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Sa Aking mga Kababata ni Dr.

Jos Rizal (Original text in Tagalog) Kapagka ang baya'y sadyang umiibig sa kanyang salitang kaloob ng langit, sanlang kalayaan nasa ring masapit katulad ng ibong nasa himpapawid. Pagkat ang salita'y isang kahatulan sa bayan, sa nayo't mga kaharian, at ang isang tao'y katulad, kabagay ng alin mang likha noong kalayaan. Ang hindi magmahal sa kanyang salita mahigit sa hayop at malansang isda, kaya ang marapat pagyamaning kusa na tulad sa isang tunay na nagpala. Ang wikang tagalog tulad din sa latin, sa ingles, kastila at salitang anghel sapagka't ang Poong maalam tumingin ang siyang naggawad, nagbigay sa atin. Ang salita nati'y huwad din sa iba na may alfabeto at sariling letra, na kaya nawala'y dinatnan ng sigwa ang lunday sa lawa noong dakong una.

To My Fellow Children by Dr. Jos Rizal (English version of Sa Aking mga Kababata) Whenever people of a country truly love The language which by heav'n they were taught to use That country also surely liberty pursue As does the bird which soars to freer space above. For language is the final judge and referee Upon the people in the land where it holds sway; In truth our human race resembles in this way The other living beings born in liberty. Whoever knows not how to love his native tongue Is worse than any best or evil smelling fish. To make our language richer ought to be our wish The same as any mother loves to feed her young. Tagalog and the Latin language are the same And English and Castilian and the angels' tongue; And God, whose watchful care o'er all is flung, Has given us His blessing in the speech we calim, Our mother tongue, like all the highest tht we know Had alphabet and letters of its very own; But these were lost -- by furious waves were overthrown Like bancas in the stormy sea, long years ago.


AN ACT TO INCLUDE IN THE CURRICULA OF ALL PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SCHOOLS, COLLEGES ANDUNIVERSITIES COURSES ON THE LIFE, WORKS AND WRITINGS OF JOSE RIZAL, PARTICULARLY HISNOVELS NOLI ME TANGERE AND EL FILIBUSTERISMO, AUTHORIZING THE PRINTING ANDDISTRIBUTION THEREOF, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. WHEREAS, today, more than any other period of our history, there is a need for a rededication to the ideals of freedom and nationalism for which our heroes lived and died;WHEREAS, it is meet that in honoring them, particularly the national hero and patriot, JoseRizal, we remember with special fondness and devotion their lives and works that haveshaped the national character;WHEREAS, the life, works and writing of Jose Rizal, particularly his novels Noli Me Tangereand El Filibusterismo, are a constant and inspiring source of patriotism with which the mindsof the youth, especially during their formative and decisive years in school, should besuffused;WHEREAS, all educational institutions are under the supervision of, and subject to regulationby the State, and all schools are enjoined to develop moral character, personal discipline,civic conscience and to teach the duties of citizenship; Now, therefore: Section 1. Courses on the life, works and writings of Jose Rizal, particularly his novel NoliMe Tangere and El Filibusterismo, shall be included in the curricula of all schools, collegesand universities, public or private: Provided, That in the collegiate courses, the original orunexpurgated editions of the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo of their Englishtranslation shall be used as basic texts. The Board of National Education is hereby authorized and directed to adopt forthwithmeasures to implement and carry out the provisions of this Section, including the writingand printing of appropriate primers, readers and textbooks. The Board shall, within sixty (60)days from the effectivity of this Act, promulgate rules and regulations, including those of disciplinary nature, to carry out and enforce the provisions of this Act. The Board shallpromulgate rules and regulations providing for the exemption of students for reasons of religious belief stated in a sworn written statement, from the requirement of the provisioncontained in the second part of the first paragraph of this section; but not from taking thecourse provided for in the first part of said paragraph. Said rules and regulations shall takeeffect thirty (30) days after their publication in the Official Gazette. Sec. 2. It shall be obligatory on all schools, colleges and universities to keep in theirlibraries an adequate number of copies of the original and unexpurgated editions of the NoliMe Tangere and El Filibusterismo, as well as of Rizal's other works and biography. The saidunexpurgated editions of the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo or their translations inEnglish as well as other writings of Rizal shall be included in the list of approved books forrequired reading in all public or private schools, colleges and universities. The Board of National Education shall determine the adequacy of the number of books,depending upon the enrollment of the school, college or university.

