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Society has advanced by questioning oppression such as sexism and racism. But most of us still take part in the largest and most violent form: speciesism, discriminating against others for belonging to a different species… SIMPLY FOR NOT BEING HUMAN.

If other animals have emotions, desires and interests that matter to them just as much as ours do to us, then we need to consider them equally. If we wouldn’t enslave, torture or kill a cat, dog or human then we shouldn’t do the same to a sentient pig, cow or chicken. Yet we kill billions of these animals every year.

A human child, a duck, a dog, a chicken, they are all different yet we have the most important thing in common: sentience, the ability to feel emotions and sensations which matter to them. Anxiety, happiness, intense pain, fear of dying… science and reason tell us that they are not only human emotions but animals feel them too.

Eating animal products, wearing their skins and using them in entertainment or experiments means depriving them of their

natural behaviour, their freedom, and ultimately their lives. Rabbits raised for fur spend their lives in battery-style cages, cows turned into leather often have their throats cut and are dismembered while still conscious, and wool comes from animals who are killed when no longer profitable. We would never want to undergo such horrors ourselves, so why do we pay for it to happen to others? Perhaps the greatest suffering is in the food industry, but no matter how the

animals are treated, all have their lives cut drastically short in the slaughterhouse. All male chicks from the egg industry are gassed, suffocated or minced alive. All male calves are taken from their grieving mothers shortly after birth and shot or killed for ‘veal’ and the milk meant for them is drunk by us. Fishes are crammed into fish farms or dragged up from the sea to suffer agonising decompression.

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