Gyroscopic Astrology Synopsis "Gyroscopic Astrology" provides a synergy of Astrology and Dr Steiners views.

This method offers an organisational doorway, where the principles of Astrology help interpret Steiner effectively, for the benefit of both. This synopsis of chapters is a compilation of most of the chapters from the four books available on this site. They are organised in such a way as to provide a sequential journey through this material. ASTROLOGICAL SCIENCE Introduction Establishing the basic laws of creation An brief introduction to Steiner and how Steiner extended the works of Goethe. Steiner described the world through what he called two-fold, three-fold, four-fold, seven-fold and twelve fold processes. The author describes how Astrology is built upon the same patterns. The basic 'formula' is introduced, and is shown to be built firstly upon a structure of astronomical principles and then upon Astrological principles. This structure is further developed (and continues to develop) as an overview of a universal theorem, which in conjunction with Steiners indications, can be applied very practically to all of life. CHAPTER 1: Astronomical Pictures One of the basic assertions of the book is that there is an archetypal order upon which all things arrange themselves. Once this order is identified and understood then life processes can be approached in a harmonious and realistic manner. For this to be so then the order can be seen at all stages of existence. Several photographs from the Hubble Telescope show the electromagnetic shape of a galaxy. This provides us with the form of a double vortex and the horizontal plane. Further photographs/pictures show how the horizontal plane develops into a lemniscate (or figure 8) along the horizontal plane. A summary of these forms indentifies: the vertical and horizontal axis, the double vortex and single vortex form, how matter and energy moves down the vertical axis to the centre and back out along the horizontal plane, how matter organises along the horizontal plane according to the electromagnetic fields of the gyroscope and there's a lemniscate pulse which can be observed on the horizontal plane which also organises itself into this Torus form. 8 Pictures and Diagrams CHAPTER 2: What's There We begin the journey through the Astrological theorem with the practical realities of our environment. We start with the immediate environment first. We look at the earth, then the atmosphere and how it developed through the life processes, beginning with green algae and development of free oxygen in the environment. Then the solar system and Bode's law and how the planets organise themselves according to the electromagnetic resonance of the solar system. Then the galaxy. Looking at the various shapes and order that is present within the galaxy. 5 Diagrams

CHAPTER 3: Spiral of Life

Look at the galactic form. There is a double vortex with a horizontal plane - look at the various shapes which we see in our solar system and our galaxy and how this brings us to the vortex of how the galaxy, solar system, atmosphere, earth and polarity basically sit on top of one another in the shape of a vortex. 5 Diagrams CHAPTER 4: Spirals and Vortices How we look at this gyroscopic big apple/onion form. How this is the overall basis by which order structures itself We look at the various levels of the galaxy based creation and how this is imaged also in the astrological model with the zodiac, planets, elements, modes and polarities. The astrological model as a universal theorem is introduced for the first time. 3 Diagrams CHAPTER 5: Universal Theorem, the 1-3-fold Layers "As above So below" is imaged in the double vortex of the macrocosmic manifestations and the microcosmic manifestations as lead in before exploring the parts. The Levels of the Spiral are explained: Level 1: unity. Level 2: the basic process of Polarity we see in mythology, psychology (anima, animus etc). We outline how in a cell for example we see 'singularity' beginning to move thus starting to create a pulsing lemnisacte form which eventually develops into two individual spirals. Also we see this polarity functioning between sun and earth, between cosmic and terrestrial, force and substance activities taking place. Level 3: how the two-fold polarity becomes the thesis/synthesis/antithesis process in the cardinal, mutable and fixed of astrology and how these are basic laws. 3 Diagrams CHAPTER 6: The Elements, the 4-fold Layer How 3 fold becomes 4 fold. Seeing the Macro and Micro polarity laws The macro-polarity between the male elements of fire and air and the female elements of water and earth. The micro-polarity which shows up between the fire and earth elements, and the air and water elements is also identified. 4 Diagrams CHAPTER 7: The Solar System, the 7-fold Layer How the 4-fold moves into the 7 fold When the planets are arranged according to the length of their 'sun' cycles an order is discovered which provides a macro and micro polarity structure. The micro-polarities which show up between the inner and outer planets e.g. between Moon-Saturn, Jupiter-Mercury and Mars-Venus with the Sun acting in a harmonising position here. 2 Diagrams CHAPTER 8: The Galaxy, the 12-fold Layer The Zodiac and the 12-fold structure. A brief discussion on the equal and unequal divisions of the zodiac which are found in astrology. The Internal relationships of the zodiac based on the earlier laws work into the zodiac. Each previous law provides useful insights on how the zodiac 'works' as a practical theorem for life. The 2-fold law divides the zodiac in the positive and negative signs. Organised according to the planets 7fold- we have an order forming of the zodiac. The three-fold and four-fold laws are found to be replicated automatically in this order. Several further basic laws of organization are outlined by this action.

Thus we conclude "For such order to be expressed in this final stage, all earlier relationships and conclusions about the theorem must also be correct." 5 Diagrams CHAPTER 9: Archetype to Manifestation A question arises that the zodiacal pattern we have established in the Astrological Model is not the same as that found in the 'manifest' zodiac we find in the sky. Here we find the connection and further 'laws' we can use later. The essential difference between the archetypal and manifest zodiacs. The journey from the zodiac structure which comes out of the Astrological vortex to the process it goes through to show us the zodiac that is in the sky. Two zodiacs are identified here: the Aries to Pisces zodiac, and the Cancer to Leo zodiac. This concept is innovative and opens up further doors for exploration which are answered in Spiral Astrology. 6 Diagrams THE BIODYNAMIC WORLD VIEW CHAPTER 10: Evolution on a Pinhead Gives a brief intro to the agricultural lectures and Steiner's work outlining essential understandings of his picture of evolutionary cycles. A brief intro into the spiritual bodies and how life is a manifestation of the macrocosmic bodies of the Galaxy, Solar System, atmosphere and Earth, incarnating through the enfolding of the bodies into manifest form. 3 Diagrams CHAPTER 11: The Big Picture The structure that Steiner outlines in "Occult Science" of the three levels of 'spiritual' manifestation he sees. The Cosmic spheres of activity in creation from the Galaxy outwards into space The World spheres we identify more locally as our Sun, the Planetary spheres, the Atmosphere and the Earth. The personal bodies that we see manifest in the four kingdoms of nature. An overview of Steiners internalised spiritual stages of consciousness and how they relate to the various planetary realms. 2 diagrams CHAPTER 12: The "Creations Layer Cake" Here we combine the previous chapters contents and place it pictorially on the physical structures of our environment Using the large 12-fold picture of creation - an explanation of how each sphere or layer of creation is connected to the others. 3 diagrams CHAPTER 13: The Physical and Macro-carriers of the Bodies. Looking more deeply into the spiritual bodies, where they are seated and how they function and manifest. Each body - the physical, etheric, astral and spiritual bodies. 5 diagrams CHAPTER 14: The Spiritual Bodies and the Kingdoms of Nature. A Look at how the 4 bodies are entwined in each of the Kingdoms of nature using colour diagrams for further clarification. 6 full colour diagrams CHAPTER 15: The Creative Formative Forces Looking at how the Earth is in the middle of streams of forces carried on the 'beams' coming from the stars

and made more complex each time these beams come through one of the dimensions - eg solar system on its journey to the Earth. 2 diagrams SPIRAL ASTROLOGY INTRO on Glen's approach to astrology. This section explores HOW we use astrology in an appropriate manner. CHAPTER 16: What is Astrology Defining the difference between Astronomy and Astrology: Some reintroductions to the basic structure of things - may be unneccessary Astronomy is the science of whats there. Astrology is the science of the interplay between all cosmic phenomena and their corresponding significance for, and influence on life on Earth. A discussion of the difference between astronomy and astrology. A brief history of astrology. ( not necessary) 6 Diagrams CHAPTER 17: Archetypal and Subjective Realities 2 fold in practice - Presenting the difference between a Subjective and Objective reality What is the difference between the real subjective experience of reality and how this corresponds to the archetypal reality, that we have established in the astrological vortex. We begin to develop the concept of the duality between archetypal principles and the subjective manifest life. This duality manifests as the polarity between spirit and matter which becomes a central theme through this whole book. 1 Diagram CHAPTER 18: What is the Birth Chart? A look at the physical birth chart used in modern western Astrology and ask what is it Astronomically and establish the 'law' "The astrological application of any method is described by its relationship to the astronomical reality." The Birth Chart is an earth-bound reality as opposed to a cosmic reality that we see in the heliocentric chart. What is the meaning of the Birth chart, The death chart Steiner's ideas of what happens after death: the path the individual follows after death and then where the natal chart sits in that process and what this chart is telling us. An innovative and objective, logical view of the birth chart which allows us to clearly identify the difference between the geocentric and the heliocentric birth charts. 4 Diagrams CHAPTER 19: The Question of the Zodiacs The tropical and sidereal zodiacs in detail. The polarity between spirit and matter evident in these zodiacs is identified. A essay on the evolution of consciousness as imaged in our movement away from the constellations to a Sign based Astrology. 1 Diagrams CHAPTER 20: Equinoctial and Seasonal Zodiacs A further development of the chapter at the end of Astrological Science We identified are the Equinoctial ( Cancer > Leo ) and Seasonal (Aries > Pisces) zodiacs as the archetypal and manifest zodiacs. Then explore the Equinoctial Zodiac as the zodiac of the Precession of the Equinoxes and thus the great ages of evolution Also how the Moon nodes relate to this

What are the 'Houses' of Astrology in regard to the above. 7 Diagrams CHAPTER 21: What Should We Use? Pulling together the previous info on what is the birth chart and therefore where is it applicable. What is the heliocentric? We establish a polarity between the Spiritual and Material charts An example using Monica Lewinsky's chart. How the spiritual bodies relate to these charts. How to link the macrocosm (universe) and the microcosm (yourself) and understand the planets' influences as they manifests as sub-personalities (your internal "beasts" and angels") The Angel and the Beast. The 10-fold path of Buddhism for taming the beast - the journey through the Astrality to Spirit which is the message of this chapter. 1 Diagram. CHAPTER 22: The Planets How the continual movement of the planets and their "interruption" of the electro-magnetic radiation from the stars and magnetic fields within the Solar System, influences the electro-magnetic reality of the Earth and hence movements in the atmosphere, and human beings living on the Earth. Patterns for understanding the Planets influence 4 ways of organizing the 7 fold planets A 10 fold organization of the planets for human psychology - each planet described A 12 fold organization of the planets for the human spiritual journey described in the terms Steiner used in "The Big Picture". This presents clear interpretations for two 'new' planets, based upon laws from the Astrological Theorem. Brief section on Other Points: The Asteroids, Nodes, Angles, 15 Diagrams CHAPTER 23: Why Persephone was Abducted An extension of the 12 fold pattern above. Myth-making about the story as to why Persephone was abducted - a question not answered adequately in mythology. 0 Diagrams CHAPTER 24: Why is it There? Why is the birth chart the way it is How do we use it. Outlining a process of developing objectivity by using the birth chart. A discussion on fate and free will… "Free will is only possible when an individual has spirit based objective perception of the Astral bodies subjective reality. Once this is achieved then the individual can make a conscious choice as to how one wishes to respond to the circumstances." How to approach Progressions and Transits is discussed 0 Diagrams CHAPTER 25: How Can This be Used Safely? How to stand in relationship to predictions of the future - what are some of the pitfalls and solutions and how we can approach this information. CHAPTER 26: Where Does Evolution Occur? Talking about the way the spiritual bodies function and the role of the Spirit in bringing objectivity to the subjective Astral based planetary realm. CHAPTER 27: Astrology and Relationships A brief overview of the main processes of synastry and composite charts - how they can be used benefically.

CHAPTER 28: Parenting as a Saturnine Pleasure How we can use astrology to understand Saturn and its role in the unfoldment of a child coming into their own responsibility through the Saturnian 7 year cycles. Outlining how to approach parenting as a process of supporting our children in being more responsible for themselves. What are the questions to ask and when? Identifying the childs growth path. CHAPTER 29: Essence Treatments Essence treatments to help gain objectivity. Introducing the Garuda Biodynamic essences based on the Bio-dynamic principles of balancing and working with the spiritual bodies. Details of the various essences Garuda has made. Also an overview of the Bach flowers and the various astrological associations to the Bach flowers based on the Author's 20 years of experience as an astrologer working with this. CHAPTER 30: Astrocartography Geo-physical astrology. How we can determine what influences will be taking place on the earth physically and work with that. 1 Diagram BIODYNAMICS DECODED: How the principles outlined in Astrological Science and Spiral Astrology can be applied to nature. INTRO Intro to RS's lectures on the agriculture course. (Incorporate this into the first Introduction?) CHAPTER 31: THE BIO-DYNAMIC MODEL A more detailed look at the 2-fold, 3-fold, 4-fold, 7-fold and 12-fold models - looking at the Bio-dynamic vortex and organizing and interpreting Steiners Agriculture course accordingly. Level 2 We see how level 2 (2 fold) functions through calcium and silica, we look at how that shows up in plant growth forms and patterning. We address a very essential and innovative understanding of the way calcium and silica works in plant growth and how this answers a major contradiction which is present in the current accepted interpretation of this part of the agriculture course. The making of 500 and 501 as preparations to work with this. Duality as it manifests in nature. 7 Diagrams Level 3 The 3 fold level we see manifesting in the physical body of forms and how Steiner talked about this manifesting in the sense system, the rhythmic system and the metabolic system. We also address an essential contradiction that is manifest between Steiners understanding of the 3 fold modes and Astrology. He orders the Nerve Sense, Rhythmic and Metabolic systems in an opposite way to that understood in Astrology regard to cardinal, fixed and mutable polarities. 6 Diagrams Level 4 (4fold) is talking about the etheric body - how this manifests in the outer environment according to the 'macro' polarity, as opposed to how it manifests in the inner environment according to the 'micro' polarity. This provides a clear outline of the way in which the spiritual bodies function and we also start to look at the four-fold pattern which shows up in the many different elements of life from the kingdom of nature, the physical bodies, the spiritual bodies, the elements, the ethers, the forces, the fruits, the chemical realm (hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon), genetics and so on. 6 Diagrams Level 5 The 7-fold - talking about how the inner polarites of (Sun) Saturn, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Venus show up in plant forms, also in the various patterns we see in metals, the organs, chakras and so-on.

We then look at the compost preparations and how they relate to the planets and the associations we can see with using those preparations essentially. We then look into plant forms and the way the planets work according to what Steiner has talked about in the Agricultural course. Some of the ways that plants are associated to the planets. 13 Diagrams Level 6 (12-fold) The zodiacs and how they organise themselves and how the 12-fold process manifests in the mineral kingdom according to the work of Haushka, in the animal kingdom according to the work of Kolisko and we look at planting by the moon using the 5 different moon rhythms. And then the human kingdom . 14 Diagrams PART 3: PROJECTING IT Chapter 32 The Overview Applications of the Biodynamic Vortex to natural life situations. Chapter 33: Bio-dynamic Plant Growth This innovative chapter brings together the different points of view of our developments with the "Great BD Contradition" (2 fold) withDr Steiner and Dr. Bernard Lievegoed (from his book { The working of the planets & the life process in Man and Earth} of 1951) and links the spiritual bodies into one overall picture of how to approach the energy patterns standing behind plant growth. Also is presented a way we can observe plant growth looking at the 2,3,4,7-fold levels as expressed in their plant forms. A process useful for establishing what the healing effects of any particular plant would be. 8 Diagrams Chapter 34: The Preparations This chapter sheds new light on the working of the preparations as controllers of the spiritual bodies as shown by the Biodynamic Vortex and Steiner and Lievegeods indications A clear interpretation of how each preparation works on the spiritual bodies is given. This perspective has not been put forward in the Bio-dynamic world before and is the basis of the Biodynamic essences produced by Garuda. It has allowed Bio-dynamics to move to a whole new level, where it has never been before. 3 Diagrams Chapter 35: Plant Predators An outline is given on how to understand pest and disease control within the context of spiritual bodies. This provides indications for how we can approach these problems from a new way, not killing them, but by just changing the environment so that they can no longer exist within that environment. Garuda BD Essences are used to achieve this. Case Studies and Pictures are available to support this approach. Again a completely innovative approach to an age old problem. Chapter 36: Which Constellation? This chapter offers a unique approach on how to use the 3-fold and 4-fold levels of the Bio-dynamic vortex to understand the constellations of the Zodiac and how therefore which constellations is used to effect plant growth in a particular manner. This is building on the scientific work of Maria Thun of Germany. This methodology allows for very specific use of individual constellations. (Maria Thun only went so far as talking about earth, fire, water, air constellations and this chapter gives an interpretation of each of the constellations.) We then look at addressing fungal and pest diseases using this system so it allows people to choose what is the appropriate constellation for them in their agriculture. A further section can be included which details an further understanding of the constellations and plant growth based on a development of Dr Lievegeod indications - very innovative. Chapter 37: Greenhouse Gases and the Ozone Hole What the ecological chaos is doing to us physically, and the effect it will have on the interplay of spiritual

bodies and physical elements I can put a timescale on this based upon Steiners comments of evolution Chapter 38: Hydrogen: The Carrier of the Ego An article which addresses a very specific issue which has caused a lot of confusion in the 3rd lecture of the Agriculture course. It clarifies how the elements of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon work as the physical carriers of the spiritual bodies. The Author's perceptive presented here has been supported by leading Bio-dynamic writers as being correct and therefore of value. Chapter 39: Calcium, Silica and the Ethers Based upon a email conversation with Hugh Lovel (The leading BD farmer in the USA) clarifying the working of the elements of cosmic and terrestrial calcium and silica - outlined earlier in the book. Chapter 9 or 40: Thoughts on Horn Clay Clay is a substance that is discussed by other BD commentators in a singular manner. I have understood it to function in 2 distinctly different ways. I outline them according to the Biodynamic Vortex. This topic effects how we influence plant growth. Chapter 41: Genetic Engineering and the Life of BD An innovative look at the 4 processes that we see taking place through life developed upon the earthly calcium and cosmic calcium, earthly silica and cosmic silica, and how these processes can be seen in every level of life from plant growth to forms that are active in fruit such as an avocado. We look at the plant, the fruit, down to parts per cell and then to the genes within the DNA and identify which of those four genes are associated to each four processes and the four spiritual bodies, which are active in life. Introduction Astrology is a large and complex subject which takes some serious study to be understood in depth. My aim through my books is to make this journey as easy as possible. I have been journeying on this road since 1974, and along the way I have found a short cut. It is a way of seeing the bones and order of Astrological understanding upon which all the flesh of its knowledge is placed. Like a road map this book hopes to help the newcomer to this subject, chart a quick course to understanding. This journey is indeed worth the effort. Just be aware that this study may well be damaging to your existing perception of reality! In my studies I have found the work of Rudolf Steiner, who in turn extended the work of the earlier German poet and scientist W.J. von Goethe, to be a very useful addition to the Astrology found elsewhere. Goethe presented a world view in the mid 1800s which challenges the rationalistic deductionism of Bacon. He asserted that reality can be correctly perceived through the inclusion of subjective experiences of the subject studied, as well as through the objective deductionist techniques favoured by our present scientists. Goethe discovered that by rational observation of one's subject and direct experience through ones imagination and senses, a world of creative metamorphic force can be perceived in plant growth and animal development. This structure of force is what is ultimately responsible for growth and form. The physical forms we see are but the residue laid down along its pathways. Rudolf Steiner and his followers have developed and described this perception in minute detail over the last seventy years. Leaving us with a treasure chest of understandings and practical advice to be applied to agriculture and human health. Behind what Steiner outlined stands an order which he constantly referred to as 2 fold, 3 fold, 4 fold, 7 fold and 12 fold processes of organisation. Sadly he did not leave a clear patterning of these layers interreaction. You will note though that these are the same divisions used in Astrology to describe the polarity, modes, triplicities, planets and signs.

While much of Steiners (RS) information is available in various publications the student is left with a vast array of concepts which needs synthesis. My research into both Steiner and Astrology has revealed that both these subjects contain the same underlying structure. Through combining information from both, RS and particularly Biodynamics is organised and synthesised. Using this structure as a starting point rather than an end product, an overview is established which allows new information to be incorporated and utilised more efficiently. This in turn allows for firm conclusions and associations to be established. These conclusions can then be further developed using the patternings present within initial basic structure. Working with this Astrological formula and RS indications for the last 20 odd years has shown me the Astrological formula is actually the basis for a more indepth Astrological Scientific approach to working practically with many aspects of manifest life. It is due to this experience that my initial publication "Biodynamics Decoded" (1989) is now being devided up into two. The first is "Astrological Science". This is where the Astrological formula is outlined in its 'bones' form. In this work we are particularly concerned with the 'principles' of the Astrological theorum. To date this has been an ongoing journey of exploration with new developments showing themselves whenever I have the time to pursue them. This is therefore best seen as an open ended ongoing project, which will continue to be added to over time. The second part is still titled "Biodynamics Decoded". Originally the second section of the original edition, this book interprets RS Biodynamic understandings in the light of Astrological Science and allows for specific conclusions and order to be developed. This in turn acts as a basis for practical applications which can be found in "Biodynamic Essays", "Spiral Astrology" and other articles. With the Earth in such a state of disrepair, it seems timely this information should be as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.The heart of Steiner's message states that there are 'spiritual realities' we must consider in agriculture and Humans, as well as the physical phenomena of soil and climate. If we are again to find health and harmony, understanding these spiritual forces and bodies becomes the starting point for any truly sustainable system of agriculture. My experiences have shown that at the extremes of Astrological Sciences applications it may well offer techniques which revival the developments in Genetic engineering for plant control, and evolution. Rudolf Steiner outlined a perspective to achieve this in his 8 lectures on Agriculture, as well as in other lecture series. He suggested our planet is encompassed by a sea of forces, streaming from the fixed stars ( formative forces ) and mediated by the planets and our atmosphere. These formative forces go on to be influenced and mediated by the various minerals, crystals and elements of our planet. Thus impacting upon the formation and development of all life forms here. He suggested it is the working of these forces that sustains life. Bacteria and pests, are only present in any given environment, because of the combination of forces existing in that place at that time. If the balance of these forces is altered, the pests depart for a more satisfactory environment.Biodynamics aims to correctly perceive and balance these forces' activity as naturally as possible, and encourages us to act out of spiritual understandings. A word about my use of the word spiritual. I use this word in the most practical of ways. Spirit is the eternal seed which exists and sustains the greater cosmos and which enters into all life forms for periods of time. This spirits actions can be seen through its influence on external manifestations. The term 'spiritual bodies' I use in a more general sense to mean all the three bodies not seen directly with the average human eye. The spirit is not used to mean anything one believes in, or has faith in, it is something that acts into life very practically.

Astrology as a system of thought, describes the life processes of our planet and the greater solar system. The simple formula, which is the basis of Astrology outlines the structural form and laws active in the creation of all life within our Solar formation. Astrology can do this because it is based on the very organs of our environment, the elements of the earth, all the planets of the solar system and the other stars of the galaxy. This astrological model offers a timeless 'structure of correspondence' useful in cross referencing seemingly unrelated pieces of information, in a manner that helps to "enlarge the picture". One fact or idea can be associated with other known 'facts' through what can be seen as a universal theorem. Theorems allow for the explanation and comprehension of known phenomena, as well as the projection of new potentials along 'proven' associations. New frontiers can be crossed in the mind before their trial in practical arenas, which forms the ultimate 'proof' of any theorem. This process of association can be seen as a game. Like any game we must first learn the rules, and accumulate the bones of the reference system. The second part of the game is putting new information onto this structure. While the third part is the projection of the new information into practical outcomes. ( See other Garuda titles for this stage.) My publications do not attempt to be complete books of Bio-Dynamics. There are many titles that cover practical applications and information alluded to in this work, so the bibliography, can lead you to titles that expand topics only touched on here. Please follow up these sources to broaden your skills and the tools available to you. As Astrology is such a 'universal' science and comes from life so it is likely that you have many personal references from your own experiences you can relate to the overall model. The last page of this book contains a diagram of all the presented material in their allotted position. As you understand what is happeninf here add your experiences and understandings to the diagram as you go along. This work is only meant to point the way of this new development, so many of the pictures, relationships and diagrams presented here are to act as a starting point for your own contemplation. They are doorways to understanding. Often the pictures are not complete and need some of your effort to finish them off. This work does not make any pretensions to being ' scientific'; in the normal sense, if anything it is attempting to bring the 'Wisdom of the Ages' and Platonism into a modern context for the benefit of Agriculture, Humans and the health of the planet Earth. The practical work and innovations already developed from this thesis, and outlined elsewhere on this web site prove the theorums worth and validity. This reality must be addressed by any sceptics. This information is offered as a sharing of the picture and experience of order and harmony that Biodynamics and Astrology have brought to my perception of life on planet Earth. I hope you are broadened, challenged and soothed by it in the same manner that it has influenced me. ASTRONOMICAL PICTURES Establishing archetypal patterns (This page has some large diagrams so please be patient when downloading) One of the basic assertions of the Garuda Biodynamic world view is that there is an archetypal order upon which all of life arranges itself.Once this order is identified and understood then 'life processes' can be approached in a more hormonious and realistic manner. For this to be so, then the order can be seen at all stages of existence. The other articles and books presented on this site are an attempt to show how this understanding expresses itself. To find the achetypal forms of lifes' organisation we can begin our study with the largest organisational forms of our existence - the stars and galaxies we live within. The following pictures are

from the Hubble telescope operated by NASA. They provide us with Astronomical pictures of how matter and then lifefroms come into formation.

This blue picture is of a star in the constellation of Virgo.(diagram 1) The defining features of this star is that we can see that there is a clear vertical axis and the formation of a horizontal disk. This is a young star and still in a predominately gaseous form. Thus we can still see the vertical column as gases are sucked in the vertical axis and squirted out along the horizontal plane. What we are not seeing here is the Electro-Magnetic fields which are active in the formation of what we are seeing. The basis structure of these fields are indicated by the small diagram (diagram 2a). Astronomy tells us that due to the immense speeds these stars spin at (our Sun spins at approx 64,000 mph) a common feature of galaxies,stars, planets and all other things is the development of an EM field based upon the pattern shown in diagram 2. A any substance spins it develops two vortexes which begin to suck more substance to a central mass. In the case of stars this substance is hydrogen. Once the hydrogen reaches a certain point of density and pressure it ignites and begins to express or explode 'matter' outwards along its horizontal plane (See diagram 2b). As the star cools it enters into the next phase of manifestaton.

As the star cools the vertical axis becomes less visible, while the horizontal axis becomes more defined. The large picture ( a computer enhanced version of the small top right picture ) has a cut away section so we can see the details of this stage. The features to note are the double vortex in the middle (enlarged below), the small width of the first two thirds of the horizontal plane, and the bulbous quality of the outer section of the horizontal plane.

This picture is the centre of the picture above. Here we see clearly the vertical double vortex at the centre of all gyroscopic forms. The black dot in the centre is the supposed black hole at the centre of all gyroscopic stars and galaxies. In the next stage of development the vertical axis becomes invisible while the horizontal plane differentiates according to the nature of the electro-magnetic fields of that gyroscope. In the case of galaxies spiral arms develop, in stars planetary systems are formed. In our case harmony of this division is described by Bodes Law

In the early development of the horizontal plane another phenomena can be observed.

When looking at both the pictures above it can observed that the expansion of the horizontal plane appears to reach a stage where a certain boundary is reached - possibly the edge of its electromagnetic field - before it turns back in on itself. Thus creating an internal pulse based upon the form of a lemniscate.

Summary The forms we can see in these pictures are: 1) Vertical and Horizontal axis. 2) Double vortex & single vortex forms. 3) Matter and energy moves down the vertical axis to the centre and back out along the horizontal axis. 4) Matter organises along the horizontal axis according to the EM fields of the gyroscope. 5) A lemniscate pulse can be observed on the horizontal plane These forms which are the basis of the immense gyroscopic beings in which we live, can also be seen to be the basic organisational patterns of the life forms which live within them. Rudolf Steiner has provided us with the basis of seeing this script. The following pages outline the details of this hypothesis. Whats There? "... when we want to understand the plant, we must bring into question not only plant animal and human life, but the whole universe. For life comes from the whole universe not only the Earth. Nature is a unity and her forces are at work from all sides. He who can keep his mind open to the manifest workings of these forces will understand her. " R.S. Pg 70 1938 Agriculture. (1)

Astrology is ultimately a theorem developed from the reality we live in. It is therefore best to begin our journey through the theorem with the practical realities of our environment, discover the Archetypal patterning upon which this stands and then look again at manifest life. Rudolf Stainers' picture, which is not unique, presents life functioning on various levels of activity all at once. Somewhat like a multi leveled game of chess. He continually referred to the 2 fold, 3 fold, 4 fold, 7 fold and 12 fold organization of life processes. Astrology uses these same number divisions to organize information. Physically we can explore similar layers through investigating our immediate big neighborhood, which is bigger than most people might initially think.

The Environment When we grow crops we need to look at our environment. The first step is to look at the immediate physical quality of our land. The Earth. -The Physical realm

The quality of the soil meets us first, the soil drainage, nutrient status , its structure, the type of soil, sandy or clay and the water holding capacity. Is there enough water? Do we need to irrigate? Does it drain? Do we need to mulch or balance the minerals? These are all aspects of the physical environment we consider. We then consider the way light and warmth work into our soil and the garden as a whole. What is the rainfall and when does it come? These questions form the climatic level of our considerations. We look to see how our trees are planted in the environment. Does the neighbor have a big gum tree sitting in front of the garden. Are you in an urban situation or by the sea? Then we look at the wind. How strong is it, how often does it blow? Or does the wind blow unblocked from one direction? From here we look at the larger geographical picture. How are the hills arranged? How does this effect the rain, wind, light etc. ? We see this as a bigger picture and look further still to see in New Zealand we are living on a island on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. This in itself brings a certain climatic situation. We are aware of being a long island with masses of water, and a central mountain range, all of which works mostly to our advantage. The next step is to see we are part of a Planet. A large ball of mass which has a unique area around it, the atmosphere. The Atmosphere -The realm of the Elements. Our atmosphere is a wonder which should not be over looked. Its wonder lies in the fact it was created by the Earth itself over our 5 billion year history. It is from the life processes of the Earth that oxygen was initially produced and released into an environment, which would otherwise be toxic to us. The earliest form of life are the Blue Green Algae living just below the surface of the oceans. These were the first life forms to develop and produce oxygen. Their existence manifested from the interplay of the four elements of Warmth, Light, Water and the salts and minerals of the Earth found only in our atmosphere. The cosmic rays of light and heat met the earthly substance of water and salt minerals in the oceans. At the critical interface of the ocean surface the Blue Green Algae developed. From their production of oxygen over millions of years the Earth's surface eventually oxidised. Thus oxygen ceased being locked up to the same degree. Our atmosphere became rich enough in oxygen for other life forms to begin their development.

As evolution continued the animals in the oceans developed. They concentrated and released Calcium carbonate through their shells and formed the first animal proteins through combining Nitrogen to Carbohydrates. The great majority of calcium on earth, 28% of the Earth's surface, has built up from the deposits of the sea animals or deposits from other life processes of the Earth itself. Calcium does also deposit directly to the Earth as Cosmic dust from the Sun. We will see later the importance of Calcium and oxygen as the anchor on Earth of the Life giving forces.

For over 400 million years Oxygen has built up our atmosphere, which now extends up to the Ionosphere. Between the Ionosphere and the Stratosphere we have the Ozone layer. This became an important membrane around the planet, reflecting the harmful Gamma and Ultra violet radiations from the planetary and fixed star regions. These forces damage life processes. Within this sphere is the realm of the elements. It is here light, warmth and moisture dwell. Out in space it is dark and as soon as the suns radiation hits the Ionosphere light and heat are generated. These elements all live within this sphere. Looking at our Earth from the outside we can see it spins on its axis. It moves at 1000 miles per hour at the equator. It moves along a predictable path around an even bigger mass, the Sun, at a speed of 66,000mph. So we come to see the Earth is only part of a larger 'environment' the Solar system.

The Solar System - The realm of the Planets.

Astronomy tells us the Earth is more than a ball of rubble moving through space. It lives in a precise relationship to all the other planets in our environment. We have the Sun in the middle with a very concentric expansion of planetary spheres taking place. The actual planets all manifest along a horizontal plane. Nearly all are within a 5 degree arc of the sky. Pluto is the only one which has a large arc which is around 16 degrees. This is a very ordered Solar system. To quote Einstein " God creates according to mathematical law" We have the various planets lined out in an order and at distance which can be rhythmically calculated by Bodes Law. ( Diagram 2 ) This is the formula rather than a law for the placement of the planets within the solar system.

From this formula we can predict where the planets will be placed from the Sun according to Astronomical units. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were discovered using this 'Law' even though the last two are not in their exact positions. This lack of accuracy in their position still leads to the speculation there exists yet another planet Transpluto (Persephone) beyond Pluto. Neptune and Pluto's path could be seen as being interrelated, as one cycle. In our present time Pluto is closer to the Sun than Neptune. Their 500 yearly conjunctions coincide with every second time Pluto reaches its aphelion ( furthest point from the Sun ). Their cycles and effects on human psychology and history also suggest a strong interrelationship. Astronomy tells us the solar system is essentially a great big spinning top bathed in a pool of Electo magnetic field. As any one of these planets moves around within this sea of Electromagnetic force, so they push and pull all the others within this area. So as the planets move, so does the electro magnetic fields which hold matter in place. Matter moves as if it were sand in the bottom of a bottle The planets are the only moving part of our Astronomical

reality, in the small context of the length of our lives. So this becomes a very significant level of existence. Their realm is very ordered, interrelated and predictable. Pluto takes 248 years once around the circle. Neptune takes 165, Uranus takes 84 years, Saturn takes 29.5 years, Jupiter takes 12 years. Within this number series it can be seen Jupiter revolves 7 times for one Uranus cycle, 14 times for one Neptune cycle . Saturn is approximately 3 cycles for one Uranus cycle and 6 cycles for one Neptune cycle and so on. Planet Mercury Venus Earth Mars Asteroids Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto AU = Theory 4-10=0.4 3+4-10=0.7 6+4-10 =1 12+4-10= 1.6 24+4-10= 2.8 48+4-10= 5.2 96+4-10= 10 192+4-10 = 19.6 384+4-10 = 38.8 Astronomical Units Actual AU 0.4 0.7 1 1.5 2.8 5.2 9.5 19.2 30 39.5 Cycle 87.97 days 224.7 days 1 yr 1.88 yrs 4.6yrs 11.86 yrs 29.46 yrs 84.02 yrs 164.78 yrs 248.4 yrs

Diagram 2-Bodes Law As the Solar System is a giant electro-magnetic spinning field it can be seen that as the planets move in an organised harmony, any movement causes a rhythmic ripple effect which impacts upon the rest of the structure of the Solar System.

The Galaxy-The realm of the Fixed Stars The next step on our journey through our 'environment' takes us past Pluto and out into the vast distances of our Galaxy. Our Solar system, in its contained spinning motion, hurtles through space in the direction of the constellation of Hercules, at the speed of 48,000mph. We are moving around a galactic center in a motion that takes 240 million years to go once around. The Galaxy has a radius of 50,000 light years Hence here on Earth we are moving at a combined approximate velocity of 115,000 mph. ( Earth's spin - 1000 mph, Earth around the Sun -66,000 mph, Solar system around the Galaxy - 48,000 mph = 115,000 mph ) . At this speed are we being pushed onto the planet or pulled as current gravitational theory suggests? It is interesting to note that with our eyes we can only see the planets out to Saturn. When it comes to the Galaxy, the stars we see with our eyes are mostly contained within our galaxy. While they are moving slowly apart, they appear ( in our life time ) to remain in the same relationship to each other and our solar system. The Stars we see are either Suns or other systems filled with Suns generating immense amounts of radiations, constantly. These Stars form the basis of the continuous stream of cosmic forces within which we live. The galaxy is an interesting form. It is in a spiral shape with a center and two arms spiraling out. Our solar system is on one of the outer arms about 3\4 of the way out from the center.

Our Milky Way galaxy appears to be is a disc shape and is most often represented this way. What we can imagine is a flat plane spinning in space. However this is not the whole story. The Galaxy is actually a sphere shape rather than just a flat plane. We are best to start by visualizing an egg/apple shape. The flat plane we see is just where the matter coagulates. If we cut an apple in half through the middle, not top to bottom, then the Galaxy disk is on that horizontal plane. The rest of the 'Apple' are the electromagnetic force fields holding all the matter together. To go one step further it would help to imagine the inside of the Apple as an onion, with its multi layers or spheres.

Now, on the horizontal plane there are areas of matter and gaps. Sit with this awhile as it provides a start for gain a truer picture of what our galaxy actually looks like. The constellation of Sagittarius marks the direction of the center of the galaxy in the sky. If you look up in the sky towards Sagittarius you will see the bulge of stars. Our solar system spins on a different angle from the galactic plane. About 85' different. In doing so we create another inner spherical dimension within the body of the Galaxy which has the same egg/apple/onion form as the bigger structure. All we see of the Solar system are the planets lined out on a flat plane just as when we look at the Galaxy. Beyond our Galaxy we form into a 'local group of 8 galaxies', which as said to revolve around the star Alcyone in the Plaeides. This group in turn is part of a 'super cluster' of such grouped galaxies. These in turn are part of larger groupings called 'globular bundles'. These represent very big distances in space. Our local super cluster is approximately 100 million light years in diameter. The galaxies appear to be all moving away from each other. Therefore our local spiraling ordered form, our Galaxy - 100,000 light years in diameter - can be seen as the edge of our 'immediate' organized environment.

The Spiral of Life

The galaxy,s flat spiral form is the end product of a long process based upon motion. If everything in cretion was stagnant then the galaxy would no form. However creation is not stagnant. We assume an event called the Big Bang took place some 15 billion years ago and that since that time matter and gases have been propelled outwards from a combusting galactic centre. This movement causes particles to spin which in turn leads to the development of an electro-magnetic charge being developed around that particle. The spinning motion creates a pair of vortexes at the poles of the particle. Similtaneously we see the beginning of the development of the electro magnetic field. The combined process of the spinning and electromagnetic attraction leads to the accumulation of gases and matter being sucked down the vortexes and into the centre, where the primary particle exists. These cosmic substance and gas, which is mostly hydrogen and helium, builds up and condenses due to the inward sucking nature ofthe vortexes, until the hydrogen combusts. At this point matter, gases and energy are transformed and created and then squirted out along the horizontal plane of the egg/apple/onion. The matter and gases are then organised along the horizontal plane by the electro-magentic fields of the system. our Galaxy organisies it into a spiral form , while the solar system organises it into a system of concentric circles. The matter in these rings is spinning as well and accumulates into the planets we see. Wherever there is motion there is spinning, electro-magnetic fields and matter being sucked to the centre. As everything we know is in motion, we can conclude that every manifest thing will (or at least may) organise itself according to this process. Thus we can conclude that this is then an archetypal creative structure for our reality at least. Inner forms of Creation This then becomes a central premise to work from. Our creation has a basic gyroscopic structural form and a set of creative processes. From this we can observe several individual forms which make up the archetypal structure.

There is the Cosmic Egg, The Apple with its vertical vortexes and accompanying electro- magnetic fields as well as The Flat Plane which is organised in both circles and spirals.

This diagram is an adaption of one drawn by Phytagoras. It shows the onion effect well however does not have the vortex patterning coursed through the electro-magnetic fields. All of these forms in turn have inner forms which can be used as archetypal structures. Most notably the Cosmic Apple.

Here we can identify a double vortex form (on the vertical plane), which in turn can be reduced to a single vortex form.

Due to the spiralling and circling effects we have identified in the flat plane created by the electro-magnetic fields, we can deduct there to be layers manifesting within the vortexes. So we can add the layered vortex to our basic forms. In the earlier "Whats There" chapter we found that our reality is made up of living beings upon a planet, which is circled by an atmosphere, which exists within a Solar System which in turn exists within an organised galaxy. This then provides us with a picture of the layers of the vortex stretching from the Earth surface to the edge of the Galaxy.

This image provides an picture of the cosmic apple from the outside top perspective (right) and the sideways view (left). On the right we look down the vortex and onto the horizontal plane. This provides us with a picture of the activities related to the different spherical 'onion' ring harmonics as they move to the centre. This process of identifying archetypal forms, now provides us with several strucutres we can apply to various aspects of life to identify order in a seemingly endless chaos. SPIRALS & VORTEXES We live as part of a spiral galaxy, which turns on an axis, within a gyroscopic egg/apple/onion form. Recent pictures of neighbouring stars from the Hubble telescope illustrate this fact clearly. Astronomy tells us the horizontal plane that manifestation appears to collect upon see our solar system and galaxy - is a secondary manifestation of two vertically orientated vortexes. "Matter" and hydrogen are sucked into the vortexes by a suppossed black hole in the centre. After going through the 'fire' of the black hole or Sun as the case may be, it is squirted out along the horizontal. This is what we see. Within the gyroscope there are two spiral forms of note. The spiral of the horizontal plane which manifests as an expodential spiral and the vertical spirals which show up as an even spiral. These two spiral shapes show themselves in many forms of life on Earth, most notably in the two spiralling forms of sea shells. Spiralling forms are found everywhere in nature. The leaves spiral up the stems of the plants and the movement of water is through spirals, while our DNA structure also spirals. The gyroscope and its secondary form the spiral can act as special 'form keys' for understanding how life organises itself. It seems appropriate that if these are the primary sustaining structures of life from the smallest algae and DNA to the largest Galaxy then there has to be relevance in exploring the 'physics' of these forms and to use them as archetypal structures for arranging our understandings.

For our purpose - examining manifest life - it is the expodential spiral of the horizontal plane of manifestation, which holds special significance. Spirals go through several levels. We saw earlier how our creation can be seen to moves through a spiralling process. Also that each layer of this spiral is actually a 'independant' gyroscopic being in itself, expressed as the Galaxy, Solar System and Earth. This independent gyroscopic motion at different polar angles to each other, suggests each gyroscope represents independant dimensional realities. Thus moving from one layer of our archetypal vortex to the next represents a shift from one dimensional level of activity to the next. As we are dealing with a wholistic creation there is ultimately no complete separation of any layers. What we have is one large and complex activity manifesting on different dimensional levels simeltaneously. While there is constant interplay between levels in every direction, for simplicity sake it can be said that as we move up the vortex an activity present on one 'lower' level will manifest at the higher levels, however in a more complex manner. While the spiral expands through centrifugal forces, it also draws into itself through centripetal forces. The speed and height of the spiral are a manifest picture of the balancing of these to forces. Here we see a harmony between expansion and contraction in continual motion. Life is a dynamic moving interplay of force. As the nature of the force changes so the material matter will follow. Levels of theSpiral Looking at our environment we are presented with a picture of four primary spheres or levels of activity, outside of our selves. These are the Earth itself, The Atmosphere, The Solar System and The Galaxy. These levels of creation can be seen as the Macrocosmic picture of our environment and the first four levels of our spiral of life. The fifth comes when we see higher life on Earth more often than not is divided into male and female sexes. For physical creation to spark in the higher forms of life on Earth, one male and one female being still need to reproduce sexually. Each of these levels of activity - The Fixed Stars, the Planets, The Atmosphere, The Physical Earth and the Polarity of the Sexes therefore become the layers of an 'Archetypal Spiral'.

While it is OK. to see the layers as being one on top of the other. It is more appropriate to visualise the different levels as being a development of the layer before them in the same spiralling form. Observe sea shells, they have continuous lines around the spiral as well as vertical lines across the spiral. Astrology uses the same basic elements for describing reality as we find in our environmental spiral. For thousands of years it has described these divisions using the names Polarity, Modes, Elements, Planets, and Constellations.

Each of the layers of the spiral has a different number of parts. The Astrological world view outlines the inner workings of each layer thoroughly. Level 2 - The sexes has 2 parts, Level 3 the Modes has three parts called Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Level 4 The Elements has 4 parts. Fire, Air, Water and Earth. While level 5 - The Planets has seven parts. Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon. Level 6 has twelve parts commonly known as the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

If you are looking at this material from a Biodynamic Agricultural point of view you will need to follow this link to see the Biodynamic Vortex as there is a major difference in the way the Modes -level 3 fits into the diagram.

The Biodynamic Vortex The Biodynamic Vortex has one major difference from the standard Astrological Vortex. This shows up in the way the 3 fold - Modes layer of the diagram is arranged.

The above diagram shows how this levels works within the Astrological Model. The Astrological model has been developed primarily to describe human psychologocal processes, while the Biodynamic Vortex has to show how energies are organised for the physical manifestations of things and especially plants. In this case Rudolf Steiner as well as the Hindu scriptures have told us that the head of man correesponds to the root of the plant and that our digestive system corresponds to the above ground regions of the plant.

Thus the fixed pole which psychologically relates to the stable Earthly pole of the Astrological Vortex, in the Biodynamic Vortex relates to the physical area fo man and plants which is the most contracted and condensed being the head and root. These areas are where the spirit cosmic- forces work the most strongly in both these kingdoms and so for physical matters the Fixed and Cardinal poles are reversed in the diagram. This gives us the follow diagram we must use when working with Biodynamic Agriculture.

THE UNIVERSAL THEOREUM Astrology at first glance can seem to be an unstructured mass of symbols and concepts, such as the sign of Aries, the planets Saturn, Jupiter etc. Whether you are an Earth sign? Or are you a cardinal sign? These are all pieces of information that can be confusing to bring together. In earlier chapters it was shown Astrology has a definite structure. The basic 'pieces' of this layered vortex are named the polarities, the modes, the elements, the planets, and the zodiac. Astrology shows us each layer represents a plane of activity, which is whole in itself with its own inner relationships, while being part of the greater whole. The next step in our journey is to explore each layer to establish their inner qualities and laws. As RS and Astrology both show these laws act as a archetypal order. We can learn the nature of the parts by rote without any sense of order or we can learn the rules and order that stands behind matter and then apply them to whatever form of manifestation we are confronted with. At this stage we are seeking for principles. In later chapters we will see how these principles are related to Cosmic and Manifest forms. I present the follow diagram as a early indication as to where this is leading. The double spiral becomes a picture of the Cosmic and Earthly manifestations of the principles found within the archetypal vortex. This is truly "As Above So Below". The process whereby this internalisation of the exterior takes place will be presented in fuller detail in later chapters. see "Physical and Macro Carriers of the Bodies".

With the parts being parts of a whole form of movement, it becomes apparant that one satge leads into the next. This is a continuous state of development form simple to more complex. One layer develops naturally into the next. Vortexes by their nature have a a twirling exterior and a clam passive middle space. In the whirlpool of water this middle space is where the dross of matter accumulates, in the tornado or cyclone it is an area of calm. In the Human this calm space is found at our spiritual core when we become 'centred'. These examples suggest the centre of the vortex is the place of central creativity where manifest exists in peace, amid the turmoil of the forces which hold it in place. In fact, the quality of the middle is an expression of the dynamic interplay of all the vortex processes, so as they alter their relationship to one another so teh centre changes.

LEVEL ONE - Unity The first level of the spiral is seen as a state of oneness. This represents all states of oneness from the universal oneness to the unicellular algae to the atom. Either way it is where all 'life' begins and is undifferentiated.

LEVEL TWO - The Polarities At level two polarisation occurs. Polarisaton appears to be the basic criteria for creative manifestation to takes place and be maintained. we see this first in the polarisation into positive and negative poles within the electro-magnetic development of even a drop of water moving through the atmosphere. All chemical elements are electrically charged either positively or negatively which acts as the bonding basis for more complex molecules. D.N.A. , the basic molecule of life on this planet, carries this polar image within its structure. More basic divisions of light and dark, heaven and earth, male and female are images of this process. In mythology this level gives rise to most of the primary creation myths of the earth . In psychology, the introvert, extrovert types and Jung's Anima and Animus divisions follow this level. This level, carries the image of the single cell begining to pulsate, setting up a movement that becomes an active pulsing lemniscate. This increases until two whirling vortexes of energy are established. One spirals outward and the other inward meeting in the middle. The interplay and subsequent creative tension gives rise to the spark of creation.

In Astrology these poles are named after the predominant planets in our sky. The assertive male pole is associated with the Sun, while the receptive female pole is associated with the Moon. Have you noticed that while the Sun and Moon are actually different sizes, when viewed from the Earth they are the same size? This primary polarity can aslo be imaged as a balance between Sun & Earth, Cosmic & Terrestrial, Force and Substance. Every situation we observe can be seen as an interaction of these two primary poles. This is the basic law of manifestation and it extends into all the other levels of the spiral. thedeeper into matter we explore the stronger the need for polarisation.

LEVEL THREE - The Modes The third level of the spiral is known as the modes or the quadruplities. At this stage the polar opposites meet and develop a middle ground. The theory of Thesis ,Antithesis and Synthesis describes it very well. The male pole moves anti clockwise towards the centre while the female pole moves clockwise towards the same centre. The middle is a direct manifestation of their interplay. The Female pole is contractive and moving towards the centre, while the male pole is expressive and expansive from the centre to the periphery. The middle is said to be both expansive and contractive, moving with the need of the time.

Astrologically these are described as Cardinal ( Thesis) the impulse towards assertive action, Fixed ( Antithesis ) the impulse to remain with what already exists, and Mutable ( Synthesis ) The impulse to acquiesce to find the middle ground of rhythmic harmony. In the interlevel cross reference the assertive cardinal pole has similarities to the Male pole of the earlier level, while the contractive fixed mode is associated with the female moon pole. The mutable mode is the harmony created from merging of both. This principle is illustrated in the division of the work place. The directors of a company are the Cardinal role. They determine the direction, look at new opportunities and need to innovate to reach the goals they have set. The workforce are the Fixed pole of the business. They run assembly lines, doing the one job over and over for weeks on end. They have fixed routines,

with predetermined breaks with fixed holidays and renumeration. The Mutable pole is the mangement team in the middle. If the directors dealt directly with the workers telling them of changes and possibilities, the workers feel disturbed and rebel against the constant change. The job of management is to take the directors ideas and fit them into the routines of the workers. They are the oil which smooths the way for the drive to harmoniously meet the wheels. Mutable people are the gap fillers. When something needs to change or a gap in the order of life opens up then the Mutable person easily turns their hand to the task, for a short period of time. Their life blood is variety. Cardinal's is new horizons, while the Fixed's is routine. In RSs work he allocates the opposite correspondances. Fixed is associated with the Cosmic nerve sense pole while the Cardinal processes are associated to the metabolic Earthly processes. Both associations are right however the answer is not as straight forward as one might like. It is however a good example of the Universal Theoreum answering questions, such as this. In a later chapter this will be answered.

THE UNIVERSAL THEOREUM Part 2 LEVEL FOUR - The Elements - 4 fold Level four of the spiral vortex finds its external basis in the atmosphere of the earth. Astrology uses the four elements found in the atmosphere, Fire, Air, Water and Earth to describe this levels activities. These are the very substance upon which life began and from which most life forms are made. The creation of this level occurs due to interaction of the polarity of male and female (2) giving rise to a third component which is a synthesis of their extremes(3). This gives rise to the Modes. As this burst of energy continues the Mutable phase divides into two sections. This then provides us with four pieces. These are the elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

Each element has a quality that makes it unique, yet they follow on in their development from the level below them on the spiral. The 'outside' elements of Fire and Earth hold the extreme qualities of those before them, Cardinal and Fixed respectively. The middle mode, mutable, divides itself into Air and Water. This can be described as a development of the positive and negative indicators as follows.

Fire is assertive , impulsive and expansive in all directions at one time, with its activity generating warmth. The choleric temperament is a mark of its action and Jung called it the Intuitive type because of its tendency to act spontaneously without much rational consideration of a situation. Air is also expansive, however more single pointed in quality. It uses rational thought as a medium of action, rather than brute force and is fine and light in nature. The element of air, is oriented to more social interaction and communication, rather than assertive action. The Sanguine butterfly type temperament is associated with Air. Jung classed this as the Intellectual type as the mind often dominates all other functions. Water is fluid , passive and emotional in comparison, exhibiting qualities of compassion and nurturing. It will assume the form it is contained in and always moves to the lowest point of motionlessness. The phlegmatic temperament carries waters qualities. Jung called this the emotional type due to these considerations dominating other facilities. Earth is solid and supportive tending towards being cold and attracted to earthly sensuousness and security. Practical and stable in nature, it is associated with the melancholic personality. The Sensation type in Jungian terms is due to this element's love of physical touch and sensual pleasure. Elemental Association Individual elements associate in harmony and discord with each other. The elements activity and relationship is an extension of earlier stages, yet there is now two different relationships to consider.

Macro Polarity The 'macro' polarity is a continuation from level two - Cosmic and Earthly, which shows here as the brother \sister relationship between the expansive elements of Fire and Air balancing a similar relationship between the contractive elements of Water and Earth. Fire and Air generally work well and support each other, while Water and Earth do the same.

Inner Polarity The second polarity structure arises as a result of the ever increasingly complex developmental process of the Astrological vortex. These polarities arise as a result of the internal polarisation between the opposites of each pole. Fire ++ and Earth -- form a creative

polarity, maintaining and mimicking the extreme qualities of the level two, Cosmic and Earthly relationship. The assertive and sometimes impulsive urges of the fire element are balanced by the practical common sense perspective of the Earth element. From the development of the mutable mode of level three, we have the development of Air and Water. These elements function supportively as well. The intellectual rational tendencies of Air can be seen as balancing the more emotional and sometimes irrational quality of Water. It is at level four that the Gyroscope comes into formation and is therefore a useful form for appreciating this relationship of these elements. It is within the Atmosphere that life becomes sustainable. It is also when the gyroscope become fully formed and its motion balanced that it becomes a perpetual motion device. Our Earth, Sun and Galaxy have been running for some billions of years afterall. It is at this stage that the two primary poles of the vertical structure interact to create the horizon plane. The internal pulsing within this middle sphere becomes such that two separate spheres of activity become differentiated within it. The gyroscope is formed. It is apparent the vertical pole is sustained through the tension of Fire and Earth, while the hortizontal plane is formed through the tension of Air and Water.

The Fire/Water and Air/Earth mixes are generally seen as not working together to create lasting harmony. (Refer Stephen Arroyo titles) Fire and Earth - Clay Pottery, Air and Water - Rain, Air and Earth - Dust, Fire and Water - Steam LEVEL FIVE - The Planets - 7 fold Level Five is the plane of the planets. This is the sphere around the Earth starting at the Ionosphere and extending to the edge of our solar system. The order used is based upon the planets being placed in the order of their cycles length as they circle the Earth. At present this pattern goes out to the orbit of Pluto, however when dealing with manifest life it is common to use only the 'traditional' planets we can see with our eyes. This is the Sun plus the six planets, which includes our Moon, out to Saturn. The outer three planets were consciously discovered in recent history and are associated with areas of extra sensory perception and the collective unconsciousness. The 'original' seven planets, are connected to the physical manifesting streams of the universe. Saturn is seen as the limit or boundary giver in life. The natural expansion of the vortex spiral sees the elements of Air and Water from level four continue to divide forming a third polarity. Again at this level the planets are devided into several patterns. We can initially identify the same divisions we found at the 4 fold level. These being macro and internal polarities.

Macro Polarities As we are dealing with life on planet Earth. We observe the solar system as if we, the Earth, are its centre. From this position as we look out we see there are three planets closer to the Sun than us, and three further away. These inner planets are the Moon, Mercury and Venus, while the outer planets are Mars Jupiter and Saturn. The macro polarity of the solar system is immediately obvious from this image.

The outer planets are considered assertive and 'worldly'. Traditionally these three planets have been associated with Mars being actions taken in the world, Jupiter with the cultural and philosophic condition of any group. While Saturn governs the rules and bureaucracy of any social grouping. The inner planets are personal and retiring in nature. Venus governs the receptive side of relating and what makes you feel good. Mercury generally covers communication , while the moon covers the personal emotional response, instincts and nurturing needs. The outer planets are concerned with entities that endure beyond the first cycle of any impulse . While the inner planets are associated to more transient phenomena. Each planet has its own individual quality, but also functions as an 'organ' in the body of the solar system. Indeed medical astrology ascribes each planet the ruler ship of specific organs in the human body.

Micro Polarities The micro polarities patterning continues in the same way as we saw in earlier levels, as a development between an outer planet and an inner planet. These individual polarities form creative harmonies which can be identified in many different areas of life.

The Moon and Saturn. The moon is the closest 'planet' to the earth, and is associated with the primary nurturing and uncontrolled development of life. If left to itself, the moon forces would create life as an amorphous mass. Existing only to multiply as in primary cell division. Hence creating the concept of 'The Blob' It is emotional and 'watery' in quality and associated with a primary stage of intuition, through unconscious reaction to sensation. The first few ( especially months ) years of a babies life are very much moon years. Saturn is the wise old man, with an authoritative image who brings structure and form to the Moons growth. It brings form, manifesting as the human skeleton and skin , responsible action and bureaucracies, to name a few. Left to itself it would continue until we and its other forms, become sclerotic stalactites. It is only through the balanced interplay of the Moon and Saturn ( the child and the adult ) that life finds form and maturity, at their allotted optimum time. This polarity is - the will to manifest.

