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Feedback on 2012 RITES report on Implementation of Commuter Rail System for Bangalore
Approach and Objective
Pursuant to DULTs request for review of the RITES report on Implementation of Commuter Rail System for Bangalore, the report was made available for public on PRAJAs online platform . This report has been available for public review and comments since June 22, 2012. The deadline for submission of comments and suggestion is June 30, 2012. Since then,, members has reviewed the RITES report in its entirety and has made many comments as well as suggestions. In addition many questions have been raised against this report. All these have been collected and presented here for DULTs perusal and further action.

High level Impression of the Report

PRAJA would like to thank RITES and DULT for bringing out this well written document making a strong case for Commuter Rail Service (CRS)in Bangalore. PRAJA welcomes RITES recommendation for implementing CRS in Bangalore in its enterity: o Connecting Bangalore with Mandya, Ramanagaram, Tumkur, Nelamangala, Doddaballpur, Chikballapur, Hosur, Anekal, Mlaur and Bangarpet. o Allowing CRS trains cross the city centers, not terminating at outskirts of the City o Covering 405 Km in length, 70-100 Km in radius o Adding new stations o Integrating with other mass transit systems o Formation of SPV for its implementation PRAJA finds the document to be of high value with lots of data and information that didnt exist before. PRAJA recognizes and agrees with reports identification of significant infrastructural upgrades that are needed in the rail network. PRAJA fully agrees with the RITES finding that Commuter Rail (CRS) will meet an unfulfilled need. BMTC's long range Big-10 / MBS etc buses are trying, but they can't provide reliable one hour ride from far out suburbs to the central city. If Metro were to try, it would take 10 more years and would cost four times. PRAJA is in full agreement with RITES findings and recognition that CRS is the best and cheapest way to disperse growth to the outer suburbs/towns and relieve the pressure from city centers.

General Comments and Questions

No explicit suggestion/recommendation is given for specific routes of CRS operation. There is not enough information to get an idea about the CRS Train Schedule. Without explicit routes and absence of schedule information, very difficult to get an idea about the headway between the trains. Can the report be added with Time Table as an appendix? No details are given on any impact on existing train schedule due to CRS schedule? If yes what would be that impact? What is the rational for leaving fare to be decided by IR and Surcharge for BCRC? Page 1 of 6 Know.Care.Participate

The recommendation on 'Surcharge' doesn't make any sense. The total accrual due to surcharge for 33 yrs will yield only 3000 crores. As seen in MMTS case IR fare structure, which is too low and would lead to operational losses. Given the MMTS losses background, what sort of fare structure makes sense, assuming that SPV has full leeway in making those decisions? Why cant it be rationalized with the operational cost and small percentage of capital investment cost? One route which doesnt find mention in the report is Nelamangala-Kunigal which is under construction & runs parallel to NH48 to Hassan. This stretch is already dotted with no. of private industries & the working class will find CRS more useful. A proper terminal can be planned at Kunigal which is approximately 60kms from Nelamangala Not much details on last mile connectivity and integration with other modes of other transit systems.

Specific Questions and Comments

Sr. No Section / Page RITES Report Description / Topic 1 Lengths of Various Lines : The operational Constraints As the PF utilization is 42% to 71% PRAJA Comments / Feedback

