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Case: 4:11-cv-00504-HEA Doc.

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Bryant, McClain
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Jeanette Fausz [ ] Tuesday, February 08, 2011 11:33 AM Linenbroker, David FW: Hi Fabriziol (Request for contact details Interpol Egypt)

Original Message From: MSN CPPnet (Tan Cremers) [] Sent: Saturday, December 31, 2005 3:23 AM To: 'ROSSI fabrizio' Cc: ; Debbie Zumwalt; Carol Kickham; ; ;; Carol Kickham; Debbie Zumwalt; Jeanette Fausz; Paul Haner; ; cbillhartz@post-dispatch.corn . Subject: Hi Fabriziol (Request for contact details Interpol Egypt) December 31, 2005 Hi Fabriziol I do not expect you to read this mail until early 2006, so first of all do accept my very best wishes for you in 20061 Could you please give me an Interpol contact in Egypt? You may have read that the Saint Louis Art Museum possibly has an Egyptian mask that was stolen circa 15 years ago from the depositories of a museum in Saqqara, Egypt. I have requested the SLAM for information about the provenance of this mask, and the only thing they came up with is that they pursued a thorough investigation before buying this mask. Nothing about from whom they bought it, nor about the moment, and how this mask left Egypt, Egyptian export permits, or previous ownership. It is so strange that an American museum is unwilling to give useful information about the an Egyptian antiquity while at the same time a handful American museums, and a curator personally, are under fire because of illicit acquisitions. It is very well possible that the mask in the SLAM arrived there in a licit way. However, my doubts really are growing since they appear to be very reluctant to answer my questions. Information about the theft from the Saqqara museum reached me via.someone closely involved in the disappearance of the mask. The mask supposedlY was sold by the infamous Aboutaam. The mask may have been traded through the Swiss route. I did receive some photos and additional information of the Swiss storage in the Free Haven territory. Since the Swiss route seems involved this mail to you goes CC to Jean-Robert Gisler of Interpol Switzerland, as well as to Brent R. Benjamin, the director of the SLAM, and Frank Brostron and Bonnie Magness Gardiner of Interpol USA. In Saint Louis I informed Francis G. Slay (Mayor),Darlene Green (Comptroller), the Police Department of Metropolitan St.Louis, and the Saint Louis Dispatch. All of these may seem to be very big steps to take, but after three mails to the director, and just one very insufficient answer I feel forced to try harder to get proper information. At you can see an image of the mask.


Case: 4:11-cv-00504-HEA Doc. #: 11-2 Filed: 05/04/11 Page: 2 of 2 PageID #: 73

It is very hard to believe that the SLAM possesses an antiquity stolen from a museum in Egypt, so I still regard it very well possible that my information is based on an error. However, as long as the SLAM is not really willing to help solve this problem a (more) thorough investigation seems justified. I hope to hear from you soon. Cheers Ton

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