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Going for Gold Upper-intermediate
English headword Part of Speech Pronunciation Example sentences
Unit 1
destination n /,dcsìi'nci|on/ When we finally reached our destination, we were all tired and hungry.
mention v /'mcn|on/ Jack mentioned something about a meeting next week.
Andean adj /'ændion/ a map of the Andean countries.
isolated adj /'aisolciìid/ They live in an isolated farmhouse in a small village.
incredible adj /in'Ircdibol/ You should have been there – it was an incredible show!
at the height of prep phr /oì ðo 'haiì ov/ At the height of the tourist season, more than 2000 people visit the Acropolis every day.
ruins n pl /'ru:inz/ We visited the ruins of a 16
century castle.
nearby adj /'niobai/ And then we had dinner in a nearby Italian restaurant.
trek n /ìrcI/ a six-hour trek through the forest.
trail n /ìrcil/ The trail led to a lake.
nowadays adv /'naoodciz/ Nowadays, teenagers spend most of their free time playing computer games.
path n /po:O/ We followed the path through the woods.
far adv /fo:/ Your first test was far better than this one.
by chance prep phr /bai 'ì|o:ns/ I found that photo completely by chance.
determined adj /di'ì‰:mind/ She was determined to find out the truth.
dense adj /dcns/ We walked through the dense pine forest.
amazed adj /o'mcizd/ We were all amazed at how well that boy could sing.
unbelievable adj /,nnbi'li:vobol/ The beauty of the place was unbelievable!
remain v /ri'mcin/ Even after years of extensive research, the question remains unanswered.
theory n /'Oiori/ Copernicus’ theory was that the planets revolve around the sun.
religious adj /ri'lid¸os/ You should at least respect her religious beliefs.
observe v /ob'z‰:v/ Psychologists are observing the child’s behaviour.
litter n /'liìo/ Make sure that you don’t leave any litter behind when you leave the site.
spoil v /spoil/ I’m really sorry for spoiling your evening.
further adv /'f‰:ðo/ Things were further complicated when she told the police that she had never met him before.
cable car n /'Icibol Io:/ A cable car carried the skiers to the top of the mountain.
increasing adj /in'Iri:siq/ An increasing number of Internet users regularly buy things online.
lead v /li:d/ A narrow path led to the top of the hill.
wear away phr v /,vcor o'vci/ The grass had been worn away by the feet of hundreds of visitors.
collapse n /Io'læps/ The earthquake caused the collapse of more than 20 buildings.
out of sight prep phr /,aoì ov 'saiì/ We waited until the train was out of sight and then we left the station.
be a great help v phr /bi o ,grciì 'hclp/ Thank you. That dictionary was a great help!
in full view of prep phr /in ,fol 'v|u: ov/ She slapped him in full view of the neighbours!
totally adv /'ìooìl-i/ I totally agree with you.
adj /,nnoI'scpìobol/ I think you should apologise. Your behaviour was totally unacceptable.
man-made adj /,mæn 'mcid/ a man-made lake.
wonder n /'vnndo/ The beauty of the place filled us with wonder.
isolation n /,aiso'lci|on/ They had lived in such isolation, that they knew nothing about the outside world.
highlight v /'hailaiì/ The teacher asked us to highlight all the unknown words in the text.
preserve v /pri'z‰:v/ I think that all those old buildings in the town should be preserved.
major adj /'mcid¸o/ There have been major changes in the country’s legal system.
tourist attraction
n /'ìoorisì o,ìræI|on/ The Acropolis is a major tourist attraction.
suitable adj /'su:ìobol, 's|u:-/ Do you really think she’s suitable for the job?
benefit n /'bcnofiì/ The training course will bring lasting benefits to all students.
alternative n /o:l'ì‰:noìiv/ This is the only thing we can do. I’m afraid there are no other alternatives.
n /,maiIroobai'fllod¸i/ Fiona is studying microbiology in Germany.
permanent adj /'p‰:mononì/ a permanent job.
temporary adj /'ìcmporori, -pori/ This is only a temporary solution to the problem.
be concerned with v phr /bi Ion's‰:nd við, viO/ The book is concerned with the life of an old man from Wales.
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unchanging adj /nn'ì|cind¸iq/ an unchanging situation.
short term adj /,|o:ì 'ì‰:m/ short term plans.
contain v /Ion'ìcin/ That file contains very important information.
credit card n /'Ircdiì Io:d/ Can I pay by credit card?
culture n /'Inlì|o/ South African culture.
seatbelt n /'si:ìbclì/ Wearing a seatbelt can save your life.
waterproof adj /'vo:ìopru:f/ a waterproof jacket.
absolute adj /'æbsolu:ì/ The party was an absolute disaster!
necessity n /ni'scsoìi/ A computer is an absolute necessity for this job.
problematic adj /,prflblo'mæìiI/ The situation was becoming even more problematic than we had thought.
Ltd abbr /'limiìod/ Harris & Sons Ltd.
enclose v /in'Ilooz/ Please enclose a recent photograph with your letter.
request v /ri'Ivcsì/ You can write a letter to the manager, requesting more information.
scheme n /sIi:m/ a training scheme.
worthwhile adj /,v‰:O'vail/ It took us more than six hours to get there, but it was definitely worthwhile in the end.
location n /loo'Ici|on/ She drew a simple map to show us the exact location of the building.
take place v phr /ìciI 'plcis/ Our next meeting will take place on the 23
of April.
outstanding adj /aoì'sìændiq/ The orchestra gave an outstanding performance.
participant n /po:'ìisiponì/ The participants in the race had to wear a helmet.
take care v phr /ìciI 'Ico/ It’s very foggy, so take care driving home.
potential adj /po'ìcn|ol/ There are a number of potential dangers involved in the process, so we need to be very careful.
severe adj /si'vio/ a severe winter.
conditions n pl /Ion'di|onz/ The flight was cancelled due to bad weather conditions.
several quantifier /'scvorol/ I’ve asked her several times but she hasn’t given me a definite answer yet.
species n /'spi:|i:z/ More than eight hundred thousand insect species have been identified by scientists.
hesitate v /'hczoìciì/ Don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions.
contact v /'IflnìæIì/ I’ve been trying to contact James all day.
application form n phr /,æpli'Ici|on fo:m/ Please fill in the application form and give it to the secretary.
get through phr v /gcì 'Oru:/ I finally managed to get through to the hotel manager.
formation n /fo:'mci|on/ a group of scientists studying the process of rock formation.
barrier n /'bærio/ The Thames Barrier was designed to prevent the capital from flooding.
average adj /'ævorid¸/ How much does the average worker in Britain earn?
annual adj /'æn|uol/ Our annual meeting will take place on 6 May.
therefore adv /'ðcofo:/ Those products are harmful to the environment and should therefore be avoided.
flood v /flnd/ The town was completely destroyed when the river flooded in 1863.
drown v /draon/ Four swimmers drowned near Hudson Bay last night.
raise v /rciz/ The bridge can be raised in the middle, to allow ships through.
storey n /'sìo:ri/ a five-storey house.
rainfall n /'rcinfo:l/ an area with low rainfall.
global adj /'gloobol/ a global problem.
(the) globe n /gloob/ Tourists from all over the globe visit the monument every year.
tragic adj /'ìræd¸iI/ a tragic accident.
considerable adj /Ion'sidorobol/ He spent a considerable amount of money on that car.
consideration n /Ion,sido'rci|on/ Money is a very important consideration here. Do you really want to spend £2,000 on this?
associate v /o'soo|iciì, o'soosi-/ Most people associate fir trees with Christmas.
affect v /o'fcIì/ How did this affect your decision?
aspect n /'æspcIì/ We discussed several aspects of the problem.
calorie n /'Iælori/ I think I’ll go swimming to burn off a few calories!
ecosystem n /'i:Ioo,sisìom/ The article discusses the effects of climate change in the Arctic ecosystem.
melt v /mclì/ If you leave ice in the sun, it melts.
arrangement n /o'rcind¸monì/ Have you made all the necessary arrangements for the meeting?
local adj /'looIol/ the local hospital.
travel agent n /'ìrævol ,cid¸onì/ We asked our local travel agent to book the trip for us.
definitely adv /'dcfonoìli/ That was definitely the worst joke I’ve ever heard!
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public transport n /,pnbliI 'ìrænspo:ì/ Good public transport is one of the advantages of living in the city centre.
aerosol can n phr /'corosfll Iæn/ Aerosol cans can be extremely dangerous and should be kept away from fire or direct sunlight.
CFC abbr /,si: cf 'si:/ The use of aerosol sprays that contain CFC gases is not allowed in some countries.
wind power n phr /'vind paoo/ Wind power is the least expensive way of producing electricity.
solar power n phr /,soolo 'paoo/ Solar power is not used to make electricity in big power plants because it does not produce enough energy.
working holiday n phr /,v‰:Iiq 'hfllodi/ Working holidays can be a great way to see the world.
recycling bank n phr /ri:'saiIliq bæqI/ Don’t throw those old newspapers away. I’ll take them to the recycling bank tomorrow.
plant v /plo:nì/ Mum’s planted some rose bushes in the garden.
appropriate adj /o'prooprioì/ Do you think that this dress is appropriate for a job interview?
coal n /Iool/ We’ll need some more coal for the fire.
eco-tourism n /'i:Ioo ,ìoorizom/ Eco-tourism is becoming a popular way of combining adventure travel with the protection of the environment.
quality n /'Ivflloìi/ You’ll have to pay more for better quality, of course.
fumes n pl /f|u:mz/ Exhaust fumes are a major cause of air pollution.
ozone layer n /'oozoon ,lcio/ Are aerosol sprays really responsible for the hole in the ozone layer?
memorise v /'mcmoraiz/ It took her two hours to memorise that poem.
council n /'Iaonsol/ He wrote a letter to the local council, complaining about the state of our school.
traditionally adv /ìro'di|onoli/ The event is traditionally held during the first week of September.
provide v /pro'vaid/ The company will provide all employees with the necessary training.
convenient adj /Ion'vi:nionì/ Is Monday morning convenient for everyone?
ray n /rci/ a ray of light.
contrast v /Ion'ìro:sì/ The teacher asked us to contrast life in the country with life in the city.
similar adj /'similo/ Those boots are similar to mine.
lively adj /'laivli/ a lively party.
whereas conj /vcor'æz/ She earns £15,000 a year whereas her husband only gets £8,000.
on the other hand prep phr /fln ði 'nðo hænd/ Well, it’s not exactly the job of my dreams. On the other hand, the pay is very good.
take turns v phr /,ìciI 'ì‰:nz/ The students then took turns to talk about their experiences.
feature n /'fi:ì|o/ The colourful illustrations are an important feature of the book.
range n /rcind¸/ You can choose from a wide range of books on different subjects.
response n /ri'spflns/ I am writing in response to your advertisement in the Daily News.
ruined adj /'ru:ind/ a ruined castle.
numerous adj /'n|u:moros/ He has written numerous articles on the subject.
aquarium n /o'Ivcoriom/ We went to the National History museum but we didn’t have enough time to visit the Aquarium.
unspoilt adj /,nn'spoilì/ unspoilt countryside.
Unit 2
turn up phr v /,ì‰:n 'np/ Turn up the radio! That’s my favourite song!
according to prep phr /o'Io:diq ìo, ìo / According to psychologists, video games can affect a child’s behaviour.
band n /bænd/ ‘Five’ are my sister’s favourite pop band.
at least prep phr /oì 'li:sì/ He’ll be here at 10. At least that’s what he told me.
bass n /bcis/ Jack is our drummer and this is Paul, the bass player.
expedition n /,cIspo'di|on/ In 1831, Charles Darwin led an expedition to South America and the Pacific.
thanks to prep phr /'OæqIs ìo/ Thanks to Mr Richard Thompson, company sales rose by 15 per cent during the Christmas period.
lander n /'lændo/ No signs of life were reported when a small lander was sent to the planet in 2001.
surface n /'s‰:fos/ the Earth’s surface.
media n pl /'mi:dio/ The media have already been informed about the star’s visit.
publicity n /po'blisoìi/ The project has already received a lot of publicity.
track n /ìræI/ I think that ‘Face the music’ was the best track on the album.
mathematical adj /,mæOo'mæìiIol/ a mathematical problem.
sequence n /'si:Ivons/ The police asked him to describe the sequence of events in as much detail as possible.
mixture n /'miIsì|o/ He just stood there, looking at me with a mixture of amusement and surprise.
distance n /'disìons/ It was a long distance from the airport to the hotel.
launch v /lo:nì|/ Space travel began in 1957, when the Soviet Sputnik I satellite was launched.
voyager n /'voi-id¸o/ The Marshall Islands were discovered by ocean voyagers in the 1500s.
in order to prep phr /in 'o:do ìo/ He took a taxi in order to get there on time.
expert n /'cIsp‰:ì/ an expert in modern art.
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compile v /Iom'pail/ We’re compiling statistics for a detailed report on the subject.
analyse v /'ænolaiz/ In order to deal with the problem, we first need to analyse what went wrong.
in mathematical terms prep phr /in ,mæOo'mæìiIol ì‰:mz/ In mathematical terms, the process wasn’t very easy to understand.
universal adj /,|u:ni'v‰:sol/ a topic of universal interest.
represent v /,rcpri'zcnì/ His comments represented the views of all the students.
distinctive adj /di'sìiqIìiv/ That artist had his own distinctive style.
variety n /vo'raioìi/ There just wasn’t enough variety in that job, so I decided to look for something more exciting.
criterion n /Irai'ìiorion/ What was the main criterion for selecting the best story?
committee n /Io'miìi/ Mr Richards is on the school’s management committee.
pipe n /paip/ I just love the sound of the pipes in that song.
be a matter of opinion v phr /bi o ,mæìor ov o'pin|on/ I thought it was an excellent show but Lynne hated it. I suppose it’s all a matter of opinion.
long-lasting adj /,lflq 'lo:sìiq/ long-lasting benefits.
so that phr /'soo ðoì/ I’ll just stand over here, so that everyone can see me.
signal n /'signol/ We have received a signal from the satellite that was sent to Mars a few weeks ago.
refer to phr v /ri'f‰: ìo, ìo/ Those numbers refer to the CDs that have already been ordered in each area.
life form n /'laif fo:m/ life forms on other planets.
atmosphere n /'æìmosfio/ The atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly until her parents walked in.
locate v /loo'Iciì/ It took a long time to locate that small village on the map.
definition n /,dcfo'ni|on/ a dictionary definition.
deduce v /di'd|u:s/ I deduced from the look on his face that he didn’t really like the idea.
context n /'IflnìcIsì/ Try to guess the meaning of this word from the context.
old-fashioned adj /,oold 'fæ|ond/ old-fashioned clothes.
unique adj /|u:'ni:I/ His unique talent made him one of the most famous men of the twentieth century.
keyboards n pl /'Ii:bo:dz/ This is Tom Scott, our guitar player and on keyboards, Mr Sam Phillips.
industry n /'indosìri/ the car industry.
lead singer n phr /,li:d 'siqo/ Sarah got an autograph from Roy Watts, the lead singer.
single n /'singol/ I’ve just bought Britney Spears’ new single.
(the) charts n pl /ì|o:ìs/ Their new song has been at the top of the charts for four weeks.
so as to prep phr /'soo oz ìo/ He often asks Ms Robins to type his articles so as to save time.
in order that prep phr /in 'o:do ðoì/ She spoke loudly in order that everyone could hear her.
intention n /in'ìcn|on/ I apologise.It wasn’t my intention to ruin your party.
clause n /Ilo:z/ a relative clause.
turn down phr v /,ì‰:n 'daon/ Turn the TV down, will you? I’m trying to do my homework.
disturb v /di'sì‰:b/ I’m really sorry to disturb you so late but I need your help.
combine v /Iom'bain/ This trip will be a good chance to combine business with pleasure.
mobile phone n /,moobail 'foon/ If she’s not at home, try calling her on her mobile phone.
intend v /in'ìcnd/ They intend to get married soon.
mostly adv /'moosìli/ George lived abroad for years, mostly in Germany.
key adj /Ii:/ All the key points have been included in the summary.
hand in phr v /,hænd 'in/ Please hand in your projects before the end of the week.
idol n /'aidl/ Michael Jackson used to be the idol of thousands of teenagers.
admire v /od'maio/ I’ve always admired him for his strength and courage.
contestant n /Ion'ìcsìonì/ More than seventy-five contestants took part in the race.
listen for phr v /'lison fo, fo:/ I stood by the door and listened for the sound of footsteps.
specific adj /spo'sifiI/ I’ve been saving this money for a specific purpose.
enter v /'cnìo/ Two hundred and fifty students entered the competition.
standard n /'sìændod/ The hotel offers service of a very high standard.
confident adj /'Iflnfidonì/ You really should be more confident and start believing in yourself.
instant adj /'insìonì/ At the age of twenty-one, she won instant fame as a singer.
eternity n /i'ì‰:noìi/ He promised to love her for all eternity. How romantic!
faith n /fciO/ I have faith in him. He never breaks his promises.
will n /vil/ He never lost his will to succeed.
follow through phr v /,fflloo 'Oru:/ She studied medicine at Oxford, but she never followed it through.
doubt v /daoì/ He’s an expert on the subject so I never doubt his judgement.