Jupiter and Mercury Traditionally, both Jupiter and Mercury are considered to govern intelligence. Mercury is quicker in nature, and scurries about collecting all the facts. Jupiter is the philosopher who examines, balances and gleans wisdom from mercury's information. The image of Jupiter is of the well rounded mature entity, governing the cultural life of a community and the middle years of life from 30 till 50 years. This is the period when one has accumulated experience and wisdom and still has the health to act consciously. It shows in plants as well as humans. It governs the deciduous trees that often form well rounded spheres. E.g. English Oak, and fruit trees of all kinds. Mercury on the other hand governs climbing and creeping plants that need a supporting tree to hold them upright. The adolescent with their endless stream of unfocused energy personifies Mercury. The key thought here is that both planets expand whatever they touch. These two can be seen as - the thinking planetary polarity. Mars and Venus This is the polarity of the feelings. Venus epitomise all that is beautiful and harmonious in the environment. It can be said that its sole aim is pleasure, and being an inner planet, it gains pleasure through attraction. By its beauty it attracts. It is concerned with an easy interchange between any two objects and aims to achieve harmony. It creates the milieu for social interaction to occur. Romance and foreplay are both Venus' environments Mars, on the other hand, takes action to get what it wants, and is prepared to achieve its aims

at any cost. With Mars there is always some loss in the process of gaining the prize. It is gross compared to Venus but in their intermingling a harmony is reached and Mars happily gets for Venus anything she wants. In so doing these are the planets of relationship and feeling. The Sun The Sun is symbolically the central spiritual individual who mediates and harmonies the creative tension set into play through the planets. As such it is a balance of all the above energies. It is interesting to note that there are three planets on either side of the polarity. One would expect level 3 to be functioning here also. While the exact associations of the planets to the modes may not seem apparent at this stage, the associations will become clearer once we look at the Zodiac. Can you anticipate which of the three modes relates to the planets on each side of the polarity? While these two arrangements might be considered the archetypal structures of the planets there are a few other patterns of the planets used in Astrology . See Spiral Astrology - The Planets. The "far out" Planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, being collective influences generally work in areas beyond the individual, in group phenomena. Uranus governs Group Ideologies. Neptune, Group Faiths while Pluto governs Group Movements. If an individual has personal planets closely related to these outer planets it gives them the opportunity to connect with collective impulses more closely. Telepathy and psychic perception arises from this situation. Uranus creates the Occultist, Neptune the Mystic and Pluto the Shaman. They do indeed create 'far out' individuals, some even " beyond the fringe ". LEVEL SIX - THE ZODIAC - 12 fold This level of the vortex spiral relates to the galactic level of our existence. Our solar system is part of a greater stellar body called the Milky Way galaxy. This is a spiral cluster of around 100 billion stars which is approximately 100,000 light years in diameter. Our Sun is positioned about 30,000 light years from its centre, on one of the outer spiral arms. All the stars we see with our naked eye are within our own galaxy.

The zodiacal constellations are those constellations of stars at the back of the path the planets mark out across the sky. This path is called the ecliptic. As we saw earlier, manifestation in an organised gyroscopic system, occurs on the horizontal plane. It therefore appears everything in our Galaxy and Solar System follows similiar paths, within their given system. Even though the planets for instance are at different distances from the Sun, the planets all revolve around the Sun within approximately the same 5 degree arc of the sky. The fixed star constellations in the background of this path, form what is called the Sidereal Zodiac. The other fixed star constellations which occur all over the sky, as seen from the Earth, are not however part of the Zodiac. The horizontal plane of the Galaxy is the groupings of stars called the milky way. Equal and Unequal divisions of the Zodiac

Until the time of Christ all cultures used the CONSTELLATIONS around the ecliptic as their zodiac. Since shortly after Christ (200AD) however our western cultures have developed a zodiac based on a division of the Sun's annual orbit around the Earth, starting at the northern hemispheres spring equinox. Rather than being based on the constellations which form the ecliptic background, this Tropical Zodiac starts each year when the Sun is at the vernal equinox. An equal twelve fold division of the Suns path is marked off from this point, thus marking off the SIGNS of the zodiac. At the time this system was reestablished by Ptolemy, the Vernal Equinox was at 0 degrees of the constellation of Aries. So it was a natural enough assumption to create a equal 12 fold division along side a unequal 12 fold division. It is important to note the Tropical SIGN Zodiac is a Twelve fold division of a planetary sphere - The Sun - anchored to the Earth, while the Sidereal Zodiac is a twelve fold division of the Fixed Stars based upon the axis of the fixed stars Aldebaren and Antares. Due to the Vernal Equinox moving backwards through the constellations one degree every seventy- two years, the start of the Tropical zodiac is now at the third degree of the constellation of Pisces, each year. This has created a separation between the two zodiacs so that the moons path through a particular constellation now occurs two days before its journey through the corresponding Tropical sign. At this stage let it suffice to say that both are right and that they have different applications. A more thorough investigation of this question is presented in "Spiral Astrology" in the chapters "The Question of the Zodiacs" and "Equinoctial and Seasonal Zodiacs"

Internal Relationships within the Zodiac The same rules and patternings we have seen in the previous layers of the vortex spitral all apply at this level. This is one of the most striking facts which acts as a certain proof that the Astrological Spiral is indeed a Universal Theorem. All earlier patternings are expressed in subsequent levels, while the last level includes all earlier patternings. This is indeed a wholistic formula, built out of the bones of outer creation to describe the inner workings of creation.So much so that it is easier to understand the constellations inner qualities (or Signs ) by seeing them as a sum of their parts rather than by learning each ones qualities individually. Each zodiac constellations influence is made up of one part of each of the previous layers, namely it is ruled by 1 polarity, 1 mode, 1 element and 1 planet. 2 fold in the Zodiac At the 12 fold level we see the divisions made by the planets forming the primary basis of the patterning however each planetary piece now internally polarises to give us a positive and negative side of the planetary impulse. As an image of the 2 fold level carried to this higher level one side is govened by the Earthly Female pole while the other are of te Cosmic Male pole.

This polarising of the planetary influence provides us with a dual planetary reference. We now have a primary or Cosmic planetary process and a secondary Earthly planetary process. As well as this we can include the macro planetary division of the Outer and Inner planets. This provides a fourfold picture of Cosmic Outer planets, Earthly Outer Planets, Cosmic Inner planets and Earthly Inner planets.

Similar diagrams can be made for the other zodiacal associations 3 fold Modes & 4 fold Elements in the Zodiac

(I apologise for not having a third polarity curve between Taurus and Scorpio and Libra and Aries. They should be there but for some reason they would not come out as I wished. I will keep trying.) A wealth of association develops from this. The Law of polarity divides the zodiac into two groups. In the Positive Cosmic group all constellations are either of the Fire and Air element. The Negative Earthly group all the constellations are of the Water and Earth elements. The macro polarities operating earlier between Fire and Air or Earth and Water are always in polarity to one another at the 12 fold level. The Modes structure of Cardinal, Mutable and Fixed show up and further identify the four sub groups within the zodiacal diagram. Each organise themselves into Cardinal Mutable Fixed structures, true to Level 3. This fourfold process suggests the gyroscopic form and so from this cross reference it is possible to gain a suggestions as to the 'identify' of each of these four sectors of the zodiacal gyroscope.

Sign & Constellation Qualities To determine the characteristics of any particular Sign/Constellation, the individual parts are pieced together. Take Aries for example. From the chart it can be seen that it is a positive , cardinal, fire sign ruled by the planet Mars. This indicates that Aries is an expansive, leading, optimistic sign that is prone to bursts of assertive action in the achievement of its goals. Scorpio on the other hand is also ruled by Mars, however the polarity is negative, the mode fixed, and the element -water. It could be said that Scorpio takes assertive action to conserve and maintain the support structures it has attracted to itself. Conclusion All the above diagrams show the inherent harmony of the zodiac. All parts of the 12 fold level six relate to each other according to the 'laws' indicated at previous levels. In this way the conclusion can be drawn: For such order to be expressed in this final stage, all earlier relationships and conclusions about the theorem must also be correct. It is this essential harmonic phenomena, that all the parts make the whole and the whole reflects the parts, that most fascinates me with Astrology. This very phenomenon may well have been the downfall of Kepler, the famous Astrologer/Astronomer, who held that the paths of the planets must be perfectly circular and not elliptical. He possibly projected this philosophic harmony of Astrology onto his Astronomical observations of our complex living organism, the solar system.

EVOLUTION ON A PINHEAD What is Bio-Dynamics? A broad but simple definition of Bio-Dynamics is that it is an agricultural system based on sound organic practices that considers the immediate environment, and that all life on earth are a result of the forces streaming onto our planet from the planets and the Fixed Stars. In the attempt to grow produce of optimal nutritional quality, Bio- Dynamics challenges the practitioner to view the environment as a wholistic system of life and each farming enterprise as an individuality in its own right. Some further definitions; 'Sound organic practice' primarily means that soil fertility is maintained through composting, green manuring, crop rotation and diversification (with inclusion of animal manure at some stage of the process). Also that any remedial measures which may be necessary at any stage of production are sourced from living materials and are not harmful to the environment in part or whole. The "environment" is understood in the widest possible sense. It is not only the immediate soil in which plants grow, but the landscape in general, the planet as a whole and the solar system in which this planet is moving. One is left with image of being a cosmic citizen all because one wants to grow cabbage! It cannot be hoped to outline all the intricacies of Steiner's philosophy, however a short outline of some sections of it is necessary in order to work with the Bio-Dynamic understanding at some depth. For more deeper understandings of these concepts refer to the reading list. In his eight agricultural lectures, Rudolf Steiner outlined a complex picture of our planet. He described it as a spiritual entity that sustains life, through its interaction with the creative energies and rhythms within the universe. This is a broad picture that covers cosmic streams of energy, planetary bodies, physical and subtle bodies of the earth, plants, animals and man, and the chemical elements particularly those of protein. The most practical outcome of the course of lectures is a series of preparations used to help harmonise all these forces he described. These preparations, and the overall insights he gave into nature, are truly a gift to humankind. The preparations potentially give humankind the conscious control we have so long desired over plant growth, and for which we have had to resort to artificial and poisonous chemicals to achieve. These preparations help to balance the interplay between the physical and more subtle bodies of creation. But, before we go into the preparations we need to understand Steiner's view of the plants, animals and humans. EVOLUTION ON A PINHEAD To fully answer the questions which are being asked of this book we need to quickly explore some aspects of RS world view. Most notably the structure and physical workings of the spiritual bodies. This is afterall the crux of this whole discussion. (Steiner books) In line with most spiritual teachings, Rudolf Steiner outlined life on this planet as manifesting due to an interplay of spiritual 'bodies' and physical elements. These bodies have slowly 'evolved' through aeons of time. He outlined in 'Occult science - an outline' (4), that creation has developed so far over a series of four great Eras. These Eras, which Steiner called the Ancient Saturn, Ancient Sun, Ancient Moon and our present Earth evolution, equate to the Yugas of evolution ,outlined in the Hindu scriptures. These being the Swarpa Yuga, The Dwarpa yuga, the Tretra yuga and the Kali yuga.

Steiner suggests there are three more of these great ages to follow our present age, while eastern belief is that the Kali yuga, our present era is the last era of this cycle. Within these great Eras there are sub cycles we can identify. There are three time scales to consider. There are the extremely long cycle mentioned above, the Eras. A secondary scale called the Ages. There are seven ages within each of the above long Eras. Within each of these secondary ages there are seven internal cycles called the Cultural Epochs, of approximately 2165 years each in length. This time period corresponds to the time it tkes for the Precession of the Equinox to move through on equal constellation of the Zodiac. Hence the constellations describe the quality of the cultural ages.

Diagram 32 - Evolution ala Steiner We are presently in the European Cultural Epoch of the 5th Post Atlantean Age of the Earth evolution Era.. During each of the large Eras of evolution new aspects of creation came into being. Most notably in each Era a new spiritual faculty or 'body', has been added to life on this planet. Both on a microcosm level in life forms and on a macrocosm in our environment. (5) So, in this fourth Era of evolution, the Earth evolution, life now potentially consists of a spiritual seed or Ego (the Spirit), an Astral or sense body, an Etheric or life body and the last to manifest, in this most recent period, the physical body. ( Also see 'The Big Picture' for an enlarged version of this.) ( As this is an essay using Anthroposophy as its base I have chosen to use the common Steiner term of the incarnated Spirit -The Ego. This is the higher self often referred to in modern texts. ) The four physical structures of life we have been discussing are seen as the 'homes' of the spiritual bodies. The Galaxy, where the formative forces of the Fixed Stars originate is the Cosmic & World home of the Spirit. Science tells us it is only the electro magnetic impulses coming from these stars that fills space. Otherwise it is 99.5% Hydrogen in a vacum. The Solar system, the home of the planets is the 'World' base of the Astral body. This body is responsible for our sensations and psychological responses to life. As we will later it is primarily through studying the planets that we can observe the movements of our psychology.

The atmosphere has developed from the Earth. As the oxygen level has increased so it has been able to support an ever increasing diversity of life. This is the home of the 'World' Etheric or life body. Naturally physical life takes place on the Earths surface.

These 'bodies' while finding their origin in our macrocosmic environment, have been internalised to varying degrees by each of the different kingdoms of nature. Each kingdom 'personalises' the 'bodies' in their own way. Thus giving us the many different manifestations of the life remaining on our planet. (The Physical and Macro carriers of the Bodies) The Lemniscate - Cosmic Bodies, Earthly Life Before we look at each kingdom of nature it may be of value to look at the process of incarnation. In the kingdoms of nature we are looking at the cross over point between the macrocosmic formative structure of Life and the microcosmic manifestation of Life. It is here the lemniscate becomes a useful model. ( Hubble photos) A lemniscate is the form created when a flat spherical plane is twisted in half. This in turn creates two surfaces or dimensions through a middle junction point, however the lines of connection between the two dimensions are never severed.

As Above So Below The spiralling forms of life, which are mirrored at every level of the cosmos, provides a starting point. A running river moves continually through spiralling forms, which turn and twist eventually folding in upon themselves. It firstly twists to form a leminscate and then folds back under itself.

I imagine a spirit spark begins to spin in a centripedal motion slowly gathering speed and eventually creating a double ended spiral. Eventually one end of the spiral inverts in upon itself which in turn creates a leminscate in space. The top of the lemniscate is Cosmic forces and 'matter', while the bottom starts to collect Terrestrial forces and matter in its inwards spiralling motion. This spirit is essentially becoming a black hole in space attracting matter and light to itself. This spiralling motion gathers its own momentum until it folds in upon itself. Collecting more matter and forces, both Etheric and Physical into its physical body, until it starts to cast a shadow in space. The womb of women can be seen to be such an enfolded internalised life forming space, open to world out of which life again proceeds. ( This picture has been developed further elsewhere on this site.) The connections between the outer Cosmic Body and the internalised body are never severed. Hence as the macrocosm moves, so life is moved. THE BIG PICTURE

I wish to thank and acknowledge Malcolm Gardner and Hugh Lovel for there parts in discussions on BDNOW from which this material has been refined.

Rudolf Steiner has outlined a multi layered reality for us to contemplate. The difficulty for the neophyte of RSs world view, especially when reading his lectures as they randomly appear in ones life, is that RS talks about these different layers or dimensions of reality as they relate to the subject at hand. Defining the overall order present throughout his work, in this manner is very difficult. RS has outlined his basic world view in the books 'Theosophy' and 'Occult Science- An outline' and it is helpful to read these books early in your interest in his work. Over the years, I have found it useful to try and bring some clear understanding into the 'structure' of Rudolf Steiners view of creation. In this essay I do not wish to go into the process of creation, which is adequately covered in 'Occult Science', rather I wish to outline the big picture of the 'parts' of creation we are confronted with when exploring life on Earth. Spiritual reality and material manifestation are so intimately linked that we can look straight to the Astronomical structure of creation, as we presently understand it, as the basis of any structured view of RSs work. But first what are we looking for. To date I have come to see RS has described the overview of creation as a threefold being. We have a personalised or internalised reality, which manifests in the four kingdoms of nature, A 'World' reality which is best seen as the neighbourhood in which the Earth lives namely the Solar system and the Galaxy in which we exist, and thirdly the 'Cosmic' reality which encompasses all stars, planets and galaxies beyond our own. The reason for establishing this order becomes apparent when we come to work with the spiritual bodies at the base of natures manifestations. Cosmic spheres To imagine the cosmic spheres one needs to stretch ones imagination a long way. A slow journey through an astronomical chart of creation is invaluable for doing this. The National Geographic put one out some years ago. The charts I mean are the ones which start with the Earth and then macroscope out to the Solar system, (which has a diameter of 11 light hours), to our local stars and then to the Galaxy, which has a diameter of 100,000 light years. After moving through our

local group of Galaxies ( 5 million light years) it enlarges to our local supercluster (100 million light years) to come to the observable universe with a diameter of some 30 billion light years across. From here we have to proceed briskly through Hindu Scripture which tells us that the superclusters of stars we can see - each around 100mill light years across- are only a small number of the amount which are breathed into existence by Lord Brahma, (the four headed, first created being who sits upon a lotus flower growing from the navelof Vishnu, who in turn is lying upon a serpent in the ocean of milk.) Now it is with Lord Brahma that our story can start. All the universes breathed into creation by Brahma are 'swimming ' in a sea of chi or cosmic ether. This force is said to permeate all of creation and when it comes into manifestation appears as a growth process. In discussions with Hugh Lovel on the BDNOW email list ( Hugh has assured us this cosmic ether comes from beyond the stars and flows towards our galaxy and enters each subsequent gyroscopic being - galaxy, solar system or planet - through the horizontal axis. So with the Earth. it enters our atmosphere at the equator and travels towards the Earth before being sucked out the poles and off to the Sun. More about this later. This then is the Cosmic ether. There are quotes from Steiner which state the Astral forces come from the stars of the Zodiac, while the Egoic forces originate in the stars beyond the Galaxy. The forces described here are the Cosmic Astral and Egoic forces which develop in other solar systems and radiate towards our Solar system from the periphery. Astral forces are a result of the activity of the Ego or spirit. They do not develop by themselves. Lets use the human as an example. The spirit of an individual wishes to incarnate into life. It first of all joins together with a physical form which brings with it the development of an etheric body. Once the spirit is 'in life' it begins to have experiences from all its surroundings. The experience, sense impressions, memories and emotions created by any activity becomes accumulated to form the Astral body. This Astral reservoir , over time becomes so full that it begins to appear as a personality. It also starts to be seen through the forming influence it has over the etheric/physical organism. At this stage our personality can be seen in our bodily form. On a Cosmic scale this same process is seen in the formation of stars and planets. Just as the Spirit is the central organising influence of a life form so we see a Sun is the central being of a Solar system. It is out of the whirling vortexes of Hydrogen that eventually a Sun ignites and begins to radiate more energy than it absorbs. From this gyroscopic generation and movement the Sun develops a large series of spherical electro magnetic fields. Along the horizontal plan at the equator of this 'being' matter begins to accumulate, due to the electromagnetic resonance of the whole being. At rhythmical distances along this equator the formation of planets occurs. Eventually the planets accumulate most of the matter in its particular sphere and becomes a solid form. Due to the formation of this mass it then begins to exert gravitational and electro magnetic altering influences upon the whole system. This macrocosmic story is the same as that seen in the formation of an individuals Astral body. It has long been understood that the Spirit and Suns have an affinity and this gains more relevance when we appreciate Rudolf Steiner insight that Hydrogen is the physical carrier of the spirit. Now it is a simple enough jump to follow the metaphor and see that the Astral formation and that of the planets are similar. From my studies of Astrology I have come to see that the Sun in a birthchart is the residence of the spirit, while the planets of the birthchart and the movements of the planets in the sky act as excellent indicators of the activity of the

Astral body in a humans life. From this I am in no doubt that the Astral activity is related to planetary activity while the Ego/Spirit is created by Suns. To go back to RS earlier comment about Ego and Astral formative force originating in the zodiac and beyond, we can see he is talking of Cosmic Egoic and Cosmic Astral forces. All stars will generate Egoic formative forces and their planets will focalise or create Astral forces in relation to this . The stars of the zodiac are particularly those ones we can see are in our galaxy. So RS is indicating the (Cosmic) Astral forces developed by the planets of the other stars in our galaxy radiate towards us and have an influence upon the formation of both the World and personal Astral bodies of our creation. The Egoic forces as one would expect are much stronger, and forces from all other stars have the power to enter into our galactic 'egg' and act as formative forces as well. This then forms the basis for the Cosmic spheres of our existence the Cosmic Ego is sourced in the stars of creation Cosmic Astrality is sourced from the planets around the stars of our galaxy and most notable from around the stars of the zodiac Cosmic Etheric is sourced from Lord Brahma and flows from the periphery of creation towards the Earth entering at the equator. World spheres The World spheres are best seen as the primary 'spiritual' bodies of our Earth. From the above examples it is clear the Sun at the centre of our Solar system is our central spirit being thus becoming the World Egoic source with the world Astral planets circling about it. Our Sun is responsible for the formation of the planets, upon one of which we live. This indicates our Earth , as a planet, in itself is an Astral formation, however for us it holds a special more intimate significance, as we live upon it. This firstly brings us into relationship with the physical body of the Earth, upon which we walk and then the life body of the Earth which is made possible for us to exist in due to the unique formation of the Atmosphere. It is within the Atmosphere that we find the right concentration of oxygen and the existence of light and warmth is such proportions that life can come into and be maintained in existence. From this we can conclude the World spheres are World Egoic forces emanate from the Sun World Astral forces exist with in the planetary spheres World etheric forces are maintained within the Atmosphere World physical body is the Earth itself. There is one development RS has made to this 'basic' picture. He has suggested that with the crucifixion of the Christ being 2000 years ago, the egoic forces of the Sun became more intimately connected with the Earth and that now the World Egoic forces work on us from within the Earth. As for the reality of this I can not say. No matter what spiritual event has occurred we must still deal with the astronomical reality that our Sun is the basic source of light, warmth and the immense sea of electromagnetic and nuclear forces we exist within. Using this picture of the Christ joining with the Earth, makes it easier to understand how the egoic forces manifest as the Cosmic Silica stream of Earth energy, pushing up from the Earth. RS has also indicated the physical mechanism for this process . He outlined how the quartz crystals within the Earth act as a condenser, during the winter, of the Cosmic and World Egoic forces streaming onto the Earth, ( carried in by the Terrestrial Silica during summer) and then,

due to the presence of clay in the soil, these Egoic forces radiate back out to the Cosmos through the stem and seeding formations of plant growth. This understanding has dramatic impact on the way we can approach plant growth. In "Creations Layer Cake" -following- I have outlined in more detail the individual parts of World spheres of our creation. Personal Bodies. The personal bodies of creation only find their full expression in Humans. (See Biodynamics Decoded - The Spiritual Bodies and the Kingdoms of Nature) We internalise the Ego, Astral and Etheric activities within our physical form. The lower kingdoms of nature internalise different combinations of these bodies. The animal kingdom is a manifestation of Physical Etheric and Astral combinations, while the plant kingdom is generally only internalising the etheric and within its physical form, while the mineral kingdom has just matter. When a body is not internalised it works upon that kingdom from outside. Humans internalise all bodies Animals are internalised Astral, Etheric and physical with the World and Cosmic Egoic forces working directly from the Sun and stars. Plants internalise the etheric forces and have the Cosmic and World Astral forces working onto them from outside Minerals have all forces working onto them from outside. There is another part of this story to be aware of especially as it concerns Humans. RS outlines in 'Theosophy' how the Spirit, Soul and Body parts of Creation can be divided into smaller parts. As outlined earlier, the Spirit and Body work together, and from this activity the soul/astral is developed. The Spirit section can be divided into three parts, Spirit Self, Life Spirit & Sprit Man, the Soul part is devided into Sentient soul, Intellectual soul and Consciousness soul while the body part of the scheme can be divided into Physical, Etheric and Astral Bodies. Malcolm Gardner on BDNOW indicated that there are crossovers between the lower and upper parts of each section so we have the following scheme Spirit Spirit Man Life Spirit Spirit Self

Soul Body

Consciousness soul Intellectual soul Ego body Sentient soul Astral body Etheric body Physical body

The higher activities from Sentient Soul and Ego body upwards are of particular interest to Humans. Through the life of a Human the Spirit/Ego complex continues to work upon the lower bodies. As the spirit works upon the Astral body so the sentient soul arises, as it works upon the Etheric body so the Intellectual soul develops, likewise the Consciousness soul arises from the Ego working upon the physical body. Next the spirit bodies are developed from the Egos continued working upon the soul 'bodies'. Spirit self arises from Sentient soul, Life spirit from Intellectual soul and Spirit man from Consciousness soul.

These processes can be seen in other philosophical traditions as well. The astrological development of human consciousness mirrors these same stages. In 'The Twelve Planets' I have gone into this in great detail, however as a reference I include the following diagram.

Do not be confused by the allocation of different planets to Steiners indications. Both are right they just relate to a different level or aspect of Steiners „body‟ or „soul‟. The Astrological ordering of the planets is a indicates the spiritual level while the Atkinson arrangement refers more to the psychological level of manifestation. There are three levels above Spirit Man RS talks about in Occult science. They are states of pure spirit, however they are still stages or levels one meets before fully entering the galactic realm. From these diagrams it is evident that when we are dealing with the Ego, Astral, Etheric and Physical bodies in Biodynamic work and conversation we are talking only about the 'Body' and lower soul areas of Steiners descriptions of reality. When talking about manifest beings we are firstly talking of the Internalised or personal bodies as well as the non incarnated World 'bodies'. To a lesser extent we talk of the Cosmic Ether, Astral and Ego forces. It seems to me the most significant issue of this complexity is that we are clear about which part we are talking about at any given time. In "Creations Layer Cake" I am outlining the World activities as they manifest in our larger environment. I have taken some licence with the World and Cosmic Ego spheres and placed them both with the Galaxy. Afterall the Sun is just another star in the Galaxy. Creations Layer Cake Throughout my Biodynamic studies I have found it a constant challenge to fit the myriad of ideas and „pictures‟ I have been presented with into a cohesive wholistic picture. Hence I have

continually endeavoured to find the practical or reality based carrier of any concept. One result of this search has been the development of the accompanying diagram. In it I am attempting to base the „idea‟ of the spiritual bodies presented to us constantly through Rudolf Steiners work in their physical spheres or „homes‟ and then explore how each sphere or layer is connected to the others. The spiritual bodies, presented as the basic vehicles of manifestation by Steiner, may be a new concept to some people. They are however an important „reality‟ to understand and ultimately live with if one is to fully grasp what is presented to us in „Agriculture' and RS work in general. The closest understanding of them we have in our twentieth century western Christian tradition is the understanding of the Body and Soul. These two groupings can and need to be each divided into two extra parts. The Body can be separated into its purely physical carbon based body and a „body‟ which carries the living, growth aspect of our physical body. Many traditions call this the Etheric body. It is this Etheric body which separates from the physical upon death, which then sees the physical body disintegrate. The Christian Soul can be devided into two parts as well. There is the eternal personal spirit where self consciousness resides called by Steiner the Ego and then the Astral body which is mostly experienced and understood as our psychology, emotions and psychic experiences. ( I understand in christian theologies the Spirit is reserved for „God the father‟ or the „holy ghost‟. I would suggest in Biodynamics this is the Cosmic or Macrocosmic Spirit. ) The difference between the Astral body and the Spirit \ Ego is the difference between the Sun and its planets. The Sun is the generating vortex at the centre of our Solar system. It is out of the Suns activity that the planets come into being. The same is true of the Astral body. It out of the spirits active participation through life that our Astral body - sense impressions, psychological responses, neurosis - are formed. It can be said to „orbit‟ the Ego. In Biodynamics the sayings „As above so below‟ and „Life is a microcosmic image of the Macrocosm‟ takes on the most practical expression I have met so far. We are presented with the picture that these four bodies find their source and „homes‟ in the macrocosm. Life as expressed in the four kingdoms of nature, - the mineral, plant , animal and human - are bought into form and held there due to an internalisation or personalisation of small parts of these macrocosmic spheres. So we take for our selves a little piece of the Earth's matter, a dash of Atmosphere, a hearty slice of the Solar system and a pinch of Galaxy to become who we are. The proportions of this mixture are different for each kingdom of nature and within each kingdom each individual establishes a very personal balance as well. In accordance with the picture presented by Lievegeod in “ The workings of the planets in the life processes of Man & Earth” I have placed the Cosmic Spirit sphere with the Galaxy, The World Astral sphere with its physical carrier the Solar System, The World Etheric sphere in its home the Earth's Atmosphere, with the Earth naturally carrying the physical body. In nature there is no black and white. Any living process will intermingle at some point with its neighbour. So wherever these „physical‟ dimension meet they crossover enabling an intermediate „space‟ of reality to come into existence. So where the World Etheric enters into the physical sphere we have the development of the Biosphere. The minerals of the earth are lifted up by life processes - the Etheric - into organic processes of Carbohydrate, Sugars and Protein formations. Similarly where the Solar System

and the Earth's Atmosphere meet we have the development of the electrically charged Ionosphere. Konig ( Earth & Man, Pg 89 ) shows how the Etheric ethers are manifest in bands of the Ionosphere. It is commonly accepted the elements of Fire Air Water and Earth are present predominantly in the Stratosphere, while the Gases of Hydrogen, Nitrogen Oxygen and Carbon (dioxide) exist in the proportions suitable for life only in the Troposphere. Within the Biosphere, these same four elements are the basis for organic chemistry. In this example we can see how the fourfold processes of the Etheric body organise themselves as different manifestations in each of these etheric layers. Another interesting point to observe is how polarities seem to develop between one layer and the next. ( Indicated in the diagram as the lemniscates joining layers ) With the elements it can be seen the Earth in the heaviest with the water lying on top of the Earth. The Air floats above the water while warmth raises above the Air. In Konigs example above, the ether layers of the Ionosphere are described in the opposite order the Warmth layer being placed at 45kms, the Light from 100km, Chemistry (ether from 200km and the Life (ether ) from 300kms. This same process of inversion through a twisted lemniscate between, „sister elements‟ can be found in other layers as well and can be explored further later. The polarity relationships apparent between the inner and outer planets used in Biodynamics, especially when understanding the preparations relationships to the planets, is another example to explore. (Lievegeod ) In my experience Biodynamics is a physical science. It‟s concepts are based on „physical‟ realities and can be understood in a sequential common sense manner without the need to rely on faith, superstition or adhere to some abstract philosophy. It is a natural development out of sound Astronomical, physical scientific facts combined with an open lateral mind and imagination. Creation is made up of a series of gyroscopic spinning „beings‟, whose matter manifests on horizontal planes, while spinning around a vertical axis supported by two vortexes. ( Diagram 2 ) In fact Astronomy tells us space „matter‟ is sucked down these vortexes into a black hole and squirted out along the horizontal planes we see manifest. From the Galaxy, to the Solar system, the Earth onto to the plant and the atom it is the same story.

Diagram 2- Matter manifests on the horizontal These „beings‟, due to their spinning motion create massive electro magnetic fields. In the case of Stars their combustion creates electro magnetic rays as well. It is this electro magnetism of creation which holds everything in its present form and acts as one of the main conveyers of formative force and activity between all the different layers. The planets play a special role in this. They have very predictable paths and cycles of relationship with each other. Therefore as they move and alter the electro magnetic harmonics of our Solar System, at predictable moments, so manifestation alters accordingly. Hence the weather, plant sap flow and Human

moods all move in a predictable dance orchestrated by the planets. As scary as this seems, my twenty years of observing these cycles has shown me beyond a doubt that this is so. An imagination I like of creation , is to see the electro magnetism as the blood of creation while the Stars are its bones and the planets its flesh. Creations Layer Cake

THE PHYSICAL AND MACRO CARRIERS OF THE BODIES One of the greatest gifts Steiner has given us is the associations he made between the elements of protein and the spiritual bodies they carry into physical matter. This is one major meeting point between spirit and matter. The four elements of protein, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon are the basis of all organic chemistry and hence physical life. Carbon, the basis of structure, is the seat of the physical form, Oxygen, the basis of life carries the Etheric body, while Nitrogen carries the Astral body providing sensation and Hydrogen carries the Ego which provides consciousness. Sulphur is a lubricator that helps these four basic element s combine into more complex substances. (18, lect. 2) Seen from this perspective, chemistry takes on a whole new light. What follows is that only where these elements exist is it possible for these bodies to go. Therefore the chemical characteristics of any 'environment' suggest the potential spiritual activity of that environment. Steiner states "The composition of the external atmosphere is of such a nature as to furnish the ratio for the connection between the astral and etheric bodies and concurrently between their partners, the physical body and the ego" (6, pg 157) The internalised bodies can be characterised as follows: As androgyny is still a rare occurrence amongst humans, so the basic level of polarity, level 2, remains an externalised function and we need male and female to come together to produce primary creation. The Physical body is easily identified and anything that has physical substance has a physical body. It is localised to the planet Earth and as such our physical environment would be its seat. We are all Carbon based life forms. Steiner also pointed out how our physical bodies function according to a threefold system. Our head centres the activities of the Nerve Sense system, our chest centres the Rhythmic system and our abdomen centres our metabolic system. This threefold process links the modes of Astrology and level three of the Astrological model to the physical body and the physical earth.

The Etheric Body The Etheric body along with the other bodies, is not so easily seen. However the activities of these bodies leaves their mark or expression visually. The Etheric body is the 'spiritual' body that imbues life and the capacity to grow and develop into all living forms. It comes from the Earth and has a potentially unlimited capacity to create growth. This is one aspect of the CHI body of Eastern philosophies. It drives or energises the movement of fluids in general, which leads to the formation of mass in physical forms and supports the lympathic and immune system of physical organisms. When the Etheric body leaves a living entity, death occurs. It provides a physical sensation of being up or down. When your Etheric body is strong you are full of life. Often a white glow spreading up to 4 inches from the physical body will be seen when an individuals Etheric body is strong. When it is weak you feel physically down and heavy. The individual with a weak Etheric body looks grey and feels drained. The Etherics raw activity can be seen strongly in the first stages of growth where there are unshaped forms, for example in the first few months of a baby's life or the early stages of plant development. The early leaves of many plants are full and round and repetitive in comparison to the more adult leaves that are often indented and pointed. It produces watery shapes and curved forms. The mineral kingdom cannot undergo this change through a death process as the Etheric body stays exterior. It remains as atmospheric forces of light heat and water. The Etheric body is only embodied by plant, animal and human. Crystals may appear to be an exception however they grow from additions to the outside of their form. The Etheric body is carried by Oxygen. Around our planet oxygen is found in large quantities close to the surface and in diminishing quantities through up to the Ionosphere. At the cross over between the Stratosphere and the Ionosphere we meet it again as Ozone (O3). The Ozone layer we know shields us from many harmful cosmic rays most notably Ultra Violet and Gamma rays. These are mostly reflected off this shield enabling life to continue on Earth. While Oxygen is found in space and on other planets, it is usually chemically locked up and not free in the atmosphere. While I have not found many supporting quotes from Steiner I have come to conclude that the Earth's Etheric sphere extends out to the edge of the Ozone layer. Hence this sheath being our life sheath and as it disappears so life on Earth is threatened. Steiner commented that the Etheric extended to the edge of the Blue sky which I understand to be approximately to the Ionosphere sheath. It is also interesting to note that Light and Warmth are developed from the Suns energy moving through our atmosphere. Karl Konig (7) suggests the four electro-magnetic belts within the Ionosphere are the seat of the Ethers. These belts are placed at 45kms, 100kms, 200kms and 300kms above the Earth. He was tentative in his suggestions however it does fit with Rudolf Steiner's comments. This leads to an interesting picture. As stated earlier the Atmosphere was created from the life processes of this planet and is the seat of the Etheric. As such it is associated with the Elements sphere of Astrology and hence fourfold processes. Within the Etheric realm four 'formative forces' or ethers have been identified. These are named the Warmth, Light , Chemical and Life ethers. Each of these ethers has a intimate and polaric relationship with the physical elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth respectively, to lift physical matter into specific living forms. (5)

ELEMENT ETHER Warmth Light Chemical Life Fire Air Water Earth

The Etheric sphere resides within our atmosphere the Ethers find their manifesting source in the 4 belts of the Ionosphere. Below this we have the Ozone layer and below this is the Stratosphere which is where the Elements reside. This develops the picture of the Ozone layer acting as a membrane between these two inner spheres of the Etheric body Ionosphere - Ethers __________________ Ozone layer Stratosphere- Elements The ethers are 'based' in the Ionosphere while the elements of Fire Air Water and Earth are 'based' from the Stratosphere down. The Ozone layer acts as a membrane between the two. The Astral Body The Astral Body imbues the physical and life form with sensation and movement. Commonly called the sense body, the Astral enables the living forms to experience their environment through taste, smell, touch and sound. From this sensation, the entity can then determine whether it feels good to be at that point or not. There is an 'animal' intelligence ( instinct ) carried by the Astral, which responds to stimuli - Does it feel good or not? The Astral body is also necessary for waking and sleeping to take place. Only animal and human kingdoms can experience awakening and sleep. In this sense the plant kingdom is in a constant state of 'human' sleep. Plant processes just sped up and slowed down according to the external stimuli of hot\cold, light\dark, wet\dry. The Astral is associated with the element of Air and light. Its hallmarks in the animal kingdom are the degree of sensitivity and movement the animal possesses as well as the ability to internalise the breathing, the formation of true organs and their reactions to light. In the plant world the Astral's influence is still present, however it works onto the plants from outside. The degree of leaf segregation, flowering and the development of poisonous nitrogen alkaloids and proteins, leads to hints of the strength of the Astral's activity. The Solanance and Legume families are two which draw the Astral activity closely into themselves. Hence their poisonous hallucinogenic effects. The states of consciousness some substances from these families produce in Humans are experiences of the Astral realm. In Humans, the Astral influences the formation of the organs and the processes as in animals, however it also makes its presence felt through our psychological sphere. Emotions, dreams, imaginations and 'psychological ' swings are all related to the Astral body's activity. The Astral body resides cosmically in the spheres of the planets. As such it has a sevenfold character and is influenced strongly by the movement of the planets. The seven energy centres of the body referred to as the Chakras are 'organs ' of the Astral body. Spirit / Ego The Ego (the spirit ) imbues the sensitive life form with intelligence and individuality. As separate from the dream consciousness of the astral intelligence -instinct, Ego intelligence is

related to processes of thought and deduction, as well as remembering and forgetting, processes that enable its recipient to consciously determine action and response. Once the response has been determined, the Ego imparts the degree of commitment by which the action is carried out. Through this action body heat is created indicating the Ego's relationship to the element of Fire and the Warmth ether. The Humans are the only kingdom presently with the potential to internalise this body. This bestows upon us the potential fro self consciousness and to make free choice with regards to the sensations and instincts the Astral body experiences. The degree this free choice is actually exercised may indicate the individual's stage of 'spiritual' awareness. In the other kingdoms of nature the Ego still works from outside, as a collective function or group soul. In animals the group soul is evident in the flock of sheep or birds, the school of fish and the pack of dogs. In both animals and plants the species firmly connects the individual plant to the collective Ego which resides as a Cosmic level in the Fixed Stars. With Humans internalising the Ego, our connection through race and blood ties are allowed to begin to breakdown. We become spiritual individuals able to form associations through ideology, faith and individual preference, irrespective of race and blood background. These are the four major aspects which influence life's functions. In creation there is very little black and white and there are many shades of grey. In observing how various entities work with these four bodies , there are often occasions when an entity is in a grey area. Certain animals may seem very plant like, or almost human, while even humans can sometimes take on a plant quality. We are therefore presented with the following picture : Body Macrocosm Steiner 12 fold 7 fold 4 fold 3 fold Astrology Fixed Stars Planets Elements Modes Element H N O C

World Ego Galaxy World Astral Solar System World Etheric Atmosphere World Physical Life on Earth

With us having four bodies, we can use the Gyroscope to gain a further appreciation of how these bodies work together. The key this stage can be found through the bodies relationships to the four elements. Just as each body usesa chemical element to work into the physical substance, so it uses an element of the atmosphere to be carried into life at that level. The physical body works with the Earth element, the Etheric the water, the Astral body is carried in the Air while the Ego moves through the warmth or Fire element.

From here it can be surmised that that Ego and Physical body have a specific creative

relationship and that the Astral and Etheric create a formative harmonic as well. As we will see and from Steiners writings we note this is in fact so. (see Astrological Science) While these are the cosmic seats of the spiritual bodies, the four kingdoms each personalise the bodies in their own way. The Spiritual Bodies & the Kingdoms of Nature The Mineral kingdom has a physical form with the Etheric, Astral and Ego remaining external to the physical form. This means these bodies work directly from the World sphere mediated through the elements of warmth, light and moisture.

The Plant Kingdom has a physical form and an internalised Etheric body, and so it can grow and expand as well as die. However the Astral and Ego remain external in the World spheres. So, while plants will expand and grow it is usually external influences of light, moisture and heat that determine their final form. Flowering and seeding are processes bought about by the astral and ego acting onto the plant externally, through the Light and Warmth ethers of the Etheric body.

The Animal Kingdom embodies the Etheric and Astral, inside their physical bodies, while the Ego stays external. This allows them movement and sensation, but not a high degree of 'consciousness'. So if the food or temperature is not right in one position, then they will move to another. While a degree of freedom is expressed here, it is usually based on sense experience or habit and instinct. The degree the astral is internalised is indicated by the formation of the four organic systems of lung, kidney, bladder and heart. (16)

Humans have the potential to embody all four spheres. The Physical , Etheric, Astral and Ego. In so doing, we become potentially conscious and self determining individuals. The Ego has been the last faculty to fully incarnate and the history of especially the last 5000 years points to its increasing influence in the life of the human. A strong awareness of matter took place in Persia and Egypt. The development of the Mind though Greece, and the subsequent development of science, are all symbols of mans growing awakening to the Ego. A trail to the awakening of the individual, as separate from the tribe or race, parallels this development.

External Bodies If the bodies are externalised it does not mean they cease to function. They function directly from Fixed Stars ( Ego ) , the Planets ( Astral ) or through the Ethers or Elements ( Etheric ) from the outside onto the individual form. In plants the Etheric body, which has an outward movement, is contained and balanced by the inward moving Astral and Ego, externally. In the case of animals, the Astral ( still inward moving ) enters the body and can balance the Etheric from within. Nature spirits and Devas are really the collective Astral/ Ego of the particular plant species. The individual plants are spiritually linked to this common Astrality and Ego. It was Wilhelm Peliken who said manifestation: IS in the mineral kingdom, LIVES in the plant world, EXPERIENCES through the animals, and COMPREHENDS ITSELF through humans. (10 Vol 1) Putting all the above information together a picture of life's interrelationships as a Microcosm of the Macrocosm develops as follows. This diagram outlines the internalisation of the World spiritual bodies into the personalised kingdoms of nature through their various associations.

Manifestation Ideally all four bodies work harmoniously according to the makeup of any particular plant, animal or human form. In this state, optimum health will be reached and maintained. From this point of view pests and disease in plants, and illness in people can be presented in a new light. Biodynamics, like Steiners medicine, holds the view that if there is any imbalance between the bodies then disease or pests of some form will manifest. The Double Spiral Just as the Astrological Theorum can be seen in the Macrocosmic environment when we come to manifest life the sme patterns are present. Some examples of this have already been presented. If we now untwist the folded lemniscate from the Diagram 37 we come back to the double sprial. The top half being the Macrocosm and the bottom spiral being the microcosm.

The Creative Formative Forces The picture outlined here is after Ernst Marti as outlined in "The Four Ethers". In this work he challenged the picture and nature of the Etheric sphere as presented earlier by G. Wachsmuth in "Etheric Formative Forces". EFF became the basis for understanding the Cosmic Etheric sphere for many earlier and contemporary Anthroposophists. The work "Truth and Error in Astrology" by H Poppelbaum appears to use Wachsmuths view and hence I believe leads him to presenting a less than full expaination of what a birth chart is and therefore how we relate to it. More of this later. The process of creation is the manifestation into the physical dimension of the combined influences of the Macro spheres of our environment. The Fixed Stars are all cluster of stars and galaxies emitting immense concentrations of radiations. These radiation sources are relatively constant in both the intensity of their output and their place of output relative to us. The Fixed Star movement in relation to us is minimal. Hence they are called Fixed Stars. The Fixed Star realm or Zodiac sphere is therefore considered to be the sphere of the archetypes. These archetypes are the formative imprints upon which life forms are developed. As an image, it could be suggested each plant species owes its archetypal form to an individual star. In reality there are several influences making up any single entity. The main point here is to see the Fixed Stars as emitting the original formative impulse. In passing, it should be mentioned that we live in a spherical reality. Earth is the subjective centre of our Universe and the 'layers' outlined above are spheres around us, like rings of an onion. As the formative forces move towards the Earth from the Fixed Stars, they pass through the Planetary sphere -the seat of the World Astral Body -to become Astral formative forces. Then they move through the Ionosphere and our Atmosphere - the seat of the World Etheric bodyto become Etheric formative forces, and onto the Earth to become Physical formative forces carried through the light, heat, moisture,and chemical elements.

The formative forces When a spiritual body incarnates into physical form it work directly for itself. The indirect or Cosmic influence of a body also works at the same time. Hence we have internal wormth coming fromwithin our body and external warmth coming from the Sun. When a body is not incarnate, it works indirectly from the outside and also through relationships it has to parts of the incarnated bodies.

Plants are a good example. They have an internalised Etheric body howeve the astral body is generally external, only in poisonous plants does it enter a certain distance. While the Ego is always external. The fourfold division of the plant has been established through the work of both Maria Thun and Agnes Fyfe. They found that if plants where worked when the moon was in certain elemental constellation that the corresponding part of the plant was enhanced. The fire constellations enlivened the Seed and fruit. The air constellations encouraged the Flower. The water constellations encouraged the Leaf. The root was encouraged by working in the earth constellations. Through association we see that Fire relates to the Ego and the Seeding process. In turn Fire is associated with the Warmth Ether. So in plants the Ego impulses coming from the Fixed Stars find their way into the plant processes through the mediation of the Warmth ether of the Etheric body. Remember that the Ego impulses also work externally directly from the Fixed Stars and encouraged through the external warmth of the environment. Likewise the Astral body works onto plants from the outside, directly from the planets yet its influence works directly through the etheric body through the Astral's connection to the etheric bodies' Light ether. This fourfold level runs through many different aspects of our life and environment. The layers of Creation This diagram illustrates the four Macrocosmic bodies interrelation. While each of the bodies has its own sphere , there are places where they interact. The Cosmos has few hard edges in it. As one body sphere interacts with the next, a grey area is created. eg When the Etheric forces begin to work into the ‘dead’ Earth we have the development of Carbohydrates, Sugars and Proteins. When it interacts with the Astral sphere in the Ionosphere we see the activity of the Ethers. When the Astral body meets the Spirit sphere of the Galaxy we have the development of the Collective Unconscious area with Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. I imagine there are all the normal spirals and lemniscate forms created between the layers. Any active movement in one layer will create a resonant reaction in its next. Hence many of the creative polaric relationships which exist between the bodies. eg. Within the Etheric Body we have discussed the harmonic relationship between The Ethers, The Elements and Protein .


Iono. ETHERS Life Chemical Light Warmth

Strato ELEMENTS Earth Water Air Fire

Tropo. PROTEIN Carbon Oxygen Nitrogen Hydrogen

WHAT IS ASTROLOGY? Astrology is the science of the interplay between all cosmic phenomena and their corresponding significance for and influence on life on Earth. Anything which comes under this format is Astrology. It is an extremely wide banner which surprisingly for some covers 80% of Rudolf Steiners (RS) work. Behind its prostituted child, we find in magazines, Astrology is first and foremost a universal theorem, created from the very structure of our reality, the Galaxy, the Solar System and the Earth, this theorem outlines the laws of creation. The 'laws' it outlines form the energetic pathways and interplay's upon which the creative impulses come into and maintain form. They are exactly the same as those so eloquently described by RS. "Biodynamics Decoded" first outlined the basic theorem and how these relate to RS basic understanding patterns. Being such an archetypal theorem it has many uses and applications. I believe RS was one of the greatest exponents of applying this theorem to life and his work is the one of the best examples of how the Astrological theorem can be used to understand and work with manifest life. Like it or not RS was an Astrologer. He may not have drawn up horoscopes that often ( see the Curative course for an example ) however he did think Astrologically and apply these universal principle as the basis of his understandings. There are many many forms of 'Astrological' practice. Just as there are many forms of medical practice. The more obvious are magazine horoscopes, birth chart readings, predictive readings and relationship Astrology. Behind these obvious manifestations Astrology moves deeply into personal growth areas, past life therapies, medical applications, financial areas, evolution theory, spiritual growth, Alchemy and through RS now into Agriculture, movement, speech, art therapy and many other applications. Most importantly of all though is to appreciate it as a theorem in itself. This is a study unto itself. Like any work with a theorem at its base, it allows its student to not only learn all the rote understandings. but also to come up with truly innovative answers to any life situation one is presented with. Just as Anthroposophy keeps coming back to 'Occult Science' for its evolutionary structural basis so ( for me ) Astrology keeps coming back to THE THEOREM. Exploration and use of this theorem lays the basis for any further study and answers to astrological problems.

In "Biodynamics Decoded" (BDD) I outlined how Astrology (and RS) needs to be organised according to the vortex or spiral form, to gain full appreciation of the form and inner relationships that exist between all its parts. Usually the parts of Astrology - the Polarity, Modes, Elements, Planets and Zodiac - are expressed as different parts we need to understand independantly of each other. It is suggested there are relationships between the parts however these are not always obvious. Rarely are the parts of Astrology described as a coherent interrelated whole. In "The Big Picture" (presented later in this work) this organised pattern is given its Astronomical and spiritual basis. In that chapter we can see the Galaxy is the macrocosmic basis for the zodiac and spirit, the Solar System is the basis for the planets and the Astal body, the Atmosphere the basis for the Elements and the Etheric body, the physical bodies of the Earth carries the basis of the modes , while the polarity remains as an external basis of life expressed in the dual nature of most species reproductive needs. This cosmic 'onion' can be seen to be an inwardly moving spiral within an egg shaped apple. These three forms need to be superimposed upon each other and imagined as a 3D form, to get the whole picture. One day soon I will get this on a moving video to do it justice.

The cosmic egg is actually very huge supposedly encompassing the 15 billion light years of space, since the big bang. However for our purposes we can concern ourselves with the smaller cosmic egg of our galaxy, which has a more moderate dimension of 100,000 light years diameter. All of the stars we can see with our eyes (and the Astrology we use) are within our Galaxy.

The spiral on the previous page is seen as if you are looking down into a vortex to the middle horizontal plane. The next picture is as if you are looking at a side view of the top half of the egg-apple. The Apple part of the egg form comes into play when we look into the inner structure of any organised cosmic form. Pictures taken by the Hubble telescope reveal

Galaxies such as our own which appear as a flat plane are actually large spheres (or eggs) which spin around a vertical axis upon which two vortexes form. The flat plane we see is the matter accumulating along its equator, due to cosmic forces and matter being sucked down the vortexes and being squirted out along the horizontal plane. We do not generally see the sphere as it is made up of invisible electro magnetic forces. This essential structure holds true for most electromagnetic beings from a galaxy to the atom.

So to look into the Cosmic Apple-Egg we can look down the formative vortex as presented on page 13 and see the (onion) layers inside. It is this vortex form which can then be used to investigate the inner elements of creation, we use in Astrology. Within vortexes there are inward and outward moving forces and Biodynamic Agriculture through Geothe and Lievegeod have shown how both forces are active in the incarnation and excarnation of life forms (8). With life forms, their growth begins with the joining of the male and female beings of their species. This is followed by the formation of the physical body (3 fold - modes) which provides us with our physical constitution, followed by the development of ones temperament (4fold etheric), character (7 fold astral) and spirit (12 fold). In keeping with this expansive manifestation phase of the creative process we can start at the bottom of vortex and follow the development of the parts of Astrology through their evolution from oneness to the 12 fold level of the zodiac.

This vortex image allows us to see each successive layer of the Astrological vortex as a development of the earlier one. From the polarity of the Sun and Earth we have the threefold developing through the creation of a middle zone. This provides us with a clear image of the mutable signs. They are what arises through the mediation of the Cardinal and Fixed modes. The fourfold stage develops through the further development of the mutable middle zone deviding into two to make the elements of Air and Water. The polarity relationship which was between the Sun and Earth is carried over into the Cardinal Fixed relationship and then onto the Fire and Earth relationship. A second polarity develops between Air and Water. These 'structural' polarities between Fire and Earth ,and Air and Water provide the basis for the spiritual, physical and electro magnetic polarity organisations found working at many levels in living organisms. (25)

For the planets the middle again divides to create the planets Mars and Venus. The polarity relationships as just described continue with the planets and zodiac. With the zodiac though each planet rules two signs, except the Sun and Moon which are in many ways a dynamic polarity within themselves.

Through this process of development this diagram provides us with the relationships between the parts of the various layers. Just start at the bottom and look upwards. Everything on the outsides are related and everything in the middle is related. They are the same energy just manifested at a different layer of the creative spiral.

