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Cancer Schematic Diagram

Predisposing Factors: *Genetics

Precipitating Factors: *Environment *Viruses *Diet *Tobacco Use *Lifestyle *UV exposure *Other carcinogens

Cellular DNA mutation Malignant Cellular Proliferation Immune system failure to destroy cancer cells

Malignant Cellular Survival Malignant Cellular Deprivation of Normal Cells of Nutrition and other substances for sustenance Malignant Cellular Compression of Normal Cells

Normal Cell Death

C-hanges in bladder or bowel habits A-sore that doesnt heal U-nusual bleeding or discharges T-hickening or lumps I-ndigestion ordiffuclty swallowing O-bvious changes in warts, moles, or the skin N-agging cough or hoarseness of voice U-nexplained anemia S-udden loss of weight