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’cos conj /Ioz, Iflz/ I was late ’cos I missed my bus.
saving grace n phr /,sciviq 'grcis/ The special effects were the film’s only saving grace.
come true v phr /Inm 'ìru:/ My dream finally came true when I was offered a job as a fashion designer.
change your mind v phr /,ì|cind¸ |o: 'maind/ Do you still want to stay at home or have you changed your mind?
spread your wings v phr /,sprcd |o: 'viqz/ I think it’s time you let her spread her wings a bit. She can make her own decisions now.
take part v phr /ìciI 'po:ì/ He didn’t want to take part in the game.
take into account v phr /,ìciI inìo o'Iaonì/ In order to choose the right plan, we need to take these factors into account.
take the pressures of v phr /,ìciI ðo 'prc|oz ov, flv/ Do you really think he can take the pressures of being a sales manager?
take advantage of sth v phr /,ìciI od'vo:nìid¸ ov ,snmOiqWe took advantage of the good weather and went for a swim.
bring out the best in sb v phr /,briq aoì ðo 'bcsì in ,snmbodThose singing classes brought out the best in her.
bring up phr v /,briq 'np/ Pat’s parents died when she was two, so she was brought up by her aunt.
consider v /Ion'sido/ We will need more time to consider all our options.
emergency adj /i'm‰:d¸onsi/ It is important not to panic in emergency situations.
perform v /po'fo:m/ All the actors performed really well.
in public prep phr /in 'pnbliI/ You will need to be more careful about what you say in public.
auxiliary verb n phr /o:g,zil|ori 'v‰:b, o:I-/ ‘Be’, ‘do’ and ‘have’ are auxiliary verbs.
platform n /'plæìfo:m/ Our train leaves from platform 4.
whether conj /'vcðo/ I asked her whether she had bought a birthday present for Bob.
would you mind v phr /vod |o 'maind/ Would you mind closing the window?
saint n /scinì/ Saint Christopher.
transactional letter n phr /ìræn,zæI|onol 'lcìo/ When writing a transactional letter, make sure that you include all the information the sender has asked for.
task n /ìo:sI/ Finishing that report in less than two days seemed like an impossible task.
complain v /Iom'plcin/ But you said you liked your job. Why are you complaining now?
limited adj /'limiìod/ There is only a limited number of tickets, so book early!
available adj /o'vcilobol/ The jacket is available in three colours.
box office n phr /'bflIs ,flfis/ By the time I got to the box office, all the tickets had been sold.
stay the night v phr /,sìci ðo 'naiì/ If you miss the last bus home, you can always stay the night.
sample n /'so:mpol/ She showed us some samples of her work.
Unit 3
quotation n /Ivoo'ìci|ən/ a quotation from Oscar Wilde.
jealous adj /'d¸clos/ He had always been jealous of his brother’s success.
proverb n /'prflv‰:b/ As an old Spanish proverb goes: ‘Tell me whom you live with and I will tell you who you are.’
four-legged adj /,fo:…'lcgid/ four-legged animals.
let down phr v /,lcì 'daon/ I have faith in her. I’m sure she won’t let me down.
get by phr v /gcì 'bai/ How does she manage to get by on only £250 a month?
succeed v /səI'si:d/ It took him more than two months, but he finally succeeded in finding a job as an architect.
advance v /əd'vo:ns/ Our understanding of genetics has advanced greatly over the last few years.
theme n /Oi:m/ Love is the main theme of the film.
proper adj /'prflpə/ I haven’t had a proper meal in weeks!
italics n pl /i'ìæliIs/ Can you guess the meaning of the words in italics by reading these sentences?
close adj /Iləos/ Judy and I were very close friends when we were at high school.
acquaintance n /ə'Ivcinìəns/ No, he isn’t my friend. He’s just an acquaintance.
classmate n /'Ilo:smciì/ Ray, can you please read out your story to your classmates?
flatmate n /'flæìmciì/ Joanna used to be my flatmate back in Brighton.
get on with phr v /gcì 'fln við, viO/ She didn’t get on with her colleagues, so she left her job.
go out with phr v /gəo 'aoì við, viO/ Terry has been going out with Lee for months now.
argument n /'o:g|omənì/ She was having an argument with her husband when I walked in.
fall out phr v /,fo:l 'aoì/ Trevor fell out with his girlfriend last night.
fall in love v phr /,fo:l in 'lnv/ She fell in love with her best friend’s brother.
split up phr v /,spliì 'np/ Beth has split up with her boyfriend.
make it up v phr /,mciI iì 'np/ They had a terrible argument last week and they still haven’t made it up.
have sth in common v phr /,hæv snmOiq in 'Iflmən/ My brother and I have absolutely nothing in common.
hardly adv /'ho:dli/ The room was so crowded that we could hardly move.
get to know v phr /,gcì ìə 'nəo/ He’s really nice when you get to know him.
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share v /|cə/ When I was at college, I used to share a room with Mick and Alex.
split off phr v /,spliì 'flf/ They split off from the local football club to form their own team.
go on phr v /gəoÅ'fln/ Go on with your work. I can do this on my own, thank you.
fall off phr v /,fo:lÅ'flf/ The number of students applying for this course has fallen off recently.
be starving v phr /bi 'sìo:viq/ What’s for dinner? I’m starving!
nearly adv /'niəli/ It’s been nearly three weeks since I last saw Emma.
indefinite adj /in'dcfənəì/ an indefinite period of time.
definite adj /'dcfənəì/ I need a definite answer.
arctic adj /'o:IìiI/ The arctic fox eats birds and small mammals.
construction n /Iən'sìrnI|ən/ a wooden construction.
scare away phr v /,sIcor o'vci/ The loud noise scared the birds away.
symbol n /'simbol/ The dove is a symbol of peace.
n /,laiInos/ That’s an excellent likeness of your grandfather!
landscape n /'lændsIcip/ a snowy landscape.
Inuit adj /'in|uiì, 'inuiì/ Inuit art.
pile n /pail/ a pile of books.
make into
phr v /'mciI inìo/ We can make the study into a guestroom.
shape n /|cip/ a box in the shape of a heart.
adj /,aoì'sìrcì|ì/ She ran to meet us with outstretched arms.
n /ri'spcIì/ Then the students stood up in order to show their respect for their teacher.
warn v /vo:n/ I warned her not to touch that button but she didn’t listen.
serve v /s‰:v/ The sofa can also serve as a bed.
n /'sainpoosì/ The village wasn’t very hard to find. We followed the signposts and got there in less than an hour.
direction n /di'rcI|on, dai-/ I think you’re pointing in the wrong direction. Are you sure that’s South?
caribou n /'Iæribu:/… An adult caribou can run at a speed of 50 miles per hour and is a very good swimmer.
tracks n pl /ìræIs/ On our way back to the cottage, we noticed some deer tracks in the snow.
remind v /ri'maind/ These old songs always remind me of my childhood.
n /im'po:ìons/ I don’t think he realises the importance of the problem.
dependence n /di'pcndons/ She was 30; no one could understand her dependence on her parents.
section n /'scI|on/ Read the first section of the text and answer the questions
n /,IæriIìo'risìiI/ He definitely has all the characteristics of a good teacher.
lively adj /'laivli/ She still looked fresh and lively when she came back from work in the evening.
spontaneous adj /spfln'ìcinios/ It was a spontaneous decision. I had never thought about it before.
v /'riolaiz/ I’m sure he’ll apologise when he realises how rude he was.
essential adj /i'scn|ol/ If you’re going to translate that text, a good dictionary is essential.
adj /vaild/ When she opened her present, she went wild with excitement.
encourage v /in'Inrid¸/ My father encouraged me to take part in the competition.
energetic adj /,cno'd¸cìiI/ That child is so energetic! Doesn’t he ever get tired?
relieve v /ri'li:v/ The soft music helped to relieve her anxiety.
workmate n /'v‰:Imciì/ I’m having dinner with a few workmates tomorrow.
progress n /'proogrcs/ You’ve made a lot of progress this term.
be in luck
v phr /bi in 'lnI/ You’re in luck - the boss doesn’t know you’re late.
push v /po|/ I wish you’d stop pushing me to apply for that job!
v /so'po:ì/ Both Tom and I tried to support Jane when her son died.
do your best v phr /,du: |o:…'bcsì/ There’s nothing to worry about. Just do your best and I’m sure you’ll pass that test.
competitive adj /Iom'pcìoìiv/ It’s just a game. Stop being so competitive!
self-confident adj /,sclf 'Iflnfidonì/ Martha seems quite self-confident but she’s actually extremely shy.
generous adj /'d¸cnoros/ He’s always so kind and generous!
sharer n /'|coro/ She’s always been my ‘secret-sharer’.
motivating adj /'mooìivciìiq/ The discussion was very motivating and made all the students want to work harder.
v /Io'læps/ They lost all their money when their small business collapsed.
all sorts of phr /,o:l 'so:ìs ov/ You can find all sorts of computer games in that shop.
move on
phr v /,mu:v 'fln/ Her ideas had hardly moved on since the 1970s.
panic n /'pæniI/ She was in a real panic. She froze for a moment and then she started screaming.
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truly adv /'ìru:li/ His story was truly amazing!
loyal adj /'loiol/ a loyal friend.
be on sb’s side v phr /,biÅfln snmbodiz 'said/ It felt good to know that at least Jason was on my side.
desperate adj /'dcsporoì/ Although the situation looked desperate, she didn’t give up hope.
ambitious adj /æm'bi|os/ He’s very ambitious. He wants to start his own business as quickly as possible.
faithful adj /'fciOfol/ a faithful friend.
reliable adj /ri'laiobol/ He often forgets what he has to do. He isn’t very reliable.
arrogant adj /'ærogonì/ He’s extremely selfish, rude and arrogant.
bossy adj /'bflsi/ That woman is so bossy! Who does she think she is?
adj /,daon ìo '‰:O/ She’s much more sensible and down-to-earth than her sister.
easygoing adj /,i:zi'gooiq/ He’s really friendly and easygoing. I’m sure you’ll like him.
adj /'soo|obol/ Joe’s a very pleasant, sociable young man.
practical adj /'præIìiIol/ Come on, be practical! You just can’t afford a new car right now!
adj /'dri:mi/ a bright but dreamy child.
approach n /o'prooì|/ We need a more practical approach to the problem.
adj /o'noi-iq/ Will you please stop that noise? It’s very annoying.
syllable n /'silobol/ The word ‘big’ has got only one syllable.
n /sìrcs/ In the word ‘happiness’ the stress is on the first syllable.
survey n /'s‰:vci/ According to the survey results, a growing number of people are taking part-time jobs.
v /'cmfosaiz/ He emphasised the importance of advertising new products.
supportive adj /so'po:ìiv/ Thank you for being so supportive.
patience n /'pci|ons/ Being a teacher requires a lot of patience and understanding.
intonation n /,inìo'nci|on/ Your pronunciation is quite good; a bit more work on your intonation and no one will know you’re not English!
keep in touch v phr /,Ii:p in 'ìnì|/ No, we haven’t kept in touch. I haven’t heard from her since she moved to Birmingham.
text message n phr /'ìcIsì ,mcsid¸/ He sent me a text message saying that he’ll meet us at the station.
face-to-face adv /,fcis ìo 'fcis/ I’d rather we talked face-to-face about this. Can we meet tonight?
videophone n /'vidioofoon/ The first mobile videophone was introduced by a Japanese company in 1999.
screen n /sIri:n/ When I printed the picture, the colours were different from those that appeared on the screen.
inappropriate adj /,ino'proopri-oì/ Do you think that these clothes are inappropriate for a business lunch?
take ages
v phr /,ìciI 'cid¸iz/ It took ages to finish that report!
adj /'ri:sonì/ She told us all about her recent trip to Rome.
adj /Iu:l/ That jacket’s really cool!
look forward to phr v /loI 'fo:vod ìo/ I’m really looking forward to meeting your sister.
Yours faithfully phr /|o:z 'fciOfol-i/
n /lo:d/ Lord Rutherford.
come over phr v /Inm 'oovo/ Bill and Margaret are coming over for dinner.
Units 1-3
abroad adv /o'bro:d/ I think George is abroad on business.
efficient adj /i'fi|onì/ an efficient worker.
sponsored adj /'spflnsod/ We took part in a sponsored swim last week.
generosity n /,d¸cno'rflsoìi/ I really think you should thank him for his kindness and generosity.
put on phr v /poì 'fln/ I put the radio on to listen to some music.
upset v /np'scì/ Don’t let his comments upset you - I’m sure you did your best.
unjumble v /,nn'd¸nmbol/ Unjumble these words to complete the sentences.
prompt n /prflmpì/ In the first exercise, you have to look at the prompts and form complete sentences using the Present simple.
essay n /'csci/ Ms Evans has asked us to write a 250-word essay about our favourite book.
engaged adj /in'gcid¸d/ Julia and Howard have been engaged for two months.
adj /'pci|onì/ She was always very patient with her students.
Unit 4
dream on phr v /,dri:m 'fln/ You think I’m going to let you use my computer? Dream on!
ambition n /æm'bi|on/ Wayne’s ambition is to become a computer programmer.
achieve v /o'ì|i:v/ You'll have to work harder if you want to achieve something as difficult as this.
attitude n /'æìiì|u:d/ We all found his whole attitude rather selfish.
a dream come true phr /o ,dri:m Inm 'ìru:/ Finding a job as an architect was a dream come true.
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glamorous adj /'glæmoros/ a glamorous lifestyle.
fairy tale n /'fcori ìcil/ a book of fairy tales.
claim v /Ilcim/ Richards claimed that he was in Manchester at the time of the crime.
love at first sight phr /,lnv oì f‰:sì 'saiì/ I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him from the moment I saw him. It was love at first sight.
perfectly adv /'p‰:fiIìli/ There’s no need to shout! I can hear you perfectly well!
skinny adj /'sIini/ Some supermodels are far too skinny.
league n /li:g/ They’re still the number one team in the league.
debut n /'dcib|u:, 'dcb|u:/ Laura Hamilton made her debut in ‘Green River’ which was filmed in 1975.
make sb sit up and take notice v phr /,mciI snmbodi ,siì np ond ìcHer performance in Romeo and Juliet made everyone sit up and take notice.
phenomenon n /fo'nflmonon/ At the age of five, Anne Palmer was Britain’s youngest singing phenomenon.
posh n /pfl|/ A woman called you this morning. She spoke in a really posh voice.
spice n /spais/ Use a wide range of vocabulary and adjectives to add spice to your story.
burst v /b‰:sì/ Walter burst into the room and started shouting at his sister.
scene n /si:n/ the political scene.
suffer v /'snfo/ Both sides suffered significant financial losses.
constant adj /'Iflnsìonì/ The constant noise from next door made it impossible for Jane to concentrate on her work.
bullying n /'boli-iq/ Bullying can cause a lot of problems.
acne n /'æIni/ Acne is very common among teenagers.
end up phr v /,cnd 'np/ She had started training as a nurse but she ended up working as an editor.
audition v /o:'di|on/ She’s auditioning for the leading role in Mike Harmer’s new film.
brand-new adj /,brænd 'n|u:/ You’ve ruined my brand-new CD player!
delight n /di'laiì/ Much to my delight, he told me I could keep the extra ticket.
pick v /piI/ Please pick a card from the box.
go on (to) phr v /goo 'fln ìo/ Pete went on to be a successful photographer.
put a lot of effort into sth v phr /,poì o lflì ov 'cfoì inìo ,snmOHe’s put a lot of effort into that project.
bump into phr v /,bnmp 'inìo/ I bumped into Thomas on my way to work this morning.
propose v /pro'pooz/ He proposed to her on her birthday.
get engaged v phr /,gcì in'gcid¸d/ They got engaged after only a few months!
matching adj /'mæì|iq/ a blue jacket and a matching skirt.
designer adj /di'zaino/ designer clothes.
tough adj /ìnf/ It was a tough decision, but we decided to leave Britain.
blame v /blcim/ I wish you’d stop blaming me for your mistakes!
hug n /hng/ Go on. Give your grandfather a big hug.
magnificent adj /mæg'nifisonì/ The view from our hotel room was magnificent!
ceremony n /'scromoni/ a wedding ceremony.
admiration n /,ædmo'rci|on/ This brave young man deserves everyone’s respect and admiration.
duty n /'d|u:ìi/ Typing the reports is one of my main duties as a secretary.
trainee n /,ìrci'ni:/ a trainee teacher.
send off phr v /,scnd 'flf/ The referee sent him off for a foul.
kick v /IiI/ Stop kicking that ball around the living room!
sign for phr v /'sain fo, fo:/ When did Michael Owen first sign for Liverpool?
make sense v phr /,mciI 'scns/ Does this text make any sense to you?
performer n /po'fo:mo/ a comic performer.
face v /fcis/ I’m perfectly aware of the problems I might have to face.
minimum adj /'minimom/ What are the minimum requirements for this job?
hopeful adj /'hoopfol/ She’s pretty hopeful about the test results.
useless adj /'|u:slos/ I’m afraid I can’t help you. I’m completely useless at chemistry!
lightbulb n /'laiìbnlb/ Thomas Edison invented the electric lightbulb in 1879.
active adj /'æIìiv/ Mr Evans is 72 but he’s still very active.
shut v /|nì/ Could you shut the window?
painful adj /'pcinfol/ My leg’s still really painful.
musical adj /'m|u:ziIol/ Diane is very musical. She can play three instruments and has a beautiful voice.
brutal adj /'bru:ìl/ a brutal murder.
recover v /ri'Invo/ It was a pretty bad accident. No one expected her to recover so quickly.
