor from south Minneapolis to
Downtown. A new Nicollet Ave-
nue would make for better neigh-
borhoods and improved driving,
biking, and pedestrian experi-
ences. It would pave the way for
redevelopment that grows the tax
base, reweave a missing connec-
tion, and focus and leverage the
transit investments being made
in the immediate area, which is
near several large employment
centers, including downtown
By Phyllis Stenerson
Nicollet Avenue at Lake Street
was closed in the late 1970s so a
retail center could be built. Then
the decision was highly con-
troversial and now plans are in
motion to reopen the street. This
space currently includes K-Mart
and other properties.
As part of the 2012 budget pro-
cess, the Minneapolis Mayor and
City Council directed several City
departments to work together to
move the project forward. The
City Councils Transportation
and Public Works Committee
and its Ways and Means Com-
mittee have heard a presentation.
The Community Development
Committee will review the plans
at 1:30 pm on July 10.
This is what the Citys press
release says:
Reopening Nicollet is a major
undertaking that will require
strong partnerships between the
public and private sectors, and
this work is still in its early stag-
es. Potential pre-development
funding for the project may be
included in the Mayor and City
Councils discussions about the
2013 budget, and a developer is
working to assemble control of
the site, which currently involves
multiple owners. As part of
todays presentation, the work
group shared a timeline of early
steps in the process. It includes a
preliminary community engage-

Uptown neighborhood news JuLY 2012

East Calhoun Community Organization
ECCO report
ECCO meets the
first Thursday
of each month,
7 p.m. at St.
Marys Greek
Orthodox Church,
34th & Irving. All
ECCO residents
are welcome and
urged to attend.

Lake St.
36th St.


t hursday, J uLy 5 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
ECCO Board and Neighborhood Meeting
st. Marys Greek Orthodox Church, 3450 Irving ave s
The meeting is open to the public. Residents are invited and
encouraged to participate.
WEdNEsday, J uLy 11 7:00 p.m.
East Calhoun Green Team Meeting
st. Marys Greek Orthodox Church, 3450 Irving ave s
The Green Team meets the second Wednesday of the month, please
join us! For more information, contact
WEdNEsday, auGust 1 7:00 p.m.
Neighborhood Priority Plan Task Force Meeting
dunn Bros. Coffee, 34th and hennepin
Were identifying and prioritizing projects to make East Calhoun
an even better place to live, and we want your ideas! Come to
the meeting or send your ideas to
t uEsday, auGust 7
National Night Out
your block
Organize an event on your block. Registration is free through July 24.
Register online at
NOTE: Due to lack of volunteers, there will be no East Calhoun boat in the
Aquatennial Milk Carton Boat Races this year.
Sign up for your free green organics bin, and put
your compostables where they belong! To sign up
and get a free counter-top compost pail and
Waste Watchers cloth bag and lawn sign, contact
Sarah at

re watching
our waste
East Calhoun
Waste Watchers is a group of
East Calhoun neighbors who care
about making less waste.
Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter to
learn more about our events and programs.
Send a request to or call
Monica Smith at 612-821-0131.
got ideas?
Were identifying and prioritizing
projects to improve East Calhoun.
Got a good idea? Tell us about it at
the Neighborhood Priority Plan task force
meeting on August 1 (details at left)
or send your idea to
(or call Monica
at 612-821-0131).
Open Eye Figure Theatre kicked off the June 2 East Calhoun Street Party with
a puppet show of The Amazing Cow Boat at 34th St. and Irving Ave. (Photo by
Bruce Cochran)
A Show of Hands
ECCO Meeting Minutes for June
7, 2012. (East Calhoun Neighbor-
hood Monthly Meeting) Minutes
recorded and submitted by Harry
Savage and Monica Smith and
approved by the ECCO Board by
electronic vote prior to publication.
Board Members Present: Sarah
Sponheim, President; Blake Harper
and Linda Todd, Co-VPs; Glen
Christianson, Treasurer; Harry Sav-
age, Secretary; Anja Curiskis; Kate
Davenport; Brad Durham; Judy
Shields; and Heather Wulfsberg.
