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The Friendship Cube Group: World-Shift

**Graeme Kilshaw June 30, 2012 The way to a brighter future for all walks of life is being paved by our Friendship Cube Group. Our Friendship Cube Group is introducing new ways of thinking and communicating; new ways of being uniting East and West. Through our unique group, global problems are being solved through better and brighter ways of thinking. In our work, we focus on new ways of thinking that educate, empower, and unite people. The friendship cube group continues to grow. We are an innovative platform for collective conscious action. Our friendship cube group empowers our connection to the earth and to one another. We represent our heart alliance for humanity and our planet. Within our community and culture we have the means to build a bigger and better personal world, starting from the heart. It all starts from functioning from the core of our innermost intelligence and our intuition. Our innermost core joins us with each other and with the intelligent universe. We empower people and communities to dream, learn, and achieve from the core of heart intelligence with the friendship cube. Collectively, our friendship cube group contributes to the evolution of humanity and consciousness, functioning from the core of intelligence and working to integrate this core into human cultures. We continue to expand, equipping and empowering diverse communities with our friendship cube technologies. Our friendship cube is our teaching tool. It is a social communications tool that is linking the world and creating value for communities. We use it in programs for evolving, transforming, and uniting human cultures. Our friendship cube is our platform for collective, conscious action from the heart. Our friendship cube programs are educational and evolutionary initiatives. Our friendship cube programs help people to advance forward, to contribute to growing a vibrant society, and to simply help one another. We use secular visual binary intelligence systems to unlock human potential and to unite people. We use our friendship cube to overcome barriers, to build confidence, and to educate people. We awaken young people to become active participants in the conscious evolutionary process through our friendship cube programs. Via our presentations, our workshops, our courses, and our programs, we help communities to develop the cultural skills of being able to systematically and powerfully access their collective heart-will, and apply it to transform our realities. It is like democracy; on steroids. Via our programs, we help people function from the core of their intelligence, and thereby reach their fullest potential. We use our friendship cube programs to strengthen the heart and mind, and to teach skills that promote making strong choices. We work to develop systematic ways of aligning our lives with what is important. We maximize our individual human potential while building a vast community of people on this same human journey. There are many social factors attracting new participants into our friendship cube group programs. People of all walks of life come to us, wanting to try something new and different; wanting to have positive community experiences that enable personal growth and empowering, educational social development. Our programs provide participants the opportunity to learn, network, achieve, and earn more. We teach that the true source of wealth for us on this planet is our minds working in unison towards the common good. Through our programs, we spread knowledge of our friendship cube far and wide, and thereby we overcome barriers and unite to do what we know to be right for humanity and our planet.

What is happening? Change enabling greater intuition, coherence, and unity; change being enabled by our words and our languages. We are engaged in the Great Work. With our Great Works, every responsibility is an honor and every honor is a responsibility. We are one alliance and enterprise forward, for peaceful, positive democratic change. And there is much change ahead. There is much to do. Our forms of communication are evolving. Our friendship cube code is being introduces to new peoples. It is simple enough to be gradually introduced anywhere, through the gift of the friendship cubes. We must work hard. We must think, and give back through our charitable efforts. Our friendship cubes are great first-discovery toys; ideal for young children just entering school. Our friendship cubes are our natural gift. And we love to give. We must work hard in the friendship cube enterprise. We must be empowered by our alliance; giving and receiving for the one. Unity is being created from deep within us, through words and language leading to greater peace and security. We are becoming a more conscious collective. We are continuing to evolve in consciousness. From our energetic heart, conscious and compassionate changes have emerged. We are evolutionary consciousness. Changes emerge from our desire to create a better world, and to provide our global family with grounded stability and the basic needs of everyday life. We have the spiritual backbone and the will to move forward. We must be the change that we want to see in the world. We must become the conscious engineers of the new world, thinking globally and acting locally. We must lead by example and provide good role-models, especially engaging young people. And then a brighter future will be within our grasp. The new language of visual binary has emerged. We dont know exactly how old this language is, but we know it is here and that it works. It is our international language. It stems from the core of our visual binary intelligence systems. Interpret that as you will. Visual binary symbolism is increasingly present, brought to us from our core language. Our friendship cube language is a powerful working tool. It works in coherence with other languages. We are using it to manifest a stately and superb human edifice, optimal in form and honorable to the builder. The morning star has risen. From the darkness, something glimmers in the East our dog star Sirius. It is true that our Eastern Star is Sirius. Brilliantly blazing, Sirius is the brightest beacon in our night sky, beckoning us from the brilliant heavens. Small wonder Sirius was granted God status among many early peoples, including the Egyptians and the Sumerians. Today we see Sirius as a cosmic, visual binary star system. Sirius B, a white dwarf star invisible to the naked eye, packs almost the entire mass of our sun into a globe only four times as large as the Earth. Sirius Bs surface is 300 times harder than diamonds, while its interior has a density 3000 times that of diamonds. Spinning on its axis 23 times per minute, Sirius B generates a huge magnetic and gravitational field. The two stars dance around each other, exchanging particles. Because of its greater density and magnetic field, Sirius B takes the lions share, actually vaporizing gases and materials off its larger host body, Sirius A. The Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul, author of the Alice Bailey books, taught in the early 20th century about the effects of the Sirian visual binary star system in our world. The concept of Sirius playing a Godlike role to our world is not a new one. The Dogon, the African tribe who have worshipped the invisible star Sirius B for thousands of years, claim visitations from beings of the Sirian system. In their religious dogma, they acknowledge the star as immensely heavy, invisible, very small, yet extremely powerful. Their understanding of the two stars orbits coincides exactly with modern astronomical findings, yet was arrived at thousands of years before the equipment needed for such measures even existed. Their ability to recognize the awesome power of the visual binary star system is truly remarkable. Sirius, considered by the ancient Egyptians to be the most important star in the sky, was astronomically the foundation of their entire religious system. Its celestial movements determined the Egyptian calendar Siriuss heliacal rising marked the beginning of the Egyptian year and coincided with the flooding of the 2

