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Curriculum vitae Markus Gierszewski

Highly motivated, adaptable and responsible researcher, nearing completion of PhD. Seeking an entry position in a managerial role which will utilise the organisational and communication skills I developed through my involvement in R&D projects and enable me to become a global business leader. During my research I successfully combined my ability to build relationships and manage people showing myself to be selfmotivated, organised and capable of working under pressure. I have a clear, logical mind with a practical approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion. I enjoy working on my own initiative and in a team. In short, I am reliable, trustworthy, hardworking and eager to learn and have a genuine interest in improving processes.

Professional Experience
2010today PhD candidate at PRISM2 , University of Birmingham, School of Metallurgy and Materials. Technical leader of an industrial R&D project in collaboration with Rolls Royce plc and the AFRC. Main objective was to develop FEM modelling capability of turbine blade forging. Fundamental research conducted on the inuence of glass coating on friction and heat transfer during forging. Pioneering in the application of a double cup extrusion test in hot forging. Managerial tasks included liaising with multiple internal and external project share- and stakeholders. Lead technical presenter at project review meeting; research presented at international conference in Japan. Consultant at ProIng Production Consulting. ProIng was the main project management oce for a tendering consortium to deliver a manufacturing concept for aircraft assembly in Russia. My role involved process planning and development of a logistic layout for the plant, analysing of fabrication concepts and benchmarking state of the art manufacturing capabilities. International Project Manager at SSB Wind Systems. I was responsible for the intercompany processes between the German headquarter and the Chinese plant. My main task was re ghting a sourcing shortage of cables for control units of wind turbines at the Chinese plant. I successfully established a good relationship to a key supplier and implemented a supply chain for the Chinese plant, by organizing a switch over of supply from Germany to local sourcing in China. My task involved leading a global team in Germany and China and liaising with suppliers in both countries. Research assistant at Institut f r Integrierte Produktion Hannover (IPH). u I assisted Dr Malte Stonis in his research, where my main duty was to simulate a multidirectional precision forging process of aluminium by means of numerical modelling. The overall aim of the project was to determine a process analogy ensuring optimised material ow for die lling. I developed and analysed process simulations in Forge 3 and ProE. I was self-reliant in my work, with minimum guidance, leading another research assistant in the project.




20032008 Dipl.Wi-Ing in Industrial Engineering, University of Applied Science and Arts Hannover, Germany. Graduated with an overall B. Major in Mechanical Engineering and Technical Sales. First class for nal year project. Project focused on a supply strategy and evaluation of the market for a new Biokerosene company. I successfully detected the most economical feedstock, created a cost model of the process and monitored the risk of price variation of feedstock. 20072008 BSc (Hons) in Engineering Technology Management, University of Glamorgan, Wales. Scholar of the ERASMUS Programme. Graduated with an Upper Second Class Honours. 20012003 University of applied sciences entrance diploma, BBS Bassgeige in Goslar, Germany. A levels obtained in Mechanics, Maths, English and German.

Extracurricular Activity
University council Department & Exam. board School President One term as elected student representative in the highest body of the University of Applied Science and Arts Hannover. Two terms elected student representative in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. I initiated a restructuring of the examination process, which included the introduction of evaluation methods. I was elected president of the school in my nal year at the technical college and responsible for organising the prom.

Communication Condent presentation skills delivered to higher management level, project sponsors and at international conferences. Proven ability to ensure suitable and ecient communication between several project partners with dierent cultural and language backgrounds. Strong moderation skills with a clear problem-solving focus. Management Team Computer Strong organisational skills with the ability to meet multiple deadlines. Structured working style with an independent professional working manner. Eective team player and easy to get along with. Natural leadership ability with high integrity as team member. Microsoft Oce 2010, Ms Project 2007, Forge 3 & Deform (FEM), C, Fortran, Latex.

German English Polish Native Fluent Mother tongue

Personal Interest
Travelling I am passionate about travelling in my spare time. I enjoy the enriching experience of dierent cultures. Countries I have travelled to so far include Russia, USA, China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. I read intensively, but rarely only for pleasure. The last dozen books I read were political biographies, which help me to understand the historic context of current aairs. As an Undergrad, I used to play Squash and enjoyed Inline Skating. I hope to intensify my eorts in these elds after my PhD.

Reading Sport