Description Have you ever ordered a product from Amazon and been amazed at how fast it gets to you? Every day, Amazon engineers are relentlessly working to decrease the time between Click to Deliver for your products. The Fulfillment Center (FC) Systems team owns all of the software and infrastructure which powers Amazon’s world class fulfillment engine. In the service of our customers, we are inventing in the areas of materials handling automation, computer vision, robotics, and machine learning. At the core of everything we do for customers is the FC Systems platform. We own the fundamental data and services which drive our catalog, inventory and labor management systems. These systems underlie everything that we do – tens of millions of items in the catalog, hundreds of millions of items of inventory and billions of transactions a year! Every item that comes in to the FC, moves around and goes out to a customer comes through our systems! We are seeking Senior Software Development Engineers in the area of Image Processing to develop software to process vast quantities of remotely sensed image data. Ideal candidates will have a background in image and signal processing theory as well as experience developing productiongrade software. In this role you will research new methods and develop new algorithms to build cutting edge real-time computer vision centric products and devices. You should have practical experience in developing real-time applications using image processing, denoising, image reconstruction, image registration, mosiacing algorithm, video, compression. A commitment to team work, hustle, and strong communication skills are absolute requirements. Creating reliable, scalable and high performance services and architectures require exceptional technical expertise. You should be somebody who enjoys working on complex system software, is customer centric, and feels strongly about building a system that can be operated at world-wide scale with minimal human intervention. If you are a Software Engineer with heavy image

processing experience, apply now for this excellent opportunity! 2. Basic Qualifications - Masters Degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or an equivalent field. - 5+ years of recent experience in enhancement, denoising, and image reconstruction, image registration, and image mosaicing. - Strong coding skills in C or C++ and Java, on a Unix/Linux platform - Creative problem solving skills with an emphasis on mathematical and statistical modeling - Familiarity with software development for parallel computing platforms 3. Preferred Qualifications - PhD in Computer Science or an equivalent field with specialization in Image Processing or Computer Vision - Experience with video and image compression technologies is a plus - Proficiency in other languages such as Matlab, or Python etc. are desired

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