BDD has more explanations of the internal workings of this patterning and how by placing information about anything upon this diagram, it is possible to find its r elationship to other pieces of known information. When we look into the birth chart we are actually looking down this spiral. Each layer has a particular field of play. Any number of basic Astrology books will provide the details of these parts. Remember this patterning when reading them and your will understand Astrology very much faster. Ultimately though Astrology is an experience. Once you have had a good one, you know it has relevance. A good place to start is to have your personal birth chart read by a competent Astrologer. Of which there are many. Go and do it. It is ALL right For some strange reason, we Humans seem to need to make things right and wrong. After looking at 'life' for some time I have come to see there is very little right or wrong. Most things are right, but within their own context and criteria. It is usually my understanding which is the weakest point, especially where cosmic questions are concerned. Whenever there is something that does not fit, or appears to be wrong from your present standpoint, consider that this could be an opportunity for another area for exploration. So the question becomes - how and where does everything fit together, than what is right or wrong? Astrology & Astronomy One of the most long standing rights and wrongs and seemingly immovable misunderstandings, is the determination of a few to assert that Bio-Dynamics Planting Calendar and Anthroposophy's use of the cosmic influences is Astronomy and not Astrology. Given the earlier premise (supported by encyclopaedia definition)

"Astrology is the science of the interplay between all cosmic phenomena and their corresponding significance for and influence of life on Earth." it would appear fairly clear the BD calendar fits clearly in the boundaries of Astrology. So what is the difference and where are they both right? Astronomy is the science of celestial phenomena. It observes, measures, names describes, and theorises over the nature and evolution of all phenomena beyond the Earth. It does not investigate their impact on Earth other than the physical Electro-magnetic and possible collision impacts. Astrology is the science of how these phenomena impact on all the life processes of Earth. The statement that "it is a Full Moon" is an Astronomical statement. Once one says "this is a good time to plant seeds". This is an Astrological statement. Astrology is a big subject. It is possibly the oldest science known to Humans and has for most of our known history been the basis of many of life's activities, cultural affairs and philosophic world views. Astrology is a true science, based on the reality of creations body. Its bones are the Stars of the Galaxy, its flesh is the planets of the Solar system, its circulatory system are the elements of the atmosphere while its blood stream is the three fold nature of all physical bodies. This is THE reality we live in. Through the study of this reality one has a good chance of coming up with the real laws of life based upon the environment out of which life has been created. Astrology is the name given to the study of cosmic influences impact on life on Earth. Any study which pursues this process is part of Astrology, and there are many. Over the known history of some 10,000 years every culture has studied Astrology. There are many many methods, techniques, philosophies, games, processes and movements based upon it. Many aspects of Rudolf Steiners work come under this umbrella. Astrology and Astrosophy 'Astrosophy' has developed out of the work of Rudolf Steiner and his followers notably, Elizabeth Vreede, Willi Sucher, Hazel Streicher and Robert Powell. This method has attempted to incorporate the world view of Anthroposophy into a 'renewal' of Astrology. They have added some techniques to the Astrological repertoire and provided initiatives towards deepened its spiritual focus in the west. Many of their 'innovations' however are simply reviving methods and concepts from antiquity. What they can not do though is stand apart from Astrology. This work is yet another sub culture of Astrology, just as there are many and have been many over its history. ARCHETYPAL & SUBJECTIVE REALITIES An important distinction to make is the relationship between the 'real' subjective experience of reality and how this corresponds to an Archetypal 'reality'. A subjective reality is what we directly experience based upon some reality, be it the planetary positions right down to the weather. It in itself it may only be a partial ‟truth‟ however it is

nevertheless meaningful and in need of serious consideration. With Astronomy for example, we Humans while living on Earth, experience creation as if we are at its centre, which of course we are not. Nevertheless the Sun appears to revolve around us, not the other way round. The experiences we have of the Sun being secondary to the Earth, such as sunrise and sunset form part of our subjective reality. This is what we experience or perceive from our point of view. The Astronomical truth is we revolve around the Sun, yet our subjective experience of the Sun revolving around us has a dominating position in our experience of reality. Having said this, a close investigation of the planetary influences from a heliocentric perspective also reveals that they have an effect upon the way life manifests on Earth. This occurs simultaneously to our Earth centred (geocentric) experience. The point is that both the geocentric and heliocentric experience of the planets form part of our subjective experience of a reality. As will be shown later in this work, we can however delineate a difference in the „quality‟ of these influences. An archetypal reality is a principle, rule or 'law', which can be found in some aspect of life. This law or principle is based upon some physical or cosmic reality however it may not have any direct relationship to the subject at hand. In the context of this work the archetypal realities we meet are often an Astronomical phenomena whose principles can be found in some element of life we wish to explore . The rules of the original phenomena are moved and applied to some other phenomena. E.g. the seven year cycles of human growth so commonly accepted, are actually based upon a fourfold division of Saturn's 28 year cycle, or when RS associates the the human senses to the twelvefold nature of the constellations, or when we have the 12 signs of the zodiac developed from the astronomical reality of the 12 constellations. These principles are meaningful structures used to organise our experiences of life, however in themselves they do not relate to a direct reality but rather a fundamental patterning or archetype taken from somewhere else. The archetypal principles and subjective reality often interact with one another and can be seen in the seven year cycles mentioned above. Saturn has a basic cycle length of 28 years. It has been found that the 4 quarter phases of this cycle indicate significant moments in the development of an individuals personal responsibility. (See “Parenting as a Saturnine Pleasure”). Therefore we have come to develop a general or archetypal theory of growth based upon the seven year cycle. In reality though it has been found that the trigger and timing of these events relate to when Saturn has its exact 90 or 180 degree relationship back to its birth position. This relationship does not occur exactly every seven years. Saturn has its actual relationship back to its birth position anywhere between every 7 & 9 years. So the archetypal law shows us an overall pattern, which provides a general human effect, yet the subjective reality of the individual gives us the actual event for them. Both points of view have some relevance and can be considered correct. Another example, which we will look at in greater detail later, is the relationship of the constellations of the zodiac to the signs of the zodiac. Essentially the reality is that there are twelve constellations of stars standing behind the ecliptic of the Sun. These are clusters of energy generating stars which have moved very little in a long time. This twelvefold archetypal nature of the constellations ( which are a galaxy phenomena) has been 'picked up' and then placed upon the path of the Sun around the Earth, (which is a Earth centred Solar system phenomena). The starting point of this „Earth‟ zodiac is the northern hemisphere spring equinox. The 12 divisions so created are then called the signs of the zodiac. They are a manifestation of an archetypal pattern of creation being taken and applied to another circumstance. The function

and effect of this is another matter and will be addressed later. The point here is that this 12 fold archetypal law of life drawn from the constellations is able to be moved around and applied to almost anything. " Astrological Science" explored how the 12 fold law relates to the Spiritual level and thus applying the 12 fold law stamps a spiritual dimension onto the subject. Applying the 7 fold law stamps and Astral focus upon the subject and so on. So an archetype in this sense is a basic law of creation. These laws, whatever they are, hold good for the new realities upon which they are built and some relevance will arise from them. The nature of the law indicates at what level or arena the subsequent information will relate too. Any process of life can be devided into twelve ,seven, four, three or two fold processes as RS continually shows. The Astrological model therefore provides us with a Universal theorum which outlines many of the basic archetypal laws of the galaxy, as the galaxy presents them to us. The patterning allows us to determine where these laws work and what their influence is when they are applied to subjective life experiences. Interestingly, Steiner more often than not uses the archetypal division of things rather than the real. Take for example his twelve fold division in the 12 senses work. It can be suggested this activity is describing an Egoic level of the senses.

When RS uses the planets in the biography work he is talking on an Astral level. Hence he is discussing the soul or psychological development of the individual. B Lievegeod is his book "Phases" also uses the archetypal planetary patterns rather than the real ones. This book gives the mid life crisis as taking place at 42 based on the archetypal rhythms of the planets. In reality though the mid life crisis period runs at present from 37 - 45 based on the real planetary movements. In this regard a wonderful book called 'The Cycles of Becoming " by Alexander Repurti was written for Astrological circles in 1978. This book outlines in detail the exact cycles and rhythms of the planets with their influences on human development. This is the Astrological equivalent of Lievgeods book. Well worth the study. Anthroposophical critics of Astrology can scarcely 'complain' about the use of archetypal patterning for the development of the signs of the zodiac when their whole reference system is built upon the exact same process. The signs in this sense are a brother of many of their understandings. Archetypal patterns have great relevance. They show up everywhere in Astrological study. The Astrological theorem shows the complexity of interrelationships between all the various parts

of creation and indicates the laws for the manifestation of almost all of creation. In the field of human psychological development, and other subjective realities, one must not overlook the experience of the real planets as the activators of development. The planetary positions of the natal or progressed charts give the exact timing of the events of life. The archetype can give us their meaning. Both the archetypal and the real phenomena can be used and are both "right". WHAT IS THE BIRTH CHART What is the birth chart and how can it be used for further personal and spiritual development? The 'birth chart' is the most used chart of our modern times, due to it being the most secure point we are able to safely determine. Many other points, such as Conception, Pre Natal Epoch and Constellation of Cosmic thought, can be used however these are generally not known exactly. The birth chart is what we generally have available and is a significant point in our evolution process. It is the point in time where we take on our 'independant' life at the first breath. The most interest aspect of this chart is that while it is widely accepted as being significant and THE chart to use it has almost no astronomical reality at all. So what is this birth chart our culture has so strongly embraced. In our present culture we accept the Geocentric Tropical (sign) birth or natal chart of the planets positions is the one to use. Mostly because this is the one we have inherited from antiquity. Even Astrologers rarely question what it actually is. To examine any question of Astrology and the application or meaning of any particular method of Astrology I use the basic assumption that The Astrological application or use of any method is described by its relationship to the Astronomical reality. So there are several issues to investigate here. The first question is what is the Astronomical reality of the natal chart? Then where in time and space does the natal chart stand ? I will answer some of the first question, then look more closely at the second question before returning in more depth to the first. The birth chart used commonly in western cultures as THE birth chart is a chart of where the planets are placed in the signs of the zodiac, as seen from a specific point on the Earth, for the moment of birth. We will look into this statement in more depth but first we can look at the moment of this birth. The birth moment Most philosophic traditions suggest that while the physical body is born and dies, the spirit is eternal. At death it moves from the discarded body, before moving through a period in the after life phase which often leads eventually to a journey back to Earth to take on another body in some future time. This is called reincarnation. Reincarnation. Reincarnation as a conscious reality became part of my world view when I became involved with

Hinduism in the early 1970s. As an Astrologer I easily incorporated this concept into my understanding. I would like to suggest though, that the study of Astrology naturally brings one to an appreciation that reincarnation is indeed a reality. How else can one explain the strange and varied personalities and 'fates' one is presented with. Is it all just good or bad luck or is the individual got some responsibility in who they are and how their life plays out before them. Reincarnation states - this present life is the end product of all the previous you we have lived. Your birth chart is an image of where you - your Ego and Astral body - got to last life and how this soul state has been reformed for your present incarnation, according to any past karmas. Karma Karma is the results of your actions. Life is a continuum much like a stream of water. Left to itself a pool of water becomes still and even stagnant. Water obtains its form and qualities from outside stimuli. The fall of the land produces motion and force, the structure of the river bed creates obstacles which create the inner movements swirls, infoldings, pools, rapids, waterfalls and undercurrents. Likewise life and the experiences we have along the way, create the swirls and undercurrents of our soul or Astral body, which remains with the spirit as it ends its relationship with our physical body at death. The Ego/spirit is often the creator of an action. This action creates a response from outside us, which in turn creates a response within us. This whole physical, emotional, psychological experience becomes formed into our soul or Astral body. Ultimately this moves into our Etheric bodies as deep and possibly unconscious memory. When we are encountered by what we perceive to be a similar experience, we draw on these old memories. We put that up on the screen of our Egos eye and run it all over again. This colours the present experience to some degree. Through this new experience we either just back up our previous experience and neurosis, or see it was not so bad afterall, and adjust our perception a little bit. If we are lucky. There are naturally many variations on this basic theme. Our present birth chart offers an image of where our four body system has evolved to as a result of all our previous incarnations. By acknowledging humans have been manifesting on Earth for some few million years it is no wonder some of our 'stuff' is very embedded and a little difficult to even see, let alone have some objectivity with. A significant influence on this present life on Earth, is the process we go through from the end of our last life through till, the beginning of this. This is the journey after Death, out to the Guardian of the Threshold, where certain decisions are made before a subsequent journey back to Earth and our present birth. The Death Chart The moment of death is as significant in the long term as the moment of Birth. This death chart indicates where you have developed too during this previous life. By comparing the birth and death chart one can discover the degree of soul development which has occurred during the previous life. This chart is therefore the basis upon which the next life is built. Work by Astrosophers, notably Wachsmuth & R. Powell, on the Karma lectures by RS has led to the development of indicators for the establishment of who you were last time. This is OK if you were one of the heroes of Humanity where your death time would at least be recorded. For us lesser beings there is very little show of ever finding ones previous death. In the case of close

family ties this maybe possible. Other than this situation, these techniques are wonderful scholarly tit bits but possibly little else in every life. The speculation and possible delusion arising from this methods could have a far worst impact on free will in this life than the expressed fears of using predictive techniques on ones present situation. After Death At Death, about three days after you have left your physical body, your Etheric body disconnects from your Astral \ Ego organisation. The etheric forces maintaining your etheric body release and merge back into the world etheric forces centred in the atmosphere of the Earth. Ultimately though you are the Ego or spirit. As such you are eternal and never cease to exist. At death though you the spirit, are still clothed by your emotional and psychological reality held in your Astral body. RS pointed out that after death and the etherics separation the Astral\ Ego combination start their journey away from the Earth towards the spirit lands found beyond Saturn in the Galaxy sphere. The planetary spheres are the home of the World Astral and its associated beings. As you past through the various planetary spheres your relive and become conscious of that part of your Astral body governed by a particular planetary sphere. This astral releasing phase is said to last for approximately as long as you slept in your last life. As we move through a particular sphere the spiritual beings of that sphere help us to digest and come to terms with the relationships and karma we have developed through our last life. According to Dr Elizabeth Vreede (24) at the Moon we have arrived at the "soul land" " So does man set himself free from the physical and then also from the etheric and there follows the entry into the elementary world, into the Moon's sphere. It is that sphere that has the Moon's orbit as its outermost borders. The soul gradually expands to the extent of this entire sphere. It comprehends all that lies within the circle described by the Moon. It has now arrived in tile "Soul land," \which in its lower regions is identical with the Moon-sphere (Cf. Cycle 3; lecture 10) And there forthwith it moulds the action of its karma from the earth life which has just expired. In the ether-world of the Moon-sphere everything is engraved as actual records in the Akashic Chronicle that we have carried out on earth without completion. All that a man has undertaken to do, but has not carried out or in thns carry!ng out he has come to a standstill, or what he ought especially to have done by way self development but has omitted, all this engraves itself in the Moon-sphere in the life after death." In the mercury sphere one experiences "what they have become as a moral being or that which was unmoral. Here that which passes from man to man but has not arrived at the right accomplishment - unfulfilled promises and the like" In the Venus sphere is experienced "all that unites man on Earth in groups which have a spiritual link as in religious communities. He who has lived life as an atheist up to his death will live in this sphere in utter solitude. At the Sun " Man lives there in the heart of the solar system, himself become heart, and there his relationship........ to the entire human race is what pronounces judgement. And first and foremost judgement is pronounced by the relation that he himself had gained on earth to the representative of humanity, the Christ, and to Lucifer that spirit who has encroached so powerfully upon the evolution of humankind.",

With Mars and Jupiter, Dr Vreede says very little and I have not found a direct RS reference either. I can only speculate that in the Mars sphere we will meet the results of the innovative and selfish actions we have bought to the Earth. While at Jupiter we can expect to experience the results of our actions in our greater community. Dr Vreede does say that at Saturn "what one has developed as spiritual concepts which in our next life is transformed into definite spiritual faculties in our next life". Once you make it to the edge of the Saturn sphere we are met by the First Guardian of the Threshold. In Astrology this is known as the planetoid Chiron. Chiron's path takes it inside Saturn orbit and outside Uranus' orbit. So it moves inside Saturn for part of its cycle and outside Uranus during another part. Chiron is indeed the doorman ferrying souls from the Astral sphere into the collective unconscious sphere which begins at Uranus. Anthroposophy suggests Christian Rosenkrutz has become this Guardian. So he lives on or around Chiron and its sphere. The task of the Guardian is to reflect to you all you could have been and to ask if you really feel finished with life on Earth and whether there is still anything you wish to complete. After your very awakening journey through the Astral spheres there may well be some things left to do. If you feel O.K. then you can continue through Chiron into Uranus and on towards the spirit lands. If there is still things to do, be they further karma resolution or pure gifts to humanity, you decide what it is, who to do it with and what events are necessary in your next life to bring about resolution. This is where you are making choices regarding your future destiny. So when you live your next life you are just living out already made decisions from this time with Chiron \ Christian Rosenkrutz. Once you have decided your plan of attack you begin moving back down through the Astral spheres rekindling your Astral body. This is done in accordance with the beings of those spheres. It is suggested the positions of the planets in your birth chart are an image of your journey through each of these spheres. From Saturn to the Moon you are rekindling your Astral body. From the moon sphere on and especially once you enter the Atmosphere you enter into the Etheric sphere of the Earth and here you begin to build up your Etheric body. At conception or shortly afterwards this Etheric body connects with the physical and the new life begins. Along the way several charts can be drawn up. Willie Sucher is the main developer of these charts in modern times however their origin is from antiquity. The first two are based on a formula relating to the moons node, the moon and the ascendant of the birth chart. Information regarding this in the R.Powells book Hermetic Astrology or Willie Suchers writings. The constellation of cosmic thought chart, is said to indicate the point where the individuality crosses over from the Sun sphere into the Moon sphere. This is said to indicate the spirits purpose in the coming life.

The Pre Natal Epoch chart is where the individuality crosses over from the Moon sphere into the Earth sphere. This takes place around conception. I would expect this chart to indicate the state of the Etheric body. With both of these charts there is still some speculation as to which charts to use as various options arise out of the formula. Pre Natal Epoch is in use in Astrological circles other than Astrophers and finds its basis in Greek writings. Another chart is the conception chart if you can determine the time. This would have a similar relevance to the Pre Natal Epoch chart. Other methods used from the pre birth period include, plotting the movement of the moon and the planetary aspects through the gestation period and relating one moon cycle for each 7 years of life. Sucher examined the formation of the body in relation to these pre birth planetary configurations and showed remarkable correlation's between them and physical and mental deformities. The Natal chart is when a chart of the planets placement in the SIGNS of the Zodiac, as seen on EARTH from the locality of birth, is drawn up for the moment the first breath is taken. This chart can also have the constellations as the background. This one is what is used in India and by Anthroposophists. The natal chart is not the only chart used by Astrologers. From the many charts, games and techniques Astrologers can use it becomes apparent that each technique shines one beam of light upon the observed object. The more techniques used the more complex or detailed the object becomes. Any one technique shines a specific beam of light in a specific direction. The way we can determine what any Astrological technique is for is indicated by examining its Astronomical reality. Indeed its Astronomical reality indicates the boundary of a techniques 'predictive' area. The Astronomical realities we are presented with in the Natal chart are: - it is Earth based (Geocentric) as opposed to Sun centred (Heliocentric). - it uses the Signs of the Zodiac instead of the Constellations. - it uses an Aries to Pisces anti-clockwise zodiac instead of the Cancer through to Leo clockwise zodiac indicated in the Astrological Theorem - it uses a 'house' system based on the horizon of the Earth at birth. Generally we just take all of the above for granted without a real appreciation of the difference between the opposites outlined above however an investigation of the astronomical reality of the above provides an interesting picture of what the natal chart is actually telling us.. Geocentric \ Heliocentric Birth charts The standard accepted birth chart is drawn up so we see the planets positions from the Earth. This is called the Geocentric chart meaning Earth centred. The Earth is the sphere of physical life as well as where we exist.

The rest of this chart is based on the Solar system, albeit a particular view of the Solar system. The Solar system as seen from Earth. From here the Sun is placed as another planet circling around the Earth as the centre. This of course is not the Astronomical reality. Really the Sun is the centre and the Earth is moving around it. So we are dealing with an apparent and certainly a subjective reality when using a Geocentric system. We are personalising the Solar system to our reality. We become the centre of our own lives. Hence the Earth, the plane of Physical life becomes the centre of focus for this chart. What is the Solar system? It is a collection of planets which live within the electro-magnetic sphere of a Sun. This Sun in turn is one of millions of Suns which cluster together within the Galaxy. From our earlier discussions it became apparent the Suns are spheres of Spirit and the planetary sphere around our Sun are their Astral sphere. Just as the Spirits interplay with the Physical\Etheric organism leads to the creation of our Astral bodies, so the life of the Sun leads to the creation of the planets, its Astral body. In the Geocentric chart we place the Sun as part of the planetary sphere. In doing so we show how: The spirit is embedded in the Astral body or alternatively how the spirit may be possessed by the Astral body. We can conclude therefore that this chart is the picture of the physical life on Earth of the Spirit controlled by the Astral body. Earlier in the sections on reincarnation and karma it was outlined how the spirit moved from Earth through the planets and then back to Earth. During this time the spirit became aware of its karmic load and on the journey back to Earth, through the planets, we created this Astral environment so we can live out and address these karmas further. In the Geocentric chart we have indicated how these Astral karmas work into our life on Earth. The Earth life or our body is the dominate feature, with the Spirit in subordination to the Planets. So in this chart the spirit is subservient to the Astral bodies karmas and how they play onto and effect the physical body ( from outside ). In short this is the Astral fate of our lives. With the Sun - the source of our consciousness - so immersed in this activity that it is generally unaware of its potential controlling and freedom making possibility. A chart for this same moment can also be drawn up for how the planets where placed as seen from the Sun. This called the Heliocentric chart. This places the Sun at the centre of the chart and separate from the planets. The Earth is placed in this chart as well, always opposite to the place it is in the Geocentric chart. This chart is the Astronomical reality we live in. With the Sun as the focus, a step towards the essential essence (spirit) of a situation or person is taken. The Sun here is in its natural position as the central focus of the planets. In turn this indicates a chart telling us how the the Spirit can be the focus of the Astral body. The planets are still active in the heliocentric chart and there are also positive and negative relationships between them. This suggest the Astral body still has some influence onto the Spirit however potentially in a much more subservient manner than in the geocentric chart. In a sense we could say the planets relationships in the Heliocentric chart indicates the way in which the Astral body has engraved its experiences into the spirit of an individual.

With the Helio chart we can use the image of a Board of Directors. The Sun is the chairman of the board and the planets are the heads of department. In the Helio chart the Chairman is in his rightful place at the head of the table and in charge of the meeting. In the Geocentric chart, the strongest most vocal head of department is often in charge while in many cases the Chairman (Sun) does not even know it is meant to be in charge. The Heliocentric chart shows us how the Astral body works with the Spirit in control. It outlines the spirits purpose or way of acting into this incarnation. It is the way the spirit uses the Astral body forces available to it while in our Solar System and manifest on Earth. Here the Spirit works from within and the impulses from this chart show what the spirit wants to bring to life. As an individual gains conscious awareness of the Astral body (Geocentric chart) and becomes centred in the Ego\Spirit ( Sun )- "spiritually developed" - they move towards their Heliocentric birth chart rather than continuing to be controlled by their Geocentric chart. As a polarity the Heliocentric chart indicates what the Spirit has to bring to life from within outwards, while the Geocentric chart indicates the outer karmic environment this activity must be performed within. Life becomes a picture of the interplay between these two forces. What we bring as a new gift to life and what we must tidy up from the past. Themes that show up in both these charts are obviously issues which need special attention. Indeed common themes which run through the Constellation of Cosmic thought, Pre Natal Epoch, Conception chart and the birth charts would certainly indicate something worth living into through contemplation. THE QUESTION OF THE ZODIACS? The tropical signs or the sidereal constellations? All stars are focuses of spirit. They all consume Hydrogen and emit forces and generate fields constantly. These forces are the primary formative forces of our Universe. Our Sun is our local World spirit. It therefore is and indicates our source of life. When it is placed in a birth chart it becomes an image of the internalised spirit (Level 1 in BD Decoded) of the individual as apart from all the other stars of the Galaxy which stay as the Cosmic or collective sphere of spirit (Level 6). So what is the difference between the signs of the zodiac and the constellations of the zodiac. Tropical Zodiac - The Signs Firstly it may help if we gain an understanding of the nature of these zodiacs. The zodiac commonly talked about and seen in modern western Astrological publications is called the Tropical Zodiac. This is based on a 30 degree division of the SUN'S path , along the Ecliptic. Being a Sun based phenomena it is therefore a solar system based reality. If we wished to become finicky we could say it is placed between the Earth and Mars which is where we imagine the Sun to be rotating around the Earth. The division of this zodiac , begins each year when the Sun crosses the vernal equinox point of the Northern hemisphere. This occurs around the 21st of March each year. This point becomes

the first degree of the sign of Aries. The ecliptic is then divided into twelve equal divisions of 30 degrees each. These twelve signs have the same names as those given to the constellations. These are named Aries , Taurus Gemini etc. The important point here is that this 'signal' tropical zodiac is set in relation to the Suns yearly movement, as seen from the Earth, in relation to the seasons of the northern hemisphere. So this is again an apparent reality. Based more in archetypal law than on any Astronomical realities. The only astronomical fact we can find is that it is based on the apparent movement of the Sun past a Spring equinox point. In reality this is the Earth moving past the equinox with the Sun. So we are , using the Sun as the focus, not the constellations and then dividing its path into twelve archetypal divisions.

The Two Zodiacs. The Sidereal Zodiac - The Constellations. The sidereal zodiac is an astronomical reality and is based on the visible stars of the heavens. The constellations used in this zodiac, are those the Sun and the planets move in front of during their revolutions. As we are existing on the surface of the Earth and therefore the subjective centres of our universe, both these Zodiacs are Earth centred in orientation. Therefore it appears the Sun moves around the Earth and not the reverse. The stars within the constellations only have a slight movement of their own, however this is minimal and will not be considered in this discussion. There are at least three different divisions of the sidereal Zodiac. The origin and division of each is well described by Robert Powell in his book "The Sidereal Zodiac". There are two based on the 30 degree division of the 360 degree arc, along which the zodiac is placed, with the difference occurring according to their beginning point.

The other is the unequal division of the heavens used in the Planting and Sowing Calendar of the BD organisations. These constellation divisions are astronomically correct and are therefore of varying sizes. Therefore the passages of the planets through the different constellations take varying amounts of time. This unequal division of the Sidereal zodiac is based on the work of Elizabeth Vreede in the 1920s and more recently on practical agricultural experiences of Maria Thun and Agnes Fyfe. The divisions of this Zodiac remain constant with the Sun and the planets moving through it. The Vernal equinox of the Sun has no influence on the beginning or ordering of the constellations. It is the vernal equinox which moves in front of the constellations and has been used for centuries are the great marker of the ages and human evolution. The vernal equinox, according to the unequal division of the constellations, occurs at 6 degrees in the constellation of Pisces at the present period. Due to the phenomena of the precession of the equinoxes the vernal point is slowly moving backwards towards the constellation of Aquarius at the rate of 1' every 72 years. Using this system the Age of Aquarius is therefore not due to really start for another 432 years. Other divisions of the constellations put the Vernal Point at 4 degrees Pisces and hence the Age of Aquarius is slightly closer. The connotation of all this We must appreciate the massive Astronomical differences between the Sidereal and Tropical zodiacs. The sidereal is based on a twelve fold division of the Galaxy - the constellations. While the tropical - the signs - is a twelvefold division of the Solar system. The beginning of this division is based on a seasonal consideration of the northern hemisphere of the Earth. Hence the Constellations are a Cosmic Spirit based phenomena while the Signs are a World Spirit based phenomena being based on the Sun and the Earth. Essentially occurring within the Astral sphere. Approximately 2000 years ago ( 215 AD> ) around the time of the incarnation,of the Christ the tropical and the sidereal zodiacs both started at the same point in the sky at 0 degree of the constellation of Aries. Alexander the Great in 331BC introduced to the Greeks the idea of the Ecliptic based Zodiac he found in Babylon. Hipparchus promoted its use in the 2nd century BC and was ridiculed. Leaving it to Ptolemy (200AD) to be the one to officially institute the Tropical Zodiac as a valid Astrological model. He luckily lived at the time the vernal equinox was exactly at 0' Aries. Generally prior to this period it was the Sidereal Zodiac in use. The early astronomers of the Chaeldean and Babylonian cultures developed their knowledge around the constellations. The stars Alderbaren and Antares where used to mark the middle of the constellations of Taurus and Scorpio respectively and from here a 30 degree division was made. Christ appeared in the middle of this period. Rudolf Steiner illustrates clearly that the appearance of Christ marks an intensification and central point for humans developing as a spiritually independent ego conscious beings. As this continues we can expect to evolve to the level of creative angelic beings at the end of this present period of Earth evolution. (see BD Decoded) Prior to the Christ's initiation, man relied strongly on the guidance and assistance of the various levels of spiritual beings. This can be seen in the Myths and legends of early civilisations of our planet. In the Indian scriptures the spiritual beings came and went from the

Earth with ease. Their presence was part of the common reality to all the inhabitants at the time. As Mankind began to incarnate onto the Earth more firmly, he began to loose contact with the Gods and by the Egyptian period he was trying to develop methods of preserving this knowledge for later Mankind. The Egyptian- Chaldean culture marks the last period of direct spiritual communication. The battle of Troy ( 1500BC ) also contains many images suggesting a time the Humans were awakening to an individual life separate from the Gods. After Troy fell the Greek gods retreated more and more away from the humans. It can be surmised that the Humans had finally had enough and expelled the Gods. A study of the immediate history following Troy reveals there was no winners in Troy. Classical Greece self destructed into chaos immediately following Troy and when it came together again 100 years later we see the rise of Hellenistic Greece with the development of rationalism and human control. In subsequent cultures the study, of Man and the physical Earth becomes more important. RS points out the Christ was a being of the "Sun sphere" and that the development of Man as a spiritually independently connected being was an activity connected intimately to the Christ as messenger from this sphere. The Sun, being the life producing star of our system is seen as an image of pure internalised spirit. On the chart this is Level 1, the point where all existence merges into the spirit. At the crucifixion the Christ connected with the Earth in such a manner as to be considered the spirit of the Earth. Here the macrocosmic internalised spirit sphere connects with the Earth. In turn so individual humans can incarnate the spirit consciously, thus having a direct personal connection with "All that is". The Christ as the messenger of this sphere encourages us to find a direct relationship with the Godhead, a relationship that goes beyond all class, race or financial barriers. We are all worthy of the spirit. Indeed the incarnation of the spirit will lead to the awakening of our individuality and objective consciousness, with positive and negative influences, depending on the morality of the individual. It is interesting to note that the Sun oriented tropical zodiac began to appear around this time. As the Human has continued on their path of individuality it has increased in importance especially for Western cultures, ( to the point very few people, even in 'educated circles' know the difference ) where the Ego incarnation has been the greatest. The development of the Ego in the Human is a quality or spiritual member that is unique to the Human and something they do not share with the plants and animals . The plants and animals have an Ego impulse, however this works on a group rather than on an individual level. It does not incarnate but remains outside the physical form of these kingdoms. This leaves the plants and animals in a direct spiritual connection with the environment and their larger environment the Cosmos. Their Ego influence continues to stream to them from the Fixed Stars directly. Humans by developing their Ego consciousness loosens their connection to the immediate cosmic environment. By internalising the Fixed Star influences we have the potential to become liberated from many of the direct impacts of the Fixed Stars. Thus using the constellations as a background for the birth chart would connect us more to our pre-Egoic, less individualised state of consciousness. On a unconscious physical level the constellations still have a strong impact on Humans. Current Indian astrologers still use them to good effect. On the objective conscious level though, we do

now have a greater potential to make individual decisions over these influences. On a gross level the manifestation of genetic engineering highlights how the archetypal forces sourced from the Fixed Stars can now be consciously manipulated to our ends on Earth. Cosmic rhythms and movements remain in an archetypal form within man. If our freedom of will is not recognised consciously the cosmic events still have a strong influence on Human destiny. Elizabeth Vreede points out in her Astronomical letters that the Human journey through the spiritual world is under the influences of the constellations until one incarnates on Earth when the Human again comes under the influence of the Tropical Zodiac. The Earth is the only sphere where Humans can work through past karma and develop further on the present path of spiritual growth. During the journey between death and rebirth the Human is free of the Earth and its destiny and once again is a cosmic being. This allows one to come in direct contact with the spiritual hierarchies and the cosmos. This places the Human in clear connection with the Sidereal zodiac during this period. Since the Christ's appearance on Earth, the destiny of Humans has been more strongly connected to the Sun and the spiritual beings of that sphere. The Human however must now ascend to them, rather than them to us, as the Christ did. So hence when dealing with Human destiny in the course of our existence on the Earth, it is appropriate during this period of "Ego consciousness", we use the Sun oriented tropical zodiac. Not only is the Signs Sun based, they are based also on the subjective reality as the seasons of the northern hemisphere. A very Earth orientating reference. Strengthening the fact the Signs relate to life on Earth. Hence the Tropical signs indicate the incarnated spirits life on Earth. The Human is striving for the point of guiding our own destiny and is therefore freeing ourselves of the direct cosmic impulses. It has been my experience, during 20 years of Astrological consulting, that the tropical zodiac ( and a further division, the houses ) indicate clearly the karmic events and growth stages an individual must experience while on the Earth. The constellational chart indicates a picture of the macrocosmic collective spiritcan be used to assess the more unconscious destiny of the individual. Using this thesis then, the constellations are best employed when working on the spheres of life strongly connected with the cosmos, without any suggestion of free will. We have seen how Plants are embedded in the body of the cosmos. They embody an Etheric body with their Astral and Ego aspects still external. As such the planets and fixed stars act directly as these 'organs' of the plant kingdom, so their movements affect plants in a direct manner. The Human on the other hand is in the process of internalising the Ego, and in doing so can exercise a degree of liberation from the exact movements of the cosmos. In so doing we have the opportunity to become an individualised microcosmic double of the macrocosmic universe. Further questions need to be asked - What about the Southern Hemisphere? Will the signs activity be different? Should we use a Zodiac beginning with Libra and ending with Virgo in the Southern hemisphere? These are big questions. One justification for retaining the Northern hemisphere equinoctial beginning for the zodiac is that the Earth is polarised magnetically. We do have a magnetic north focus and hence a universal beginning point.

The zodiac however is so arbitrary and so Earth bound it does stand to reason that we are able to develop a southern hemisphere zodiac if we wish. It is only one small step along an already extremely abstract road. Many discussions have be had amongst southern Astrologers with a general opinion being current that Libra does act as a spring , assertive sign with many 'Aries" qualities here in the south. Go ahead see if you can reinterpret the sign for the south beginning with Libra. EQUINOCTIAL & SEASONAL ZODIACS To add to the debate of which zodiac to use, we are confronted in RSs work with abroad question on the zodiacs. He presents us with several other zodiacal beginnings as well as zodiacs going in the opposite direction. In the work on the evolution of the animal kingdom, we meet Cancer as the beginning, while in Hauschkas work on minerals he gives a Leo start to the zodiac. In one other work associated with human social development I have noticed a Virgo starting zodiac, while the twelve senses work uses a Libra starting zodiac as well. In all these zodiacs the description of their application is through the zodiac in the opposite direction to what we are use to. There is much to explore in this but much of it will have to wait for another time. The Archetypal and Manifest Zodiacs The Astrological model (20) identifies the Cancer to Leo zodiac as possibly having some special significance. The Astrological model presents us with a different structure to the zodiac than the 'traditional' anti clockwise Aries through Pisces zodiac, used by most of Astrology. Initially the pattern looks chaotic even meaningless however as we look into it more there is an order which arises. As described in Astrological Science -12 fold, there is a lot of order in this model and we can see all the laws from the earlier levels of the Astrological spiral are carried through in this patterning.

Being of the Astrological model we can expect it to be archetypal in nature and therefore to describe founding principles of things. From this model we can see Cancer and Leo stand out as the only signs ruled by a planet each. We can note however that the Sun and Moon form a creative polarity with each other at level two of the Astro. Model. Following Koliskos lead given

to us in “The Twelve groups of Animals” and that Mother Cancer can easily be seen as the starting point of life we can track the development of this zodiac by moving in a clockwise direction going from Cancer > Gemini > Taurus.....through to Leo. If we follow the line of order starting at Cancer and moving through the other signs to Leo, we see the double helix comes into form. This mimics a DNA like series of twists. In " The Twelve Groups of Animals" Kolisko interprets the animal kingdoms evolution from Protozoa to Mammals through this twelvefold process starting with Cancer running backwards through to Leo. In that work we see outlined a fundamental manifestation of the archetypal law. We are not talking about the patterning of hair on a dog or feathers on a bird, which is more according to fibonacci number series, but a more fundamental patterning of all animal evolution or the animal evolutionary archetype. The next question is, how does this zodiacal patterning relate to the circular zodiac we are use too? We are given a hint about this process when we see the Twelve senses zodiacal patterning uses a patterning of the zodiac based upon the lemniscate. This zodiac though starts with Libra and not Cancer. We can however note the principle.

In the familiar circular zodiac we have an arrangement of signs around the circle in a positive and negative order. Aries +. Taurus -, Gemini + etc. It is also known that all living things and many minerals carry an electrically charged polarised form. This principle is carried right do to human life needing a male and female sexual polarity to come into form. So it can be stated that polarisation is the natural state of manifest forms. In the stage one zodiac this polarisation is „external‟ . We are defining the zodiac by the dual rulership of the planets. Each planet of the model rules two signs of the zodiac and so on. So if we are to head towards the polarised manifest circular zodiac, as it appears in the sky, then this polarisation must be internalised. Before we move on let us note first that the ‟stage one‟ diagram has been created by externalising the polarity. That is, all the positive are placed on one side, while all the negatives on the other, mimicking the level 2 law. If this pattern was placed directly on a circle we would have all the positives on one side and all the negatives on the other. Interestingly this is exactly what we have when we put the periodic table on a circular format. This too is a topic all its own and to be outlined in a later essay. We can note from it though that again polarity is a function of manifestation.

Too take the next step we can see that a lemniscate form can be made in this zodiac through the „unwinding‟ of the mutable signs. From „Astrological Science‟ we have been shown how not only are the signs ordered in polarity, but they are also ordered according to the level 3 -modes structure as Cardinal Mutable and Fixed.

Stage one has this same internal modal order as stage 3, however they are all positive modes or negative modes sitting together. The most moveable part of the Zodiac is the Mutable signs. This is their function, to mediate between the two poles of Cardinal and Fixed. So to unwind this spiral we can first of all unwind the mutables, and in doing so we create an internal polarisation within the four quarters of the lemniscate. The negative Pisces now sits between the positives Aquarius and Aries.

In "the Planets" chapter this patterning is explored further with regard to a twelve fold planetary structure and the Human spiritual path. In this example and the „twelve senses‟ we see described in both these examples, Human psychology and spiritual development. These are pretty abstract realities and a little removed from the vital basics of manifestation. It could be argued that if these things did not happen the rest of the planet could not care less.

So we can suggest stage two - the lemniscate - indicates a pattern or activity that stands slightly removed from the archetype and yet still behind manifestation. It appears to be an intermediate stage between these two. The third step of this process is to unwind the bottom half of the lemniscate to create the zodiac we are use to. This zodiac, while often used for describing a 12 fold personality division, it is more traditionally used to describe the physical body. Aries - head, Taurus -Throat, Capricorn-knees etc.

This now brings us to another big question. What is the relationship between the Cancer >>>> Leo zodiac and the Aries>>>> Pisces zodiac? The zodiac division we take for granted is the Aries>>>>>Pisces zodiac, which we saw in the last chapter is based on the very physical manifestation of the seasons. Even more specifically, of the northern hemisphere. So before folks in the Nth hemisphere get too carried away with drawing associations between seasonal activity and archetypal zodiacal phenomena, please remember the north's experience is not ours in the south. To gain a clearer picture of these two zodiacs we can put the traditional planetary rulers on the 'finished' stage 3 zodiac. Look at where the Aries zodiac starts from a planetary point of view. Is it not a little strange it starts at a Mars Jupiter cross point rather than the Sun Moon mid point or at least the Saturn mid point or the Venus Mars mid point. The zodiac according to the modes presented earlier also supports the notion put forward by this „planetary‟ zodiac.

THESE DIAGRAMS INDICATE THE ARIES >>>>>> PISCES ZODIAC IS NOT ORIENTATED BY THE ARCHETYPAL MODAL, PLANETARY OR ZODIACAL LAW BUT BY THE PHYSICAL SEASONS and hence highlights further its relationship to matter and a physical earth life than the archetype or spirit. It is a manifestation zodiac. The only apparent anomaly of this planetary and zodiacal structure is that Cancer and Leo are ruled by the Moon and Sun. The Sun and the Moon make up the primary polarity of life ( level 2 ). From our view they are the same size and are far larger than any other of the heavenly bodies. They are set apart in all mythologies, from the other planets as Mother and Father, Rangi & Papa, Yin and Yang, beginning and end. Cancer in Astrology is the mother and the source of life, while Leo is Lion the King of the Jungle, the peak of one personal creative expression. This Cancer >>> Leo zodiac structure again places the Sun and Moon as prominent points of the natural cycle by being the beginning and end. Worthy of individual rulership of their signs and imaging the primary polarity we found as the source of life at level 2. Quite unconsciously we do use this zodiac in modern Astrology. The two things that do travel backwards in traditional Astrology are the Precession of the Zodiac and the movement of the north node. Precession of the Equinoxes The Precession of the Equinoxes, is the name given to the backwards movement, through the zodiac, of the position of the Sun at the Spring Equinox, in the Northern Hemisphere. This phenomena is the only major use of the constellations remaining in most Western Astrology. It is from this spring equinox point, that the signs begin and are marked off in equal divisions. They are however not a division of the constellations, they are a equal 12 fold division of the ecliptic, the Suns apparent path around the Earth, as outlined earlier. The position of the Spring Equinox moves 'backwards' through the constellations at the rate of 1 degree every 72 years. It takes approximately 2160 years to move through one equally divided constellation and 25,920 years to go once around the zodiac. At present we are placed between 4 and 6 degrees of the constellation of Pisces. - depending on the constellational division one uses. It is this cycle from which we arrive at the concept of the age of Pisces and Aquarius. This equinoctial cycle has been used by many scholars to correctly indicate the developmental

history of humanity. It not only indicates the cultural development, it also provides the structure for understanding the spiritual evolutionary development of humanity as well. At the earliest we will not have the equinox in Aquarius for another 300 years. Allowing for the orb effect of 3 degrees we are still over 100 years away from moving into orb of Aquarius. So where is all the Aquarian energy of our present time coming from. The quick answer is the Saturn, Uranus Neptune conjunctions from 1987 - 1997 and the Uranus and Neptune transits through Aquarius from around 1995 till 2005. We are also in the orb period of Aquarius so its early influences will be effecting us. Another reason is that our evolutionary process is speeding up due to the effects of the pollution of our atmosphere. We, humanity along with all other species, are „going to seed‟ early and in doing so our future evolution is being sucked towards us. Thus the Aquarian influences of the future are coming earlier and stronger than they may have if industrialisation was handled in another manner. I suggest that at the present rate of decline of our atmosphere humanity will have had the chance to evolve in consciousness at least, to the end of the 6th post atlantian period by 2012 and to the end of the 7th post atlantian period by 2025. By this time I suggest the free oxygen of our atmosphere may be all but consumed by pollution and that natural human life on Earth may well be impossible from that point. I say our consciousness can evolve as our bodies may be much slower to adjust. Which is why they will go the way the frogs presently are. 4000 years of consciousness evolution within 25 years is a lot of culture shock. Anyway I stray from the subject at hand. Another time. Rudolf Steiner has outlined the Cultural Epochs as follows Constellation Cultural Epoch Leo The last Atlantian epoch Cancer Indian - Beginning of the Post Atlantian periods Gemini Persian Taurus Egyptian Aries Roman Pisces European 5th post atlantian Aquarius Russian 6th “ Capricorn American 7th “ Sagittarius Beginning of the next cycle of seven civilisations. Constellations and Ages So here in the Cancer zodiac we have an image of the archetypal spiritual and cultural development of humanity. As this is the main use of this Zodiac in Western Astrology, I choose to call it the Equinoctial Zodiac as opposed to the Seasonal zodiac we have starting at Aries. It should be noted our Solar system takes 220 million years to go once around the Galaxy. So this Equinoctial cycle is not based on a Galactic rotation. It is understood that our solar system and seven other Stars are circling around the star Alcyone which is placed in the Pleaides. This cycle takes 25,920 years. This Precession of the Equinoxes is still a northern hemisphere phenomena. For the Southern Hemisphere we are in the opposite constellation. Our Spring Equinox is in fact in Virgo at present. In the future we are moving towards a Leo epoch. This indeed presents us with a problem and possibilities. Are we in the southern hemisphere in a different cycle of evolution?.

When looking at any particular age though it is interesting to note that Pisces exists within a 'cross' relationship with the signs Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius. Whenever one of these signs are emphasised all will become active. In the Pisces age we have the Christ as the avatar of this period. He preached open hearted compassion for all beings ( Pisces ) and a direct personal relationship with God (Gemini). What we have seen develop during this age is the Catholic Christian church is the promotion of chastity, purity, and sin (Virgo) through a dogmatic theology (Sagittarius). So what we have is an impulse of the age with its counterpoint manifesting simultaneously. More examples could be explored. In the coming Aquarian age, we all have the potential to personalise the message and gift of the Christ. We can all function as a messenger of God. The focus now is upon the Aquarian qualities of acknowledging the God within each of us. The group becomes a collective of 'gods' with the leader of the time arising out of the needs of the time. The challenges will arise from Leo - the desire of one individual to be the supreme 'god', Taurus - the challenge of letting go of what we believe to be ours and to share it with the collective, Scorpio - To trust our fellows with our nuggets of gold. In the Southern Hemisphere we could look for how Leo is in fact our age impulse. According to the Equinoctial Zodiac this would place us at the end of the cycle. Leo becomes the constellation of full conscious creative awareness. It is in Leo we become our truly creative selves. While it indicates 'the King' it is the beneficent, magnanimous leader who shares the bountiful plenty of our own creativity with all about us. In this scenario Aquarius becomes the 'anti hero'. The dogmatic, set traditional beliefs of the society which becomes the limitation to the creative expression of the individual. So are we in the south following more individual paths, while those in the north are moving more strongly towards a community of individuals? All of life will give indications of which impulse is appropriate. All we need do is look and see as time moves on. At present the development of global communication, silicon chip technology, the rising people power are all Aquarian impulses. Likewise with the development of these Aquarian activities there is a dramatic release in the potential for the individual expression, in the forms of more avenues of personal expression through writing, music, art etc. The whole world is now your stage. You have free access. All you have to do is be heard. Both Leo and Aquarius are active here. The fact you are reading this is a testament to this very point. Again the fact the Earth is polarised to the North pole, may well hold the deciding vote in which impulse is dominate in Human evolution. What do you think? This brings up for consideration what the connotation of an Earth magnetic pole shift, in 2012 will actually mean. If indeed this does happen. If the poles shift then this orientation of the equinoxes to the northern hemisphere, due to the north pole dominance of the Earth, will have to be reconsidered. If the south pole now, comes to dominance then we will need to use Libra rather than Aries as the spring beginning of the zodiac, and the Leo rather than Aquarius as our equinoctial age constellation. All interesting and I guess we will have to wait for the magnetic pole shift and see what happens. The Moons Nodes The other major Astrological influence using this 'backward' motion is the Moons Node. These are Astronomical points in space rather than anything 'real'. The Moons nodes are where the Suns path and the Moons path cross. This point , as seen from the Earth moves backwards on a cycle of 18.5 years.

It will suffice at this stage to say the nodes are indicators of the "destiny moments" in an individuals life. Either when planets transit the birth and progressednodes or when the node transits sites in the natal and progressed charts, these are opportunities available to us to pick up, if we wish. They are not fated. As such they are moments the spirit can impact upon its course of future evolution as apart from 'karmic events' coming at us to deal with. Again this indicates an orientation to the spirits possible action, not the Astral bodies fate. The south node can be seen as the past and the north node as the future. The south node is all the talents and skills one brings from the past and now needs to be used as the basis upon which to build the future- the north node. Some Astrologers give a more fatalistic view of this relationship and suggest the south node must be left behind to attain the north node. I do not support this. One builds upon the other. Yes there is a balance achieved in the process however the future must be an organic growth out of the past using the past for the development of the future. The conclusion From all the above and from the results of investigations into using the traditional and octave planets in relationship to the Equinoctial zodiac I suggest, it finds its activity as an indication of the spiritual developmental process of the Human. (see "The Planets") . I am left to conclude the Cancer > Leo zodiac outlines another layer of the archetypal spiritual impulses coming into life from the Universe. These are essential spiritual formative impulses upon which matter and consciousness accumulate. This is one aspect of Geothes “Being”. The Aries \ Pisces zodiac on the other hand is linked to the seasonal cycle of only the northern hemisphere of the Earth. The spring equinox is seen as the beginning of the year, while Aries is seen as the first sign. So we have the signs interpreted in relation to the unfolding and contracting of the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere. The unfolding of the 'seasonal' zodiac is used in many ways to describe the path of growth on Earth of any process one wishes to apply it too. One basic example follows: The path of the individual through personal discovery, - Aries to Gemini, to tribal awareness - Cancer to Virgo, to relationship awareness - Libra to Sagittarius, to Social awareness - Capricorn to Pisces, to spiritual awareness. This 12 fold patterning can be applied to any process and will accurately describe its 12 stages of earthly development. The Houses The Houses provide another example. They are a further derivative from this 'earthy' zodiac and are based on the position of eastern horizon in the birth chart as their starting point. Aries rules the first house, Taurus the second and so on. Being another step towards the Earth - its eastern horizon - they outline very real practical manifestations, of where in ones life any planetary influence will appear. This reality is taken further in the practice of Astro Carto Graphy. ( see layer chapter). This method is where the birth chart is adjusted for an individuals travel about the planet. A chart is drawn up as if the person was born at the same time (for the birth place) yet at a different location. This moves the eastern horizon to another place in relation to the planets. Interestingly the same planetary relationships and activity start manifesting in different ways in the new location. This is a very useful system for geomagnetic manifestation, but in this context just adds proof to the claim that these earth based phenomena accurately indicate physical manifesting influences.

The Seasonal zodiac has been the most widely used in both Constellational and Signal Predictive Astrology for thousands of years. When we look at the planetary rulerships of the signs of this seasonal zodiac, on the circle, they do not represent any inherent pattern, as we saw earlier. Indeed looking at it this way one must ask why would anyone start a zodiac at Aries? It is a fact though that the physical body is appropriately described by the Aries \ Pisces zodiac and that foetus development does start with the Head and grow towards the feet. The fact these zodiacs head in opposite directions must have significance. Alice Bailey suggests the different directions relate to the opposing processes of descent into matter - anti clockwise and the rise of the spirit away from the Earth - clockwise. Again the polarity between Manifest life on Earth and Spiritual impulse is apparent in these two zodiacs. We can conclude - The Aries \ Pisces zodiac appears concerned with material life on Earth - the descent into matter, while the other, Cancer \ Leo is concerned with the spiritual unfoldment of the individual and its rise to spirit. Spiritual unfoldment is the point of our evolution as described by the Procession of the Equinoxes and mirrored in our evolution of the Human to full Ego incarnation, especially in this age of Pisces. Now we have this potential - Ego\ spirit consciousness - being at the end of the age of Pisces, how are we moving forward into the Age of Aquarius? Possibly, as conscious individuals motivated by our individual connections to the spirit, which enables us to function as empowered equals for the good of the whole. Here leaders arise out of the need of the time rather than being based on a personal need to control. The people who we need to be in power will be. With the spirit incarnating we have the potential to moderate and even control the wild Astral body impulses. Our bestial natures can hopefully be subdue enabling a greater sense of empathy for our fellow humans. Centrifugal and Centripetal forces In a spiralling motion, the creation of the spiral is maintained through an interplay of two sets of forces. One set moving from the centre to the periphery in a an anti-clockwise centrifugal motion, while the second moves from the periphery to the centre in a clockwise centripetal motion. Individual researchers, like Schuberger, Schweck and Riech have all found the centripetal clockwise spiral is life promoting. The centrifugal anticlockwise motion was destructive to life. Riechs terms were that the clockwise motion created Orgone energy while the anticlockwise motion created Dor energy. Hence we have the building up of life and the destruction of life. Using what was said earlier about Centrifugal and centripedal forces we can add we have the Equinoctial Zodiac moving clockwise, indicating the archetypal 'life' creating process, while the Seasonal Zodiac, moving anticlockwise outlines the materialising 'death' process. To enlarge on this it will be of value for the reader to explore Geothes concept of creative processes. He outlined how each created being has an incarnation phase and an excarnation phase. The incarnation phase was were the necessary forces for life were being drawn together. This phase is essentially invisible. The comes the manifest phase of form creation. What we see as a life form is essentially a form already moving towards death. The coming into form brings manifestation, yet the creative forces drawn together in the first phase then begin to move towards maturity and dissipation and seeding. Hence Earthly manifestation indicated by the anticlockwise Seasonal Zodiac, is the last part of this creative process, showing our moving

towards maturation and death on the physical plane. The opposite is another aspect of our journey back to spirit. WHAT SHOULD WE USE? If everything is right. Then the question is more when and why do we use a particular combination of parts, than what is THE chart we use? 'Normal' Natal Chart Tropical (Signs) & Seasonal Zodiacs, Geocentric, Houses. From the previous chapters it is apparent that every aspect of this combination is orientated towards practical manifest life on Earth. This chart shows us the state of our Astral body at the time of the spirits incarnation on Earth. The spirit has chosen to return to life and has established a task and experiences necessary to fulfil this task. These decisions were made due to the state of the Astral bodies development so far, and a desire to 'clean up' any messy Earthly karmic connections. All of the steps we have taken to come up with this chart have taken us away from Astronomical reality and use either an application of an archetypal law or an Earth based orientation. These steps are made so we can gain an accurate picture of our material lives on Earth. This chart indicates the spirits „destined‟ life on Earth, while it is 'captured' by the Astral body. In short this chart tells us what events in this life are coming to us from our past life. This chart shows events, people and psychological states which come "at" us from outside ourselves . They are highly predictable and regardless of ones state of consciousness they remain ongoing till we die. What we do not have in this chart is the state of an individuals spiritual consciousness. It is this objective consciousness seated in the Ego/Spirit/Sun which determines how one will respond to these events coming at them from the astral body. This response can be determined to some degree by the situation the Sun is in, in the birth chart. If the Sun is predominate, well aspected and strongly placed in relations to Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto there is a high probability a degree of conscious choice can be easily exercised in responding to these in-coming karmas. If the Sun is „weak‟, being unaspected, or not aspected to the Moon or outer planets, then the individual will find it very difficult to gain objectivity with the astral ebbs and flows. There are many variations on this theme which need to be addressed on an individual basis. 'Spirits' Natal Chart Constellational ( Sidereal ), Heliocentric, Equinoxtial. All of these considerations are oriented towards the spirit. The constellations bring in the collective spiritual sphere. The Heliocentric orientation provides the localised world spirit which can be internalised as the individualised Ego. While the Equinoctial zodiac provides a picture of the unfoldment of the spirit in its process of cosmic evolution. This chart therefore indicates the spirits divine purpose, while in the Solar system. As such, it is the chart of what the spirit wishes brings into life. As one becomes aware of the spiritual

dimension of life - which is as freely available to all humans as the Astral reality most people believe to be their reality - then this chart becomes the indicator of the nature of the spirit and the events the spirit brings into play. This is the chart of the spirits gifts to life. There are many in between charts using a combination of these two poles. The next most common chart is the Sidereal, Geocentric, Seasonal zodiac chart. This is used by the Hindu Astrologers. Hence we have a chart of how the Unconscious spirit will play out in relation to the Astral bodies karma on Earth. Another in between is the chart promoted by Robert Powell. Called the Hermetic chart it is made up of a Heliocentric, Sidereal, Seasonal zodiac, with the Geocentric Sun, Moon and Node placed in it. In this chart he is attempting to identify the spirits life on Earth, without the Astral karmas of the Geocentric planets. The Natal Chart -a practical guide Tropical (Signs)& Seasonal Zodiacs, Geocentric, Houses. The first stage of investigating the Birth chart is to ask What is there?. In the centre of the chart is the Earth. From here we look out and see the placements of the planets. Between the planets are often drawn lines which indicate the relationships between the planets - the aspects. The planets tell what the particular energy is, while the Aspects outline the dynamic between the Planets. Beyond the planets sit the Signs or the constellations. In both cases these condition the influence and quality of the planets. The elements (4 fold) and modes (3 fold) of a chart are determined from the number of planets placed in the related sign. Be it a Earth, Water, Air or Fire sign for the Elements or a Cardinal, Mutable or Fixed sign for the modes. These levels of activity find their emphasis from the planetary positions mostly.

In short the whole chart is based on the Planets. The Planets as we saw before, are the manifestations of the Astral sphere and act as indicators of our Astral body‟s condition. In this chart, the Sun is the indicator of the Spirit/Ego, which as we saw earlier is 'subservient' in this chart to the condition of the Astral body. These are the impulses coming from outside the Earth. The Etheric body and the physical are 'the mud pond' the Astral and Ego forces work with and bring into form. The Etheric forces are bound up with the Earth and its Atmosphere. The Etheric body lifts the physical substance into movement. Left to themselves, the Etheric body especially would turn each of us into perfect Greek Human forms. It is the inflowing impact of the Astral body and the state of the Ego which form and harden this Etheric \ Physical being we call the body, into the individual shape we each manifest. The Birth chart is then the image, mandala or map of the state our Astral body had evolved to at our birth. It does not contain a direct picture of the Egos state of self consciousness. Hence it can be difficult to ascertain how any particular stimulation of the Astral body by planetary transits will manifest, until ones Ego/spirit stage is determined. This has to be done in part by studying the condition of the Suns position and relationships. However it can best be observed by studying the individuals way of reacting to similar stimuli in the past. The overall structure of the chart and the way the planets are arranged also give a strong indication of the state of the spirits consciousness. Messy Astral bodies are usually a symbol of an unconscious spirit, however not always. Let me try and clarify this further by suggesting self consciousness development can be seen as a process of spiralling upward within an egg shaped astrality. Initially the spirit is small in relation to the dominating Astrality, but as the individual finds and lives in the spirit more, self consciousness begins to move up the spiral. From one layer to the next. The Astral body keeps presenting its constant stream of similar experiences and situations, yet the higher one moves up the Spirit spiral, so one experiences the same experience from a different point of view. With a different view so a different response can be put into effected. The Ego/spirit generally begins life by being unconscious of itself as a different dimensional reality to the Astral body. In short we generally think we are our Astral bodies. The Astral body manifests in all those parts of us we call 'our personality'. This is a rather large term which includes most of our feelings, instincts, desires, fears, psychic impressions, dreams, delusions etc. Hence it is what many people believe to be themselves. At first the Astral body does not incarnate fully. In the first seven years the Etheric body continues to work strongly holding off the Astral and Ego. The child gains control over the physical during this first 7 years. Naturally if a child is exposed to Nitrogen and Hydrogen dominated substances, or their counterparts such as lead, the incarnation of the Astral and Ego can be bought forward. In this situation the Etheric body can not build up and bind into the physical body sufficiently to carry it through the whole life in a healthy way. This easily leads to physical illness in older age. Nervous system ailments often find their cause here too. The Astral grows in influence throughout childhood, hence bits of the personality arise, however the astrality starts to enter more strongly from the time of Puberty. From this point the details of the psychology of the individual start to really become manifest.

