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A quarterly review of the Mormon Transhumanist Association

Transfigurist Quarterly
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Mormon Transhumanist Association Channel
Now you can watch conferences and presentations, sponsored by the association or participated in by our members Conferences:

Association Conference
April 6, 2012 @ SLC Public Library!
Speakers addressed the themes of Mormonism, Transhumanism and Transfigurism, with particular attention to topics at the intersection of technology, spirituality, science and religion. The conference streamed live for online viewers.

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2012 Conference of the Mormon Transhumanist Association Turing Church Workshop 2 Turing Church Workshop 1 Transhumanism and Spirituality Conference Mormonism and Engineering Conference


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A Mormon Perspective on Transhumanism The New God Argument

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Mormonism and Transhumanism” The Association’s annual conference  Dan Wotherspoon on “Things Morwas a huge success this year! 24 mon Transhumanist Nerds Should YouTube videos captured the action, Keep in Mind When Interacting with which wasn’t limited to the Potential Non-Transhumanist Allies Library. — Especially Ones Attendees also enjoyed Did you know recordwithin Their Own Tralunch and dinner together dition” ings are available on between sessions, and built  Evan Hadfield on the Association’s friendships and associations. “God as Universal ExA selection of the addresses YouTube channel? perience: A Buddhist and Mormon Perspecavailable to watch include: tive”  Giulio Prisco on “The  Marcus Flinders on Turing Church of Transcendent Engi“Taxation in a Millennial World” neering”  Micah Redding on  James Carroll on “Transhumanism and the Christian “Epiphenomenalism, the Problem Story” with Property Dualism”  Michael Ferguson on “Toward a Conference proceedings will be availaScience of Spirituality” ble soon, courtesy of James Carroll.  Mike Perry on “Christian Atheist Universal Immortalism” Thanks to all who participated! Next  Varden Hadfield on “How Amazing year’s conference will take place on is Grace? The Role of Jesus Christ in April 5, 2013.

New Directors Elected
Finding An Agent directors took their places on the Board of Directors: Dorothy Deasy and James CarOn 1 May, 2012, two new That’s Right For You
roll. Lincoln Cannon was elected to continue serving as a director. We extend sincere thanks to the outgoing directors: Carl Youngblood and Brent Allsop. Brent will continue his service to the MTA as the project manager for the annual member survey, and Carl has agreed to fill the newlycreated position of Chief Information Officer.

Best Paper awards from April Conference
      Chris Bradford on “Bodies Without End: Embodiment in a Substrate-Independent World” Brad Carmack on “Mormonism Beyond the Gender Binary” James Carroll on “Epiphenomenalism, the Problem with Property Dualism” Marcus Flinders on “Taxation in a Millennial World” Karl Hale on “Worshiping an Extra-Terrestrial Humanoid Deity” Micah Redding on “Transhumanism and the Christian Story”s.

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Title changes, finances
What: The Board approved leadership title changes: Brad Carmack Chief Operations Officer, Carl Youngblood Chief Information Officer, Karl Hale Chief Financial Officer, Lincoln Cannon Chief Executive Officer, Marcus Flinders Chief Legal Officer. What: Chief Financial Officer Karl Hale provided a financial summary of the Association in May. See http://

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