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■ Wednesday, July 4th

Whose Agenda Is It?
We are so fortunate to have Kay Backer join us as our speaker this month. As the dynamics of the county are changing, it is very timely to have Kay present the General Plan and hear not only what we need to do, but how to get involved. The county’s General Plan is not yet a done deal and we need to be there to make our voices heard. For the last 11 years, Kay Backer has been the consultant for HELP (Humboldt Economic & Land Plan), which focuses on promoting jobs, housing, and individual rights while working to persuade the county to adopt a balanced General Plan. Ms. Backer is the owner/President of KB International, which she founded in 1993. KBI has provided real estate development services to clients in over 30 California cities and counties, as well as Shanghai, China. Before KBI, Kay Backer had been with Teichert Land Company, where she was responsible for the master planning of over 12,000 acres and a 66-acres/ 90,000 square foot business park. She also spent 20 years at Wismer & Becker, where she held numerous managerial positions. Ms. Backer has been involved in many community and professional a liations serving on over 30 Boards of Directors. She has received numerous awards and commendations such as “Who’s Who of American Women,” “Who’s Who in Sacramento Business,” “California Governor’s Certi cate of Recognition, “ and “Honorary Colonel,” in the US Air Force, to mention only a few. We’re back at 445 Herrick Avenue, Eureka 11:30 a.m. Lunch & Socializing; Meeting 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. Lunch & Speaker $14.50 (Tax and tip included) Your choice: Beverage & Speaker $4.00 Payable to HRWF THIS MONTH - Please RSVP by phone to Laura 839-5538 or by email to Margaret: tom-marg @ by Friday, July 13th This allows us to give the caterers an accurate head count,and a good showing allows us to continue to meet at these wonderful venues. Thank you.

The County General Plan

, iday 12 r By F 13, 20 July


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Fred Nelson for Community Comment

Local Government and Agenda 21

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Most of you out there in radio-land were born in the United States. You have not known any other type of government. Some of you were born in another country and probably came to the United States for the chance to participate in the freedoms o ered in America. The immigrant sometimes has a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence than the native-born citizen. How would you like to lose most of your freedoms and, instead of living in a sovereign nation, live under a World Order without such things as owning your own property, legal decisions made by a World Court, restrictions on where you could live, with controls on most everything you do in everyday living? It doesn’t sound good, does it? Have you ever heard of “Agenda Twenty One”? “Agenda 21” is an action plan of the United Nations related to sustainable development. Introduced in 1992 at a World meeting in Rio de Janeiro, the written plan consists of forty chapters divided into four main sections. They are: Social and Economic Dimensions; Conservation and Management of Resources for Development; Strengthening the Role of Major Groups; and Means of Implementation. Although the United States, as a nation, has not signed on to fully implement “Agenda 21”, our Presidents, starting with George W. Bush, have been involved. The United States poses the biggest hurdle to World government because of our Constitution, political structure and the right of citizens to own property. So, how does the United Nations persuade the United States to cooperate? Simple: encourage city, county, state and federal entities to adopt these worldwide views most notably through land use planning, weakening our nation by undermining our ability to use our private property to create and leverage wealth. “Agenda 21” also takes the form of an organization called I.C.L.E.I. or “International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives” or “Local Governments for Sustainability.” Twelve hundred cities worldwide, including in the United States, have signed on. Three of them are Ashland, Oregon, Arcata and Willits. To have local governments lean toward World government is very disturbing; in fact, it is downright scary. When you think back to the formation of our government, the bravery and heroism of our founding fathers and the con icts and sacri ces our country has su ered over the years to maintain our liberty and freedoms, it would be a tragic ending for our nation. It appears that too many well- meaning people have been taken in with the idea of preserving our environment. Rather than preserve, “Agenda 21” strips the individual of their God-given freedoms and replaces them with the whims of government. I urge you to learn all you can about “Agenda 21”. Find out all the pros and cons, become familiar with the movement, and I think that you will agree that “Agenda 21” is a World problem, not a solution. Catch Fred Nelson’s Community Comment on KINS RADIO 106.3: News, Talk and Information on the NorthCoast. You can now listen online, and if you missed today’s Community Comment, you can now listen to the archived podcasts at

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President’s Message
Food for Thought
William Penn (1644-1718), the founder of Pennsylvania, had been imprisoned in England more than three times for his faith as a Quaker. While imprisoned in the Tower of London for 8 months, he wrote the classic book, “No Cross, No Crown.” In 1682, Penn established the Pennsylvania colony as a land of religious freedom, granting tolerance to every denomination. He printed advertisements in six di erent languages and sent them across Europe. Soon Quakers, Mennonites, Lutherans, Church of the Brethren, Amish, Moravians, Huguenots, Catholics and Jews from England, Sweden, Wales, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, and Holland began arriving in his “holy experiment.” To emphasize his plan for Christians working together, he planned and named their city “Philadelphia,” which is Greek for “City of Brotherly Love.” His concept was that religion is not to be limited to Sunday ceremonial ritual, but should be an integral aspect of everyday life, demonstrated by working with others.