After 21 the Ego starts to work upon the Astral body. Some objective self consciousness of the Astral bodies activities then becomes more possible. From this point on the Ego/spirit has the chance to gain some control and finally liberation from the astral bodies control. This process is commonly called spiritual development. During spiritual development the Astral body becomes the servant of the spirit, in contrast to the spirit being the captive of the Astral body. So the birth chart indicates your Astral Maya. This is the delusion most Humans believe to be real and who they are. YOU the eternal spirit are not your birth chart. You the astrally possessed spirit, is your birth chart and may be controlled by it. Luckily you are the Sun of your birth chart, the question is , do you know it. There is a wonderful series of paintings the Zen people have. It outlines a ten fold Buddhist path. You may have heard of Cat Steven's song "Catch Bull At Four". That statement of 'catch bull at four', is the fourth painting in the series of ten paintings. The bull is a symbol of our lower selves or the beast in our personality. The Angel and the Beast There are positive aspects (blue lines) and tense relationships (red lines) between the planets in the birth chart. The 360 degree circle can be devided by 2 and it's multiples to get the tensions and devided by three and its multiples to get the positives. So the twos are the oppositions (180) and squares (90) the semisquare (45), they are all the 2,4,8 division of the 360 degree circle. Or you have the semisextile, sextile or trine. That's your 30, 60 and 120 degrees. All your trines etc., the positive aspects, are actually the indication of the nature of the angel within you. While all the tensions, the squares, oppositions and so on are the beast in your personality. It is that beast part in you that is generating energy, generally negative, which often acts as a stimulating force in your life, as a response to the tension. It is also the part that needs to be harnessed and used in a positive way. This does seem to take place naturally through life. As a natural process of growth, after about 35 years old, all the tensions in your chart can start working in a positive way for you. It can take place earlier, if you wish to bring self consciousness into the whole equation. The 10 fold path tells us of the relationship between the Angel and the beast. The following address will take you to a site with pictures and more dialogue on this process. The first picture is like the fool in the Tarot pack. The guy is just cruising along having a good time in his innocence. In the second, he sees the tracks in the snow. He becomes interested in these and follows where they lead. In the third one its where he sees the beast running and he's is holding on to the tail, being pulled by the beast. In the fourth one he catches the bull and so he's leading the bull. In the fifth one, he is ploughing the field. He is starting to see the beast can have use in doing something. In the sixth one he is actually riding on the beasts back so he feels quite in control of the beast and able to move with it. I would say that this is like being 35 years old, where you can start to feel like you can harness this Astral body. The sort of impulses and aspects of your personality that have in the past run you round can now be controlled through objective decisions and mostly experience. The seventh one is a picture of temple gates. So he has been able to use the beast to get himself to a place where he can begin to explore the spirit and harmony. With the eighth picture there is just a clear circle. So here is his enlightenment and oneness with all things. Then in the ninth one he's

heading back into the village. The tenth one: he is in the market place , fully in the world taking part as an enlightened person. What we-the Ego/spirit - are concerned with is catching the bull - the Astral - and riding it and becoming liberated from it. This orientation is generally not very clearly made, even in a lot of Astrological understanding. I experience people saying "this is my birth chart and I will be it". In fact this is your beast and you can actually be apart from it. This awareness and experience is spiritual development or ore rightly spiritual awakening. Awakening from our astral delusion to the spirit. This spiritual awakening is when you separate yourself from the birth chart. This is an important role of the Sun in your birth chart . It is you , the spiritual individual clothed in your Astral body. I do not wish to infer that the astral body does not have its uses. The above is aimed at providing us with the right orientation towards it. The Astral body is present , we have it all our lives and it is like a cosmic motor. It brings people, situations and karmic events into our lives with predictable consistency. Therefore it brings a constant stream of energy moving past us. The trick is how we relate to it, respond to it, and ultimately how we steer the energy we have available to us. The planets movement provide the cosmic time table of when any particular thing is going to occur. RS has made a comment that as Humans have developed in self consciousness, the gods have needed to withdraw from direct intervention and retreat to the planetary sphere. They can now only work into earthly life through the planetary movements. Which makes it all the more relevant for us to maintain a clear awareness of the planetary movement. They provide us with the timing significant astral events occur. This is the timing of the energy surges. The real magic is our conscious orientation to them and how we respond and move with regard to them. Much like a Tai Chi dance, the spirit dance can focus and bend energy to a more harmonious or graceful outcome than when we function from a standpoint of believing this new influx of planetary energy is a 'real' and 100% consuming reality, rather than just one more stage change in the film of life on Earth. Good planetary aspects in a birth chart are usually talents and skills you have and can redevelop without alot of effort. This is good karma from the past. Tense aspects come in a two forms. Either energy producing or energy depleting. Both tense sets of aspects usually need a degree of consciousness to make them work in a positive way. The energy depleting ones usually revolve around fear, indecision, paranoia, dreaminess etc., while the energy producing ones come from over enthusiasm, obsession, power drives, big visionary insights etc. These aspects as character traits have many reasons for coming into manifestation, but are again an indication of past life karma and events. All the planetary aspects exist in one chart and so exist within one persons reality. If the various tensions are too great and can not be harmonised between themselves, and are not balanced or alleviated by some strong easy aspects, then the individual will most likely self destruct relatively early in life. Most likely prior to 30 years old, without outside intervention. If an individual makes it past 30, there is a high probability their are no extreme imbalances in the birth chart. In looking at highly dysfunctional people past 30, we need also to be taking into account diet and lifestyle considerations as a big proportion of their continued dysfunction.

As these planetary aspects are all within one person, they must be able to find some degree of harmonisation. Generally all the negatives can be clumped together to provide a picture of the beasts workings,and all the positives can be seen together to have a sense of the angels work and talents. It seems for most people, that seeing as though they are coming to earth to tidy up the beast, they may as well do some angelic good while they are here. One of the traps, so many of us fall into though, is using the talents of the angel as the excuse for the beast to run riot. The prima donna phenomenan. As this is a 360 degree reality it is very difficult to be born at a time without tension in your chart, In fact be glad you have it. Tension is the basis for movement. Without it you will not become active. In fact it is a well known phenomena, people with 'good' charts are often hopelessly bored and lack any real challenge in their life. Everything seems to fall in their lap, with boredom leading to addictions which are sure to create some negatives for them to spice up their next lives with. The trick is to be conscious of what you have and how it can work in your favour. Most of all remember you made up your birth chart before you got here. It is a reflection of your past. You did it to yourself and you can make it into something else. That is what this life is for, to remodel your astral body and redefine its relationship to the Ego/spirit. There is of course another way to approach this. As this chart is the astral body, one has the option of moving directly to spirit consciousness. At this stage of being one achieves complete objectivity with the astral bodies comings and goings, Astrology and the birth chart become less and influence but can be used as a tool to be aware of when various astral attacks are likely, and when opportunities are arising for astral karma release, which can be achieved with as much as a thought awareness. THE PLANETS IMHO, The planets are the most important part of Astrology. They are afterall the only astronomical moving parts we use, apart from the moving horizon line of the Earth. The Galaxy from our viewpoint and time scale is essentially stable while the Atmosphere when left to itself would be essentially stable too. It is the continual movement of the planets and their 'interruption' of the electro magnetic radiation from the stars and magnetic fields within the Solar System which influences the electro magnetic reality of the Earth and hence movements in the Atmosphere and us. My thanks to Tony Nelson-Smith for the following excerpt from the BDNOW email list "…….. A fascinating article ("The planet that hums") in "New Scientist", 11th Sept. '99, unwittingly suggests that conventional science may be a little closer to discovering an 'acceptable' basis for astrology. A group of Japanese geophysicists studying data collected by a superconducting gravimeter sited in Antarctica carefully subtracted all known sources of vibration (earthquakes etc.) and discovered a residue with no known cause - a pattern of 'free oscillations' which are thought to be due to buffeting by changes in atmospheric pressure (there is a pattern of seasonal variation which cannot be explained by movements within solid Earth). These results have since been confirmed by other workers. It is believed that any other planet with even a very thin atmosphere will have a similar but characteristic 'hum'. So, most elements of our solar system emit a specific pattern of, admittedly, very weak vibrations !"

With the Planets being the 'only moving part', it is well worthwhile watching them to see what is going on. Each planet has a specific quality however this quality has many different ways of manifesting according to the other planets , signs and houses it is associated with. Imagine a set of ten , ten sided dice. As they relate to each other, different sides of each dice keep showing according to which planets are relating to each other. One minute Mars is sporty and playful, another seething with sexuality and another rushing off inspired to an new task. All are Mars, just different bits emphasised by its combination with another planet. To understand these different sides of each planet there are a few planetary patterns which indicate their primary interrelationships. The key is to remember each pattern is right and govern or relate to different spheres of life. As long as we stay within that particular pattern for the application we wish to use, it will remain right. A real problem is when we try and mix up systems of patternings and hope they will work together. Often that practice just leads to confusion. In all of the following patterns the Sun is the potentially conscious Spiritual Individual. One game that can be played on all these patternings is to relate each stage a seven year period of development and see how that phase of growth is imaged in the particular planet. All of the following patterns are built off the placing of the planets in their astronomical orbit length as seen from the Earth.

The first pattern as we saw in "BDD" relates to the physical manifest universe in nature and especially the physical body formation.

Pattern 1 - Archetypal creation The astronomical basis of this patterning is the polarity created between the planets as seen from the Earth. Three inner planets and three outer planets forming a polarity to each other. Bones Flesh Blood Moon Mercury Venus Calcium Fluids Copper | | | Silica/Phosphorus Muscle Iron Saturn Jupiter Mars

While it is the pattern of the primary polarities within physical manifestation and therefore used extensively in the natural sciences, it also has applications to human psychology as well. Saturn Moon Jupiter Mercury Mars Venus Father Mother Society Friends Sexuality Sensuality Laws Murture Beliefs Ideas Competitors Allies Past Life New life Philosophies Conversations Passion Creativity

Pattern 2 - Humans social path in the world This astronomical pattern describes the polarities developed between the planets as they run in a straight line according to the length of their cycle as experienced from the Earth. In this patterning we see the expansion of ones social environment. From the immediate home environment outward on our journey to becoming the responsible politician setting the laws by which material social life will run. Family Moon Parents | Siblings Mercury Friends Venus Friends | Outward actions Mars Culture Jupiter Culture | Government Saturn

The Moon is the home and quality of parenting, which we are born into. Mercury governs the brothers and sisters and neighbourhood you grow up around, Venus are the friends and supporters we grow up with. The next phase indicates the movement into the outer world. Mars governs this outward movement but more so the initiatives impact into the world, which is met with acceptance or aggressive response. Jupiter is the condition of the society and culture in which one lives, while Saturn is the legal structure that society is based upon. Each of these planets can be interpreted in a broader context developed along these basic themes. Pattern 3 - 7 fold Human psychological development This patterning has less astronomical reality however it does have a powerful reality within the Astrological theorem. This patterning is built upon the essential polarities existing within the inner and outer planetary groupings. For example the inner planets are Moon, Mercury and Venus. Within this grouping we can apply the 3 fold law of the Modes. This devides the planets into: So here we see the polarity between the poles of the inner planets and those of the outer planets, with the Mutable planets Mercury and Jupiter forming their own polarity. In keeping with the

rules, the further away from the astronomical reality we go, the further we move away from physical reality. It appears this patterning describes the functioning of the inner human soul traits of thinking, feeling and willing. We will meet this patterning again later as the basis of the Twelvefold planets. The Moon here is ones personal subjective emotional state while Venus is when these emotions begin to be expressed our into the world. This is through friendships and creative expression. Mercury is our own personal thoughts and ideas as well as ideas coming towards us. Jupiter is the stage when we bring our soul activity into action onto both these sources of ideas. in this process we comprehend them, make them our own as well as see where our ideas fit into a great whole of world philosophies. Feeling Moon Emotions | Relationship Venus Thinking Mercury Communication | Wisdom Jupiter Willing Mars Action | Manifestation Saturn

Mars is the initial impulsive stirrings to action. Left to itself it will soon loose interest and go and start another activity. It is the soul states of Saturn, of perseverance, persistence and determination which coax this Mars impulse into eventual manifestation. Pattern 4 - Steiner evolution Saturn | Vulcan Sun | Venus Moon | Jupiter Mars | Mercury

This pattern is a rather abstract one. It is usually described as a sevenfold division however in some circumstances it includes the planet Vulcan and can therefore be seen in an 8 fold manner. The best approach I have seen to understanding the reality basis for this patterning is by W. Peliken in his "The Secrets of Metals" chapter 2., were he explores the atomic weights of the metals associated to each planet placed around a circle. If a seven sided heptagon is drawn between the parts, it provides us with a patterning which is used in such everyday things as the days of our week. Saturn's-day, Sunday, Moons-day, Tuesday is Mars-day, Wednesday is Woden or Mercury's day, Thursday is Thor or Jupiter's Day, Freyas day is Venus day . RS uses this same patterning in the outlining of his evolutionary theory upon which many of the archetypes of life he describes are based, especially in the social development work, when outlining life stages and psychological development. This is a very abstract patterning which I do not use in my human astrological work. It will however appear from time to time and does have very useful applications. Most of these patternings work on basic sustenance levels of life. They are associated with the personal unconscious and the personal conscious spheres. Once we bring in the distant planets of Uranus , Neptune and Pluto and beyond we are moving into the sphere of the collective unconscious and then the collective conscious. See “Layers of Creation” diagram.

The Ten fold Planets This 10 fold planets diagram is the one I use mostly for Human psychology and it brings up many interesting insights, however I also use a more astronomically correct 12 fold patterning which provides many more archetypal insights. Pattern 5 - 10 fold Human development - psychological

This pattern is the development of the pattern 3 presented earlier. It is built upon the thinking, feeling and willing model presented by RS. Here we can follow the metamorphosis of the three stages of human activity from the personal through the soul and to the collective unconscious. The fourth layer is the purely spiritual plane. In the ten planets system this is the Sun, however when we extend beyond Pluto and explore the next layers of the lower spiritual spheres we come to three further stages that can be identified as the Collective Conscious. Personal Unconscious The Personal Unconscious is a sphere where activities and events are taken for granted. They are so basic and essential to your survival that much of it goes on unnoticed. Mars Mars is the realm of impulsive actions were we take instinctive steps to maintain our essential survival. The 0-7 year age is governed by Mars and indicates our time of gaining control of our physical body. Initially we push around selfishly going for what we want with whatever noise and aggression we believe is necessary to achieve our goals. Moon The Moon governs our personal emotional needs. It is whatever we need to do to feel safe, comfortable and emotionally nurtured. This is the home of our personal emotional responses to everything. In many ways the seat of our inner emotional life. A happy Moon is necessary to feel safe and in good health. In developmental terms this is the age between 7-14 and is the period the etheric body is incarnating more strongly with the physical. This is a significant period when the future health of the individual is laid down. Overly active mind activity at this time will inhibit the proper binding of the etheric with physical and in later life this loose bonding leads to an early separation of the two, which in turn manifests as illness.

Mercury Mercury is the initial phase of thinking. It governs personal opinion and the sharing of your uncensored personal ideas with others. It is also rote thinking. This is the ability to learn something parrot fashion and be able to repeat it back without any comprehension of the true meaning of the information. Somewhat like at primary school. Developmentally this is the 14-21 year period. The mind is developing, the astral body is incarnating, puberty occurs and one tends to be impelled somewhat aimlessly into activities which hold the attention the longest. The Astral body also needs to bind successfully with the organs of the body and not be too emotionally shocked or rationalised through this period. If this binding is not successful then at a later age this loosened Astral body can express as any number of psychic and psychotic inbalances. At this Mercury phase we learn to communicate with others, share ideas, move about more freely and express our own opinions. Personal Conscious The Personal Conscious comes into play when we engage our soul activities. This lifts these basic traits of the personal unconscious to a higher level of perception and activity. All the planets of this phase can be seen as an octave of the ones below them. Jupiter Jupiter is the octave of Mercury. The information that Mercury has provided to the individual is processed by Jupiter's soul activity. It is thought about, contemplated, analysed, researched and ultimately seen for what it is. Once the new information has gone through this process it becomes the property of the individual. It is upon this process that we develop our philosophic morality. Jupiter by its very nature is a planet of optimistic expansion. It is through the ages of 21 -28 which we feel most bullet proof. Many people take on new careers, mortgages, children and life in general. Anything is possible. It is during this period that the Ego/Spirit works upon the Astral body laid down between 14 -21 to refine it further. Here a clarity of our desires is reached and this Jupiter period can be seen as a time of rushing to fulfil all your desires for life. It has been my observation that relationships formed during this time have a very strong past life karmic debt quality about them. It is very easy to attract your opposite during this phase. Venus Venus is the soul octave development of the Moon. The Moon is our personal emotions and at Venus we attempt to find ways we can communicate these inner emotions with others. For some - those with good aspects between their Venus and Moon - this can be through supportive, playful emotional trusting friendships. For others the pathway is not so clear and they turn to some form of artistic expression as a mode of non verbal communication. The developmental age this supports is between 28-35. Here serious questions about the true nature of meaningful partnership and the role of relationships develops. The Saturn return at 28 is one of the classic relationship breakdown points as life is reoriented towards our own need. Relationships formed during this period , while still filled with past life karma, can be more of your own making and essentially more supportive than those of the earlier phase. Being essentially an emotional phase of development one becomes aware of what is needed to create a supportive emotional caring home and social environment in which to live. Saturn Saturn is the wilful octave of Mars. As pointed out in an earlier section the impulsive urges of Mars are taken hold of by Saturn and focused towards final manifestation. Soul forces of wilful

determination and patience are implied in making things permanent. This age period is between 35 and 45. The question of right relationship is replaced with the realisation that if one is to complete the purpose of ones incarnation then time is drawing short. A tremendous focus develops on getting the job done and scaling the heights of one profession. At the end of this Saturn phase it could be said you have reached a particular peak of worldly success. This brings us to the doorway period called the mid-life crisis. This period actually runs from about 37 or so through till 45ish and is characterised by several major planetary transits back to their birth place. It often starts with Uranus opposing birth Uranus, which asks the question" I have been doing all these things for all these other people all my life, now it is time for me to focus on my life and on what I find important." At present the Pluto opposite to its birth place is now taking place before the Uranus aspect. Mathematically and therefore archetypally this opposition should not take place until 63 years old, but due to Pluto‟s extreme elliptical path, its speed varies dramatically. At present it is close to the Sun and therefore moving quickly. Hence this event is occurring sooner to us than to our parents. Pluto the planet governing ultimate power presents us with the possibility that " You are as powerful as any other person on the planet!" Others may have material positions of power but internally you have every right to a say and be heard as anyone else. This is why our politician are becoming younger. The Neptune square Neptune around 40 integrates all this and allows you to dream your desired changes are possible. The Jupiter opposes its birth place around 42 has you adjusting your social position to accommodate your decisions, while the Saturn oppose Saturn at 45 brings all your past and the changes of this period back into a concrete form for you to move onwards with. Collective Unconscious The mid life crisis acts as a doorway event, often awakening the material human to the possibility of there being a life beyond matter. Be it personal growth, psychism or the true life of the spirit, the individual gains a glimmer of the beyond. This is the stage where the journey through the Collective Unconscious begins. The Collective Unconscious is a special realm that comes into being because of its interplay between the Astral forces of the Solar system and the Galactic spiritual forces intermingling. We can imagine that as the two great spheres of the Astrality and Spirit meet, a grey area, a mixture of both is created. As a result of this meeting a responsive back wave shoots back into the sprit sphere, setting up a similar lower spiritual sphere 3 fold patterning. The spirit sphere is pure consciousness and undifferentiated. There is no separation of its parts only an innate awareness of the collective unity of all things. The Astral body is the place of Maya , deception and ultimately unconsciousness, Hence the „grey‟ area is one of Collective Unconsciousness. The realm beyond it in the spirit sphere is the sphere of Collective Consciousness. The collective unconsciousness is a sphere of shared Human experience. It is where all thoughts, feelings and actions that occur for any one single Human becomes available for all other Humans. Uranus With Uranus it is the collective thinking which is available. Here anyone else's thoughts can flash into your mind. Flashes of insight and genius and a sense of seeing the big picture of things are very common. Innovation is a key word for the new possibilities that open up. Independence

to follow the unconventional is paramount as the individual becomes empowered by the spirit (unconsciously) into a world of endless possibilities. Here the Occultist begins to think about the spiritual, coming up with schemes, diagrams, philosophies and theologies in an attempt to grasp oneness with the mind. This is pretty much what we are doing here in this book. This is an occult document. It is a mental construct of the spiritual manifestation behind creation. It is important though to realise that as well as this work may present the spirit, life and spirit are an experience and not a mind trip. So ultimately all the Uranian mind constructs will need to be dissolved into the direct experience of the spirit. Best not hold onto them too tightly if they do not fit your experience. Neptune The first real experience of the spirit comes through Neptune. As the emotional octave of Venus this is were we experience the emotional oneness of all creation. The nature of the Collective Unconsciousness though is that we are initially unconscious of its ways and methods. It is through the practice of being in it, that we develop consciousness. The Neptune path is that of the mystic. The thinking needs to recede so the emotions and psychic realm become the modus operandi. A sense of boundarilessness develops as one becomes flooded by the emotional currents running through the unconsciousness of Humanity. A great empathy for others‟ experiences develops. Pitfalls of this stage are an inability to maintain any individuality in the midst of humanities sufferings and needs, which has lead to the development of many a social worker. For some, contact with material life becomes more difficult as the realms of spirit seem so much more appealing, while for others this barrage of psychic impressions and experiences becomes overpowering and they will do anything to turn it off. This is an initial phase of unconditional love to all humanity and the beginning of an awareness of the power of imagination in creating the things you want. To have them you must first dream them. Pluto Pluto is the stage where the spiritual forces make themselves felt physically. Here the individual can no longer delegate the spirit to the mind or to an emotional fantasy. Here the spirit is present in every living thing and every breath of wind. This is the stage of the Shaman and we are challenged to live consciously with the spirit on Earth. At the early stages we are still unconscious of its ways, but as we move through the journey we gain more awareness and mastery over the way the spirit works behind Manifestation, and begin to move with it. The central lesson of Pluto is the correct use of creative force and power in all its forms. Its process is to take an existing form (Saturn) and move it to a new stage of material manifestation more fitting for the needs of the time. So it takes what Saturn has achieved and breaks it down to the lowest common denominator, between the old and the new and then rebuilds the new manifestation. Empowerment is really the key word for Pluto. Any transformation it brings into life is done for the ultimate empowerment of the individual. This is an empowerment of the individual to the true responsibility and control of their life as a creative spirit being on Earth. The end of the Pluto journey is enlightenment. Full consciousness of the powers that lie behind all created matter and how to use them creatively and responsibly.

Spirit - The Sun At this stage of development the Sun is the indicator of the Spirit. In Astrology as generally practised today, this is as far as it goes. The Suns placement and condition indicates where the spirit has evolved to, and through its relationships to other planets indicates how the spirit can easily interact with the astral body.

The 12 fold Planets-The Spiritual Journey The Planets - Picture This pattern is an extension of the number one archetypal patterning. It is based initially on the Astronomical length of the planetary cycles. Due to its close association to reality it is used to look into some very fundamental aspects of manifestation. It uses the Cancer to Leo Equinoctial zodiac however to bring the zodiac onto the planets appropriately it is necessary to use the middle stage of the zodiacal metamorphosis - the lemniscate. This middle stage as we saw earlier has been used by RS in describing the Human 12 senses and appears appropriate when describing the 12 fold spiritual path of Human development. While RS uses the lemniscate for the Twelve senses, it is interesting to note he uses a Libra starting zodiac to describe a psychological process. While this twelve fold planets patterning builds on what has been said for pattern 1 and what was said for the Collective Unconscious planets, we can add to what has already been said by tracing more thoroughly the process of spiritual development rather than just the psychological as done in the last section.

Bernard Lievegoed has produced a wonderful book entitled "Man on the Threshold" which acts as an excellent primer and overview of RS picture of Human development. I will only cover this quickly and as is appropriate for the present discussion.

Moon - Physical Body In this context the Moon phase corresponds to the period of extremely active physical growth from birth to 7 years. During this period the child is in the womb of the family and particularly bonded to the mother. They are taking hold of their physical bodies again and through the childhood fever illnesses are breaking their body spiritually free from the hereditary influences they received from their parents. During this period the individuals physical constitution becomes obvious. This is the time the child takes a piece of the Earth and incorporates it into themselves. Due to the birthing, nurture and family support of this time it is appropriate Cancer is the constellational influence of this period. Mercury - Etheric Body The second phase from 7-14 sees the more intense incorporation of the etheric body into the physical. It is during this period that the temperament of the child becomes more obvious. The four temperaments of Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic and Melancholic arise through the dominance of a particular etheric force, be it Warmth, Light, Chemical or life ethers. As mentioned earlier it is important not to draw in the mind related Ego forces too strongly during this time as it uses up etheric forces which need to be bound firmly into the physical body during this period, in a sense in storage for later in life. During this period the child takes into themselves a piece of the world Etheric forces from the Atmosphere of the Earth. Mercury governs the free streaming of the etheric forces and is responsible for the health of the fluids in the lympathic and glandular system. One characteristic of this age period is the child still needs outside direction. They seem to flow between experiences without clear direction. It appears that the real individual being is clothed in a 'cloud'. Between 7 -14 the child lives more in the immediate community, of brothers and sisters, and other relatives, neighbours and store keepers etc. Their communicative talents are developed and this is the period for reading and writing to really develop. In this way we can see Gemini as the appropriate sign of this period. Venus - Astral Body The third stage between 14-21 is the period the Astral body becomes more incorporated into the physical body. Puberty is the result and can be seen like a flowering of a plant. The

fruitfulness which now appears as the child becomes of child bearing age indicates the incorporation of Taurian goddess Demeter. Something that was buried deep within and hidden behind the cloud emerges to create a completely different picture of the possibilities of the individual. The real personality or character of an individual develops during this period. With the astral body comes sensation and desire. The child becomes more orientated to their friends (Venus) and wishes to choose them for themselves. Physical experience become most important for them rather than what an adult will say, which provides us with the images of Taurus as the appropriate ruler of this period. The planets of the birth chart become more apparent now as the child incorporates the world astrality of the solar system into their own Astral body. Earth The period between Venus and Mars is significant in that this is the period an individual truly takes on their responsibility for their own life. They begin to determine where they want to go and want they want. This is a significant step on the spiritual journey and the further direction it takes. This is one of the doorway periods as whether an individual adopts the faith and beliefs of the parents or moves on to form a world view and experience more appropriate to themselves. From 21 to 42 each Human moves through the period of making a life for themselves. RS indicates that this period is marked by the Ego/spirit reworking the previous three periods and liberating the forces they have bound into themselves and using them for more spiritual activities. Mars - Sentient Soul The 21 to 28 year phase sees the Ego/spirit reworking the Astral body and the individual is challenged to refine the desires and instincts to a stage RS called Sentient Soul. At this stage it is more of an exploration and journey than to fully be liberated from them. In the 10 fold planets, I characterised this as the Jupiter phase. In many ways this exploration of that can be seen as the time an individual pushes into the work, exploring their strengths and weaknesses to find their psychological and emotional limits. The animalistic level of desires active in the Venus phase must be transformed into a more cultural impulse as we move into the world. This leads to the development of conscious concepts by which we meet the world. It also heralds the beginning of greater clarity within our psychic life.Intuition rather than dreams can become of great help from now on. This transformation of desires into cultural concepts, dreamlife into psychic intuition and teenager into full adult, through developing trust and building functional relationships with others provides the base for the sign of Scorpio to rule this period. Jupiter - Intellectual Soul Between 28-35 the Ego/spirit works upon liberating forces from the etheric body . Earlier I characterised this as the Venus phase. Relationships come under review and from this standpoint it is because the feelings, emotions and memories of the etheric body are being revisited to develop what RS called the intellectual or mind soul.. The Jupiter aspect of this period arises as the individual strives to rise above the etheric fluidity of the emotions and the mercurial etheric forces outlined earlier. Here the response to the immediate needs of the time, need to be tempered by the perception of a larger plan which allows for a degree of 'certainty to the thinking'. It is in finding the balance between the free

flow of the feelings and the clear thinking that this period finds its success. It is the balance between the rational scientist and the mystic which needs to be achieved here. It is in the finding of this balance between heaven and earth and the lifting of consciousness to the right conceptual approach to life that we see the sign of Sagittarius imaged . Saturn - Consciousness Soul What in the Jupiter phase can be said to be an emotional psychic struggle, in Saturn becomes a physical balance. It is here in the consciousness soul period that all the many aspects of an individuals physical and spiritual life need to be harmonised in the reality of day to day life. There comes a need to balance the responsibilities of the spiritual life, the business life and ones social life into something that can be sustainable as our physical forces diminish. In many ways this is the period of the individual realising the only way forward is that of the artist. That all things need to be attended to and that only by turning them into an enjoyable experience of being creative within the bounds of possibilities, can life be successful. We need to be realistic but not earthbound and imaginative without being unproductive. While physically this period is often a time of great focus on achieving worldly success, it is also the time we realise there is more to life than just the physical. Friends begin to die, physical fitness begins to wane and the spirit begins to strive for more than what it has done for the last twenty years. A life of the spirit becomes possible once a certain tiredness towards the physical arises. The need to bring the physical life to a certain level of achievement and fulfilment indicates the relationship of Capricorn to this phase of life. Chiron - First Guardian of the Threshold Chiron has been mentioned earlier, however seen in the context the of Twelve planets diagram Chiron stands at the threshold between Saturn and Uranus. Here is the moment of awakening to life beyond the physical. Here the spirit begins the true spiritual journey into life beyond the physical with the „Ah ha‟ awakening of Chiron. This guardian reflects to us the results of our thoughts , feelings and actions so far. In many ways he is the reflection of the true nature of our Etheric and Astral bodies and what it will take to bring them into a more purified form. I have already outlined the next the planets in some detail. All that remains to be said about these planets is RS‟ view of these phases of development. Uranus - Spirit Self Uranus is the octave ruler of Aquarius and indicates the influx of the collective unconscious into the thinking realm. This leads to the characteristic flashes of innovative insight Aquarians are known for. As an expression of the Spirit self phase of development the astral body and sentient soul phase of development are raised another step. At this phase we are asked to raise above the feelings of sympathy and antipathy and live in the first stage spiritual experience. This is equivalent to the clear circle phase of the 10 fold Zen path mentioned earlier. Here there is an experience of moving beyond the pull of the Astral body and seeing it for what it is, a stream of impulses which comes and go according to their own needs and the movement of the planets. The spirit experiences the first possibility of a life separate from the ebb and flow of the Astral body. Uranus has long been associated with the sign of Aquarius. The spiritualised thinking process of Uranus provides Aquarius with the characteristic innovative, rebellious attitude so commonly associated with this sign.

Neptune - Life Spirit As we saw with the etheric body, it was this phase where the temperament comes into fuller expression. It is the Neptune phase where the Ego works upon the basic temperament to liberate itself from the temperaments hold. RS suggests "the impulses that work most strongly in this direction are those of religion. .......... the religious emotions.... impress a kind of unity on all his thinking, feeling and willing". Through the identification with the spirit one gains an ability to not identify so strongly with the comings and goings of emotions. As mentioned in the earlier section, Neptune allows us the meditate, contemplate and 'float' in the collective unconscious emotions. Through this process we can become aware of the ebbs a flows both of our personal personal emotional and psychic experiences and those shared collectively by Humanity. The first stage of Neptune holds a trap in that our new psychic sensitivity opens us to endless insights about almost anything as we enter the boundariless realm of Neptune. There are no personal boundaries anymore and all one needs do is ask a question and the psychic channel opens to the answer or person involved. This is all very well, however the collective psychic realm is as much an illusion and trap as the personal emotional life. It is a much larger stage to play upon and full of endless intrigue, suffering and opportunities for egotism . The Ego/spirit residing in our consciousness now has the opportunity to remain with itself in this sea of endless clairvoyance. In our Christian society these feelings and experiences can only be categorised as religious and in the delving to their depths we enter the sphere were our etheric body exists. The watery realms of our deep seated emotions. It is these personal emotional reactions which influence our ability to perceive and believe the intuitive insights we receive from Neptune. As we clear our fears, emotions and psychic dramas, so we become clearer psychics. It is like the clearing of our emotional life wipes the mirror clean, so we can see Neptune's reflection more clearly. This clarity of relationship with the collective unconscious emotional life, RS calls "Life Spirit" due to the spiritualisation of the life body. RS also suggests that through investigating and deeply entering into art, both in theory and practice, we enter into the realm of the etheric body. This is the heightening of the process which began in the Jupiter (Venus) phase outlined under the tenfold planets where the individual uses art as a way of communicating feelings which are essentially unspeakable. We are asked to enter in our own and other peoples deeply personal experiences. Neptune has long been associated with the sign of Pisces, The spiritualised feeling life described above images the empathetic, compassionate selfish traits of Pisces. Pluto - Spirit Man At Pluto the Ego/spirit begins to work upon the spiritual forces which stand directly behind the maintenance of the physical body. Here the spirit makes itself felt in ones every day life. In recent times the rise in Shamanism, as Pluto passed through Scorpio in the mid 1980s, is an expression of the individual needing to come to grips with how the spirit impacts through direct physical experiences. Initially this is a very unconscious process but through bringing the Neptune experiences one step further we can experience how behind every physical manifestation there stands a spiritual activity or spiritual being. With Pluto we are learning to be part of the process of creation. With Neptune we experience it, however at Pluto we are empowered to take part and be the transformative conduit of the spirit on Earth. Involved in this process is the correct use of power in all its forms. The correct use of insight, admiration, sympathies, emotions and physical strengths. Ones integrity of action for the benefit of life becomes the continuing test of this phase to become the "Spirit Man" .

In this system Pluto is ruled by Aries. This can at first appear to be an anomaly however if we are to use the traditional imagery of Aries, what greater point of transformation is there than the beginning. However in this context it compels us to look at Aries as the ninth sign in the process rather than the first. It is here that we must identify the impulsive risk taking aspects of Aries as not so much based on neivete, as on the willingness to be moved fully by the spirit, with little thought of the consequences. In many senses Pluto makes us one of gods madmen, who act in a manner incomprehensible to material eyes. Charon - The Greater Guardian of the Threshold Charon is the moon or dual planet circling around Pluto. At the end of Pluto we reach awakeness or enlightenment and are ready for the next phase, that of Persephone. Charon stands between these two planes. Just as Chiron offers us an image of all we can become and what we need to do to get there, Charon offers us a picture of all Humanity can become, and offers us the chance, now we have liberated ourselves, to help in the liberation of others. This is the ninth panel of the Zen 10 fold path. The awakening of the enlightened beings‟ need to rejoin the world and help in its collective development. Persephone - Solid land Beyond Pluto there are two hypothetical planets, Persephone and Vulcan. Uranus Neptune and Pluto are the planets of the Collective Unconscious and beyond these we enter the spiritlands proper with our consciousness fully awake. The three planets of the spiritlands are Persephone , Vulcan and the Sun and they form further octaves of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These three planets are the last panel of the Zen 10 fold path. The awake 'fool' has returned to the marketplace to facilitate development of all humanity. Persephone is the octave of Pluto and so is the collective conscious will. This is where awakeness allows the individual to take conscious spiritual action. RS outlines this phase as being able to see the forces behind matter and work to bring them together so that manifestation can easily come about. At Persephone we are acting as angels moulding the spiritual form for the matter to accumulate within. Persephone does not see any boundaries based on colour, race or creed. All things are equal spiritual beings and as such she brings a true international flavour with an unconditionally loving attitude to all beings she touches. In this way we see the highest aspects of the sign of Libra manifest. Libra has this ability to 'be above' life and in a mundane sense meter out equal justice to all due to an intellectual rational standpoint. However seen from this aspect this equanimity is coming from a true spiritual perception of the unity of all things, with the best unconditional loving intention of all concerned. Interestingly there is only one human species and while Pluto governs the seven sub races of Humanity (and so often is involved in nationalistic wars), Persephone only sees one humanity. She has become more active in the consciousness of humanity since 1939 (Pluto conjunct Persephone at 0 Leo) and in more recent times in 1993 ( Pluto square Persephone). These moments are allowing more and more humans to access this state of full enlightenment for longer periods of time. Her influence brings an international, world citizen sense to the individual. Vulcan - Region of Oceans and Rivers Vulcan is the Roman god who lives upon Olympus and manufactures all the tools used by the gods, as well as living beings such as Pandora. Astronomically Vulcan is said to circle the Sun within its

corona. He is the ultimate craftsperson who manifests directly from the spirit into the physical. On Earth, Sai Baba is the greatest known manifestation of this stage of consciousness. He has the ability to directly manifest objects from his hands and elsewhere. This is hands on control of the fabric of creation. By the patterning we can see Vulcan is an octave of Neptune and so indicates the next stage in the transformation and control of the etheric forces which support life. RS describes this region as if one experiences the flowing life of "living spiritual sound". Much in the same way as blood flows through the body, so the spiritual life flows through creation. At Vulcan it is the conscious directing of these flows of life force which lead to physical manifestations. Here we see the ultimate in Virgonian efficiency of creativity and function. Vulcan allows the individual to utilise matter at the service of spirit. If the spiritual intention is pure then anything can be manifested effortlessly. Alan Oken in "Soul Centred Astrology" says Vulcan "provides the link between Humanity and the plan."

Sun - The Atmosphere If Vulcan is the link between Humanity and the Plan then the Sun phase is the plan. This is the "Word" talked about in the bible. This is the essential seed thought of God which stands behind all of creation. In keeping with the evolution of the astral body of this stream, RS outlines how all the sensations and feelings of life on Earth flow through this realm as if they were great thunderstorms in the Earth atmosphere. We can say that it is from the perception of these flows of sensation and feelings that the spirit responds and sets in train a series of impulses back into manifestation, which works back down the flow of the planets to final manifestation in the structuring of the DNA within a particular cell at the Moon. Here the highest aspect of Leo, as the crowning centre of a beneficent ruler is achieved, responding consciously and unconditionally back to the needs of the mortals in his/her care. This is ultimately the finest state of individual creativity, with appropriate unconditional actions for the needs of all creation.

North Node - Destiny If we look at this journey as a circle/spiral, we now come back to the axis point of Cancer and Leo. The North Node is an astronomical point determined by the crossing of the moons path and that of the Sun. Here we find the point which indicates the direction an individuals destiny can take if they choose. It seems appropriate that if we look to see where the North Node fits on this spiritual path, it would be the mid point of the Sun and the Moon. Which places it at the cusp of Leo and Cancer. We can see the ultimate human destiny as the reason for beginning the journey and also as the result of the journey. Once one has travelled the spiritual journey of the 12 planets they are then ready to fulfil the ultimate destiny, as a fully awake being in the service of creation. In summary :

The Twelve planets The Planets - Picture

While I have outlined these stages of development as taking place at particular ages through one human life, there is no finite limitation. Any individual can make the whole journey in a second or over many lifetimes. It is however apparent that in each life time we have the opportunity to make the whole journey as part of our natural human growth. The Collective Unconscious planets onwards are often out of reach of the more basic model human. In this case they work as a collective impulse upon these people. Much the same way as the Ego works as a collective influence over a species of animals. Humans do however have the potential to make all of the facilities outlined from Uranus > Sun, conscious in this lifetime.

The positions of these planets in relation to the personal planets and the angles in the birth chart indicate the ease by which one can wake up to any particular planets potential. If there are contacts between planets then waking up to that planetary energy is relatively easy. However, contact does not mean it is active. It means it has been active in a past life and can be activated again very easily. Where outer planets are not active in the birth chart, the transits and progressions of these planets offer the opportunity for the individual to catch on to them, bringing them to consciousness and use them. We can be twelve planet beings if we wish. In fact we are. All we have to do is wake up to it. Often all this takes is to relax and let it happen. We have all these energies available to us all the time, while we are in physical manifestation. We are at the bottom of the soup, with all of them just streaming through us and our environment. There is no where to go and very little to do, other than to identify what an actual energy is and how it feels and get on with it. Planetary Polarities From the following Twelve Planets diagram we can use the same laws of polarity that were used in "Biodynamics Decoded" to determine the functional polarities standing behind nature, to establish the polarity relationships between the planets in the twelve fold system. Already we have established relationships between the planets associated to the bodies.

Physical Moon - Saturn - Pluto - Persephone. Etheric Mercury - Jupiter - Neptune - Vulcan Astral Venus - Mars - Uranus - Sun

With these relationships we have developed an understanding of how these planets work together and what affinities one planet has with another. Another series of polarity relationships develop from this diagram which are not yet indicated Moon - Sun Mercury - Vulcan Venus - Persephone Mars - Pluto Jupiter - Neptune Saturn - Uranus The last three and the first pair of these polarities are well known and appreciated in traditional astrology. This process therefore outlines the completion of the octave polarities within Astrology. Venus' octave is Persephone and imaged in Demeters' Taurian relationship to Persephones Libra in Greek myth, while Vulcan is the Virgo octave of Mercury's Gemini. It is upon one or other of the planetary patterns outlined in this section that you will find the interpretations and interactive relationships of any planet to the other. If it is not one of these relationships then the planets do no get on very easily.

Other Points Nodes The nodes are the one point RS did talk about and suggest could be used. There are two nodes the north node or dragons head and the south node called the dragons tail. These nodes are determined from the direction the moon is travelling. Generally they are listed for the northern hemisphere and by rights should be reversed when seen from the southern hemisphere. They are reversed in the BD calendar, however in Astrological circles they are used as seen from the northern hemisphere. In my experience the Astrological perspective does seem to be valid for people. This gives rise to the question of why? Do we Humans orientated according to the Electro magnetic poles ( North ) irrespective of the hemisphere we are in. The nodes are indications of ones destiny. This is not fate, it is possible destiny. It is our choice as to whether we take it up or not. The house position and sign the north node is placed in, indicates what is needed to be developed. The North node is where you are heading. The South node is where you are coming from. This is a symbol of the past. It is the talents of the south node which need to be used in the attainment of the north nodes destiny. Often the nodes are indicating a totally different direction of development to the rest of the chart. Remember, the rest of the chart is where you have come from. The north node is where you are heading. Often this life is a balance to that of the past. The talents and skills from the south node act as the source energy that needs to be refined and used through the north node. One builds upon the other. As the node moves through the chart in time as a transiting point, important doorways of destiny can be identified. There is no compulsion here. You must choose to pick up the

opportunity offered by the Node. Hence there is much value to be gained by maintaining an awareness of the Nodes movements and relationships to the rest of your chart. Another way the nodes work, are as an indication of your sociability. When it is happy you generally get on well with people and crowds. When tense there is a marked shyness and reserve. Vertex The vertex is the only fated point in the chart. The vertex is the point where the prime vertical crosses the ecliptic. It is a rather abstract point somewhat like the mid heaven. It is one of the indicators of direction, however this is often manifests as people or situations which are fated. You have no choice with this point. This is an event ,situation or area you must deal with. There is no predestined always good or bad here, it appears neutral mostly. It is either good or bad fate determined by your fate at the time. Angles The angles of the chart are Earth based. The Ascendant Descendant axis are the Eastern Horizon and western horizon points respectively. The Ascendant is a point indicating how you are seen by others. This is a point of personal expression. Jung called it the persona. The Descendant is where you meet others in contractual agreements generally. This is the point of you and the other. Descendant relationships are characterised as the ones where you take other people into consideration, when making a decision. As the persona, the Ascendant has often been identified as an indicator of the personality. Differing opinions exist within the Astrological community about the importance of the Ascendant. While it certainly does describe how a person presents themselves, their physical body etc., the debate is whether one should grow towards your Ascendant or your Sun. I am a Sun person. The Sun is the spirit, the Ascendant the persona, the mask. Persona possession is very evident these days - especially in urban cultures - where individuals believe the image presented is what matters. Rural communities tend to look deeper and over a longer period of time hence ultimately discovering the deeper individual. To evolve towards the Ascendant means to evolve towards the body. To evolve towards the Sun is the path to the Spirit. The Mid heaven and Inum coeli are the mid day and mid night points of the chart. The midnight point indicates the physical and psychological base of the individual ( Astral body ), hence governs their home, family and tribal connections. The MC or midheaven indicates the impact one has on the world, hence is often seen as a point of personal career. In married women's charts it is not uncommon to see their MC /tenth house to be played out by their husbands. Asteroids The asteroids are placed inbetween Mars and Jupiter. They are the remains of a planet Malduk - which fits into the Bodes Law series and was destroyed at some point in the past. ( The two most popular theories say it was destroyed by a massive meteorite or during a Solar System based Galactic war. ) There are many asteroids, however there are four main ones commonly used. In the Astrological panthenon there are male and female planets. Sun Mars and Saturn are the male planets while Moon Venus and Malduk were the three female planets. Malduk was destroyed as a planet, however the sphere is still present, even though all the mass is scattered about the sphere. These asteroids are female in nature and embody pivotal aspects of the female psyche. They are of particular use when predicting the psychological issue effecting woman at any particular

period. As these asteroids relate through harmony or discord, so the main issues women are dealing with at the time become expressed. This is a most fascinating ebb and flow to observe, especially as a male responding to their action. The four major asteroids are Pallas Athene, Ceres, Vesta and Juno. These relate generally to the four angles. Pallas Athene to the Mid heaven. She is the career woman, the strategist and the warrior. Ceres is the mother and protector of family and children and relates to the I.C. Vesta is the Ascendant and indicates the single woman with a spiritual focus. The nun, priestess or vestal virgin. Juno is the woman in partnership and relates to the Descendant. It appears these asteroids are more intense than the planets or angles they can be associated with. It is like they combine also with an outer planetary energy. e.g. Juno is Pluto/Venus/descendant with issues of abuse and power often involved, Vesta is Neptune/Ascendant where there is an extreme level of selfish and selfless service expressed. Ceres is a Pluto/ Moon/I.C. obsessive parental tendency, Pallas Athene is Pluto or Uranus MC like. She is an all or nothing, no mucking around lady who does whatever it takes to get the job done. These asteroids have shown themselves to be active archetypes within the personality, especially where they conjunct a major planet or point. While I experience the planets as general energies rather than specific spiritual beings, with the Asteroids my experience is more of the spirit beings becoming directly active in the personality. It is as if these beings come and sit close to the person and whisper in their ear or take them by the arm. With the planets they feel part of me as a general archetypal energy rather than a companion along for the ride. Uranian planets In Astrological circles there is one movement that has come up with a series of theoretical planets, called the Uranian planets after the German school who developed them. These planet/points are situated outside of Pluto. I have seen them being used with remarkable results. Interestingly they are all male archetypes. Certainly worth investigating if you can fit them in. Watching their very slow change of relationship offers interesting insights into the male evolution process in the same way as the asteroids outline the female. WHY PERSEPHONE WAS ABDUCTED. In the time when the Mediterranean gods where becoming a dominant force in human consciousness - 4000BC - the Zodiac had only eleven signs. It was later in the Mesopotamian period, come early Greek time - 2500BC - that the Constellation of Libra was added to the Zodiac. This came as a division of the Constellation of Scorpio. During these early times, sometime after the fall of Atlantis, the double sided nature of Scorpio was still joined as one. This male and female union which in Scorpio manner was so intense and exclusive as to be seen as one phenomenum/constellation was manifest as the marriage between Hades (Pluto) and Medusa. Medusa being a nymph daughter of Atlas. At the time of our story Athene ( Plutos niece) had killed her sister Pallas and had drawn her spirit into herself to become the Goddess Pallas Athene, the goddess of rational strategic planning. Medusa who personified the emotionally intense dedicated feminine partner of this tantric union was with Hades and they where very happy together facilitating powerful healing for humans through the afterlife. The true nature of their relationship has been lost in time, however their relationship imaged the dual aspect of Scorpio through the creator Medusa and the destroyer

Hades. Gods of the underworld. Heaven and Hell. Both where passionate, intense, obsessive and madly devoted to each other. Like any Plutonian relationship it had need for some personal time. Time for Medusa and Hades to delve into their personal depths and gain some emotional objectivity on what was taking place between them. It was during one of their 'times apart' that Medusa decided to go and visit the goddess of clarity her staunch niece-in-law Pallas Athene. Pallas Athene was running a week long workshop on "Codependence and Rational Emotionalism in the coming 3rd Post Atlantean Epoch." and Medusa hoped this would provide the forum for a breather to develop a more objective framework for her to understand the massive fluctuations of emotion she continually experienced. Medusa, as you can imagine was a very desirable woman. A woman of passion and deep intimacy, her sensual pleasures and the impact of her emotional attentions were legendary around Olympus. As she lived with Hades in the Underworld, she could hardly ever attend any of the functions at Olympus, and no one came to visit. So by the time she came to visit Pallas Athenes temple her allure had gained almost mythic proportion. Hades' brother Poseidon was the god of the Oceans and was himself a very emotional sensual being who craved and specialised in merging intimately with his lovers. Unlike Hades and Medusa though he had very few moral boundaries. His union was for the momentary experience of ecstatic oneness. As the god of the oceans he was the guardian of the earlier Lemurian consciousness of the Earth and as yet had not developed any sense of ownership, commitment, or monogamy. Traits which Hades and Medusa had been evolving for some time due to their experience of the effects of mortals messy lives. Poseidon had always been attracted to the sensitive young and alluring Medusa. Medusa however preferred Hades brooding passion to Poseidon's more artistic temperament. Medusas journeys to the upper world where rare and Poseidon saw her presence at his nieces temple, and the potential of emotional stresses between Hades and Medusa as an opportunity to finally 'have his way' with Medusa. As you can imagine Poseidon was not Pallas Athenes' favourite uncle. He encourages undefined formlessness, with a 'she'll be right' attitude to life. While she wants everything in its place with clear decisions to be made before anything begins. Pallas Athene hardly ever had a lover and tended to see relationships as a weakness of the individuality and a distraction from the work which needed to be carried out. One of the ground rules of any of Pallas Athenes workshops was the development of consciousness. Her students needed to continually be on guard for any delusions, fantasies or seductions of the mind and emotions coming from oneself or other people. So once Pallas Athene heard Poseidon was in town she knew this would be a particularly intense trial for her students. As this workshop was intended to draw Humanity away from Poseidon's antiquated dreamy Lemurian consciousness and more towards the rational awareness of the coming Persian era, she thought he was about to see what was going on. His mere presence in the area though made everyone's potential for consciousness much more difficult. Pallas Athene in turn set more rigorous rules and practices in place for her students. It was late at night, half way through the seminar. Medusa could not sleep as Hades was having a particularly hard time at home. He missed her terribly and was still dealing with some blame

towards her, so was rampaging about Tartarus being particularly nasty to the poor souls dammed to an eternity of torture. She always found this mood difficult to love and became internally disturbed. This was one of her big lessons though. Not to feel sorry for him (or his captives ) or to be manipulated into leaving her truth when he was in one of his more possessive insecure moods. So she went to the temple alone and was doing her energy clearing exercises and reciting her affirmations when Poseidon suddenly appeared at the end of the room. Over the coming hour he assured her he was interested in the contents of the seminar and of course of any news of his brother Hades. Slowly he brought the conversation around to Medusa‟s emotions and began to encourage her to enter into her feelings of disappointment and of being misunderstood by Hades. The smoothness of his words, the warmth of his care, and finally the caress of his hands on her hair as he cradled her while she cried, lead her into his spell. In a few brief moments of enchantment Poseidon seduced Medusa in front of Pallas Athene‟s altar. Just as they reached climax, Pallas Athene jolted to awareness of the sacrilege being performed in her temple. She rushed to the temple enraged to find Poseidon and Medusa still embracing. In the fit of rage she cursed Medusa to forever become the snake headed gorgon and forever more to turn whoever her gaze cast upon into stone. She was to be entrapped on an island in the west of the Mediterranean Sea for all time. This seemed like a harsh punishment, however Medusa had broken several of Pallas Athene‟s sacred rules. Succumbing to deception, deceit and enchantment along with being sexual and adulterous in her temple, and with her arch rival Poseidon. This all just pushed Pallas Athene over the edge. There have been many discussions in Olympus since that time as to whether Pallas Athene actually lost her rational composure for a while and completely over reacted. Nevertheless the curse had been cast and her pride could not allow her to retract it. It was not until much later times when Humans began taking on quests to gain the favour of the Gods that Pallas Athene allowed and helped Perseus to liberate Medusa from her curse. Poseidon being a major God walked away scot free. Hades on the other hand was furious. His much loved wife and consort had not only been seduced by his brother, she had also been cursed to a life in the upper world as a hideous vengeful Gorgon, personifying the ugly, accused, wronged and vengeful women. He stormed about the underworld for years planning his revenge and doing what therapy he could. His wife had been unjustly taken from him, so he felt perfectly entitled to take what he wanted in return. Hades sister Demeter, the goddess of the fruitful Earth had some years earlier given birth to a beautiful daughter, fathered by her brother Zeus, called Kore also known as Persephone. Demeter, the goddess of the harvest is associated with the rulership of the constellation of Taurus. In so being she has association to Venus but also to the Moon. Her daughter Persephone was like the fruit of the tree. Her beauty, refinement and qualities of soul where a quantum refinement of her mother. While her mother was concerned with the harmony and relationship of all things in nature, Persephone was concerned with the relationships of all of humanity, her mothers ultimate fruit from the creation she supports. Persephone saw all Humans as one family regardless of their colour, race or beliefs. Naturally all who met her loved her dearly. Over time Hades had become enthralled with Persephone and went to Zeus to ask his permission to marry Persephone. Zeus did not wish to offend his older brother Hades but knew his sister

Demeter would not approve of her daughter living in Tartarus. So Zeus said he would neither give nor withhold his consent. For Hades she would be his repayment for the loss of his beloved Medusa. After much waiting not to mention the grieving and raging therapy he had to release Medusa - he struck with the force and surprise of a dormant volcano bursting into life. One day while Persephone was picking flowers in a field Hades struck, abducting Persephone to his kingdom. Demeter was deeply distressed at the loss of her daughter. Initially she did not know where she had gone and searched for nine days looking for her. Eventually Triptolemus, a swine herd, told Demeter he had seen Persephone abducted however he did no know whom by. With the help of Hecate and Helios she discovered it was Hades. She suspected Zeus was in on it all, so instead of asking for his help she immediately forbade all plants from growing and trees from fruiting. When Humanity was verging on extinction Zeus sent Hermes to Tartarus with the message " If you do not restore Kore we are all undone" . As long as Persephone had not tasted the food of the underworld she could return to her mother. While Persephone was distressed about her separation from her mother she was also enchanted by the smouldering passion of her captor. During her time with Hades she came to admire the softness and intense intimacy he engendered. She saw that in his all absorbing completely vulnerable emotion and need for ruthless honesty sat the basis for true human togetherness. She came to enjoy his company and passion. Either from hunger or as a way of ensuring her stay in Tartarus, Persephone did eat half of a pomegranate before leaving Hades abode. Upon arriving at Eleusis to meet Demeter, Hades promptly let it be known Persephone had eaten food from the underworld. This lead to a bargaining period conducted by Rhea, Zeus, Hades and Demeters' mother which resolved that Persephone would spend six months with Hades and six months with her mother Demeter. Persephone was a very happy queen of the underworld and from all accounts equally enjoyed her times above and below the Earth. It was from this time the constellation of Scorpio was divided unequally in the smaller constellation of Libra, ruled by Persephone and into the Scorpio as we know it today, ruled by Hades or Pluto. As time went on Persephone continued to encourage Humanity to see the unified nature of their species. She taught it is through unconditional love of and tantric union with 'the other' that true peace on Earth is achieved. Only once one has found the place of personal trust and personal love can they join together in complete freedom and openness with 'the other'. Only then can humans not be manipulated and traumatised by the emotional turmoil of other peoples unconscious psyche. WHY IS IT THERE Once the question of what is in the birth chart is answered, the next question is "why is your chart the way it is?" Remember this chart is your birth chart. It is in place before any parental or present life environmental conditioning has occurred. This naturally leads one into questions of past life phenomena. The re-manifestation of past life experiences is what we draw to us this life, at

least initially. The present people, who personify your dramas, especially before 28, are only taking up where you left off last time, and are doing what you want them to do. Bio-feedback work has shown us that as we experience different psychological states, so our electro-magnetic 'aura' changes. When our Astral body ( Planet Body ) becomes active, through planetary stimulation usually, our electro magnetic field alters. This creates a magnetic effect which actually draws someone of an electro-magnetic compatible or opposite field towards you. Until this Astral field is internalised, by making it conscious, it waves around externally. Acting as a hook snaring what you unconsciously need. As a traveller, I have been in many different places for short periods of time. An interesting phenomenum has become apparent. No matter where I am, there are always certain major planetary configurations, which show up in the birth charts of the people around me. It is as if I always have the same people around me. If one person leaves another with similar astrology will come to replace that energetic space. This phenomenum is particularly evident in the life of groups. We all know about the jumping from the frying pan into the fire reality of life. Changing a physical situation is hardly enough. The energy magnet must be changed. I now use this phenomenum as a reflection of how I am going with my particular neuroses. The more refined, integrated and conscious a particular energy is manifest in the people I draw, the more integrated that part must be becoming in myself. Until the external Astral magnet is adjusted you have little choice other than to unconsciously keep drawing the same scenarios into your life. How do you use it The planetary placements and patterns in the birth chart are there because some wilful action has impacted upon the soul and twisted an astral wound into the etheric bodies memory. This in turn influences the way the etheric body relates to the physical body. In extreme cases illness will arise. By finding the astral drama from the past, there is a chance that the act of bringing it to consciousness can allow for it to unwind. This can be done in meditation, dreaming, and contemplative writing and drawing. Deeper therapy with a trained counsellor or therapist maybe needed to allow for its full release. These processes release the astral block and the etheric energy taken up in maintaining the suppression of the tension. With the release of the etheric energy there is more life force available for more positive manifestation of life. Rarely are planetary structures fully liberated in one go. It has taken lifetimes for these neuroses to be developed. It is most likely you will evolve them to freedom rather than release them all at once. Just as the universe is created upon the spiral so our growth moves through a spiralling process. An issue is met over and over again, hopefully a little further up the spiral each time. Once a difficult energy has lost its pain, then it has the opportunity to start working in a positive manner. A power and control need becomes leadership and courage, fear becomes the practical visionary, jealousy becomes the ability to love all who are willing to be open to your love and so on. This is where astrology becomes magical. To explore past life experiences one has to join the birth chart information up with meditative or psychic activities to really gain insights. It is difficult to generalise or give formulas here. Each birth chart is so different. The art of the astrologer is to bring all the various statements present in the birth chart into a cohesive picture. A good practice to develop is to reduce the planetary aspects down to an if - but statement. The 'if' being all the positive aspects and the

'but' being all the negative aspects. Firstly separate the positive patterns and see these as the gifts and skills an individual has and these have developed because of some circumstance from the past. Using words from the planetary patterns given earlier make up sentences, e.g. Venus trine Jupiter - Friends support my understandings. Imagine what all of these sentences joined together could be in real life circumstances. Each planetary relationship adds another layer onto the picture. Part of the imagining is to believe the images that come into your minds eye immediately you ask the question. Now do the same for the tense aspects. Often the tensions can be broken into two groups. Active and passive. Mars, Jupiter, Uranus & Pluto aspects indicate power related issues. Tense relationship between the Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Pluto you will find have an experience of unjust persecution at the bottom of it. The witches persecution by the Catholics is a very common experience in this configuration. The passive tensions or tensions which drain an individuals will to action: Lack of direction Sun-Moon, Saturn-Jupiter, lack of faith or support: Saturn-Mars- Venus - Neptune, low self esteem: Sun, Moon - Saturn and so on. Write down each series of aspects and see how they can possibly all work together. Again imagine the situation which allowed this to arise. Now make your if and but statement. The birth chart in this case acts as a map of directions for places to start to explore. You have all the impressions within you just waiting to be given the time and credibility to surface and tell you what happened. If it is in your birth chart you must at least give it the possibility of being real. Often personality traits are hard to recognise yourself so talk to close friends about them. While specific aspect patterns can be explored individually, it is valuable to look at the chart as a whole, and try to pull all the bits together to see what the 'dynamic' of the psyche is. Once this is achieved, imaginations of what the soul must have experienced to develop that dynamic start to arise. By sitting with these images and allowing them room to show themselves they will often develop into strong impressions of past life situations. It is then your choice what you do with this past experience. Ultimately many of our hurts need to be released and forgiven, while our talents need to be exercised for the benefit of ourselves and others. Most of all do not believe your talents act as an excuse for your tension to continue. Fate and Free Will The birth chart is the map of the Astral body. This Astral body dominates most peoples subjective reality and causes them to be moved around like puppets on the string of the planetary movement. Like it or not. The primary use of Astrology and the birth chart in particular is to be able to gain an objective picture of this subjective reality. Firstly a picture of who you are, what the matrix you are dealing with is and then to gain an awareness of when this unconscious matrix is going to be set off. This is essentially the process RS describes as conscious soul development. The stage of development all of humanity is moving through in this present age. This process is one way of gaining free will. Free will is only possible when an individual has spirit based objective perception of the Astral bodies subjective reality. Once this is achieved then the individual can make conscious choice as to how one wishes to respond to the circumstance involved. Not being conscious is leaving oneself to ones fate. The planets movements create responses. If you are not conscious of these movements, consciousness of their effects is made more difficult. Possible however difficult.

