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Group 4 Project Physics

The title of our Group 4 Project in Physics was Measuring Specific Heat Capacity of 1 PLN coin. The conducted experiment involved taking a 1 PLN coin and measuring its Specific Heat Capacity (SHC) with a method of liquids. Then, the resultant value was compared to the actual one and conclusions drawn. Considering the theme for this years Group 4 Project experiments, we concluded that measurement of SHC fits well with the theme and is straightforward enough to be conducted in schools physics lab. The experiment was done using the method of liquids. It involved heating the coin to 100 oC by boiling it in water, transferring it to a cup with known mass and temperature of water and recording the change of temperature of water after the coin was drop. Assuming that the drop of temperature of the coin and the water was the same, and by looking up SHC of water we were able to do calculations on the SHC formula to get the approximate SHC for the coin. From our experiments, we have found out that the SHC of tested 1 PLN coin was 482 78 J-1kg oC. 1 PLN coins are made of cupronickel alloy. Excluding very small percentages of other elements, it is made of 75% and 25%. We have found out that the SHC of cupronickel is 377 J-1kg oC (for 70% copper and 30% nickel alloy). Comparing this value to the resultant of our experiment (482 78 J-1kg oC) it can be seen that the two values do not overlap. The graph that we plotted from our results suggests that there were no significant random errors. But because our value differs from our result we conclude that there were systematic errors in our experiment. It is worth noting that the 377 J-1kg oC is for 70% copper and 30% nickel alloy, which is not exactly what the our coin was made of, but probably close enough to the actual proportions to take the value as actual SHC of the coin. My input into the project, especially in the Physics part, was significant. I came up with the idea of calculating Specific Heat Capacity of money, later we settled it on 1 PLN coin, designed the experiment and conducted it with some help of other team members. I also took part in the Chemistry project, where I was responsible for operating the electrical thermometer and computer which logged the temperature. I was also helping to ignite the food and keep it burning during the course of the experiment. I was also involved in the design of Biology project, where I gave my advice on other team members ideas. During the course of the project I learned that although I am not learning Biology and Chemistry in IB, I was able to take part in experiments from these areas and actively contribute to the teams success. Bartosz Puczynski 12J