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TOWARD NEW HORIZONS EAU AOC ere) “oud Anema) IC EPO UNCLASSIFIED pibeess from the DDC 19 responsibility of th: er “Nt te ee ate the DEFENSE DOCUMENTATION CENTER For SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL INFORMATION CAMERON STATION ALEXANDRIA. VIRGINIA UNCLASSIFIED NOTICE: When government or other dravings, spect= fications or other date are used for any purpos: other than in connection vith « definitely relat government procurerent operation, the U. 8, Government thereby incurs no responsibility, nor any obligation vhatscever; and the fact that the Govern~ ment may have formulated, furnished, or in any vay supplied the said dravings, specifications, or other data 1s not to be regarded by implication or other- viee as in any manner licensing the holder or any other person or corporation, or conveying any rights or permission to manufacture, use or sell any patented invention that may in any way be related thereto. UNCLASSIFIED