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indicate v /'indiIciì/ Research indicates that the number of Internet users has doubled since 1999.
ankle n /'æqIol/ He fell down the stairs and broke his ankle.
swollen adj /'svoolon/ His face was bruised and swollen after the fight.
union n /'|u:n|on/ Mr Brown is the leader of the air traffic controllers’ union.
icy adj /'aisi/ Be careful driving back home. The roads are icy.
knock v /nflI/ Careful you don’t knock your leg on that coffee table.
slim adj /slim/ a tall, slim woman in her thirties.
take it easy v phr /,ìciI iì 'i:zi/ The doctor said I must take it easy for a few weeks.
taste v /ìcisì/ The cake tastes great!
repetition n /,rcpo'ìi|on/ We all found his constant repetition of the same story extremely boring.
clarification n /,Ilærifi'Ici|on/ There is no need for any further clarification. I think we all know what we have to do.
hothouse n /'hflìhaos/ a hothouse atmosphere.
be under pressure v phr /bi ,nndo 'prc|o/ Dylan isn’t very productive when he’s under pressure.
perform v /po'fo:m/ Most of the students performed really well in last week’s test.
attend v /o'ìcnd/ You are all invited to attend the meeting next Friday.
get ahead phr v /,gcì o'hcd/ I really want to get ahead at work.
genius n /'d¸i:nios/ Wow! How did you do that? You’re a genius!
fail v /fcil/ We did our best but the whole plan failed.
unborn adj /,nn'bo:n/ an unborn child.
enrol v /in'rool/ Fifty students have enrolled on the photography course.
register v /'rcd¸isìo/ We’re registering the baby’s birth this morning.
agreement n /o'gri:monì/ Make sure you read everything carefully before you sign the agreement.
take sb/sth seriously v phr /,ìciI snmbodi, snmOiq 'siori You always take things far too seriously! It was only a joke!
convinced adj /Ion'vinsì/ I was convinced that he was telling the truth.
teamwork n /'ìi:mv‰:I/ Remember that teamwork is very important in this class.
psychiatrist n /sai'Iaioìrisì/ The child’s behaviour is being observed by psychiatrists.
bestselling adj /,bcsì'scliq/ a bestselling novel.
hyper- prefix /haipo/ a hyperactive child.
parenting n /'pcoronìiq/ parenting skills.
determiner n /di'ì‰:mino/ In the phrases ‘their new house’ and ‘ some beautiful flowers’ , ‘their’ and ‘some’ are determiners.
extract n /'cIsìræIì/ I’ve only read some short extracts from his first book.
depend on phr v /di'pcnd Åfln/ My future as an artist depended on the critic’s decision.
crucial adj /'Iru:|ol/ a crucial decision.
accidentally adv /,æIsi'dcnìl-i/ She accidentally stepped on Bruno’s tail – that’s why he bit her.
slide v /slaid/ We slid down the snowy hillside.
glare v /glco/ She just stood there glaring at me. Her face was filled with anger.
trip v /ìrip/ I tripped over my brother’s toy car and landed on my back.
creep v /Iri:p/ He crept into the bedroom and took my car keys while I was asleep.
wander v /'vflndo/ After wandering around the city for hours, we had lunch in an Italian restaurant.
unconventional adj /,nnIon'vcn|onol/ unconventional advertising techniques.
vital adj /'vaiìl/ It is vital that you inform everyone about this as soon as possible.
glance v /glo:ns/ Frances glanced over her shoulder to see if she was being followed.
collapse v /Io'læps/ I was waiting for the bus when an old man suddenly collapsed in the street.
unlikely adj /nn'laiIli/ He said that he might come after work, but it’s very unlikely.
stare v /sìco/ Stop staring at me, will you?
weird adj /viod/ Someone left a really weird message on your answering machine this morning.
limp n /limp/ The man had a long beard and walked with a limp.
narrative adj /'næroìiv/ a narrative poem.
sleepy adj /'sli:pi/ It’s midnight and the children look really sleepy. We’d better go home.
badminton n /'bædminìon/ a badminton player.
beat v /bi:ì/ Dad always beats me at chess.
go off phr v /goo 'flf/ My alarm clock didn’t go off so I was late for school this morning.
queue v /I|u:/ I had to queue for two hours but at least I managed to get us two tickets.
ironing n /'aioniq/ Can you please do the ironing today? I’m exhausted.
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wonderland n /'vnndolænd/ ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ was my favourite story when I was a child.
become aware v phr /bi,Inm o'vco/ I suddenly became aware that someone was walking right behind me.
fit v /fiì/ That dictionary won’t fit in my bag. It’s too thick.
wonder v /'vnndo/ I wonder why he looked so worried.
label n /'lcibol/ Did you read the instructions on the label?
eventually adv /i'vcnì|uoli, -ì|oli/ After endless planning meetings, we eventually managed to come to a decision.
tunnel n /'ìnnl/ The train went through the tunnel, leaving us in darkness for more than five minutes.
stadium n /'sìcidiom/ a football stadium.
writing n /'raiìiq/ Can you read the writing on that wall?
in the distance prep phr /in ðo 'disìons/ I could see grandma’s cottage in the distance.
make up phr v /,mciI 'np/ Is this a true story or did you make it up?
curious adj /'I|oorios/ We were all really curious to hear what had really happened.
draft n /dro:fì/ The teacher gave us twenty minutes to write the first draft of our story.
linking word n phr /'liqIiq v‰:d/ ‘Because’ and ‘but’ are linking words.
Unit 5
matter v /'mæìo/ Her career was the only thing that mattered to her.
principle n /'prinsopol/ the principles of geometry.
engineering n /,cnd¸o'nioriq/ Tim is studying engineering at Oxford.
Nobel Prize n phr /noo,bcl 'praiz, ,noobcl/ Albert Einstein received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921.
exposure n /iI'spoo¸o/ Exposure to high levels of radiation can be very harmful.
revolution n /,rcvo'lu:|on/ scientific revolution.
artistic adj /o:'ìisìiI/ My painting is awful! I don’t think I’m very artistic.
employ v /im'ploi/ It would be a good idea to employ a professional painter.
flu n /flu:/ She wasn’t at school yesterday. I think she’s in bed with the flu.
epidemic n /,cpi'dcmiI/ a flu epidemic.
research n /ri's‰:ì|, 'ri:s‰:ì|/ research into the effects of television on children’s behaviour.
department store n /di'po:ìmonì sìo:/ I’m sure you’ll find a present for him in that new department store.
exhibition n /,cIso'bi|on/ a book exhibition.
law firm n phr /'lo: f‰:m/ Howard works for a law firm in London.
drug n /drng/ Some allergies can’t be treated with drugs.
vacuum cleaner n /,væI|om 'Ili:no/ The vacuum cleaner’s broken again - it won’t even pick these crumbs up.
opportunity n /,flpo'ì|u:noìi/ You should at least give him the opportunity to tell you what happened.
shed n /|cd/ Dad keeps his tools in that shed.
reunion n /ri:'|u:n|on/ I really look forward to our college reunion next week.
give sb a lift v phr /,giv snmbodi o 'lifì/ Could you give me a lift to the station?
following prep /'ffllooiq/ Following her husband’s death, she moved back to her home town.
in the meantime prep phr /in ðo 'mi:nìaim/ I’ll be back at ten. In the meantime, try to get some sleep.
servant n /'s‰:vonì/ The servants used to live downstairs and the family upstairs.
rise v /raiz/ At the age of twenty-one, she rose to fame as a jazz singer.
gravity n /'grævoìi/ the law of gravity.
Member of Parliament n /,mcmbor ov 'po:lomonì/ In 1981, Mr Newton was made Member of Parliament for Liverpool North.
brief adj /bri:f/ He wrote a brief note to thank her for her help.
autobiography n /,o:ìobai'flgrofi/ It took John Woolf nine years to write his autobiography.
biography n /bai'flgrofi/ Voltaire’s biography was first published in 1791.
gadget n /'gæd¸oì/ I bought this clever little gadget for opening bottles.
espresso n /c'sprcsoo, i'sprc-/ ‘I’d like an espresso, please.’
razor n /'rcizo/ an electric razor.
credit n /'Ircdiì/ I wish someone would give me some credit for working so hard!
device n /di'vais/ a new device for measuring the loudness of sounds.
oversized adj /,oovo'saizd/ He was wearing jeans and an oversized jumper.
PC abbr /,pi: 'si:/ I don’t have a PC at home, so I’ll have to stay at the office and type these letters.
shave v /|civ/ I got up late and didn’t have time to shave this morning.
bleeding n /'bli:diq/ I tied a bandage around the wound to stop the bleeding.
make a fortune v phr /,mciI o 'fo:ì|on/ His company’s very successful. He must have made a fortune by now.
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steel n /sìi:l/ These cases are made of steel and can hold up to 50 kg.
manufacturer n /,mæn|o'fæIì|oro/ a clothing manufacturer.
blade n /blcid/ Ice skates have thin metal blades at the bottom.
go ahead phr v /,goo o'hcd/ We have decided to go ahead with the plan.
dine v /dain/ We dined at a fantastic Italian restaurant.
smart adj /smo:ì/ She took us to a very smart restaurant on her birthday.
cotton n /'Iflìn/ He was wearing a white cotton T-shirt.
handkerchief n /'hæqIoì|if/ When he saw Tricia crying, he offered her his handkerchief.
suck v /snI/ The boat was sucked under the water by the strong current.
apart from prep phr /o'po:ì from, frflm/ Apart from a few old castles, there wasn’t much to see in that town.
choke v /ì|ooI/ I nearly choked on a fishbone.
suction n /'snI|on/ Vacuum cleaners work by suction.
put together phr v /,poì ìo'gcðo/ It took him a week to put this model plane together.
tin n /ìin/ The box is actually made of iron but it’s covered with tin.
broomstick n /'bru:msìiI/ In most children’s stories, witches are supposed to fly on broomsticks.
sack n /sæI/ a sack of potatoes.
leather n /'lcðo/ a bag made of soft leather.
commercial adj /Io'm‰:|ol/ The first commercial home computer was sold in 1976.
give up phr v /giv 'np/ She gave up her job when she married him.
export v /iI'spo:ì/ Japan exports cars to many countries.
operate v /'flporciì/ The machine will stop operating if you push that button.
via prep /'vaio, 'vi:o/ The concert will be transmitted live via satellite.
recorder n /ri'Io:do/ a cassette recorder.
cable n /'Icibol/ Cable TV was first used in the USA in the 1970s.
satellite n /'sæìolaiì/ In satellite television, the signals are received via a large round piece of metal, called ‘a satellite dish’.
receiver n /ri'si:vo/ The receiver turns radio signals into sounds.
download v /,daon'lood/ I’ve downloaded some great pictures from the Internet.
hard disk n /,ho:d 'disI/ Click on this icon if you want to save the file on the hard disk.
pause v /po:z/ ‘Yes, I will take the job’, he said, after pausing for a moment.
rewind v /,ri:'vaind/ I’ll rewind the tape so that you can listen to it one more time.
fast forward v phr /,fo:sì 'fo:vod/ Will you please fast forward the tape to the end?
catch up phr v /,Iæì| 'np/ He was walking so fast that I couldn’t catch up with him.
broadcast n /'bro:dIo:sì/ a news broadcast.
adjust v /o'd¸nsì/ Adjust the height of your seat, so that you can sit more comfortably.
suit v /su:ì, s|u:ì/ Make sure that you choose a training programme that suits your particular needs.
elegant adj /'clogonì/ She looked so elegant in that long black dress!
smooth adj /smu:ð/ Your skin looks so soft and smooth.
pressure n /'prc|o/ Don’t forget to check the tyre pressure before you leave.
steam n /sìi:m/ Water turns into steam at 100ºc.
force v /fo:s/ Don’t force the window or it will break.
gas ring n /'gæs riq/ Don’t forget to turn off the gas ring when you finish cooking.
heatproof adj /'hi:ìpru:f/ a heatproof bowl.
handle n /'hændl/ The door handle has fallen off again.
stylish adj /'sìaili|/ She’s bought a really stylish red dress for the party.
household n /'haoshoold/ The survey showed that fifty-one per cent of households owned one or more personal computers.
parallel adj /'pærolcl/ parallel ideas.
wool n /vol/ a hat made of pure wool.
silk n /silI/ Is that scarf made of silk?
cardboard n /'Io:dbo:d/ a sheet of cardboard.
slippery adj /'slipori/ The roads were slippery after the rain.
furry n /'f‰:ri/ a dog with a long, furry tail.
rug n /rng/ The cat was curled up on the rug in front of the fire.
rough adj /rnf/ Reaching the top of the hill meant walking over rough ground for almost three hours.
strap n /sìræp/ a leather watch strap.
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hand n /hænd/ the hour hand.
sort out phr v /,so:ì 'aoì/ Stop worrying about it all. I promise I’ll sort things out as soon as possible.
occasion n /o'Ici¸on/ He was seen entering the building on several occasions.
pay rise n /'pci raiz/ If the boss refuses to give me a pay rise, I’ll quit!
persuade v /po'svcid/ We finally managed to persuade them to come with us.
by the way prep phr /bai ðo 'vci/ By the way, a letter came in for you this morning. It’s on your desk.
meet up phr v /,mi:ì 'np/ I’m meeting up with Paul after work.
make it v phr /'mciI iì/ I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it on Monday. I have to stay at home.
access n /'æIscs/ Not all students have access to the library.
overall adv /,oovor'o:l/ Overall, it was a good play.
move out phr v /,mu:v 'aoì/ They moved out of the apartment in West Street three months ago.
make up for phr v /mciI 'np fo, fo:/ Winning the competition made up for all her hard work.
look back phr v /,loI 'bæI/ When I look back on the years I spent there, I realise they were the happiest years of my life.
decisive adj /di'saisiv/ He’s a strong and decisive man, used to dealing with such problems.
comfort n /'Inmfoì/ Now let’s sit in comfort and watch the match.
inconvenience n /,inIon'vi:nions/ I would like to apologise for any inconvenience we may have caused.
timing n /'ìaimiq/ Perfect timing! I was just going to call and ask you to come over for dinner.
positive adj /'pflzoìiv/ You really should be more positive about the future.
talkative adj /'ìo:Ioìiv/ I sometimes wish Jack wasn’t so talkative. I never get to speak when we go out!
significance n /sig'nifiIons/ Let me explain the significance of the numbers listed here.
text v /ìcIsì/ You don’t have to call. Just text me and let me know if you’re coming.
volcano n /vfll'Icinoo/ A large part of the island was destroyed when the volcano erupted in 1943.
interactive adj /,inìor'æIìiv/ interactive teaching methods.
run v /rnn/ They’re running a two-week training course.
ages n pl /'cid¸iz/ ‘How’s Alex?’ ‘I don’t know. I haven’t heard from him for ages.’
parcel n /'po:sol/ There’s a parcel for you on the table. It came in this morning.
though adv /ðoo/ It’s an interesting job. The pay isn’t very good, though.
concluding adj /Ion'Ilu:diq/ a concluding statement. DER conclude (v), conclusion (n)
summarise v /'snmoraiz/ Ms Robins asked us to summarise the story in no more than one hundred words.