Predictive techniques in Astrology only work to the degree the person involved is unconscious. Definite predictions are based on this assumption and if they work out to the letter, then the person is completely unconscious. Lets not disregard the fact, these events are in the persons destiny and the Astrologer is only giving them voice, to the degree of their skill to see the picture clearly. The degree the client plays out the event is dependent on how asleep or awake they are. Astrology is here to help us be awake. The Solar system at its most basic level is an electro magnetic machine, with highly predictable movements. If your spirit is deluded by its movements, so you will move with it. One stage of this process of waking up, is to identify the difference between the Astral body and the Ego\spirit. The spirit is the observer in all circumstances as the Witness. It is that part in you which does the experiencing and is potentially beyond the massive comings and goings of the Astral body. The Astral body is the feelings, sensations, obsessions, joys and fun the spirit experiences. By observing the Astral bodies movements through the birth chart it is possible to identify what is Astral body and what is Spirit. The Heliocentric chart plays a role in this awakening process as well. By observing the activation of this chart you will discover impulses arising from inside you wishing to become manifest. These are often of a different quality to the birth chart influences. They feel more like the urge to provide a gift rather than the urge to follow a desire. I believe this is the Spirit wishing to take action. The birth chart and the movements of the planets in relation to it, create many of the manifestations our life bring to us. It appears, at least in the early stage of 'development' that we have little free will other than to make a CHOICE as how we wish to respond to the external reality we have in front of us. So we have free will at every moment. It then becomes a question of who is exercising the choice. Is it the Astral desire or is it the Ego \ Witness. As long as you are in this body, on the Earth, there will be Astral manifestations appearing inside and outside you according to a predetermined and predictable pattern. Your freedom lies in how you respond to it. Several different paths are suggested for Taming this Beast. Like the Zen Buddhist ten fold path outlined earlier, one can get to know the Beast, tame it, turn it to your use and eventually move beyond it by becoming familiar with the Spirit as separate to it. Or as some Eastern sects suggest we can just move straight to the Spirit. Thereby becoming somewhat immune to the ebbs and flows of the Astral Maya. In short, do not give it any attention whatsoever. Allow it to play out its dramas without swimming in its ocean. This is achieved by identifying and staying very present with the witness at all times. The spirit sphere is indeed another dimension apart from the astral. The spirit is the sun and part of the galactic reality, while the world astral resides in the rest of the solar system. This creates two separate dimensional realities. Hence it must be possible to focus ones attention on the spiritual dimension within us and find calm from the Astral storms blowing outside. Whether this can be achieved completely without altering the Astral magnetic fields first is the question, as is the possibility of mistaking Astral impressions as Spiritual impulses.

To bother studying and working with Astrology, one follows more along the path of the Zen Buddhists. Once one moves completely into Spirit consciousness one has moved beyond the Astral sphere and will then have no need to study Astrology - the study of the Astral. To understand the process of mapping the Astral body in more detail we should also look into predictive methods. These are the areas where the most concern is expressed regarding the interference of destiny. They also contain the best way of gaining experience of and ultimately objectivity with the Astral body. Progressions There are many different predictive techniques. The common ones I use will suit to illustrate two major types. The first is called progressions, of which there are several different types. The one I use most is called Secondary Progressions. This method entails using one day of planetary movement after the birth to every year of the life. So if you are 42 years old we would look to see where the planets where placed 42 days after your birth. There are several variations on this rule and all provide very interesting and valuable information. When investigating them, remember to applied the rule:- the Astrological function is determined by its relationship to the Astronomical reality. When discussing incarnation and excarnation cycles earlier, we said at incoming Saturn you decided what you wished to experience in this coming life, and that during the descent through the planetary sphere you set this up. The progressed methods are the basic techniques which outline the timing upon which this unfoldment of this 'destiny' through life occurs. These progressed planets move with regard to themselves very slowly and they are also related back to the birth chart. When they contact birth planets, or other main points, significant events will appear in your life. And yes they are predictable. Naturally these planets move very slowly, hence the time periods they describe can last for years. The exception is the progressed Moon which moves one degree every month and therefore indicates emotionally orientated developments. Transits The other more common predictive method is called transits. This is where the daily movements of the planets in the sky, are observed as they move over the birth planets and the progressed planets. The slower moving outer planets indicate the big issues of any period while the quicker moving planets act as trigger points for smaller stages of the events along the way. Naturally the nature of each planet, its sign and house position and any other planet involved will indicate the exact quality of the manifestation. My experience has shown me 98% of humans are completely at the mercy of these planetary influences. They/we believe the subjective reality the planets create to be real and all encompassing. Transits are the doorway for karma to enter your life. They are also the opportunity to respond in a different way to the return of old patterns. So they act as a potentially liberating experience. Transits can be tracked over the birthchart to reveal a cycle or process of event development. If you do not fully get the lesson one time you can be sure it will return again in another slightly altered form. Each event is an opportunity to resolve some

bit of the past or take an opportunity and move on. Both positive and negative events are indicated. With computer programs so prevalent these days it is easy to obtain a printout of the major transits you will experience over a given period. The first step is to look into the past and see how your biography is described by both the progressed and transiting influences. This is a very safe activity as you are looking backwards and can not influence your destiny in any manner.

HOW CAN THIS BE USED SAFELY? There are a few stages of working with Astrology. Firstly one must spend some time with the birth chart and gain an appreciation of the basic structure of the psyche. These are the patterns which will be set off whenever a transit or progression contacts these points. Do this as outlined earlier and by having your chart interpreted by a competent Astrologer. Spend time becoming familiar with the planets as energies and how they fit together in your life. When interpreting the tensions within the birthchart also interpret them as though they were positives. This allows you to see the positive option to bad habits of energy use. Then start to watch the quicker moving planets movement over your chart, observing how it becomes 'set off'. Remember each planet governs a certain sphere of life, so that sphere will be activated by that planet. If you are watching the Moon this will be matters of an emotional nature which cause ups and downs. Mother, family and home may all be involved. If it is Mercury, your mental awakeness, issues around communication and travel will be effected and so on. This exercise allows you to see how you are a puppet on a string and how you are not. Be sure to just observe here. Live out your life as you have in the past. Begin to watch the cause and effect nature of things and how an action taken under one influence or birth chart structure occurs again when this same area is stimulated. Transits and progressions are acting as the planetary mechanisms for bringing our already determined events of destiny and karma to us. They are coming anyway, all we have to do is look out for them. Look into the past and see what planetary influences where active, at what time and what were the events they brought up. Observe especially the periods when the outer planets moved over major structures in your chart. What happened? Astrology really works on cycles. All the planets are cyclic. Their relationships to one another are cyclic as are their relationships to your birth chart. The seven year cycles are the four cardinal points of the Saturn cycle and therefore related to the process of an individual becoming responsible for themselves. Jupiter cycles are twelve years long and relate to the person becoming socially aware to the communities ideals and morals and so on. Any planetary influence should be observed as part of its cycle and certainly in relation to the last times it ran over other parts of any planetary pattern you have in your chart. Pitfalls & Solutions It is possible to predict an event in fine detail and its possible outcome. However it does take time and often it is not practical to put in the amount of time and energy needed to get every detail. The way this is done is that each predictive technique gives one bit of the picture. So the more techniques you use the more bits of the picture you have and so the more detailed is the relief of the event. The more information you receive though the greater the possibly of

becoming totally confused by all the information. Generally one looks for the dominant themes running through all the techniques used. Once you have all this information, a possible scenario can be devised. There is a problem though. The harder you look for your scenario and the more formed you make it, the less you are open to what life is bringing you. So while you are looking in one corner, life may have presented your gift in the other and you were not there. This is a real pitfall, however not one to give up Astrology for. We Humans are pretty smart however a touch of humility goes a long way when attempting to predict the manifestation of the cosmos. After observing the birth chart for some time you will gain an understanding of how the energy works. When transits or progressions move over your chart they will generally manifest along those established lines. The more unusual events generally arise when several planetary events all occur at once. The future always develops out of the present. So events as they unfold now influence the details of tomorrow. These details are more and more difficult to predict the further you go into the future. So while there are some advantages in having a long term overview in general terms, there is little advantage in looking more than a few years ahead. An exercise exploring the big cycles of ones life is certainly worthwhile though and can provide an image of the importance of a present situation in the context of the whole life. When looking into the future one looks for the big events and mostly at their timing. Astrology is the clock of the Universe and Astrologers its time keepers. The big events are transits of Pluto, Neptune , Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron. These provide the outline for when a period of influence becomes active. From this outline a general picture of what influences can occur can be imagined. Imagine both the tensions and the positive ways in which even a tension can come about. Meditate on how any energy can be used in its most positive way. It is then important to leave your expectations as imaginations and live your life and watch. Just be in life and observe what is going on. Observe what the events coming at you are, during the periods of influence. As they arise identify them and see where they are coming from. Once they are identified it is then possible to gain a picture of their life cycle, by plotting the retrograde and forward motion of the planets movement over the months ahead. Consider how these events are replays of the past and how they are steps into the future. Observe your Astral body‟s reaction to these events. Then consider your response. You have several things on your side in this situation. There is some objective awareness of the phenomena pulling the strings, the events and their timing of unfoldment. Here there is choice. Observe the tense manifestations and observe the positive manifestations as well. Rarely does an influence only manifest in one way. Generally there are at least four or five ways it is manifesting at one time. Look at resolving the tension and focus on capitalising on the positives. Do more of those. With greater choice and objectivity comes responsibility. How can you act in a manner that brings graceful resolve to circumstance and leads to healing and joy for all concerned? Any action will create reaction. Our choice can be to create positive reaction while experiencing and releasing the negativity of the past, rather than perpetuating the same cycles which may

not have been working. Insanity is doing the same things in a recurring situation and expecting a different result. This is a powerful tool and it can be misused. And it can be used well too. Outer planetary transits indicate the doorways to greater awareness, psychic sensitivity and spirit centredness. Consciousness is a spiral. Each time we pass the same way, it can be at another turn of the spiral. So an aspect which created jealousy and fear at one time, can be moved over time into a state of personal strength and security. This then allows for a broader acceptance of an individual‟s love nature being expressed as they wish. What would have once created drama can now create love. By being conscious of the door being opened it is possible to be waiting to walk through, with grace. All we really have to do is say yes to the opportunity. The cosmos inclines, it does not compel. Astrology provides the timing. You provide the state of consciousness.

WHERE DOES EVOLUTION OCCUR ( This chapter started life as a post to the BDNOW email list in response to a discussion which took place there, hence the specific dates and examples referred to.) A very good question I was asked once was " Where is the seat of evolution coming from? How are the three subtle bodies involved in the process? In all things pertaining to life we really need to look at the answer as it relates to the four bodies. It can be suggested that the physical body follows the movements of the Astral, however the answer may prove a little more complex than that. In my perception, the physical body can be seen as a vacuum filled with matter. This vacuum is held in creation through an interplay of the world Ego, Astral and Etheric activities which surround and hold the vacuum so the personal bodies can accumulate within it . Each kingdom of nature relates to these bodies in their own particular manner. So to keep things simple lets just use humans as the model for a start. They have all four bodies active internally. With the physical body being described as above we have matter performing the wishes of these other bodies. As they move so the physical adapts, not just as health but also right down to genes. The physical body we see is imbued with and uplifted by the etheric body. This life activity enlivens the carbon. However the etheric body in itself is highly unconscious. It streams and flows through a series of pulses which connects to the beat of creation. As we have seen before it streams from Brahma, accumulating in the atmosphere and is then magically drawn, by its ability to ride on the back of oxygen, into connection with the carbon by nitrogen. I experience the etheric as unconscious, asleep, carried by water and oxygen and kept alive through pulsating movement. As such it is a streaming reactor to phenomena outside itself. In the process of evolution it does really not care how it is applied. It will adapt to the new forms imposed upon it and made available to it. It will continue to feed life as long as it can. If the Astral and Egoic

processes are too strong and either consume it or restrict it, it will separate from the physical body and return to the atmosphere. As long as it remains bound to the carbon and active in life processes, it will provide the fuel for evolution, the best it can, however I doubt very much that it creates the spark that causes the evolutionary moment. The Astral body too plays an important role in life. As mentioned it is the seat of the instincts. And what are these? We are lead to believe that the Astral body is a complex of forces which have accumulated around our spirit as it has progressed through its evolution. In the big picture this has been developing for even some millions of years over the whole of the Earth evolution from Old Saturn/Sun till now. Our astral body, while sentient and conscious, as in awake, it is also very unconscious generally, in that it is intimately wound into the movements of the planets. As the planets move so the astral body changes 'shape'. Most people who are captured or possessed by the Astral believe the reality it confronts them with, through their emotions, psychic impressions, dreams and instincts. From the viewpoint of the Spirit/Ego/Witness, though these are only temporary illussionary images flashing past the screen of view and experienced not unlike those on a TV screen. Due to the astral body being activated by external stimuli, such as heat, cold, dark, light, moisture or dry, pain or joy, hunger, reproductive urges, the earth electro magnetic fields and their response to the life of the solar system, we are moved into action. If planetary stimuli are reduced in a human‟s life then their life will become somewhat passive, even fun. If it becomes activated through planetary transits etc. we become active. So I see the Astral body also reacting to external stimuli activating movement albeit generally very unconsciously and hence we see it as instinctual. As a little study in the essential unconscious nature of the Human Astral body may I draw your attention to the planetary structure presently forming itself into action ( October 1999) between Sun, Venus and Ceres squaring Mars, Juno, Chiron and Pluto. This structure is presently building and will remain in force right through until the end of October 1999. Juno Chiron and Pluto have been flirting with each other for some months now and are presently about to begin their last of three meetings. Their goal has been to point out all the abusive areas in our relationships, both present and past and provide us with the determination to resolve these situations one way or the other. Mars is now moving on to them which will give us the will to do something about these impulses. However it is the Sun Ceres and Venus squares presently developing that will give us the push to implement these changes into our everyday lives. Ceres and Juno suggest there is a conflict between the needs of home and family and that the partner does not necessarily fulfil these at present. In short this is one of those major shuffle times for relationships, especially any that have become stale, complacent or abusive. Between now and late October (14-24) you can look around and watch relationships come to a crunch phase. Some folks will perpetuate their abuse, while many relationships will explode terminally as one of the partners attempts to break out of the pattern, only to recreate it elsewhere. For others they are stimulated enough by this external tension to make the evolutionary decision and 'jump' to another level of the spiral of this activity. For people in empowering and appreciative relationships, they will experience many moments to clarify any remaining annoyances so greater trust and love can be shared. Here is one experience yet four different reactions to it dependent on the state of consciousness of the individual. These effects are all planetarily motivated, highly predictable and for the majority of humanity an unconscious effect, That they believe to be real. From this effect though some people will learn and evolve and many will not and so be doomed to reshuffle their lives into a complete repeat of what they have just gone through. We are lucky in a planetary situation as this that it is particularly unbearably painful, so if we do not get its message and agree to alter our being as

it wishes we will experience an unpleasant astral stimulus. Therefore the external Astral stimulus is so strong we the Spirit/Ego/Witness find it hard to escape some degree of awakening, adjustment and evolution. So we can ask, what is it in this experience that will allow for some people to evolve through this experience and some to remain unmoved. The answer is the amount of (self) consciousness they have gained about their unconscious Astral wiring and then what they choose to do about their present abusive circumstances and the electro magnetic instinctual habits and hooks they have which hold them into repeating this situation again. In short the evolution of this experience comes from the degree the Ego comes into play and provides enough objectivity, so the witness can reflect on the processes involved and make a conscious choice to wake up to the unconscious process and change it. The astral body is timeless and responds to the moment and will continue to do so endlessly. It is the Ego which makes the decisions to respond differently to the same stimuli and hence the possibility of evolution occurring. The hallmarks of the Ego are memory, thought, linear rational conception and decisions which lead to action which may not be in keeping with the instinctive desire. It is in this ability to jump off the cycle of unconscious response that evolution occurs. When we look at the other kingdoms of nature we can say that plants do not have an incarnated Ego yet they still evolve. Yes but how. While plants do not incarnate an Ego 'body' they do have both Astral and Egoic activities involved in their growth. They work onto it from outside and in 'Now Age' language the Astral activity of a plant is called its group soul while its Ego can be seen in the deva being associated to each species of plant. The Egoic processes as we have described many times, work into the plant through the Cosmic Silica processes. I draw your attention to my article on "Genetic engineering from a Biodynamic standpoint" in which I indicated that this Egoic/Cosmic Silica activity can be seen in each part of the plant. It can be seen through the upward growth of the stalk, the seed of the fruit, the DNA within the cell, and the 'G' chromosomes upon the DNA. Evolution in plants occurs in a series of ways and it is the DNA and most notably I suggest the G chromosome which must be altered for the evolutionary jump to occur. We must however accept that some of what Darwin said was correct. Survival of the fittest is in fact true in the plant and animal kingdom. They can make a jump but if the environment does not support them they will die out. While cross pollination will cause some level of evolution, the big jumps you are looking for are often a result of a viral or bacterial attack of the DNA, so some major unpredictable alterations are possible. I can not yet prove my hypothesis, (other than using the „Ego Pullers‟ drops successful against herpes infection) however I am sure viruses in particular are egoic beings and that their active presence in an organism indicates an egoic imbalance. So even in the highly unconscious plant world it is again the egoic sphere which is implicated in the big evolutionary jumps. With animals the same process of evolution through 'viral possession' is possible and this may account for the major jumps of evolution in them as well. I am sure you are aware of the hundredth monkey effect. One monkey learns a new technique of survival and once a certain number of the population have learnt the skill it spontaneously shows up in unrelated animals. While the animal is primarily instinctual we can see that in their sleepy habits they are at times forced into adapting. In the mammals in particular we can sense a low level elementary egoic process being active. Much like a three year old human many mammals appear to have a simple thinking and cognition process active which can be used to train them. I see this as the ego touching them from outside in the same way a plant flowers when touched by the astrality. It is this touching which allows the animal that moment of recognition of the adaptation to a new

circumstance, so they can repeat the action. The 100th monkey syndrome though occurs through the animals Astral group soul. Without an incarnated Ego, animals maintain a greater psychic association to one another and hence information is passed more freely between them by that clever fellow nitrogen ( astrality). Hence once a practice gains a certain Astral pressure it imposes itself upon other members of the same Astral group soul. Humans have this ability as well. Having only done a limited number of animal Astro birth charts (75 race horses and 5 stud bulls) I can state their personalities were indicated in their charts as were events in their lives. Hence it is highly possible that the animal which made the first evolutionary shift, such as using a tool, most probably had some planetary transit effect which pushed it from outside to innovate. It is still the weak Ego state which gives it the perception to remember and recreate the actions. Through its repeating it becomes wound into the astral body and hence becomes an instinct for the future. I would surmise that the time it takes for a skill to be accumulated to the 100th monkey is the time it takes for the skill to become a instinctual habit for the first animal. Once it hits that instinctual stage it is so wound into the Astral body that it easily becomes transferred to all others through the astral. So overall it is my impression that evolution occurs primarily as a result of the Ego/Spirit/Witness at whatever level we look. It is the seed thought carried from the stars and mediated by Saturn 1, warmth, Cosmic Silica, Cosmic forces, Hydrogen and G gene that needs to be altered for massive evolutionary jumps to occur. As rare as these changes may be, we can see that Human individuals do appear to make the most radical and major shifts of growth in nature, throughout one particular life, and their ability to adapt and evolve if they choose can change the way their DNA is functioning e.g. cancer and its remission. Plants too can appear to change their DNA expression e.g. Dan Carlsons experiments with sonic bloom and my own experience of turning a annual plant into a perennial using one spray of one potency of a BD prep. Granted these plant examples can be just expressions of sleeping DNA, and so too is much of Human development, yet it is the Humans conscious choice and wilful actions which acts as the spark which ultimately raises us above our astral instincts. ASTROLOGY & RELATIONSHIPS Human relationships is one of the most useful areas in which Astrology can be applied. There are a few major techniques used in analysing relationships, however the overall aim is to gain consciousness of what is unconsciously occurring between the people involved. It is essential when looking at relationship charts to realise each person has large areas of unconscious occurring and the process of relationship just reflects these unconscious processes back to the person. If there is an issue in your birth chart it is your issue. It is highly probable that any tension in your life is a result of this tension being projected onto other people. Negative aspects from Sun, Saturn, Mars and Pluto to other planets indicate areas easily projected onto men while Moon, Venus tension to other planets indicate projections onto women. Relationships offer the perfect opportunity to have our partners play these things out for us. Synergy The first stage is to gain an appreciation of each persons chart. This indicates their basic positive and negative issues, outlook and most importantly their individual energy levels. This provides the basic world views of each individual. Are these two personalities compatible? How are they complimenting each other or how are they unhealthy for each other? Are there any obvious psychological traps inherent in the charts. e.g. Persecutor / victim, Adult / child, leader /follower etc. While these may exist it does not mean this relationship is negative, it is just

describing what is going on. Both people may well be happy in this situation. One thing to look at is the energy levels of each person. If one person has alot of outer planet tension between Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Mars they are a high energy person. If the other does not have similar energy levels then they may not be compatible simply for this reason. The seventh house of an individuals chart is the house of partnership. the planets in it and the condition of the planetary ruler of this house indicates an individual‟s needs and attitudes towards a partner. The 5th house is their friends and lovers. Check out the partners chart and see if it describes their 5th house or 7th house relationship. They are often very different and trying to bring a 5th house person into the 7th house is often very difficult. Next the electro magnetic harmonics of the two charts are compared. This is where the planetary positions are compared to determine how the individuals planets relate. First look at the two peoples Sun positions, their Moons, their Mercurys and so on. This outlines areas which unconsciously create ease or disharmony. How do you live in the same environment (Moon), styles of communication and ease of hearing each other ( Mercury), ways of acting socially (Venus), ways of taking action (Mars), cultural expectations and morality (Jupiter), rules of the game (Saturn), essential spiritual purpose and direction (Sun). Specific strategies can be devised to ease any difficulties here however more than three planets stressed out at this level makes for quite a lot of effort being expended accommodating each other. The next phase is to see what planets in one persons chart relates to the other persons. e.g. A's Saturn sits right on B's Venus. The houses one persons planets fall in the other persons chart adds depth to the interpretation. This process indicates the basic unconscious responses to one another. These synergy processes provide direct indications of karmic relationships shared between the two people in past lives. While heaps of information comes from this activity, it is still often necessary to use this as a starting point for further meditative contemplation, which allows the exact details to surface for both people. Again if both people are willing to fantasise and be honest with themselves and each other the picture of what their past relationship was will arise. These two techniques outline very important levels to bring consciousness into. Just by being around each other the electro magnetic harmonics indicated by these planetary relationships will be set off. These are sensitive points of meeting and all you have to do is be within auric range of each other and 'the energy' will do the rest. Place a transiting planet over one of these points and there is plenty of room for a subjective projection onto one another. By watching transits over each chart, it is possible to assess whose part is what in any given situation. This provides tremendous objectivity and possibility for awareness in the present situation. Of course by examining the charts before a relationship becomes too established, it is possible to determine the 'soft spots' before they actually arise. This provides a road map of the basic issues which lie ahead. Nothing is ultimately fated if you have consciousness as one of the wild cards. Hence a particular difficulty may not ultimately prove fatal. It will however have to be addressed and can lead to some awakening and release of some past event together. Any point that is shared by both people is obviously a very sensitive point as when it is activated by a transiting planet both peoples subjective realities are set off simultaneously. It is best to move into any situation outlined in these charts with an open mind. Allow life's situations to bring anything out into the open. When an issue does arise, Astrology allows it to

be possible to bring consciousness into the situation, before it becomes out of hand and deluded by Eros or neurosis. Naturally it is an advantage if both partners have this reflective capacity. If only one partner can do this reflection, then high integrity and honesty is required to honour the other persons lack of this particular skill. Doing the above processes with the progressed charts is also very worthwhile. Composite Charts The composite chart is the chart of the present stage this relationship is moving into. The composite is a chart made up by finding the mid point between the same planet of the different charts. e.g. the mid point of the Sun, mid point of the moons and so on. These are then placed on a zodiacal background. The houses are established by mid pointing the mid heaven and working the Ascendant out off the composite mid heaven for the latitude the relationship is taking place on. The composite is a chart that tells us about the nature and issues of the relationship in the present life. The house position of the Sun is a great indicator of the essential purpose of the relationship. The planetary aspects indicate the likely dynamic this time around. Themes that reoccur in this chart from the birth charts are obviously issues still to be dealt with. Again this is a wonderful starting place for contemplation as the relationship unfolds. Often the composite chart indicates the opposite of the birth charts. For example the birth charts may indicate obsessive togetherness, while the composite indicates a strong independence urge. Hence it can be concluded that the purpose of this present relationship cycle is to evolve away from the obsession and towards a more independent way of being around each other. The Sun and its planetary relationships in the composite often indicate the mans (or dominant partner) vision and experience of the relationship, while the Moon and its aspects indicates the women vision and experience of the relationship. Progressions and transits are developed off this chart, beginning at the starting time of the relationship and indicate very significant events in the life of the relationship. The big change points in a relationship are often indicated in the composite, however transits in the individual birth charts must be watched as well. Outer planetary transits over Sun, Moon, Juno, Venus and the descendant axis bring about periods when the relationships need review and development. Endings are not necessarily inevitable, change is more likely and possibly preferable. Experience with these techniques develops an appreciate of the depth and strength of the Astral body in peoples lives and the unconscious responses we have in our relationships. Love, humility and compassion can develop as a response to this experience. There are several other techniques for relationship Astrology. All can be useful and can be explored. From all of the above very many images can be gleaned which give the participants real starting points to establish their past and their present 'destiny ' together.

PARENTING AS A SATURNINE PLEASURE The process of parenting and especially disciplining can be characterised as being a Saturnine activity. Parenting can be described as a process of taking responsibility for our children, from birth to helping, protecting and guiding them in their growing process. Naturally, there is more to parenting than just setting the rules and enforcing them. In a broader context, the development of a child into a mature individual is a combination of the qualities of all the planets. We as parents are helping our children to nurture themselves (Moon), to communicate effectively with others (Mercury), to develop adequate interpersonal skills (Venus), to be able to stand up for themselves and take initiative (Mars), and to function adequately in their community (Jupiter) and live by the rules (Saturn). This essay is particularly concerned with the role a parent has as boundary setter, authority figure and educator of responsibility. These are all Saturn functions. They are the activities which cause problems for many people confronted with adolescents who wish to break the rules, buck authority and create boundaries of life for themselves. Many parents and teachers react to adolescent rebellion by putting on stricter rules, attempting to enforce greater control and a more dominating attitude towards their teens. Saturn can be characterised as being the male parent; The form setter, the authority figure, the law maker, the boundary maker of material life that cannot be transgressed. When internalised Saturn becomes the degree of personal authority and personal responsibility one exercises in one‟s life and dealings with others, and the force of persistence and determination brought to bear to make our goals a concrete reality. In 1986 or so I was contemplating solo parenting my three children aged 3, 6, 9 when I started to consider the many different qualities of Saturn. In Astrology and Anthroposophy where we are describing the whole of creation by seven basic archetypes, one can appreciate that each planet has many different aspects to its „personality‟. The models of parenting I had either experienced or witnessed in my own life, placed the 'father' as the unquestioned authority figure who sets the rules of his castle. This is characterised by the phrase: "While you live under my roof you will live by my rules". This model is extended to our society in which the government sets rules enforced by laws and the police force. It is our fear of these law keepers which forms our boundaries of personal responsibility. These boundaries, then, are motivated and formed from outside us rather than internally. I had recreated this authoritarian model in my own parenting up to this point. Looking at my relationship with my children I realised that we were not having a great deal of fun. There were 'discipline' problems and an 'us' and 'them' division between parent and children had developed. I asked myself, would I have to live with this division from my children for ever? I could see this basic alienation continuing in the same way that the adolescent 'problems' I experienced with my own parents continued into my relationship with my children. There had to be a better way. It was at this cross roads that I began to reflect upon the aspect of Saturn that represents personal responsibility. I replaced the picture of myself as the parent who is a fully responsible authority over my children till they left my castle, to an image of parenting as the process of handing back to my children their own responsibility for themselves at a rate they chose.

Saturn has a 28 year cycle around the Sun. As it moves around the Sun after birth it forms both positive and negative relationships back to the birth position. The classic seven year cycles often quoted in psychological literature arises from tense relationships of Saturn back to the birth position. Mathematically, Saturn forms a tense 90 degree angle to the birth Saturn at 7 years old, a 180 degree angle at 14, another 90 degree angle at 21 and returns to its birth placement at 28 years old. These are classical crisis points when an individual has to work harder or fight against perceived physical limitations and authority figures in the attempt to be responsible for themselves. Due to Saturn‟s retrograde motion (when the planet appears to go backwards), and due to the Earth moving faster than Saturn, these dates can be variable; so an individual can easily experience these personal crisis points at 8-9, 15-16, 22-23, 29-30. It is during these times that an individual will fight hardest for their own personal growth. These crises are not always played out in the same way. Rudolf Steiner suggests that these seven year cycles are accompanied by the incarnation of our spiritual bodies. Between 0-7 we gain control of our physical body and work to overcome our inherited body and traits. At the first seven year crisis children want to take more responsibility for themselves in the immediate family life and environment, and often rebel against family rules. I find it intriguing that at seven a child is no longer able to be easily carried by the parents. They must now walk on their own two feet. Between the ages of 7-14, the Etheric body incarnates. Although they are experiencing intense physical growth, children seem to be living within a soft ball of protection. Their personalities, while present, are softened, rounded, and still easily moulded by the parent. It is at 14 when the next cycle begins with the Astral body becoming more incarnated, leading to the personality breaking through this „etheric membrane‟, that puberty begins and adolescence starts. At this time the child rebels even further against parental control of their relationships with their friends in an effort to establish themselves as responsible beings in their social lives. They wish to choose their own friends and to decide where and how they spend their leisure and community time. At 21, the Ego incarnates more strongly. This is the time when the individual meets the broader community and discovers the boundaries and privileges society has to offer. At 28 when the Ego has fully incarnated, the common experience is one of the individual alone in the world at large, this being the end of the first Saturn cycle and the beginning of the next. These questions often arise; “What are the skills, personal traits and understandings I have developed in the past which can support and sustain me in the future as I meet the challenges I must now embark upon as a fully responsible adult?” Reflecting on the cycles of Saturn and my own experience, I could see that at birth I was 100% responsible for my children‟s protection and well being. However, I began to consider parenting as a process of primarily returning responsibility to my children until they could carry it for themselves. From a very early age all a child is asking is to take their own responsible role, first in the family, then the community. Children want to take part just like everyone else. At times they may want more responsibility than they can handle, so they need to feel comfortable to return an certain amount back to their parents to carry a while longer. A significant breakthrough that I made in my own growth at this time was to become aware that generally children want to do their best to help make the situation that they are in as harmonious and functional as possible. In essence, children are pure souls wanting to do good. I began to explore this Saturnine approach to parenting with my own children, accepting that they wanted to do their best at all times, and that they wanted to be as fully responsible for themselves as possible, given their limited experiences and skills.

Fortunately, about this time I met an older man and his twenty something daughter who had employed this same model for their passage through adolescence and they confirmed it as a positive approach. The main comment the young woman made was that during her adolescence she had nothing to rebel against. She said that this, in itself was a pain because when all of her friends had things to dramatise in their relationships with their parents, she had none. I have come to see that this Saturnine approach can be employed successfully from a very early age, in fact the earlier the better. I started when my youngest child was three. One of the first real struggles of authority comes with the hot fire experience. No matter how much I would tell all my children the stove or fire was hot they would eventually have to touch something to prove to themselves that it was indeed hot. They needed to experience the heat for themselves. The more I held them back or threatened them, the more they needed to touch it. Ultimately, the easiest way through this trial was to give them the best advice and leave them to their experience. One other experience stands out. My three year old, wanted to go and buy the milk just as he had seen his 9 year old brother do. So, I explained to him that I believed that buying the milk could be scary, dangerous, and beyond his present skills; however, if he wanted to do it I would respect his decision. I gave him the correct money, and followed him to the shop, about 100 yards away. Upon his return he was shaking and said he never wanted to do that again. I said OK, and took back the responsibility he had tried on for size. From this experience I saw several important lessons were established. I did not stand in Sol‟s path to growth. He learned that there were boundaries for his personal safety. My advice was real and could be trusted. Sol was not punished for taking a risk to be who he believed he was, and to be responsible for himself as he believed he could be. He was not chastised or punished, and he learned that if he did take on too much, I would take back the responsibility until he was ready to try it on for size again. In allowing my children to make the final decision about what is right for them, I believe it is also important for them to fully experience the karma of their actions, and be fully responsible for them, whatever those actions may be. Each child will take different lengths of time to learn their personal boundaries; however, the earlier they start this expression of Saturn, the earlier they learn their boundaries. It may only take a few experiences at two or three years old such as the fire and milk experiences for a child to learn that their choices come with effects that they may not want to experience, and that any choice they make is their responsibility and that they alone are responsible for the outcome. It is important for the child to know that their parent is supportive of them being a responsible person, so that they can experience their parent as a beneficent mentor with a vast pool of experience rather than a limitation to their individual experiences of life. It seems better that they learn these lessons at three years old than at sixteen or even twenty years old when they become rebellious teenagers, or when they leave home. At these points, instead of supervised controlled burns or scraped knees from falling off a tricycle, or being scared by the neighbourhood rottweiller, they have alcohol, drugs and motor-cars to learn their lessons of personal responsibility and boundaries. My children have made their mistakes. They have pushed the limits and fallen over the boundaries. I am pleased that as they are now meeting new and more dangerous experiences in life, they are finding their measure, developing their own boundaries and we have a partnership in this process. We are friends who share the experience and rejoice in the process of their adolescent explorations. This at least gives me the opportunity to share my experience and concerns, impart what advice I may have and offer ways they might approach an experience in a safer manner. At least they have the opportunity to hear these things from me, instead of

shutting me out as their jailer or a limiting force in their lives that they have to rebel against and prove to me they are indeed adults able to make their own decisions. All life processes, I have come to see, are created from an interplay between two forces working in polarity in what can be characterised as a lemniscate form - the infinity symbol. In the case of psychological processes, this polarity is seen both through aspects of ourselves we have internalised, personalised and made conscious; and aspects of ourselves we have not yet brought to consciousness. Anything remaining outside (not yet conscious) acts as an electromagnetic hook which will attract to us experiences which manifest this unconscious aspect for us, as external physical realities. Hence we are presented with yet another opportunity to learn the lesson, consciously internalise our 'hook' and move forward a little more awake.

This brings up an important point regarding discipline: the stronger the external form of discipline applied to an individual the harder they have to work to find and internalise what is real for them. They are forced into defining their inner responsibilities and disciplines based on the fear they experience if they do not follow the external rules. The external force, rather than a sense of personal responsibility, becomes the defining factor. When an external force determines boundaries for a child, there is little individual choice, and therefore, very little inner personal responsibility can be developed. At the 'crisis' ages of 7, 14, 21, and 28, individuals willingly internalise their personal responsibility. However, if they are met with a strong external force wishing to hold them in its form and power, the opportunity for internalisation will be lost. There will be a corresponding soul trauma created which will need to be addressed at another time. The study of astrological birth charts make it possible to see how much fight an individual will put up at any given time to take back and internalise their responsibilities. Sadly, many people have already struggled in past lives with this issue and have soul states which hold them in a submissive position longer than is good for them. As an individual grows in personal strength they begin to fight the external power for their own right to self determination. Hence adolescent rebellion. Each time an opportunity to take on more responsibility is lost the „soul pressure‟ increases. At some point the individual will have to gain their independence and determine their personal boundaries. Sadly, a boundary that could have been crossed at seven years old may not be reached until 21 or even thirty years old. Whenever one threshold is not crossed its lesson builds up and waits for the next chance. Soul choices cannot be ignored, at the first available opportunity, past lessons will come rushing through the doorway. The Saturn return at 28 is a classical time when all the childhood traumas associated with domineering parents come to the forefront. Hence giving this time a reputation for being a heavy period associated with people needing to make drastic changes to their lives.

However, if growth is accepted at the appropriate times, pressure need not build up, and passage through doorways to awakening can be achieved with grace and joy. As parents it is possible we can encourage our children to continue being the pure souled, responsible beings they wish to be. Just as each child is an individual so the parenting required for them is unique. The most appropriate question we as parents may be left with is “What is the appropriate process and speed by which our necessary external authority is handed back to our child to internalise?” Astro Carto Graphy Astro Carto Graphy is a process whereby the birth chart and other charts for that matter, are extended onto the Earth, in effect providing a individual Geomancy, useful for determining where the best place is on the planet for just about anything to take place. The system is based on the four angles of the birth chart. When a planet is placed on one of the angles, Mid Heaven, Inum Coeli, Ascendant or Descendant then its influence is around four times stronger than if placed elsewhere. If the birth chart is taken as starting at the birth place and time, we can move to the east or west from this point and the angles move in relationship to our birth planets placement. As we move to the east for example a planet that was in the twelfth eleventh house cusp moves towards the ascendant. Two hours to the east and it is on the ascendant. So a planet that worked for the community in behind the scenes planning in the birth place, now becomes available to the individual for themselves. So as we move across the planet there are places were career, homelife, partnerships or our personal selves are emphasised and illuminated by the planets. This is the ideal planet map for the traveller. As can be seen in the map provided at certain point the lines created by the planets on the angles cross over each other. It has been found that the joint influence of this point then reasonates across the latitude right around the Earth. This means that an influence that can not be picked up in one place, due to being in the ocean for example can be picked up somewhere else. It also means in any particular place there are primary and secondary influences which work. The primary lines are of some influence 500 miles either side of the line, while the crossing lines have about a 100 mile radius. I have been working with this method for 15 years and watched my travels through Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand in fine detail and have no doubt about its value. Recent computer programs provide all the necessary maps and data one needs to turn the Earth into a conscious playground. Wherever you are there are subtle changes in influence and the modern ACG chart can give you down to about a 5 kilometre radius of any spot. The one thing is you need a very accurate birth time. 5 mins out equates to some 200kms difference in the lines. Check this out.

LAST WORD And so we come to the end of this edition of Spiral Astrology. It has been quite a journey for me in producing this book. If the perspective and experiences presented in this book helps you even in a small way towards consciousness and a graceful life, I will consider my efforts worthwhile. I wish to thank you for your part in the life of this work, for without you it remains ideas and words on paper. May all who experience this work be moved to enhance the life processes of our Mother Earth. As good planets are hard to find. THE BIODYNAMIC MODEL In this section of the book we are going to look at how the different layers of the Biodynamic Vortex work individually. Generally it can be said that whatever patterns we find in the early layers, these will be extended into the following ones. Below is a picture of Biodynamic Vortex. Keep this pattern in mind as you work through these next few chapters. The dialogue starts at the bottom of this diagram and works upwards.

LEVEL ONE - Individual spirit or the Earth The first level is the point in between the macrocosmic and the microscopic universes. ( See 'Oneness' on the Double Spiral) It represents both the spiritual unmanifest state of oneness and the Earth as a being in its own right. Life only begins to manifest when the polarity level is reached. This can be experienced as a state of consciousness and can be seen as the individuals inner contact with the infinite. This is the spirit spark which holds the ultimate impulse to come into creation. As we hold our consciousness with this part of our selves we again feel our contact with the outer collective spirit outlined by level 6 the Zodiac. LEVEL TWO - Duality - Calcium & Silica - 2 fold

In her adventures through Wonderland, Alice experienced the large and the small. In BioDynamics, the understanding of opposites is also a major cornerstone of the philosophy. Balancing the opposites is necessary to create harmony. These opposites are referred to in

many esoteric systems as "female" and "male"- Yin and Yang in the Taoist tradition. The female aspect represents the receptive nurturing, fertility principle, while the male is assertive and more outwardly active leading to the nutrition forming processes. Philosophically, these are seen as the moon force and the sun force . Rudolf Steiner (RS) points out these primary streams of force are mediated in living beings by the substances which focus their activity on earth. The female stream of the Earth is mediated by the Limestone of our planet. While the male cosmic stream is mediated by the Silica in the Earth. These substances act as the carriers and anchors of these 'Macro' streams. It is along these major currents which all else flows. All of the influences identified in the other layers of the BD vortex use these two streams as their pathways. It is almost best to picture them as two separate trains running on over the same countryside but on different networks. Later on we will see how the other layers work in with these. Early in 'Agriculture' RS outlines how the planetary formative forces from the outer planets, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars impact the Earth through the Silica elements, while the inner planetary forces, Venus, Mercury and Moon are carried by the Calcium substances radiations. Plant growth In the first two lectures of Agriculture Rudolf Steiner outlines the complex manner in which these two primary forces function to create plant and animal life. The plant has two planes evident in its growth. The first is the upright stem nature with its linear veins running up the length of the stem, the vertical. This we see strongly expressed in the monocotyledon plant families. The second is the horizontal plane made through netted leaf formations found in the Dicotyledons.

These same influences show up in plants tendency towards tap roots or netted root systems

These two basic force processes dominate plants, and also show up in the dual tendency to reproduce or to focus on the ability to provide nutrition for higher life forms. The forces which provide the power of reproduction and growth are carried by the Calcium stream and the "inner" planets, while the Silica and "outer" planets mediate forces which produce plants with a high nutritive value. "Silicon opens up the being of the plant to the expanses of the Universe, it awakens the plants senses. " (Agriculture)

We saw earlier in "Astrological Science" how the cosmic creative process eventually manifests a vertical and horizontal plane. Plants follow the same formative structures. While these can be seen in clear individual examples they also cross over. The grasses which have vertical veining right through their leaves also have a high silica content in them, pushing the Silica forces into an area which in other plants is dominated by Calcium forces. You could say the silica stem process dominate in these plants. In lect. 1 & 2 of Agriculture we are told that for a plant to grow, the Silica stream carrying the forces from Saturn Jupiter and Mars, is first attracted to the soil through the Silica (sand) in the earth. These are the forces carrying heredity and the will for the furtherance of the species. The mid winter process anchors these silica forces to the earth through a process RS calls 'crystallisation'. After mid winter especially, these forces begin to move upward from the soil. They combine with the seed to initiate the plant on its journey of growth. The clay in the soil acts as a kind of mediator and allows this force to move upwards. If the silica content of a soil is too great this force will remain in the soil encouraging the tap root of the plants. The clay enables this force to move upwards forming strong stem growth and on towards the ultimate reseeding of the plant. The calcium stream is drawn from above and achoured to the soil through the lime and humus in the soil. At germination the calcium stream combines with this vertical silica push to create the physical quality of the cell division and tissue formation and shows also in the rhythmical spiralling development of leaf formation. This process is aided by the amount of humus in the soil which leads to the mass formation and size of the leaves and the abundance of flowers. This highlights the roll of compost in the Biodynamic venture. Without compost the inner planetary forces of reproduction and mass formation can not be drawn close enough to the Earth to give the Silica stream enough substance to reach its ultimate goal of seed formation.

Ca. & Si ( lecture 2) The biennial plant gives us a picture of this process. In the first year the tap root is formed. The upward thrust is contained in the root. The Calcium leaf formation continues to spiral, with generally little leaf differentiation or stem development. The silica force is not yet moving upwards, but is being contained in the soil while the rosette is formed. In the second year, the silica force begins its move to seed. It bolts upwards and with it the leaves are drawn up along the stem into space. Greater leaf differentiation is evident. As it moves into space and in contact with the light and warmth, pushing into the World Astral sphere, the leaves become

smaller and flowering occurs. Fruit set follows and the plants dies as it contracts all its forces into the new seed. When the calcium stream and humus are not available the seeding process will begin too early, leading to premature ripening. Plants can become spindly and creeper like. Observe the plants growing in deserts or sand dunes. Similarly when Silica is lacking, plant roots become more ramified, stems become thicker with flowering and fruit set being minimal. Observe the growth on swamp land or lush dairy pastures. This is an unusual concept at first, however on further investigation it does prove to be a most fundamental one. It is the task of the Biodynamic practitioner to balance the interrelationship between Calcium and Silica throughout the year to produce our desired results. The Great Biodynamic Contradiction There is some disagreement in Biodynamic circles about the interpretation of Steiners agricultural lectures. This due to RS appearing to contradict himself in what he says about Ca and Si in the second lecture and what is said in Lecture 6. He outlines two different directions for the Calcium and Silica streams. The answer may lie in the awareness that in lectures 1 through 3 he is describing cosmic formative or force processes of nature, while in Lecture 6 he is dealing more specifically with physical problems such as fungal attack. When the Ca and Si processes are seen as circular processes with both and incoming and outward moving phase of their activity this contradiction disappears. See "How does the plant grow" for a further investigation of this question. Preparations 500 and 501 With the Calcium and Silica forces being primary activities in nature and essentially the basis of any balance, Dr Steiner outlines two preparations that help to moderate any imbalances in their formative activity in life forms. Preparations:.... " One to make you Larger... and One to make you small..." so the caterpillar says to Alice. These specially mixed preparations, in combination with any physical adjustments, such as tree planting , composting, and crop rotations, help to establish the inherent harmony of any environment. The balance of the growth processes, characterised by Sun and the Moon, is achieved through the use of a preparation of cow manure (female, Moon) "500" and a preparation of Quartz crystal (male, Sun) "501". Preparation 500 (Horn Manure) Making it This preparation is made by placing fresh cow manure inside the horn of a cow. This is done in early Autumn. The horn is then buried underground into the living soil and dug out in spring before the soil begins to dry out. Place the horn so that water does not collect in the horn while in the ground. Place the horns in good soil not in the subsoil. Make sure there is not too much organic matter in or around this pit as worms will be attracted and they LOVE this mixture. Place some manure on the top of the soil covering the horns to attract any worms into that rather than into the horns lower down. Its effects Physically, the cow manure preparation activates the soil micro flora. These silent chemists liberate minerals from the soil to enhance root and general plant growth. Spiritually, the etheric or life giving forces of the Earth and plants are enhanced, thus allowing them to grow

more lushly. This leaves the impression of a stronger vigour about the entire landscape. Used to excess however, symptoms of over fertilisation develop in plants. Leaves become watery, and begin to droop under the weight of their own mass. As 500 processes use humus as their 'plate' of activity, excess use can deplete the soil of organic matter through over activating the soil biological processes. It is therefore important to replenish organic matter at the same time as using 500. The more organic matter and humus in the soil the better 500 works. An excess however, would seem a physically impossible feat, as a two inch diameter sphere of this preparation - physically just cow manure - is applied to 1 acre of land. Symptoms of excess however, can be observed in some cases after three or four applications. Preparation 501 (Horn Silica) Making it This preparation is made in essentially the same manner, however it is made from ground up quartz crystals. The crystal is ground to a talcum powder consistency before use. Slightly moisten the powder before putting it in the horn and then bury as before. This time however, the horns are placed into the ground in spring and left in the soil until mid autumn. Using it The quartz preparation is applied to the leaf and flowers of the plant and intensifies the quality of light within the general environment. This strengthens the structure of the plant and enhances the nutritive value. Flowering and fruiting are enhanced as well a general decline in the susceptibility of plants to fungal attack. One of the few known uses the plant has for silica , is to strengthen the cell wall. This may account for a portion of fungal prevention, however the infusion of an environment with a fine spray of quartz crystals intensifies the plant's use of available light thus effectively changing the whole growing environment. The damp wet conditions a fungus likes so much no longer exists. One gram of pulverised quartz preparation is used to cover an acre of land with a fine spray. General effects to be noticed are that plants stand more upright and are able to respond to dry/ wet changes more readily. Flowers are of a deep colour and scent and the fruit will ripen more sweetly and earlier. There is greater resistance to fungal problems. Excessive use can be noticed after two successive applications, in close time proximity, causing sunburn of crops and desert like conditions. Fruit size can also be reduced. It is best to spray this preparation generally before 11am in the morning. More recently afternoon spraying has been suggested if the contractive aspects of 501 wish to be enhanced. This preparation should only be used after the Horn Manure preparation has been applied at least twice. These two preparations are used in conjunction with each other. Used individually they can create disorder but together they go along way to recreating an environment resembling an experience of the wild forest in your own backyard. Application. Once the preparations have been in the soil there is another step suggested by Rudolf Steiner. The prescribed amount of preparation ( 25gms ) is placed in a bucket with 3 gallons of hand warm water ( Rain water if possible ). This mixture is then to be stirred in alternating directions, creating a deep vortex in each direction before changing to go the opposite way. This stirring is carried out for one hour. The "horn manure" is then applied to the soil in large drops while the "horn silica "is applied to the leaves of the plant in a fine spray. This stirring process activates and releases the forces contained in the basic preparations. This process essentially homeopathically potentises the preparations to the first potency.

The amount of substance or bacteria present in this process can not account for the effects produced. It is the forces contained within the 500 and 501 which are released into the water and then applied to the soil and plants. The preparation making process concentrates the 'spiritual ' forces already present in the primary substance and present in the environment during the 'composting' period. So during stirring and spreading it is not the matter, but the forces behind the matter which works for the Biodynamic grower. Science is now telling us everything is energy. Biodynamic growers work with and focus the abundance of unseen energy in life to create environments suitable for plant growth. The basis of health is balance and activity. These two preparations provide the primary basis of both of these. Garuda Sprays The Garuda Institute have developed and activated these preparations further homeopathically. Etherics 1000 and 501 Compound, do not need further stirring in the way outlined above. They are diluted and a simple mixing stir is enough. They have the added advantage of maintaining their activity for a number of years in storage. The original preparations have special storage requirements and need to be spread immediately after stirring. Commercial results since 1989 suggest these Garuda compounds act more vigorously than the original preparations. see (Case Studies) Duality Wherever there is duality identified in nature it is related to level 2 of the spiral. Similarly when using these preparations other manifestations of either pole can be used to enhance the overall effect of the preparation. 501 Male Summer Morning Heat Light Dry Expansion Silica Clay Sun Waxing Moon Ascending Moon 500 Female Winter Afternoon Cold Dark Moist Contraction Calcium Humus Moon Waning Moon Descending Moon

Level 3 - The Physical Body - 3 fold Physical manifestation occurs when the two primary forces interact, and from this action comes a reaction and synthesis.

In Astrology this level is called the Modes and in modern science is described as Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis. Generally in Astrology, the Cardinal pole is seen as the expansive outward moving pole and therefore male in nature, while the Fixed pole is seen as contractive and therefore female in nature. In Biodynamics however these two poles are reversed. The Astrological interpretation is a psychological view while the Biodynamic view is of physical processes and physical bodies. This polarity of activity can be seen later in the Astrological Model when we look at the inner workings of the 12 fold zodiac.

R. S. points out that physical forms, especially the more developed animals and human forms, are divided into three specific regions. The head region is the centre of the Nervous system. The Diaphragm is the seat of the Rhythmic system containing the lungs and the heart / circulation systems. The torso is the centre of the Metabolic system, incorporating the digestive and reproductive systems. The nerve sense works in from the head down. The Metabolic forces work upwards from the feet as it were, while the Rhythmic forces are developed and harmonised out of them both. The more developed the life form the more individualised these systems become.

When describing a farm and plant growth, RS refers to the "agricultural individuality' as if it where a human standing on its head. The Nerve sense region of the plant is the root and below the Earth. The Earth's surface is the Diaphragm " while we and all the animals live in its belly".

For the animal, such as a cow. The situation is much the same as the human however the development of the middle rhythmic system is not so developed, especially in the young animal.

In the past this law was described by the alchemical formula of Sulphur, Mercury and Salt to describe the same threefold nature of physical substances. Salt indicates the act of coming into being through consolidation. These are centripetal forces moving from the periphery to the centre. Astrologys fixed principle.Mercury is the adaptation of the above and below. The leaf shows us this image in its mixing of the water from below with the air from above. Mutable in Astrologese. Sulphur describes the sublimation, dissipation and burning processes involved in the flowering and seeding. These are centrifugal forces moving from the centre outward. Substance is loosened and refined. Cardinal astrologically. All these pictures provides us with the following associations MODES Cardinal Mutable Fixed ALCHEMY Sulphur Mercury Salt SCIENCE Thesis Synthesis Antithesis PLANT Seed Leaf Root HUMAN Nerve Sense Rhythmic Metabolic

Until recently this level of the Biodynamic Vortex was used solely to describe the make up of physical bodies and provide a picture of the 'environment' in which plants grow. There has not been any preparations for this level. However of late Greg Willis of California has been investigating the use of 'Horn Clay' as a mediating preparation between the activity of Calcium and Silica. He sees this preparation as a mediator between 500 & 501. It should be noted that he suggests this preparation be made from the calcium based bentonite clay. (see Thoughts on Horn Clay)

LEVEL 4 - The Etheric Body - 4 fold The Astrological basis of this level is outlined in 'Astrological Science' RS uses this level in several ways. Being primarily the level of the Etheric body, its inner workings describe many aspects of living systems. Life only begins once the etheric body has been internalised. We saw in 'Astrological Science' how a star really only becomes self sustaining once the horizontal plane forms and a 'pulse' develops. (see Astronomical Pictures) So once the etheric is active a vast diversity of life forms and processes take place. This four fold model offers us two important insights into how these life processes are organised. The 'Macro' Polarity was identified as the relationship between the two primary poles - The Cosmic elements of Fire and Air form a polarity to the Earthly elements of Water and Earth. This polarity relationship is based upon the essential relationship between Heaven and Earth, and as such we see it manifesting more in the external processes of nature

The 'Micro' Polarities are formed when activity comes into play and manifestation begins to take place. Manifestation can only stay active through the interaction of opposites. We saw how the elements of Fire and Earth polarise against each other in the beginning of the great cosmic drama. Once their polarisation and spinning have become intense enough the they suck substance and force into their centre and squirt it out along the horizontal plane. This horizontal plane then polarises to provide us with the polarity of Water and Air. These are the relationships we see RS describing within living organisms.