Left to right: President Debbie Walker and Vice President Gwen Morris with Peter Friedman

he redwoods and ‘greens’ of Baywood were glistening with rain as we joined together for our evening event. Our scrumptious food, wine, and conversation were enjoyed by a great showing of guests and members. Peter Friedman shared a vast array of details on many subjects and elded questions on so many topics with ease. We are grateful for his expertise and thank him sincerely. Our celebration of America on the 4th of July is truly a wonderful honored tradition. The donation jar from our June meeting was stu ed with monies to share with Eureka Main Street for the reworks display. We are happy to donate $250 to bring a spectacle of lights to the sky in celebration. Thanks to each of you! Kettle corn, horse racing and the GOP booth are three of my favorite things at the 116th County Fair in Ferndale held August 15th -26th this year! You would be amazed to see how many people come by the booth to chat, pick up information, express their concern and tell a joke or two. If you could bring a friend over with you for a few hours you can catch up and do ‘one for the Gipper!’ It is really important that we are there registering voters: many changing parties and some for the rst time, wow, is that fun! We shake their hands and celebrate a great day! Sign up today and come on down to the fair! Call Barbara Hecathorn at 442-7124!

CFRW Northern Division 2012 Fall Conference "Where Do We Go From Here/Our Next Step" Saturday, November 17, 2012 A full one day schedule with 2 optional workshops on Friday afternoon, November 16, plus an early 6PM banquet on Saturday, November 17, including a special Christmas Bazaar Silent Auction! Sacramento Marriott/Rancho Cordova Rooms $85 Single - $95 Double


Ways & Means
At our Baywood event, we collected donations in the "Voluntary Donation Jar" for a contribution to the 4th of July Fireworks Bay Display. A big thank you to all who contributed. At our July meeting, we will have a BIG patriotic jewelry sale. Be sure and check it out. Any parties in your future? The Tantalizing Cuisine cookbook makes a perfect hostess gift. HRWF would like to know what our members would like in the way of Opportunity Drawing prizes. Please let me know at 839-5054.

Legislative Report


Supreme Court Rulings:

On The National Front:

Labor's steep losses at the polls in June’s election gave new hope that people are nally waking up to the current pension plan problems and seeing how these will eventually bankrupt a State already in a nancial mess. In San Jose, voters overwhelmingly backed a measure to deal with the pension crisis. The same result happened in San Diego and we all rejoiced to see the defeat of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s recall attempt. Labor unions, who poured millions of dollars into these campaigns, were soundly defeated. Governor Brown claims to have a 12-point pension reform plan and it is next on his agenda. His incentive is clear. He needs to show he will be asking state workers to sacri ce so voters will be more amenable to his tax-hike initiative on the November ballot. The measure would raise income taxes on couples making more than $500,000 and boost the sales tax another 1\4 of a cent. Raising taxes has never resulted in solving scal problems. I am very pessimistic when plans come out from Sacramento. The Democrats haven’t solved anything for years. I don’t look for solutions even if the voters are lulled into voting for the Governor’s reform plan.

HotAir reports: Earlier, the Supremes handed down a 7-2 decision in Knox vs. SEIU. The case revolved around a complaint against the SEIU in California for taking extra “fees” out of the paychecks of workers to fund political campaigns against two ballot measure. The U.S. Supreme Court sharply criticized public-sector unions for using money from nonmembers to fund special political campaigns, stepping into the intense political debate about such unions and signaling that new constitutional limits may be coming…“This aggressive use of power by the SEIU to collect fees from nonmembers is indefensible,” said Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., speaking for the court’s majority. From Doug Powers/Michelle Malkin: “First Amendment wins again.” As the Philadelphia Inquirer puts it: A narrowly divided Supreme Court on Monday rea rmed its landmark 2010 decision allowing corporations to spend unlimited money on elections, deciding 5 to 4 that a state court was wrong to uphold Montana's century-old ban on political spending by businesses. FOX Reports: The Supreme Court on Monday struck down much of Arizona's controversial immigration law, but it upheld for now a key provision that requires police o cers to check the immigration status of those they suspect may be in the country illegally. As we are going to press, everyone is waiting with bated breath for the Obamacare decision, which “has the potential to re-shape this year's presidential race. For weeks, each party has been positioning itself to make the best of whatever outcome emerges...” according to a FOX News report, “...the implications go far beyond the 2012 election. The outcome of the health care case, involving one of the most divisive domestic policies in modern times, will a ect millions of Americans....” "No matter how the Supreme Court rules, this is going to be a seismic decision," said Michael Cannon, of the Cato Institute. "If they uphold the individual mandate, if they strike down the individual mandate -- either way, they will be de ning the relationship between the government and the citizens for decades to come." This and more at

Citizens United:

California Democrats Out of Touch
It is time that California voters wake up and realize that their representatives are largely out of touch. This week journalist George Skelton (of the VERY liberal L.A. Times) wrote a column highlighting the lack of urgency from legislative Democrats on REAL pension reform. E ective pension reform would help balance our state budget for years to come, but Democrats refuse to acknowledge the real problems that face our state. Another basic blunder of Democrats in o ce is their lack of con dence in California and our citizens. Assembly Speaker John Perez said in a press conference that there is no point in training California’s unemployed workers if there are no jobs to be had.




