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Boehner Sticks with what doesn’t work As someone who runs a small business now, it was very sad

to read John Boehner’s poorly focused shoutit again anti-Obama editorial. Has he read “Our Plan for America’s Job Creators”? ( ) In summary the key points are

1. Empower small business owners and reduce regulatory burdens by review and audit of regulation 2. Fix the tax code to help job creators by a) lowering the tax rate under 25% and b) allowing businesses 3. 4. 5. 6.
to bring back overseas profits without having to pay a penalty so they can invest in our economy and create American jobs. Increase competitiveness for American manufacturers with the three pending free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea. Encourage entrepreneurship and growth via a modernized intellectual property system to protect our nation’s innovators and streamline development of new products. Maximize domestic energy production to ensure an energy policy for the 21st century to promote lower energy prices through increased domestic production. Pay down America’s unsustainable debt burden and start living within our means with significant spending cuts.

I don’t see the jobs. My comments 1. If these changes spur so much hiring, why didn't Republican’s do these during Bush's time in office when America experience no job growth at all. An affordable national health care policy, which could allow people to quit their jobs and launch businesses without worrying about the crippling costs of premiums or medical costs, might be a better spur to risk-taking. 2. a) Extending the cuts for the richest Americans would not have much of an effect on small-business hiring, because only 2% of taxpayers in the top two income brackets actually run small businesses. 2. b) These corporations cut jobs here and replaced them with foreign positions to avoid taxes, and now we’ll reward them! How about to repatriate funds insist all "missing" funds [that is, what they would have paid] be directly used to create jobs by investment in small business, co-funding gov't SBIR programs in their state, reinvestment in local infrastructure and local community museums and parks operating budgets and provide grants to small businesses not affiliated with them? 3. Whoa! Remember NAFTA, which made it possible for many U.S. manufacturers to move jobs to lowercost Mexico. Over 15,000 jobs were lost in Ohio alone. The manufacturers that remained lowered wages to compete in those industries. 4. This is a painful subject for me because my small business needed to sue for patent infringement by much larger American companies. Much money and time were lost for small restitution. Institute rules of civil procedure designed to improve access to justice by making legal proceedings cheaper, quicker, and easier to understand for non-lawyers. 5. This is no energy policy. Fix the price of a barrel of oil at so consumers and industry knew that the price would never again fall; and they and the country could make long-term investment and consumption decisions in a way that makes economic sense. 6. How with no revenue increases from taxes do you pay down our debt? There are two big chunks of money in this country, untouched in corporate treasuries and banks. Companies have $2 trillion but they’re not investing it. Banks have $2 trillion but they’re not investing it. Free up this money Mr. Boehner. Sincerely,

Richard Sapienza