Unit 6
society n /so'saioìi/ Unemployment is a serious problem in modern society.
lack n /læI/ Lack of sleep can cause serious health problems.
fantasy n /'fænìosi/ Jack can’t really tell the difference between fantasy and reality.
stable adj /'sìcibol/ a stable marriage.
send off phr v /,scnd 'flf/ We’ve sent the children off to their aunt in Wales.
rescue v /'rcsI|u:/ He risked his life trying to rescue the child from the fire.
extraordinary adj /iI'sìro:donori/ She showed an extraordinary talent for acting.
shortly adj /'|o:ìli/ The couple left shortly after the wedding.
menacing adj /'mcnosiq/ a menacing laugh.
caped adj /Icipì/ He saw a tall, caped figure in the dark.
crusader n /Iru:'scido/ a crusader against violence.
crimefighting adj /'Iraim,faiìiq/ a crimefighting politician.
inherit v /in'hcriì/ He inherited the house from his grandparents.
dedicate yourself to sth v phr /'dcdiIciì |osclf ìo ,snmOiq/ Mother Teresa dedicated herself to helping those in need.
crime n /Iraim/ Crime is only one of the problems that are common to all big cities.
take on phr v /,ìciI 'fln/ When I asked him about his job, his voice took on a completely different tone.
terrify v /'ìcrofai/ The thought of spending a night alone in that house terrifies me.
unlike prep /,nn'laiI/ Unlike her sister, Tricia is very self-confident.
supernatural adj /,su:po'næì|orol, ,s|u:-/ supernatural powers.
operate v /'flporciì/ He will need special training in order to operate effectively.
laboratory n /lo'bflroìri/ The laboratory where the experiments are carried out is on the second floor.
boy wonder n /,boi 'vnndo/ And that’s Rick, the boy wonder of the family!
identity n /ai'dcnìoìi/ This job brought out his strong artistic identity.
radioactive adj /,rcidioo'æIìiv/ radioactive gases.
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burglar n /'b‰:glo/ The burglars took all my jewellery.
beloved adj /bi'lnvid/ my beloved daughter, Judy.
ordinary adj /'o:donori/ It was just another ordinary day. We did nothing special.
responsibility n /ri,spflnso'biloìi/ Who has responsibility for the new office in central London?
release n /ri'li:s/ Shortly after the release of her first film, she got married to film director Ken Walters.
total n /'ìooìl/ We spent a total of £1,000 on redecorating the office.
at the time prep phr /oì ðo 'ìaim/ Long skirts were very fashionable at the time.
m abbr £2.5m.
bring in phr v /,briq 'in/ Sales outside the UK have already brought in more than £30,000.
figure n /'figo/ Well, considering how much you paid for it, £2,500 is a small figure.
in comparison with phr v /in Iom'pærison við, viO/ In comparison with our old house, this one is huge.
double v /'dnbol/ Our sales have doubled since 2001.
suggest v /so'd¸csì/ The facts suggest that Harris was not at home at the time of the murder.
delight v /di'laiì/ ‘Fiction’ is an exciting new game that will delight children of all ages.
superhuman adj /,su:po'h|u:mon, ,s|u:-/ hanks to the superhuman efforts of the firefighters, more than fifty people were rescued from the burning building.
feat n /fi:ì/ Finishing that report in less than two days was quite a feat!
(the) authorities n pl /o:'Oflroìiz/ The accident was reported to the authorities at half past eight yesterday evening.
land v /lænd/ Our plane landed at 6:35.
image n /'imid¸/ She had a clear image of how she would look in twenty years’ time.
track down phr v /,ìræI 'daon/ She finally managed to track down her long-lost brother.
financially adv /fi'næn|oli, fai-/ a financially successful company.
luggage n /'lngid¸/ Our luggage was searched at the airport.
voluntary adj /'vfllonìori/ Lee does voluntary work at St Mary’s hospital twice a week.
affirmative adj /o'f‰:moìiv/ The sentence ‘I like science fiction films’ is an affirmative sentence.
identify v /ai'dcnìifai/ Do you think you can identify the man who attacked you?
take out phr v /,ìciI 'aoì/ I had a tooth taken out yesterday.
bit n /biì/ With a bit of help from Anne, everything was ready in time for dinner.
flash n /flæ|/ A sudden flash of blue light lit up the room.
lump n /lnmp/ a lump of wood.
shower n /'|aoo/ A shower of water was coming out of the burst pipe.
loaf n /loof/ a loaf of bread.
slice n /slais/ Cut the lemon into thin slices.
tube n /ì|u:b/ a tube of glue.
bar n /bo:/ a bar of chocolate.
sheet n /|i:ì/ a sheet of cardboard.
slice v /slais/ OK, slice the bread and I’ll get the butter.
HQ abbr /,ciì| 'I|u:/
stunt n /sìnnì/ Most of the stunts we watch on television are real, but they’re not actually performed by the actors themselves.
giant n /'d¸aionì/ IBM, a giant of the computer industry.
dozens (of) n pl /'dnzonz/ We’ve talked about this dozens of times.
spectator n /spcI'ìciìo/ Thousands of spectators saw the World Cup Final last night.
near v /nio/ As we neared the top, it began to rain.
bring charges v phr /,briq 'ì|o:d¸iz/ Luckily for us, no charges were brought by the owners of the car, so we were free to go shortly after the accident.
bare adj /bco/ Remember not to touch that with bare hands. It’s too hot.
naked adj /'nciIid/ The children swam naked in the lake.
raw adj /ro:/ raw meat.
challenge n /'ì|ælond¸/ I try not to worry about the difficulties of my new job. Instead, I think of them as a challenge.
pattern n /'pæìn/ The article discusses the behaviour patterns of teenagers.
require v /ri'Ivaio/ This job requires specialised knowledge.
propose v /pro'pooz/ Mr Peterson proposed a new advertising campaign.
wiper n /'vaipo/ Why are your wipers on? It isn’t raining.
flock n /flflI/ A flock of sheep was blocking the road.
herd n /h‰:d/ a herd of wild deer.
cheer v /ì|io/ The fans stood up and cheered when Anderson scored the first goal.
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sigh v /sai/ When the car was out of sight, she sighed and went back inside.
pull up phr v /,pol 'np/ A black car pulled up outside the bank.
put up phr v /,poì 'np/ Don’t worry. We’ll put you up for the night.
pick up phr v /,piI 'np/ The police picked him up at the airport.
peak n /pi:I/ We flew over beautiful valleys and snow-covered peaks.
summit n /'snmiì/ The summit of Mount Everest was first reached by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953.
allowance n /o'laoons/ He gets a monthly allowance of £200 from his father.
grant v /gro:nì/ Your request for new equipment has been granted.
permission n /po'mi|on/ If you want to go home early, you must ask permission from the headmaster.
market research n /,mo:Iiì ri's‰:ì|, 'ri:s‰:ì|/ Market research has shown that 75 per cent of teenagers spend most of their pocket money on computer games and CDs
announcement n /o'naonsmonì/ Can I have your attention, please? I have an important announcement to make.
risk-taker n /'risI ,ìciIo/ Charles would never try something as dangerous as this. He’s never been much of a risk-taker.
justify v /'d¸nsìifai/ How can you justify taking your father’s car without permission?
complaint n /Iom'plcinì/ We have received a number of complaints about the quality of the product.
overhear v /,oovo'hio/ I overheard him saying he’s in love with Lisa.
colleague n /'Iflli:g/ Ray’s colleagues at the bank are organising a surprise party for him.
review n /ri'v|u:/ She writes the film reviews for the local newspaper.
force n /fo:s/ the Air Force.
kidnap v /'Iidnæp/ In the film, the manager’s daughter is kidnapped by one of the employees.
interactive adj /,inìor'æIìiv/ an interactive video game.
backshift v /'bæI|ifì/ In reported speech, the present simple is backshifted into the past simple.
admit v /od'miì/ She admitted that she had lied to him.
remind v /ri'maind/ I don’t need to remind you that you’ve promised to be back by midnight, do I?
cheat v /ì|i:ì/ Hey! You’re cheating! Don’t look at my cards!
deny v /di'nai/ He denied taking the money from her purse.
play at phr v /'plci oì, æì/ When we were little, my brother and I would play at pirates all the time.
starring role n phr /,sìo:riq 'rool/ Shortly after the release of her first film, she got the starring role in ‘Leaving Home’, which was filmed in 2001.
appear v /o'pio/ The boy appeared nervous before the examination.
paralyse v /'pærolaiz/ He was paralysed in a car accident five years ago.
wheelchair n /'vi:lì|co/ Mary wasn’t seriously hurt in the accident but her sister will probably be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.
come out in phr v /Inm 'aoì in/ I come out in little red spots whenever I eat chocolate.
rash n /ræ|/ The rash covered her face and arms.
injection n /in'd¸cI|on/ The nurse gave her an injection to help her sleep.
tablet n /'ìæbloì/ Take one of these tablets every morning.
have a temperature v phr /hæv o 'ìcmporoì|o/ You’ve got a temperature. Why don’t you lie down and I’ll make you a cup of tea.
bruise n /bru:z/ Where did you get that bruise on your knee?
stitch n /sìiì|/ It’s a deep cut - I’m afraid you’ll need some stitches.
walk into phr v /,vo:I 'inìo/ George wasn’t looking where he was going and walked straight into our English teacher!
faint v /fcinì/ Fiona always faints at the sight of blood.
apparently adv /o'pæronìli/ Apparently, they’re still looking for a secretary.
ambulance n /'æmb|olons/ Luckily, the ambulance arrived within minutes, and the driver was taken to the nearest hospital.
paramedic n /,pæro'mcdiI/ The driver was given emergency treatment by paramedics.
come to phr v /,Inm 'ìu:/ When I came to, I was in a hospital room and my mother was sitting beside me.
first aid n /,f‰:sì 'cid/ She probably wouldn’t have made it to the hospital if that man hadn’t given her first aid.
accessible adj /oI'scsobol/ The beach is only accessible by boat.
brainstorm v /'brcinsìo:m/ We spent twenty minutes brainstorming a list of possible names for the new product.
disabled adj /dis'cibold/ The accident left him permanently disabled.
facilities n pl /fo'siloìiz/ parking facilities.
recommendation n /,rcIomcn'dci|on/ The report includes a number of recommendations for increasing sales outside the UK.
divide v /di'vaid/ The book is divided into three parts.
neutral adj /'n|u:ìrol/ I always try to stay neutral whenever they start one of their arguments.
procedure n /pro'si:d¸o/ What is the procedure for downloading the program onto your hard disk?
entrance n /'cnìrons/ Is this the main entrance to the building?
narrow adj /'næroo/ a narrow path.
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Units 4-6
collect v /Io'lcIì/ She’s been collecting information for that report for months.
pick up phr v /,piI 'np/ I’ll pick you up at ten. Don’t be late.
dishwasher n /'di|,vfl|o/ You don’t have to wash those glasses. Just put them in the dishwasher.
politics n /'pflloìiIs/ She’s not particularly interested in politics.
enormous adj /i'no:mos/ an enormous amount of money.
reach v /ri:ì|/ After an endless round of meetings, they finally managed to reach a decision.
time off n phr /,ìaim 'flf/ You’ve been working very hard lately. You should take some time off.
go off phr v /goo 'flf/ That milk has been in the fridge for five days. It must have gone off by now.
chop v /ì|flp/ Chop a tomato into small pieces and put it into a large bowl.
check-out assistant n phr /'ì|cI aoì o,sisìonì/ She found a job as a check-out assistant a few weeks ago.
fall over phr v /,fo:l 'oovo/ I tripped on the doorstep and fell over.
deliver v /di'livo/ My new computer will be delivered on Friday.
drill n /dril/ a dentist’s drill.
slip v /slip/ Suddenly, Diane slipped and landed on her back.
session n /'sc|on/ Our next training session is on 23 February.
unheard adj /,nn'h‰:d/ My complaints went unheard.
prime minister n /,praim 'minisìo/ The prime minister did not make any statements to the press.
hold your breath v phr /,hoold |o 'brcO/ I can’t hold my breath for more than thirty seconds.
Unit 7
rite of passage n phr /,raiì ov 'pæsid¸/ In many parts of the world, a person’s eighteenth birthday is one of the most important rites of passage.
mark v /mo:I/ His first film marked the beginning of a very successful career in acting.
series n /'siori:z/ They have published a series of articles on the subject.
go through phr v /'goo Oru:/ There are some important steps that you need to go through before you can use the program.
childbirth n /'ì|aildb‰:O/ Jacob’s mother died in childbirth.
divorce n /di'vo:s/ She’s decided to tell her husband that she wants a divorce.
adolescence n /,ædo'lcsons/ According to psychologists, it is during adolescence that we all start to develop a sense of identity.
adulthood n /'ædnlìhod, o'dnlì-/ Legally, we all reach adulthood at the age of 18.
conflicting adj /Ion'fliIìiq/ conflicting theories about what is right and what is wrong.
transition n /ìræn'zi|on, -'si-/ The transition from school to adult life is always a very challenging process.
tribe n /ìraib/ The Zulu were one of the largest tribes of South Africa.
conflict n /'IflnfliIì/ As a teenager, he was always in conflict with his parents.
harmony n /'ho:moni/ Different kinds of people live here in perfect peace and harmony.
rite n /raiì/ In many ancient cultures, religious rites were performed after the birth of a child.
signal v /'signol/ Light rain and cloudy days signalled the end of summer.
united adj /|o'naiìid/ a united family.
clan n /Ilæn/ the Campbell clan.
shave off phr v /,|civ 'flf/ When did Harry shave off his beard?
endure v /in'd|oo/ We had to endure a long and tiring journey.
severe adj /si'vio/ The driver suffered severe head injuries.
sting v /sìiq/ She was stung by a bee in the park.
cry out phr v /,Irai 'aoì/ He cried out in pain when his bare foot hit the stone.
ritual n /'riì|uol/ ‘The Sun Dance’ was a ritual through which the Plains Indians expressed their respect for the summer sun
dress up phr v /,drcs 'np/ She dressed up as a nurse for the party.
horn n /ho:n/ Not all female antelopes have horns.
beat v /bi:ì/ I was furious when I saw him beating the dog!
pull v /pol/ David! Stop pulling your sister’s hair!
community n /Io'm|u:noìi/ a farming community.
violent adj /'vaiolonì/ Of course he should be punished for his cruel and violent behaviour!
act n /æIì/ a criminal act.
chin n /ì|in/ She sat staring out of the window, with her chin in her hands.
chest n /ì|csì/ Jack’s been complaining of chest pains recently.
graduate v /'græd¸uciì/ Ms Bower’s son has just graduated from Oxford.
adjust v /o'd¸nsì/ Adjusting to a new way of life isn’t easy – just give him more time.
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accommodation n /o,Iflmo'dci|on/ The price includes food and accommodation.
accent n /'æIsonì/ You can tell by his accent that this man is not Irish.
move house v phr /,mu:v 'haos/ We’re moving house next week; my father has found a new job in London.
run away phr v /,rnn o'vci/ Patricia ran away from home when she was sixteen.
set off phr v /,scì 'flf/ It’s a four-hour drive to the camp so we’d better set off early.
drop out phr v /,drflp 'aoì/ She dropped out of college in 1993, when she was offered her first film role.
slip v /slip/ He slipped out of the house while everyone was asleep.
yearn v /|‰:n/ After six years in Germany, Clark was yearning to go back home.
bruise v /bru:z/ He bruised many girls’ hearts before he finally settled down and got married.
spell n /spcl/ The princess kissed the frog and broke the spell – the frog turned into a handsome prince.
warning n /'vo:niq/ Despite his parents’ warnings against it, he dropped out of college.
let go v phr /lcì 'goo/ Will you ever let go of the past and start thinking about your future?
fortress n /'fo:ìros/ Since the 17
century, the Tower of London has served as a royal fortress, a palace and a prison.
pray v /prci/ She prayed for her son’s recovery.
walk away phr v /,vo:I o'vci/ He never really tried to deal with the problem – he walked away when things got worse.
wave v /vciv/ He waved goodbye, got in his car and drove off.
shake hands v phr /,|ciI 'hændz/ We shook hands and then I left his office.
see sb/sth off phr v /,si: snmOiq, snmbodi 'flf/ We all went to the airport to see Judy off.
farewell party n phr /fco'vcl ,po:ìi/ We’re organising a farewell party for John. He’s leaving next week.
military service n /,miliìori 's‰:vis/ In Greece, young men have to do military service for eighteen months.
ballot paper n /'bæloì ,pcipo/ Put a cross next to one of the names on the ballot paper.
lottery ticket n phr /'lflìori ,ìiIiì/ They won £500,000 from that lottery ticket!
driving licence n /'draiviq ,laisons/ No, you can’t take your father’s car. You haven’t got a driving licence.
parking ticket n /'po:Iiq ,ìiIiì/ You wouldn’t have got a parking ticket if you hadn’t parked outside the hospital.
tattooist n /ìo'ìu:isì, ìæ-/ He asked a tattooist to draw an eagle on his left arm.
full-time job n phr /,fol ìaim 'd¸flb/ I have three children, so a full-time job is definitely out of the question!
part-time job n phr /,po:ì ìaim 'd¸flb/ Tess has found a part-time job as a waitress.
vote v /vooì/ Women were given the right to vote in the early 1900s.
suspicious adj /so'spi|os/ You have every reason to be suspicious since you hardly know that man.
anxious adj /'æqI|os/ He’s really anxious about that job interview tomorrow.
