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Bloomberg Terminal Commands Sheet

February 2012
Compiled by: Arun Rao MBA Candidate Class of 2013

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FA 2 [GO] Ratio history good for comp valuations FA 3 [GO] Accounting ratios for above co. FA 4 [GO] Profitability for above co. FA 5 [GO] ROE decomposition (DuPont) for above co. FA 7 [GO] Per share data for above co. FA 11 [GO] EV and EBITDA calculations for above co. DVD [GO] Dividends Summary EQRP [GO] Equity Risk Premium FA [GO] Fundamental Analysis GIP [GO] Intraday Price Graph GOC [GO] General Overview Chart GP [GO] Price Graph HP [GO] Historical Prices MGMT [GO] Management Profiles RV [GO] Relative Value SI [GO] Short Interest TRA [GO] Total Return Analysis WEH [GO] Top CEO Holdings WEX [GO] Top CEO Compensation PHDC 1 [GO] Lists institutional shareholders of above company (from SEC filings) ANR [GO] Lists covering broker analysts and current ratings on above company QSRC [GO] Equity security search function; many criteria can be used

Fixed Income/Bonds
IBM [CORP] [GO] Find all the current bonds for IBM IBM [L CORP] [GO] Find loan info for IBM DES [GO] Bond call schedules (for a name) RELS [GO] Capital structure of a security YAS [GO] Yield, spread, & duration figures (for a name) GGR [GO] Find generic 1-month US bond prices [GOVT] DIS [GO] Distressed debt menu. [GOVT] WB [GO] World Bond Markets benchmark bonds BC7 [GO] Corporate Bond Price/Yield Calculator BC29 [GO] Municipal Bond Price/Yield Calculator BRDY [GO] Brady Bonds C10 [GO] Repo Market EBIS [GO] World Bond Markets Ranked Returns BLRV[GO] Bond List Relative Value GGR [GO] Global Generic Government Rates IYC [GO] International Yield Curves SRCH [GO] Custom Bond Search USSW[GO] Swap curve WB [GO] World Bond Monitor WBF [GO] World Bond Futures WBIS [GO] World Bond Indices YCRV [GO] Yield Curve Analysis CALL [GO] Bond call information PUT [GO] Bond put information 1

IBM [EQUITY] [GO] Brings up IBM share price and other data. From here, move to: DES [GO] Good fundamental data page (Page forward for more info.) [GP] [GO] Graph of the above security EE [GO] Earnings estimates for above company COMP [GO] Comparative Returns DDIS [GO] Debt Distribution DES [GO] Company Description CF [GO] Company filings CH2 [GO] Income statement for above company CH3 [GO] Balance sheet for above company CH6 [GO] Cash flow statement for above company BETA [GO] Beta for above company FA 1 [GO] Price ratio analysis for above co.

CORR [Go] Correlation HVG [GO] Historical volatility

WECO [GO] World Economic Calendar WPE [GO] World Price-to-Earnings Ratios WPU [GO] Global Population and Unemployment

Interest Rates
FFIP [GO] Federal funds rate implied probability from futures BRLR [GO] Libor Yield Curve Matrix BTMM [GO] Bloomberg Treasury and Money Markets Monitor CURV [GO] Fair Market Curve Analysis FOMC [GO] Monetary Policy Changes FWCV [GO] Global Forward Curve Analysis GGR [GO] Global Generic Government Rates IRSM [GO] Interest Rate and Credit Derivatives IYC [GO] U.S. Treasuries Daily Yield Curve MMCV [GO] Money Market Curves MMR [GO] Global Money Rate Monitors WS [GO] World Swap Matrix YCRV [GO] Global Yield Curve Analysis

FH [GO] Futures Hedge Ratios CCRV [GO] Commodity Price Curves CEM [GO] Contract Exchange Menu CMDX [GO] Global Commodity Prices and Data CRB [GO] Futures Price Index CRR [GO] Commodities Futures Ranked Returns CTM [GO] Contract Table Menu ENST [GO] International Energy Statistics GCSD [GO] Global Commodities Supply and Demand NRG [GO] Energy Markets WEAD [GO] Global Weather Data WEC [GO] World Total Energy Consumption

Options and Futures

FO [GO] Futures Analysis FRR [GO] Futures Ranked Returns GMON [GO] Option Monitor with Graph MOSO [GO] Most Active Options by Exchange OMON [GO] Option Monitor OMST [GO] Most Active Options by Security OSA [GO] Option Scenario Analysis OTD [GO] Option Description OV [GO] Option/Warrant Valuation OVX [GO] Exotic Option Valuation

Economic Statistics
ECMX [GO] Global Economic Matrix ECOR [GO] U.S. Economic Releases ECST [GO] World Economic Statistics LEIN [GO] Leading Economic Indicators WCAP [GO] World Market Capitalization 2