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This third Sooton adventure deals with some of the oldtime runestone carvings of the Ashford Valleys first peoples.

aid of falx

The PCs have a break between the rigors of the threat the necromancer is to the Ashford Valley. Instead, they go on a treasure hunt! The PCs get involved by finding the first tablet in a treasure hoard of a monster that has been threatening the Deep Forest Road.

ogre, ogre

A couple of ogres have moved into the neighborhood, raiding some local farms and attacking merchants along the Deep Forest Road. Ogres; No. Encountered: 1d2; Alignment: Chaotic; Armor Class: 5; Hit Dice: 4d8+1, Hit Points: 28, 22; Attacks: club (1d10); Save: F4; morale: 10.

In the Ogres lair, the PCs find an old tablet (see above), measuring 1 foot wide by 2 feet long, showing a couple of hillmen fighting an armored soldier. It is very heavy but durable (it cant be broken) and is of no stone that any Dwarf can identify. Most PCs will recognize it as very old and MagicUsers, Clerics, Elves and Dwarves will know that it shows when the first humans in the valley fought against the lowlanders (who were the ancestors of the current Realm). Many people believe that the hillmen were the peoples responsible for the runestones that dot the Ashford Valley. In fact, the art on the tablet is very similar to the runestones. Closer examination will allow any of the above PCs to determine that the standing hillman figure is the famous chieftain Acamas, with his magical sword, a falx (a curved, sicklelooking blade with no crossguard) named Thrax, that was reputed to defeat any enemy. Acamas reknown with this sword lead to many legends, including one that the sword waits to aid the valley once again.

acamas' tomb exists!

This is the first bit of historical evidence that Acamas and Thrax actually existed and asking a sage in town will confirm what the PCs have discovered. Finding the tomb of Acamas, though, is a daunting task. More problematic because some locals, hearing about this discovery, want to find it before the PCs do and theyll give them some trouble. Treasureseekers (5 Normal Men); No. Encountered: 5; Alignment: Neutral; Armor Class: 6 (leather armor & shield); Hit Dice: 1d8, Hit Points: 8, 8, 6, 5, 4; Attacks: longsword (1d8) and long bow (1d8); Save: NM0; morale: 9.


dead don't dance

The PCs only clue is the Ogres (who, dead, cant help them), so they have to track where the Ogres have been. The PCs manage to track them into the Deep Forest, where the PCs find a small barrow with another tablet (see above) and a space for the first one in the sealed door. Removing the other stones of the door reveals a oneroom burial chamber, complete with treasure and the corpse of Acamas, with his magic falx, Thrax, in his hands, sitting in a stone chair. Acamas the Wraith; Alignment: Lawful; Armor Class: 3; Hit Dice: 7d8, Hit Points: 56; Attacks: Thrax (1d8+1) or Touch (1d6); Save: F7; morale: 12. Acamas will challenge anyone who enters his tomb to give a reason why he should give up Thrax to aid the Ashford Valley. This gives the players an opportunity to express their goal of defeating the necromancer. If they fail to do so, Acamas will ask them to leave until they become more skilled or he will attack. He will warn them that Thrax, unless won honestly, is cursed. Thrax the Falx (magic sword); +1/+3 vs. Undead, Luck Blade (1d4+1 wishes remaining), and acts as a Ring of Regeneration. Failure to earn Thrax honestly makes it a -2 cursed sword.