(the) army n /'o:mi/ Michael joined the army when he was 18.
consent n /Ion'scnì/ They got married without their parents’ consent.
get on sb’s nerves v phr /,gcì fln snmbodiz 'n‰:vz/ Will you please stop asking so many questions? It really gets on my nerves!
get over phr v /gcì 'oovo/ She still hasn’t got over her husband’s death.
get back together v phr /gcì ,bæI ìo'gcðo/ Ray just told me that Alice wants to get back together with Simon.
annoy v /o'noi/ His whole attitude was beginning to annoy me, so I left.
partner n /'po:ìno/ Finding the perfect partner isn’t always easy.
slightly adv /'slaiìli/ He’s slightly taller than me.
slight adj /slaiì/ a slight difference.
structure n /'sìrnIì|o/ sentence structure.
essay n /'csci/ Please give in your essays by next Monday.
harbour n /'ho:bo/ The ship left the harbour at noon.
fancy dress n /,fænsi 'drcs/ I’m going to wear my dad’s uniform at the fancy dress party.
layout n /'lciaoì/ We’ll have to change the layout of this page and put the picture right next to the first paragraph.
Unit 8
bury v /'bcri/ He was buried on 27 May in Westminster, where he had been born.
churchyard n /'ì|‰:ì||o:d/ My grandmother was buried in the local churchyard.
wonder n /'vnndo/ The Colossus of Rhodes is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.
tomb n /ìu:m/ The tomb of King Tutankhamun was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922.
cemetery n /'scmoìri/ Uncle Robert was buried in Woodlawn cemetery.
limestone n /'laimsìoon/ a limestone cliff.
cement n /si'mcnì/ I used a bit of cement to fill that hole in the wall.
coffin n /'Iflfin/ The soldier’s coffin was covered with the national flag.
spire n /spaio/ I could see the church spire from the top of the hill.
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calcium n /'Iælsiom/ Milk is very rich in calcium.
impressive adj /im'prcsiv/ His performance in Hamlet was very impressive.
resting place n phr /'rcsìiq plcis/ He had grown up in that town, so he’d always wanted it to be his final resting place.
fascinate v /'fæsonciì/ That woman’s voice has always fascinated me.
massive adj /'mæsiv/ a massive rock.
monument adj /'mfln|omonì/ Thousands of tourists visit the monument every year.
stairway n /'sìcovci/ On my left, there was a stairway leading to the basement.
sloping adj /'sloopiq/ a sloping roof.
laugh at phr v /'lo:f oì, æì/ He knew it was dangerous. But Tom just laughs at danger.
pay respect to v phr /,pci ri'spcIì ìo/ Hundreds of people come to the church on 21 April, in order to pay respect to the saint.
up close prep phr /,np 'Iloos/ Up close, he isn’t that good-looking.
BC abbr /,bi: 'si:/ Alexander the Great died in 323 BC.
structure n /'sìrnIì|o/ a tall steel structure.
base n /bcis/ a candlestick with a round silver base.
measure v /'mc¸o/ The pyramid of Khufu measures more than 60 metres in height.
solid adj /'sfllid/ Cement becomes solid when it dries.
weigh v /vci/ The baby weighs 5 kilos.
tonne n /ìnn/ That bell weighs over 3,5 tonnes.
imitate v /'imiìciì/ Children often imitate their parents’ behaviour.
heavenly adj /'hcvonli/ heavenly creatures.
region n /'ri:d¸on/ the tropical regions of East Africa.
lie v /lai/ The village lies in a beautiful, quiet valley.
seal v /si:l/ She had sealed the jar tightly, so that the food would stay fresh for a long time.
internal adj /in'ì‰:nol/ We had all the internal doors painted white.
burial n /'bcriol/ Unfortunately, very few burials were left untouched by thieves.
stunning adj /'sìnniq/ Beth looked absolutely stunning in her long black dress.
surround v /so'raond/ The small house was surrounded by trees.
riches n pl /'riì|iz/ The king had promised great riches to the man that would cure his daughter.
presence n /'prczons/ My father’s presence gave me a feeling of security.
battle n /'bæìl/ the battle of Marathon.
fine adj /fain/ Some of the world’s finest works of art can be found in the Louvre museum in Paris.
sculptor n /'sInlpìo/ The statue of Athena in the Parthenon was designed by Phidias, a Greek sculptor.
labourer n /'lciboro/ a farm labourer.
(the) horizon n /ho'raizon/ We had been on the island for almost eight hours when a ship finally appeared on the horizon.
skyscraper n /'sIai,sIrcipo/ a huge, modern skyscraper.
district n /'disìriIì/ Back then, there was only one doctor in the district.
inspire v /in'spaio/ Picasso’s unique style has inspired thousands of artists around the world.
on a grand scale prep phr /fln o ,grænd 'sIcil/ Built on a grand scale in 1874, this castle is the oldest building in our town.
miracle n /'miroIol/ This pocket-sized personal computer is a miracle of modern technology.
construction n /Ion'sìrnI|on/ Aluminium is often used in aircraft construction.
version adj /'v‰:|on/ The book was written in Italian. The English version came out a few months ago.
dimension n /dai'mcn|on, di-/ What are the exact dimensions of the living room?
depth n /dcpO/ What is the depth of that lake?
width n /vidO/ The table is thirty-five centimetres in width.
ceiling n /'si:liq/ Ben lay on the sofa, staring at the ceiling.
have a low opinion of sb/sth v phr /hæv o ,loo o'pin|on ov ,snmbGeorge seems to have a low opinion of me.
narrow escape n phr /,næroo i'sIcip/ He had a very narrow escape when a rock fell just beside him.
vegetarian adj /,vcd¸o'ìcorion/ Most flights provide a vegetarian dish for those passengers who don’t eat meat.
shallow adj /'|æloo/ a shallow river.
physical adj /'fiziIol/ Our behaviour is affected by both our social and our physical environment.
shallow adj /'|æloo/ I realised how shallow she was when she actually said that money was the only thing that mattered to her.
block out phr v /,blflI 'aoì/ A tree outside the window was blocking out the light.
afford v /o'fo:d/ We can’t afford to buy a new car right now.
delay n /di'lci/ I’m really sorry for the delay. I was stuck in a traffic jam for an hour.
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defeat n /di'fi:ì/ After his defeat in last night’s game, he has no chance of winning the tournament
within prep /við'in/ You must send the report within ten days.
chief adj /ì|i:f/ the chief accountant.
officer n /'flfiso/ a local government officer.
heart attack n /'ho:ì o,ìæI/ Tom’s father had a heart attack yesterday.
curse n /I‰:s/ The witch put a curse on the young princess.
reference n /'rcforons/ He sent us a letter four weeks ago, but he made no reference to his accident.
bacteria n pl /bæI'ìiorio/ The bacteria that destroy our teeth feed mainly on sugar.
lead v /li:d/ Mr Harris will be leading the group this evening.
leave out phr v /,li:v 'aoì/ They shouldn’t have left James out of the team.
the holiday of a lifetime n phr /ðo ,hfllodi ov o 'laifìaim/ Well, it wasn’t actually the holiday of a lifetime but it was OK.
crystal clear adj phr /,Irisìol 'Ilio/ a sandy beach with crystal clear water.
explore v /iI'splo:/ We set off early to explore the city.
coral n /'Iflrol/ The best coral reefs can be found off the coast of Australia.
shipwreck n /'|ip-rcI/ The shipwreck was located by divers two days ago.
establish v /i'sìæbli|/ The school was established in 1972.
dedicated adj /'dcdiIciìid/ He’s completely dedicated to his studies.
highly adv /'haili/ a highly respected politician.
qualified adj /'Ivfllofaid/ a highly qualified teacher.
instructor n /in'sìrnIìo/ a ski instructor.
advanced adj /od'vo:nsì/ This dictionary can only be used by advanced learners of English.
specialist n /'spc|olisì/ a specialist in English poetry.
term n /ì‰:m/ My marks were much better last term.
possession n /po'zc|on/ The car has been in Mr Thompson’s possession for six months.
charity n /'ì|æroìi/ Mr Newton left all his money to the local charities.
cruise n /Iru:z/ He won £1,000 and a five-day Caribbean cruise.
freelance adj /'fri:lo:ns/ a freelance photographer.
bald adj /bo:ld/ The man was bald and had a long black beard.
security guard n /si'I|ooroìi go:d/ The security guards ran after the robber.
take away phr v /,ìciI o'vci/ Two policemen arrived and took the man away.
handstand n /'hændsìænd/ I can’t do handstands.
denim n /'dcnim/ a denim jacket.
doubt n /daoì/ There’s no doubt that she’s telling the truth.
uncertainty n /nn's‰:ìnìi/ The uncertainty about the company’s future was making everyone nervous.
race n /rcis/ People of many different races and nationalities have lived in this country for years.
instantly adv /'insìonìli/ I recognised his voice instantly.
(the) universe n /'|u:niv‰:s/ In the film, strange creatures from another part of the universe land on Earth.
honourable adj /'flnorobol/ He’s an honest and honourable man.
enslaved adj /in'slcivd/ It was not until many years later that the enslaved people started fighting for their freedom.
follower n /'ffllooo/ the followers of Jesus Christ.
flexible adj /'flcIsibol/ We need a more flexible plan, one that will still work if some things have to be done differently.
productivity n /,prfldnI'ìivoìi/ Highly trained and experienced employees will help increase the company’s productivity.
hump n /hnmp/ The Asian camel has two humps while the Arabian camel has one.
man n /mæn/ The wheel is one of the most important inventions in the history of man.
thorn n /Oo:n/ Ouch! I’ve scratched my hand on a thorn!
humph interjection /hnmf/ ‘Humph! I didn’t want to come with you anyway!’
saddle n /'sædl/ Make sure the straps are tight enough, otherwise the saddle will slip and you’ll fall off the horse.
trot v /ìrflì/ The pony trotted around the field.
fetch and carry v phr /,fcì| on 'Iæri/ Stop asking people to fetch and carry for you and get out of that chair!
ox n /flIs/ In the past, oxen were often used to pull carts and wagons, as they were much stronger than horses
yoke n /|ooI/ The farmer tied the yoke across the oxen’s necks.
plough v /plao/ Farmers usually plough their fields in autumn.
put up with phr v /poì 'np við, viO/ I don’t see why I should put up with his rudeness.
djinn n /d¸in/ In most Arabian stories, djinns are trapped inside lamps or bottles.
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get away with phr v /gcì o'vci við, viO/ You were lucky this time, but next time Mum won’t let you get away with not tidying up your room.
go off phr v /goo 'flf/ He went off to get us something to eat.
reflection n /ri'flcI|on/ He just stood by the river, looking at his reflection in the water.
pool n /pu:l/ A shallow pool had formed among the rocks.
work out phr v /,v‰:I 'aoì/ I still haven’t worked out how I’m going to deal with the problem.
make out phr v /,mciI 'aoì/ He made out that he had heard nothing about it, but I knew Tina had already told him that morning
carry on phr v /,Iæri 'fln/ He just carried on reading his newspaper, as if I didn’t even exist!
get down to phr v /gcì 'daon ìo, ìo/ Stop watching TV and get down to work!
live on phr v /'liv fln/ When was the last time you had a proper meal? You can’t live on chips!
behave v /bi'hciv/ You’re ten years old and you still haven’t learned how to behave!
punishment n /'pnni|monì/ Detective Smith assured us that the robbers would not escape punishment.
pretend v /pri'ìcnd/ He pretended to be ill because he didn’t want to go to school.
naughty adj /'no:ìi/ He’s such a naughty boy! He just loves playing tricks on other people.
as a result prep phr /oz o ri'znlì/ We didn’t have a map of the city and, as a result, we got lost.
consequently adv /'IflnsiIvonìli/ I went to bed late last night and consequently, I was late for school this morning.
stay up phr v /,sìci 'np/ You look tired. Did you stay up late last night?
oversleep v /,oovo'sli:p/ I overslept and missed the train.
nevertheless adv /,ncvoðo'lcs/ Susan was very tired. Nevertheless, she offered to help us.
consistently adv /Ion'sisìonìli/ The manager congratulated him on his consistently outstanding work.
salary n /'sælori/ She thought the salary was too low, so she didn’t take the job.
multi-media adj /,mnlìi 'mi:dio/ a multi-media CD-ROM.
stripe n /sìraip/ a shirt with red and white stripes.
trunk n /ìrnqI/ The elephant picked up the apple with its trunk.
anteater n /'ænì,i:ìo/ Anteaters have a long sticky tongue which they use to pick up insects.
Unit 9
talk show n /'ìo:I |oo/ Did you see Cameron Diaz on that talk show last night?
content n /'Iflnìcnì/ The content of the letter is OK, but the style should be a bit more formal.
lonely adj /'loonli/ I often feel lonely living away from home.
compete v /Iom'pi:ì/ More than fifty runners will compete in the race.
previous adj /'pri:vios/ The interviewer asked me a few questions about my previous job.
actual adj /'æIì|uol/ Are you sure these were his actual words?
openly adv /'ooponli/ My parents always encouraged us to be honest and talk openly about our feelings.
criticism n /'Iriìisizom/ Sarah doesn’t take criticismvery well.
newsreader n /'n|u:z,ri:do/ Alice Richards has been a newsreader and reporter for Sky News since 1998.
emotionally adv /i'moo|onoli/ We were all physically and emotionally exhausted after the game.
detached adj /di'ìæì|ì/ Although I’ve been a reporter for twenty years, I sometimes find it hard to stay emotionally detached from my stories.
misread v /,mis'ri:d/ When I got there, the play had already begun – I must have misread the time on the ticket.
be supposed to v phr /bi so'poosì ìo/ Fred was supposed to go to the bank today, but he forgot.
place n /plcis/ There are still a few places left on that photography course.
criticise v /'Iriìisaiz/ How can he have any self-confidence when all you ever do is criticise his work?
treat v /ìri:ì/ Stop treating me like a child!
equal n /'i:Ivol/ Our boss treats all employees as equals.
talk down to phr v /,ìo:I 'daonìo/ I’m fed up with her talking down to me all the time! Who does she think she is anyway?
speak up phr v /,spi:I 'np/ Could you speak up please? We can’t hear you.
talk shop v phr /,ìo:I'|flp/ I’m fed up with Bill and Ray talking shop whenever we go out.
lose your voice v phr /,lu:z |o: 'vois/ He got a terrible cold and lost his voice two days before the concert.
speak your mind v phr /,spi:I|o:'maind/ What I like most about him is that he’s the kind of person who always speaks his mind.
catch v /Iæì|/ I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that. Could you repeat what you just said?
behind sb’s back prep phr /bi,haindsnmbodiz'bæI/ I just hate it when people talk about me behind my back.
get to the point v phr /,gcììo ðo'poinì/ Stop wasting my time and get to the point, will you?
sore adj /so:/ I’ll make you a nice cup of tea. It might help your sore throat.
i.e. abbr /,ai'i:/ I must send them the report within a week, i.e. not later than 25 April.
popularity n /,pflp|o'læroìi/ The band’s popularity has grown significantly since the release of their last album.
passive adj /'pæsiv/ According to experts, watching television is a passive activity, which does not encourage children to be creative.