Board Members Absent: Jim Smith.
Guest: Residents: Ann McLaughlin,
Nancy Ward and Les Westendorp;
Council Member Meg Tuthill; and
Bryan Thornton, NCEC candidate.
ECCO Board President Sarah Spon-
heim called the meeting to order at
7:00 pm.
open Forum
Bryan Thornton introduced
himself as a candidate for Neigh-
borhood Community and Engage-
ment Commission, District 6.
Council Member Meg
Tuthill, Ward 10
The City is testing Leading
Pedestrian Interval (LPI) on two
intersections in Uptown (Henne-
pin Avenue and Lake Street and
Hennepin Ave & Lagoon). LPI
gives pedestrians the walk signal
3-5 seconds before the green sig-
nal for traffic.
Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery
benefit concert is June 9.
Greenway Glow fundraiser is
June 9.
Open Streets on Lyndale Ave is
June 10.
Uptown Market has a new loca-
tion in the Intermedia Arts park-
ing lot at 2822 Lyndale. The
market is open every Sunday 10
am to 3 pm through September.
The next Meet with Meg is Tues-
day, June 12, noon to 1 pm at the
5th Precinct. Steve Mosing, Traf-
fic Operations Engineer will be
the guest speaker.
Public Hearing for Outdoor
Entertainment Ordinance
Amendment is June 18, 1:30 pm
at City Hall, Room 317, 350 S 5th
Board business
Gael Ellis resigned as an ECCO
Board member. Alternate Tim
Norkus-Crampton is not able to
serve on the board at this time.
Blake Harper retracted an addi-
tion to the bylaws that he pro-
posed in February 2012 relating to
The contract for Monica Smith
will be reviewed at the July meet-
2012 Super Sale expenses were
$280 and income was $350.
Treasurer Glen Christianson pre-
sented the 2012 budget. The bud-
get was unanimously approved as
amended to include $80 toward
materials for a Little Library
(labor donated by Blake Harper
with possible placement near the
trolley path) and $500 to be set
aside as a donation pending final
options (Jablonski family: public
or private) at the next meeting.
There was a miscommunication
regarding a donation for $500 to
Minneapolis Pops. The Board did
not vote to approve the expen-
diture, but the donation was
Crime Prevention Specialist Chel-
sea Adams will be invited to the
next meeting to address the effi-
cacy of the Crime Watch signs.
The Board unanimously approved
ECCOs documents for the July
2012-December 2013 Community
Participation Program (CPP).
Documents include the 2011
Annual Report, CPP application
and budget.
The CPP process requires addi-
tional policies to be in place. The
policies will be reviewed at the
July meeting.
The Board will convene a task
force to address Neighborhood
Priorities Plans as required in
the CPP program. Judy Shields
volunteered to serve on the task
force. Sarah Sponheim will send
an email with more information
about this task force.
Harry Savage will serve as
ECCOs elector for the Neighbor-
hood and Community Engage-
ment Commission District 6
elections on June 28. Brad Dur-
ham will be the alternate. Monica
Smith will circulate the candidate
information to all board mem-
bers. Board members can provide
feedback to the elector.
Monica Smith, Staff Report
ECCOs housing loan program
has not had any activity for one
year. The ECCO Board voted
unanimously to remove the
income cap on the loan program
and open the program to all quali-
fied applications.
ECCO has been insured through
NRP for both general liability and
Directors and Officers insurance.
We now need to source our own
insurance policies. We are get-
ting bids for both policies but we
will need to choose provider(s)
prior to the next board meeting.
The board voted unanimously to
allow the Executive Committee to
choose the provider(s).
Community Energy Services
(CES) now has an online option
for their energy workshop: www.
Bike racks on the new meters in
Uptown: the City has completed
installing the bike racks.
Neighborhoods USA (NUSA)
annual conference will be held
in Minneapolis in May 2013.