This same process of creation was described by RS in the 3rd lecture of the Agriculture course. In that lecture he describes how the elements of protein H,C,N,O,S work together to form the basis of organic chemistry. (My interpretation of his lecture is not that commonly met, however a further explanation will be posted to this site in the future. Discussions with leading members of the BDNOW list have confirmed the correctness of my interpretation.) Hydrogen the carrier of the primary formative force (fire) combines with the basis of physical matter - Carbon (Earth). Together they attract the Astrals carrier - nitrogen (air) which in turn draws in the etheric bodies carrier - oxygen (water) into the organic substances. Sulphur acts as the 'oil' to this process allowing all the other elements to bond and flow around each other. It has been shown earlier how the four bodies can be associated to the various levels of the spiral and their corresponding 'world' homes. This reference gives the specific outline for the inner workings of each body. If one wishes to consider the physical body there will be three components to consider. Similarly if one is working with the Astral body there will be seven components to work with and so on. With the Etheric there are four components to consider.

Levels Astrology Body 'Fold'

3 Modes Physical 3

4 Elements Etheric 4

5 Planets Astral 7

6 Zodiac Ego 12

Before we go into these inner workings though it is useful to explore how the four bodies are described by the two polarity structures mentioned above. It is important to clarify the difference between the four bodies working with these two sets of polarities. The Macro polarity has been stated to function on the external manifestations of life, while the Micro polarity indicates the internal workings. When we look into nature we can see that the Physical and Etheric bodies work from the Earth and push outwards into space, while the Astral and Spirit bodies move downwards towards the Earth. RS describes this in his medical lectures. (6) This basic process can be seen in plants as well as in Humans. The expression 'feeling low' or 'feeling down' usually used as an expression of physical and psychological tiredness is an expression of this. The etheric body provides us with a 'watery' cushion between the physical body and the inward moving Astral and Spirit. When the etheric body is strong its uplifting anti gravity effect allows us to have plenty of energy and spark to take on life. Psychological and emotional issues do not weigh so heavily upon us and are mostly able to be dealt with a thought or seen in the light of some rational context. As the etheric body becomes drained - lack of food, sleep or water or poisoning by drugs or chemicals etc - the Astral body and the Spirit enter more deeply into the physical body. The etheric cushion does not give us the energy to feed these bodies and so a range of symptoms occur. We can feel tired run down and look very 'grey', however the Astrality and ego can act as a stimulant for a time and we start rushing around, like of a coffee high, and start using up our bodies reserves of fat as fuel. This will lead to a massive lose of weight and nervous stress ultimately. Once the Astrality and Ego enter too deeply into the physical organism, psychological and emotional difficulties are not easily move aside. Obsessions and paranoia sets in. This is also the basis of plant pest attacks as we will see later. What is missing is a strong a buoyant etheric body moving upwards pushing these bodies off the physical. If they enter too deeply illness will occur. This functioning of the spiritual bodies should not be confused with the way RS describes their activity often within the living organism. (18) In those lectures he describes associations which are best summarised by the following diagram. It is this diagram we need to refer to, to understand many aspects of RS 'Agriculture'

We need to keep these two separate understandings of the bodies functioning side by side at all times. It is best to not try and mix them up. Be clear when you are using one or the other. Using both simultaneously is a specialised activity. More 4 fold levels We have seen in "The Spiritual Bodies and the Kingdoms of Nature" how these four levels of creation and bodies work together to form the four kingdoms of nature and how they can be related to the elements. With each new stage of evolution 'Evolution on a Pinhead' RS outlines that when each of the spirit bodies came into manifestation - during the Eras - so an ether and its corresponding element also developed. The significance of this is that we are provided with a hierarchy of activity and a set of channels by which any particular spiritual bodies activity is carried through into different levels of creation. In 'Creations Layer Cake' we can see the picture of the 12 layers of creation. The outer layers work through the layers below them. RS outlined how Saturns influences will be stronger when it is warm or that the Moon will be stronger when it is wet. (Agriculture) From this we can determine that the condition of the lower levels, influence the functioning of the higher ones. Similarly the higher bodies, especially when they do not incarnate, as in the plant kingdom, must use the corresponding parts of the lower levels as their transport into that level of life. Thus when we come to plant growth the spirit must use Saturns path through the warmth ether, the fire element, cosmic silica, cosmic forces and hydrogen (and the G gene) to make its impact. So the association of the kingdoms of nature to the elements and ethers, based on the spiritual body that separates each level of life, looks like this: COSMIC MACRO Zodiac KINGDOM Human BODY Ego ELEMENT Fire ETHER Warmth FORCE Cos. Si PLANT Seed FRUIT Seed CHEMICAL H GENE G Nerve SYSTEM Sense CATIONS Na EARTHLY Planets Atmosphere Earth Animal Plant Mineral Astral Etheric Physical Air Water Earth Light Chemical Life Ter Si Cos Ca Ter Ca Flower Leaf Root Skin Size Flesh N O C C A T Lungs K Circulation Metabolic Mg Ca

There is one association which becomes important with plant growth. In the two fold workings we were discussing the way Calcium and Silica predominated there activities in plant growth through the vertical and horizontal planes. We can see from the Macro polarity that Calcium has a natural association with the Physical and Etheric bodies activity while the Silica has a natural affinity to the Astral and Spirit workings. Within the micro polarity however we see that Calciums working with the horizontal plane brings it into intimate relationship with the Etheric and Astral activities, while the Silicas relationship to the vertical pole brings it into intimate relationship with the Ego and Physical polarity of activity. This provides us with an indication of another Steiner 'contradiction' which needs to be allowed for when working with life processes.

The fourfold level shows itself in Biodynamic very often. The differentiation between the Macro and Micro workings of this level is a significant difference to maintain an awareness of. Doing so helps clear up many confusions and 'contradictions'. See the 'Biodynamic Essays' for more detailed descriptions of how these 4 fold elements work in life process. Ca & Si / Ethers

This essay is represented from a BDNOW post and I acknowledge Hugh Lovel as an invaluable co author of this piece.
This post is in response to one submitted by Hugh Lovel some time ago onthe ethers role in plant growth and Gareth Bodles request for more on Ca and Si. I would have liked to have responded to this immediately however the pressures of life just did not allow it. So this one comes to you from (thankfully ) an air conditioned hotel room overlooking an Asian tropical rainforest complete with its contradictory bush clad ridge dwelling pagoda and ever present large powerlines. (13.6.1998) Hughs description of the functoning of the ethers in plant growth strikes me as an excellent picture of this aspect of Biodynamics perception of plant growth. The stimulus for me to write comes from a perception that the ethers are not the only formative impulses present in plant growth. In my studies, and as mentioned here on other occassions, I percieve RS as outlining manifestation on a six layered model, which is best understood as a six layered vortex. (Biodynamics Decoded) Image it as a six tiered game of chess. What Hugh has described so eloquently is one aspect of the fourth layer. The two fold layer tell us about the functioning of Ca. & Si, The 3 fold layer will tell us how the physical systems of Nerve sense, metabolism and Rhythmic are interrelating to make up the "agricultural individuality", the four fold level outlines the ethers working along with the elements, the double Ca & Si cycles and how the four bodies work in and on the plant. The sevenfold layer shows us the planetary process ala B Lievegeod (1951) and Agriculture lecture 2, while the 12 fold layer provides a picture of how the fixed stars relate to all the above. My journey and at times my struggle is to percieve how all of these layers processes are active similtaneously in plant growth. Luckily there are many cross references between layers as well as the excellent sign posts RS has dotted along the way. To date my attempt to write this down has lead to a small book sized essay, which is still in the process of completion. To quote a

earthy Taurus/Capricorn associate " trying to concieve all of this picture at once, makes my brain hurt." The best I can do, especially here is to deal with little bits at a time. Two parts of this puzzle have sprung to mind when reading Hughs post. What is the roles of the spiritual bodies and (from Gareth Bodles question) how does Ca. & Si play into this process? Both are sizable questions however the answers could be useful in the discussions of understanding plant growth processes ( the present Ca & Si thread ) which ultimately has major consequences for how we use the preparations and how we can consciously meet other preparations such as Horn Clay. It maybe possible to answer many aspects of these two questions similtaneously. My diagram "Earths Layer Cake" was put together to outline the various layers of creation we are confronted with. A key to its practical use is to establish that the formative forces coming from the fixed stars work inwards towards the Earth. As they move through each layer they use a carrier / resident of that layer. RS points this out in Lecture 2 where he is combining the planets, ethers, elements and Ca & Si in his descriptions. We can therefore find a synastry between the spiritual bodies and their carriers into the physical , the ethers as well as the dual Ca & Si processes. I appreciate the dual Ca & Si processes are not yet a conscious part of the traditional Biodynamic language or understanding however I find them a necessary development with many functional and cross reference applications. Many readers will be aware of the fact that in Biodynamics we are dealing with Substance and Force and that while we must take care of the substances through good soil science and remineralisation we can also take care of the forces through the use of the Biodynamic preparations. We are therefore left with the picture that each substance has an accompanying force process associated to it. So with Ca & Si we have a similar activity. We have one side of the the Ca polarity working more with the force and the other more with the substance. So we can say we have the Force/Cosmic Ca process and the Substance/Earthly/Terrestrial Ca process. Naturally the substance Ca is carried by mineral lime. In Lect. 2 RS tells us the Cosmic Ca is bought into the soil and plant through the humus content. When working with the preparations we can see the Ter. Ca is strengthened through the Oak Bark prep. while the Cos. Ca is strengthened through the Chamomile prep. Similarly the Terrestrial/Earthly Si is carried by the Silica most notably the Silicic acid, quartz and sand in the atmosphere and soil while the Cosmic Si can work upon the plant through the mediation of the clay. As an aside we must therefore ask the question regarding the Horn Clay "How is it facilitating the Cosmic Silica process to work more strongly?" When dealing with the spiritual bodies and their path into manifestation we can see that the Spirit is carried by the Cosmic Si., the Astral by the Ter. Si, the Etheric upon the Cos. Ca and the Physical by the Ter. Ca. To associate these to the Ethers and the chemical elements we have the following Ego Astral Etheric Physical Warmth Light Tone Life Cos. Si. Ter. Si. Cos. Ca. Ter. Ca. H N O C

Before leaving the spiritual bodies it may serve to explore the 'traditional' understanding of how the spiritual bodies are seen to be working upon plants. As plants are beings which are generally only an incarnated etheric body lifting physical substance into space, we can see the Spirit/Ego and Astral bodies work primarily as external forces directly from the planets and fixed stars respectively. They work from the outside inwards carried by the light and warmth ethers. To add complexity to this general image we are told in 'Agriculture' that the spirit works into the physical carried by hydrogen combining with carbon moistened by sulphur. We are also told that the Spirit is bought to the soil through the left over Ego forces in cow manure. I also contend that the spirit activity is carried into the earth through the Cosmic Silica processes which are crystallised at mid winter and which work upwards again mediated by clay to produce the strong stalk and highly reproductive true to type seed. The warmth ether mediates all of the above. So wherever we see the light ether active we see an incarnated astrality activity, wherever the warmth ether is active we see an incarnated spirit. To add to the complexity of any discussion of the ethers and to fully appreciate Hughs post we must refer back to that small but significant part of lect 2 (pg 32) and Malcolm Gardiners excellent post on Living [Bound] and Dead {free] elements. Like all information it is not in the concieving of it that has real value, it is how it is put into practice which really matters. So merely as a beginning suggestion I will add these extra layers to Hughs ethers piece. Hugh Lovels original piece:Plants build up vitality (esp. tone and life ether) [LIVING, COS CA/ETHERIC & TER CA/PHY] in the roots over the winter and give off vitality (as warmth and light ether) [ DEAD, COS/SPIRIT & TER SI/ASTRAL] in the tops over summer. During their vegetative (Spring) phase they are storing sugars due to photosynthesis and the complexity of their chemistry, which takes place in the leaves (where tone [LIVING COS CA/ETHERIC]and life [LIVING TER CA/PHY] interact with warmth [DEAD COS SI/SPIRIT] and light [DEAD TER SI/ASTRAL]),reaching their peak when they begin to bloom. Throughout the blooming phase plants are giving off their warmth [LIVING COS SI/SPIRIT] and light[LIVING TER SI/ASTRAL] [TO BECOME DEAD] and "burning up." Inthe Fall warmth [ DEAD COS SI/SPIRIT] and light [ DEAD TER SI/ASTRAL] wane as the flow of tone [ LIVING COS CA/ ETHERIC] and life [ LIVING TER CA/PHY] comes back to the roots with whatever warmth and light [LIVING] may be saved. This is the annual Solar Cycle. It is modified by the character of each constellation the Sun passes through, and of course there are many individual variations amongst the species of plants. There is also the daily Solar Cycle to consider. Free ether streams into the Solar System continually from the widest expanses of the Cosmos. It enters the Earth Vortex at the Eastern Horizon, otherwise known as theAscendant, or sometimes in casting horoscopes the Rising Sign. Anyway, it travels from east to west, following the Sun. At Sunrise the ether, which is always streaming toward the Sun, is flowing parallel to the Earth'ssurface and undergoing transition from tone and life ether to warmth and light ether. At high noon the ether is flowing forth from the Earth as warmth and light toward the Sun. At Sunset the ether again is flowing parallel to the Earth's surface and undergoing transition from warmth andlight to tone and life. At midnight the ether is flowing into the Earth as tone and life. [ ALL THE ABOVE IS IN THE DEAD STATE]

Plants live in the free tone [DEAD COS CA/ETHERIC] and life [ DEADTER CA/PHY] ethers while giving off warmth [ LIVING COS SI/ SPIRIT] and light [ LIVING TER SI/ASTRAL] [DEAD] over the growing season. That is they absorb the moisture and fertility of the soil turning it into bound [LIVING]ether which they volitalizeas free [DEAD]warmth and light at their surfaces and extremities.(Animals do just the opposite as they automatically absorb the free [LIVING] warmth [COS SI/ SPIRIT] and light [TER SI/ ASTRAL] ethers while having to drink and digest to concentrate sufficient tone [COS CA/ ETHERIC] and life [TER CA/PHY] ether in bound [DEAD] form. Another way of looking at this is that ether works entirely the opposite of substance. Where free matter is ever dispersing from high concentration to low concentration, free ether is ever condensing from low concentration to highconcentration. Where plants concentrate and build up bound [DEAD] substances they disperse and dispense free [LIVING] ether. True to the rule, where animals break down and disperse free [DEAD] substances they absorb and condense bound [LIVING]ether.) Always living organisms are made up of a subtle interplay of bound [LIVING] earth,water, air and fire elements and bound [LIVING] warmth, light, tone and life ethers. Every living organism has a bit of every element and every ether, but with different organisms different elements and ethers predominate,and different combinations work in different ways. Let's say you want to grow the most aromatic lemon balm and harvest it so as to maximize its aromaticity. The aroma is an astral [LIVING TER SI/LIGHT ETHER] quality actually, and it relates to the air element and the light ether. But since it is an astral characteristic it can be enhanced by growing the lemon balm in the vicinity of a very astral [LIVING TER SI/LIGHT ETHER] herb, namely stinging nettle. Or, one might give the lemon balm patch stinging nettle mulch or stinging nettle ferment/tea.To maximize the build-up of light [ LIVING TER SI / ASTRAL] ether the lemon balm should be cut justas it is going to bloom in a waning Moon or just after Full and preferably in an air constellation. Quite naturally the first harvest of the season will be the strongest, though I imagine a second harvest is possible in some places. As for time of day, just before the dew burns off in the morning would be ideal, as once the fog or dew lifts the light [LIVING, TER SI/ASTRAL] ether goes up into the atmosphere and the plant tends to lose some of the aromaticity it built up overnight. Best wishes, Hugh Lovel The above is only a suggestion and a spark for further conversation, thought and discussion. Cheers Glen Atkinson LEVEL 5: The Astral Body - 7fold The Astrality consists of the 'Macro' Astral seated in the Solar System sphere and the 'Micro' astral body internalised in and around each individual Human. It functions through the archetypal law of the number seven. Wherever you find the number seven expressed you are functioning at an Astral level of manifestation. As the spirit interacts with life through evolution the spirit experiences physical sensations as well as emotional psychological and psychic impressions. The Astral body is created out of this activity. Both the impact of the environment impacts on the personal Astral body and the personal experiences of life are accumulated firstly in the personal astral body. Emanations

from this can radiated back outwards and accumulated in the Cosmic Astral body. There is an intimate interplay between both. Primarily though we must accept responsibility for the creation of our own Astral body. It is the qualities of our Astral body which then imprint into and sculpt our Physical and Etheric bodies. It is the working of the Ego\Spirit which hardens this form. The formation of the Astral body can be seen as similar to the formation of the planets around a Sun. Once the Sun reaches a certain intensification in its centre it excretes matter along the horizontal axis. This matter then organises itself according to the Solar electro magnetic fields. Due to the spinning motion of the solar system this matter is then accumulated into balls which become planets. Similarly our spirit accumulates astral clutter. The Astral body of the human equates to our personality, instincts, desires, fears, and is certainly a place our emotions are played out. Emotions in particular arise as an interplay between the Etheric body and the Astral. Upon death we drop our physical and etheric bodies however our astral body and spirit then have some talking to do as to what happens next. Just as we found in the level four activity the planets also divide themselves into a Macro division which describes external laws

and a Micro division which describes internalised laws.

In 'Agriculture' we are told of the Macro relationships. RS talks of the Outer planets and the Inner planets activity, however once we start looking into organic organism we are presented with the polarisation of the planets as described by the 'micro' relationships. On this diagram No 1 is the micro polarities No 2 is the planets lined out according to the speeds of their rotation within the Solar system No 3 is the Macro polarites of the inner and outer planets. All three structures are relevant and used by Steiner. He aslo used another order where the Venus and Mercury

positions of 2 where exchanged. This is an order related to the Earths experience of the solar system. It is a more subjective view of existence than No 2 presented here.

The seven planets of the Solar system act as mirrors or adjusters to the formative forces coming from the Fixed Stars. These streams of forces come into existence in various forms. The organ systems of living entities are a result of these forces coming into manifestation. The organs formation and continuing action in a sense brings these planetary forces to an end in the physical body. Not all animals manifest these organs internally to the degree the Human does. In fact the degree by which organs are manifested indicates the degree the Astral works into the physical \ Etheric organism. (22) The general correspondences are as follows. In each series the planetary polarities of Saturn \ Moon, Jupiter \ Mercury, Mars \ Venus all work. The physical ' organs' are associated thus Saturn - Spleen, Moon - Reproduction The Metals Saturn - Lead Moon - Silver Jupiter - Tin Sun - Gold Mercury - Mercury Mars - Iron Venus - Copper Jupiter - Liver Sun - Heart Mercury- Intestines Mars -- Gall Bladder Venus -Kidneys

Within the Etheric bodies action and its relationship to the elements the planets work in the following way: Saturn - Warmth Moon - Cold Jupiter - Light Mercury - Dark Mars - Dry Venus - Wet

The chakra system of energy is one of the main Human manifestations of the Astral body. The chakras act as the organs of the Astral body. These are energy centres acknowledged by most spiritual traditions and are easily experienced. The functioning of these chakras can be associated to the 'health' of the organs. Saturn - Crown Moon - Base Jupiter - Third Eye Sun - Heart Mercury - Sacral Mars - Throat Venus - Solar Plexus.

Psychologically the social development work has identified seven personality types Saturn - Investigator Moon - Conserver Jupiter - Thinker Sun - Balanced being Mercury - Innovator Mars - Entrepreneur Venus - Carer

A further investigation of the planets can be found in 'Astrological Science' and 'Spiral Astrology'

The compost preparations. The compost preparations are where we find the planets activity most important. Dr Steiner outlined in some detail a series of six preparations. These he suggested, should be placed in the compost heap. Their overall activity is to help balance the spiritual bodies' activities in the earth, plant, animal and human. While they aid and regulate the composting process, their spiritually balancing activity is carried to the soil through the medium of the compost. In more recent times they have been inserted into small manure pits and applied directly to the soil. The information he supplied regarding these preparations was quite comprehensive and came in two parts. The first part was in lecture 3 where he covered the elements of protein, the basic molecule of life. Here Rudolf Steiner suggests that the four 'bodies ', are carried into manifestation by the everyday elements of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Carbon, aided by Sulphur, although in this lecture it is not as clearly stated as in the medical lectures (see Hydrogen the carrier of the Ego) As we have already seen he suggests The Ego is carried by Hydrogen; the Astral by Nitrogen ;The Etheric body by Oxygen; and the Physical by Carbon. He then adds that the Elements of Sulphur and Phosphorus are carrier substances that help these four to blend and intermingle. The significance of this information is possibly not recognised until the fifth lecture when Dr Steiner outlined the Bio-Dynamic 'compost' preparations. In this talk he described the making procedure of each preparation and outlined a sketch of their activity. At first glance these preparations appear unusual as they are comprised of herbs, put (generally) into animal organs and then placed in the ground during specific periods of the year. The general combinations are: Prep Herb Receptacle Period

507 506 504 502 503 505

Valerian Dandelion Nettle Yarrow Chamomile Oak Bark

Water Mesentery Earth Stags Bladder Intestines Skull

Immediately In Earth over winter In Earth all year In Air/Summer, Earth/Winter In Earth for Winter Water for Autumn and Winter

Compost preparations The numbers were given in the order that Steiner outlined them. ( They were originally classified and thus numbered as homeopathic medicine. ) On inspection these preparations follow the standard line of thought of basic sympathetic magic, this being that if one combines substances of similar activity from different levels of life, one creates a result greater than the sum of the parts. The easiest examples , are the preparations made from yarrow and Chamomile. Both of these herbs are widely recognised to aid the healing of the organs they are placed in. Further associations with these herbs to their sheaths and their planetary correspondences has been dealt with in a fine book by Dr B. Lievegoed. Titled "The Working of the Planets and

the Life processes in Man and Earth" This is a thorough study of the preparations their activity and their relationship to the activity of the planets. ( see also (7)) From the Astrological Model, this information corresponds to the level of the planets and utilises the number seven. The Sun is the harmonising central influence of the solar system and so it is in this level as well. It can be seen as the centralising and manifesting form of life itself harmonising the polaric interplay's of the other planets. The Sun preparations (500 & 501) act as the overall 'parents' of the other six compost preparations. B. Lievegeods overall associations are as follows. Also included are the chemical elements Dr Steiner outlined to each preparation. Prep 507 506 504 502 503 505 Herb Valerian Dandelion Nettle Yarrow Chamomile Oak Bark Planet Saturn Jupiter Mars Venus Mercury Moon Element Phosphorus Hydrogen Nitrogen Sulphur Oxygen Carbon

It should be noted here that the planetary order that arises from this model of Lievegeods is the same as that in the Astrological Model. Further to this Lievegoed outlines that the preparations are in polaric balance to each other in the same way that has been outlined in my earlier discussions regarding Level 5. As just mentioned, the Sun acts as the central balance for the planets. These preparations can be therefore separated into the inner planet group and the outer planet group, giving us the following association.

The Outer planet preparations can be seen as more subtle variations of the Silica preparations activity, hence working with nutrition and seed formation while the inner planet preparations as three subtle variations of the activity of the Manure preparations enhancing the processes associated with reproduction and growth. Since this book was first published I have become aware of understandings most prevalent in the USA that provides a different association of the preparations to the planets. This association outlined by Hugh Lovel includes the preparation RS outlined made from Equiseteum. Upon investigating this I am inclined to offer a variation upon the system Hugh puts forward. (See 'Valerian as the Sun prep')

Lievegeod 507 506 504 500&501 502 503 505

Atkinson Equiseteum Dandelion Nettle Valerian Yarrow Chamomile Oak Bark

Planet Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon

Lovel Equiseteum Dandelion Valerian Nettle Yarrow Chamomile Oak Bark

For an extension of how the preparations work as spiritual body activators see "The Preparations" later in this book Planets and Plant Form RS outlined plant form as being primarily influenced by the working of Calcium and Silica substances and forces. Along with this he outlined how the outer planetary influences of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars where carried into activity along the Silica pathways , while the inner planetary influences of Moon, Mercury and Venus are carried into activity along the Calcium pathways. Lievegeods book mentioned earlier looks more deeply into the workings of these planetary streams and their effect on plant growth. In keeping with what was outlined earlier about the primary and secondary Calcium and Silica streams, Lievegeod also suggests that the planets also have primary and secondary activities. This is a complex picture which will be looked into further in the "How a Plant Grows" section of this web site. We can start to make an approach to understanding this picture once we have looked into the 12fold organisation of creation. For now this diagram will have to suffice.

Planet Archetypes in Plant Growth The terms inner planets and outer planets holds the key. There is a broad division between trees , that harden wood and hence live longer than one year, and plants that remain annuals or as soft herbacous plants. Within these broader definitions the individual planets can be related to specific plant areas. The outer planets all have cycles longer than one year. Mars-2 years, Jupiter -12 years, and Saturn -30 years.

The inner planets cycles are all shorter than one year. Venus-256 days, Mercury 100 days and the Moon-28 days. Outer Planets Saturn rules the evergreen trees and especially the conifer varieties. Their rhythms are usually of long duration and their lifespans are in multiples of 30 years. The restrictive quality of Saturn is noted in their pyramidal shape. Their sap is slow and often resin like. Jupiter trees are deciduous and form spherical canopies, with their sap being more fluid and their lifespan usually of moderate duration. Fruit trees and the Oak family are good examples of Jupiter. The abundance of Jupiter is evident in the fruit we gain from her charges. Mars' cycle is much shorter and governs both biennial plants and the shrubs, especially the shrubs that have an element of die back in their growth. After flowering and fruiting the new shoots come from the growth below. The Inner Planets Venus rules plants in which flowering predominates and has been associated to the Alpine and desert plants. These plants lie dormant for long periods and when the conditions are right flowering occurs. Their flowering can be extremely short, but is highlight of their life. Mercury runs and weaves following the path it is pushed. The plants it governs are the vines and the runners. Mercury's mark is seen in any climber that does not support itself. The Moon has the shortest cycle and is associated with quick growing plants, and those that retain a large content of water. On the one hand this governs Cacti and succulents and on the other it governs most of our vegetable plants. The Sun is the mediator of all the planetary forces and its plants show a balance of all the parts. The clovers and grasses are Sun ruled. The roots leaves and flowers all have equal predominance in the life cycle. These divisions gives some hint as to why planting by the Moon is so popular among vegetable growers, as the Moon, has the closest affinity with vegetables. Experience has also shown that emphasising the influence of other planets at the sowing, planting and harvesting of their associated plants helps in their growth and vigour. These associations are archetypal in nature and while the varieties mentioned carry the mark of the planet most prominently, there are many trees that carry a mixture of influences. Another sevenfold division of the plant kingdom has been made according to the archetypal evolutionary stages outlined in "Evolution on a Pinhead". Saturn Fungi Sun Algae Moon Mosses Earth Ferns Mercury Gymnosperm Jupiter Monocotyledon Venus Dicotyledons

Level 6 - The Ego \ Spirit -12fold The Ego sphere functions from the World Ego placed in the Galaxy and through the personalised Ego which is incarnated in Humans and functioning externally as the group soul and Devas in the animal, plant and mineral kingdom. While the Ego is not incarnated in these other spheres its presence is seen. The Ego sphere is the source of the Formative Forces hence it is the repository of all the archetypal forms of each species of life on this planet. It could be surmised that each species of plant and animal has a guiding star of which it is the manifestation. Whether it is this simple I would question. While life forms are a mixture of many influences the archetypal impulse which keeps a rose , a rose comes from the fixed stars. The variations in form,colour and variety is influenced by the planets, the environment and weather. The basic patterning of the Ego sphere is carried by the zodiac. Two zodiacs are used Steiner (and his followers) use the usual Aries through Pisces zodiac for many applications. However RS has also presented a lesser known Cancer through Leo zodiac, which runs in the opposite direction to the former.

In "Equinoctial Zodiac & Seasonal Zodiac" I explore the relevance of these two zodiacs further. Also see 12 fold - The Galaxy from 'Astrological Science' for the background structures of the 12 fold level The basic structure of this level can be found in the Astrological model

This region represents the Cosmic spirit sphere, hence the number twelve will indicate the spiritual seed or Egoic aspect of a given subject, wherever it can be identified. This twelve folding outlined by the zodiac can be carried over as an archetypal structure into many areas of life. Mineral Kingdom - Chemistry Rudolf Hauschka outlined in " The Nature of Substance " his appreciation of how the Zodiac forces work into the chemical sphere. The editorial of this work state that this work is a hypothesis, and some of his trials have not been able to be recreated, however there is still considerable merit to the work so they have continued publication. His conclusions are compelling and worth studying. Through excellent observation of the elements concerned he has developed an imaginative association with the constellations of the zodiac. There is one area however with which I have great difficulty in his thesis and its a limitation shared by many northern hemisphere writers. Dr Hauschka associates the qualities of the elements to the constellations through their placements within the seasons of the year of the northern hemisphere. Seasons are conditional as to which hemisphere you are in so his summer constellations become winter constellations within the southern hemisphere. This is a very limited view of the world which has more than once been the sole reason for totally invalidating Astrological arguments within the scientific community. This association is inappropriate and indeed IMHO incorrect. His relationship to the constellations are very convincing nevertheless. Note he is using a zodiac which begins with Leo and runs backwards to Virgo His associations are Leo Cancer Gemini Taurus Aries Pisces Aquarius Capricorn Sagittarius Scorpio Libra Virgo Hydrogen Phosphorus Sulphur Nitrogen Silica Chlorine Oxygen Aluminium Magnesia Carbon Calcium Sodium

Another contribution he has made was to point out that the elements of protein primarily exist within the atmosphere - Air realm. He goes on to outline how the fourfoldness shown by these elements carries over into the Hydrosphere - the water realm and its main constituents, Sulphur, Halogens ( F, Cl ), Magnesia and the Alkalis ( K, Na ). Also in the geosphere-the mineral realms constituents, Phosphorus, Silica, Aluminium and Lime. Atmosphere Cardinal Fire Hydrogen Hydrosphere Mutable Sulphur Geosphere Fixed Phosphorus

Air Water Earth

Nitrogen Oxygen Carbon

Halogens Magnesia Alkalis

Silica Aluminium Lime

Interestingly if we looked at the Atmosphere are the Cardinal pole, Hydrosphere as Mutable and Geosphere as the Fixed pole we would come up with a different cross reference for constellational influence. The Plant Kingdom To date no real 12 fold division of the plant kingdom has come to light. There has however been developments in the way plants are influenced by the zodiac in their growing habits The Planting Calendar While the Zodiac is referred to in general Anthroposophical literature , the most common use in Bio-Dynamics for the zodiac is centred around the 'Planting' calendar. Based on work by Maria Thun and Agnes Fyfe, the Bio-Dynamic community has developed an extensive system of planting by the moon. It should be mentioned however that the central authority for Bio Dynamics in Europe has issued articles saying they cannot support Maria Thuns findings. They have been unable to reproduce her trials in the many years they have been trying. The work of Agnes Fyfe however still stands to be challenged. The system is based on the five Moon rhythms and their cycles through the constellations of the zodiac. This Moon data has become the basic framework for the timing of Bio-Dynamic activity. As part of targeting the effectiveness of an activity, it is important to stir the preparations or sow the seed at a cosmically appropriate time. The B.D., planting guide based on the Moon rhythms - has become the device by which these times are identified. Apparently, Thun and Fyfe did not use Astrological reference in their experimentation. However, their findings are 'Astrologically' correct. The experiments in Thuns case were/are carried out by sowing seeds everyday, watching their growth patterns and then in retrospect observing where the moon ( and other planets) were placed. Fyfes' experiments were different in that they included the use of Chromatography pictures of the plant sap at the time of harvest. (17) Both researchers came to the same conclusion. The moon's movement through the unequal constellations of the zodiac - as they appear in the sky- had a definable influence on plant growth. More specifically, they proved that the element (level 4) of the constellation in which the moon was placed was enhanced by its presence, i.e. it has a direct bearing on the corresponding crop type. This means that all fire constellations influence the Fruiting plants and the water constellations influence the Leaf and foliage plants etc. There is however no differentiation made between the constellations of the same group. The influences of the other planets have also been defined but these are not generally used in common B.D. practice. A general summary of the principles of Moon planting. The five moon rhythms all influence the plant in a manner similar to the Sun in its annual journey around the Earth. The Sun's path can be broadly divided into two stages, from Mid winter to Mid-Summer and then From Mid-Summer to Mid-winter. During these times we see an expansion of plant life from the winter solstice to the Summer solstice. Similarity plant life moves through a contracting phase from the Summer solstice to the winter solstice.

Moon rhythms also influence the plant towards expanding or contracting. The Moon rhythms are: Waxing and waning - the lit surface of the Moon enlarges and diminishes according to its angle with the Sun. Ascending and Descending - As the Moon moves around the Earth its daily path rises higher for two weeks, then lower across the sky. In the same way the Suns' path appears too through the seasons of the year. Nodal Rhythm -The nodes are the points where the paths of the Sun and the moon cross. These points revolve around the zodiac in 18.6 years in a retrograde direction. Apogee and Perigee -Due to the Moons path being an ellipse, it moves close to, and away from the Earth. Apogee is the furthest point. While Perigee is the point closest to the Earth. Through the Constellation -The constellations are the groups of stars in front of which all the planets move. The elements that relate to the particular constellation connect them to certain parts of the plant. Fire/Seed, Air/ Flower, Water/Leaf, Earth/Root. (level 4) While these are all individual rhythms and act independently of each other, they all have an expanding and contracting phase. The Expansion phase is an out breath from the Earth and draws sap into the upper parts of the plant, enlivening the flowers. The contracting phase is an in breathing towards the Earth and draws the plant sap towards the Earth. These extremes can be are related to Level 2, the expansion to the Male Sun and the contraction rhythms to the Female Sun.

The two extremes can be listed as follows: Expansion Sun Winter Sol. -> Summer Sol. Moon Waxing period Ascending period Apogee Air and Fire constell. Ascending Node Contraction Summer Sol. -> Winter Sol. Waning period Descending period Perigee Water and Earth Constell. Descending Node

The phases of the moon and the ascending / descending periods are used in a similar manner to the Sun cycle of the seasons. That is, during the whole length of the period, the expansion or contracting influence - 2 weeks in the moons case - is taken into account. The Apogee, perigee and nodes periods on the other hand are seen as periods of time isolated to within 48 hours of the exact point. A general rule in deciding what moon rhythm to use is to consider what season you would normally tend to your particular job. Summer or Winter and then look to the corresponding moon cycles.

The five Moon rhythms do not occur at the same time and often will counteract one another. It is up to you to decide which is the stronger. It is very possible at times they balance each other to a point of equilibrium, in which case you can do as you please. Phases of the Moon - A general overview The phases of the moon are significant points in the cycle of the Moon's journey around the Earth. One circuit of the moon indicates a completed cycle of time. This momentum can be used to consciously help any process of development reach fruition The New Moon is the beginning of the cycle and is the time to picture what it is that is to come into being. Be as clear as possible with regard the details of the situation or phenomena you are working towards. Explore potentials and do what is necessary to make it occur. In Plants the New moon has been shown to be a fairly barren period. Plant matter dries quickly. Seeds can be sown in the right constellation a few days after New Moon onwards. Aerate soil, Mow hay for quick storage, Begin spraying 501. The First Quarter is the first challenge to this impulse and highlights a time to consolidate the initial exploration taken place since the New moon. There can be a feeling that if things are not consolidated they will disperse into many different possibilities. The Full Moon is the peak of the cycle. The point where the impulse crystallises, but not yet manifest.. A stage however, where o one can determine what is possible to achieve on this cycle. Major hurdles can also surface. The culmination that takes place, indicates the tasks that need to be carried out over the remainder of the cycle, to bring manifestation. For plants, Before the Full Moon is seen to be an excellent period for sowing seeds. Following the Full Moon and until the Third Quarter, the decision has been made, and now the details have to be taken care of. The Third Quarter asks for further clarification of the process, so that the last phase up until the New Moon can be used in completion of the tasks. This clarification also allows for reassessments to take place, so that the next cycle beginning with the New Moon can begin clearly and be well directed. After the Full Moon begin to transplant, prune, spread compost, Make compost heaps, Spray 500 Large projects both physical and psychic, can take more than one moon cycle to complete. Each moon cycle can be used to complete definite stages of the whole process. There are thirteen Moon cycles within one Solar cycle. Just as the Solar influences of the Seasons dominate in nature, so does the Solar year override the moon cycles for us. The Moon cycles throughout the year work within this greater framework. Moon through the Constellations The plant types are based on the moon moving through the Constellations of the zodiac. The element of the constellation i.e. Earth, Fire, Air or Water: relates that constellation to either the root, the seed, the flower or the leaf. ELEMENT PLANT CONSTELL Fire Seed Aries Leo Sagittarius Air Flower Gemini Libra Aquarius Water Leaf Cancer Scorpio Pisces Earth Root Taurus Virgo Capricorn

Any work on plants and soil at that time can enhance that basic quality. Plants are categorised by which part of the plant is the desired end product. Leaf plants -lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, and ornamental foliage plants. Root plants - carrots, turnips, potatoes and kumara. Seed plants -are anything that fruits. Corn, tomatoes, apples Flower plants - Roses, azaleas, perennials and annuals. If the plant is predominantly a leaf plant but you wish to save the seed, attend to it during seed days. Sow , weed,, and harvest all in the appropriate period.. Ascending and Descending As the Moon's path is 5 degrees inclined to the ecliptic (or Sun's path) , it will spend two weeks moving in an upward direction with regards to the ecliptic and two weeks moving in a downward direction. The Descending phase of the moons cycle occurs when its path across the sky moves lower every day. The ascending period is the days when the moon's path rises higher in the sky. This rhythm causes contraction in the case of the Descending period and expansion when the Moon is Ascending. Tasks such as pruning, taking cuttings and wrenching are best done during this the transplanting period. Apply 500 then also. It helps to activate soil life. The ascending period is best used for sowing seeds, aerating the soil, grafting and applying preparation 501 to the leaf areas of the plant. In the northern hemisphere this rhythm will naturally be reversed from how we experience it in the South. The Nodes When the Moon is passing the Nodes it appears to have a detrimental affect on seeds sown at that period. It is generally thought that this is not a good time for any gardening activities. Apogee and Perigee Both of these are seen as extremes that interfere with plant growth. The Apogee days tend to be clear and sunny. However any seeds sown on these days tend to rush to seed before they should. The perigee days on the other hand tend to be still and cloudy, if not oppressive. Seeds sown at this period find it difficult to really find their place in the air and often die of fungal or insect attack. Again some care is needed on these days. A marked increase in the occurrence of fungal attacks has been noticed to occur at this period. For a thorough introduction to Planting by the Moon, Maria Thun's publications are recommended. Caution Remember the Moon is only one part of one layer of the game. The workings of the Ethers, elements, chemicals and soil condition are all to be taken into account when working with the constellation's influences. Steiner pointed out the moon forces are strongest when it is wet, while Saturn works strongly in hot dry conditions. Glass houses show how the atmosphere of an environment can totally overpower the workings of the constellations. This is a multilayered reality and the constellations are the most distant part of it. refer Earths Layer Cake The Animal Kingdom

Steiner outlined the animal kingdom in 12 divisions or Phyla. He allotted these phyla to specific zodiacal constellations. Through the work of several Geothean scientists a colourful picture of the animal kingdom has been developed. The various Phyla or species are seen as remnants of the various developmental stages Humans have moved through. From this study, a key to understanding the place and role of each animal or pest can emerge. E. Kolisko in the work entitled "The Twelve Groups of Animals" (22) has outlined this view very concisely. Other writers including Popelbaum and K.Konig have also covered the same topic. ( refer Bibliography ) The animal phyla can be divided as follows: INVERTEBRATES Protozoa Coelenterata Echinodermata Tunicata Mollusca Vermes Arthropoda Single celled Hydra polyps and medusae Starfish and sea urchins Sea Squirts and salpae Shellfish and snails Worms - segmented bodies Insects, spiders, crabs Cancer Gemini Taurus Aries Pisces Aquarius Capricorn

VERTEBRATES Pisces Amphibia Reptilia Birds Mammalia Fish Sagittarius Frogs Scorpio Snakes, lizards Libra Song, prey and running Virgo Ruminants, Prey, Rodents Leo The Animal Kingdom and the Zodiac.

Initially the animal world can be divided into Invertebrates - soft bodied with no skeleton- and the Vertebrates - beings that have a true skeleton. This division suggests that the invertebrates relate to the Moon and the Vertebrates relate to the Sun polarity. As a synopsis to this large and intricate study, E. Kolisko offers a wonderful overview in which he outlines the major function of each phylum and its relationship to the whole. He suggests that there are three steps along the path of development that lead to the human . In each step the same process occurs, however at a higher level. Within each of the steps, there are four stages Step 1 Protozoa - The cellular system is developed Coelenterata - The digestive system is developed Echinodermata - The rhythmic system is developed Tunicata - A harmony of all the organs occurs however still at an embryonic stage. Step 2 Mollusca - The reproductive system dominates

Vermes - Digestion process are the dominate process Insecta - Respiration is the dominant feature Pisces - The blood circulation is developed. Early stages of the heart exist and the harmony of all the organs is at a higher stage Step 3 Amphibia - The reproductive system again is highly developed Reptilia - The digestive process are again emphasised Aves (Birds) - The respiratory system is further developed Mammalia - Animals that have a true heart, warm blood. This outline suggests that the same process takes place at different levels. So in the Coelenterata (polyp), Vermes (worm) and Reptiles (snake), the development of the digestion occurs however at different phases of development. Often within each phyla there are subgroups that also emphasis the one sided development of each particular physical system. The Earth signs: Taurus - Echinodermata Starfish Rhythmic Capricorn - Arthropoda Insects Respiration Virgo - Aves Birds Respiration

The Water signs: Cancer - Protozoa One cell Cellular system Pisces - Mollusca Shellfish Reproductive Scorpio - Amphibia Frogs Reproductive

The Air signs: Gemini - Coelenterata Polyps Digestion Aquarius - Vermes Worms Digestion Libra - Reptiles Snakes Digestion

The Fire Signs: Aries - Tunicata Salpae Harmony of organs Sagittarius - Pisces Fish Harmony of organs & blood Leo - Mammals Ruminants True heart and blood. The above diagram indicates the correspondences of the systems to the elements indicating that the system development is at least archetypally related by element. The reasoning and phenomena leading Kolisko to present this correlation, is well worth examining. Other books on this subject are: "Man as Symphony of the Creative Word." ..... Rudolf Steiner "A New Zoology" ..... E. Popelbaum. Some years ago a homeopath friend used these correspondences as a basis for treatment and found them to be very effective. The Human Kingdom The physical body is often divided up into twelve Aries - Head Cancer - the Chest Taurus - Neck Leo - Heart region Gemini - Shoulders Virgo - Intestines

Libra - Renal area Capricorn - Knees

Scorpio - Genitals Aquarius -Low legs

Sagittarius Up. legs Pisces - Feet

RS developed work on the Twelve senses. From the little I have studied of this work it seems most appropriate to approach it using the lemniscate form. Using the lemniscate in relation to the 12 fold process is outlined in "Equinoctial and Seasonal Zodiacs" Seen in this context the natural flow of the zodiac is maintained, while the planetary polarities from the Astrological theorem are also evident. RS has two ways of working with this model. One starts at Libra and goes in a continuous pattern around as if it were a circle, breaking it into three different zones or groups of senses. Libra to Capricorn are the physical senses, Aquarius to Leo are the Souls senses, while Cancer to Aries are the Spiritual senses. The second uses the development of the senses as a polarity relationship between the signs as shown in the astrological model. eg, Aries \ Libra, Taurus \ Scorpio, Sagittarius \ Gemini. Yet another way RS used the signs is in his work on the Twelve philosophic standpoints.

I would hope you can agree that Rudolf Steiner was indeed an excellent Astrologer and that Anthroposophy is set squarely and solidly on the exact same archetypal base as Astrology. I trust there is enough presented here for you to see the patterns and use of the Astrological theorem as applied to Biodynamics. The real use of this process comes from how it is used from here when addressing specific Biodynamic questions. For this I suggest you investigate the specific topic series published by Garuda -'Biodynamic Essays" and " The Preparations" as images of what new understandings can be achieved through using the Astrological theorem. HOW DOES A PLANT GROW? In many ways, before we can consciously work with the biodynamic preparations and even become biodynamic growers we need to grapple with and begin to experience how RS outlined the processes active in plant, animal and human growth. Once this has been achieved we can then start to explore how the preparations can be used in a more creative manner. In this edition I have joined together the two earlier chapters I have did on plant observation and growth. They explore the different levels of plant growth we are exposed too. First of all how can we identify the basic energies of each plant and then what is the general growth processes outlined by RS. A SUGGESTION FOR PLANT OBSERVATION When observing plants look for the different layers of influence.

Firstly the species indicates an planetary association. is it a conifer ( Saturn ) fruit tree ( Jupiter ) or shrub ( Mars ) for instance. - The Ego level The subspecies indicates the changes within the species . Is the form of the conifer type - tight ( Saturn ) , open ( Venus ), branches facing upwards ( outer planet ) or down ( inner planet)? Is there harmony in the form? ( Venus ) Are the leaves needles sharp? ( Saturn, Mars )or soft ( Moon )? almost leaves etc. - The Astral level What Ethers are working? What is the shape of the leaves? What is the quality of light and spacing of the leaves?. Are there flowers? How do they sit in relation to the leaves? Above the plant, or in beneath the canopy? Does any one part of the plant dominate. - The Etheric level Then there are the localised influences on planting position, soil type and relationship to other trees. - The Physical level. Internal Plant Growth Processes This subject is not particularly straight forward. This is due mostly to needing to approach the question of plant growth from each of the levels we have already described in the Biodynamic Vortex. RS outlined indications for each of the Biodynamic Vortex layers - except the Zodiac. So we need to appreciate the activity of each layer and then overlay them in a sort of multi layered chess game. As indicated in the 2 fold level in 'The BD Contradiction" there is some debate as to how RS says plant growth working. In lecture one RS outlines the workings of Calcium and Silica however he is not overly specific about which direction they are working from. In lecture 2 though he describes plant growth as being carried by the Calcium stream moving inwards towards the Earth and the Silica stream coming from the Earth outwards into space. This statement is then confused somewhat by statements he made in Lecture 6 when he is discussing plant "diseases", where on page 107 1938 edition he appears to contradict himself when he says the (calcium based) inner planets of Venus, Mercury and Moon work onto the plant through the Earth, while the ( Silica based) outer planets of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars work directly onto the plant from the Atmosphere. Lecture 2 he said the exact reverse. These contradictions are seemingly reaffirmed when we come to investigating the workings of 500 and 501 . 500 has an obvious relationship to the Calcium stream, inner planets, the elements of Water and Earth, the Life and Chemical ethers and the upward moving growth stream, in that they make plant large and lush, while 501 relates to the Silica steam, elements of Air and Fire, ethers Warmth and Light, outer planets and the inward moving growth stream, in that it contracts plant growth. Sadly this experience does not fit with the information from lecture 2 in ' Agriculture '. So there is a dilemma and some disagreement as to just what he was getting at. Some prominent BD educators in NZ have even been heard to say this contradiction is just not understandable and have left it alone. I think it is understandable and able to be used to very great effect. Having said this I do not feel I have it totally sorted it out and am naturally open to a lively discussion on this subject. With the Agriculture course I feel we have missed a couple of lectures where many of these inconsistencies would have been sorted out. Sadly no more have appeared over the last 75 years and so we must do it ourselves. The Astrological Theorem's answer 2 fold The Astrological model points out that nothing functions in isolation. Life always functions through polarity. Initially we see the Calcium and Silica question as polar, one force working on the other. In the earlier four fold section I outlined the 'Macro Polarities' working with the spiritual bodies.

We saw how the Calcium processes were linked to the external workings of the Physical and Etheric bodies coming from the Earth, while the Silica processes carrying the Spirit and Astral influences come from the above and work onto the plant from outside. This picture is in keeping with how 500 and 501 present themselves and how these streams are described in lectures 1 and 6. Life would be this easy if not for lecture 2 where the contradiction occurs. We should also keep in mind how the Calcium works through the horizontal plane while the Silica works through the vertical plane. Also how at this primary level we are seeing the duality between the 'Substances' of the Earth interacting with the 'Cosmic' activity of the environment. Here we see the BD concept of Forces and Substance presented to us. This needs to be held in ones mind eye as a basis upon which plant growth occurs. This manifests on a couple of different ways. The more physical Forces and Substances level but also when we talk of 'Cosmic' and 'Earthly' activities. Goethe expressed also a duality between the processes of the plant coming into 'Being' and the phase where it comes into 'Manifestation'. 3 fold When we come to the three fold level of plant growth we are presented with a picture of the "Agricultural Individuality. " In this picture RS outlines the physical body of the farm, how its nervous system lives below the soil and how we, the plants and animals live within its belly. It is here that we are first confronted with the 'contradiction' as the head is associated to the root sphere and the Silica processes coming from the Earth outwards, while in the belly we find the calcium processes active. At this stage it is enough to take this at face value. We need to accept the 3 fold picture of nature and its physical bodies. What we are presented with is that the 'head' region works through forces of contraction, as seen in the tap root formation, while the 'belly' acts through expansion and dissipation as displayed in flowering and seeding. The interplay between these two spheres is seen in the leaf realm and its dynamic chemical activity of photosynthesis where it uses products from the belly and produces from the head to feed both. 4 fold It is at this fourfold level that we can find a this problem. As the forces become more move up the spiral - and come into life, due to incorporation of the etheric body, we see that at pole has divided into two parts. The formative level 2 becomes manifest at level 4. We have level four provides us with a micro polarity two polarities. The 'Cosmic' Fire activity with the 'Earthly' Earth pole to form the vertical the 'Cosmic' Air element forms a creative between the 'Earthly' Water element to form the axis of the gyroscope of life. There are several ways we can use this information. solution to complex the level 4 each impulses of seen how picture of polarises axis, while polarity horizontal

Firstly we can see that the "Earthly" Calcium of the BD Vortex divides into two parts the Water and Earth elements. Also that the "Cosmic" Silica pole has two parts the Fire and Air elements. Thus it can be assumed that the Calcium and Silica processes both have two parts as well. Like most things in nature these activities can be seen as a cycle. A close reading of the second lecture tells us the story of how the Silica process works as a cycle. RS outlines how the sand in the soil draws the silica processes to the Earth with the light and the warmth, which dominates in the post summer autumn period. This 'Summer' Silica is drawn into the soil and through the mid winter is crystallised by the contractive nerve sense pole and held by the Silica crystals of the Earth. In the following spring, with the help of the clay in the soil, that the Silica processes again radiate from the Earth. They link with the archetypal 'Egoic' forces of the seed and move through the stem formation towards the setting of new seed. Once this seed is nurtured by the 'Summer' Sun once again, it falls to the Earth with the in moving Silica processes in the Autumn and awaits for the following season to begin its journey anew the following season. The calcium has a different 'train' to ride. Calcium as an element comes to the Earth from the Sun, in very fine dilution and is absorbed by living entities, from the Air, Water and Earth. Generally though the Calcium has been concentrated on the Earth through the living processes of sea creatures and laid down in ocean deposits. As this Calcium has built up on the Earth, in alliance with the freeing of oxygen into the atmosphere, we have seen the ability for the Earth to attract and concentrate the Cosmic etheric forces in the World Etheric of the Earths atmosphere. We are told in lecture 2 how on the one hand this 'Earthly' lime helps to suck the world etheric forces to the Earth. However we are also told how in the Atmosphere and the 'belly' of the Earth that there is a 'cosmic' calcium in homeopathic dilution which is also vital for plant growth. In "Living Energies" by Callum Coates (pg 221) he describes the wonderful cycle of water in plant growth. In this chapter he outlines how water comes to the soil as rain and picks up the cations calcium, potassium etc and carries these physically into the plant. The plants vascular system starts with large channels and these diminish as they move to the extremities. The water in its journey does not just flow through the veins it spirals and this spiralling processes causes vacuums to form, which causes a potentising process to take place. All the minerals are constantly potentised as the water spirals through the plant. Slowly the minerals are held by the plant and eventually the potentised water it expelled out of the plant through transpiration. This potentised water then becomes part of the moisture in the 'belly' which in turn can be absorbed by the plant. RS picks this up when in lecture 2 he outlines how this atmospheric Calcium is drawn and held to the soil through the formation and incorporation of Humus into the soil. So on the one hand we have the Calcium that is deposited in the Earth through living processes, which then comes back physically and energetically from the Earth as mineral Calcium. Then there is the atmospheric homeopathic calcium which is drawn down and held in the Earth through the Humus. As activities in plant growth the Earthly Calcium provides cell dividion, germination and the ability for the plant to form tissue for the plant structure, built upon the fine Silica strucutre provided by the Cosmic Silica processes coming from the Earth. The Atmospheric or cosmic Calcium is the carrier of the etheric activity and provides the mass or bulk of the plant. So size comes from the atmosphere and is determined - in a organic system - by the quality the humus and the degree the oxygen and homeopathic calcium has been drawn into the Earth. There is evidence though that the World Etheric of the atmosphere can be drawn directly from the atmosphere into the plant. RS indicates this in the 8th lecture when he talks of animal and human nutrition and how the bulk of our bodies comes from what we breath and see rather than what we eat. This is a

strange idea at first however the more I live with this whole concept the more I see it to be true. When we come to Plant Predators we will see that insect attack is caused in many cases by a diminished etheric activity and that the Astrality has become too intense. The solution to this is to increase the etheric activity, which can be done by watering, mulching etc. We have also shown with the use of the Garuda 'Pest Protection' that pest control can be achieved by spraying plants with mixtures of the BD preps aimed at increasing the activity of the Etheric body. Nothing more than homeopathic potencies and water are sprayed lightly on the plants yet a motnhs protection from slugs, snails and white cabbage butterfly can be achieved on brassica. It appears to me that this remedy is accessing the World Etheric forces active in the atmosphere and drawing them directly into the plant. This picture can be added to Geothes image of the Being and Manifestation processes which where enlarged upon by Lievegeod. I suggest the 'Being - Cosmic' phases of the Silica and Calcium processes where described by RS in lecture two while the 'Manifestation - Earthly' side of the processes was described in lecture 1 and 6. It is from this basis that I named the forces associated with these activities the Cosmic Silica, Cosmic Calcium, Terrestrial Silica and terrestrial Calcium. 3 fold and 4 fold Plant Growth To join up levels 3 and levels 4 I have found it useful to refer to the first diagram in lecture 8. In this diagram RS tells us that the Nerve Sense system is made up of Cosmic Forces (Cosmic Silica) and Earthly Substances (Earthly Calcium), while the Metabolic pole consists of Cosmic Substance ( Earthly Silica) and Earthly Forces ( Cosmic Calcium). This provides us with this diagram.