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remote control n /ri,mooìIon'ìrool/ Stop playing with the remote control. I’m trying to watch a programme!
once conj /vnns/ Once he had made up his mind, there was nothing that would have stopped him.
attempt n /o'ìcmpì/ After several unsuccessful attempts, I finally managed to get through to the manager.
series n /'siori:z/ a comedy series.
attach v /o'ìæì|/ You can attach this camera to your computer.
crayon n /'Ircion,-fln/ The little girl took out her crayons and started to draw a picture.
convince v /Ion'vins/ She said she was too busy to go out, but we finally managed to convince her to come with us.
linker n /'liqIo/ ‘And’ is a linker.
addition n /o'di|on/ They have just informed us of the addition of four new members to the management committee.
moreover adv /mo:r'oovo/ The report is very well-written and, moreover, it contains all the necessary information.
phone-in n /'foonin/ Danny Robins hosts a weekly phone-in on a local radio station.
chat room n phr /'ì|æìru:m/ Statistics show that a large number of teenagers who have access to the Internet visit a chat roomat some time.
exchange v /iIs'ì|cind¸/ On Christmas Day, we always exchange gifts after dinner.
conclusion n /Ion'Ilu:¸on/ The investigation led to the conclusion that the fire had been started deliberately.
author n /'o:Oo/ best-selling author Richard Atkins.
manuscript n /'mæn|osIripì/ He has sent the manuscript to three different publishers.
regret v /ri'grcì/ Now he regrets selling that car – he says it was much better than the new one.
addicted adj /o'diIìid/ That child is addicted to video games!
disciplined adj /'disoplind/ His positive attitude and disciplined approach to work helped him succeed.
fiction n /'fiI|on/ Agatha Christie, one of the greatest writers of detective fiction.
radically adv /'rædiIli/ The country’s political system has changed radically in the past 25 years.
degree n /di'gri:/ Mary has a degree in Economics.
journalism n /'d¸‰:nol-izom/ He gave up a very promising career in journalism to become a photographer.
highlight v /'hailaiì/ His report highlighted the need for a more detailed analysis of the survey results.
commitment n /Io'miìmonì/ Thanks to your tireless efforts and commitment, company sales have risen considerably in the last six months.
dedication n /,dcdi'Ici|on/ I’ve always admired him for his dedication to his work.
promote v /pro'mooì/ Our main aim is to promote teamwork.
portray v /po:'ìrci/ In his novel, Ray Smith portrays life in England in the early 19th century.
evident adj /'cvidonì/ He listened with evident interest.
certificate n /so'ìifiIoì/ Will they give you a certificate if you pass the exam?
devote v /di'vooì/ She devotes most of her spare time to dancing.
contrast n /'Iflnìro:sì/ She wrote about the contrast between life in the city centre and life in the country.
sympathise v /'simpoOaiz/ We all sympathised with Jane and tried to help.
in depth prep phr /in'dcpO/ We need to study the report in depth.
work your way v phr /,v‰:I |o:'vci/ He started off as a salesman and worked his way up to the top of the firm.
position n /po'zi|on/ Mark is applying for the position of sales manager.
subeditor n /,snb'cdiìo/ James is the subeditor of the local newspaper.
intensifier n /in'ìcnsifaio/ In the phrase ‘that’s absolutely wonderful’, the word ‘absolutely’ is an intensifier.
gradable adj /'grcidobol/ ‘Good’ is a gradable adjective.
non-gradable adj /,nfln'grcidobol/ ‘Perfect’ is a non-gradable adjective.
extreme adj /iI'sìri:m/ The lake froze in the extreme cold.
helmet n /'hclmoì/ Fortunately, he was wearing a helmet so he didn’t get seriously hurt in the accident.
gorgeous adj /'go:d¸os/ You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress!
journal n /'d¸‰:nol/ a medical journal.
treatment n /'ìri:ìmonì/ a new treatment for lung cancer.
headline n /'hcdlain/ The headline was printed in big, bold letters. It said: ‘Police dog saves boy from drowning.’
space shuttle n /'spcis ,|nìl/ The space shuttle will return to Earth on 25 October.
shoot sb dead v phr /,|u:ì snmbodi 'dcd/ The couple were shot dead by armed robbers.
editorial n /,cdi'ìo:riol/ Have you read the editorial on page 3? It’s about the new law.
documentary n /,dflI|o'mcnìori/ a documentary about the wildlife of South Africa.
drama series n phr /'dro:mo ,siori:z/ ‘Echoes’ is my favourite drama series.
game show n /'gcim |oo/ David won £5,000 in that game show.
sitcom n /'siìIflm/ ‘Friends’ is my favourite sitcom.
soap opera n /'soop ,flporo/ My mother is addicted to that soap opera – she never misses an episode.
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broadcast v /'bro:dIo:sì/ The concert will be broadcast live across Europe.
investigate v /in'vcsìigciì/ Police are investigating a series of bank robberies in the district.
view n /v|u:/ The students were asked to talk about their views on education.
refer to phr v /ri'f‰: ìo, ìo/ You can refer to Chapter 12 for more detail.
digital adj /'did¸iìl/ a digital camera.
paragraph v /'pærogro:f/ When paragraphing a piece of writing, remember that each paragraph must focus on one specific point.
Units 7-9
superior adj /su:'piorio, s|u:-/ She has such a superior manner! She thinks she knows everything.
cash n /Iæ|/ They don’t accept credit cards. You’ll have to pay in cash.
flavour n /'flcivo/ There’s apricot and strawberry yoghurt. Which flavour do you want?
pasta n /'pæsìo/ We had pasta for lunch.
coast n /Ioosì/ We sailed along the west coast of the island.
capital punishment n /,Iæpiìl 'pnni|monì/ Capital punishment was used in Britain until the mid 1960s.
Unit 10
shopaholic n /,|flpo'hflliI/ She’s a shopaholic! She spent more than £1,500 on clothes last week!
retail therapy n phr /,ri:ìcil 'Ocropi/ I know exactly what you need! A bit of retail therapy will make you feel much better.
drop v /drflp/ She threw her books on the table and dropped into a chair.
nightmare n /'naiìmco/ Finding a place to stay was a real nightmare!
enjoyable adj /in'd¸oiobol/ Thank you. It was a very enjoyable evening.
go badly wrong v phr /goo ,bædli 'rflq/ Things started to go badly wrong when I moved to Brighton.
debt n /dcì/ Of course you shouldn’t borrow that money! We’re already £1,000 in debt.
passion n /'pæ|on/ She’s always had a passion for dancing.
scam n /sIæm/ Richards and his wife had set up a scam to get £50,000 from the insurance company.
relate to phr v /ri'lciì ìo, ìo/ A good teacher should be able to relate to children.
issue n /'i|u:, 'is|u:/ Staff training is a key issue which we will need to discuss with the manager.
recording studio n phr /ri'Io:diq ,sì|u:dioo/ She is now working on her new album, so she spends a lot of time in the recording studio.
(the) press n /prcs/ The president refused to make a statement to the press.
text messaging n phr /'ìcIsì ,mcsod¸iq/ Text messaging has become a very popular means of communication, especially among teenagers.
chat v /ì|æì/ He spends hours chatting to his friend from Italy when he’s online.
greedy adj /'gri:di/ Don’t be greedy, Jane. Let your brother have some of that ice cream.
related adj /ri'lciìid/ ‘Are you related to Peter?’ ‘Yes, he’s my cousin.’
save up phr v /,sciv 'np/ Mike’s saving up to buy a new computer.
cashpoint n /'Iæ|poinì/ The bank is closed, so I’ll just go to a cashpoint and get some money for tonight.
run out (of) phr v /,rnn 'aoì (ov)/ We’ve run out of coffee. Could you go to the supermarket and get some?
cash n /Iæ|/ I don’t have much cash on me. I’ll pay by cheque.
pay back phr v /,pci 'bæI/ Thanks for lending me the money for the tickets. I promise I’ll pay you back tomorrow.
discount n /'disIaonì/ You get a discount if you pay in cash.
receipt n /ri'si:ì/ If you have the receipt, you can take the gloves back to the shop and ask for a smaller size.
refund n /'ri:fnnd/ They said they’d give me a refund if I wasn’t completely satisfied with the product.
off adv /flf/ You get ten per cent off the regular price if you pay in cash.
book v /boI/ Don’t forget to book a table for three at Ray’s for tomorrow.
at the last minute prep phr /oì ðo ,lo:sì 'miniì/ She was going to stay at home that evening, but she changed her mind at the last minute.
obligation n /,flbli'gci|on/ Teachers have an obligation to encourage and motivate their students.
security number n phr /si'I|ooroìi ,nnmbo/ I had my card but I couldn’t remember my cashpoint security number, so I couldn’t get any money out.
prohibition n /,proohi'bi|on/ prohibition of the sale of cigarettes to children.
come round phr v /Inm 'raond/ Jack and Diane are coming round for dinner.
strict adj /sìriIì/ I have strict orders not to let anyone leave the building.
packed lunch n /,pæIì 'lnnì|/ I usually take a packed lunch to school.
smart adj /smo:ì/ You look really smart in that suit.
haggle v /'hægol/ I can’t believe you spent twenty minutes haggling over the price of a cotton T-shirt!
auction n /'o:I|on/ an antique furniture auction.
name your price v phr /,ncim |o:…'prais/ I’ll pay anything you ask for that painting. Just name your price.
street market n phr /'sìri:ì ,mo:Iiì/ You can find all sorts of things at the street market in Maple Road.
consumer n /Ion's|u:mo/ Consumers were asked to complete a questionnaire in order to evaluate the new product.
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negotiate v /ni'goo|iciì/ If the price is too high and if they refuse to negotiate, do not sign the contract.
get good value for money v phr /gcì ,god væl|u: fo 'mnni/ We definitely got good value for money! It’s a very good car and it only cost us £2,500.
bid v /bid/ He bid £500 for that antique clock.
item n /'aiìom/ Most of the items in the shop are handmade.
bargain n /'bo:gon/ At £100, that leather jacket is a real bargain!
announce v /o'naons/ They have just announced the election results.
declare v /di'Ilco/ Smith was declared the winner of the race.
recall v /ri'Io:l/ I don’t recall seeing Mr Rodgers at the office last Friday.
full price n phr /,fol 'prais/ She’s four, so she doesn’t have to pay the full price for the ticket.
fortune n /'fo:ì|on/ She had the good fortune to work with some of the world’s greatest artists.
victory n /'viIìori/ The game ended with a 62-58 victory for the Lakers.
on average prep phr /fln 'ævorid¸/ On average, women spend more money on clothes than men.
embarrassed adj /im'bærosì/ Everyone was staring at me. I had never felt so embarrassed in all my life!
philosophy n /fi'lflsofi/ the philosophy of Socrates.
Feng Shui n /,fnq '|vi:, ,fcq '|vci/ According to the principles of Feng Shui, the main entrance to a building should face east.
get rid of v phr /gcì 'rid ov/ We should get rid of all these old newspapers.
wealth n /vclO/ Her father was a man of great wealth and power.
origins n pl /'flrod¸inz/ Salsa music has its origins in Cuba.
speed limit n /'spi:d ,limiì/ The speed limit is 50 km per hr. You shouldn’t be driving so fast.
spicy adj /'spaisi/ I can’t eat this – it’s too spicy.
believe in phr v /bi'li:v in/ Do you really believe in all those silly diets?
destiny n /'dcsìoni/ I think we can control our own destiny and make our own future.
firework n /'faiov‰:I/ We lit fireworks to celebrate the New Year.
display n /di'splci/ an impressive display of musical talent.
jubilee n /'d¸u:bili:, ,d¸u:bi'li:/ The Queen’s jubilee was celebrated on 21 June.
astrology n /o'sìrfllod¸i/ I don’t believe in astrology – stars and planets can’t possibly change people’s lives!
react v /ri'æIì/ How did James react to your suggestions?
point n /poinì/ That’s a very interesting point. I think Chris is right.
keen adj /Ii:n/ Harry is very keen on cycling.
feel like v phr /'fi:l laiI/ I don’t feel like going out tonight. I’d rather stay in.
discursive composition n phr /dis,I‰:siv Iflmpo'zi|on/
in conclusion prep phr /in Ion'Ilu:¸on/ In conclusion, I would like to thank you all for coming.
Unit 11
fascinating adj /'fæsonciìiq/ a fascinating story.
percentage n /po'scnìid¸/ A high percentage of teenagers own a personal computer.
presenter n /pri'zcnìo/ radio presenter, Jack Williams.
Europa n /|o'roopo/ Europa is the fourth largest satellite of Jupiter.
Mars n /mo:z/ In the film, strange-looking creatures from Mars land on Earth.
Jupiter n /'d¸u:piìo/ Jupiter is the largest planet, fifth in order from the sun.
per prep /po, p‰:/ They charge £3 per person.
rationing n /'ræ|oniq/ food rationing during World War II.
limit v /'limiì/ We will have to limit the amount of money spent on advertising.
vast adj /vo:sì/ a vast collection of jazz records.
average n /'ævorid¸/ Sales have risen by an average of 4 per cent.
waste v /vcisì/ Stop wasting your money on computer games!
tap n /ìæp/ Can you turn on the tap for me, please?
diagram n /'daiogræm/ Let me just draw a simple diagram to help you find your way to the village.
cove n /Ioov/ You can only get to the cove by boat.
splash (around) v /,splæ| o'raond/ The children were splashing around in the swimming pool.
open up phr v /,oopon 'np/ These changes will definitely open up new business opportunities for young people.
bottlenose dolphin n phr /,bflìlnooz 'dfllfin/ Bottlenose dolphins can live as long as 48 years.
therapy n /'Ocropi/ Jane is having therapy to help her with her fear of heights.
incredibly adv /in'Ircdobli/ The film has an incredibly complicated plot – it will probably take you some time to work out what exactly is happening.
further adj /'f‰:ðo/ For further information you can refer to pages 14-18.
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session n /'sc|on/ The band’s next recording session is on Friday.
respond v /ri'spflnd/ She responded to my suggestion with a laugh.
brainy adj /'brcini/ a brainy child.
process v /'prooscs/ How we learn, remember and react in different situations depends on the way our brain processes information.
gentle adj /'d¸cnìl/ He was a quiet and gentle man.
evidence n /'cvidons/ Unfortunately, there is little scientific evidence to support this theory.
heal v /hi:l/ That wound on her knee healed quickly.
depressed adj /di'prcsì/ My daughter hates this town. She’s been depressed ever since we moved here.
rest v /rcsì/ He sat with his arms resting on the back of the sofa.
still adj /sìil/ Keep still for a moment, will you? I’m trying to take your picture!
tickle v /'ìiIol/ He was tickling me and I just couldn’t stop laughing.
ultrasound n /'nlìrosaond/ The ultrasound produced by animals like dolphins, whales and bats helps them locate their food.
(the) key (to) n /Ii:/ Hard work is the key to success.
conventional adj /Ion'vcn|onol/ He says that this disease cannot be cured by conventional medical treatment.
mud n /mnd/ Your boots are covered in mud! Take them off before you come in.
argue v /'o:g|u:/ Wilson argued that we should look for different ways to deal with the problem more effectively.
expectation n /,cIspcI'ìci|on/ We all have high expectations for the company’s future.
captivity n /Iæp'ìivoìi/ Wild animals shouldn’t be kept in captivity.
argument n /'o:g|omonì/ He put forward several different arguments against selling the company.
link n /liqI/ Psychologists claim that there is a link between violent films and crime.
efficient adj /i'fi|onì/ You need to find a more efficient way of organising your work.
neuro-psychologist n /,n|ooroo sai'Ifllod¸isì/ neuro-psychologists researching the social behaviour of disabled children.
mental adj /'mcnìl/ mental health.
physical adj /'fiziIol/ physical strength.
completion n /Iom'pli:|on/ Repair work is nearing completion.
marathon n /'mæroOon/ More than 250 runners will be competing in the marathon.
frustrated adj /fro'sìrciìid/ I get so frustrated with that camera! I just can’t understand how it works.
crash v /Iræ|/ The computer crashed while I was working on my article and I lost all my work!
cheerful adj /'ì|iofol/ It had been a long hard day and Sue felt really tired, but, somehow, she managed to keep cheerful.
confused adj /Ion'f|u:zd/ The instructions were very complicated. We were all totally confused.
interrupt v /,inìo'rnpì/ I wish you’d stop interrupting me! I’ll answer your questions, but please let me finish first!
camping cooker n phr /'Iæmpiq ,IoIo/ The camping cooker isn’t working again! I’ll just make us some sandwiches.
scuba diving n /'sIu:bo ,daiviq/ We took photos of some strange-looking sea creatures when we went scuba diving.
various adj /'vcorios/ These jewellery cases come in various shapes and sizes.
sunbathe v /'snnbcið/ According to experts, we should avoid sunbathing between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when the sun’s rays are at their strongest.
float v /flooì/ A piece of wood was floating on the surface of the river.
water chute n phr /'vo:ìo |u:ì/ She watched the children sliding down the water chute.
scary adj /'sIcori/ a scary movie.
reaction n /ri'æI|on/ His reaction to the news was actually very surprising.
medal n /'mcdl/ Newton won the gold medal in the 100 metres.
gold n /goold/ He’s won three Olympic golds.
achievement n /o'ì|i:vmonì/ Winning the competition was quite an achievement considering that she’s not a professional dancer.
enormous adj /i'no:mos/ an enormous building.
Olympian n /o'limpion/ Carl Lewis, one of the greatest Olympians of all time.
consecutive adj /Ion'scI|oìiv/ He was captain of the school football team for three consecutive years.
rowing n /'rooiq/ Rowing has always been one of his favourite sports.
event n /i'vcnì/ The 100 metres was the first event of the day.
championship n /'ì|æmpion|ip/ Who won the world chess championship last year?
title n /'ìaiìl/ Edwards will probably win the world title this year.
winter sports n phr /,vinìo 'spo:ìs/ Skating and skiing are winter sports.
bobsleigh n /'bflbslci/ a bobsleigh team.
be an inspiration to sb v phr /bi on ,inspo'rci|on ìo ,snmboHe’s hard-working and very ambitious. He has been an inspiration to us all.
slip v /slip/ Careful you don’t slip. The floor is wet.
make up your mind v phr /,mciI np |o: 'maind/ She’s made up her mind to start looking for a new job. She says she hates being a secretary.