Organizers are looking for ideas
for seminars and neighborhood
eCCo page 11
JuLY 2012 Uptown neighborhood news

11 .
Local CARAG neighborhood artist Barbara Meyer kicks off the Parks Summer Music
Season at Bryant Square Park on June 5. Check out her new CD at www.barbarmeyer- (Photo by Bruce Cochran)
July Music And
Movies in The Parks
Demolition has taken place for this old Zilya Salon space at the northeast cor-
ner of Lagoon and Hennepin Avenues. Contractors are currently renovating this
second floor office space to house headquarters for a business whose name was not
yet released when the UNN went to press. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)
Room with a View
Now open at 1406 Lake St., Imperial Smoke, family owned and operated, offers
hookahs, shisha and tobacco seven days a week. This African-themed pipe is one
of many of intricately designed hookahs for sale. More info at 612.821.6000. (Photo by
Bruce Cochran)
June Business
Int/ext paIntIng
Sheetrock (Drywall) Taping, skim coating, textured ceilings. Ceiling & wall repair,
water damage, wallpaper removal, power washing, deck staining. Fully insured.
References. 24 years experience. A lifelong uptown area resident. casey.reyn- 612.825.9959, 612.991.6384
Commercial classified ad sales are 40 per word, 10-word minimum
and mUst Be prepAID. Ad and advance payment are due the 15th of
the month. please send a check and ad copy to: Uptown neighbor-
hood news, Attn: Classifieds, 3612 Bryant Ave. s., mpls., mn 55409.
Windows and doors. Siding. Fences and decks, finish carpentry. Sheet rock,
plaster repair, taping. Local references, free estimates. Tom 612.824.1554.
All types. Also old comics. 612.600.7075,
Love to write? Passionate about Uptown? Want to be more involved? Uptown
Neighborhood News would love to hear your ideas! Email Assistant Editor, Melis-
sa Slachetka, at or connect with us on Twitter (@
UptownNewsMpls) or Facebook.
Short Redhead Reel Reviews
Rating Legend: (4=Dont miss, 3=Good, 2=Worth a look,
1=Forget it)
Music at Bryant Square Park
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6:30 pm
More than 200 free concerts take place in Minneapolis parks
throughout the summer and feature something for every musical
taste, including Jazz, Big Band, Folk, Rock, Indie, Bluegrass, Classical
and more. Performers range from solo artists to full orchestras and
everything in between. Visit for
complete concert listings or weather-related notices. Schedule is
subject to change.
3 Dolce Vita Jazz Jazz Standards and Originals
5 Calhoun-Isles Community Band Jazz/Marches/Showtunes
10 Calhoun Brass CPremier Twin Cities Brass Quintet
12 the Flemming Fold High Quality Family Music Group
17 Capri Big Band Premier Big Band Jazz
19 Harmonic relief show Choir Music with Choreography and Staging
24 Yo Jimbo Jazz Classic Improvisational Jazz
26 to Be Announced Great Local Music
31 nordic surf Four man Instrumental Band
Movies at Local Parks
Movies start 15 minutes after sunset
6 Lake Harriet Bandshell Breakfast at Tiffanys
9 painter park rango
13 Lake Harriet Bandshell Willow
20 Lake Harriet Bandshell The Sound of Music
27 Lake Harriet Bandshell the sixth sense
Committee Reports
Tree Task Force
Nancy Ward and Les Westendorp,
ECCO Tree Task Force presented
findings about their research on the
Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). The
Task Force would like to partner
with other neighborhoods to create
a collective voice and ask the Park
Board to develop a plan for dealing
with the EAB. The Task Force pre-
sented information on an injected
chemical treatment. The ECCO
Board asked to review any com-
munication prior to its being sent
to other neighborhood groups. The
tree treatment grant program was
unanimously renewed for 2012 with
the same scope as last year.
Social Committee
Stellas Fish Caf is interested in
partnering with us to promote a
fundraiser for Joyce Food Shelf.
