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Name: Khoo Kin Leong Student ID: 10AGB01592 Course: Bachelor of Engineering (HONs) Environmental Engineering Year/Semester: Y1S1

Subject: UGNA 1153 Air and Noise Pollution Control Title: Air and Noise Presentation Report Lecturer: Miss Nor Faiza

Noise is defined as unwanted sound and it is considered one of the most widespread environmental issues all over the world. The noise issue, as environmental pollution, ranks second among environmental pollution issues according to the complaint survey (received by Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, EEAA) for 2006. In Egypt.

Effect of noise
The effect of noise pollution can separate into 2 different groups: 1. Auditory effects - Auditory fatigue - Deafness 2. Non auditory effect - Annoyance - Loss of working efficiency - Interference in speech communication - Physical disorder for example increase in heartbeat

Impact of noise
The impact of noise can affect 3 category the human, animal and plant 1. The impact of noise to human - Lack of concentration For better quality of work there should be concentration, Noise causes lack of concentration. In big cities, mostly all the offices are on main road. The noise of traffic or the loud speakers of different types of horns divert the attention of the people working in offices. - Decreases the efficiency of a man Regarding the impact of noise on human efficiency there are number of experiments which shows that human efficiency increases with noise reduction. - Fatigue Because of Noise Pollution, people cannot concentrate on their work. Thus they have to give their more time for completing the work and they feel tiring. - Abortion is caused There should be cool and calm atmosphere during the pregnancy. Unpleasant sounds make a lady of irrigative nature. Sudden Noise causes abortion in females. - Causes Blood Pressure Noise Pollution causes certain diseases in human. It attacks on the persons peace of mind. The noises are recognized as major contributing factors in accelerating the already existing tensions of modern living. These tensions result in certain disease like blood pressure or mental illness etc. - Temporary or permanent Deafness The effect of noise on audition is well recognized. Mechanics, locomotive drivers, telephone operators etc. All have their hearing impairment as a result of noise at the place of work. Physicians & psychologists are of the view that continued exposure to

noise level above. 80 to 100 db is unsafe, loud noise causes temporary or permanent deafness. 2. The impact of noise to animals - Noise pollution damages the nervous system of animal. - Animal looses the control of its mind. - They become dangerous. 3. The impact of noise to plants - Noise pollution causes poor quality of crops in a pleasant atmosphere.

The sound level and the effects

Figure 1.0: The sound level and the effect to human ( In the figure 1.0 shows that when the sound level is below 30dB is normal to most of the human. When it reaches 30dB human will have sleep disturbance. When it reaches 35dB human will have disturbance in communication. When in the outdoor, the sound level reaches to 55dB human will feel serious annoyance. When human expose to the sound level that reaches to 70dB for 24 hours they will get hearing impairment. In the sound level of 85dB human just need to expose for an hour and they will have hearing impairment too. For children their maximum sound level is 120dB and for adult their maximum sound level is 140dB.

The acceptable sound level

Figure 1.1: the acceptable noise level ( in dBA) References: