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(Eng Trans) carey1991s [ TheCho-i]- & 27onnys WonKyu SubThai 0:12 SW: Kyuhyun is really a charming person.

Hes my dongsang that has creativity. 0:22 SW: The CF shooting went very well and Kyuhyun did great for that. 0:35 KH: Im very impressed for every single time being here in Thailand. 0:39 KH: but this time is the most because I come here only with Siwon hyung 0:47KH: and its very fun. 0:53SW: At the hotel, Kyuhyun told me Good night hyung then I sunddenly fell asleep. 0:58 KH: Siwon.. 0:59 KH: Siwon hyung that we normally have seen on the TV is really like a prince no matter when. 1:02 KH: Hes handsome and very smart. 1:09 KH: Actually, in deep, hes very cute. 1:14 KH: Cute and very friendly (enjoy to be with) 1:18 SW: Im also happy every time that Kyuhyun lull me to sleep, 1:23 SW: not only physical but also my soul as well. 1:32 KH: I will bring Siwon hyung with me. 1:39 KH: Because hes so strong. If Im with him in an isolated island, he would help me lifting things and building tent. Very convenient. 1:46 SW: Kyuhyun is imitating very well. 1:54 KH: Siwon hyung has hidden talent. 1:58 KH: Hes good at making gags. 2:02 KH: He might rarely showing this to other people 2:04 KH: but to me, he has done it alot. 2:09 SW: Sometimes before we went to bed, we usually have a simple chit chat. 2:12 SW: His charming and passionate voice 2:21 SW: No matter how much must I have to pay for hearing that, I will. If I can falling asleep with that voice. 2:26 KH: I will choose Siwon hyung as my boyfriend 2:31 KH: since I can feel that he treats women very well. 2:36 KH: Even I havent seen it.. but I can feel it.

2:40 KH: Even my physical is doing fine right now. Actually, because of many wounds so I couldnt attend this 2nd albums events. During my 3 months of treatment in the hospital, I went through surgical treatment then I can be able to join our teams normal activities again. 2:46 SW: Because of that, I feel worried about him for each time he was on the stage. There was once when I finished my vocal line and I saw Kyuhyuns move. The first thing that popped up in my mind was I feel like going to him and support him even it was livebroadcast. 2:52 KH: It seems like Siwon hyung really adores me a lot. 2:57 KH: He likes me to hug him, kiss him on the cheek. Very cute. 3:18 SW: I will protect you. I will protect you. 3:24 SW: Kyuhyunna! 3:27 SW: Kyuhyunna, where are you? 3:30 SW: Kyuhyunna, hurry up, walk faster. 3:38 SW: Our Guixian is going to sing a song for us. 3:44 SW: He surely will hold a solo concert in Taiwan. 3:50 SW: I wanna say to our Kyuhyun that staying in the hospital at present. Who is watching us on TV right now. 3:55 SW: I really love you. 3:58 SW: The moment Kyuhyun was finally can getting out of the hospital was the most happiness moment for me. 4:03 MC: Somay I ask you Kyuhyun-ssi, since you have become a member of Super Junior, what was the most happiness moment for you? 4:09 KH: Its right now ^-^ *Please Take Out With Proper Credits* -> Chinese Translation: carey1991 @ TheCho-i Beliefe ( -> Chinese to Thai Translation: 27onny ( -> Thai to English Translation: @EMooisme, cr Jann V. (@EMooisme) thanks for posting this on twitter! note: its nicer to read along and know what they are saying as you hear and watch them so I opted to put the video in for convenience. enjoy! p.s. I may have added my own in this part but not a single letter/word had been taken out from original post. p.s #2

I received a message from the creator of the transcript (EMooisme) asking me to revise/edit it according to the new transcipt and who am I to deny that when I was asked nicely? so by this date, 23Jan2012, the text youll see here will be according to EMooismes revised transcipt. ^^
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