To: Tournament Selection Committee From: Noam Fishman Date: May 27, 2008 I am humbled and honored to be considered for a bid

to Tour De Court (TDC) XIV “Goin to HS.”1 I have been aware of the event since I was a young buck being beaten up by Nossi Kreeger and Nafi Gerber at Hebrew Academy. Often I have endured sleepless nights picturing moments of tournament glory. As I embark on my bid, I want to convey my commonality with you in spirit and personality. I grew up an outsider in an outside town. As the son of a Conservative Rabbi I had no kids to join me in ball on Shabbat. (Pardon my pronunciation) To them Shabbat meant the candy man at shul in the morning and the community pool in the afternoon. Both activities were gross, and I was left alone in my basketball pursuits. As for walking to neighboring communities in a search of a run, the closest Shabbat observant community to mine was Woodside (incredibly gross and chareidi), leaving Kemp Mill my only option. And I tried, I stayed by people (by, not with) and I attempted to arrange games, but the community wouldn’t oblige. Either the kids were too busy ripening their faces to that perfect tomato color or the local shabbos-dicks were prowling the streets for violators2. And besides, people from Kemp Mill are boring. So I was left alone in my basketball development; no one to play against and no one to mentor me. I turned to the Legend for advice on shooting form, clothing style, and speed.3 And I toiled in my obscurity. It was not until 2002 when I discovered the personalities behind the famous Tournament that I realized what I was looking for in a basketball community. I found a group so committed to their tournament that they planned their schedules months in advance to attend. Some even put off working and school for long stretches to improve their availability.4 And those that took part, participated with such Zeile that vomit, injury, final exams, flat tires, girlfriends, fiancés, and wives could not stop them from giving it their all. Gentlemen, you are my crew. My outside status is in name only. I share your passion and commitment to the principles, history, and staying power of this tournament. I know who the creators are and I know why the website hasn’t been updated in two years. A bid to TDC XIV will fulfill my lifelong search for a basketball community.

1 2

Facebook conversation. Minkove, Sam. 28 April 2008 1:22pm d:431203 3 4; daaaaaa

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