Labor Day Celebration planning is
underway. No one has volunteered
to build a boat for the Milk Car-
ton Boat Races so the plan has been
Livability Committee
Amore Victoria opened their roof-
top patio late last summer. They
are seeking a permit for a waiting
area on the rooftop. The Board has
a concern about parking issues and
asked that Amore Victoria address
this issue before offering support on
behalf of the waiting area. Amore
Victoria is also interested in extend-
ing their rooftop hours until 10 pm
on weekdays and 11 pm on week-
ends. The Livability Committee is
contacting surrounding neighbors to
get feedback about this request.
The committee met with Nick
Walton, Reuter Walton Construc-
tion (developer of 1800 Lake, the
new apartments at Lake and Knox)
regarding a possible project at 3000
James Ave (James and Lake). A
six-story apartment building with
60 units would replace the homes
at 1711 West Lake Street and 3000,
3004 and 3008 James Avenue. Board
members were concerned about
the height violating the Shoreland
Overlay District. Mr. Walton will
be invited to the July ECCO Board
UNN Melissa Slachetka has been
hired as an Assistant Editor. Melissa
will assume editor responsibilities
upon retirement of Phyllis Sten-
erson. Harry Savage will take on
some of the ad rep responsibilities
for UNN. UNN will continue to
advertise for additional Ad Rep con-
Green Team has three upcoming
events: Rain Garden Workshop on
June 9, waste reduction efforts at the
Nature Valley bike race on June 15
and Storm Drainage Stenciling Proj-
ect on June 16. The City is holding a
Recycling Information Meeting at
Kenwood Park, 7 pm on June 21st.
Next meeting
The next meeting of the ECCO
Board will be Thursday, July 5, 7:00
pm at St. Marys Greek Orthodox
The meeting was adjourned at 9:55
1986 through 2012 by Wendy
Schadewald. The preceding films were
reviewed by Wendy Schadewald, who
has been a Twin Cities film critic since
1986. To see more of her film reviews
eCCo from 10
Beasts of the Southern
Wild (Pg-13) (3.5)
[Thematic material, including
child imperilment, some dis-
turbing images, language, and
brief sensuality.] [Opens July
13] Mysterious prehistoric
aurochs beasts and stunning per-
formances highlight this beau-
tifully photographed, unusual,
creative, heartbreaking, critically
acclaimed film, which is adapted
from Lucy Alibars play Juicy
and Delicious, about a spunky,
impoverished, wise 6-year-old
girl (Quvenzhan Wallis) who
faces incredible hardships in
Louisiana while surviving her
water logged, ever-changing
environment in the Bathtub
region of the southern Missis-
sippi Delta as her stern, boozing
father (Dwight Henry) becomes
very sick and she desperately
searches for her clueless, absen-
tee mother.
The Magic of Belle isle
(Pg) (2.5)
[Mild thematic elements and
language, including some sug-
gestive comments.] [Opens July
13] Rob Reiner directs this
charming, family-family, com-
ing-of-age, star-dotted (Fred
Willard and Kenan Thomp-
son) film in which an inquisi-
tive, smart young girl (Emma
Fuhrmann), who lives with her
divorced mother (Virginia Mad-
sen) and two sisters (Madeline
Carroll and Nicolette Pierini)
in a small lakeside community,
inadvertently becomes the inspi-
ration for a cranky, hard-drink-
ing, wheelchair-bound, Western
novelist (Morgan Freeman) with
writers block when she asks him
to mentor her about using her
imagination to write.
People like Us (Pg-13) (3)
[Language, some drug use, and
brief sexuality.] A touching,
well-acted, factually inspired,
star-dotted (Philip Baker Hall,
Mark Duplass, and Barbara
Eve Harris) film in which a
smooth-talking, wheeler-dealer,
New York corporate barterer
(Chris Pine), who along with
his greedy boss (Jon Favreau) is
in trouble with the FTC, heads
to Los Angeles with his girl-
friend (Olivia Wilde) to support
his distraught mother (Michelle
Pfeiffer) after the death of his
estranged music producer father
and then is shocked to learn
that he has a down-on-her-luck,
bartending sister (Elizabeth
Banks) who is raising a lonely,
smart, troubled, 11-year-old son
(Michael Hall DAddario).
