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Course title- Environment Management Course code- GED-1306 Semester fall 2011 Section-D

Assignment on Environment Management

Submitted to Abul Kalam Azad Senior lecturer, General Education Department (GED) Northern University Bangladesh

Prepared by
Towhidul Alam Shahrokh Akanda Jibishka Das Ashik Bhuiyan BBA110103944 BBA090103109 BBA090103085 BBA090303346

Date of submission- 18/12/2011 Statement of this Assignment

At present, the concept Environment Management has been undoubtedly a great issue and focal point for human survival. Both developed and undeveloped or developing world are very much concerned about how to ensure sound health and sound environment. The word Environment originates from Environ which means things that surround. So Environment implies all that environs or all the physical and biological surroundings earth, air, water, men, plants, trees, animals, micro-organisms, buildings, road, etc. The living organisms vary from the lowest microorganisms such as bacteria, virus, fungus etc. to the highest including man. Each organism has its own environment (physical and biological). In other words, Environment is the sum total of all conditions and influences that affect the development and life of all organisms on earth. Objectives

The main objective of this assignment is to know how to manage the environment or how to ensure a sound environment for all and to give basic concept about environment to create an atmosphere in which individuals in society protect environment for themselves but also for future generations. Another objective of this assignment is to know the variables of environment which is directly or indirectly influenced by human activities. Its necessary to overcome various environmental challenges. Such as- Growing Population, Poverty, Agricultural Growth, Need to Ground water, Development of Forests, Degradation of Land, Reorientation of Institutions, Evil Consequences of Urbanization.

Operational definition of different concept Environmental management Environment Management is the process by which environmental health is regulated. It does not involve managing the environment itself, but it is the process of taking steps and behaviors to have a positive effect on the environment. Environmental management involves the wise use of activity and resources to have an impact on the world. Many organizations develop a management plan or system to implement, manage and maintain environmental goals. Management plans for the environment are constructed by many companies and organizations, as taking care of the planet is the responsibility of everybody in every type of profession. Sound Health Sound Health means balanced health which defined by WHO as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease of infirmity. Sanitation and hygiene are the prerequisites for sound health. That is, there is a significant relationship between sound health and hygiene. Due to the absence of sanitation and hygiene, there may occur many diseases such as water borne disease, air borne disease and food borne diseases. Sometimes disease may be caused by malnutrition. Biodiversity Biodiversity refers to the variety of species, variety of genes within a specific species and variety of ecosystems. In biodiversity bio means life and diversity means variety. In essence, biodiversity means variety of life. Biodiversity is an extremely important part of life on Earth. It is not only the variety of living organisms on our planet, but also the interdependence of all these living things, including humans. Biodiversity is fundamental to the existence of life on Earth, and its importance cannot be underestimated. The

fundamental property of ecological systems is a certain mixture or diversity of living things. It is not only the variety of living organisms on our planet, but also the interdependence of all these living things, including humans. Global Warming Global warming refers to the rising average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans and its projected continuation. Broadly speaking, sunlight/ solar energy reaches to the earth atmosphere in three forms: i) Ultra Violet Radiation; ii) Visible light; and iii) Infrared & radio waves. During the day time, visible light and infra-red & radio waves come to the earth and some of its hit is absorbed by the earth and the rest goes back into the atmosphere. As a result, ozone hole that is noted cause Ultra violet rays to reach directly to the earth, and global warming. Environment Pollution Pollution is the addition of extraneous materials to water, air or land. Environmental pollution is the addition of any substance or form of energy e.g., heat, sound, radioactivity (energy produced by atombreaking) to the environment at a rate faster than the environment can accommodate it by dispersion, breakdown, recycling, or storage in some harmless form. Ecosystem and Ecology Ecosystem is the complex of living organisms, their physical environment, and the system of all their interrelationships in a particular unit of space. The word eco comes from the Greek oikos, meaning household, home, or place to live (living organism and its environment) and logos meaning study. So, ecosystem is the system of eco and ecology is the ology (the study) of eco or ecosystem.