Nile. In Sumerian civilization, predating the Egyptians, their epic poem Gilgamesh describes a dream of Gilgamesh where the hero is drawn to Sirius. This star descends from heaven and rests upon him. Even in the Bible, the Lord of Hosts proclaims himself, I am the bright; morning star. This could be translated to mean, I am Sirius. Or I am the Visual Binary Intelligence. Whatever the future holds for us, it feels safe to venture that great change is imminent for our world and civilization. A pedagogical paradigm shift has occurred as a result of our work in communications with the visual binary friendship cube. A new model of the universe has emerged; one of vast cosmic interdependence and unity. How do we most naturally communicate? The answer, according to scientific principles in communication, is visual binary. As a species, we are gradually emerging to shed the need for lower vibration waves and to start focusing more on the light. Television and the Internet have been steps in this collective evolutionary process. And now we have this new stepping stone. Via our visual binary friendship cube, clean communication has become more simple and natural for us as a species. Clean communication is visual binary. It is efficient. Friendship cube symbols rotate creating letters, and combine creating visual binary anagram words. Our friendship cube group technologies represent another stepping stone in the evolution of communications technology. Our universe is clearly, a developing being. Our friendship cube is central to our cosmic story here on earth. A new literacy is emerging. It is digital, visual binary, global, and possibly even cosmic. The greatest global problem we face collectively here on earth may be the lack of global literacy. We have the solution. It is ready. We are preparing to teach the next generation of teachers. Our friendship cube is our teaching tool for the new global literacy. Our friendship cube is our tool for new global thought; for expanded consciousness. Our consciousness transcends nationality and race. Our consciousness is not alien to Spirituality. Our consciousness is becoming more universal and more spiritual gradually. We are just beginning to understand the universal nature of intelligence and our potential future as an intelligent species in the universe of oneness. No person or species that is conscious of this oneness could justly be called alien. We will continue presenting our friendship cube enterprise in the context of a humanistic and spiritual tradition and ancient spiritual alliance. In our friendship cube group, we will serve the universal intelligence, creating unity and order. Our friendship cube group teaches conscious collectivism tending towards unity and order. Visual binary is the language of our highest potential; our innermost human spiritual super-intelligence. And the friendship cube seeds we plant today will bear fruit in the years, decades, and centuries to come. It is not about me it is about all. A new way of collective thinking has arrived. Collective consciousness has emerged via systems that unite us from a deeper level; our hearts. Deep within there is a heart coherence. The dew drop of our individual human consciousness is uniting with the great sea of the one collective mind; as a singularity. Perhaps starting from the fringe and gradually turning into the mainstream; and then again going outwards from the center. An old and a new world are being arranged for the one. We will keep the memories of the past that hint towards a future guided by the same hidden mystery, leading to a stronger and more grounded heart-wisdom for the living earth.

**Visual Binary Intelligence