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Whether you intend to replace the countertop, the cabinets as well, or completel y remodel, a professional design company can

make your project run more smoothly . you'll find caring well trained staff that know their business.. In the hands o f a These Professionals you can rest assured that your project will receive the careful attention it deserves. Another important sign of quality is the symbol of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) This symbol indicates integrity, dependability, good workman ship, quality products and reliable service. Member firms adhere to high standar ds in the kitchen and bath industry. They'll help you use space, small or large to your best advantage. The Kitchen Emporium is a member in good standing. Our f irst and foremost concern is that the client receives good service. The NKBA is an international organization serving the needs of the residential K itchen and Bath Industry. Founded in 1963 the Association today is comprised of retail kitchen and bath specialists. Supportive members include other trade asso ciations, educational and financial institutions, utilities and publications. What is a CKD and a CBD A certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) & Bath Designer (CBD) is a professional who i s qualified by education and experience to research, design, plan and supervise the installation of residential style kitchens & bathrooms. The expertise of a certified designer lies in researching the personal needs of the client and designing the most functional and aesthetically pleasing arrangem ent of space. The designer is trained to plan for production line efficiency, co st and mechanical installation unique to each individual kitchen. They are also experienced in supervising the physical development of the project according to set industry standards which protect the long term investments of the client. A CKD & CBD has had to prove his or her knowledge, technical understanding and a bility to communicate ideas through a stringent examination process, conducted b y the Society of Certified Kitchen and Bath Designers, which is the licensing an d certification agency of the National Kitchen and Bath Association. He or she m ust meet these standards before being awarded the CKD & or CBD designation which assures the client that the individual is a competent kitchen and bath designer . The Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer deserves your full confidence as certifi cation is based on documented proof of knowledge, ability and experience in the design of residential kitchens and baths. Furthermore, the CKD & CBD adheres to a strict code of professional conduct whic h is outlined below. Code Of Professional Conduct The terms Certified Kitchen Designer & Certified Bath Designer stand for compete ncy, fairness and high integrity resulting from experience and adherence to high ideals of moral conduct in business relations. Members of the Society of Certified Kitchen & Bath Designers are required to con duct their professional practice in a manner commanding the respect and confiden ce of clients, suppliers and fellow professional kitchen and bath designers. Members of the Society are pledged to: Observe the highest standards of personal and professional conduct in dealing with clients. Be current and informed on matters effecting kitchen and bath design, planning a nd installation. Clearly determine and define the entire project, the services and the terms of t he agreement in writing. The CKD & CBD shall adhere to the CKD formal Code of Professional Conduct of the Society of Certified Kitchen Designers.