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Unit 12
clue n /Ilu:/ We are still searching for clues to the cause of the fire.
pathologist n /po'Ofllod¸isì/ In his report, the pathologist stated that the man had died of a heart attack.
fingerprint n /'fiqgoprinì/ The robber was wearing gloves, so he didn’t leave any fingerprints.
forensic scientist n phr /fo,rcnsiI'saionìisì,-ziI-/ The identity of the killer was established by a team of experienced forensic scientist.
suspect n /'snspcIì/ The suspect was seen entering the building ten minutes before the murder.
culprit n /'Inlpriì/ The culprit was arrested this morning.
fibre n /'faibo/ Fibres from the suspect’s coat were found in the victim’s house.
thread n /Orcd/ Look at this hole in my sweater. I need a needle and thread.
make up phr v /mciI'np/ How many players make up a hockey team?
pattern n /'pæìn/ a pattern of small red and white circles.
bullet n /'boloì/ The bullet went right through the car door.
in connection with prep phr /inIo'ncI|onvið,viO/ He is being held by the police in connection with the murder of a 40-year-old man.
gunshot n /'gnn|flì/ The victim had three gunshot wounds.
scene n /si:n/ The ambulance arrived at the scene of the accident within minutes.
industrial spy n phr /in,dnsìriol'spai/ Industrial spies try to ‘steal’ a company’s secrets.
competitor n /Iom'pcìiìo/ ‘RBE Computers’ and ‘Thompson Electronics’ are our major competitors.
leave (behind) v /,li:v bi'haind/ I can’t find my keys. I must have left them behind at the restaurant.
close off phr v /,Ilooz'flf/ The street is closed off for repairs.
disturb v /di'sì‰:b/ Someone had disturbed the papers on her desk but, luckily, nothing was missing.
investigator n /in'vcsìigciìo/ Police investigators are still looking for clues that will help them solve the crime.
collect v /Io'lcIì/ Please collect all the questionnaires and leave them on my desk.
fluid n /'flu:id/ Just rest and drink plenty of fluids and you’ll feel better soon.
bloodstain n /'blndsìcin/ There were bloodstains all over his shirt.
loose adj /lu:s/ Loose sheets of paper were lying on her desk.
forensic adj /fo'rcnsiI,-ziI/ Forensic analysis of the man’s blood showed that he had died of lead poisoning.
show up phr v /,|oo'np/ At first the bacteria didn’t show up under the microscope.
skull n /sInl/ The human skull is made up of twenty-two bones.
calculate v /'IælI|olciì/ By now, we should be able to calculate how these changes have affected our company.
estimate n /'csìimoì/ Our estimate of the value of his property was almost 100 per cent accurate.
stiffness n /'sìifnos/ Lack of movement may cause stiffness in the muscles.
closed circuit TV n phr /,Iloozd s‰:Iiììi: 'vi:/ Closed circuit television can help police investigators identify criminals.
Photofit n /'fooìoofiì/ ‘Does this man look like the man you saw last night?’ he asked, showing her a Photofit picture of the suspect.
witness n /'viìnis/ Witnesses to the accident claim that the driver drove through a red light.
forehead n /'fo:hcd/ I think the baby has a temperature. Feel her forehead.
cheek n /ì|i:I/ She shook my hand and kissed me on both cheeks.
features n pl /'fi:ì|oz/ She had a round face with fine, delicate features.
build up phr v /,bild 'np/ Police investigators are trying to build up a profile of the criminal.
variation n /,vcori'ci|on/ There are wide variations in the content and length of different courses.
DNA profiling n phr /,di: cn ci 'proofailiq/ DNA profiling can be a very powerful tool in criminal investigations.
genetic fingerprint n phr /d¸o,ncìiI 'fiqgoprinì/ Forensic scientists were able to create the genetic fingerprint of the suspect, using the blood found at the scene of the crime.
cell n /scl/ brain cells.
innocent adj /'inosonì/ The evidence suggests that Brown is innocent.
match up phr v /,mæì| 'np/ The statements of the two witnesses didn’t match up.
deduction n /di'dnI|on/ Based on what Bill had told him, he made his own deductions about what had really happened.
logical adj /'lfld¸iIol/ a logical explanation.
be short of v phr /bi '|o:ì ov, flv/ I’ma bit short of time right now, so could we talk about this tomorrow?
go out on a date v phr /goo ,aoì fln o 'dciì/ He’s going out on a date with Paula tonight.
contents n pl /'Iflnìcnìs/ I dropped my bag and some of the contents spilled out.
wage n /vcid¸/ It’s not exactly the job his dreams, but he earns a good wage.
punctual adj /'pnqIì|uol/ John is always very punctual. I’m sure he has a good excuse for being late.
depression n /di'prc|on/ She was suffering from depression, so she decided to get some medical help.
coroner n /'Iflrono/ The coroner said that none of the wounds on the man’s chest could have caused his death
verdict n /'v‰:diIì/ The coroner recorded a verdict of death by natural causes.
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overdose n /'oovodoos/ He died of a drug overdose.
barbiturate n /bo:'biì|oroì/ She was addicted to barbiturates.
circumstances n pl /'s‰:Iomsìænsiz, -sìonsiz/ Under normal circumstances, he wouldn’t have left the house at 3 o’clock in the morning.
celebrity n /so'lcbroìi/ a Hollywood celebrity.
(the) CIA abbr /,si: ai 'ci/ CIA agents are questioning the three men in connection with the murder.
chart n /ì|o:ì/ According to this chart, our sales rose by 5 per cent last month.
lateral thinking n phr /,læìorol'OiqIiq/ With a bit of lateral thinking, we’ll come up with the perfect solution to the problem.
puddle n /'pndl/ I just couldn’t help laughing when he fell in that mud puddle.
one-way adj /,vnn 'vci/ a one-way street.
bartender n /'bo:,ìcndo/ He asked the bartender for another beer.
pull v /pol/ He pulled a gun on me and asked me to give him all my money.
lifeless adj /'laiflos/ His lifeless body lay on the kitchen floor.
living adj /'liviq/ I think he is one of the greatest living poets.
infamous adj /'infomos/ an infamous criminal.
famed adj /fcimd/ The island is famed for its beautiful sandy beaches.
photographic adj /,fooìo'græfiI/ photographic equipment.
debate n /di'bciì/ a debate on environmental issues.
carry out phr v /,Iæri 'aoì/ There are still a few tests that need to be carried out before we can be sure about this.
in broad daylight prep phr /in ,bro:d 'dcilaiì/ She was attacked in broad daylight, in one of the busiest parts of the city.
life expectancy n /,laif iI'spcIìonsi/ Life expectancy throughout the world has increased greatly, thanks to advances in modern medicine.
die out phr v /,dai 'aoì/ Dinosaurs died out thousands of years ago.
lifeline n /'laiflain/ A small hand-held radio was his only lifeline to the outside world.
stand by phr v /,sìænd 'bai/ An ambulance was standing by to transport the fishermen to St Mary’s Hospital.
separate v /'scporciì/ There was a fence separating the garden from the pool.
be on display v phr /bi ,fln di'splci/ The paintings will be on display until the end of next week.
blink v /bliqI/ He blinked as raindrops fell on his face.
scratch v /sIræì|/ He kept scratching his head, trying to remember what Jane had told him.
sneeze v /sni:z/ Sue keeps sneezing. We’d better take her to the doctor.
lead n /li:d/ Take the red lead and plug it into this socket.
wire n /vaio/ a telephone wire.
string n /sìriq/ Write the address on the parcel and then tie it up with string.
tube n /ì|u:b/ The water flows down this tube and into the bottles.
prevent v /pri'vcnì/ The accident could have been prevented if the road had been mended.
clerk n /Ilo:I/ a bank clerk.
spy n /spai/ He was a spy during the war.
bill n /bil/ a ten-dollar bill.
signature n /'signoì|o/ Read this carefully before you put your signature on it.
treasurer n /'ìrc¸oro/ David Bower has been proposed for the position of Treasurer.
sewer n /'s|u:o,'su:o/ sewer pipes.
audience n /'o:dions/ The whole audience stood up and began clapping as he walked onto the stage.
magician n /mo'd¸i|on/ The children stared in amazement as the magician pulled a rabbit out of his hat.
theft n /Ocfì/ A number of thefts have been reported in the area recently.
roleplay n /'roolplci/ For this roleplay, you will be a reporter interviewing your partner, who will be a famous pop star.
incident n /'insidonì/ A bus driver reported the incident to the local authorities.
observe v /ob'z‰:v/ The security guard observed two men entering the building.
pavement n /'pcivmonì/ What are you doing? You can’t park on the pavement!
miss v /mis/ You just missed running over that cat! Just drive more carefully, will you?
move away phr v /,mu:v o'vci/ They don’t live here anymore. They moved away two years ago.
Units 10-12
footprint n /'foìprinì/ I knew someone was in the hut. I could see the footprints in the snow.
commit v /Io'miì/ He kept insisting that he had not commited the murder.
side effect n /'said i,fcIì/ The treatment has no serious side effects.
keep on phr v /,Ii:p 'fln/ It was hot and we were absolutely exhausted, but we kept on walking.
Unit 13
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the pros and cons phr /ðo ,prooz on 'Iflnz/ What do you think are the pros and cons of living in the country?
experiment v /iI'spcrimonì/ Try this a few times before you start experimenting with new techniques.
halfway adv /,ho:f'vci/ I was halfway down the stairs when I heard the front door open.
water v /'vo:ìo/ Don’t forget to water the plants every day.
proposal n /pro'poozol/ His proposal to build a new car park was rejected.
sell out phr v /,scl 'aoì/ We weren’t able to get any tickets for the concert; they were sold out.
directions n pl /di'rcI|onz, dai-/ We asked a boy for directions to the post office, but he wasn’t very helpful.
stain n /sìcin/ I’ll never get that coffee stain out of my silk shirt!
whistle v /'visol/ He just whistled and the dog ran towards him.
drive sb mad v phr /,draiv snmbodi 'mæd/ Will you please stop that noise? It’s driving me mad!
assignment n /o'sainmonì/ Don’t forget that you have to hand in your assignments by the end of this week.
sleepless adj /'sli:plos/ No wonder you feel exhausted after three sleepless nights!
go for phr v /'goo fo, fo:/ Joe’s having an orange juice and I think I’ll go for a milk shake.
botanical garden n phr /bo,ìæniIol 'go:dn/ Did you visit the botanical gardens while you were in Birmingham?
head v /hcd/ We had lunch at an Italian restaurant and then headed for the hotel.
youth hostel n /'|u:O ,hflsìl/ We spent the first two nights in a youth hostel and left for Canberra on the third day.
visa n /'vi:zo/ You’ll need an exit visa to leave the country.
embassy n /'cmbosi/ the French embassy in Athens.
(the) tube n /ì|u:b/ We’ll be there in less than ten minutes if we take the tube.
breathtaking adj /'brcO,ìciIiq/ a landscape of breathtaking beauty.
hitchhike v /'hiì|haiI/ We hitchhiked to the next town.
eat out v phr /,i:ì 'aoì/ How about eating out tonight?
boarding pass n phr /'bo:diq po:s/ I lost my boarding pass and almost missed the plane to Frankfurt.
landing card n phr /'lændiq Io:d/ Passengers from non-EU countries will be required to present their passports and landing cards.
unpredictable adj /,nnpri'diIìobol/ unpredictable weather.
waiting list n /'vciìiq lisì/ I’m afraid there are no tickets for the next flight, but I could put you on the waiting list.
get away from it all v phr /gcì o'vci from iì ,o:l/ Get away from it all in Hawaii!
ideal adj /ai'diol/ I think that he’s the ideal person for this job.
turn to phr v /'ì‰:n ìo, ìo/ Many people here have turned to solar power as an alternative to electricity.
adventurous adj /od'vcnì|oros/ an adventurous trip.
adventure holiday n phr /od'vcnì|o ,hfllodi/ Adventure holidays are becoming increasingly popular, especially with young people.
fix up phr v /,fiIs 'np/ We’ll have to fix up a time for our next training session.
airspace n /'cospcis/ Foreign aircraft entered British airspace without permission.
advance adj /od'vo:ns/ We were given no advance warning of the possible dangers.
booking n /'boIiq/ Don’t forget to make a booking for tomorrow night.
steer v /sìio/ Last time we went fishing, my grandfather let me steer his boat.
waterfall n /'vo:ìofo:l/ One of the waterfalls on the Niagara River is called ‘Horseshoe Falls’.
parachute n /'pæro|u:ì/ Have you ever done a parachute jump?
cliff n /Ilif/ The view from the top of the cliff was magnificent.
tornado n /ìo:'ncidoo/ The tornado destroyed a large part of the building.
lodging n /'lfld¸iq/ Does the price include lodging for both nights?
guarantee v /,gæron'ìi:/ I can guarantee that this will never happen again.
dozen determiner /'dnzon/ He sent her more than two dozen red roses for her birthday.
ultimate adj /'nlìimoì/ This website is the ultimate source of information on the subject.
lunar adj /'lu:no/ a lunar eclipse.
weightlessness n /'vciìlosnos/ According to scientists, weightlessness can weaken our muscles and bones.
amateur adj /'æmoìo/ an amateur photographer.
fancy v /'fænsi/ Fancy a game of chess, Alex?
epic adj /'cpiI/ an epic journey across Europe.
extensive adj /iI'sìcnsiv/ Extensive research has shown that stress can make it more difficult for our body to fight disease.
handle v /'hændl/ I don’t think I can handle the situation without your help.
ice cap n /'ais Iæp/ polar ice caps.
jaws n pl /d¸o:z/ A white shark’s jaws are so powerful, that they can bite through metal.
terrifying adj /'ìcrifai-iq/ I’d never try something like that again. It was absolutely terrifying!
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safety n /'scifìi/ There’s no need to worry about his safety.
gear n /gio/ camping gear.
interact v /,inìor'æIì/ Walter is friendly and interacts well with the rest of the students.
specialise v /'spc|olaiz/ Dr Brown specialises in heart surgery.
stormproof n /'sìo:mpru:f/ a stormproof jacket.
conquer v /'IflqIo/ It was then that she finally managed to conquer her fear of heights.
step out of the ordinary v phr /,sìcp aoì ov ði 'o:dinori/ For Alice, that trip was a chance to step out of the ordinary.
ascend v /o'scnd/ Clouds of black smoke ascended from the burning building.
make the break v phr /,mciI ðo 'brciI/ You’ve been putting up with this situation for years. It’s about time you made the break.
question v /'Ivcsì|on/ I wish you’d stop questioning my decisions.
scenery n /'si:nori/ We stood at the edge of the cliff, admiring the beautiful scenery.
all-inclusive adj /,o:l in'Ilu:siv/ The prize is an all-inclusive two-week holiday in the Bahamas.
package n /'pæIid¸/ a new software package.
fortnight n /'fo:ìnaiì/ The committee meets once a fortnight.
barrier reef n phr /,bærio 'ri:f/ The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the largest coral reef in the world.
deal n /di:l/ He got a really good deal on that car.
with regard to prep phr /við ri'go:d ìo, ìo/ I am writing with regard to your advertisement in the Daily News.
grateful adj /'grciìfol/ I would be grateful if you could give me some more information about the course.
let sb know v phr /,lcì snmbodi 'noo/ Let me know if you need any help.
take action v phr /,ìciI 'æI|on/ We must take action to solve the problem before it’s too late.
screw n /sIru:/ Use a couple of screws to fix that shelf to the wall.
lever n /'li:vo/ To stop the machine, pull back this lever.
trick v /ìriI/ She realised she had been tricked when she took the ring to a jeweller.
shoot v /|u:ì/ He shot quickly down the stairs.
faint adj /fcinì/ There was a faint smell of gas in the room.
still adv /sìil/ The first exercise was really hard and this one is harder still.
flapping n /'flæpiq/ the flapping of an eagle’s wings.
fall away phr v /,fo:l o'vci/ Her concern seemed to fall away as things got better over time.
hop v /hflp/ a rabbit hopping along the field.
dial n /'daiol/ Last time I looked at the dial, we were driving at 60 mph.
humanity n /h|u:'mænoìi/ Air pollution is a great danger to humanity.
race v /rcis/ He raced past us and got in his car.
before your eyes phr /bi,fo: |o:r 'aiz/ I could hardly believe that he was there, standing before my eyes.
impatient adj /im'pci|onì/ I was having a great time but I could see that James was impatient to leave.
hail n /hcil/ The hail that fell during the storm last night caused serious damage to a number of cars and buildings.
overturned adj /,oovo'ì‰:nd/ They managed to rescue both women from the overturned car.
make out phr v /,mciI 'aoì/ In the distance, he could just make out something that looked like a small village.
colossal adj /Io'lflsol/ a colossal building.
figure n /'figo/ He could just make out a dark figure in the distance.
carve v /Io:v/ It was a huge statue, carved out of a single piece of stone.
marble n /'mo:bol/ a marble statue.
winged adj /viqd/ winged insects.
sphinx n /sfiqIs/ the Great Sphinx at Giza.
cruel adj /'Iru:ol/ He actually enjoyed killing that tiger! How could anyone be so cruel?
inhuman adj /in'h|u:mon/ a cruel and inhuman form of punishment.
unsympathetic adj /,nnsimpo'OcìiI/ a cold, unsympathetic man.
old-world adj /,oold 'v‰:ld/ We strolled along the narrow, old-world streets of the village.
savage adj /'sævid¸/ a savage crime.
dreadful adj /'drcdfol/ It was then that I realised I had made a dreadful mistake.
disgusting adj /dis'gnsìiq/ How can you eat that? It looks disgusting!
narrator n /no'rciìo/ The narrator of the story is an old woman who talks about her childhood experiences.
exploration n /,cIsplo'rci|on/ the exploration of the Altamira Caves in Spain.
make of phr v /'mciI ov/ What do you make of our new neighbour?
make for phr v /'mciI fo, fo:/ We made for the nearest exit.