5.2.2 / 43

5.2.5 / 46

5.2.5 / 46

5.2.6 / 46

5.2.8 / 48

As in case of SCR in Secunderabad, interconnectivity of PF tracks are provided for MMTS. Similar option can be explored to optimize utilization of PF tracks for Commuter Rail Yesvantpur Terminal - This is not the case as SWR already has the Land is a major constraint at YPR to land in its possession for adding pit lines develop additional pit lines. Possibility of and other infrastructure. And there is acquiring military land for Railway Casting yard for cement sleepers to be operations at YPR needs to be explored shifted and on JP Park side, SWR has unused land. Baiyyappanahalli North : The Third It is possible and SWR should be able do it Coaching Terminal with 10 pit lines, 5 on their own. stabling lines, 6 R&D lines for goods and 5 platforms Baiyyappanahalli North It is possible and SWR should be able do it This area is presently in non-signaled on their own. territory of SWR, In Railways parlance, this is almost a green field project, thus making execution easier and simpler Yelahanka : EMU Terminal It is possible and SWR should be able do it There is enough Railway Land available on their own. in YNK for developing the terminal Hejjala 4th Coaching Terminal -Railway There exists a terminal option at Land available at Hejjala at 20-21 Kms Gnanbharathi. This should be explored to from SBC build 3 PF and coaching terminal with pit lines & a maintenance yard at Hejjala

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5.3.1 / 50

5.3.1 / 50

5.3.2 / 53

Unidirectional Traffic in Mornings and Evenings In the morning long dist trains keep arriving Bangalore, during that time, down line ( BNC -SBC ) & YPR - SBC is fully occupied. During this time, trains in opposite direction are comparatively less and thus the up line is underutilized Unidirectional Traffic in Mornings and Evenings Bangalore Cant - Baiyyappanahalli block section is 6.46 Km length, this 6.46 Km block section can be converted into 3 blocks of 2 Kms each by providing automatic block signaling, Similarly KR Puram - Whitefield 9.32 Kms block section also should be converted into 4 blocks. Flyover No-4, Annexure -2 most of the 10 Trains can be terminated at YPR instead of SBC. Criss - Cross movements at YPR Table 5.9 Criss - Cross movement of Trains at YPR.

This is a perfect opening for Commuter Rail to run from SBC to ITPL, K R Puram, Baiyyappanahalli, Tumkur, Nelamangala, Chikballapur

Its possible to large extent and SWR should be able do it on their own.

Flyover is practically not possible and moreover there shouldnt be of any problem in criss-crossing. RITES has not done a proper study at YPR. This is an SWRs artificially induced criss- crossing at Platforms due to PF-6. These can be overcome by re-arranging the A&D of Intercity trains at proper PF. Needed for Operational flexibility and increase of capacity


5.3.3 / 54


5.3.3 / 54


5.3.3 / 54

13 14

5.3.4 / 55 5.3.5 / 56

Criss - Cross movements at YPR YPR - LOGH & LOGH - YNK should be provided with Twin Single Line System duly making LOGH as block station Criss - Cross movements at YPR Table 5.10 Criss - Cross movements of Trains at YPR Flyover at LOGH should also be explored in future Automatic Signaling Automatic Signaling is must to introduce commuter rail system in Bangalore Speed of Loop Lines Wherever it is not yet increased to 30 Kmphs, it should be done on top priorty Electrification and Doubling Table 5.12 Electrification and doubling projects Know.Care.Participate

This table need to be modified with proper Trains R&D at YPR to appropriate PF Not required Its possible to large extent and SWR should be able do it on their own. Its possible to large extent and SWR should be able do it on their own. Table for electrification need to be corrected Page 3 of 6