Volunteer Opportunities
Humboldt Romney Volunteers is now in formation, according to Peter Hannaford, chairman of the Romney campaign in Humboldt County and also county chairman of the Republican Party. Members of the steering committee of the volunteer organization are William Barnum, Barbara Hecathorn, Joy Finley, Mike Harvey, Dean Nielson, Marilyn St. John, Byron “Bud” Simpson and Rose Welsh. Hannaford invites anyone who would like to work on Humboldt Romney Volunteers to call 444-8559.

Local Romney Committee Formed

I don't think my Dad actually used the word "whining" when I was a kid, but we all knew when we were doing it and how Dad did not tolerate it. When asked a question, the rule was answer it and "no ifs, ands or buts.” I admit we had pretty much the same rule in our family with our daughter. It seems that whining has become epidemic in our modern culture. It takes many forms. The most common form (and most irritating) is the "whine" when someone makes a choice and then whines when they no longer like the choice. You know the "This sh sandwich is not what I really wanted, I should have ordered the turkey.” We hear whining constantly from voters who take no time to really look at the issues and the subsequent unintended consequences, and then whine like hell when their candidate doesn't do what they thought he would. If we listen closely to all the rhetoric, we should pretty much know that all the grandiose promises will likely not be achievable. Once the choice is made, whining won't change things, just direct action. Get to work and nd a better choice. It is bad enough to hear whining from kids, relatives, bosses, co-worker, politicians, et al, but when it comes incessantly from the President of the United States, it takes it to a new level. In my lifetime adult experience, I have never seen a president of either party whine as much as President Obama. Absolutely everything amiss in this country is the fault or bad choice of someone else. In almost 4 years, he has never taken responsibility for a single error. Amazing. The proof of this is the way his supporters go absolutely apoplectic when you call him a "whiner" or tell them to "stop whining.” I rest my case. So how can we get beyond just whining ourselves about this? I understand that in California, we are pretty much disenfranchised in terms of the electoral college, but we can work nationally, especially in the battleground states. I am sure all of us have friends and family in many of those states that we can encourage to vote for our candidate. Getting out the vote is paramount this year. Anything we can do from California to help the "ground game" in the battleground states is the best way to help elect our next president, Mitt Romney. I hope you can become energized to check out the websites and really move to direct action. We in California can make a di erence, and not just "whine".

Winner V. Whiner

Super-Easy Calling for Mitt Romney --From Your Home!
Would you like to help send Mitt Romney to the White House without ever leaving your home? The "Volunteer for Mitt" program is up and running for supporters who can spare a few minutes to make personal calls to other voters across the country. The Call from Home system is open every day from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. local time. Sign up at

Help Elizabeth Emken topple Dianne Feinstein.
In the primary Feinstein received 49.6% of the vote (six Democrats altogether had 56.9%).Elizabeth Emken led the 14 Republicans with 12.5%. All Republicans together had 38.9%. A Libertarian had 2.1%, two Peace & Freedom candidates had 1.4% combined and an American Independent Party candidate had .7%. All of this puts Emken within striking distance! Learn more at

Dan Roberts for U.S. Congress District 2
Dan Roberts squares o against Democrat favorite Jared Hu man in the general election in November. To join Dan’s network of volunteers, visit

Humboldt County Fair
Help man the booth at the Humboldt County Fair - it’s fun, and it’s important! Get in touch with Barbara Hecathorn, 442-7124 hecathorn @

GOTV (Get Out The Vote)
There’s much to be done in the next 4 months, and we need all hands on deck. If you can help with any of the campaigns above, get in touch with us. If you can help in other ways, get in touch with us. Visit, and for contact info and much more.

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The Redwood Alert


Presenting the HRWF Scholarships!
We kicked o our new Scholarship Program with TWO $500 Scholarships. Scholarships were awarded to Grady Sheehy and Melissa Ayers. Melissa is a Louisiana State University graduate, who will seek a dual masters degree at Central Florida College in the DeVos Sport Business Program. She graduated from Eureka High School and is the daughter of Tim and Lisa Ayers. Thank you to Mary Scott and the Scholarship Committee for all their hard work on this. We've accomplished a long-standing goal. The HRWF Scholarship is awarded to outstanding applicants with a relationship to members of Humboldt Republican Women. It is made possible by the dues and generous donations of HRWF members, and proceeds from our cookbook sales. Details and applications are available at local high schools, and online at under our ‘Projects’ tab. Gwen Morris and Donna Bellairs presented Grady Sheehy with our rst ever Scholarship at the McKinleyville High Awards Night. Grady is a graduate of McKinleyville High School. He will attend the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology where he will be a mechanical engineering major. Grady is the son of Karen and Patrick Sheehy of McKinleyville.
Donations to the HRWF Scholarship fund can be mailed to

HRWF (Humboldt Republican Women, Federated) PO Box 3563; Eureka, CA 95502

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