Forest and Disaster Forests have been, for ages, the part and parcel for our living, livelihood and culture. In a word, forests have always saved people from the furry of nature. Music has been composed to sing the beauty of forests, and people have lived in forests. It may be said that forests are the most important coping mechanisms specially during the emergency and contingency situations. During flood, cyclone or some other emergency situations man take them as food. Over population Over population means population greater than a country supposed to have for its resource and land. A balanced size of population is essential for smooth economic growth. Although Bangladesh is abundantly rich in human resources, this huge reserve is virtually untapped; its contribution to the economic development is obviously poor. A large number of active labor forces are unemployed, of which most live in rural areas. Green Investment Green investment is an investment in a company which aims to actively improve the health of the environment by introducing new, clean (green) technologies. Green investing is a process of making investment decisions based on environmentally conscious criteria with a purpose of: a) Actively improving the health of the environment, and b) Generating a certain amount of financial return on the investments made. Green investment is an investment in companies which are actively developing technologies for improving the current state of the environment Model of Environment Management

Environment Management
Sound Health Conservation of Bio diversity Reduce Global warming Reduce Environmental Pollution Ecology and ecosystem Bio-geochemical cycle Disaster Alternative Energy sources Control Overpopulation Green Investment

Relationship between Environment Management and Sound Health

We know that sound environment is prerequisite for sound health similarly sound health also prerequisite for sound environment. So both the variables are dependent on each other. Due to the absence of sanitation and hygiene, there may occur many diseases such as water borne disease, air borne disease and food borne diseases. Sometimes disease may be caused by malnutrition. Besides, there are some other sexually transmitted diseases. Sound Health Sanitation hygienic Food Pure drinking water Clean air Cleanness of cloth and body Environment Management

Relationship between Environment Management and Conservation of Bio-Diversity Conservation of bio- diversity is essential for environmental management because all living organism in the world are playing important role for balancing the ecosystem. So actions need to be taken to reduce human impact and therefore reduce the rate of biodiversity loss in dry and sub-humid land.

Environment Management

Conservation of Bio-diversity
Reduce overgrazing in ecosystem Reduce intensive pollutants of agriculture Slow conversion of natural land to urban area Control invasive alien species in ecosystem Public awareness of Bio-diversity

Relationship between Environment Management and Global warming There is a close relationship between Environment Management and Global warming without Environment management it is not possible to control global warming and if we fail to control global warming it is not possible to ensure sound environment. Environment Management Global warming Reduce carbon-dioxide emission Reduce CFC Gas emission Tree plantation/reforestation Protect natural forest and grass land Use of eco-friendly goods

Relationship between Environment Management and ecosystem Ecosystem is prerequisite for the living organisms of a specific area. So there is a reciprocal relationship between Environment Management and Ecosystem. We cannot imagine living organisms without a suitable ecosystem. Environment Management Ecosystem
Abiotic Components Biotic Components Sunlight Producers Temperature Consumers Precipitation Decomposers or Water or moisture reducers and Transformers Soil Chemicals etc.

Relationship between Environmental Pollution and Environment Management Pollution is the main obstacle of sound environment. So environment management and environment pollution has a negative relationship if one exist then the other can not exist. For a few decades, environmental scientists have been much more concerned about environmental degradation. With a rapid population growth, unplanned urbanization and industrialization, the present world is observing different kinds of environmental pollutions such as air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution etc. Environment Management Environmental Pollution Industrialization weak sewerage system Solid, Liquid and Gaseous Wastes Unplanned urbanization Population growth

Relationship between disaster and environment management It may be said that forests are the most important coping mechanisms specially during the emergency and contingency situations. During flood, cyclone or some other emergency situations man take them as food. So there is a significant relationship between disaster and environment management.

Environment Management

Disasters Homestead forest Reduce environmental pollution Preparation for disaster Immediate action after disaster

Relationship between Environment Management and Population Over population is the obstacle of development on the other hand a good amount of human resources is prerequisite for economic development. But unplanned growth of population may deter the economic growth of a country. So, both overpopulation and under population stand as obstacle to economic development Environment Management Control overpopulation
Public awareness Migration to abroad Skilled and strong labor force Job in different sector

Relationship between Management





Here the term Green Investment does not mean only tree plantation. There are many things that are prerequisite for environment management such as technologies of wind, water, solar, Geothermal and Bio-fuels etc. Reforestation is probably the most genuine green industry we can think of. Environment Management Green Investment Renewable energy agriculture / organic foods water technologies green cars green building energy efficiency carbon emissions market reforestation recycling

Conclusion From the all above discussion we understood that Environment Management means management of different variables which are directly or indirectly related to the environment. Most of these variables are destroying or affecting by human activities such as biodiversity, ecosystem, ecology, biogeochemical cycle etc. we are not only destroying the environment as well as adding extraneous materials to water, air or land. So the rapid pollution is creating Global warming. Though sustainable development is rhetoric we should try to practice as much as possible otherwise our next generation will face a sick and alarming world. So its the duty of all developed and developing countries of the world to increase consciousness among people about the following variables of environment and take it as a challenge to ensure a balanced and sound environment.