Polisse (NR) (2.5)
[Subtitled] A gritty, down-to-
earth, factually based, 127-min-
ute, 2011 film about the daily
tribulations of an eclectic group
of French police officers (Kar-
ole Rocher, Joey Starr, Marina
Fois, Nicolas Duvauchelle,
Karin Viard, Frdric Pierrot,
Emmanuelle Bercot, Jrmie
Elkam, Wladimir Yordanoff,
et al.) and a police photographer
(Mawenn) as they investigate
and document the physical and
sexual abuse of minors (Malonn
Lvana, Joseph Crhange, et al.)
in Paris and their attackers.
Take This Waltz (R) (2)
[Language, some strong sexual
content, and graphic nudity.]
A lackluster, contrived indie
film about the mundane 5-year
marriage that begins to unravel
when a bored, wannabe writer
(Michelle Williams), who is mar-
ried to a regimented author (Seth
Rogen) of chicken cook books in
Toronto, finds herself attracted to
a handsome, free-spirited, neigh-
borhood artist (Luke Kirby) she
meets while on a trip to Nova

Uptown neighborhood news JuLY 2012

community events calendar
(Editors Note: We will run community event
listings every month on this page. Contact to submit your
event information by the 15th of each month
to be included in the next issue.)
soCrAtes CAFe
Dunn Brothers - 7:30pm
3348 Hennepin Ave. 612.822.3292
The Socrates Cafe is an open meeting.
The evening is spent discussing a short
list of questions of philosophy that range
all over the map from self identity, capi-
tal punishment, perception and anything
else in between. Bring your questions and
prepare to engage your mind.
reCent AQUIsItIons
Douglas Flanders Art Gallery
910 Lake St. 651.213.2662
Recent Aquisitions is an eclectic mix
of subjects, styles and mediums, with
new and exciting works by various local,
national and international artists. Theres
something for everyone with styles
ranging from Photo Realism to Abstract
Expressionism and everything in between.
Gallery hours of Operation are Tuesday-
Saturday 11am-6pm or by appointment.
tHe sAUCe: ComeDY sHow
& mUsIC
Cause Spirits & Sound Bar - 8pm
3001 Lyndale Ave. 612.822.6000
Cause presents The Sauce: Comedy Show
& Music w/ Courtney McClean & The Dirty
Curls: A FREE show for 21+ ages.
reD, wHIte & Boom!
Minneapolis Park
& Recreation Board
Minneapolis Riverfront 612.30.6400
Come celebrate the Fourth of July with
Fireworks on the Minneapolis Riverfront.
This event is funded by private donations
from property owners, businesses, retail-
ers, food and beverage establishments,
residential communities, loft and condo-
minium associations and property man-
agement companies located or doing
business in the Minneapolis Riverfront
DJ rYAn oLCott
Barbette - 10pm
1600 W. Lake St. 612.827.5710
Local producer and songwriter Ryan Olcott
will DJ an anthological review of the music
hes written and produced in Minneapolis
from the early 90s up through now. You
can expect to hear the favorites, remixes,
demos and deep cuts from his groups
Mystery Palace, 12Rods, FoodTeam, Future
Wives, etc., as well as productions for other
groups such as Solid Gold, Claps, All Tiny
Creatures, etc. Come enjoy this rare event
featuring a one of a kind musician.
nALAH AnD tHe pInK
tIGer pUppet sHow
Walker Library - 3pm
2880 Hennepin Ave. 952.847.8400
For kids entering preschool-grade 5. When
a pink tiger follows her home from the
zoo, Nalah gets into big trouble! This lively
puppet show features accordion music
and handmade instruments. Sponsored
by MELSA (Metropolitan Library Service
Agency) and funded by the Friends of the
Hennepin County Library.
Thomas Beach - 10am-4pm
Lake Calhoun 612.338.0634
The Aquatennial Beach Bash at Thomas
Beach, Lake Calhoun includes special
events such as the Milk Carton Boat Races
and a Sandcastle Competition. Registra-
tion is available at
Milk Carton Boat Races Schedule: - 10am:
Commodores Race: ages 19 and over -
11am: Skippers Race: cow theme race to
design a bovine boat - Noon: Lieutenants
Race: ages 12 and under - 1 pm: Admirals
Race: race with a minimum of 5 crew
members - 2pm: The Best Days of Summer
Race: have fun and get creative! The more
milk cartons the better - 3pm: Celebrat-
ing 73 Years Race: watch as the Aquaten-
nial races against the Saint Paul Winter
Carnival in this annual tradition. - 3:30pm:
Awards Ceremony.
Barbette - 3pm-10pm
1600 W. Lake St. 612.827.5710
The free block party will take place rain or
shine on Sunday, July 15 from 3pm-10pm
outside at Barbette. Featuring entertain-
ment by Astronautalis, Peter Wolf Crier,
Hey Kids!
The UNN is Giving Away . . .
A Secret Surprise!
RULES: The first 20 kids to find this cow on
another page in this paper and email the
location to us will win!
Register for the Fifteens 5K on Sunday, August 12 and get more than just a fun run.
Fifteens 5K is presented by Minnesota Twins relief
pitcher Glen Perkins and his wife Alisha to beneft
the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Join Glen, Alisha and
Minnesota Twins players for a great race and a game
at Target Field! The 5K will start near the Metrodome
and end at Target Field, where Twins players will
hand out fnisher medals.
Participants receive a Fifteens 5K shirt and a ticket
to watch the Twins take on the Tampa Bay Rays,
August 10-12. Prizes signed by Minnesota Twins
players will be randomly given away at the fnish line!
Register by July 13 to guarantee a Twins game ticket
with your race.
Visit for more information.
Email your answer to
A. Wolf & Her Claws, Prissy Clerks, Sleep
Study, Patty & the Buttons, The Brass Mes-
sengers, MC Foxy Tann, Epitome No Ques-
tion, Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask
Theater, Familia Skateshop, Ed Daniels Jug-
gler Extraordinaire, Infiammati Fire Circus
and Great Expectorations: A Wine-Soaked
Spit-acular! The wine-spitting contest will
be held at 3:40pm and 4:30pm. A portion
of the event proceeds will benefit People
Serving People. The organization provides
emergency shelter to 99 homeless families
every night in Hennepin County. Located
in Downtown Minneapolis, this 10-story
building is essentially a hotel whose pri-
mary form of hospitality comes in helping
families to overcome homelessness. The
heart and soul of People Serving Peoples
work is the time spent on strengthening
the futures of the 200+ children at the
shelter every day through early child-
hood education, healthy meals, volun-
teer readers and tutors, healthcare, family
activities, school transportation, and sta-
bilization of family life. More info at www.
popCYCLe AnD AnnIe
enneKInG AnD tHe BAnG BAnG
Bryant Lake Bowl - 9pm
810 W. Lake St. 612.825.8949
A pop-rock extravaganza! With its jangly
blend of pop, rock and country, Popcycle
has been providing ear candy to music
lovers in the Twin Cities and beyond for
nearly two decades. Highly regarded for
its well-crafted songs, tight harmonies
and punctuality, Popcycle is primed to
take the BLB stage and deliver a solid
set of fun, adult rock & roll. Annie Ennek-
ing and the Bang Bang play mischievous,
lyrically driven artrockpop. The stories are
intimate, the tunes catchy, the vibe late
sixties but with fewer drugs. Interests are:
songs that last three minutes; dances your
parents did; things that go bump in the
night; pliers, whiskey, and that bum tooth
of yours. Tix: $6.