7fold The influences of the planets are described in the course in a general way, almost as an attachment to their carriers the Calcium and Silica streams. What is evident is that wherever you have Calcium and Silica working you also have the inner and outer planets active. So just as there are the 'Being' and 'Manifestation' duality of the elements and ethers so there will be a dual set of planetary influences. Lievegoed ( ) gives us an important indicators here in his discussion of the primary and secondary planetary processes in plant growth. (8)

Lievegoed outlines a growth series well worth considering. I wish to only summaries it here

Saturn 1 Cosmic Forces



Saturn 2 Cosmic Substance

Jupiter 1 Mars 1 Venus 1

Plastic forces Growth in Space Nutrition Sap flow Germination

Essential Oils Forming Protein Excretion Supporting Organs Intensification

Jupiter 2 Mars 2 Venus 2 Mercury 2 Moon 2

Earthly Forces

Mercury 1 Moon 1

Earthly Substance

Lievegeod goes on to outline how the planetary activities work in pairs of opposites Saturn 1 with Moon 2, Jupiter 2 with Mercury 1 etc. I am not sure where he has got this method. If we refer his suggestions to the pictures we have found active in the 4 fold level and use RS indications we come up with the accompanying diagram for the planets in relationship to the 3 & 4 fold levels of activity. The lemniscate twist of the Earthly Forces and Cosmic Forces need to get this diagram is seen as a process used by RS in the Twelve Sense and also in tracking how the Astrological model of the Zodiac becomes the manifest Zodiac we see in the sky outlined earlier on this site. The Spiritual Bodies Generally, the plant embodies the Etheric into its Physical sphere, while the Astral and Ego bodies stay as "World" activities and thus external. The Astral and Ego under normal circumstances only impact upon the plant externally, through the terrestrial Silica stream and secondary outer planets, working inwards carried through the light and warmth of the atmosphere. They work internally through the light and warmth ethers and the primary outer planets carried on the cosmic Silica processes. They show as stalk and seeding strength. Throughout "Agriculture" it is also mentioned how the Ego works into the physical sphere. In the third lecture we are told of the World Ego working through (Hydrogens relationship to) Carbon. In the eight lecture an outline is given of how the Ego forces find their way to the root of the plant carried by the animal manure we provide. We are told "...this ego potentiality , working on the plant from the root, will cause it to grow upwards from the root in the right way according to the forces of gravity." Both of these statements bring me to consider the vertical pole of the gyroscope - The Ego/Physical pole, and how plants, being so removed from an incarnated Ego, are forced to draw the Ego in more directly through the physical side of this polarity and the etheric carriers the warmth and life ethers. The task at hand is to now bring all these pictures together and to see them working simultaneously. The last diagram has all the activities outlined, just image the plant in the middle. THE PREPARATIONS Most BD practitioners generally see the compost preparations as being used as soil and growth regulators, with a vague sense they work on more subtle levels as well. Most recently their activity was publicly described as being due to their bacterial and enzyme content, which arose from a bacterial reaction between the internal substance and the sheath into which it was placed. Sadly there appears to be only a small conscious appreciation of them as substances which actively work with the spiritual as well as physical realms of the land and plants. Some BD practitioners accept that healthy life is created through a balanced interplay of the various spiritual bodies however they have little understand how this is actually achieved. The basic assumption is that this is brought about by the spraying of preparations 500 and 501 as well as including the compost preparations in the manuring cycle. But even with this activity there are still situations , especially in the changeover phase, where imbalances are evident for some years. The question arises 'Could these preparations be used in a more active manner to correct specific examples of imbalance?' The answer is YES, however it is a rather complex process calling on the exponent to have a thorough experience of each preparation's activity, their influence on the spiritual bodies and the spiritual bodies' activity in the living organism, be it plant, animal or human. The more I

work in this field the more I discover how rapidly plants come into situations in which various bodies are imbalanced. Imbalance is caused by soil quality, mineral imbalance, weather disturbance and general neglect. They all work simultaneously and at different times and combinations. Nature is a living moving organism. The BD preps offer us a chance to moderate these swings in balance which provide the difference between the success and failure of a crop. The Horn Manure and Silica preparations can be seen as broad stroke preparations that powerfully and generally stimulate the two primary formative growth processes. Their activities are easily seen, and at times, work too broadly and on too many levels at once to be used as specific remedies. They act directly on enhancing one pole of the plant's activity or the other. This can inhibit their ability to be used frequently. One of the basic premise of Biodynamics is that pests and disease are an imbalance in the workings of the spiritual bodies. Therefore to remove them one must remove the conditions which allow for the problem to be there in the first place. Hugh Lovel more recently has awakened me to the words that with the BD preps we are 'organising' otherwise unorganised energy. I have often imagined it as the four bodies being more or less integrated into each other. In harmony their integration is such that there are no 'holes' or 'vacuums' in them. As physical conditions deteriorate so the bodies being to separate. Vacuum holes open up and insects and disease are literally sucked into these holes. Once the holes are closed again the insects just go away. this coming and going phenomena I have experienced many times. When using preparations as remedies, one attempts to apply sufficient influence to the environment that the conditions fostering the growth of the pest or disease no longer exist. While 500 & 501 do this, they also carry with them the power to unnecessarily activate only one area of plant growth, so symptoms of excessive use easily arise. In the case of 501 sunburn easily occurs as does the tendency for plants to take on the stature of the dry landscape or go off to seed. Leaves thicken and become waxy, and in some instances plants that normally have leaves in a downward facing nature stand upright. 500 in excess encourages leaf development and inhibits the flowering tendency of a plant. These preparations tend to encourage whichever pole they govern and not to harmonise and balance the activity of the spiritual bodies. So their use, especially 501, should be made with discretion. The 'compost' preparations act as a "second tier" of the same activity. From the model it is apparent that the 'outer planet' preparations are associated to the Silica prep, and the 'inner planet' preparations work with the Manure prep. The compost preps work more specifically than the 500 & 501 and appear softer in their action. They appear to do the required job of bringing any specific activity back into the right relationship with the others, without affecting the essential nature of the plant,, so these preparations can be considered tools of dynamic husbandry. The decision to include 500 or 501 will depend on the severity of the problem. Specialisation of these preparations can be achieved by their potentisation, however this is an area of extreme exactitude and should not be attempted by the novice. Imbalance easily occurs with prolonged and indiscriminate use of single potencies. see Garuda preparation products. The compost preparations One of the main limitations to the preparations being used as single preparations and as spiritual body balancers has been that there is no real work into establishing their independent functions. Also a science of spiritual activity has not been fostered within the Biodynamic movement over the last 70 years. Part of this is due to an inability for the Agriculture course to

be understood in depth and discussed in a manner which allows for concrete conclusions to be drawn. This where I believe the Astrological model can solve these problems. By providing a frame of reference for Biodynamic ideas and methodologies it is possible to see how one piece of information fits in with other pieces so that some conclusions can be made. If nothing else as a basis for further practical experimentation. While giving the making process of the preparations, RS also outlined the basic effects of each preparation. He also gave some of the chemical processes that occur in each. In two cases, he indicated the influence a preparation has on the spiritual bodies. However, he did not extend this to all of them. As this is an important aspect of the overall thrust of this work , I have made an initial attempt at extending the interpretation of each preparation to include their spiritual activity. A summary follows: ( It seems appropriate in this section to quote from Steiner directly. He was born with the Sun in the sign of Pisces with Mercury, the planet of communication conjunct Neptune, the planet of images. His method of communication, as you will see is very pictorial and imaginative.) We have seen already how one level of activity can be associated to higher and lower levels. With the information we have accumulated already it is possible to produce the following diagram.

Level 4 to Level 5

This diagram shows the vertical movement up the Astrological spiral with the Biodynamic cross references added. It is apparent from these associations ( and the comments made by Dr Steiner and B Lievegoed ) that conclusions can be immediately drawn as to what the complete set of spiritual workings of the compost preparations might be. It is apparent that the outer planets preparations will most likely work on organising the Astrality and Spirit functions while the inner planet preparations would most likely organise the processes of the etheric and physical bodies activity. The middle preparations would tend to harmonise the interplay of the two overall spheres. The Outer Planet Preparations 507 - Valerian - Saturn - Tincture. All that was said about this preparation was that it will stimulate the plant "to behave in the right way in relation to the phosphoric substance." This is a seemingly vague comment, but seen in relation to comments regarding the other preparations, and seen in the context of the Astrological model several hints arise. Firstly being the Saturn preparation it has a relationship to the Fire/Ego pole. Phosphors as an element is active in the strengthening of the nervous system processes within living organisms, which is in turn a manifestation of the egos activity. In plants it is credited with

creating strong root systems - the nerve sense pole. Valerian is a sedative and calmer of the nerve system. 507 has long been known as a warming preparation and is used for frost protection. 507 is also seen as a cover over the compost heap helping to contain the activity of the heap inside itself. In lecture 8 where RS talks of human nutrition we are presented with an image of the ego process (called Cosmic Forces) and how they act to cap or reflect back into the organism what has been rayed out to them from the Earthly Matter or terrestrial calcium, liberated from the digestive tract. In "the Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine" by Hausemann & Wolff we are told phosphorus 'establishes "the connection of the ego to the substances of the body." "The astral body lives in opposites that can be best be seen in the concepts of sympathy and antipathy....hyper and hypopthyroidism etc. The ego has the task of standing in between them, but not succumbing to either" " In working from imbalanced states toward the development of those that are balanced the ego requires phosphorus" All this information leads to the conclusion is that the Valerian preparation "Strengthens the Ego against too strong an Astral activity". It works with the element of Phosphorus.

506 - Dandelion - Jupiter - Mesentery - Soil for the Winter This preparation was discussed in length bringing several interesting facts to light. Some of this discussion is alchemical in nature and scientific minds I have discussed it with find the transmutation of elements outlined here difficult to understand. Dr Steiner says there is " a quantitative relationship between Limestone ( Calcium Carbonate) and Hydrogen, similar to that of oxygen and nitrogen". He goes on to say "that under the influence of Hydrogen, Limestone and potash are transformed into something like Nitrogen." To gain some clarity on this statement we can remembering that at level four, we talked of the micro polarities that existed in the elements.

Fire - Ego - Hydrogen } Air - Astral - Nitrogen ) } Water - Etheric - Oxygen ) } Earth - Physical - Carbon } Here we see the same micro polarities occurring.

R.S. goes on to say "that the oxygen/nitrogen process occurs in the air, while the Hydrogen/Limestone (Carbon) process occurs in the organic process." He does not enlarge on this element "something like nitrogen" but goes on to discuss the transmutation of silicon in the plant into a substance not yet included in the chemical elements. Silicic acid is needed to attract the "cosmic influences" to the plant and this dandelion preparation "mediates between the silicic acid in the cosmos and that which is needed in a given district." This preparation is " thoroughly saturated with cosmic influences. He suggests the plants will become "sentient to all that is at work in their environment", so they can attract to themselves what they need." From the Astrological model this is the Jupiter (mutable) preparation and so is sitting in between the elements of Fire and Air. This suggests that some harmonisation of the ego and Astral bodies would be involved in its action. This is a fascinating array of information I suggest from the two references he uses, HydrogenCarbon & Silicic acid mediation, we are left with the image of bringing heaven and earth to meet. More specifically, the elemental diagram outlined above would suggest this preparation will help the Ego (& Astral) to enter more strongly into the physical realm. 504 - Nettle - Mars - In the Earth - All year From the astrological model, 504s relationship to Mars places it in an intermediatary position between the elements of Air and Water, hence we can surmise that it works in some way between the Astrality and the etheric body, with an emphasis on the Astrality side of the equation. The nettle preparation follows more conventional lines of thought. Chemically R.S. suggests this preparation incorporates sulphur, potassium, and calcium with a kind of iron radiation. Stinging nettle is known for its ability to concentrate elemental iron and is often used in early spring in soup as a tonic and blood purifier. Iron is the element of Mars in traditional association. Dried blood is extremely high in nitrogen content. In lecture three R.S. discusses the role of nitrogen as the carrier of the Astral and suggests it is "a very clever fellow". Again in the description of this preparation he uses the same images. Suggesting that this preparation allows " the Manure to become inwardly sensitive, we might say" "It will permeate the soil with reason and intelligence" that " will not suffer any undue decomposition's to take place, and no improper loss of nitrogen." Later it is suggested that "The soil will individualise itself in a nice relationship to the particular plants in the environment" From these descriptions we can conclude that the preparation harmonises and strengthens the working of Nitrogen and likewise the working of the astral in the environment, enabling the Astral to find its proper place. Through its activity of individualising the soil it is suggested that it encourages the harmonious workings of the Astral These are the three outer planet preparations and, as can be seen, their activity is primarily focused on the balanced interplay of the Ego and Astral, in keeping with the overall activity of "501", the Silica preparation, and with the overall associations of the Astrological Model.

The Inner Planet Preparations

502 - Yarrow - Venus - Stag Bladder - 6 months in Air/6 months in ground

R.S. described this preparations' activity as "bringing sulphur into the right relationship to the other substances" and "correcting all that is due to the weakness of the Astral body" Further he suggests it " reendows the manure to quicken the Earth (so) that the more cosmic substances of silicic acid and lead are caught and received." Again we are given the picture of the astral body's interaction with the plant, but this time the preparation is aiding where the Astral body is weak and can not take a proper hold on the Etheric and Physical. Lievegoed makes the observation when talking of the invisible primary process of Venus, (it) " Opens the Etheric Formative Forces into a cup or chalice and nourishes what Mars thrusts into space." Being in the inner planet polarity it would suggest that this preparation opens the Etheric to receive the Astral.

503 - Chamomile - Mercury - Intestines -In the ground through the winter This preparation is described as "Helping bind the calcium substances to receive life to itself and transmit it to the environment." The use of the word 'life' here is a reference to the Life body or the Etheric. So this preparation strengthens the Etheric body. Later R.S. suggests "It assimilates that which can chiefly help to exclude from the plant those harmful effects of fructification." Some light can be shone on the statement 'harmful affects of fructification' by looking elsewhere in the course,( lecture 6 ) to where R.S. was discussing the true nature of fungal attack. He suggested that fungus was caused by the processes of fruiting occurring at a much earlier stage of development than it otherwise should. From our model it can be seen that flowering and fruiting are activities of the Astral and Ego. So he is suggesting that this preparation will hold back the activity of the Astral and Ego if they occur to early by strengthening the Etheric body. In summary this preparation Strengthens the Etheric against the Astral (& Ego) 505 - Oak Bark - Moon - In skull - All year R.S. was fairly straightforward with this preparation. He suggested " by bringing calcium into the soil it restores order when the ether body is working to strongly, that is when the astral cannot gain access to the organic entity. It dampens down the Etheric." He describes the process as follows. " We use the bark of the Oak so that the shrinking is beautiful and regular and does not give rise to shocks in the organic life." More directly he suggested that this preparation "will lend forces prophylactically to combat or arrest any harmful plant diseases." Elsewhere RS commented that the bark of a tree should be seen as turned up Earth and that the stalks and leaves can be seen as small plants growing out of this earth. In summary, it retards a rampant Etheric body by sucking it more tightly to the physical.

These inner planet preparations are concerned primarily with the activity of the Etheric and Physical bodies, helping them to find their proper place with regards the Astral and Ego, assisting the Horn Manure preparation 500 in its overall activity of harmonising the terrestrial sphere. Putting the above information all together we have the following:

Saturn Jupiter Mars Venus Mercury Moon

Valerian Dandelion Nettle Yarrow Chamomile Oak Bark

Phosphorus Hydrogen Nitrogen Sulphur Oxygen Carbon

Strengthens the Ego against the Astral Helps the Ego and the Physical entwine Harmonises the Astrality and other bodies Opens the Etheric to receive the Astral Strengthens the Etheric against Astral Sucks a rampant Etheric to the Physical

Practical experience has shown these preparations can bring balance between any irregularities in the working of the bodies ( see Case Studies) I regard these preparations and the accompanying information as a real gift to humanity from Rudolf Steiner. They give the farmer and gardener access to a simple, safe tool kit that can heal and balance their environments. Using the view that all disease and pest attack, in plants and animal, are a result of an imbalance occurring in their physical/spiritual balance, we now have eight substances at our disposal that can consciously influence the way these bodies interplay and so a starting place for finding sensitive, purely BD remedies for pest and disease control. These preparations are generally inserted into a compost heap or liquid manure to balance the raw Physical, Etheric, Astral and Ego forces released during these decomposition processes. Furthermore these preparations could be used individually and potentised homeopathically to further specialise their action, to harmonise imbalances as they occur during a growing period. It is best for the novice to use the original preparation in addition to their sprays of 500 and 501 until experience is compounded. However a healthy sense of exploration and experimentation is certainly encouraged. WHICH CONSTELLATION ? B.D. uses the zodiac for determining planting and harvesting schedules as well as the time of preparation application. It is generally used very effectively. However, it does leave some questions unanswered, especially when deciding on pest and fungus spraying or peppering times. Most of the work on planting by the moon has been carried out by five or six researchers with the most prominent and influential being Maria Thun. Over the fifty years that this research has been taking place the statistical findings of these researchers have stayed consistent with Astrological theory. It does vary from astrological folklore though, which is often a collection of individual impressions rather than scientific analysis. There has been one short fall in this BD research though and this is its ability to define the influence of individual constellations with in an elemental subgroup. In Astrological writings each 'Sign' of the zodiac has very individualistic characteristics, and so too this must be with the constellations. The Astrological model gives some suggestions as to the quality of the individual constellations. To gain a cross reference, one needs at least two parameters. BD uses only one reference for the zodiac , the elements. From the model it is apparent that the Zodiac constellations are made up of several components. We have looked at the elements and seen they relate to the plant types at an Etheric level and work with all that level 4 represents. Fire constellations influence the seed and fruit processes, Earth constellations relate to the root, etc. The Zodiac is also made up of level 3 , the Modes, physical parameters and level 5, the planets providing Astral relationships.

Level 3 in particular divides the plant up into the physical systems of Nerve/Sense, Rhythmic, and Limb/Metabolic systems. This would suggest that any work done according to the constellations will not only effect the plant type, etherically, it will also effect the specific physical system of the plant, indicated by the mode - Cardinal, Mutable Fixed. When one constellation is favoured by accident or wilfully, it would tend to imbalance or enhance one physical system of the plant. It could be suggested that a particular crop could be worked or sprayed, in all the modes of a elemental grouping. This would evenly strengthen the physical organism as well as the Etheric sphere indicated by the element.This could best be done within one moon cycle, however it would no doubt be just as effective over an extended period of time. Diagrammatically it appears as follows. The Constellations

Fungal and insect attack In fungal and insect attack it is possible to determine the constellation that is most likely to be effective, as one part of the puzzle. Look to see what element governs the Plant and what mode governs the specific area of the plant that is being attacked. A cross reference is established that indicates the specific constellation for preparing and administering your solution. For example; In the case of White Butterfly. It is a caterpillar that effects the leaves of brassica plants. The brassica are predominantly Leaf vegetables and therefore associated with the Water constellations. The part of the plant most affected by the grub is generally the leaf. This is the rhythmic system of the plant and corresponds to the Mutable constellations. Together Water / Mutable is Pisces. Any remedy applied for this problem should therefore be applied when the Moon is in the constellation of Pisces.

Curly Leaf in peaches: Peach trees are fruit and relate to the fire constellations. Curly leaf effects the leaves, which is the rhythmic system or mutable constellations. Mutable / Fire = Sagittarius. GREENHOUSE GASES & OZONE HOLE - ONE BIO-DYNAMIC PERSPECTIVE. In line with most spiritual teachings Steiner outlined existence on this planet as manifesting due to an interplay of spiritual 'bodies' and physical elements. These bodies consolidate into specific forms, out of several streams of force or energy that are sourced from various spheres within the universe. The four major bodies are the Physical, Etheric or Life body, the Astral - sensation or soul body, and the Ego or spirit body. While an in depth description of these bodies and their relationship to the four kingdoms of nature could be entered into it will suffice here to refer the reader to "Occult Science" or to the introduction in "Healing Plants" by Peliken for an overview. It can be said though that manifestation: IS in the mineral kingdom, LIVES in the plant world, EXPERIENCES through the animals, and COMPREHENDS ITSELF through humans. * One important point to note with regard to the working of these bodies, is that in Man a major polarity of force exists between the Physical and Etheric bodies, moving upwards on one hand and the Astral and the Ego bodies on the other hand, moving towards the Earth. This polarity also exists within plants. However, while the Astral and Ego do not directly enter plants, their effects are nevertheless evident. (2) Elements of protein and the spiritual bodies The basic molecule of life is the protein molecule, and Steiner reveals, it is the four elements of this molecule, Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen, that carry these four bodies into manifestation. Carbon the basis of structure, is the seat of the physical form, Oxygen, the basis of life carries the Etheric body, while Nitrogen carries the Astral body providing sensation and Hydrogen, the Ego providing self consciousness. Sulphur and Phosphorus are seen as lubricators, much like oil is in a motor, that help these four basic elements combine into more complex substances. Seen from this perspective, chemistry takes on a whole new light. What is suggested here is that only where these elements exist is it possible for these bodies to go. Therefore the chemical characteristics of any 'environment' suggests the potential spiritual activity of that environment. The lower atmosphere that we live in is compounded of these elements to the approximate divisions of 16-20% Oxygen, 80% Nitrogen, and Hydrogen 0.2%, which at 100 miles up in the stratosphere changes to 99.5% (1) while the Carbon content of the air is around .05%. From this

it is apparent that there is certainly a strong Astral presence in the 'normal' reality and that nitrogen could play a more important role that we are lead to believe. Now looking at Oxygen we can see that it works in different levels on this planet. It is immediately apparent that oxygen (O2) is the substance that we breath. Our basic source is supplied to us through the plants - land and aquatic, who breath in Carbon Dioxide, hold the Carbon into themselves and then release the Oxygen into the air. We in turn, breath it in, combine it with Carbon from our bodies and release Carbon Dioxide. (CO2) This process enables us to continually renew ourselves every seven years. If it was not for the continual breakdown of Carbon we would become as rigid as coal. The plants form this carbon into wood which eventually is returned back to the earth. It is significant to note that a forest grows to a height of say 150 feet and releases Oxygen into the atmosphere to that level. This in turn allows the Etheric sphere of the Earth to extend in a more concentrated way than say a modern pastoral landscapes, with an average foliage height of 4-10", for Oxygen production. This indicates the etheric life of that environment has to be markedly smaller. Can you feel and see the difference? Where the Etheric is diminished the Astral moves into take its place. This can be seen in the plants and animals that inhabit any environment. The grasses with their blade like leaves in comparison to the palmate form of the fern suggests the difference in intensity of both light and heat, while rabbits could be seen to be replacing the birds of the forests. We again met Oxygen in the form of Ozone (O3) at the Ozone belt. This belt in the stratosphere acts as a shield against the damaging cosmic and ultra violet rays of the universe. Without this oxygen based shield life can not exist on the planet. This suggests that oxygen and therefore the Etheric formative forces physical influences, exist from inside the planet out to the rim of the Ozone layer. Looking at the Earth as a being (Gaia) within the body of the universe we develop the image that this region indicates the Etheric body of planet Earth. The Astral body extends to the rim of the planets and the Ego extends to the rim of the fixed stars. This then is the 'World' macroscopic dimensions of our reality. The greenhouse gases The major greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide (CO2), menthane (NH4), nitrous oxide (NO3) and Hydroflurocarbons. The main elements in these compounds are again carbon, nitrogen,oxygen and hydrogen. With the Ozone layers breakdown and pollution in general, it is not that oxygen and its processes are disappearing, it is more that Oxygens' has a tendency to combine with other elements, to keep them in the sphere of life, thus being locked up by excessive amounts of Carbon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and sulphur. In the case of CFCs, Chlorine is the main offender. These elements are coming from a variety of sources. Carbon is being released for its traditional resting places as coal, oil and trees. So that what has taken millions of years for nature to take out of the atmosphere we have been pumping back in our atmosphere over the last two hundred years. Nitrogen and Hydrogen are being primarily released into the atmosphere through methane produced not only from industry but mostly as a result of agricultural production, as dung from animals and run off from nitrogenous fertilizes.

As these elements are released they combine with the available oxygen. As we are also cutting down the trees we are not only diminishing the world of its humus, and lessening the ability of the environment to keep up with the neutralization of these gases. We also create more through burn offs and replace the oxygen plant factory with a methane animal factory. As we pollute the lower atmosphere , excessive elements find their way into the upper atmosphere. Different elements find their 'new home' at different levels in the atmosphere. The major element in Ozone destruction is Chlorine. Its action, in breaking off one atom of oxygen, could be likened to Aids, in that it destroys one Ozone molecule and then carries onto the next. It is the resulting O2 that can go on to recombine with other pollutants as well as not reflecting ultraviolet rays as effectively. So what? As the oxygen becomes locked up it leaves less free oxygen available for the free movement of the Etheric body. Suggesting that as pollution occurs it will influence the balance of the spiritual bodies and therefore plants, animals and human activity. In the case of the Carbon. This being the main polluter of the industrialised regions, it suggests that the physical body will work more strongly than might be considered normal and that it will slow the activity of decarbonisation. This in turn will lead to a continued rigidification and earth boundness of the individual. Showing firstly in their thoughts and attitudes, then in their physical form. They will slowly turn to stone. RS suggests that cancer finds its beginnings in the improper workings of the Physical and Ego poles. Here the Etheric body is overcome by a too strong physical organism. These would naturally increase as Carbon increases in the environment. As the influence of the Etheric body decreases, the astral moves into replace it. As nitrogen increases so it will strengthen the Astrals influence in the environment and in Humans, even further. Nitrogen and therefore the astral body are strong components in most plant 'poisons' Mind altering substances find their sources often in these alkaloids. These substances produce a greater sensitivity to psychological factors, the world of dreams and delusions. The astral world manifests our fears, joys and expectations as realities all within the imagination. In this action we can see that nitrogen tends to lift us away from reality. If Carbon turns us to stone then nitrogen will turn us to mist. On the positive side it enables humanity to conceive of realities beyond the physical and in turn a growing awareness of 'spiritual' experience will result, in the early stages at least. People who are run down - weak Etheric - often experience an increase in psychological difficulties. By replacing missing vitamins and maintaining a good diet these disturbances come back into balance. Oxygen therapy is increasingly gaining acceptance as an important healer. Be it through pills or aerobic exercise. Hydrogen is very elusive and while it carries the primal archetype to incarnation and carries awareness, it also acts as a dispersing or death force. The Astral and Ego, in their inward moving motion consume the etheric body. They use the etheric as fuel for their own activity and if they become too strong or if the etheric can not replenish itself they eventually fully consume the etheric and death occurs. One of the functions of sleep is that the Etheric body gets a break from the Astral and Ego and rebuilds itself. If they do not leave the Physical Etheric organism at sleep, one dreams heavily and one awakes, exhausted. Drugs, including tea

and coffee, stimulate the Astral over the Etheric and hence 'burn out' is experienced once this Astral stimulus recedes. The Egos consumption of the Etheric occurs as one takes more responsibility in life, and draws on inner resources for authority and wilfulness, so increasing the ageing process. The Ego phase imaged in the plant is the seeding which often causes death or some degree of dieback. So as the hydrogen content increases so will early maturity and premature aging . The Ozone As suggested earlier, the Ozone layer is the outer boundary of the Earths Etheric body and just as the pollutants are consuming the Etheric body at this macro level, so in a similar way pollution is at the microlevel damaging Humans. As the Earths Etheric body becomes damaged it allows the Cosmic Astral to come into a sphere it is usually held out off. Physically this shows as more ultraviolet in the environment and the micro effects are increased. The ozone layer is part of the Earths lymphatic system and as it disappears so the individual lymphatic systems begin to disintegrate, giving rise to lowered immunity. The intensity of light is increasing and with it comes the corresponding natural consequences. Plants are flowering themselves to death, a greater range of heavy insects and pests are becoming endemic, while mental illness and physical sickness (are) will increase. Spiritual considerations - Pollutions hidden agenda. The logical and extreme outcome of the present situation is that the Oxygen on the planet will become totally 'consumed' by its sister elements. Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Carbon. Suggesting that it will be increasingly difficult to maintain the connection of the Etheric body with the Physical. Resulting in death, extinction actually. On a personal level this may not be considered such a drama, but when this is applied to the whole planet, we are looking at this planet being unable to support Human life for some 50,000 to 100,000 years at least, if past experience is to be relived. If we are to believe the great seers and mystics that have inhabited this planet, we are told that human birth is a very rare opportunity. It can take place on few planets within the entire creation. The opportunity offered by human birth is to develop further along the path of spiritual development and that this is the only plane that this development can take place. Once we leave the physical body we are firstly at the mercy of our astral bodies reality and held spiritually by the deeds and karma we have produced through our evolution. The Earth is therefore the place where we clean up our act. If we are to further believe these teachings we are told that our journey through this plane is beset by forces of good and evil, and that the darker forces are continually attempting to lead us either into a purely material earthbound consciousness, devoid of spiritual reality or off the earth into a dream reality of nil responsibility and sense of purpose. Seducing us to sit under the mushroom, consumed in the fantasies of the Astral realm. Both lead us from the path of individual and collective spiritual evolvement. It would seem that through the pollution of this planet both of these goals are being reached. If it reaches its ultimate goal of total annihilation of the life on this plane, then the souls that are destined to

carry on their evolution on this plane, become stuck or trapped as wards of a dead planet, until nature achieves the balance again. The Solution. As stated, the primary element to be suffering in all this drama is the Etheric body and notably the oxygen in the environment. This occurs as much on a personal level as global. As the Ozone hole and pollution increases it will become increasingly important to consciously maintain and repair your etheric body as well as that of the planet. This can be achieved in a number of ways. As the external pollution has to get worse before it gets better. - If we stop polluting today it will still take at least 15 years for the present pollutions effects to be felt - it is your personal etheric body that is your immediate protection. Strengthen that through good nutrition. BioDynamic or organic food, plenty of aerobic activity in one form or another and be sure you can get relatively clean air. Also plenty of sleep. All astral and ego stimulants such as drugs - of all forms - and sugar need to be kept to a minimum. It may become dangerous to eat the solanace family, eggplant, tomatoes and potatoes etc. If your energy drains after eating them stop it and see if it makes a difference. Plant lots of trees in your immediate environment. As shade and as oxygen producers. Build up an etheric cushion to live under. Oxygen supplements, spiralina and wheat grass or other 'green' drinks will help. I question the use of too many denatured vitamins too. Eating meat increases the intake of Astral force and increases the drain on the Etheric body through its digestion. As these forces become in short supply this may need to be reconsidered. Computer and other technology are very damaging to your etheric body, so take care. Wear a hat and sun screen in summer whenever you go outside. On a macrolevel. Just stop polluting. Keep your carbon output to a minimum. Do not support the ever spreading extensive cultivation of herd animals and plant trees. Heaps of them. They are one scientific solution! Use the Bio-Dynamic preparations on your land. Especially the cow horn \ manure or 500 spray or Etherics 1000 for the soil. Put full sets of preparations into all compost heaps to regulate methane releases from this source. Increase the humus level of your soil through compost and through heavy mulching. This acts as a carbon sink for the environment as do trees. Grow shade trees over your garden. Leguminous trees will help to bind atmospheric nitrogen into the soil and aid soil fertility. 501 usage should be examined carefully. As the Ozone depletion and greenhouse gases take effect its use will need to be reduced. Formula spraying of this preparation, as is presently practiced in New Zealand could cause problems, as experienced by one Dairy farm in North Auckland a few years ago. But most of all find the middle ground between getting stuck to the earth and floating away. * Healing Plants - W Peliken 1 Nature of Substance - R Hauschka. 2 Biodynamics Decoded

Genetic Engineering in the light of Biodynamic Concepts.

This essay was written in response to one published in the BDAA newsletter by Terry Foreman. In that article Terry asserts "GE will cut plants off from the cosmic forces" The BDAA has not acknowledged my offer for this article to be published in their newsletter. Part of this discussion is "what are the cosmic forces we are talking about". I have extended them from Terrys two fold second lecture view to take into account the Cosmic forces of the lecture 8 context.
As a preface to this article I wish to clearly state I am putting this picture forward more as an artist than a scientist. It is picture of what could be rather than any statement of fact as to what is. If you can sharpen some of the details of this `process' please do. Genetic engineering presents us with an interesting dilemma. While the principles of GE appear relatively straightforward and akin to hybridisation there are an endless array of changes to plants that can be achieved, so making blanket statements about the effect of GE has on plants in relation to the Earthly and Cosmic streams is very problematic. Materially we can see the introduction of a new gene into the DNA of a cell as a rearrangement of the "Earthly Substance" however I believe this generalisation is not strictly true. We are presented through the Agriculture course with a picture which on first viewing appears to be a simple polaric interplay between Cosmic Forces and material substance or Earthly Matter. However on closer inspection and most notably in the eighth lecture it can be seen that this simple polarity is actually a more complex interplay of four `players'. We are not just confronted with Cosmic Forces (Cos Si) and Earthly Matter (Ter Ca) but also Cosmic Matter (Ter Si) and Earthly Forces (Cos Ca). Once this connection is made then the whole of the course and Biodynamic concepts in general can (and needs to) be reinterpreted in the light of this four fold activity. In lecture 8 we are shown how the Cosmic Forces and Earthly Matter join together in the development and maintenance of the nerve sense system of physical forms while the Earthly Forces and Cosmic Matter join together in the activity of the metabolic regions of physical forms. RS has challenged us to find the Cosmic and Earthly processes in plant growth and that through this experience we will be able to influence plant growth to the point of developing new species. In investigating this question I have come to see these four processes are active in every stage of plant growth, in much the same way that we can discuss the functioning of the ethers in various stages of growth. I have no doubt that the ethers and the four streams of Cosmic and Earthly activity are intimately linked (as outlined in other posts) however I feel more comfortable working with these terms than the ethers. So in recent times I have sought to identify how these four activities are present in each stage of plant growth. That is, it must be possible to see them all active in the formation of the root or the trunk, or the leaf, flower or fruit. This suggests the variety of plant forms we find on Earth is due to a myriad of different relationships between these four activities at various places on Earth and stages of growth. To simplify things and to broaden the field of reference I have made the assumption that these four activities present in physical forms are an end result of the four `spiritual' bodies activity

which stand behind matter. Therefore we can see that Cosmic Forces (Cos Si) are a result of the Ego /spirit, that the Earthly Matter ( Ter. Ca) is a result of physical activities, the Earthly Forces (Cos Ca) is related to Etheric processes while the Cosmic Matter ( Ter Si) are akin to the Astral bodies activity. My thesis states each of these processes are active in each of the parts of a plant. While this investigation is not yet complete there are a few principles that have arisen to shed a little light on this question of GE. I have come to see creation functions in a holographic manner. This means there are a series of principles which work to arrange matter in exactly the same way no matter how small a piece of the whole you separate off. The grain of salt example is a good image to start with. Another I have pointed out is the gyroscopic formations present in Galaxies, Solar systems , planets, life forms and atoms. The same can be said for a plant, this gyroscopic formation is present and displayed through the manifestation of the vertical plane of the stem and the horizontal plane of the leaf. This two fold vertical and horizontal picture is actually maintained by a polarity relationship on each axis. The vertical is maintained through an interaction of two forces, in the case of our example and discussion this is the Cosmic Forces ( Ego/Cos Si) interacting with the Earthly Matter ( Physical /Ter Ca), while the horizontal axis is maintained through the interaction of the Cosmic Matter (Astral / Ter Si) and Earthly Forces (Etheric /Cos Ca). When we come to a more intimate investigation of the plant according to this principle it should be possible to find these four processes active in all aspects of plant growth, from the fruit formation right down to the cell. We can establish the basis of these four activities imprint through how the spiritual body manifests in plant growth. As general principles it can be stated that the Ego, active in the Cosmic Forces, carries the spiritual archetype of the plant. This force is concerned with the carrying on of the `will' of the plant, to remain as it has always been and to carry on this impulse into the future in the new seed. In Lievegeods terminology this `archetype' is carried into manifestation as the primary Saturn processes carried right into the earth as the Cosmic Silica stream which after being crystallised in the Earth at mid winter is then carried upwards through the process of plant growth finalising its journey as the new seed as Saturn 2. In its excarnating phase this force produces the upward thrust of the stem finally culminating in seeding. The Earthly Matter processes are best described as the Moon process by Lievegeod who outlined them as being involved in cell reproduction (Moon 1) and tissue formation ( Moon 2). So I have imagined that the Earthly Matter process and in particular the Moon 2 side of it, in any given situation is responsible for the outward moving development of tissue. This process identifies the quality of the tissues which can then be taken up and altered by the other three activities. This force can be seen in plants as a wandering expansive growth. It is when this `aimless' Earthly Matter process is taken up by the Cosmic Force stream that we have the development of cell growth into tissues which grow into strong upright stems and the nerve sense system in animals. From lecture 8 we are provided with the images that it is the etherically charged Earthly Forces ( Cos Ca) which provides the mass of substance and our ability for mobility gained from food intake, while it is the astralised Cosmic Matter ( Ter Si) coming in through the senses which leads to the quality and maturity of substance into proteins for muscle building. In plants we can see that the Earthly Forces (Cos Ca) is stimulated by humus content in the soil & is responsible for the enlargement of mass while it is the Cosmic Matter (Ter Si) which works from the outside of the plant and is enhanced through silica sand which forms and matures the

plant ready to be fit for human nutrition. We also see a marked strengthening of cell walls wherever the Silica processes and light are increased. We can now descend into matter following the path to the DNA. If we take a fruit as an example we could say the Cosmic Force (Cos Si) is manifest in the seed -the carrier of the future archetype, the Earthly Matter (Ter Ca) is present in the quality and quantity of the fruit tissue cells, while the quantity and size of the flesh is determined by the Earthly Forces ( Cos Ca) while the nutritive quality and the skin quality is determined by the Cosmic Matter ( Ter Si). So when we look to the cell it can be imagined that the Cosmic archetype - the seed in the fruit - is contained in the nucleus and especially within the DNA structure of the cell. This is after all the part of the cell which carries the archetype ( Saturn 1) the plant will follow. The Earthly Matter is the overall cell structure and especially the nuclear and cellular membranes. The cytoplasm along with the amount and content of cell fluids could be seen as the Earthly Forces ( Cos Ca) while the strength of the nutrients and activity of the mitochondria, lysosome etc within the cell as well as the hardness of the cell wall are regulated by the functioning of the Cosmic Matter (Ter Si) . By these two steps down the hologram of life we have followed the path of the Cosmic Forces. This leads us to see that genetic engineering of DNA is taking place within the Cosmic Force ( Cos Si) sphere of the cell. If we take another step inside the hologram and move from the cell to the DNA we can see that it is made up of four different types of players called bases. These nucleotides are called C -cytosine, G - guanine, A adenine, and T - thymine. Interestingly these four players always organise themselves into polarities - C with G and A with T. The chemical formulas for these molecules provide interesting indications as to who is who. Firstly the CG polarity has an extra Hydrogen atom in its chain and is more stable than the A/T molecule. When the DNA makes messenger RNA the T base is replaced with uracil (U). The T molecule has an extra oxygen atom compared to the other bases, while the A molecule has extra nitrogen. This suggests the CG polarity, with its extra Hydrogen and inherent stability will be a manifestation of the vertical Cosmic Forces/Ego ( G), Earthly Matter/Physical ( C ) pole while the AT polarity is the manifestation of the horizontal Earthly forces /Etheric (T), Cosmic Matter/Astral (A) axis. This moveable base T, with its extra oxygen would equate to the activity of the chemical ether at a nucleic level. The exact science of gene classification is beyond my study at present however I would surmise that the most effective genetic implants would be achieved by the insertion of new G genes as this is pin pointing the Cosmic Force/Cos Si/Saturn 1 `home' in the DNA. Whether this is so or not I do not know. In GE we have a physical restructuring of the seeds archetypal message, or that which entered the incarnation process as Saturn 1. The specific change made and the way this is achieved is the part of this discussion which indicates what any changes to the spiritual bodies relationship will be. From my minimal investigations and visualisations it is apparent that GE is altering the basic arrangement of the `message bringer' (from the spirit). This very physical alteration will influence the formation of the proteins and amino acids which lead to the physical formation of the plant. We have already established that the chemical make up of any environment will influence the spiritual activity of that environment. Therefore as the chemical make up of a plant is changed through GE so it will influence the way in which the spiritual forces manifest in and around that plant. For example, if a snake venom gene is implanted into a plant so that the plant produces a toxic poison as a defence for itself, we can assume this will have a marked influence on the way the Astral body works with and around the plant. This in turn can effect the plant form and the elemental beings which are attracted it to maintain the plant. So what

we have with GE is an alteration of the way the plant mediates the Cosmic and Earthly forces not a cutting off of the plant from the ( 2 fold) Cosmic Forces. The alteration of DNA is taking place at such a fundamental level of the physical process that the etheric and astral bodies just have to pick up what they are given and develop it as they can. If the alteration is so radical that it can not be supported by these bodies then the plant will die. While a plant lives and thrives it must be using the four bodies and other forces albeit in a changed manner to the original. The morality and consciousness surrounding this question is a significant aspect of this discussion and I agree with the most vocal of critics that those practising GE at present are acting massively irresponsibly. The message RS was presenting in lectures 2 and 3 was that the real mediation and earthing of the cosmic forces and strength of the resulting chaos is created and maintained by the quality of the soil and by the way we manage it. Not by the genetic make up of the seed. RS points out that if we wish to alter the Cosmic and Earthly proportions within a plant we need to alter the environment and the ratios of clay, sand, humus and lime. It is primarily the life and chaos potential of the soil which meets the seed not the other way round. As long as a seed can grow in a good soil it will be met by the local Cosmic and Earthly forces. The discussion of Carbon as the basis of matter and the carrier of the Cosmic Spirit has been discussed before - "Is it Hydrogen or Carbon which carries the Ego into Physical form?" and has relevance to how we view GE from a Biodynamic standpoint. A thorough reading of the course and other RS literature reveals that it is the hydrogen which carries the Cosmic spirit into matter through its joining together with Carbon "moistened by Sulphur". It is once Hydrogen separates from the Carbon again helped by Sulphur that Hydrogen then carries the other bodies away from matter. In plant growth we see this joining together of the Carbon based Earthly Matter and the Hydrogen based Cosmic Forces primarily in the root (nerve sense) region of the plant and together they move upwards from the earth. (Note what happens in the biennial plant when the Cosmic Forces are retained in the root for the first season.) In normal growth this upward growth supported by lime and clay, is met by the downward moving Earthly Forces and Cosmic Matter processes above the ground which bring in the mass and nutritive quality depending on the availability of humus, moisture, sand and light. When dealing with GE we need to be clear about both these forces, Cosmic Forces and Earthly Matter, and not just join together as RS has done in lecture 3. Before we start waving big sticks of injustice at GE should we not reflect upon our own peppering process which halts the formation of seeds within seed heads of weeds within the first season after treatment and in the following season causes such bizarre growth formations as to suggest it has been sprayed by a hormone. Are we not doing exactly the same thing as we are charging GE makers of doing. We are interfering with the balance between Cosmic and Earthly streams of activity which results in a terminator process. How many BD growers have found that an inappropriate application of the preparations has created an alteration in the desired plant form such as extra leaves in a broccoli head or stems swelling in an inappropriate place. We in BD are playing with exactly the same forces as the GE boys however in a different manner. One of the interesting things about DNA is that large parts of it seem unused most of the time, somewhat like the human brain. Research by Dan Carlson of Sonic Bloom fame found that in his growth experiments a leaf form from a related species of his trial plant would appear occasionally on his experimental plant. This lead him to conclude there was a massive amount of genetic information available for a plant to draw on as it needed it. What I see possible with BD

is that we are not initially effecting the physical gene however we have the possibility to effect the environment both physically and spiritually that a plant grows into, and thus triggering different parts of the DNA message not seen normally. This new emphasis is then carried forward in the new seeds and becomes a standard characteristic from there on. The GE boys and BD folk may be working towards the same goal however from different ends of the game. IMHO it is not the act of GE which is the problem but the inherent unconsciousness and lack of any substantial trials or the involuntary evolutionary environmental impacts of genetic engineering which are the greatest concerns. The methodology in itself is just a materialistic attempt at achieving the task RS set us in lecture two when he said we can control the development of species using what he has outlined in 1924.

This essay got a very reactive response from the BDNOW list. Most writers were suggesting I was say BD annd GE are one in the same thing (which I am not saying) or they were reacting to the immense lack of morality and ethic shown by GE scientists and felt BD could not be mentioned in the same sentence.

Plant Predators come in many forms. There are the various insect predators as well as many fungi, bacteria and virus's. For all of these Biodynamics accepts the same basic axiom as the basis for their existence. Whenever they cause a problem they are always a manifestation of an imbalance in the relationship of the four bodies to each other. The causes of which are manifold and the solutions as varied as the problems we find. Undoubtedly though it will be some form of stress factor which causes the imbalance. One imagination I use to visualise the existence of an insect attack is to imagine a finely woven cloth of four different colours. When everything is harmonic no light shines through the cloth. As stress factors mount the basic colours begin to separate into their individual groups. It is as if oil and water are separating from one another. As the separation continues large holes appear in the fabric (of space) and it is to these vacuums in space, that the insect or fungi is actively sucked. The solution is not to kill the insect and leave the vacuum open, for another insect to be sucked into, but to close up the hole. This means to alleviate the physical cause of the stress as much as possible and then to use the Biodynamic preparations to further enhance the spiritual body recombination. The biodynamic preparations have shown that they can be used by themselves as a solution. However their effect will only last for a period of a few weeks before the underlying physical imbalance reasserts itself once again. So solving the physical problems as much as possible is the long term answer. Due to the symbiotic relationship of living organisms of the Earth and their environment, it is possible to look to the organism for indications as to what the spiritual imbalance might be. This is where much of the information provided in the Biodynamic literature is very valuable. Firstly by exploring the nature of the problem we find the common elements between the problem and its environment. With regard to insects and the animal kingdom in general, the work of Eugen Kolisko, which has been presented in the 12 fold chapter of Biodynamics Decoded becomes useful. He has outlined the predominate activities present in the various species of the animal kingdom from which some determinations can be made.

Climate and the soils state is naturally a prime consideration, as these show us the ways the four physical elements of Warmth, Light, Water and Earth are working. During the growing season it is the alteration of these elements which generally cause the primary state of stress. Better drainage, more humus in the soil, mulching and even just watering plants is often all that is needed to bring back the balance. Insects Insects were one of the earliest group of species to evolve in a different direction to most other animals on the Earth. It is therefore reasonable to see insects in quite a different light to problems caused by the higher animals. While adult insects generally still maintain a threefold division of their bodies, into head, abdomen and thorax, they do have a significant difference from other animals in that they literally have air flowing through them. Just as we have our circulatory system for our blood which moves through ever branching veins to our extremities. So insects have holes down the side of their bodies which allows air to flow into a similar vein structure through their bodies. To such a degree that insects can be considered 'air beings'. It is as if they are manifest Sylphs. Wherever we see insects, we see the activity of the air body, the Astrality. RS comments on this in the sixth lecture of the Agriculture course where he mentions birds also being intimately entwined with the Astrality. Birds also generally have hollow bones filled with air. Insects are also quite rare in their ability to form specific relationships with plants. Often a particular insect will have some unique adaptation which will make it the only insect that can pollinate a particular plant or even only eat a particular plant. Often flowers and their insect pollinators will have a similar shape so as to be indistinguishable until they fly away. So it is within the bounds of possibility to accept the insects at least as a symbiotic partner to the plant kingdom. In fact plants evolvement has been intimately linked to the life of the insects . If we look at the spiritual make up of the Kingdoms of Nature, presented earlier, we can see that the plant kingdom has an internalised Etheric body, while the animal kingdom, which includes the insects are different to the plants in that they have internalised the astrality. Koliskos work has shown that the degree by which an animal has developed true organs is an image of the degree it has incarnated the astrality. Insect organ development is still relatively fundamental however they are definitely on the road. From this, we can make the general statement, that plants are beings of the water in the same way that insects are beings of the air. In the relationship between plants and insects we see the relationship between the Etheric body and the Astrality. Remembering that plants have an internalised Etheric body they therefore live within the �body' of the World Astrality and World Spirit forces. This means that generally the Astrality lives outside the plants, and so the rightful place of the insects is to hover above the plant, drawing their sustenance from the air and that which lives in the air. So now imagine that when a plant grows through the spring it is a Physical and Etheric organism, carried on the minerals and water from the soil. It does this all the time pushing back the World Astrality as it grows. Once the summer begins and the water begins to diminish from the environment and the plant, we see the Etheric body beginning to withdraw into the Earth again. From earlier chapters you should by now appreciate that the Etheric and the Astrality are like marriage partners. That while they are of opposite quality, they form a creative polarity which allows both a creative tension from which to become active and �alive'. In life wherever the Etheric body goes so the Astrality follows. It can be considered that they are inseparable in life. So as the Etheric withdraws during a dry period so in comes the Astrality into the physical body of the plant. Instead of having a physical /etheric matrix of substance, we now have a physical

/ astral substance. It is this astralised substance which the insects can now move in on and consume. This suggests that the easy answer to pest control is through the revitalisation of the Etheric activity. The etheric activity returns and the astrality is expelled and the insects have to leave. In the beginning of my studies I worked on this premise and for a small number of insects this solution works. For many insects and plants though, it does not, as there are many things which cause the Etheric to flow or not, in the various plants and many different pests which can attack a plant at various stages of their growth. This brings us back to the need to find the specific nature of both the plant and the insect and for these prime conditions to be reinstated. One example is my �Pest protection' pest control. It works well on slugs snails and some grubs. By looking into Koliskos work and others we can appreciate that the four stages of the insect, egg, grub, pupa and adult correspond to the Earth , Water, Air and Fire elemental stages. Hence the grub , of which the snail could be considered, is indeed a very etheric being, and hence a stimulation of that energy will counteract that of the being of that energy. However over the years I have noted that it will only repel those insects on particular species of plants and not on others. One cool spring my basil plants were being eaten by slugs while my lettuce and brassica plants where not. Both had been sprayed similarly. I realised that basil likes warmth and does better in the later summer and so I sprayed it with a warmth spray, upon which it began to grow normally and the slugs no longer attacked it. With the warmth the etheric could once again begin to flow and hence the balance was restored. It is not simply a case of restimulating the etheric, it is more about re-establishing the conditions which will allow the etheric to flow naturally. Both the nature of the pant and the nature of the insect need to be investigated and considered before a successful biodynamic solution using just the Biodynamic preparations can be used. Mammalian Pests Mammals such as rodents, possums, rabbits and even deer, can be seen is a similar way however slightly different forces are active. Again I refer you to Dr Kolisko's work on animals to gain a picture of what your particular pest is energetically and therefore what it is doing in your environment. The OregonBD groups website also has a useful article on this Being mammals, these animals have fully developed organ systems and are relatively close cousins to Humans. Therefore we must look more to the working of the Ego or World spirit in their activity rather than just the Etheric / Astral balance. The Ego Astral balance may also need to be considered. If these pests are inside the house, and this goes for ants and cockroaches as well, we must look to the inhabitants of the house for the cause of the infestation. You will find the infestation most directly effects the person with the imbalance. Eg rats in the ceiling above a persons office or bedroom. In these cases while the spray can be applied around and inside the house it can also be given to good effect to the person who has the corresponding imbalance. Fungi Dr Steiner gave very clear indications regarding fungal attacks. He suggested that fungal attack was an overly active etheric activity, which sees an activity that is at home in the soil, being drawn up into the plant sphere, due to a satisfactory environment existing in that region. He suggested we needed to draw the etheric back into the Earth and plant and that this could be achieved using 505 (Oak Bark). We can also push the etheric back into the Earth with Silica in the form of Equisetum or horsetail.

In most cases this is so, however I would suggest that Powdery Mildew, which is a renowned dry hot fungus may not easily fit into this description. Part of the solution is to also change the physical circumstances as much as possible, which allow for a rampant etheric to exist in the first place. This can be caused by over fertilisation , especially with nitrogen. It can be caused by low light and low air movement or a wet season. Bacteria and Virus If Fungi are an imbalanced Etheric, then bacteria could be an imbalance with the astrality while Virus are an imbalance with the World spirit activity. It might be more appropriate to talk of these as too active or uncontrolled light and warmth ethers, within the etheric sphere of the plant. Peppering This is a method where the ash of a seed, insect or skin of a mammal is burnt and then spread about the area to be protected. I use it with success for my commercial clients. Its main drawback is that it does not �close the hole' that the pest came into, and so another like species will come and fill the hole till it is closed. ------------------------------Planets and Life Forces in the Compost Preparations by Dave Robison Based on Dr. B. C. J. Lievegoed, "The Working of the Planets and the Life Processes in Man and Earth", presented 1951. Beginners are advised to read through the "Introduction to BD" class. The class material includes a glossary of terms. Review Of Basic Concepts In the plant, we see life forces at work in the growing and forming of a living being. The physical and etheric forces (life-growth forces) work from within outwards, the astral forces work around it and spiritual forces of the archetypes from the far distance (zodiac). Physical forces work in space, that is, in forms radiating out from a solid center. Etheric and astral forces work in counter-space, that is, with forms radiating inward from the periphery to a hollow center. Etheric processes happen in time, with progressive developmental changes that demonstrate a history. Astral and higher forces are irrelevant to time because they are always streaming through the organism, however they typically unfold in a periodically repeating rhythm. Organisms manifest in a threefold way; for the plant, the root, leaf, and flower correspond to the head, chest and limbs in animals. Etheric forces demonstrate four types, corresponding to the four states of matter. The Life Ether is active in the root (or head), the Warmth Ether in the flower and seed (or limbs) while Light and Chemical Ethers are active in the leaves (or chest). An organism does not come into being merely through etheric processes, but only where the astral principal presses its seal. The archetype induces the threefoldness based upon an opposing polarity with a middle rhythmically linking the poles. Non-living things may have polarity, such as a magnet, but they lack the threefold organization.

The astral principle is carried as a moving, dynamic activity based on a sevenfold archetypal pattern. These seven working principles influence the formation of specific organs in the animal, from which their influence permeates the whole creature. Spiritual working principles are archetypically arranged by twelve principles that reveal themselves in the zodiac. These principles are responsible for the specific individuality (Ego), that which makes a plant be a rose and not, say, sage. The seed is the carrier, or point of attachment, for the spiritual forces that define the species. The seed only unfolds when surrounded by the physical, etheric and astral elements in such a way that these forces can all stream freely into one another. This is what fertile soil provides. Think of a super-saturated salt solution; just a small crystal is enough to induce the whole solution to crystallize. Similarly, a truly fertile soil "longs" to be a plant and is just waiting for the contact of a seed to give it an archetypical "instruction set". It's our job to make the "preplant" condition. We do that with compost. Compost is formed from decaying plant and animal substance, so it still has something of their physical, etheric and astral forces. But these forces are dispersing and the spiritual forces have already withdrawn. We try to capture the dispersing forces and bring them into cooperation once again so that new spiritual archetypes can be received. The remnants of the old organs (leaves, etc) are to be destroyed but their etheric and astral principles are to remain united in the compost. Imagine a caterpillar in its cocoon; it must go through a period of chaos before the new body of a butterfly can form. Likewise the compost goes through chaotization, in order to be at the disposal of the seed. But there is an essential difference - in the animal, astral forces work from within, concentrated in the organs. While in the plant, astral works from outside, streaming through the plant. To conduct the chaotising harmoniously, we implant something like planetary organs in the compost pile. We do this by inserting the biodynamic preparations. Six of the preparations represent specific planetary forces. The seventh is the balancing force of the sun, represented by the horn manure/horn clay preparations. The farmer should be conscious of these underlying processes and not just operating mechanically or dogmatically. The place to learn about such physiological processes is from the doctor. In fact, the farmer can learn much by considering how the physician treats the human body. And the doctor can enrich his knowledge from the observations of biodynamics. The reader should be familiar with the sequence of the planets. Their "nearness" to earth is based on which planets can eclipse or come in front of other planets.

Planet Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon Nearer than Sun Inferior Superior Beyond Sun

Associated Metal Lead Tin Iron Gold Copper Quicksilver Silver

Notice that the sequence can be resolved into three opposing polarities shown by the arrows, with the sun as the harmonizing middle. First polarity: Saturn - Moon, Sun as middle Second polarity: Jupiter - Mercury, Sun as middle Third polarity: Mars - Venus, with Sun as middle Saturn -- Moon Saturn is the most distant planet, just as the Moon is the closest. Saturn is like a gateway toward the spiritually active stars. The Moon leads to the ether spheres that are close to the Earth, where the Spirit wants to impress its seal into the world of substance. Thus, Saturn/Moon bestow the direction and strength for beings to incarnate. It is important during embryonic development and for the first thirty years of a person's life. In man, the Saturn process enters the hair vortex at the back of the head and radiates into the body, making Man into a picture of his individual Ego. This process terminates in the skeleton, where it becomes a lifeless image of the Ego. If Saturn were to work by itself, in thirty years man's body would have calcified and turned into a stalactite!