Sec. 3. The Board of National Education shall cause the translation of the Noli Me Tangereand El Filibusterismo, as well as other writings of Jose Rizal into English, Tagalog and the principal Philippine dialects; cause them to be printed in cheap, popular editions; and causethem to be distributed, free of charge, to persons desiring to read them, through the Purokorganizations and Barrio Councils throughout the country. Sec. 4. Nothing in this Act shall be construed as amendment or repealing section ninehundred twenty-seven of the Administrative Code, prohibiting the discussion of religiousdoctrines by public school teachers and other person engaged in any public school. Sec. 5. The sum of three hundred thousand pesos is hereby authorized to be appropriatedout of any fund not otherwise appropriated in the National Treasury to carry out thepurposes of this Act. Sec. 6. This Act shall take effect upon its approval

Al Nio Jess Cmo, Dios-nio, has venido A la tierra en pobre cuna? Y te escarnece Fortuna, Cuando apenas has nacido? Ay, triste! Del Cielo Rey Y llega cual vil humano! No quieres ser soberano, Sino Pastor de tu grey? To the Child Jesus by Jos Rizal Why have you come to earth, Child-God, in a poor manger? Does Fortune find you a stranger from the moment of your birth? Alas, of heavenly stock now turned an earthly resident! Do you not wish to be president but the shepherd of your flock? Sa Sanggol Na Si Jesus O Diyos na Sanggol, paano ba kaya't Ang sinilangan Mo ay sabsabang aba? Diyata't di pa man ay pag-alipusta Ang dulot ng Palad sa Iyong pagbaba? Kaylungkot! O hari ng Sangkalangitan, Nagkatawang-tao't sa lupa'y tumahan, Hindi Mo ba ibig na Haring matanghal Kundi Pastol namin na kawan Mong mahal? Isinalin sa Tagalog dikilala

MI PRIMERA INSPIRACION Porqu exhalan a porfa del cliz dulces olores las embalsamadas flores en este festivo dia? Y porqu, en la selva amena, se oye dulce meloda que asemeja la armona de la arpada filomena? Porqu en la mullida grama las aves, al son del viento, exhalan meloso acento y saltan de rama en rama? Y la fuente cristalina, formando dulce murmullo, del cefiro al suave arrullo entre las flores camina? Es que hoy celebran tu da oh, mi Madre cariosa! con su perfume la rosa y el ave con su armona. Y la fuente rumorosa, en este da feliz, con su murmullo te dice que vivas siempre gozosa! Y, de esa fuente al rumor, oye la primera nota, que ahora de mi laud brota al impulso de mi amor! MY FIRST INSPIRATION

Why falls so rich a spray of fragrance from the bowers of the balmy flowers upon this festive day? Why from woods and vales do we hear sweet measures ringing that seem to be the singing of a choir of nightingales? Why in the grass below do birds start at the wind's noises, unleashing their honeyed voices as they hop from bough to bough? Why should the spring that glows its crystalline murmur be tuning to the zephyr's mellow crooning as among the flowers it flows? Why seems to me more endearing, more fair than on other days, the dawn's enchanting face among red clouds appearing? The reason, dear mother, is they feast your day of bloom: the rose with its perfume, the bird with its harmonies. And the spring that rings with laughter upon this joyful day with its murmur seems to say: "Live happily ever after!" And from that spring in the grove

now turn to hear the first note that from my lute I emote

to the impulse of my love!

A LAS FLORES DE HEIDELBERG Go to my country, go foreign flowers! Planted by the traveler on his way , And there beneath that sky of blue That over my beloved towers, Speak for this traveler to say What faith in his homeland he breathes to you.

Go and say... say that when the dawn First drew your calyx open there Beside the River Neckar chill, you saw him standing by you, very still, Reflecting on the primrose flush you wear.

Say that when the morning light Her toll of perfume from you wrung, While playfully she whispered, "How I love you!" He too murmured here above you Tender love songs in his native tongue. That when the rising sun the height Of Koenigstuhl in the early morn first spies; Is pouring life in the valley, wood, and grove, He greets the sun as it begins to rise, Which in his native land is blazing straight above. And tell them of that day he staid And plucked you from the border of the path, Amid the ruins of the feudal castle, By the River Neckar, and in the sylvan shade. Tell them what he told you As tenderly as he took Your plants leaves and pressed them in a book, Where now its well worn pages close enfold you.

Carry, carry, flowers of Rhine, Love to every love of mine, Peace to my country and her fertile land, Virtue to her women, courage to her men, Salute those darling once again, Who formed the sacred circle of our home. And when you reach the shore, Each kiss I press upon you now, Deposit on the opinions of the wind, And those I love and honor above and adore Will feel my kisses carried their brow. Ah, flowers, you may fare through, Conserving still, perhaps, your native hue; Yet, far from fatherland, heroic loam To which you owe your life, The perfume will be gone from you; For aroma is your soul; it cannot roam Beyond the skies which saw it born, nor e'er forget.

UN RECUERDO A MI PUEBLO Cuando recuerdo los das, Que vieron m edad primera Junto la verde ribera De un lago murmurador; Cuando recuerdo el susurro De Favonio que mi frente Recreaba dulcemente Con delicioso frescor; Cuando miro en blanco lirio Henchir con impetus el viento Y el tempestuoso elemento Manso en la arena dormir; Cuando aspiro de las flores Grata esencia embriagador Que exhalan cuando la aurora Nos comienza sonreir; Recuerdo, recuerdo triste Tu faz, infancia preciosa, Que una madre cariosa Ay! Consigui embellecer. Recuerdo un pueblo sencillo, Mi contento, dicha y cuna, Junto la fresca laguna Asiento de mi querer. Oh! Si mi insegura planta Holl tus bosques sombros, Y en las costas de tu ros Hall grata diversion; Or en tu rstico templo De nio, con fe sencilla Y tu brisa sin mancilla Alegr mi corazn. V al Creador en la grandeza De tus selvas seculares; En tu seno los pesares Nunca llegu conocer; Mientras tu azulado cielo Mir, ni amor ni ternura Me falt, que en la Natura