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row n /rao/ Fred had a row with his girlfriend last night.
furious adj /'f|oorios/ He’ll be furious when he finds out that you’ve been lying to him.
be hard on sb v phr /bi 'ho:d fln ,snmbodi/ Don’t be so hard on him. After all, it wasn’t his fault.
go round phr v /goo 'raond/ I’ll just go round and ask her if she wants to come with us.
foggy adj /'fflgi/ a cold and foggy winter’s day.
make the bed v phr /,mciI ðo 'bcd/ You’ll have to make your bed before you go out, young lady!
time capsule n phr /'ìaim ,Iæps|u:l/ Which three objects would you choose to put in a time capsule?
attempt v /o'ìcmpì/ Four prisoners attempted to escape earlier this morning.
Unit 14
act n /æIì/ He doesn’t really care about her. It’s all just a big act.
subtitles n pl /'snb,ìaiìlz/ The film was in French, but it had English subtitles.
soap n /soop/ That new soap is on at 8:30 tonight.
interval n /'inìovol/ There will be a 20-minute interval during the show.
row n /roo/ We can sit in the front row if you like.
commercial n /Io'm‰:|ol/ He’s never actually acted in a film, but he has appeared in various TV commercials.
applaud v /o'plo:d/ When the actors walked onto the stage, we all stood up and applauded.
comment v /'Iflmcnì/ The president refused to comment on the board’s decisions.
attract v /o'ìræIì/ They are looking for ways to attract more visitors to the museum.
rather adv /'ro:ðo/ We all found his decision rather surprising.
constantly adv /'Iflnsìonìli/ He’s constantly complaining about something!
demand n /di'mo:nd/ Demand for beauty products has fallen off recently.
playwright n /'plciraiì/ Shakespeare was definitely one of the world’s greatest playwrights.
meet v /mi:ì/ The course has been specifically designed to meet the needs of students of this age.
drama n /'dro:mo/ a drama school.
educated adj /'cd|oIciìid/ a highly educated young man.
part-owner n /,po:ì 'oono/ James recently became part-owner of his father’s business.
standards n pl /'sìændodz/ By today’s standards, the pay is terrible!
playhouse n /'plcihaos/ the Royal Playhouse.
hold v /hoold/ The theatre can hold 250 people.
prop n /prflp/ A desk and a chair were the only props used in the play.
special effects n pl /,spc|ol i'fcIìs/ The film wasn’t very good, but the special effects were truly amazing.
bare adj /bco/ The room was dark and completely bare.
failure n /'fcil|o/ Tom was one of our best students. His failure in the examination came as a surprise to everyone.
entirely adv /in'ìaioli/ The two reports were entirely different.
disguised adj /dis'gaizd/ The robbers entered the building disguised as police officers.
royal adj /'roiol/ a member of the royal family.
official n /o'fi|ol/ a government official.
disaster n /di'zo:sìo/ The government must take immediate action to prevent an ecological disaster in the area.
strike v /sìraiI/ Disaster struck at 10:30 last night, when seven people were killed in a tragic car accident.
cannon n /'Iænon/ the sound of cannon fire.
fire v /faio/ He pulled out a gun and threatened to fire if anyone moved.
spark n /spo:I/ They said that a small spark from a burning cigarette started the fire.
thatched adj /Oæì|ì/ a cottage with a thatched roof.
pour v /po:/ Pour the milk into a large bowl and add the eggs, sugar and flour.
burn to the ground v phr /,b‰:n ìo ðo ,graond/ The house was burnt to the ground and nothing was left.
retire v /ri'ìaio/ She retired from teaching early at the age of 52.
gender n /'d¸cndo/ In the past, women were often denied job opportunities because of their gender.
confusion n /Ion'f|u:¸on/ The two players had the same name, and this often caused confusion.
quantity n /'Ivflnìoìi/ Quality is more important than quantity in my opinion.
unfortunate adj /nn'fo:ì|onoì/ It’s not fair to blame Jon for this. It was just an unfortunate accident.
pastime n /'po:sìaim/ Listening to music has always been his favourite pastime.
approximately adv /o'prflIsimoìli/ It will cost you approximately £300.
over and over again adv phr /,oovor ond oovor o'gcn, o'gcHe likes that book so much that he keeps reading it over and over again.
imaginatively adv /i'mæd¸inoìivli/ an imaginatively decorated house.
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athletics n /æO'lcìiIs, oO-/ What’s your favourite athletics event?
chat n /ì|æì/ We had a long chat about our schooldays.
aggressively adv /o'grcsivli/ They played more aggressively and more confidently in the second half.
script n /sIripì/ You don’t have to study the whole script for the audition. Just learn the first five pages.
conversational adj /,Iflnvo'sci|onol/ I don’t think your letter to the editor should be written in a conversational style.
how about phr /'hao obaoì/ How about going to the cinema tonight?
I’m easy v phr /,aim 'i:zi/ ‘Would you rather watch a comedy or a thriller?’ ‘Oh, I’m easy.’
for goodness’ sake prep phr /fo ,godnos 'sciI/ For goodness’ sake, stop that noise!
there’s no point phr /ðoz ,noo 'poinì/ There’s no point in talking to him about this. He’s already made up his mind.
may as well v phr /,mci oz 'vcl/ Well, I don’t think they’re coming. We may as well go home.
wouldn’t dream of (doing) sth v phr /,vodnì 'dri:m ov (,du:iq snmI wouldn’t dream of lying to him about this!
award n /o'vo:d/ Who won the ‘Best Director’ award last year?
duke n /d|u:I/ the Duke of Windsor.
invest v /in'vcsì/ He invested £3,000 in that record company.
love affair n phr /'lnv o,fco/ I was the only one who knew about his secret love affair with Zoë.
tuberculosis n /ì|u:,b‰:I|o'loosis/ A bad cough is one of the first symptoms of tuberculosis.
rollercoaster ride n phr /'rooloIoosìo ,raid/ The film is a rollercoaster ride of action and suspense.
throw yourself into sth v phr /'Oroo |o,sclf inìo ,snmOiq/ He has thrown himself into his work ever since he moved away from his family.
electrifying n /i'lcIìrifai-iq/ Her performance in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was electrifying.
set n /scì/ Stephen is going to design the set for our school play.
bunch n /bnnì|/ Who sent you that beautiful bunch of flowers?
railway track n phr /'rcilvci ìræI/ There was a huge boulder on the railway track, so the driver had to stop the train.
blow down phr v /,bloo 'daon/ Several trees were blown down during the storm.
queue n /I|u:/ There was a long queue at the box office.
rehearsal n /ri'h‰:sol/ The first rehearsal for the school play is on Monday.
check in phr v /,ì|cI 'in/ Can you call the hotel and tell them that we’ll check in tomorrow?
backstage adv /,bæI'sìcid¸/ We went backstage to ask Ray Bower for an autograph.
cast n /Io:sì/ The cast was made up of twelve very talented young actors.
introduce n /,inìro,d|u:s/ I don’t think we’ve been introduced. My name is Andrew Rodgers.
dressing room n phr /'drcsiq ru:m, rom/ We went to Ray Bower’s dressing room and asked for an autograph.
assistant n /o'sisìonì/ This is Diane, our secretary, and this is Mary, the director’s assistant.
canteen n /Iæn'ìi:n/ Some of the workers were having lunch in the canteen.
production n /pro'dnI|on/ The Oxford Theatre is presenting a new production of ‘West Side Story’.
occasion n /o'Ici¸on/ He only wears that shirt on formal occasions.
keep up (with) phr v /,Ii:p 'np við, viO/ He likes to keep up with the latest developments in computer technology.
speculate v /'spcI|olciì/ We can only speculate on the reasons for his decision until he tells us what happened.
casually adv /'Iæ¸uoli/ Mark always dresses casually – he doesn’t like wearing suits or other formal clothes.
Unit 15
give back phr v /,giv 'bæI/ Can I borrow £10? I promise I’ll give it back to you tomorrow.
as far as I’m concerned phr /oz ,fo:r oz 'aim Ion,s‰:nd/ As far as I’m concerned, he’s the ideal person for the job.
point of view n /,poinì ov 'v|u:/ From my point of view, it seems like an interesting idea.
how about you? phr /,hao obaoì '|u:/ I think he’s right. How about you?
dissatisfied adj /di'sæìisfaid, dis'sæ-/ We promise to give you a refund if you’re dissatisfied with the product.
customer n /'Insìomo/ They have received several complaints from customers, especially about the quality of the product.
moral adj /'mflrol/ As a politician, I have a moral duty to help those in need.
answerphone n /'o:nsofoon/ He’s probably still at work. Leave a message on his answerphone.
research v /ri's‰:ì|/ Psychologists are still researching the effects of computer games on children’s behaviour.
shop assistant n phr /'|flp o,sisìonì/ This shirt’s too small. Can you ask the shop assistant for a bigger size?
donate v /doo'nciì/ He donated £1,500 to the local hospital.
distribute v /di'sìrib|u:ì/ A copy of the report will be distributed to all members after the meeting.
give sb a hand v phr /,giv snmbodi o 'hænd/ This box is really heavy. Could you give me a hand?
give away phr v /,giv o'vci/ He gave away copies of his last book to the guests.
victim n /'viIìim/ Food and blankets have been sent to the flood victims.
give out phr v /,giv 'aoì/ The teacher gave out the tests and then explained what we had to do in each exercise.
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chemical n /'IcmiIol/ Aerosol sprays contain chemicals that can damage the ozone layer.
give off phr v /,giv 'flf/ The violets gave off a sweet, pleasant smell.
give sb your word v phr /,giv snmbodi |o: 'v‰:d/ But you gave me your word that you wouldn’t tell anyone about this!
give sb a call v phr /,giv snmbodi o 'Io:l/ Give me a call when you’re ready.
mattress n /'mæìros/ You should buy a special mattress for your bad back.
damp n /dæmp/ There was a strong smell of damp in the basement.
give sb a ring v phr /,giv snmbodi o 'riq/ I’ll give you a ring when we arrive.
owe v /oo/ I owe Keith £30.
term n /ì‰:m/ That report was full of medical terms. I couldn’t understand a word!
communism n /'Iflm|onizom/ Communism is based on the idea that all people should be treated as equals.
including prep /in'Ilu:diq/ Seven people attended the meeting, including the manager.
property n /'prflpoìi/ He was arrested for stealing and causing damage to other people’s property.
equally adv /'i:Ivoli/ The money was shared equally among her four grandchildren.
date back to phr v /,dciì 'bæI ìo, ìo/ This custom dates back to the early 1950s.
work n /v‰:I/ the complete works of Oscar Wilde.
German-born adj /,d¸‰:mon 'bo:n/ German-born novelist Hermann Hesse.
found v /faond/ William Butler Yeats founded the Abbey Theatre in 1904.
working class n /,v‰:Iiq 'Ilo:s/ The government should introduce new laws that will make it easier for members of the working class to receive higher education.
overthrow v /,oovo'Oroo/ He was accused of attempting to overthrow the king.
ruling class n phr /,ru:liq 'Ilo:s/ In an ideal world, there would be no ruling classes and all people would be treated as equals.
manifesto n /,mæni'fcsìoo/ In their election manifesto, the Democratic Party promised to improve the country’s public transport system.
so far phr /,soo 'fo:/ There haven’t been any problems so far.
basic adj /'bcisiI/ Well, the car is actually pretty basic, but I can’t afford anything more luxurious right now.
ensuite adj /,fln'svi:ì/ a hotel room with an ensuite bathroom.
consist of phr v /Ion'sisì ov, flv/ The school team consists of students of different ages.
bean n /bi:n/ bean soup.
yucca n /'|nIo/ Yuccas grow mainly in the desert areas of North America.
pudding n /'podiq/ chocolate pudding.
all in all phr /,o:l in 'o:l/ All in all, the party was a disaster!
monk n /mnqI/ The monks knelt down to pray.
chant v /ì|o:nì/ I could hear the monks chanting their evening prayers.
curry n /'Inri/ The curry was too spicy for me to eat, so I had steak instead.
tan v /ìæn/ People with fair skin don’t tan easily
period n /'pioriod/ We have two periods of Biology a week.
turn up phr v /,ì‰:n 'np/ He was supposed to pick me up at seven, but he never turned up.
try out phr v /,ìrai 'aoì/ This new computer program is great! Have you tried it out yet?
last minute adj phr /,lo:sì 'miniì/ the usual last minute arrangements before a wedding.
province n /'prflvins/ Quebec is Canada’s largest province.
amazingly adv /o'mciziqli/ James is an amazingly good cook.
scenic adj /'si:niI/ We drove along the scenic country roads.
volunteer n /,vfllon'ìio/ The manager thanked the volunteers for all their help and hard work.
utterly adv /'nìoli/ two utterly different theories.
connecting adj /Io'ncIìiq/ Does the room have a connecting bathroom?
mean v /mi:n/ I apologise. I didn’t mean to disturb you.
packed adj /pæIì/ The hall was so packed that we could hardly move.
awful adj /'o:fol/ That was an awful thing to say! Apologise to your father right now!
boiling adj /'boiliq/ No, don’t close that window. It’s boiling in here!
identical adj /ai'dcnìiIol/ The twins were wearing identical clothes.
delighted adj /di'laiìid/ We were all delighted to hear that John was coming back home.
tiring adj /'ìaioriq/ I’ve had a very tiring day. I need to lie down.
exhausting adj /ig'zo:sìiq/ Tina went straight to bed. It had been a long and exhausting day.
bungee jump n phr /'bnnd¸i d¸nmp/ Would you ever dare to do a bungee jump?
lecture n /'lcIì|o/ Professor Stanton gave a brilliant lecture on modern English literature.
unless conj /nn'lcs, on-/ Unless he apologises, I’ll never speak to him again.
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as long as phr /oz 'lflq oz/ I’ll tell you what happened, as long as you promise to keep it a secret.
in case prep phr /in 'Icis/ I’ll give him a ring in case he has forgotten about the meeting.
spare adj /spco/ I’m sorry, I don’t have any spare change on me.
photocopying n /'fooìoo,Iflpi-iq/ Could you do the photocopying for me?
raise v /rciz/ We’ve raised £1,000 so far.
go over phr v /goo 'oovo/ I’ll just go over and say hello to them.
aggressively adv /o'grcsivli/ He reacted rather aggressively when she told him she was leaving.
beg v /bcg/ There were children begging for food in the street.
unlimited adj /nn'limiìid/ Students have unlimited access to the library.
founder n /'faondo/ Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company.
asset n /'æscì/ The value of the company’s assets is approximately £4 million.
focus v /'fooIos/ We need to focus on what actually causes the problem in order to deal with it in the best possible way.
scholarship n /'sIfllo|ip/ Paul won a scholarship to study Chemistry at Harvard.
fund n /fnnd/ The Edwards Foundation has set up a fund for students from poorer families.
occasionally adv /o'Ici¸onoli/ We occasionally visit them in Brighton.
hold v /hoold/ The annual meeting will be held on 10 March.
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by force prep phr /bai 'fo:s/ You could tell from the bits of broken glass on the floor that someone had entered the building by force.
drawer n /dro:/ Can you fetch me the scissors? They’re in the bottom drawer of my desk.
Passport Control n phr /,po:spo:ì Ion'ìrool/ We first went through Passport Control and then they searched our luggage.
suntan lotion n phr /'snnìæn ,loo|on/ She put some suntan lotion on her shoulders.
break down phr v /,brciI 'daon/ Our car broke down on the way to the beach.
overnight adv /,oovo'naiì/ The temperature is expected to drop overnight.
sandy adj /'sændi/ a beautiful sandy beach.
suntan n /'snn ìæn/ You could tell from her deep suntan that she had been on holiday.
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