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AREI-1 & ARC Joint Regional Year End Assembly Seminar & AREI-1 Silver Anniversary Celebration.


May 16-17, 2012 Capitol Resort Hotel, Lingayen, Pangasinan Theme: AREI-1 & ARC @ 25: Dynamism, Innovation and Transformation: Hallmarks of the Registrars Work Performance and Service Delivery PROGRAM OF ACTIVITIES Day 1 (May 16,2012-Wednesday) A.M. 7:00-9:00 Registration of Delegates 10:00 Opening Ceremonies Invocation Mrs. Linda S. Valido VP for Ilocos Norte/Sur, AREI-1 Philippine National Anthem Mrs. Editha F. Capa Secretary, AREI-1 Welcome Address..Hon. Amado T. Espino Jr. Governor, Province of Pang. Opening Remarks..Mr. Reynaldo T. Gelido President, AREI-1 Presentation of Delegates..Mrs. Susan F. Zabala Auditor, AREI-1 Introduction of the Keynote SpeakerDr. Carmelita C. Quinto VP for Pangasinan, AREI-1 Keynote Address.Mrs. Violeta C. Garcia 1st President-AREI-I 10:15 .Snacks..SnacksSnacks 10:30 Topic 1: CHED-Updates/Issues & Concerns Introduction of the Resource Speaker ..Mrs. Zanaida P. Bascos Asst.Secretary, AREI-1 Resource Speakers .Dr. Caridad O. Abuan Director IV, CHED Region I Dir. Luisa S. Valencia OIC- Director IV-CHED CAR Open Forum Moderator.....Mr. Alexander B. Ligawad Business Manager/AREI-1 12:00..Lunch Break. P.M. 1:30 Unfreezing ExercisesMrs. Cristina Martinez Asst. Treasurer ,AREI-1 In-Charge 2:00 Topic 2: Transformation Standards, Requisites and Process in Work Organization: The Case of Registrars at Work Introduction of the Resource Speaker.Mr. Froilan C. Aspa President, ARC/Registrar UB Resource Speaker...Dr. Manolito C. Manuel VP for Academic Affairs Pangasinan State University Open Forum Moderator...Mr. Lester Bacagan Auditor-AREI-1/LC 3:15..Break...

3:30 Topic 2 : The Imperatives for Dynamism & Innovations in Work Organization : Bringing out the Best in Registrars Performance. Introduction of the Resource Speaker .Mr. Reynaldo T. Gelido President, AREI-1/PSU Resource Speaker..Dr. Aurora M. Samson Reyna VP for Academic Affairs University of Luzon Open Forum Moderator..Mrs. Lita F. Cabarteja Liaison Officer-AREI-1 Masters of Ceremony: Mrs. Ailene Batang Professor, PSU, San Carlos Campus Mrs. Tomee Tambay Dj, Love Radio, 94.3

SILVER TOAST 6:30 ..Dinner, Fellowship Night and in Celebration of AREI 1 25th Year Anniversary OvertureBanda Ni ATE Provl. Government Band DoxologyCaboloan Performing Group Lupang Hinirang.. Caboloan Performing Group PSU-Lingayen Campus Openning Salvo..UL Theater & Dance Co. Opening Remarks....Mr. Reynaldo T. Gelido President, AREI-1/PSU Video Presentation..AREI-1 Dalawa at Kalahating Dekada Inspirational Messages and Toast to ARE1 Dr. Caridad O. Abuan Director IV, CHED Region I Dir. Luisa S. Valencia OIC- Director IV-CHED CAR th Blowing of 25 Anniversary Candle.. Mr. Reynaldo T. Gelido President,AREI-1 Intermission Number..PSU Caboloan Performing Group Presentation of Silver Awards, Pillars of AREI-1 Ms. Editha Capa Mr. Lexter Bacagan The Awards, Criteria and Mechanics Institutional Awards Dr. Carmelita S. Quinto Chair-Committee on Awards To Present the AwardMrs. Carmen S. Dolinta Registrar, UC, ARC Mr. Danny Iso Registar, KASC,ARC Recipients Commission on Higher Education Region 1 Commission on Higher Education CAR Association of Registrars in the Cordilleras Intermission Number..UL Theater and Dance Co.

Presentation of Silver Awards, Stakeholders of AREI-1 Dr. Carmelita S. Quinto Mr. Alex Ligawad Intermission NumberUL Theater & Dance Co. Reading of Criteria of Service Awards Ms. Erlinda Parizal Ms. Susan Zabala Presentation of Service Awards (Registrars of HEIs Region 1) Ms. Zenaida S. Bascos Mr. Miguel Naboye Intermission Number..PSU-SC Dance Troupe Presentation of Service Awards (Asst. Registrars of HEIs Region 1) Ms. Cristina Martinez Mr. Salvador Landingin Presentation of Service Awards ( Liaison Officers of HEIs Region 1) Day 2 (May 17, 2012) Thursday A.M. 6:00 Breakfast 8:00 Field Trip/ Tour (Transportation Courtesy of Provl. Govt. of Pang.) 12:00-1:00 ARC & AREI, Business Meeting

Masters of Ceremony: Prof. Anjonette Cepeda, Univ. of Luzon Prof. Ailenne Batang-PSU Mr. Tomee Tambay-Love Radio (94.3)