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The Ofcial Preppy Handbook a major motion picture

Chlo Troia Entertainment Communications Professor Joe Gizzi Spring 2012


its a  time.


especially for {millenials}



no jobs


the crumbling of the American Dream


Cling to the  Past

preppy blogs



From the guys that brought you

comes a movie about 



and not tting in. 

The rules have changed.

The rules have changed.

Coming to theatres December 2012. {dont be late!}


Screenplay by Schwartz and Apatow adopted from Birnbachs book Genre: Comedy Takes place in the preppy town of Greenwich, Connecticut Plot: Follows the lives of the Carr family as they cope with the arrival of their quirky relatives, the Greenbergs. Central conict: Margaret Carr deals with the move of her sisters hippie family and her husbands suspicious behavior

marketing plan

Marketing Objectives
Ticket sales Engagement Buzz-worthy Appeal to older set

Quantitative Goals
$75M opening weekend Worldwide Gross $500M 50M Twitter impressions 600K Facebook likes

Who is the Target Audience?

Main Target Supporting Supporting

Millenials 18 - 25

Yuppies 26 - 35

Older fans of the original

45 - 60

Marketing Overview
Partnership with Vanity Fair  Character blogs + tumblr Partnership with Brad Goreski Prominent Bloggers Media Plan

Tactic 1: Vanity Fair Partnership

VF readers are loyal Special advertising style section Weekly blog post  Event and give-away with VF agenda

Tactic 2: Character Blog + Tumblr

Work with Deep Focus Create two immersive character blogs Content-rich tumblr Character Twitter accounts

Tactic 3: Partnership with Brad Goreski

Brad Goreskis star power Its a Brad Brad World Collection with J.Crew Tap into his following

Tactic 4: Prominent Bloggers

Millenials dont trust you unless they know you 5 well-established blogs 10 individual style bloggers Niche market

Media Plan
TV spots Newspaper ads Magazine ads Banner ads Site take-over Targeted ads on music platforms

The end!