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Your Personality Profile Directions: In each of the following rows of four words across, put #1 in the box in front of the one word that most often applies to you. Continue through all forty lines. Be sure each number is marked. If you are not sure which word "most applies", ask a spouse or a friend, and think of what your answer would have been when you were a child. STRENGTHS 1 Adventurous Adaptable Animated Analytical 2 Persistent Playful Persuasive Peaceful 3 Submissive Self-sacrificing Sociable Strong-willed 4 Considerate Controlled Competitive Convincing 5 Refreshing Respectful Reserved Resourceful 6 Satisfied Sensitive Self-reliant Spirited 7 Planner Patient Positive Promoter 8 Sure Spontaneous Scheduled Shy 9 Orderly Obliging Outspoken Optimistic 10 Friendly Faithful Funny Forceful 11 Daring Delightful Diplomatic Detailed 12 Cheerful Consistent Cultured Confident 13 Idealistic Independent Inoffensive Inspiring 14 Demonstrative Decisive Dry humor Deep 15 Mediator Musical Mover Mixes Easily 16 Thoughtful Tenacious Talker Tolerant 17 Listener Loyal Leader Lively 18 Contented Chief Chart Maker Cute 19 Perfectionist Pleasant Productive Popular 20 Bouncy Bold Behaved Balanced WEAKNESSES Bashful Unsympathetic Resentful Fearful Insecure Uninvolved Haphazard Pessimistic Aimless Negative attitude Withdrawn Tactless Disorganized Introvert Moody Stubborn Lord over others Suspicious Restless Critical

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Blank Undisciplined Reticent Fussy Impatient Unpopular Headstrong Plain Angered easily Nave Worrier Too sensitive Doubtful Inconsistent Messy Slow Loner Sluggish Revengeful Compromising

Brassy Unenthusiastic Resistant Forgetful Indecisive Unpredictable Hard to please Proud Argumentative Nervy Workaholic Timid Domineering Intolerant Mumbles Show-off Lazy Short-tempered Reluctant Crafty

Bossy Unforgiving Repetitious Frank Interrupts Unaffectionate Hesitant Permissive Alienated Nonchalant Wants credit Talkative Depressed Indifferent Manipulative Skeptical Loud Scatterbrained Rash Changeable

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Personality Scoring Sheet Directions: Transfer your answers to the corresponding words on the Personality Scoring Sheet and add up your totals. For example, if you checked Animated on the profile, check it on the scoring sheet. Note that the words are in a different order on the profile and scoring sheet. STRENGTHS Powerful Choleric Adventurous Persuasive Strong-willed Competitive Resourceful Self-reliant Positive Sure Outspoken Forceful Daring Confident Independent Decisive Mover Tenacious Leader Chief Productive Bold WEAKNESSES Powerful Choleric Bossy Unsympathetic Resistant Frank Impatient Unaffectionate Headstrong Proud Agrumentative Nervy Workaholic Tactless Domineering Intolerant Manipulative Stubborn Lord over others Short-tempered Rash Crafty -

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Total

Popular Sanguine Animated Playful Sociable Convincing Refreshing Spirited Promoter Spontaneous Optimistic Funny Delightful Cheerful Inspiring Demonstrative Mixes easily Talker Lively Cute Popular Bouncy Popular Sanguine Brassy Undisciplined Repetitious Forgetful Iterrupts Unpredictable Haphazard Permissive Angered easily Nave Wants credit Talkative Disorganized Inconsistent Messy Show-off Loud Scatterbrained Restless Changeable -

Perfect Melancholy Analytical Persistent Self-sacrificing Considerate Respectful Sensitive Planner Scheduled Orderly Faithful Detailed Cultured Idealistic Deep Musical Thoughtful Loyal Chart maker Perfectionist Behaved Perfect Melancholy Bashful Unforgiving Resentful Fussy Insecure Unpopular Hard to please Pessimistic Alienated Negative attitude Withdrawn Too sensitive Depressed Introvert Moody Skeptical Loner Suspicious Revengeful Critical -

Peaceful Phlegmatic Adaptable Peaceful Submissive Controlled Reserved Satisfied Patient Shy Obliging Friendly Diplomatic Consistent Inoffensive Dry humor Mediator Tolerant Listener Contented Pleasant Balanced Peaceful Phlegmatic Blank Unenthusiastic Reticent Fearful Indecisive Uninvolved Hesitant Plain Aimless Nonchalant Worrier Timid Doubtful Indifferent Mumbles Slow Lazy Sluggish Reluctant Compromising -

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