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1.Connecting to the Internet Internet communication protocols Types of internet connections 2. Domain Name System Registering a domain name Configuring internet connection Connecting LAN to the internet 3.Exchanging E-mail 4. Sending and Receiving Files by e-mail Netscape messenger and Netscape Mail Yahoo mail Hot mail 5.Fighting Spam, Sorting Mail Controlling e-mail volume and reducing spam Advantages of filtering spam 6.Avoiding e-mail viruses Filtering mail,deleting spam and defending against viruses 7.Chatting and Conferencing on the Internet 8.Online Chatting Forms of chat conferencing 9.Messaging 10.Usenet Newsgroup Reading newsgroups Finding interesting newsgroup Creating newsgroups 11.Internet Relay chat (IRC) Chatting in mIRC IRC commands

Starting and managing a channel 12.Instant Messaging ICQ AIM(AOL Instant messenger) Yahoo messenger MSN messenger 13.Voice and Video Conferencing. Getting voice and video hardware Making phone calls over the internet Voice and video conferencing using instant messenger Unit 2 1.Overview Web Security, Privacy, and site-blocking Security policies Blocking offensive or inappropriate websites Security in internet explorer,netscape navigator 2.Audio and Video on the web Playing streaming audio and video Playing MP3 music Playing video on the internet Using windows media player 3.Creating and Maintaining the Web 4.Web site creation concepts Planning sites Creating sites Publishing your sites 5.Web Page Editors Editing pages with netscape composer Editing pages with frontpage Editing pages with Dreamweaver 6.Optimizing Web Graphics Graphics file formats Special effects Optimizing images Animating GIF Clickable graphics 7.Web Audio Files Types of audio files Creating audio files Adding audio files Adding video files 8.Forms, Interactivity, and Database - Driven Web sites Browser scripting with javascript Running server program CGI scripts

PHP scripts WebBots ASP 9.File Transfer and downloading Transferring files by e-mail Transferring files using windows XP 10.FTP – Peer to Peer Logging into a web or FTP server Quality security and ownership 11.Downloading and Installing software. Types of downloadable software Downloading files Finding files after downloading Compressing and archive files Unit 3 1.Java features Java Platform 2. Java Fundamentals Datatypes Variables Arrays Expressions 3.Operators Arithmetic Bitwise Relational Boolean Assignment 4.Control Structures If While Do-while For Nested loops 5.Classes Class fundamentals Declaring and assigning objects reference variables 6.Methods Adding a method to the box class Returning a value

7.Constructor Parameterized constructor 8.This keyword 9.Packages Defining package Finding packages and CLASSPATH Importing packages 10.Interfaces Defining an interface Implementing interface Applying interface 11. Exception Handling. Exception types Java built in exception Creating own exception subclasses Unit 4
1.AWT package 2.AWT classes 3.Working with frames windows

4.Layouts Flow layout Border layout Grid layout Card layout 5.Containers 6.Event Package Action event Component event Focus event Key event Mouse event 7.Event Model Events Event sources Event listeners 8.Painting Working with graphics Working with color 9.Setting paint mode 10.Garbage Collection 11.Multithreading Thread model 12.Messaging 13.Tread class

15.Runnable interface 15.Language Packages

Unit 5 1.Utility Packages 2.Input Output Packages 3.Files 4.Stream classes Byte stream 5.serialization 6.Inner Classes 7.Java Database Connectivity 8.Servlets Lifecycle of a servlet Servlet API 9.RMI (remote method invocation) 10.Simple client/server application using RMI 11.Java Beans Advantages of beans Using BDK JAR files

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