5.3.6 / 57


5.3.7 / 57


5.3.7 / 57


5.3.8 / 59


5.3.8 / 59


5.3.9 / 59


5.3.10 / 62


5.4.2 / 63


5.5 / 64


5.6 / 64


6.1 / 67


6.2 / 67


6.2 / 67

Electrification and Doubling Still number of sections needs sanction of doubling and electrification to make CRS fully electrified double lines Minimizing goods trains on Commuter Rail To the possible extent, goods trains are not normally run during commuter timings. In fact, SWR has been already adopting this strategy to some extent or other Minimizing goods trains on Commuter Rail LOGH should be made as junction station with some loop lines so that Trains from YNK need not go to YPR for engine reversal. Level Crossings - The speed Breakers of the System Table 5.14 Number of Level Crossings & TUV in CRS Quadrupling / Tripling If quadrupling not feasible due to land procedure or so, at least tripling should be done. Additional halts on CRS With automatic signaling facilitates more halts Directional Strategy for Terminating Trains Table 5.16 Directional Convenience of Terminals Rakes for Commuter Trains Table 5.17 EMU's Vs Conventional Rakes Enhancement - A continuous activity Baiyyappanahalli - Vimanpur abandoned line can also be restored for running commuter Rail Airport Connectivity By extending 5 -6 Kms, CRS system can be Connected to the Airport Airport Connectivity By extending 5 -6 Kms, CRS system can be Connected to the Airport. Assuming that around 50% of the line will be at Grade and another 50% will be elevated that system would cost around Know.Care.Participate

Its possible to large extent and SWR should be able do it on their own.

This is not followed in SWR Bangalore division specifically on YPR - Banaswadi - Baiyyappanahalli & Yelahanaka - KR Puram

Its possible to large extent and SWR should be able do it on their own.

51 / 139 Level crossings should be given top most priority by GoK & Complete the existing ROB or RUB's on priority Its possible for Tripling of the Lines, Whitefield - Bangarpet, YPR - Tumkur can be quadrupling can be done Agree

Needs Clarification

Its possible to large extent and SWR should be able accomplish this with the help of GOK. ROB is needed at Old Madras Road

Hyderabad MMTS Phase-II provides rail link to Airport should serve as an example. Need to know how the figure of 800 Crore was arrived?

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800 Crore to provide the connectivity 28 7.6 / 69 Land for various ROB's / RUB's construction ROB works held up at Baiyyappanhalli - Krishnarjapuram areas and near Military gate at Yesvantpur Land for expansion of rail network to new geographical areas Land is said to have been already earmarked in master plan for ring rail adjacent to outer ring road Bangalore Master Plan : Land for Railway use As HMDA earmarked for future Railway passenger terminal at Manoharabad, Edulangulapall, Ravulapalli, Timmapur, Bhongri Bridging Suburban Demand Supply Gap Table 8.11 , CBP - YNK present services is only 3 Phasing philosophy Annexure - 5 , only 13 Pairs of Trains can be replaced with DEMU / MEMU / EMU Rakes Phase -1A Presently 28 pairs of Trains are serving Bangalore Commuters Phase 1A Agree






BDA should actively involve SWR to identify future land requirements for Railway use


8.4 / 79

There is scope to increase the frequency to 6 Total Rake requirement will be : DEMU - 06 and MEMU - 05


9.1 / 80


9.2.1 / 82

Only 13 Pairs of Trains run within CRS area and they can be converted into DEMU /MEMU Non electrified sections YPR - BYPL - HSRA, SBC - YPR - TK, YPR - YNK - CBP need electrification. BYPL - HSRA, Chikbanavar - Tumkur, YNK - CBP Its not clear what enhancements are required at SBC yard. Not needed


9.2.1 / 84


9.2.3 / 87


9.3.1 / 87


9.5.1 / 88

Phase 1B Some more enhancement should be done to SBC yard Phase 2, Activities under this phase 1 flyover at YPR ( Connecting HEB / YPR side to TK side Extension of activity

Chikbanavar - Nelemangala line to be extended upto Kunigal is not included in the project

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9.5.1 / 88

Chikbanavar - Nelemangala line upto Soladevanahalli . Line seggregated at Chikbanavar and runs seperatly till soladevanahlli. Additional Halts Suggested by voluntary Organization Phase wise cost Estimates 2 e - Developing additional halt stations Phase wise cost Estimates

Soladevanahhali should be made as junction station with some loop lines so that Trains from YPR can run upto Soladevanahalli , This will add 3rd line from Chikbanavar to Soladvenahalli of 3 Kms Only 45 new stations are needed not 70 as given in the report. only 45 should be considered, 450 Crore Figure needs to justified. 1A h, 1A I, 1A j, 1B d, 2 c need to be corrected .


Annexure -3


Annexure - 6


Annexure- 6

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