Se cifraba mi placer. Niez tierna, pueblo hermoso, Rica fuente de alegras, De armoniosas melodias Que ahuyentan el pesar! Volved mis horas suaves, Volved, cual vuelven las aves De las flores al brotar! Mas ay! Adis! Vele eterno Por tu paz, dicha y reposo, Genio del bien, que bondoso Sus dones da con amor; Por t mis fervientes votos, Por t mi constante anhelo De aprender, y plague al cielo Conservase tu candor! In Memory of My Town When Early childhoods happy days In memory I see once more along the lovely verdants shore That meets a gently murmuring sea When I recall the whisper soft Of zephyrs dancing on my brow With cooling sweetness even now New luscious life is born in me When I behold the Lily White That sways to do the winds command, While gently sleeping on the sand The stormy water rests awhile; When from the flowers there softly breathes A bouquet ravishingly sweet, Out-poured the newborn dawn to meet, As on us she begins to smile. With sadness I recall recall Thy faced in precious infancy, Oh! Mother, friend most dear to me, Who gave to life a wondrous charm I yet recall a village plain,

My joy, my family, my boon, Besides the freshly cool lagoon, The spot for which my heart beats warm. Ah yes! My footsteps insecure In your dark forest deeply sank; And there by every rivers bank I found refreshment and delight; Within the rustic temple prayed With childhoods simple faith unfeigned While cooling breezes, pure, unstained, Would send my heart on rapturous flight. I saw the maker in the grandeur Of your ancient hoary wood Ah, never in your refuge could A mortal by regret be smitten; And while upon your sky of blue I gaze, no love nor tenderness Could fail, for here on natures dress My happiness itself was written. Ah, tender childhood, lovely town, Rich fount on my felicities Oh those harmonious melodies Which put to flight all dismal hours, Come back to my heart once more! Come back, gentle hours, I yearn! Come back as the birds return, At the budding of the flowers! Alas, Farewell! Eternal vigil I keep For thy peace, thy bliss, and tranquility, O Genius of good, so kind Give me these gifts, with charity. To thee I cease not to sigh These to learn, and I call to the sky To have thy sincerity. ISANG ALAALA NG AKING BAYAN Nagugunita ko ang nagdaang araw ng kamusmusang kong kay sayang pumanaw

sa gilid ng isang baybaying luntian ng rumaragasang agos ng dagatan; Kung alalahanin ang damping marahan halik sa noo ko ng hanging magaslaw ito'y naglalagos sa king katauhan lalong sumisiglat nagbabagong buhay Kung aking masdan ang liryong busilak animo'y nagduruyan sa hanging marahas habang sa buhangin dito'y nakalatag ang lubhang maalon, mapusok na dagat Kung aking samyuin sa mga bulaklak kabanguhan nito ay ikinakalat ang bukang liwayway na nanganganinag masayang bumabati, may ngiti sa lahat. Naalaala kong may kasamang lumbay ang kamusmusan ko nang nagdaang araw Kasama-sama ko'y inang mapagmahal siyang nagpapaganda sa aba kong buhay. Naalaala kong lubhang mapanglaw bayan kong Kalambang aking sinilangan sa dalampasigan ng dagat-dagatan sadlakan ng aking saya't kaaliwan Di miminsang tumikim ng galak sa tabing-ilog mong lubhang mapanatag Mababakas pa rin yaong mga yapak na nag-uunahan sa 'yong mga gubat sa iyong kapilya'y sa ganda ay salat ang mga dasal ko'y laging nag-aalab habang ako nama'y maligayang ganap bisa ng hanging mo ay walang katulad. Ang kagubatan mong kahanga-hanga Nababanaag ko'y Kamay ng Lumikha sa iyong himlayan ay wala nang luha wala nang daranas ni munting balisa ang bughaw mong langit na tinitingala dala ang pag-ibig sa puso at diwa buong kalikasa'y titik na mistula aking nasisinag pangarap kong tuwa. Ang kamusmusan ko sa bayan kong giliw dito'y masagana ang saya ko't aliw ng naggagandahang tugtog at awitin

siyang nagtataboy ng luha't hilahil Hayo na, bumalik ka't muli mong dalawin ang katauhan ko'y dagling pagsamahin tulad ng pagbalik ng ibon sa hardin sa pananagana ng bukong nagbitin. Paalam sa iyo, ako'y magpupuyat ako'y magbabantay, walang paghuhumpay ang kabutihan mo na sa aking pangarap Nawa'y daluyan ka ng biyaya't lingap ng dakilang Diwa ng maamong palad; tanging ikaw lamang panatang maalab pagdarasal kita sa lahat ng oras na ikaw ay laging manatiling tapat.

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