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OGDCL history In start the exploration activities was carried b y PPL(Pakistan petroleum limit ed).

in 1950 they drilled almost 47 well that arouses the interest in this explor ation field. So OGDCL was created under an ordinance1961 and responsibility was given to exploratory program and oil and gas sector development in Pakistan Business strategy As the leading exploration and production company in Pakistan, OGDCLs basic objec tive is to increase its reserves and production and in this way increases value for shareholders. In order to achieve this aim, the Company implementing followi ng strategies following strategies: Enhancement of Production Growth Find out Exploration Opportunities Keep low cost operation Applying International Best Practice Expand the operation in all over the country Operations Explorations(oil and gas in Pakistan ) Drilling operation service Production Process and plant OGDCL goals Financials Financials goals are to reduce cost and expand operation and maximize shareholde r wealth Customer management Enhance quality of services to customers and meet social responsibilities effect ively which are arising from business operations. Learning opportunities and growth Providing such environment and facilities to workforce that enhance their exposu re and learning in this regard training programs would be conducted Future outlook No today, OGDCL has achieved the benchmark position as an industry leader, GDCL is seeking across geographical boundaries for explorations. OGDCL is playing vital role in demand and supply of energy in Pakistan. The Comp any is now encountering to a more challenging area in addition, the Company is i ncreasing corporate goodwill by taking various initiatives for the advantage of the communities that OGDCL interacts with. Pakistan petroleum limited Overview It was first established as public ltd company in 1950 in which major Shareholde r Company was Burmah Oil Company (BOC) so later on it sells its share to governm ent of Pakistan so now in PPL government holds 71% shares of the company. Ppl is the pioneer in natural gas industry and now is contributing 20% to total natural gas of country other than besides producing crude oil, Natural Gas Liqui d and Liquefied Petroleum Gas. Business Conduct & Ethics It is a main focus of Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) to conduct its business w ith honesty, integrity and in corresponds with the highest ethical and legal sta ndards. The company has implemented comprehensive Codes of Business Conduct and Ethics .The codes facilitate employees to tackle situation that are against of e thical codes Exploration Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL)is cordially working on exploration programmes The company is investing lot of amount in technology and human resource to incr ease competencies. , the companys exploration strategy is emphasizing on evaluating areas for direct participation and pursuing various opportunities. Recently , PPL has 34 exploration blocks in Pakistan, among which company operat

es 19 while the remaining 15 are operated by joint venture partners.

Production Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) is handling producing fields in Sui, Kandhkot, Adhi, Mazarani, Chachar and Hala the first two are completely governed by PPL . Daily gas production from PPL- encounters for 25 percent of the countrys total g as production. The companys major clients includes Sui Southern Gas Company Limit ed (SSGCL), Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) and Water and Power Devel opment Authority. Corporate communication In a highly globalized and competitive corporate environment trends and requirem ents, Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) trying to remain as frontline player by h ighly effective communication system. That involves sharing vales across the company and to providing facilities that enhance communication among stakeholders. Communication therefore remains a important component across PPL, collecting da ta from different areas and helping departments and packaging it various target audiences within and outside the company.