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Serving God in song and prayer has been the creed of people in the small community of Morbihan, LA, even when it meant walking to and fro to join with other churches in their services. Finally, the Lord saw fit to move a mission worker, Rev. E. H. Phillips, into the area to improve Christian lives. In 1931, at Camp Knighton, LA, Rev. E. H. Phillips and a group of community residents organized the Teche Mission Church according to the Congregational Doctrine. The following persons accepted the covenant: For the glory of God, for the service of our fellow men and for the mutual assistance in Christian life we shall humbly serve thee. Rev. Phillips and the following persons became charter members of Teche Mission Congregational Church: Arthur Daye, Evelyn Daye, Francis Daye. Gertrude Daye, Jules Daye, Ruffin Daye, Lizzie Broussard, Albert Crofton, Joseph Crofton, Juanita Crofton, Mildred Crofton, Ida Harris, Beatrice Johnson, Ethel Johnson, Naomi Johnson, Cora L. Joseph, Katie Locks, Walter Joseph, Frank Lee, Edward Sparrow, Florence Sparrow, Joseph Sparrow, Lawless Sparrow, and Mattie Sparrow. First elected officials were: E. H. Phillips (Pastor), Arthur Daye, Jules Daye, Rufus Crofton and Walter Joseph (Deacons), Gertrude Daye and Evelyn Daye, Beatrice Johnson and Ida Harris (Deaconesses), Walter Joseph, Frank Lee, Edward Sparrow, and Lawless Sparrow (Trustees), Juanita Crofton (Clerk), Frank Lee (Treasurer), Katie Locks (Sunday School Supt.), Cora Joseph (Asst. Supt.), Francis Daye (Secretary) and Gertrude Daye (Treasurer). The church grew rapidly under the leadership of Rev. Phillips, spiritually and physically. In August 1931, the following persons became members: Clarence Crofton, Evangeline Daye, Lawyer Daye, Israel Johnson, Leafier Johnson, and Thomas Joseph. Teche served as a valuable aid to the community; it enriched the lives of many and served as a stepping-stone to greater accomplishments for the people of this community. Under the

leadership of Sisters Katie Locks and Cora Conway, and Brothers Walter Joseph and Telesphore Watson, this community church blossomed. Rev. Phillips served as Pastor from 1931 until 1945. Rev. Phillips and members worked faithfully toward the purchase of land and the construction of a church. In a few years their dream became a reality and construction of the church building was completed. In 1945, Rev. Phillips retired with the knowledge that he had accomplished his mission. Teche then used its firmest conviction: the belief in God and Faith that he would carry them through and worked diligently by independently carrying on services to the best of their ability. In 1945, Rev. Paige served as Pastor for approximately one year. Rev. B. T. Whitt served the area from 1949 to 1953. He delivered spiritual, Soul Searching, powerful sermons, which served to bring its members and people of the community to full realization of the goodness of God and infiltration of the Holy Spirit. To continue this spiritual fulfillment on the resignation of Rev. Whitt, the Rev. Lloyd Williams of Gueydan, LA served Teche as a local Pastor. A committed, dedicated servant of God, he did his best to help nurture his parishioners spiritually until death ceased his struggle in September 1956, leaving Teche leaders to once more accept the guidance of the Holy Spirit while doing the will of God. Determined to move forward, Teche members prayed harder and survived until February 1957 when the Rev. B. J. Robertson began serving as Pastor. The church progressed greatly with renovations at the rear of the building, installation of heating and cooling systems, purchasing musical instruments and other items that helped to modernize the physical features of the church. In 1990, following the retirement of Rev. B. J. Robertson, Rev. Donald W. Morgan began service as Pastor of the Teche Area Ministry in July 1991. Rev. Morgan officially resigned as Pastor in 1997. In 1997, Rev. Paul Godfrey served as an interim pastor for a brief period until he was officially ordained. We are still a community church working for the up building of the kingdom of God here on Earth. We strive to do his will as we adhere to the scripture: When ye did it to the least of my brethren ye did it to me. Teche has come a long way in eighty years and still has a long way to go. But the race will not be hard as long as we remember the word from Hebrew 12:1: Let us run with patience the race that is set before us. Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.

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