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Monday, 2 July, 2012

Company Update

Company Update- MMHE

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Stock Data Bloomberg Ticker Market Cap Issued shares 52-week range (H) 52-week range (L) 3-mth avg daily volume Free Float Shariah Compliant MMHE 8,480.0 MK 1,600.0 Equity 8.67 4.67 0.6 25.0% Y Altman Z-score YTD price chg YTD KLCI chg Beta Major Shareholders MISC Bhd Technip Sa Vanguard Group Inc n.a -6.36% 4.5% 1.2 66.5% 8.5% 1.2%

Price: Target Price: RM5.30 RM4.37
According to Upstream, MMHE is in line to secure another wellhead platform fabrication contract worth RM200m. This came after its recent RM278m F14/F29 fabrication contract. Though still pending confirmation, our earnings forecast remains as we have factored in such contracts into our earnings model. While we remain sanguine on the prospect of contract flows for the rest of the year, the risk to our forecast remains on the value and the timing of new contracts. For on-going bids, we note that competition from international players will be strong as local players may not enjoy absolute preferential treatment in getting jobs. Still a Sell with target price unchanged at RM4.37. The contract. The potential contract worth RM200m involves the fabrication of a wellhead platform destined for the Damar gas field located around the Lawit field off Peninsular vicinity. The platforms weight is below 4,000 tonnes and is to be delivered between 12-28 months. Bidding updates. According to Upstream, Hyundai Heavy Industries have emerged as the frontrunner for the Cakerawala platform fabrication contract based on its most competitive bid price of about USD400m, compared to the rest of the field i.e MMHE, Kencana, SOME, Larson and Toubro and Nippon Steel. This contract is likely to be awarded in July by Carigali Hess. By revisiting the field development history in the Malaysia-Thailand Joint Development Area (JDA) where Cakerawala field is located, some of the platform fabrication contracts were in fact awarded to foreign players, thus reminding the fact that technical and commercial competitiveness are the most important considerations by operators in awarding contracts, particularly in the JDA area where it involves financial interests of two sovereigns. As for the Malikai TLP contract, our understanding is that it would likely to be awarded in August-September with competition remains keen as bidders are allowed to nominate foreign fabricators for the fabrication portion as compared to before where the winner is required to team up with MMHE for the fabrication job, MMHE has been roped in by Technip for the job. Change in forecast. No change. Valuation & Recommendation. We retain our Sell call on MMHE with a target price of RM4.37 based on 20x PER over FY12 EPS of 21.9sen.

Share Performance (%) Absolute vs. KLCI Financial Highlights FYE 31 Dec 3/2010 Turnover 6,147.0 (RMm) EBIT 380.7 Pretax profit 377.2 Core Net Profit 279.2 EBIT margin Pretax margin Effective tax rate ROE ROA Net Gearing (x) Core EPS (sen) Core EPS growth PER (%) (x) DPS (sen) Div. Yield (%) NTA/share (RM) Growth ratios Turnover EBIT Pretax profit Core Net profit Share Price Chart

1mth 7.9% 4.1%

3mth -1.6% -3.2%

12mth -35.1% -37.5%

3/2011 4,435.4 399.6 424.0 450.7

12/2011 2,137.0 204.1 250.8 205.6

2012E 3,865.0 434.1 437.1 349.7

2013E 4,312.3 493.1 493.1 389.6 11.4% 11.4% -21.0% 12.6% 6.9% net cash 24.3 11.4% 21.8 2.4 0.5% 1.93

6.2% 9.0% 9.6% 11.2% 6.1% 9.6% 11.7% 11.3% -24.7% 6.2% -17.9% -20.0% 23.3% 19.6% 8.5% 12.8% 5.8% 9.1% 4.6% 6.9% net cash net cash net cash net cash 17.5 28.2 12.9 21.9 0.3% 61.4% -54.4% 70.1% 30.4 18.8 41.2 24.3 0.0 0.0 10.0 2.2 0.0% 0.0% 1.9% 0.4% 0.76 1.44 1.52 1.71

52.9% 8.9% 8.1% 0.3%

-27.8% 5.0% 12.4% 61.4%

-51.8% -48.9% -40.8% -54.4%

80.9% 112.7% 74.3% 70.1%

11.6% 13.6% 12.8% 11.4%

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2 July 2012
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Company Update: MMHE

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