Saturn works as a differentiating force within warmth, the most spiritual ether. Where Saturn rarefies warmth, crystallized substance (bone) comes into place. Where it densifies, warmth's carrier blood (bone marrow) is formed. Blood cells are formed in the center of the physical, almost lifeless skeleton. After about three weeks, blood cells are absorbed by the spleen. So the spleen is the consummation of the Saturn process. We can see two Saturn processes: 1. Incarnating: leading to a hard, lifeless image in physical space. 2. Resurrecting: the Ego, in the form of the blood, permits karma to play out over time. Saturn is both death and resurrection. The image of the Ego occurs twice, once as the physical in the skeleton, and once, through the blood, as the being living in time. Lievegoed summaries these two processes with symbols, ^ or v. Saturn leads the spiritual to the physical world, but in so doing, it brings dead rigidity. But Saturn leads the spiritual out of the physical in the course of one fulfilling one's life (karma), a form of resurrection. In the plant world, we usually meet with only the first process. As Saturn influence is coming in from the far outside, it can be effective only where working comprehensively from all sides, not in working from a center. Saturn is active in the Valerian preparation, which envelops the whole outside of the compost pile. Such compost bestows full expression of the seed's species. Now consider the Moon - it stands opposite to Saturn and manifests continuity of qualities through a sequence of generations. Moon processes are active in propagation and heredity, in the sense of cellular reproduction. IN this case, we observe cell rising from cell, linked in steady growth. The Moon is associated with recurring repetition of the same. She is concerned with the sequence of generations streaming horizontally across the Earth and continuing over time. Moon forces are active in swelling growth, in cell division and in propagation. If Moon forces alone were active in Man, he would become a soft sphere of albumen and would grow forever. But the Moon finds a limit in the skin; it is not effective outside the boundary. Moon forces enter in front, in the region of the bladder, radiate into the reproductive organs and eventually permeate the whole organism as far as the skin. While Saturn is the bearer of individuality to the skeleton, Moon is the bearer of the type and becomes evident in the skin. Humans with strong Moon forces have beautiful skin (note how we associate the beautiful skin of movie stars with a strong sexual attraction.) The skin as "Moon skeleton" gives an image of Man's heredity. Moon processes are also differentiated. During embryonic development, the nervous system forms out of an invaginated strip of skin, placed within like a little island. This "inner skin" becomes the bearer of a second process -- that of the external world reflected through the nerve/sense system until it reaches the human's consciousness. Thus, the brain becomes where the Moon forces come to a rest. Physiologically, the force now holds back mere cell division and the brain tissue becomes the most differentiated in the body. Such tissue also suffers the most loss of connection with etheric life forces. Ironically, in giving us the ability of creative thought, the brain tissue becomes the least "alive", the least able to heal itself or reproduce. This end result of differentiation is called intensification. So the Moon also shows two aspects:

1. Growth promotion: streaming in time, eternal repetition of the same type. 2. Repressing life: mirror-like reflection, life-forces bounce away, but the image of the outer world is preserved. (Note how the Moon shines by reflecting the Sun's light and that silver is used to make a mirror. In the plant world, we see Moon effects in cell growth. Calcium acts with the watery element as mediator of this growth. The Oak Bark preparation, containing high calcium, is prepared in the animal skull (as if a brain) and held under water. Steiner said this preparation would counteract plant diseases by suppressing an overly rampant etheric element. One could also say, by setting a limit (a skin) to the Moon forces. As we look as these processes weaving into one another, we see Saturn as the image of the Ego individuality, placed in space but becoming another opportunity in time. Meanwhile Moon places into the stream of time a sort of type-heredity that is not individualized. The human overcomes the sequence of generations by repressing blind growth and, in reflecting the external world, the mind awakens.

Saturn I Incarnation as far as the skeleton Lifeless image brought to space Moon I Reproduction, repetition Flowing in time

Saturn II Excarnation - overcoming death through resurrection in time Moon II Repression of blind reproduction, Differentiation, intensification, Image consciousness in space

Jupiter - Mercury Jupiter is the molder of the world. While Saturn creates a bare image in the skeleton, Jupiter molds the rest of the body around the skeleton in fullness and flowing beauty. Jupiter works down from above, rounding and recreating the celestial sphere in rounded (plastic) forms. All the internal organs are rounded, sometimes with hollows where another organ's roundness presses in. Jupiter forces radiated from the rounded brow, molding the brain, and later the thoughts, especially those concerned with bring order and universal connections. From there, these forces work deeply into the body, forming organs and muscles. At the same time, Jupiter strives for super-human gestures. If Jupiter worked all alone, at about fourteen years old, we would all be like beautiful Greek statues, with soulful bearing and gesture but completely rigid. From this rigidity, the Ego individuality frees itself in movement and gesture. The alternating play of muscles contracting is deeply connected with the liver. Muscle movement is due to chemical changes in the tissue, but these chemicals must be controlled and balanced by the liver. This organ is the most fluid and life-filled, that is, it is the organ least permeated by Jupiter processes so that it can have the role of controlling those forces.

In the plant world, we see Jupiter forces creating the rounded molded forms and secondarily in chemical changes, where Jupiter and Mercury work together in the flowing sap. Jupiter is represented by the Dandelion preparation. Molding forces are handed into the plant through silica, the mineral associated with forces from beyond the Sun. Rudolf Steiner described dandelion as the mediator between the cosmic silica forces and those surrounding the plant, bringing health and stability. While Jupiter gives harmony and order, Mercury brings chaos, but one we might call "sensitive chaos". This is movement without any particular direction, but ready to flow into anything, adapting to any resistance by flowing around, always in movement. One has only to think of liquid quicksilver for an image. Whatever kind of movement happens, it is in response to outer circumstances. In the human body, this type of streaming movement is represented by the lymphatic system. The blood vessels may be fixed but lymphatic streams can move as they chose, as long as they reach the lymph glands. While Jupiter is harmonious symmetry, Mercury has a tendency to asymmetry. If a feature is oblique or crooked in the human face, that is Mercury confounding Jupiter's intentions. Mercury has a sense of humor and is pleased if divine intentions don't quite come off. Thus, the gods never finish their work because a state of flux remains. If Jupiter is the king sitting on his throne, at his feet is Mercury as the court jester. Mercury tolerates all conditions, heat and cold, sun and shade, but wants life to go on. In extreme cases, Mercury becomes dishonest and even leads the plant into parasitism. Mercury was the god of merchants and thieves, making sure that earthly goods do not remain in one place but are constantly changing hands. This faculty for adaptation would lead to loss of character; Ego avoids this by diverting movement with more movement. We see when two streams meet, they form whirlpools and empty spaces. This is Mercury's second principle - creating a responsive "newness" by combining movements. The organs taking shape from dynamic movement become different from the archetypical images being projected to Earth. In the plant world, we see these two principles. A beech leaf is completely different from an oak leaf - variability is a Mercury expression. Merging forces are healing, but true healing requires not only that forces merge but also that something new results from the merger. Mercury is active in the Chamomile preparation. This preparation stimulates plant growth through potassium and calcium and has been intensified by the intestine. Jupiter and Mercury weave into each other; the preordained form of the organs meets Mercury and is changed according to the circumstances. The chemical expansion and contraction of Jupiter give direction to the streaming movement of substance through Mercury. Jupiter comes to rest in muscle, then the activity changes to chemical and the resulting muscle movement overcomes what would otherwise be rigidity. Muscle movement sucks at the liver. (That is, the muscles fetch substances from the liver rather than the liver sending to the muscles.) Mercury streams in an irregular way through the lymph vessels and rests in the lymph glands, where the fluid stream leaves the body. The one exception is the lung, which as an empty hollow lacks the fluid streams present throughout the rest of the body. Thus, the liver and lung are the consummation of Jupiter and Mercury respectively.

Jupiter I Rounding plasticity leading to rigid forms

Jupiter II Movement as gesture, Formed movement through chemical activity Mercury II

Mercury I Streaming movement leads to obliteration of individual form

Movement as healing principle, Plastic form due to confluence of movements

Mars - Venus Mars, the last of the outer planets, carries purposeful movement that is directed towards a goal. Mars-force is the process by which the archetype penetrates into the physical sphere but also that which pushes it out again into the world. Mars is at work as the growing point of a plant pushes out and conquers space. Mars brings an inner activity of determination and direction without Mars, no plant would exist. Mars forces work in the shooting and sprouting of spring growth - as an athlete throws his javelin. Mars forces enter Man between the shoulder blades and penetrate into the iron processes of the blood. They also radiate into the speech centers; Mars is formed in the words streaming from the human mouth. The Mars type of human is outwardly active all the time but finds himself unable to preserve what he has created because he can't stand to finish anything. Rather than care and cultivate, the Mars type destroys and builds anew. He has a strong creative urge but, if blocked, becomes consumed with wrath. Mars does not yield to soft measures, so if the Ego is to resist being carried away, it must summon strong resistance. Such opposition creates a damming up of the direction but surprisingly, this transforms into sound. Think of the string on a musical instrument. Force and resistance interact as tautness - and the string forms a musical tone. If we take a metal plate, cover with fine sand and strike a tone, we observe the sand particles form "sound figures" indicative of the particular tone. On Earth, substances come into existence according to Tone Ether forms. Cosmic music starts from Mars and is passed on to the Earth through the Chemical or Tone Ether. In the human or animal body, Mars orders and forms the substances working from the astral body through the organs. In the plant, there is no astral body and Mars works from the cosmic sphere. Iron forces are active in blood hemoglobin and end in the liver where the hemoglobin molecule is dissociated into gall. Iron is held back within the body. Out of this holding back are born albumen-forming forces like "sound figures". The process of building protein in the liver is one of arranging the chemicals like sound figures. Mars is manifested in the Nettle preparation, which harmonizes forces in the soil, bringing true nutritive value to the plant. This is connected

with a health protein-building process and also the formation of starch, because each starch granule is surrounded with a protein sheath. While Mars is out there, Venus is goes deep and stays hidden. Venus is connected with deeper nutrition (at the cell level) and the deepest building process of the organism where inanimate substance is first received into the life stream. Venus is connected with clearing space for something else to unfold. Think of the home belonging to a quite and attentive host. In this home, people can meet and have a productive exchange of ideas precisely because the quiet host has arranged the conducive environment. As Mars is associated with speaking, so Venus is associated with listening. Goethe called conversation more precious than light because of this harmony between partners. To become Venus completely would mean to renounce the self; the Ego could no longer exist. Ego overcomes this by "sucking away" or excreting products of the life forces, through the kidneybladder system. From these organs, the sucking power of excretion reaches into all the living cells. The Venus process comes to an end in the kidney. Here ether force and substance are separated, the substance is excreted and the ether forces radiate upwards into the eye, combining the act of seeing with the force of going out into the world. Mars and Venus have a strong cooperation. Protein, formed through Mars, nourishes the cells along the Venus path. The ether forces freed by the kidney unite with the determinations and direction of Mars in the eye's force of vision. Think of the violin. The determined movement of the bow is halted by the stable string and tone results. The resonance of the instrument creates the opening for the tone to develop and individuality adds musical quality to the tone. In the plant world, e can see the force of the growing point, directed outwards, is surrounded and filled by nourishing Venus force. Both are needed for growth. Building up and excreting cooperate closely; the dammed force of the growing shoot makes protein formation, while the force of excretion is in the bark and its deposits. Venus is manifest in the Yarrow preparation, which is prepared in the stag bladder, at the end of the kidney sucking process. Thus, the yarrow is strengthened in its connection with Venus so it can receive cosmic substance to enliven the soil and balance exploitation. It is associated with potassium processes.

Mars II Mars I Directed movement, Growth into space Venus I Nurturing nutrition, forming receptacle for something higher to enter Tone, from stayed movement, Protein formation, Substance formation Venus II Excretion, Separation of substance from ether forces

Working of the Sun The Sun stands in the center of the three polarities. It provides balance, not a dead equilibrium but a living interplay, for each. The activity of the Sun is both expanding, spreading out in space, and contracting, into a point. Neither follows a straight line but both are spiral processes. We see this contrast as "Winter Sun" and "Summer Sun" as well as in "night" and "day". In making the preparations, it is important that the material be exposed to the right stage of the Sun. This breathing and pulsing of the Sun goes through all the planets, creating a rhythmic interplay. In the human body, we see the Sun rhythm in blood circulation. First, the blood streams from the heart into the periphery of the smallest capillaries. On its return journey, it flows slowly, then gathers speed and rushes back into a vortex in the right atrium of the heart. Similarly, the Sun condenses cosmos into substance, then transforms it back into cosmic. Horn Manure, exposed to the "Winter Sun", and Horn Silica, exposed to the "Summer Sun", are the two preparations representing the Sun aspects. Both are stirred before use, with a rhythmic stirring that produces a spiral vortex, releasing the Sun forces preserved in the materials. Because plants are really a Sun-Earth being, these preparations are the most important. After the Earth has received the treated and harmonious compost, the Sun-breathing process brings all into movement. Thus, the Sun preparations are applied at the last moment before sowing and maturation. Horn Manure brings the forces that are concentrated on the Earth as germination and growth; while Horn Silica brings the outer cosmic forces that produce quality and aroma. If we combine with the images of planetary processes, we see the group of outer planets represents cosmic influence coming down to Earth. Saturn I Jupiter I Mars I From cosmic distance, Spirit works inward, contracting, the archetype seal is impressed onto the Physical, reaches as far as crystallization. Rounding-off forces add plastic beauty to the severe Spirit forms, creating noble and sublime patterns. What has been created is now placed forcefully into space, directed growth becomes visible.

These three influences are the incarnation of a living being. The archetypes want to place themselves in the world, but without paying attention to earthly conditions. The world, however, imposes a counterforce that is a responsive adaptation to local conditions. The Earth responds, answers, receives and nurses the cosmic influence through the inner planet processes. Venus I Opens the body as a chalice for Etheric Formative forces, nourishes what Mars thrusts into space. Brings fluid, streaming movement, completely adaptable to the momentary conditions, changes rigid Jupiter forms into what is possible for the local conditions. Through reproduction at the small-scale (cell division) and large (species reproduction) creates chaos into which Saturn can impress its seal, where in every cell the archetype can be received anew.

Mercury I

Moon I

The outer and inner planets weave together to bring about birth and growth. But the driving force behind is the contracting force of the Sun, condensing from the periphery through the planets into Earth. This is what happens in the human embryo and in the case of the plant world during autumn and winter. On a large scale, this dying process occurs during the fall season. On a small scale, it happens all the time because the single cell must die for the organ to grow. Life is a continuous, dynamic living and dying. The retarding forces of death are as important as those of growth. In plants, we can see that an excess of up-building forces creates a disease condition, in which alien organisms become parasites. To understand how these disintegrating processes are organized, we must look at the secondary processes. The sequence of generations-thorough-time is thrown back out of the world of space into that of time by reflection. Intensification is the retarding, congesting of growth forces so that these become finer and more configured, as the cotyledons lead to the leaf and then the flower petal. This is in opposition to unfettered growth that would otherwise lead to a single giant leaf. Refinement happens while expansive growth is restricted, and brings more the individual archetype of the plant's Spiritual nature.

Moon II

Formative forces are countered through the meeting of flowing Mercury II movements. Empty space is created, falling out of the stream of life. The forms of supporting organs are created, such as wood out of cambium. Excretion is closely connected with Mercury II, allowing ordered substance (protein) to be present. The process harmonizes substance but comes to rest in dying substance. That is, living protein is swirling albumin chaos; only dying protein falls into a definite structure. Once substances form, they decline into increasingly rigid patterns. After St. Johns Day, the forces of maturation increase in the plant. Leaves and buds harden off. From living, streaming fluid-life, food substances are stored as solid deposits, a submission to Earthly gravity, a preserving condensation. Up-building is over but substances will be saved for future renewal.

Venus II

Mars II

Jupiter's activity is that of chemistry. Aromatic substances are the finer Jupiter processes. Starch is formed out of sugar, oils out of Jupiter II carbohydrates, alkaloids out of disintegrating proteins. These substances bestow specific properties on the seeds and fruits. The cosmic influence is made denser (to roots) and thinner (to aromatic fruits). The resurrection from space into time occurs through the formation of the seed. The whole plant disappears from the world, contracted into a minute point, handed over to a future time. Excess contraction means that protein contracts to carbon-nitrogen bonds (cyanogen). Stone fruits exhibit cyanogens aroma in their pit, showing their strong connection to Saturn.

Saturn II

To summarize the Sun-planet connections:

The "Summer Sun" stimulates the cosmic influences coming downward to become the forces that drive plant growth invisibly. In the secondary processes, the plant becomes visible - what we can see has already fallen out of life - life itself is an invisible dynamic process. Only after the life process has passed through the Earth sphere, overcoming the Earth forces, do we see substances formed. These bear the impress of life but are no longer living. The visible plant is left behind in the resurrection of forces, as a butterfly leaves its chrysalis. The Spring-Summer-Day Sun is inhaling or incarnating. The Autumn-Winter-Night Sun is exhaling or excarnating. In the first Agricultural Lecture, Steiner pointed out these two streams in plant growth. First, the growing forth (primary processes of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars), then propagation and reproduction (primary processes of Moon, Mercury, Venus). The outer planets work via warmth and silica; the inner ones via calcium and water. In the Second Lecture, Steiner points out that it is more complicated through the three-fold form. Now, we find the Earth's surface compared to the diaphragm, as a breathing surface for the Sun. During incarnating, near planets work directly on the plant through rain and dew; outer planets work through silica in the air and are reflected by silica in the Earth. Below the ground, the secondary forces begin in order to set limits to growth. The disintegrating processes lead to contraction of form, intensification (of leaf to petal), and preserving nutrition. These forces work from the Earth to the root. So above the ground, primary incarnating forces are active; below the ground retarding, excarnating forces are preparing. During winter, the situation is reversed. Above the ground is rigidity and cold, the plant withdraws, secondary excarnating forces rule the atmosphere. Life processes withdraw to below the soil, preparing to unite with the seed. Water processes condense to crystals, but when they thaw in the spring, they carry to the seed resurrection, protein formation, aroma and quality. The Earth is at its most crystalline, exposed to primary outer planet forces, absorbing the force of the archetype. The secondary inner planet forces wait by the roots and become active after January 28 as sap begins to rise, even if snow still covers the Earth.

This is the picture of "Heavenly forces rising and descending, passing from one to another the golden buckets". Summer Conditions Flower warmth dead Outer Planets I Rain living Inner Planets I ----------dead Root warmth Outer Planets II living Food substance, aroma, From below working seed formation upwards Winter Conditions In spring, these start downward drawn by lime ----------Inner Planets II Intensification, support, excretion Root tendency working up Sun (Diaphragm) ------------Germination - flowing sap, nutrition Drawn down by lime (Ca) Archetype - plastic forces growing forth Reflected by rocks (Si)

Warmth Air Water Earth -------Earth Water Air Warmth

Warmth distant Inner Planets II

No point of contact




Resurrection, food formation, protein formation, health Outer Planets II

Trickle down as melted snow

Earth -------Earth Water Air Warmth Root warmth ----------crystalline

----------Outer Planets I

Sun (Diaphragm)


Communion of seed and Root tendency archetype working up Inner Planets I Germination forces, flowing of sap Working upwards after January

502 - Yarrow Prep Steiner says sulfur effects are here brought to highest perfection, works as in medicine to remedy weakness of the astral body. This ability to create a favorable influence is characteristic of Venus. Yarrow is prepared by placing in a stag bladder (terminating point for Venus), exposing to the Summer Sun, then buried over winter. Steiner says it quickens the soil to receive more distant cosmic substances that come to Earth in homeopathic quantities. These are outer planet effects. Potassium, active in the plant framework, is quickened by yarrow. Excretion of cellulose and salts to assemble the plant framework is a secondary Venus process. The stag's antlers are a naked extension of the skeleton into the air. Here something Saturnian pierces the usual skin covering and reaches outside the animal. The inmost skeleton mingles with the distant cosmic forces in the air. The horn is the exact opposite -- in the horn, Moon closes the gate and reflects back the interior forces that the antler allows to radiate out. Formation of the antlers is a rhythmic process over the course of the seasons while horns are permanent. During excretion (a secondary Venus process), disintegrating substance is sucked to the kidney. Physical substance is drawn off to the bladder while ether-astral forces ray upward. In the case of the stag, these forces drive the antler growth. Once the antlers are completed, they become a sense organ. Astrality leaves the animal and communicates with the Earth's astral where distant planets are active. The flow of forces manifests as the "nervous" awareness state of the stag. During the summer, the bladder sucks in the distant planets active in the homeopathic silica of the atmosphere. In the winter, these same forces are active in Earth's subterranean crystals. The bladder acts as if the antlers were still in existence, extending etheric into space. The yarrow (its medieval name was Venus' Eyebrows) becomes more able to unfold its Venus nature, to create a space wherein distant formative forces can manifest into the life stream. 503 - Chamomile Steiner indicated that chamomile as simulates calcium (and potassium). Manure thus treated has a more stable nitrogen content and kindles healthy growth. The herb is placed in cattle intestines and buried where snow water seeps into the ground to bring the cosmic-astral influence. Medicinally, chamomile is widely used for mucous membranes and is particularly healing for the intestines. Typically, the herb induces sleep. Insomnia is a case where the astral body cannot separate from the physical because the etheric body is too weak. A chamomile compress brings the etheric body into movement and allows the astral to separate. Intensification of the etheric stream through motion and pacifying the chaos of the astral are Mercury processes. Digestion is a Mercury process of dissolving substances into fluid chyme and moving through the intestines. The intestine wall is a gland excreting digestive fluids into the foreign foodstuff. The substance of the foodstuff needs to be completely destroyed to the point of inorganic so that it can be absorbed and quickened with the body's own ether-astral force. When chamomile is buried in the Earth, the secondary processes of the distant planets are active, coming in with snow water. The intestine wall continues its function of sending astral forces into its contents, but now those forces of the Earth not the animal body. The intestine connects the chemical and protein forming forces with the flowing, healing Mercury forces of the herb. This is why

Steiner says the manure will be digested to a more stable form of nitrogen with better nutrition and health for plants. 504 - Nettle Preparation Steiner says the nettle has a kind of iron radiation as beneficial as the iron in our blood. The prepared nettle does not permit any wrong process of disintegration in its neighborhood. The Earth becomes individualized for the plants we want to grow and the plant products are more nutritious. Steiner called it a "jack-at-all-trades" that can do very, very much. Nettle has a Mars attitude, aggressive against anyone coming too close and throws its arrows into its opponent. Medicinally, nettle is a remedy for blood anemia and to stimulate milk. We meet here a preparation in which the planets from beyond the Sun are active and they require less potentising than the near planets. The nettle doesn't require an animal sheath for burying in the Earth. Recognizing that the secondary Mars process involves the building up of protein for preservation, Steiner described the preparation as developing a sensitive awareness in the soil such that no wrong decomposition or loss of nitrogen occurs. 505- Oak Bark Steiner described oak bark as a remedy against plant diseases. It contains high levels of calcium of which he said, "It restores order when the etheric body is working too strongly, that is, when the astral cannot gain access." It damps down an overly rampant etheric body but in a gentle, regular way so that it does not create shocks. Plant diseases are a symptom of the etheric body being too attenuated to hold on to the astral-spiritual archetype. The etheric seeps away and allows disease organisms to enter. When that happens, we need to add a force from below with oak bark and its polar partner, the silica active in equisetum. The effect is a regulation of Moon influence. Steiner described the effects of a thoroughly wet spring. Then the Moon forces enter the Earth too strongly and work form below upwards too strongly. That which should occur only a seed formation happens too early and the seed becomes like soil for other organisms to arise. Equisetum works from above to remove super-abundant Moon forces. Oak bark becomes active in the soil to restore normal Moon forces. Oak bark is associated with the nearest planet and needs to be consolidated to develop a closer connection with the Earth. This is the purpose of the animal skull. Oak bark fills the skull and the then it is buried where snow water can flow past it during the winter. We recall that distant forces live in the snowmelt, bringing resurrection (Saturn), chemistry (Jupiter) and protein formation (Mars). In the skull, the secondary Moon process dampens germinating forces and reflects the world inward. This "killing" dampens down the etheric while it allows the astral to form an image within the substance so that the calcium of oak bark dominates the Moon process of blind growth. 506 - Dandelion Steiner said that "we need silicic acid to attract and draw in the cosmic properties…there must be a clear and visible interaction between silicic acid and potassium." The dandelion is described as being made "inwardly sensitive" to draw in things from distance. Medicinally, dandelion is a "spring tonic" against liver problems. Silica effects are active in bringing in the outer planets; potassium is active in the upright frame of its flower stalk. The dandelion root reaches straight

down deeply into the dead strata of lower sub-soil. The seed receptacle forms a crystalline structure. Jupiter forces are at work in the silica form and in the chemistry of the milky sap. The plant parts do not need a lot of treatment - they are placed within an animal membrane to enhance their forces. Then the herb spends the winter in the crystalline Earth, exposed to the distant planets. The sheath is the thin and shining mesentery from which fat has been removed. This membrane is unique in being sensitive to pain even though it covers organs that are not sensitive to pain. Thus, it serves higher consciousness but in the lower part of the body. When a person forms a mental image in the upper body, it is carried down to the organs in the process of forgetting. There the image is reflected by the organ's surfaces and can be remembered again by inner vision. What Jupiter has formed passes thorough and is preserved for later activity. In the mesentery, the dandelion is exposed in the Earth to distant winter forces that pass through. The package now attracts formative forces into itself. The "Earth brain" relates to the preparation as the human brain relates to the metabolic organs; forces formed above are preserved for memory. Steiner says that this preparation makes the plant sensitive so that it can attract what it needs even from adjoining fields or forest. Thus, the whole farm becomes a greater organism in a noble arrangement worthy of Jupiter. 507 - Valerian Steiner said little - only that this preparation stimulates the plant to behave properly towards phosphorus. Valerian gets little preparation. The flowers are pressed and the extraction diluted with water and sprinkled over the compost pile. Diluting and potentising are enough because we are dealing with Saturn, the most distant and already potentised planet. Steiner described the medicinal effect of valerian as strengthening the Ego (for the plant this means the spiritual archetype) against a too strong astral influence. With oak bark, we regulated astral against a rampant etheric. Valerian root is a sedative that lowers nervous excitement. Summarizing the preparations: Planet Saturn Herb Valerian -Sheath In Water In Earth In Earth Both above and below ground In Earth Under Water Location Winter Winter Both winter and summer Both summer and winter Winter Winter Season

Jupiter Dandelion Mesentary Mars Venus Nettle Yarrow -Stag Bladder Skull

Mercury Chamomile Intestine Moon Observations:   Oak Bark

Mars-Venus preps need both winter and summer. Jupiter-Mercury preps made only during winter.

 

Saturn-Moon preps are placed in water. Outer planets are spiritualized already, need less treatment. THE WORKING OF THE PLANETS AND LIFE PROCESSES IN MAN AND EARTH

Bernard Lievegoed

n describing the following seven planetary processes it will be assumed that the reader is familiar with the fundamental works on the connections between planets and metal, especially with the work of L. Kolisko.

Planet 1. Saturn ) 2. Jupiter ) 3. Mars ) 4. Sun

In the sphere of Metals Lead Tin Iron Gold Copper Quicksilver Silver

Planets beyond the Sun

5. Venus ) 6. Mercury) 7. Moon )

Planets nearer than the Sun

This sequence has been chosen because when studying the inner effects we can resolve it into three polarities, with the Sun as the harmonizing middle. First Polarity: 1-7 Saturn-Moon Sun as middle Jupiter-Mercury Sun as middle Mars-Venus Sun as middle The Sun as Middle by Itself

Second Polarity:


Third Polarity:


Fourth Process

These seven planetary processes are seven qualitative worlds, seven qualities, seven principles of activity. To understand them we must enter their life, must live inwardly with their impulses of movement, must get to know them by something like the sense of touch. -----------SATURN We begin with Saturn, the most distant planet from the Earth, just as the Moon is the nearest one. Both these planets are like gateways: from the planetary Astrality Saturn leads in the world of Spiritually active stars, the Moon into the Ether spheres close to the earth—Where the Spirit wants to impress its seal right into substance, Saturn must

bestow the direction and the strength to incarnate. Out of the heights, Saturn accompanies every process of incarnation, from the cosmic midnight hour through the gateway of birth as far as the first thirty years of human life. This is a sublime process, because with the help of the Saturn forces the Spirit reveals itself even as far as dead matter. In man the Saturn process work in such a way that it enters the hair vortex at the back of the head, radiating into the dead material of his body, wanting to make man a picture of his individual, Spiritual Ego. From above and behind downwards it radiates through the body, terminating in the skeleton which thus becomes a lifeless image of the Ego. The skeleton is so sublime because it shows us this picture of the Ego. If Saturn were to work by itself, the whole human body would calcify and within thirty years man‟s body would have turned into a beautiful stalactite. Saturn, at work already throughout the whole embryonic development, places us as a Spiritual being toward the world of space. After the cosmicmidnight hour, the human Ego turns towards the Earth with the help of the Saturn forces and while completing the painful path towards incarnation, all the time becomes denser. During the embryonic life and in early childhood Saturn crystallizes the skeleton out of the watery organism. Saturn work as a differentiating force within warmth, the most spiritual of the elements. Where Saturn rarifies warmth, crystallized substance (bone) comes into existence. Where it densifies, the carrier of the element of warmth, the blood (bone marrow) can be formed. The blood is born in the red marrow of the bones, in the center of the physical, almost lifeless skeleton. Having lived for about three weeks it disappears in the spleen. Thus we may call the spleen the consummation of the Saturn process, and in that sense a Saturn organ in which the Saturn process dies. There are two Saturn processes in Man: 1. The incarnating Saturn process, leading to the dead image in space. We can say: through this first Saturn process man (his Ego) dies in space. 2. The resurrecting Saturn process which enable the Ego, in the blood, to fulfill his karma in the course of time. Saturn is the planet of death and resurrection. The Ego appears twice in Saturn process, once as image in space, as skeleton, once as image living in time, in the blood, manifesting as biography. To summarize all this we can use these two symbols ? ?. Saturn leads the Spiritual to the Physical, but in doing so brings death to appearance in the rigid image. Saturn leads the Spiritual out of the Physical in the course of human karma; thereby kindling resurrection, the overcoming of matter through the Spirit. In the plant world we shall meet first and foremost the Primary process, i.e. that of incarnation. Saturn brings to manifestation in the plant the Spiritual archetype of the species. Saturn, the outermost planet, surrounding the whole solar system, is active as carrier of the Spirit, working from the furthest distances, from the circumference. Saturn can be effective, where it can work from all sides „comprehensively‟ but now when working from a center. It is active in the Valerian Preparation 507 which envelops the compost heap; fetching the Spiritual inwards. Such compost can be a healing factor in the soil, because it bestows the faculty of bringing to full expression the Spiritual form of the plant species. ------------

MOON Next we must describe the Moon process, standing in opposition to Saturn and manifesting wherever certain qualities continue through a sequence of generations. Moon processes are active in propagation and the stream of heredity, in reproduction, where a new a new organism rises from an old one, where cell is formed from cell, where cell is linked to cell in steady growth. The Moon is associated with the ever recurring repetition of the same, with the memory of something which has been created before, the ideal of heredity. She is concerned with the sequence of generations streaming horizontally across the Earth, continuing its existence in time. Moon forces are active wherever we meet swelling growth: in the individual organism through cell division, in separate organisms through propagation. If Moon forces alone were active in Man, he would roll through the world like a soft sphere of albumen and the growth forces would continue without end. But in Man this Moon process finds its limit in the skin, outside of which is ceases to be effective. In front, below, in the region of the bladder, the Moon forces radiate into the reproductive organs and permeate the whole organism from within outwards, as far as the skin. Whereas the Saturn process is the bearer of the individual Spiritual forces and manifests in the skeleton, the Moon process is bearer of the type principle, of heredity, and becomes visible in the skin. (It is significant how heredity expresses itself just in the color of the skin). Human beings with strong Moon forces have a beautiful skin and strong sexual attraction. The film star is the ideal of the Moon type of mankind. The skin as „Moon skeleton‟ is the image of Heredity-Man. The Moon processes express themselves as the differentiating factors within the processes of Life, as those of Saturn in Warmth. During embryonic life, out of the skin the nervous system is differentiated, which is like a skin, place within as an island. This „inner skin‟ is the bearer of a second process: the outer world reflected inwardly through the nervous system, reaches the level of man‟s consciousness. The „lifeless reflection‟ can only take place, when the life processes are dimmed. The brain (a „skin‟ island within man) thus becomes a Moon organ, where the Moon forces come to rest. Physiologically this force which can hold back the processes of mere life and cell division expresses itself as one of tissue differentiation. The nervous system is the most differentiated tissue—the organism becomes an image of its Spiritual archetype through the potentialities of differentiation. Goethe called this force in the plant intensification. The Moon also shows two aspects: firstly growth promotion in the stream of reproduction and heredity, streaming along in time, linking being to being, resulting in the eternal repetition of the same. Secondly, by repressing life it assumes the quality of a mirror. The Moon herself reflects sunlight and we use silver for covering our mirrors; and photography is based on the silver‟s property of preserving the image of the outer world. In the plant world the Moon effects manifest in the processes of cell division and growth. Limestone acts within the watery element as mediator of the Inner planetary forces. The Oak Bark Preparation 505, consisting almost entirely of organic limestone and prepared in the animal skull (the seat of the brain) and kept under water, is the representative of the Moon processes. Rudolf Steiner says of Preparation 505 that it counteracts plant diseases by suppressing the rampant ethereal element. One could also say, be setting a limit to the Moon forces (forming a skin). A deeper study of these processes, of Saturn and Moon weaving one into the other, shows Saturn as the image of the Ego, of what is individualized, placed into space, and

how this becoming an image means death from which the human Ego resurrects by inscribing its image into time in its biography. The Moon, on the other hand, places into the stream of time what is not individualized, the principle of heredity. The human Ego overcomes this sequence of generations by repressing the life processes, and, in reflecting the outer world, awakens.

Saturn I Incarnation as far as the Skeleton Thus Death as Image in Space

Saturn II Excarnation—Overcoming of Death through Resurrection in Time (Biography)

Moon I Reproduction—Repetition Flowing on in Time

Moon II Repression of Reproduction Process Differentiation in Tissues, Intensification Image Consciousness in Space

Saturn—Moon: together they weave through the mysteries of space and time, of death and resurrection, of „swimming along‟ in the stream of time and awakening in consciousness. -----------JUPITER Jupiter is, in the first place, the great molder of the world. When Saturn in the sublime forms of the skeleton has created the bare image of the Spirit, Jupiter plastically moulds around this skeleton the semisolid forms in flowing beauty. It is the soul of man which is expressed by these Jupiter forms. The plastic Jupiter forms work from above downwards, rounding, recreating the celestial sphere in the roundness of the brow. All internal organs are rounded above, sometimes hollowed out below, because the roundness of the organ below presses into it. The balls of joints are placed at the top end of the bone, the sockets at the lower. The Jupiter forces radiate from the brow into the organism, modeling in childhood the beautiful architecture of the brain, forming later on the thoughts, and especially those concerned with bringing order into the great universal connections. Then again working more deeply into the body, they give shape to the organs and muscles. Jupiter moulds internal organs and surfaces of the body in beauty, but at the same time with super-human gestures. If he alone were at work, at fourteen years of age we would be like beautiful Greek statues, expressing in bearing and gesture purely and simply the forces of the soul. We would all be Apollo statues, because the plastic force of Jupiter is the bearer of a sublime and harmonizing wisdom. This finds expression in the way in which our organs are formed out of the watery element. But this plastic force in all its wisdom, on reaching consummation, would lead to a general rigidity.

From this rigidity the human Ego frees itself in movement, in features and in gesture. The gesture is plastic soul expression in the element of movement, which is based upon the muscles and they in turn bestow beauty to the surface of the body. In their alternation between hardening and softening, swelling and contracting, they perform a play which in its chemistry is deeply connected with the liver. The muscular contraction is due to chemical changes in surface tension, and wherever these occur, in the plant too, Jupiter forces are at work. The Jupiter activity comes to an end in the liver, the only human organ not permeated by the plastic wisdom-filled Jupiter forces, neither in outer form nor in its chaotic structure within. But precisely on account of this it can be so active chemically. In the plant the modeling Jupiter forces above are all at work, and only secondarily the changes in surface tension, where Jupiter and Mercury together regulate the stream of the sap. Among the preparations Jupiter is represented by the Dandelion Preparation 506. Jupiter‟s molding forces are handed on in the plant by the silica, the mineral bearer of the cosmic planetary forces from beyond the Sun. Rudolf Steiner characterizes Preparation 506 as the mediator between the silica forces in the cosmos and those surrounding the plant, bestowing health and stability. -----------MERCURY Opposite to Jupiter stand the Mercury forces. Where Jupiter gives rise to harmony and order, Mercury creates chaos, though not an ordinary one, but one which we might call a „sensitive chaos‟: movement without direction, but ready to flow into anything which might be suggested from outside. Mercury is streaming movement, adapting itself to any resistance it may find, flowing around it to the left or right, just as may be possible and with no inclination of its own, but always in remaining in movement. The one this Mercury never abandons is movement, in this streaming and flowing. What kind of movement results, which direction it takes, that will depend on outer circumstances. Mercury adapts itself but it always streams. In Man it becomes effective and active in the sphere of streaming where there are no definite and fixed paths: in the lymphatic system. The blood vessels have their fixed paths, but the lymphatic streams move where it happens to be possible, as long as they reach their next goal: the lymph glands. Jupiter is active symmetrically, following sublime cosmic laws, Mercury has a tendency to asymmetry. What is oblique or crooked in the human face, or in the plant, is due to Mercury‟s interference with Jupiter‟s intentions. Mercury has a sense of humor, is always ready for a joke, and is pleased if the divine intentions do not always quite come off. Thus the Gods never finish their work, they must go on working, and all remains in a state of flux. A friend once told me that Jupiter and Mercury reveal their nature in the picture of the king and his jester, the king on his throne orders everything with wisdom, his clothes are draped symmetrically. But at his feet sits the jester, with asymmetric clothes, half yellow, half red, just as it happens, and he comments on the kingly words and shows that at times the best laid plans can go astray. Mercury is the great realist and can put up with heat and cold, with sun and shade, but, under all circumstances, is concerned that life continues, that the plant grows further. If need be, he can even become dishonest and lead the plant into parasitism. The Greeks made Mercury the God of merchants—and thieves. Both make sure that earthly goods do not remain at one place, but change hands.

But this faculty for adaptation would ultimately lead to utter loss of character; and the Ego avoids this by meeting movement with movement. What happens when two streams meet and mingle? Whirlpools are created and empty spaces, which in the river form sandbanks. Thus we see in the confluence of Mercury forces a second, organ forming principle. The organs taking shape as a result of these meeting, flowing movements are different from those resulting form divine images being impressed upon the Earth. The plant world reveals most clearly this interplay of these two form principles. If we compare a beech leaf and an oak leaf, we can tell them apart quite easily. But if we pick some hundred leaves from one beech tree, we shall not find two of them quite alike. This tremendous variability of form is an expression of Mercury forces. Every meeting of two active forces is a healing process. But true healing is possible only when the one force (be it the human body, be it the plant) can receive into itself the other force, and something new can result from the meeting. Mercury is active in the Chamomile Preparation 503 which stimulates plant growth through potassium and calcium. The treatment with the intestines intensifies the Mercury activity. (With this we shall deal more fully later on). Here too Jupiter and Mercury weave one into the other: the preordained and wise form of the organs, on meeting with the confluence of Mercury forces, suffers change according to the particular circumstances. The chemical expansion and contraction give direction to the streaming movement of Mercury (by means of surface tensions). In this interplay we find the key to all the problems of turgor, the state of tension within the tissues. Jupiter in all his plastic activity comes to rest in the „muscle-man‟; then the activity changes into chemistry and overcomes the plastic rigidity in movement. In wisdom-filled chemical activity the movement of the muscles sucks at the liver where Jupiter comes to rest chemically. (This is in opposition to the usual concept that the liver sends substances to the muscles. From the aspect of this description it can be understood that the muscles fetch the substances from the liver.) Mercury streaming through the tissues in fluidity and without regularity, arrives finally at a certain contraction in the lymphatic vessels, coming to rest in the glandular activity. The glands (as terminal points of streaming fluidity) are the place where this fluid stream leaves the organism. Fluids stream through the whole body, excepting the inverted air sack which we call the lung. The lung is a gland, but a negative one, it is a hollowing out within the fluid man. Liver and lung as consummation of Jupiter and Mercury activity, are Jupiter and Mercury organs.

Jupiter I Rounding Plasticity Leading to Rigid Soul Forms

Jupiter II Movement as Gesture Formed Movement through Chemical Surface Activity

Mercury I Streaming Movement Leading to Obliteration of Individual Forms

Mercury II Movement as Healing Principle Plastic Form Due to the Confluence of Movements

-----------MARS Let us now describe the activities of Mars and Venus. Mars, the last of the planets beyond the Sun, is the carrier of movement which is creative but directed towards a goal. Mars represents the force by means of which the Spiritual archetype of the plant pierces through to, penetrates into the Physical, and which also pushes it out again into the world. We see Mars at work wherever the plant in its growing point pushes into space, and in so doing conquers space. Through Mars an inner activity is brought into the world, conquering the world with determination and a sense of direction, revealing its own true nature. Without Mars no plant would exist. Mars forces are at work in the shooting and sprouting of every spring, with all its conquest of space. To get a true imagination of these Mars forces we should picture to ourselves a javelin thrower at the moment in which he is about the throw the javelin and is letting go. The strength concentrated upon the target, that is pure Mars force. The Mars forces radiate into Man between his shoulder blades and permeate him in the iron process of the blood. They radiate downwards into the blood, but they also radiate upwards into the speech process. It is Mars force which is being formed in the word streaming from the human mouth. The Mars type, is a man in whom Mars forces predominate, is outwardly active all the time, but spends himself and it unable to preserve what he has created, because he cannot bear that something should be finished. Rather than care and cultivate, the Mars type destroys what has been created and rebuilds anew. He is carried by a continuous creative urge, and where he meets an obstacle he is consumed by wrath. The Ego, when wishing to oppose being carried away by all this activity, must summon strong resistance, because Mars does not yield to soft measures. This process of opposition results in the damming up of the directed force, and now something happens which may come a s a surprise at first: Where Mars forces is dammed up the world beings to sound. The sting of an instrument shows the same phenomenon. The force with which the bow is used, is dammed up by the resistance of the taut string. Force and resistance struggle with each other, and the string begins to sound. Or we take a metal plate covered with fine sand; we strike it with a bow and sound figures appear indicating that matter arranges itself according to the principles of sound. We meet this harmonizing principle again in chemistry, where the order in chemical and organic compounds follows musical laws. Every tone has its own sound figure. The Higher Hierarchies speak into the Ether world, and out of these cosmic harmonies here on Earth substances come into existence according to the order of the chemical elements. This cosmic music starts form the Mars sphere and is passed on to the Earth through the Chemical or Sound Ether. Within the animal and human organism, Mars orders and forms the substances, working from within in the Astral Body. In the plant organism the cosmic Mars brings this about.

The iron forces, active in the hemoglobin of the blood, come to their end in the liver, where out of the red hemoglobin the iron-free green-yellowish gall is formed. The bilirubin is identical with the iron-free hemoglobin and in its formation the iron is held back, it does not enter the gall. Out of this holding back, this damming up, the albumen forming forces, essential for the building up of the human body, are born in the liver like „sounds figures‟. This process of protein building in the liver is sounding tone, in which the substances C—H—O—N—S—P are arranged in sound figures. The driving force bringing this about is the activity of Mars being dammed up. In the plant this process is more hidden, but here too Mars plays a part, once in the growing outward, again in the forming of protein. The force of Mars manifests especially in the Stinging Nettle Preparation 504 which harmonizes the iron forces in the soil, bestowing true nutritive value on the plant. This in turn is connected with a healthy protein building process, but also with starch formation, inasmuch as every starch granule is surrounded by a delicate protein sheath. We shall deal with this more fully later on. -----------VENUS In contrast to the active Mars processes, the Venus processes are hidden, and we shall truly understand them only by being quite still and listening inwardly. Venus is connected with the deeper nutrition (of the cell), with the deepest building forces of the organism, where the offered substances are received into the life processes to unfold their activities by being taken up by higher principles. Venus is connected with the creation of a „milieu‟, with the clearing of space for something else to unfold. We may think of the home of a quiet and modest woman with a significant soul. Here people meet one another in the exchange of ideas and all shyness is cst aside. And if we ask why such social life, so stimulating and fertile, occurs just in this home we must admit that it is due precisely to the quiet personality in the background who perhaps does nothing else but brings coffee just at the right moment and disappears again. Venus has this ability to make room for something else to manifest. As Mars is associated with speaking, so Venus with listening. Goethe call conversation more precious than light, because conversation is the harmony between Mars and Venus, in which the one partner is the speaking Mars, the other the listening Venus, changing parts after a while. Where Mars and Venus truly meet, a third element comes into existence, something new can be made manifest. Entirely to become Venus, to make oneself into a vessel to receive something higher, would lead to complete renunciation of self. The Ego could no longer exist in an absolute Venus attitude. The process must revert into its opposite: the Ego overcomes the building up process by „sucking away‟ that which has passed through the life processes, and does so by means of the kidney-bladder system. The destructive and excretory processes exert their sucking forces from kidney and bladder reaching right into the last living cell. The Venus process comes to an end in the kidney, the Venus organ. When in the kidney Ether force and substance are separated, the dead matter is excreted and the Ether forces radiate upwards into the eye, bestowing the force of going forth into the world in the act of seeing. Pathology knows well this secret connection between the kidney and eye. Most beautiful is the co-operation between Mars and Venus in the living organism. Protein, formed through the Mars force, nourishes the cells along the Venus path. The Venus process, coming to an end in the kidney, there produces radiations. These ray upwards and unite with the Mars force with all its determination and direction, to appear again in the eye‟s force of vision. The force with which the eye

faces the world originates in the kidney radiation. The striking picture of Mars and Venus is such a musical instrument as the violin. The bow is movement full of aim and purpose, the string stays this movement and begins to sound. But quality is added to the tone only by the resonance of the instrument which creates a milieu in which the sounding tone can live, only now being born as living tone quality. It is similar to the growing plant where especially the first two activities of Mars and Venus come into play. The force of the growing point, directed outwards, is surrounded and filled by the nourishing Venus force; only through both these processes together can the plant grow. Creation and congestion, building up and excretion closely and intimately co-operate; the dammed up force of the growing shoot makes possible the protein formation, while the force of excretion lives in the bark and its deposits. Venus forces manifest especially in the Yarrow Preparation 502. The Yarrow is prepared with the Stag‟s Bladder, the end of the kidney sucking process, and thus, strengthened in its connection with the Venus region, it can receive cosmic substances which enliven, refresh the soil, and balance exploitation. Especially the potassium processes in the plants are activated.

Mars I Directed Movement Growing into Space

Mars II Tone Due to Staying of Movement Protein Forming Force Substance Forming

Venus I Nurturing Nutrition. Milieu Forming Receptacle for Something Higher

Venus II Excretion Separation of Substance from Ether Forces

-----------THE WORKING OF THE SUN In the center of these three polar processes stands the Sun process. Wherever there is a state of balance, not just a dead equilibrium, but a living interplay, between Saturn and Moon, Jupiter and Mercury, Mars and Venus, there the Sun is already at work. The archetype of Sun activity is diastole and systole, the expanding, spreading out into space, and the contracting into a point. But expansion and contraction do not follow a straight line, but are spiral processes. The striving and tending away from the center to the circumference takes place in ever widening arcs, orientated right from the beginning to the infinite periphery. On the other hand, the contraction form the circumference towards the center takes place in ever decreasing arcs, with the center as point of orientation right from the start. Those readers who have done some Eurythmy will understand what is here meant by orientation.

Thus the Sun manifests in two activities: On the one hand contracting, leading everything to the center—on the other hand drawing it out into the infinite distances. We can call this contrast also „Winter Sun‟ and „Summer Sun‟, or „night Sun‟ and Day Sun‟. In the making of the Preparations it is of great importance whether a process is exposed to the „Winter Sun‟ or to the „Summer Sun‟. Without a proper understanding of this twofold Sun activity, our measures will remain automatic. The great breathing and pulsating of the Sun goes through all the planets, both those beyond and those nearer the Sun, causing an external and rhythmic interplay between them. It is the task or the farmer working with the bio-dynamic Principles, to live with these rhythms and to adjust his actions to these rhythms and life processes of the plant. In the most beautiful way this Sun rhythm is revealed in the human circulation when the blood disperses form the heart into the infinite periphery of the smallest vessels. In a great arc it leaves the heart, streaming towards the periphery. On its return journey towards the heart, it flows but slowly to begin with, gathering speed and finally rushing in a vortex into the right Atrium of the heart. At one time the Sun rhythm condenses the cosmos into substance, then again it transforms the substance into cosmic quality. The two Preparations by means of which we can handle these two Sun activities, as the need may be, are the Cowhorn Preparations 500 and 501. In the one case it is the Horn-Manure, exposed to the „Winter Sun‟. Both preparations are stirred before use, i.e. a rhythmic stirring inwards and outwards takes place, the vortex each time reaching the bottom of the vessel. With this stirring we subject these SunPreparations to a rhythmic, spiral Sun-breathing movement, releasing into activity, the „Summer‟ and „Winter‟ Sun forces bound and preserved in the Horns. The plant really is a Sun-Earth-Being, and for this reason the Preparations 500 and 501 are so important. After the Earth has received the compost in which the planetary forces are harmoniously active, the Sun-breathing process brings al this into movement; and it is for this reason that the Preparations 500 and 501 are applied in the last minute before sowing and during growth respectively, and in such a way that, in the one case the forces concentrate towards the Earth, thus leading to germination and growth, and in the other case the substances and forces open towards the cosmos and can thus produce quality and aroma. “The one will trouble and the one refresh, So mixed is life in this our mortal flesh.” -----------Writings and diagrams by Glen Atkinson on the nature of life, the universe and everything All is One

Apple of Life

This picture is the end product of many hours of imagining and synthesising impressions from Astronomy, Astrology and Rudolf Steiner writings on Agriculture and Medicine. Astronomy tells us that many organised cosmic bodies, from galaxies, our solar system and even the Earth manifest due to the physics of gyroscopes. Essentially this theory says a central spinning object , be it a black hole or a Sun develops a vertical axis made up of two vortexes. One above the centre and one below it. These vortexes sucks in cosmic matter and gases into itself. For the Earth we can see these vortexes active in the development of the aurora. The colours of the aurora are created as different elements from the solar wind are sucked into the pole vortexes of the Earth. In the case of galaxies and solar systems ,these cosmic inputs are then squirted out along the horizontal plane.Due to the immense electromagnetic and nuclear forces created by the activity of the centre, this substance organises itself in according to the nature of the electromagnetic fields. In the case of the solar system this matter is accumulated and centralised into the mass of the planets. Steiners medical lectures, most notably in "Fundamentals of Anthroposophical Medicine" (ISBN 0-936132-80-9) show how this same basic process is responsible for the energetic development and maintenance of the human physical body. Further investigation into his Agriculture lectures (ISBN 0-938-250-37-1) reveals he has outlined the same structure for plant growth and the energetic working of the alive soil. He goes further to suggest the four major spiritual bodies he outlines work according to this structure too. The vertical pole sees the Spirit/Ego (purple spiral) in opposition to the Physical body (red spiral). Along the horizontal plane eventually the Etheric body (green

lemniscate) forms as a polarity to the Astral body (blue lemniscate). It is the harmonious working of these four bodies which ensures healthy manifestations within all kingdoms of nature. The Garuda Biodynamic Institutes task is to find ways of restoring this spiritual harmony whenever physical disharmony in nature occurs. The squiggles Throughout Steiners work, he describes the activities of these bodies as manifesting according to a set of cosmic laws. These can be represented by the number of players in each law. These are commonly called the 2 fold duality, 3 fold - physical body, 4 fold - etheric body, 7 fold - astral body and 12 fold - spirit/Ego, levels of life. This number series is the same one used in ancient Astrology. 2 fold -Polarity, 3 fold - Modes, 4 fold - Elements, 7fold Planets and 12 fold -Zodiac. One step I have taken is to attempt to join what Astrology says about these laws and what Steiner has said about them. Another has been to place all these levels on top of one another and see them as part of a creative spiral of life (diagram to be placed here later), rather than individual unrelated parts. This step helps us (me) to establish clear relationships between each level as well as between the parts of each level. In this picture you will note there are twelve layers from the centre of the picture (red) through to the outside purple layer. As we move away from the centre to the periphery we move up the spiral. This is imaged by the 'squiggles' which represent the activity of the body spheres as we move outwards. Another representation of this is my "Layers of Creation" diagram placed below this section. A sub plot of this is the suggestion that within each major body axis we will also find the activities of the other bodies becoming active as secondary influences. This is often a consideration which needs to be made when dealing with specific problems such as the spiritual nature of a virus or fungus and the site in which it begins to cause trouble. The simplest interpretation of the 'Apple of Life' is to suggest it is an archetypal representation of the energetic, electromagnetic and spiritual fields responsible for the manifestation of matter along the horizontal axis of any manifest being. A high quality A4 reproduction of the first picture is available for NZ$20.00 plus postage. Pictures and text ©Copyright Garuda Trust World and Personal Manifestations within the 'Apple of Life' (A Glossary for the Agriculture Course)

Glen Atkinson - 20.11.2003

In my earlier writings I have attempted to convey the picture of creation being organised according to a multi layered gyroscope. This diagram is the closest I have come to date to illustrate this picture. There are a few 'ideas' expressed therein which could do with some explanation.

The basic gyroscope arises in the same way a galaxy, star or planet arises. Due to the spinning motion of a hydrogen atom, a speck of dust or a water molecule, a electromagnetic 'being' arises, whose form is based around a vertical axis of two vortexes. This vertical axis sucks forces and matter towards its centre, where they are condensed before they are squirted out along the horizontal plane, where the matter of these structures accumulate. In keeping with all electro magnetic 'beings', this 'cosmic apple' manifests in a multi-layered manner. Astrology and Steiner describes this as having six primary layers. Imagine an apple with six onion rings inside it and you have it. The diagram on the bottom right corner shows the inward moving spiral we live within. The Galaxy - constellations, to the Solar system - planets, to the Atmosphere elements, to living physical forms - modes, to Polarity - sexes, to unity - Earth. The diagram on the bottom left is describing the same phenomena as we visualise looking down one of the vertical vortexes, from the outside into the middle. 'Biodynamics Decoded' outlines how these layers of the Cosmic vortex are the macrocosmic homes of what RS calls the World and Cosmic spheres of the Ego , Astral, Etheric and Physical layers of creation. In many of RS writings we are presented with the concept of the spiritual bodies organising themselves within the 'cosmic gyroscope' according to two sets of polarities. The vertical pole consists of a duality between the Ego and Physical poles, while the horizontal plane is maintained by an interaction between the Etheric and Astral poles. This gyroscopic cross is the essential external harmony which needs to be created before 'life manifest' can come into form and be maintained. RS presents how living creation is an internalised manifestation of these cosmic external 'laws'. He stresses often that if we wished to understand manifestation we must understand this connection between what is essentially an outer and inner set of corresponding realities. This is "As above, So below" as you have never seen it before. If the external reality is expressed as the gyroscopic arms, then it follows that the dynamic spaces in between these horizontal and vertical axis, would be the place to characterise the internalised levels of manifestation. I like manifest life appearing in the spaces between the external gyroscope arms, as it suggests life is a very dynamic and fragile space which changes according to the movements and condition of the primary external world and cosmic spheres. An essential process, as hard as it is, with the Agriculture course is to understand which term RS is using , what level it relates to and how it relates to the other terms he has used before and after it. One can attempt this with a glossary of terms, however I have found this a near on impossible task and find these diagrams the best way to achieve this goal. The outer ring indicates the external and internal governing spiritual member of the arm, The second ring indicates the Astral layer, with the external planets as Saturn 1 etc. while the Saturn 2 is the internalised planetary influence ( see Lievegeod 1951). The third layer indicates the external etheric process as free ethers with the internalised activities as bound ethers. (see M Gardiner 1998 ) The fourth ring shows the internal and external activities of the physical body. Externally as the Cosmic and Terrestrial Silica and Calcium process (lecture 2) while internally these manifest as the Cosmic and Earthly Force and Matter processes ( lecture 8). The fifth ring indicates the external physical chemical elements which carry the bodies and the substances which allow these bodies to become active and manifest in the environment. (lecture 2). The sixth ring is the mineral Earth itself.

Outside this we have the flows of cosmic ether coming from Brahma, being drawn in through the horizontal plane and expelled through the vertical, while the flow of cosmic matter - and cosmic astral and egoic forces - comes in through the vertical plane and expelled along the horizontal. (see H. Lovel 1998) This my friends is but a start. Place this diagram on your wall and refer to it as you read RS and 'Agriculture'. I offer it as a gift in the hope it helps bring some conceptual order to an otherwise complex maze of terminology, concepts and pictures we are thrown into, by entering into a translated version of an advanced lecture series, given to specialists at the every end of a long mystical life, filled with 6000 previous lectures. It is a wild call and all power to you for taking up the challenge of stretching your being to accommodate the wondrous image of reality and practical alchemical suggestions contained within. There are few grander journeys to be taken on this planet, Earth.

Meditations on Creation
To an essay explaining some further details To Hubble telescope pictures of galaxies and stars

The Universal form of Creation

The Archetypal Structure

Fourfold Vortexes of Creation

The Double Vortex - External & Internal Manifestations

The Spiritual Bodies and the Four Kingdoms of Nature

Mineral Kingdom Internalised Physical

Plant Kingdom Internalised Physical and Etheric

Animal Kingdom Internalised Physical, Etheric & Astral

Human Kingdom Internalised Physical, Etheric, Astral and Spirit


Biodynamic Gyroscope

This reference is based upon the external dimensional spheres we live within.

This reference is based upon the structural relationship the spiritual bodies have when they work within living entities

When these two reference schemes, are placed on top of each other , I have chosen to represent it like this.

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